The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 11, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 11, 1933
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BIYTgVlUJC. (AKf) OOljElJUt MEWS WEDNESDAY, OCTOBEft 11, 1933 \ Social Calendar THURSDAY'S EVENTS . Thursday Contract club, Mi's. P, U Joyncr. hostess. Thursday Luncheon club. Mre. Everett B. Gee. hostess. U. U,' C. will meet with Mrs..S. 1'. Martin, Mld-Wcck Bridge club, Mrs.- W. L Horncr, hostei.-;. . Cliurcli ol Clirisl BIWc study, 1 Mrs. Ne»'t McLeod hostess.- FRIDAY'S EVENTS American Legion Auxiliary meeting with Mrs. F. P.;-.Jiicobs n'. . Mines. Russell Phillips, Otto Kochlilzky, J. \V. Morije and A. Conway entertaining with bridge ));irly at Woman's club, 3 p. m. ' SATURDAY'S EVENTS Children of Confederacy mccl- I'-.f will! MUr Martha Bobbins ;il Stcelc. Club Knlcrtalncd j Members of the Young Matrons' llritlge' club puiyed cards at the home of Mrs. W. C. Higginsonj yesterday afternoon. Lingerie »'a s awarded Mrs. Max li. Reid for Ihc high More prize. | The Itostcs-s served a chicken salad with candles and coffee. Clam lias a r Banco Parly 1. ,O. Westbrook eiuerlained members of the Golden Rule Sun-[ - " . clav school class of Ihc First 1 DO You SAY WHIN YOU with black ribbon. High score, umoni; the Indies vent lo Mbs M«ry LilliHii chief was J. D. Smilli's prize for high score among Ihe men, and (he irarellns priw, a mil cracker fel. was won by Miss Gladys Bur- Ms. I. it. Johnson tind Mrs. II. i. Davis iiri! In Memphis lor scv- Mrs. II. Atkinson anil son. Kim. o! Laurel. Mir. 1 ;., are Riwsls of Mr. | Atkinson tor a week. Mr. Alklnam IF. In charge of the niyllicvlllu Bo;ird nl Trnde. ham. £li5vSS?iiS M™!' »r j jMffi and Mrs. R. L. Dedmaih III a short business session president, J. J. Brynnl, presided. 1*V f • • I'-ipti-it Cliurt-lj Mrrfre Sletl. Circle:; ol tlr.- Woimin's Missionary union of Ihr Hist Buptist rt\iich had the Bible study ics- ;-,m5 Monday'I'- Mfc. Ivy Cv duv in Memphis. E. u. Patton und C. M. Ciriiy visited In Memphis Sunday. j Tlic Rev. and Mrs. Ovovcr Kulh-! erlanrt and lamily luivc returned • fipm l r ori Smllh, Ark., where Iheyj ai'lcnrtccl the funeral uf llic Ucv. Mr. Sutlicrhind's (allii'i 1 . Mrs. Herman Oshnrn spent yi:r,-1 Itiday ;it Nelletoii^ Ark., with her moUirr who has heen crltlctilly ill | bill- .whoils'much better. I Today's Conlrict .1'roblcm' ilil .lhc on lli« vy/IIA'l' •-lioiilil .lhc final con" I vat I In 1 liaml: Nin I li : 4 Q n B 6 :i y A 1 0 C + A Q : + A g lOimi: A' ,\ in »qs •; -i 4 J 7 C 1 * S '., 3 Houlli. * K [i 1 »K J !t *K5T. +J1072 West: 4.17 } V 5 Si • 10 IJ.S *KS n I ' BoluiiDii -a next Itb'ic. 11 thr (jiiecn of clubs and followed with (he live of clubs, winning in lummy with the Solution to Previous Contract Problem MEET funm Mrs. R. U. Jones of Osceola Rcelectcd Destrict Superintendent. LUXORA. Ark.—The Mississippi County Associalioii of Bapllsl w. M. (J. organizations met al Luxora Tuesday. Slviy-four delegates from llic niuc churches in Ihe district: were present. ' ' Miss Margaret JIiiiclilusoii of Litllc Rock, Mrs. C. R. Pugli and Woodrow Recce of Ihc Baptist Orphanage at Monticello w-crc guest speakers. Thc program for thc morning session consisted of a devotional conducted by Mrs. R. A. Kimbraugh of Luxora. and address • Ion "Enlistment" by Miss Hulchln- p •=011 and a missionary declamation i by Woodrow Recce, 15-year-old boy j of the Baptist Orphanage. Tlic.] afternoon session was devoted to | an institute conducted by Miss ] Hutcliiuson. and an address on | "Tlie Baplisi Orphanage at Mon-' licello" by Mrs. Pugh and a brief! declamation, "Living for Christ" by ! Woodrow R*ecc. j At Ihe close of Ihc program Mis.! R. H. Jones, superlntciideni. o[ Ihc | district, presided over a business] session al which lime the district j officer were elected. The new of-1 fleers arc as follows, superintend-' enl. Mrs. R. H. Jones. Osccola:; assistant superintendent. Mrs. C.| B. Wood, Luxora; sccrelary-treas-. Mrs. Marvin Lane. Blythc-, Dixie EnterUwri Cominf to Half Moon Tnc Dixie Entertainers of Uttlc Rock will give a program al the Halt Moon schoQlpousc Friday nljlit. Deleter 13, for tlic benefit of llic school. , The Dixie Entertainers are weir I Stiltons. Th« program will Include violin -and guitar music, vaudeville, mid uefro mtnrtrel numbers. The doors will open *t 7 o'clock. their tl« Rock and Hot Springs radio CARDUt wonttn through monthly tlic OsccolH team they will go on to Liltlc Rock for UK Arkansas University-Baylor University game Saturday where Ihcy will be joined by George Basil and Nelson Segraves. who ;<rc attending school sit Ule University of Ar-kaiisae. Tlic party will slay over until Sunday aflenicnii In Liltlc Rock County Judge ital I). Harrison ol 1 he iicc or clubs was played I Blytheville presided over Ihc regu mil West Irumpod with the. deuce | lar tenn ol probate court-here Mcm- ol diamonds. North over-trumped j day and mei with the county tax mill llic three of diamonds' and j lion led the five of spades, trumping In dummy with tlic ten of diamonds. The kins of clubs was then led layers association, lie was accompanied by Counly Auditor Paul Ccolcy, ol Blylhevlilc. Mrs. J. W. Carlwrighl jr.. her small son, Vance, and Mrs. Maggie ml this time WcstHrumped with] Hale were Memphis visitors Mon- hc nine of diamonds. Mr. Ran day. thc !?.J ^. ^"S".-?!^ 11 . 1 !^^!"! M«. Charles Shoni', and smal the ace of dtanionds and then' led urcr. . . ville: voung people's leader, Mrs. George Grimes, Manila; mission study leader. Mrs. O. Burksdale, Wilson; white cross leader, Mrs. T. E. Tate. Armorcl. Bassett Justice Has Two Weddings Sunday BASSETT. Art:. Rulll BV WJL K. an Bfldgr. - Shepherd und Mrs. Herman Wul- . Circle a'met- with Mrs. n. li. lilsiylock with 11 members present. Mrs. L. N. Uiuibesl wns n new nicftilicr and n was Mrs. Ddu'iild Flclcher. of Joiui'i 1 , IIOMS?- ^ue.Ht of her nioUiei'. Mis. 1. O. Weslbrook. Mre. C. W. AITIick ijavc. Ihe Bible study, from Genesis. Cake, and colfee was served ii! Ihi 1 social '-hour. Circles 3 and 4 met al the church. In circle 3 the seven pr ml he.ird Mrs. A. C. Hlaylocs a-ive'thc le^on. froni John. anC Mrs. ,1. W. Bis;iop an<l Mrs. Harwell oflcrcd prayers. Mrs. E. F Ulomcyer conducted the le.ssou on T'allli. from Hebrew. In the meeting of circle 4 which was attend cd by six members. Prayers wen ;-aid by Mrs. W. M. Crow anc Miss Cordelia Wilhitc. Membuis nl llu 1 woman's uiLs- hand. e ., r. L tl II I >ULIJI>4l.Ct 'ItlYUl 1 .V^L -lomir.v union uf lie First- Baptist u f championshi church who Hlendcrt.lhe inilllule . , fc . u b flVc dlsmond .con?' cm the i'ollowhi'g probleui However Mr. John Rim. playcv .ever lo win a na- Scn Born. A son xvns born last niRlH l( Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wtlks at then home on WCSL Ash slrect. Th: baby, svlm U'cighs nine pounds Iras' been named John William loi. his luo grflndfiithers. Befor her luarnagn Mrs. Wili;s \vas Mis Orac: Wetb. lUyin.rr It. V. r, IT. J. P. Friend, president oi il: Mississippi county and Arkaus:i :laln B. Y. P. U. ns-socialionsT cunducliiig a study course at Cleai l^ikf Ihis werl; '.vhich will ckvsc Ibiiiorron 1 evening. He Is iisim; the senior manual. Thcic arc :t enrolled who wil: Like Ihc cxam;iialion and Ihe r.icl: is attended bj I Luxora veslcrriay were: Mmes.l \lfrcd S. Harvcll, M. C. Outlaw.; •(im W. Jackson, li. L. licedcr. J. 1 V. Bi>lni]i, C. K.- WiL«on, Ben Ilar- ison. A. The South bid one heart. West passed :nid North bid two diamonds. South bill Ili ba North bid K. fflomn-cv, l-ivlnrl; Rnvmniul """"' ""' ""^ i-niua. iiuilll "iu r Nabor" S P tllrL ' c no U "" 1 I > alld Soulh bid four - "-vv-"'"- ^"11, bid four diamonds q Will, ^'and Cmrles New-'. I1Ild Smlt " wcnt.lo-five dlumonds '5. ^. I| ". L I. 11I 1 C J" 1 ±, K,,- Wcsl doubled and Mr. Ran in the Ulaylcck and Leslie Moore. Percy Smith, who tinderwcnl n oiisllccloniy M the Blythcvilli- lospilnl Sunday, lins bcrn rcmov- <: to his horn;. His condition s very pocd. Grudy McC.ill of Little Rock . -otieiary to Governor J. M. Fu-1 .ifll. is In liv: city lod-.iy as (he j ijuesl oi his lather. W. II. Mc-i Thc flay Tile oi>cning lead was Ihe riuecr of spades, which Mr. Rau wor with the uce. He immediately led daughter. Mary Margaret, arrived Friday from their home in Louis- ftli Mrs. Margaret ville. Ky.. Icr a ShonU 1 mother. Hale. visit Mrs. . . ridge, 20. and Mi. Fate Parham, 24. were married Sunday rnornlns j at the home ol Mr. I'arhim's fa- j Iher. J. . I'arliam. a mile south of • Basaelt. II. C. Smilh, juitl'cc of the peace, officiated. ! When he returned lo his home lie found awaiting him another couple. Miss Giaco Scotl. 22. and Smile Meadows, 21. of . Memphis, | who were actompanied by a nunv- ! bcr of friends and relatives They; phis. inafcc their home in Mem- I Will Hold Box Supper I Miss Calonis Silman at Box EUer Friday I A tox supiirr ill (he New Life j Baplisl rhurch. hnown as the Old Box Mder rhurcli. will bo liolil .he 'flvr- of diamonds which West ran with Hie king. West returned of Manila U Married; LUXOIIA," Arfc. — Miss Culuiils' Kihnan ol Manila. Ai'k.. and Mr.j William E. Mjitih of Uctroit. married Monday cvt- Biggs, sjic .spade. Norlh winnine with the j for . tn e ^ff H i r : Y | church here. They were accom- and then, leading the eighl | ^f^ w"to'S K '"££&C&£. ***** ^ Mr ' a " d MlS - mi0dCS of diamonds which West won willi '' A larec crowd us already O f c jack. i-tii, ticcordint; lo Mr. Biags, and :i, \Vcst returned another spado ; peilcra i uivilalton has been cx-- which Mr. Ran in the North i |eudcd : to residents' »r Skidway.i nmi])cd wiih llic six of diamonds,; Leachvlllc. Shields. Cotton Plant after which he led tire seven spot,! nm i Horncrsvillt to attend jlcklng up west's last trump. He' •.hen led a .smutl heart, won in' iimrniy with the ace and discard^ eu hi., queen of hearts on the ,ix of clubs. Mr. and Mrs. Martin! 1]0 , nc m i^-u-oit.l CTjfJREMEN ARE READY at your call to' fight fires, but they know it is better for you to prevent them. Start helping today—inspect your house—make it safe—call on us 'for assistance. Then obtain adequate fire insurance to protect your financial interest in case-.of accidental fire. fe FIRE PREVENTION WEEK October 8-14 For /ire prevention or /ire insurance CALL THIS OFFICE * k Phone 134 Insurance Department THE FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. Slytheville, Ark. CAKI) OK THANKS We wish lo lake Ihis opporlun-- good i ity lo thank our many friends I il:t'j'for the kindness and sympathy When a feller needs a phone Call, and his brother. Harvey. I Osceola Society — Personal Much oi' Library tmc (Ionics In ihi- i;a.u year llw Blylhcvillc Members of the literary dcp»rt- mc-ni of the Osccola Wonicns Progressive club mcl Tuesday afternoon al U:c country home of Mrs. H. C. Bryan for the first department meeting of thc club year. A synopsis of Ihc lexl. "Occi's mocti.iR ;ip|1roximnlely 50. ol Miss>.-lt; Tile maniiigi ?T( I ach;nu. and ,'pd^^^'cd. butli ol '. Ihi. 1 . i-H>\ V;j>j foltrtiuiivrd Saturday v.-jfh ~ (hr Rev. T5. M:' Wiil- fUii prrformlii'; the ceremony. •iln-iiiy has circulated 23.8D3 books Gold." a study of Ihc life of John '..lii approximately two-thirds o[ O. Kockcfcllcr and Ihc growth of 'hi« riiculiuion Kolng lo children Hie oil industry in America, \vllh Mid voung people, according to which Ihe year's chRUtauqua study Mrs H. A. Smith, librarian : opens, was given by Mrs. L. 8. Mil- No child IF ever lurr.ed nway; chcll. ried there, ihe Rev. A. T. Willis saying the ceremony, i Troy Smith and Miss Ruby Pow- | in Osceola by Justice of thc Pence O. L. Waddell. I Lewis Edward Smith ol Judsonia i and Miss Pearl Mnrie GUI ol Eto- i i wa'n were married at Etowah, Mag- | istvalc J. 11. Lunsford saying Ihc ceremony. C. R. Meachum of Pangbwn and Miss Ada- SlcrlhiB ol Judsonia were married by Magistrate J. H. Lnnsford ol Elowah. Fred R. Rogers and Miss Carrie Ellen McOoldrick, both ol Ciridcr. were married here. Magistrate- Gi'o. said Hie ceremony. \. Davcnpcrl and Miss Enua bolh of Luxora. were mar- shorn us during the Illness and j death of our darling wife, mother and grandmother. Thanks also for| land for liis words of comfort and' consolation. : .1. P. rule ! Mr. and Mrs. T. n. j Pcrrv mid family. Mr. aiid Mrs. J. L. : Clinton and family. ' 'rom Ihc library,even If he has no' At a s hort husmess session Mrs. ri<xl by tlw Rev. C. E. Woodfln ol that place. Carl Brownficld and Miss Daisy •iioni-y fr.r n membership or to w. E. Hunt was elected chairman rer.t a boo-:. As long as they lake of (nc department- to succeed Mrs. i Blanford. both of West. Ridge, ucrc are of Ihe bour^ und rolurn them R . , r . Jcmcs , w i, 0 resigned, and j married, by Jusllcc o( Ihc Peace J. plans were mo<lc lo hold a rum-1 H. Luiislord. in lime Ihis service is rcnd'-iTd free lor iliosc not able to pay for >; Iho libnn- IxMrd plan (u .solicit Mill li!imp in (he city lor dona- 1 mage sale oil the Court House lawn ! Mesdamcs H. H. Brooks. >'. L. Saturday, the proceeds lo be do- Cole. Ida Tucker, r. M. Sinister. H. Jones and Mrs. Lamb .if Os- allcndctl thc annual Hireling With, the annual membership „„(„, lo u lc colmlv sUlflCnt loan iuv, coming noxl wrek member? ,„„,, Tte llt . xl „;„!,„„ „.,„ te held al the home of Mrs. Gcorsje O f iflfc' Mississippi Coutily As.ocis Edrlnglon on Tuesday. Oct. 24. - " . Mte Viola Dcariilou :md Mit- ilicll Spuiyer. boiji.of Sleele. Mo.. • nun united in niarriagc biinday ay Jiiilirc G. .1. Walker. Bits vj News Mostly Personal Mr*. C. II. Ucaii. Mr.-.. II. II Lcrti and dauc.hlcr, C»rmcn. ha\r rclurncd. from Llllic Rock where they alcndwi the slale iic.scml)l> of UK- Church of N-Jwrcno. (ions or mcmbi-i-shiiis. Tin 1 '.s .'.upiwricd suk'ly Ihiough'ilona-' '.ions iincl incmbi-rsliius mid il is •lupril In i a DO »i Icasl flOOO in 1 'he diivo. If Ihis naujiuir is' ?ci ;i hui;e number tit b;iril\ nrrd- •d will :-eicrli.-d Iwots iu'r rhil- •ircn inuri- MTIOH.V IMK ^imi Ihr ,S [ [ir ^ cd. Othci;,. ioiTly in nii'd of re-1 ^ v Mir. Mill br iel»in:d In Ihe twn llirec years Ihc cir-j A double Twelve members attended Ih: weekly meeliiij: ol the Mclhodisi Womans Missionary todcty held Monday afternoon in Ihc churtl- parlors, 'llic mission Mudy lessor, lor thc iiftcrtioon. rlusica! and u 0 n of BaplLst W. M. U. orv;.inlxii- lead Hpcncc Willunns. * i • hero Mond jy llons at Luxora todny. Gcornc Barh.mi of Blytl-cvillc - Mi'.alicn lias nuWstd uvr- -100 »'»tcd in marriage Miss Ada Joycs icrreni u-ilh in., b^.k limd in IT- *»rt Es^er Tanner: Miss Hcslellcr plave ci buy n^w liuok:. In the Jo - n ' n Blul Jc -^' ^ !I111 ' ' ! " llc ojsl six monilis fin »;is sp"in lur brides urc .'-Islcrt wl:o live al 1,'ix. Mr. Hill nl:o suvr his .i<|i: (il HbmM 'fl5U. 'Ihis drew as Uixnru. Mr. Ttninfr Uves dmii- by tin' librnrlnn. ! -<l Rosa. The reremony was s;ild rebiiMlin-.; appiOMiiiaUly 'JOO Ivj-ik. 1 - » r ." ,('. x ' «orl: was a business visitor in o-ceola Thursday. '•' • Mr. Biid Mrs. I. S. nurto;. and daughlcr, Margaret, sjynl 8nnday nil!) relatives in P.irasould. nc- luriilng wllh llicm for a ".cek's vis.ll here WHS Mr. Uurion's aunl, Mrs. Salllc Bryant of Redo:. Couiily Assessor J. S. IMl.'liunty of Blytlicvillf was n business -.isilor in Otccoln Tuesdiiy. "Mr. mid Mr ; . i). H. WiiH-i jr., wrnl to Ijlt!l<- Uock lo<la; fur u vibil, with Mr. Wilson's p.ircnls. Singing School to Close Tin- i-luslnt; session "I liiv ••• >'Aiov\ .tclns conduUcd .1 Uiiiuli <if NHviiiurr '><ill IK- i by Magblratc w. l>. ' ' ' Miss Dora Talley Hicks a:id I'er- | cy I/ion Riggs. bolh ol Osccula \vcr<: here SaUirdiiy. Magislrale Rock. Mr. and Mrs. ,V Con way have *>, llieir guc.'ils today and tonlghl. Mr. and Mrs. Charcls lla\r in ll ' |p W. P. Hole sakl Ihc i-ercmony. Shlnaull :ind Itiiy- of suite thi- nighl. Klrlcpstrick uf. Ciiai^olon. -Mo., ^r. and Mrs. Pascal. J'arkcr and J. T. Sparks of Liberty; Mo. . ' '-Hr.:.ajid Mre.'Fred-Wan-en liud as IhElr fuaAs for Ihe weekend! frum lli> MUses Vivian Lee ami Calherini; lea. TC 1 ' »cre niarricd hcio. by l! '>',<;. L Waddell Salurday. ^__ •' • * i Miss Fannle Wcodiufl aim Uavis : -Strickland, bolb of Chcllord. were Iheory of Llic oripin ol the'nulled In marriage, by t.tya.-iiev. J. . thul liv U dCM,'jnd2-J H. \VoodvufT ol that lii'linn ul Nuilli Aiucr- AJiln I'loklc and Min'1'ruJn: Ed ntf. bslli of Hxleh;! 1 . were m»r- Bronchial Troubles; Need Crcomulsion; Persistent coughs and colds lc;i<i ' lr- serious trouble. You can stop! • now willi Urcomulslon. liiii nr.ulsiiicd creosote that is picas'i'.i; ] '.o lake. Creomulsion is a new ined-1 leal discovery with two-fold a. 1 -; lion: il soothe"; and henls llii- In- \ (Isimed membranes ftiid iiihlbilsi Uirm growth. Of all known drugs, crrosolc i- .'ccogni^cd by high niediciil a 1 :- • i]:orille.s as one i>f lit' 1 ^rcutf ; liralin^ ayenclr.s for ;yrsisl"^ cotighs and oolds and nthrr lovin < r.I throat Iroublrs. Cr-oimilskni i remains, in addition In nToy.«'.i'. ! •jlher healing olvmcnt, 1 . whirl!. E-oothc and lical the infected IT-CHI-; tiaues and .slo]i Ihe irritation :md iiiflainuialion. while the iTroyjV goes on .lo Ihe slomnch. is absu'l'- (1. into lilt'blood, and attacks In: > i"Ut o! Uir Iroublo. i Creoiniilsion is ^Lniruiurrd s-iti v -factory in ll'.r Ircntment of p-:'- ^istcnl coiiglis ;iKd colds, bronclirii i-.sUiniii. broncliHi.s.'und is csccll'iV. lor building up Hie .system allT. toliL 1 - or llu. Your own ilruggis! is' .nilliorizrd to rrlund yuur inoiify r.n the spot if your rough or <:i'M Is not rrhivodbyC'roonnilsion. Adv.: "Fire!' "We hove a vacancy—con yoj report for work tomorrow?" We'rft having a parly, . . . corns over." "My car won't slart, . . . send o mtchor\ic." "Police ... bu;alarsl" "it's o boy!" utilc I). H. licck Is visiting rrlative.s hnv. Mr. mid Mrs. W. R. Dyrss ami fl'llclren. nillie. IXirulhy ;m-| Uob- hy. of liilUe Rock rclurtird Ui their home here lor llic week-end. Mr. and Mrs. charKs Colcinan. Mr. and Mrs. C. 13. Driver. Mr. mid Mrb. Jiine.s llrivrr ;HK! Mr. HiKl Mrs. Chiirlos Rote BCIT miiinii. the Osccolaiii altendiiig UK fool- ball game In Memphis unndi>v. Mr. mid Mrs. Ci. B. Scgravc', «nd Miss Calherine Harwell will ^o lo Harrlsburg to sec Ihe Osceoia-Har- '] G. G. Caudill (.JrncrHl Insnnnrr HID N. Uroadnay rhonc 197 "I'm sorry, we quor[»ll»d, "l!m..biinginp.a (rieod home to dinner." But doctor, . . . she won't eol spinach." rlsburg football cvmpuiled by their ftldaj \\l Ac- 'I graves, mid Coacli Unrroll t> id o! HEMORRHOTDS (Piles) rur- nf without tin . knifr. Skin i-sBter, \irtcnirtl reins, Ion- sib .r^m«nd n«i-5»rflc«U).'J ' BBS. NreS'aiid ; N1ES \H omit wonos.-the telephone enobles you Iq get in touch quickly with o)neis,..orid Ihe/ Vrttfi you. Yoi)\J b« iurpri»«d how much mo** convsnisnl end pleawint everydoy life become* r/rth « (»l«phon« al horn*. Try it... coll the tetvpborx butilt«» officf now. Soy, "I want a

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