The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 16, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 16, 1935
Page 3
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PAGE Clack Joneslioro Juniois Scoic Rate Victory, Girls Diaw Sec Who's Back-He's Big Enough 3LYTOEVILJ..E, (ARK,) COURIER NEWS Ily J. I lf(. d fanrtnni \m privileged to 'witness one of sport's rarest feats —a H'-lcHiH shulniit—last ni s h(, when n crack .lonesiwro Junior I'am tuned biek Coach .lumi. 'ACf ' PucVrtt'i nijllU'Villc .Jiirilrus ivitlioiit n icore, m the Rational Guard . armory. 'Ths nn:d sciio was CG-0. D>'plle ihc ovonvlinlmhtK H-OK it * 1s a btyutiful lAhlbiUon l;y ihe u itors Ihey voiKid-with clock- woik itecL'lon pas-^d accurately and rang (he tell wlih ever more -HI) Thij diiinlnatcd the name •,o much that li was twelve minute* before the local Juniors eiiuld even take a crack at the basket, to vay the least of sinking one. it. Is doubtful whether the junior Chlck<, attempted a down .shots nt Ihe ring 'though no accurate choiK wns kept. As a. result of .'even ' fouls the} had ELKII chances from (he, free throw line but failed in every try. j In Tilly. I'haris, cloud and Col son the Cralghcad entry, who in eideiilally, went lo the finals hi tli state meet lost jcir to be bealei by Pine. Bluff, boast a quartet o real goil lass-is Fspccially dl' Tilly, in all state selection, "Rit Pliaris, named on the second five and Colson shine. Cloud, hon-cvei was as cflectnc oilemlvfly. Colson Tilly and Cloud each scored 12 points Caic> ., guard, was tlie only member who did not .score. Coach , Ruekiuan started hi.s regulars who tolled for the first qinrter \uth an eleven point K aln He substituted lits 'cub" forwards at the second period ,md bested the vaisUy bj one point the liilf ending SJ-0 hi the lliirci stanza the; continued to run riot -inneMng eight lield goals and a couple of fice tosses The regulars returned to the game and they completed the not \uth Iwenty- one moi e points Girls m Slot l! Victory Preceding the Junior game tlie Bljthcville high school sextette «on a moral Uctorj by batllliiK Ihc strong Aiiuoiel te-un lo a 14 14 tie ' At the midwnj ih-> ) w al lassies Here trailmi!, 12 1 and were apparently v outclassed by the smaller ind faster \isilors, .HUWUVCIY nfier • [IK rest it ui s a. differtr-l-story. To begin tho tNrd paviM (hoy lecdicd tlie'bill or the throw in, passed srrsitto <\it y and worked I down under Ihe risket where Mils' Ifoehlci tossed rt In willri.ic ball In Anno els pb^e^ion (lit; lir"r guard?, worked framie»lly--u>-K>- t>ic\e^Uic bphce and passed il lo their own (union Mi?ij S Bpu- IMC Jtnn /heele Pete Wilson hud Thelnia Kocliler coopciatcd bean- Wtills lo place, (he, talLi,, sco ,| n g pofltlon and Miss Wheeler- niadc it Good, making ihc score 12-7 By this time the fans wcre'ln-'aii uproar, chceiinjf iui<||j n t the sudden scoring outburst Another lino Plas for a field goil ' by Miss Koehler brought the Maroon 1 . mW While in striking -dist-ir.c'c. • The Mj Urn Ijle ; 'superlo rh'etght' flayed .1 prominent pirt and Miss Koeh- ersthlid flefd B oil of the period hl "" SOMl()I1 llamas, Schineling Slc;i M:ii-ch As Ex-Champion's Pilots Turnlile fa- n,\nnv CUAVSON Sporis IvilKnr, >y;A Snrvln- NKW yOHK, Feb. 111. — what- dvc-r else muy be .said about Prl'mo Camera, lie forever will stand as a cote-sal monument, to the c'upid- Hy and stupidity of n«h(, managers. 'i'hey did a 100 per cent bad job nn Camera from the outset, and inainlained the. standard (he ;ince MiWile Jjarr ircalpd Vmetiun Leviathnn like a t bowling pin last. June. The muiii is nidi; camera l<>lay is buck In tho dims where ie started. His affulr with the winnlly larfte Rny ImpeHitiere at vindison RciVare Garden on Peb 2 puts him there. . Instead of clamoring fo ' and worked a line play for a goii'l. Wllh thrco minutes left to play Miss - Koehler made n foul jjuod and Miss Wilson caned a jjonl to knot the count. The gonj; .sounded shortly. Miss Kochter was tlie shooliiiK liar for Ulytlieville with seven points. MI.S.S Smith led the vlsi- :ors' ollcnse with eii-lit. Mlxsea Martiarcl Pruitt, Dcndonna Iluey ind Pauline Hires turned in line floor i/iijiiefl. 'Hie lineups: Itoys Jonesboro Pos. . niythcville Pliaris 8 p 1'illcy. 12 w Johneon 7- Carey 'indley 12 Substitutes: Wakefield Walters Yoiini! Warrlnglon Kiniiinghnni Jonesboro-Colson 12, p^inent a, Cloud I a. niythcvilb C O •' G •Alken, Ellis. Uefcrec—Holland. Girls Armorel .ybns •) Manes 2 Smith 8 Abbott ' Sadcs \ncte rson Pos. F P C 1 C o C. .... |HarryGrayson|j rai.lting arc native spring, •swing, ni»it >\»ill i * "' ami pull. "The ]»lc vaultcr. executes'what is called a 'nyln e ; or 'shoot,' ca- tapulatlnir. his >cct, up ; OVc r Hi body as he virtually stands on hi For Pemiscot Meet «»>•> «.-. in: viriiiany stands on his C °OT15R, Mo.—Final places have head in space. Arms and back I • " a!lnn '»iccd by Herbert Illers figure In the swing and pull t] 1 ,, L1 '! ll P c ';lnlciidcia of local nifh school, turn flip v.iniio,. ,inn<,i n .._.-. i Jor the PemFcnm ,. n ....i.. ...._,._, Pairings Announced turn the vaultcr upside.down. the Pemiscot comity biiskcl NEW , YORK, Feb. 1(5. — Keith ball tournnment that will be"held Hie theoretical limit. 2. 2 o'clock, boys, Holland dell; No. 3, girls, stcele ' sliding; off a spoon as lie c the liar with that non ehalane „ .or a re- mnieli v,'!i>i iia ei - ( 0 w | lich most any ex-champion Ls entitled and alteuiptinsf to corner, Steve mas, the next rnaji in line in i'ebulldingr program, Louis Soresi bid Camera in South America l "ere Camera added nothing to Ws prestige by pcrmitlhii; an over- stuffecl Victoria Campolo to 'stick around for 10 rounds. Camera li-onctl out (lie same Campolo, in two rounds three years before The Cariiera-Impcllittiere bout is attractive only because they are the two bisgcst men who ever met with padded mittons on their Hands. It affords Camera no opportunity to prove that he is something more than tho mere hulk that many have .suspected JJATURDAY, FEBRUARY ,16, 1935 Bar foot, Bolt, Kniohcl, Black On Armory Card Two redskins will headline Mon- rl«y -rlBlifs American r^egirm MT,-.M"»(! i-rii,l at the nrinbry' Henny Bolt.. HIoux ljiiii lln w |,o a.-i :s}joiv;i hon- hn/mv> will (ike- on Chief Tlarfooi, Apache, who will be inakhiK hi-, dr-but: j n the local .irnia. Tim Indians a'j-e -ilaled for two ma of three falls ovcr'lhc two . In a pri-liminury :ni old favorite of local Freddie Knlchc'l returns .Il« will lace a newcomer here in Jimiuie filack Knidicl l.s- probably Hie basest favorite local fans have hud since the revival or wrestllnjf here alioia iw'o yeais ago. lf« is a f,-,.,i , )c ,._ foriner-and depc-nds on a minimum ol roush stuff. Kiiiciiel and Hlaek .re. slated for two out of I hive alls, one hour or Iris, Harvard Observatory Studies Heat of Sun CAMBRIDGE (UP)-The heat ram thc,.sun > 5 rays is •greater in If Him. t\,r. .. !•_. _. ^ . Crw ivxpeclod To Go Plates In Boys ,\ Division of Mcci | . , i OSCEOI.A, -Ark.—Wllh a record of only two defeats in 17 samr . (Ills season, fihawnre's fndlans at- •earty have hopes of Iheb- irophy collwilo/i „, , llm ing I lie championship cup In my':;' section of the. Misslssln h i County tournament nt . <Woh '"•ebruary 22nd and 23rd. ' • Joiipsboro defeated the.. Indians n one yanie by.'an (l-pbinl nvi r el",. mid' niylhcvlllc's Chickasuvs Rave Ilicm a lashing;;, otherwise they .have a clean -slate, Thry hr.vr- won frpni. b.sciiota Wilson "HI-IP, Crawfordsvillrv'nulliert, Tv- ii»ui,'mid Marked Tree. The hoys . from Shaiviiee ,,,ni show Uiurnamrml. fans Eome'-'rlassv bn-vketball.- Captain'- Leslie Speck big. rangy center, carries the bnmi' of. iholr attack, and in dofnsT S' W ?' l! <L h ?.»'. c«"t lo'mw Al McClall siis|Kcts that the nine ikyscrajier. Is right. The man who formerly coached Hie track and "I/'i" "'"' lvlln uml - "on chalanec field teams of Slovens sml'Ynlc ) v '',!' ch ,.' 'he hallmnrk of perfect, lotibts that anybody ever will clear- „, V, " lnrlc l'- "off was the first 15 feet, |° r Uic modern-type vaulters to Bill-Omber, of the University or ! cx , 1 . 1 ' bl M"e'complete flyaway. Southern California, hoisted Urn ^ svcl >ology -plays an important outdoor mark to 14 feet 4 3-a In- ' j,., ™" lll »B- I never let a dies last summer. .candidate attempt his maximum iVfcGnll points out that there is' Jlcleht '" P™c»ec. ti Biytiicvilit Koehler 71which a vaultcr cannot go no," "'""" "" 1:> 1>rolv11 Wheeler sJiMallcr ho«: great hts natural' "°™»l«l physical aptitude and Wilson 4 filll'flmr VIrt »iini. A..I ,- -. . Iw]m!n<i1 ,.«- i Bourlaiul 2 Huey Hires *•• ' res . Sjihstitiuts- Armorel, Ripsfock. D|>'tlievllli!-Prtilll. Referee, Ulack; Wrestlers Warned to Cut Out. ^oughhouse , : Tactics HARTFORD, -001111.',(UP) ~Un'S.^ UTftcMni^j nK,,.,,)" "- ,;•.•'• • . •"•". t.'<-"v JILA iiniuiai . " i"»j""-«i ^^iiiiuiL' uiui sprinf. No such automntic rcstrlc-r lccllnlml skn| . ™ord pcrfonh- (ion applies in hreh Jumphi" nncos liiugc on menial attitude where the athlete does'jit make ,.' 11 Qflei1 P«J's to fool your pii- iisc of artificial equipment. | pU by tcIli "S him a" false height ."The factor, of mechanics ' as ,- lmcl onc ™>Hicr who Was posi- wcll,as the human cnuallon, is In- llve llll<t 12 Ic et was his' limit I yolvcd In pole vaullhur," explains ! v ,^ certain that he could B o much '"finH. . ,hlBhcr, so pei-suadcd the aii- "No vaullcr can fasten an el- llolmccr 'o call out,-'The tar Is 'olive .(frli).-.on the pole higher 11 °" r ' 1 "- '2 feet.'.My.mai, mtiite it itiu 12 feet 4 or 5 inches- from "'" ."yoBlne his surprise when 'the tlie-cml-with'-tho-riBht-liand : The offlcial slioutcd,-.. 'Jim jone-, -has slot or .box in - which the pbie Is'' 3 " £l- clmr M 12 feel B inches" nlniitnrt I*. n c»ui i__i. . - - ' - »»-^.-.. , No. 5, Klris, Hayll Cnruthersvllle; No. s (7:30) be Dcerlng vs . Braggadocio- No , Elrs, Holland vs. Braggadocio- ' No, 8, boys, Cooler vs. Steele .No. 0, 6:30 o'clock Thursday nifiht. winners of Games 1 and :i; No 10, winners of Games 2 and •1. No. 11, winners of Games 5 and 'iul a' w! n nc « of dailies a Camera Sidetracked Meanwhile, tlie winner of the Hamas-Max Schmeling meeting in Hamburg on ••- ' -- Ooritrary to most learns hi thii srclion-the fihawncc liibe nlavt o cording to Dr. Bcrnltard Haiirv'it research assistant, at the observa- tocy. Dr. Haurwlti! attributes the increase in heat to three factors- Hie foci that the earth-.Is nearer Ihc sun at this season; the dimi- than in Kifmmer,' > 'i 1 "m« 1 x" !' nllp »- leal » s '» the state. Amom- iiromenLi arc (aken with tn c sun lus ^nmmatcs, all of. them- playl at the same altitude above tlie '" B h hftr '' •'"'••"••- —-' •- liorixon, accordliig to. olxscrvatlons an(1 Ashlc " made; at the lilue Jlill ineteiolo«|. "'""'- : cnl observatory of Harvard University. .' : . .The.; cold winter weather w due to the few hours of sunlight and nc low average angle at which the rays strike.the earth, not to any cooling of Ihe sun's rays ac- man-to-iiian and weigh penetrate. The •* --•••^ "Ullll&e, ; Ihe • more popular --•'*'• ""-n uirignL raakc tllis difficult to Shawneeitcs will probably ^rt^S : .^ ay thh B wm ln b. th ? Baine worth seeing. ' Cu e to co n '. 1 nets in the schedules this will be '1 "?' Ume lh ^ lw> -learns nution of water vapor which ab- .< 1> JJltll L1IJ- sorbs solar riulislion; and the decrease in the amount of dust in Ihe air which also cuts off part of the heat. much better position to 3acr. No. 13 for championship of "iris division ai 7:30 o'clock Friday "gilt, winners of games No. ,, c » • - - ys division at 3:30 o'clock Fri WIunel3 of 10 Says Ohio Pen Warden Not Available in State CLEVELAND : (UP)-A Planted .Is^ciBht Indies deep.' s'tib Irnr^l Hxn* :^«..n. *• .. •-"•" Ul . al . « f^"?.!!™ fm 'J"= °"io slat wrestlers . alia nil on Iraet that'"depth -fiom -Ihc'prac helped l'«>i'«ntlnry at Columbi ig sport rcslored or banned froi slalc alloEellicr," snid Lawlor C.n it's Form . Perfect cleared it nicely, InvcstlgnMon of hi< Camera lias only a six-fiyure note to show for live years of cf- iort under Leon See. the little Frenchman to wham he was directed by Paul Jouriice, who discovered Big Boy. The avaricious See twice sent Camera n e«msl the late Youn- Stnbling abroad before (lie Ilal- Inn knew how to hold up his hands. The foul endings of those live brushes were viewed oblique- See made unfortunate Broad-1 way connections and" Camera be- cnme Involved in several unsavory lerformances which left him dis- - Icredifed. j Caniern must have had spine- tlnns to have lived all Iliis down and was far from disgraced in Ills' battle wllh Baer. Against Baer lie n - tlon will be held here April 8-1 "' ' headquarters an- tlie national nminced. ROXY LAST TIME TODAY MAT. & NITE—lOc - 25c clash this season. .Many follow•' _•HHIJT iUdUVif- ers will be interested to sec what happens when Dig "Shot" Scott pf. Lnxora and Big Speck meet on the same floor. Fire House Was Afire NORWALK. Conn. (UF) — The First.District flre station caught lire, while apparatus, was a^blaze in another section of the cily. Engines from headquarters came to the rescue. Not Abandoned BALTIMORE (UP) - "- lother a abnormally (all -chap with *»«'ni»uij iat[ 'Cliltp With »-wiiiu t uin|- l>i i in nn cxtrao-itlmary reach nilglit pas- "r yo " <loin kll[ >w doesn't h onc sibly beller H feel 8 or even clcai , J '°"' inch, mil on , r^'"-^rV ; sS=rHr "- 'Surprise' Bride Minit.ii A _ i_ 11 . unii, i>i^\ Vjlitll It to. 1 ; Mm: rnt\nw«n,i -i j .._ »- . .. "v-'nuni jjiiM,. KIR CO-Ornitin- on Honeymoon- susjwiision during "The most, important factors In MAYBE TM CCAZY, 6UT I'M GONWA SEE WHAT THIS OF LEMliM5,l'M GONWA CLEAN 'EM OUT7JU5 nr .i „ of the prison. Prof, ; penoloBisls. general lirn i S Werc f « i ° by so '» c fiom (he nation at lai- ndministnj- ciehlke selected Baby Alligator Disturbed Postal Clerk's Slumbers NOlrniAMPTONT Maw. (UP)At the bewitching hour of 4-30 n. m. things are u pccial,y ( m a „,.,! Saturday Only MAT. & KITE—lOc -'25c BUCK JONES ™ , Dr "C°"' "is'it clerk at Jocai jiost, office, was awaken-1 <i""ii v,n cd by a strange crawling disturb ' !he trouble of mice nearby. He was startled'when !..,^ lmll J''. Lenny" maTcheti .-,, *« s «iii(.-jt, -Oitd, exhibited .courage" worthy- 0 f- R , finer setting than the prize rin" Every possible break went'against! him. He trained virtually alone with Bill Duffy, the only'man in whom he had •-confidence, detained by,,the. government- because of income tax trouble. '"- : : ' e t t •svfr Slopped Trying Camera appeared to be the lonesomest man in the world and frightened when- he ascended the platform. Pnmo was on Ihc floor badly hurt before he could pet i grip on himself. He twisted an ankle in a knockdown some lime before the finish. Yet he con tied carrying the fight to the liard-hilling Baer until Referee Arthur Donovan intervened Just how.much the beating b\ Baer took ,out of Carrier!, question. Certainly, it did no good, but i| win lake someone more formidable than l m . A i,;' erc lo pl ' ovc -> llsl what the Ambling Alp has left Impcllitticre is a youns f Cold Springs, N Y Yi i :.- Lcn ">-., 1tll "'>"'ncd i'o make without his ivhnt a first seemed to be a m e a monster with its jaws wide- O p en gnz _ ling « him. H z _ ing « him. He rubbed his eyes ' ' . s eyes peered once more and' sure enough' Xowesl of Hollywnoil's llentk; abnvc, New York . sirl. liirued srroi n ac- ircs3. Is - UotipyiiionriinR witii her second hnsbami. C. .Din Calltornla mouiuai,,V ai Arrowhoatl. T], ( , , u '| r quielly nw,iy , 0 ' s-a IJernarnuio for (lie coronal v then to tlie nioutiinin r,^,,r'i' catchlrg all iiieir ring. nin The baby alligator, addressed to a Smith College student, had escaped from its cage. * ' --•"•j Hi.uuiK'n iniDGl- e will, Tommv Loughran who decisively outpolited him af- Th Then ri- cllt nbove a " C >'P- Walter Neuscl, tho blond "Friendly" Bull Creates Panic at Auction Sale PAINESVILLE7o"(UP)_ Tnoll| ;, 1 in apparent gcod humor-for a biill-a Guernsey of ih c red-hating sex, sent SCO persons into paii- Ic at an ni.ction sale here Spectators forgot to offer' bids thJ V TT" [° r COVfr ""tend M' the lumbering beast ran out of a stock barn free of ropes or lend" lv 8 n!°vf,;, T 'r mhm] '«*^«i ^«>- ly playful about the aifair ami was recaptured easily. The sale WM on ttejan^oien 1 " IxUef Bedroom \y 1s ^ra, KUTZTOWN. Pa. (op)Ii t . s 110 fun to wake ,,p a , ,n " S ' rr "~"i^l, Ulu U1OI10 a C-erman chemist, chased Impellit- Itcrc several country miles. Camera starts all over again in be Impollittlerc joust, but he'may "C Bctlljig n break at thai, It's just as well for any of the current heavyweights to keep just as fsir away fitim Baer ns possible. The ostrich is the only bird in the world domesticated cxchisivclv for its feathera. BurJoii Service Stru AUK. S(O. STATE n,t ais <MMt Howard hinks. For the .s D Kul2 Approximately 13,000.000 haw been last In earthquakes cording lo hlMoric.,1 ?S lives Super Shell Gas at Missouri Prices Frances' Sandwich Shop in connection SUE CAROL C.OLUMB'lA PICTURE Fox News . Comcdv 'With POllY ANN WMD BOND • CHAWB r«tl SIOCKDAU • BUD OSEOKNT A »UCK JONES PtODUCnOM Cartoon New Sena! - - With Inhn Mack Brown— Rustlers of Rod Dog" Snnday - Monday 'ADM.—MATINEE and .'•NIGHT—itic - 25c ^fitrobblesTrx ./a!! of Item .BLONDES r .... BEST [MAN WINS .will. BIIA LUSOa ^ FLOREKtt -" from rhe tf«n , „..„ * COUJWBU rxtvmt Arfrfrd— World of Sports'—; \Sporfj Flashes" •.- --•' * i. The'Spice of"Life'. . ....-•"•Cl —JRIALTO..NEWS\ COMEDY Sunday - Monday MAT, & NT'TE—lOc - 35c OANC£ of LOVE It madt him th* Idol of Kovana . . . d'rov» h>r Inlo th» ormi of thi man ih« !il«d to halt! ' MWROEOWSlEY-IRISUllliUL ,5»ii. mm Paramount News Alusical Short COMIN'O TO THEI RITZ— Sunday & Monday, Feb. 24-25 Shirley Temple and Lionel ttarrymorc in ( "LITTLE COLONEL"

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