The Oshkosh Northwestern from Oshkosh, Wisconsin on November 5, 1903 · Page 6
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The Oshkosh Northwestern from Oshkosh, Wisconsin · Page 6

Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 5, 1903
Page 6
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TTTTT! fiATT V. Mflt)TUUrr,e,TPnM..irTuir.vji.jtvrv... BIG CUT BADE IN BflLETb WOrtTiT ACTION TAKES HV TUN i.i-:adiu mki:i. ami iho.v MAMKACTlllKHS. The Principal Features of III Weels In the Iron Trade Are Tlione in Ilelution to the IteadJuxCinen t of Values Korolitn Htiln' Receive Value Attention liiven to Foreign Ho nines.. (Ry Associated Pres.") New York, Nov. 5. At a muctlug of feeding steel and iron manufacturers of the country In- thin city urranKeinenly have lipi'n practically concluded, according lo The Herald, for a reduction in tlie price of billets amounting to $4 a ton making the new jirli'e t?A a ton. Following upon the announcement that the United States Steel corporation h;id made very heavy rale of steel in England, the decision to lower the prices of fcillels in this country Iss particularly .significant. Jn veil informed quarters, the decision Is looked upon an un effort to stimulate buslnew at home and abroad, as well as to conform to J..ig Iron market conditions. THH MAKKKT. Cleveland, Ohio, Nov. 5. The Iron Trade Keview says: The news of the week gives plenty of Indications of the process of re-adjusting valued which is n progress throughout the iron trade. Many blast furnacea and ft eel works have been put on the Idle More furnaces will go out when raw materials on hand have been worked up. I'ig Iron haa declined further in the Reek; coke is lower, the pool price on steel billets has been cut and in connection with some forms of finished material on which agreements have existed the only open question is as to the date of, announcements of new prices. Foreign business leads In interest. Pome good export sales of plates and steel bars have been made, but no authentic statement of .tonnage is given out. The material goes largely to Great lirilain. Sheet bar business Is understood to be under negotiation CONCESSIONS POSSIBLE. In the east concessions on structural material are regarded as possible. Much depends on the billet meeting in New York today. Independent interests have nald steel at $2 a ton below the pool price and the amount of fteel marketed nt cut prices has given rise to reports of concessions by concerns parties to the agreement. i-ully 50,000 tons of Alabama pig iron lias been sold or is now being figured on for shipment to British porta One 15.000 ton sale of gray forge was made t S.50 at furnace for export, a rate of J2 a ton from Birmingham to British port having been secured. Another sale was of 10.000 tonn on No. 3 foundry. The lifting of accumulated stocks off he domestic market is expected " to strengthen the southern situation and has already (lone so to the extent that leading interests are not willing to Bell lor delivery into next year nt prices recently named on prompt business. In the past week No. 2 foundry iron has (told at $9.50 Birmingham. Thirty-one furnaces in Ohio and Western Pennsylvania are now idle. As yet northern foundry furnaces have not met the low prices of southern producers, and are therefore booking little business. A pigniflcant development is the coming of the Frick Coke company into the market again for the sale of Its foundry coke. OLDEST METHODIST MINISTER. Bev. llyron Allien of Streator, 111., Is Nliietj-Seven. (Bulletin Press Association.) , Streator, 111., Nov. 5. Rev. Byron Alden of this place, who celebrated his ninety-seventh birthday today, is the oldest Methodist minister in the world, being eight months older than Hev. Joseph Ayres of Sidney, O., who has been called the "oldest Methodist minister." Hev. Mr. Alden is still a forcible pulpit preacher, and fills appoint- . ments occasionally. He spoke at the Methodist conference held at Streator a year ago, when his eloquence and force and his firm footstep were much commented on. lie was burn at Hines-burg. Vt.. on Nov. 5, 1806. lie preached In New York conferences a number of years before coming 4o Illinois. In this etate his first assignment was at Woodstock, where he remained ten years, going later to Gardner and Verona. The latter was his last regular appointment, and expired fifteen years ago. There are curious coincidents in the careers of Bev. Mr. Alden and Hev. Jlr. Ayres, the two oldest Methodist "ministers. Both were born in Vermont, each entered on his first regular assignment in New York in 1830. and each is spending his last years with his daughter. HONOR BISHOP FOLEY. Detroit, Mich., Nov. 5. Bishop Foley of the Catholic diocese of Detroit was the recipient of innumerable congratulations today on the occasion of his seventieth birthday. A big reception in honor of the bishop is to be held this evening at the Hotel Cadillac. REQUA WILL LECTURE. llodtotlixt Minister Takes Ip Itenl- dent-e nt Milwaukee. Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 8. Rev. Eugene Re Qua, formerly of the Beaver Tain Methodist church, w ho has move I Jiis family to Milwaukee, says he will either go into business or lecture. His r,ew residence is at 6hs Stowell avenue. "I am ready to supply pulpits if my services are needed," said be, "or to lecture. I have no intention of Quitting the Methodist church. I had a favorable opportunity to do that three years ago, had I so desired. Let me tay, too. that there is something of a misapprehension ?s to my reasons for declining the appointment to Brandon, made at the Green Bay conference In September. I found the Brandon people very pleasant and agreeable, but I was induced to decline the appointment by the advice of my physician, w ho notified me that my health Would not stand three services and an eight mile drive every Sunday, x decided to locate in Milwaukee because of the educational and musical advantages offered for my daughter." DR. FENNEFTS o Backache Also Purifies the Blood. 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The football prucllce Wodnesday was n punting duel between the varsity and (second teams. In which the first team rurae out ahead, but the kicking orinellher elde was encouraging. Capt. Abbott, who did most of the work for the varsity, got Ids punts away better and for better distances than did Perry or Findluy, who were also given trluls In the kicking game, With the exception of Bain, Pogg, and Chamberlain, all the regulars were In the lineup In the varsity and held out through the entire practice, which lasted about half an hour. The fluid gathering about Balne'a knee has begun to bother him an a in and it now worse than before the Chicago game. Phyniclans say that In order to recover from It he mUHt abstain from practice entirely, and it now looks doubtful for the big halfback's (hunces of getting in shape for the Michigan game, legs than two weeks away. Chamberlain was kept out of the work last riisht by a bruised leg muscle, which, however, Is not nt all nerloua. Fogg wan kept on the sidelines because Trainer O'Dea thinks it not advisable that he be given as much hard work as ftne of the other members of the team. The scrubs, reinforced by Schrelher, left guard on the 1901 varsity, and Le-ruin, right guard lant years, while not able to block any varsity punts, held the regulars down well when It came to Htraight football and allowed hut one touchdown. The hacklleld positions on the varsity were filled by Vanderboom, 1'erry and Robinson, while Clarke, Scone Id and Franzke were the backs for the second team. Scofleld did especially good work in advancing the ball for the pecond team, and at present in one of the most promising candidates for the fullback position, because of his speed and weight. Chicago, 111., Nov. 6. Rtagg had some decidedly interesting thing to say to his men ycsleniay. He told them that as yet they had not worked up any offense at all. "We had no offense at all in the Wisconsin game," said Stagg. "I am not satisfied. The last quarter of the game Wisconsin ran away with you most of the time, and the rest of the time they were running over you." The Midway coach admitted yesterday that the Badgers had a stronger offense than his team showed last Saturday. When asked if he thought Ids team could have made their first down when they were on the Badgers' ten-yard line in the first half and it was third down, two to gain. Stagg mid that there was a doubt In his mind on this point. No better proof of the inefficiency of the Chicago offense thus far need be cited than the fact that In three big games, Northwestern, Illinois, Wisconsin, the Maroons have not pushed the ball over for a touchdown. Neither team scored In the Northwestern game. In the Illinois game all three of Chlrago'a touchdowns were made as a result of long ruiiB. which were made possible by weak ends and poor tackling generally. In the Wisconisn game all Chicago's points were made by the air-line route. Stagg will now work on offense. He must make this part of his team much better if he expects to beat West Point arid Michigan. Minneapolis, Minn.. Nov. 5. Minnesota's football ffiuad has changed places romewhat and from now on will do the hardest work of the year In preparation for the Illinois and Wisconsin games. AH persons except players and coaehep are excluded from practices and will be until the end of the season. Both O'Brien and Burdick were out for work yesterday and seem to be nearly rid of their Injuries. Chicago, 111., Nov. 5. Coach McCor-nack of Northwestern approves of the scheme proposed for a post-season game between Chicago and Northwestern on December 5 to settle the supremacy of the elevens and the cham- I JIllMU-llip VL IUP Vliy, 1 (till VIIMII& IU play the game." says he. "and I believe 1 the Purple team can do as well again. Stagg scheduled his game against Northwestern so early in the season that we had hard work to get into condition for so important - a game. No amount of persuasion could get him to take a later date. As It was, we played the Maroons a 0-to-0 game and outplayed them In every department. Hying us a practical victory. I am ready to meet Stagg's team again for the city championship in a post-season game.' Such a game ought to be a great attraction to the football rooters of this city, for Chicago is full of both Maroon and .Purple alumni, ready to back their trams to a finish. If Stagg would ton-sent Mu h a game would be a certainty. It remains for him to determine whether the disputed supremacy shall be settled or not. Though late In the season, football coaches who were not as luck as Stagg in having Eckersall have started into develop the kicking game, both in punting and goal kicking from the field. Wisconsin has been woefully weak in this department and apparently has no material from which to develop a man. Yost feels the loss of Sweeley greatly and is toiling to get another. oJe Maddock. the veteran tackle, has taken to the punting game and is doing fair work. He boasts that before the seapon is over he will be the peer of the mall. Kckersall is proving far more valuable to Stagg, under these conditions, than Tom Hammond to the Wolverines. a Chicago, 111.. Nov. 5. A movement to end the custom of holding football games oh Thanksgiving day has been undertaken by the university of Chi- cago. The faculty administrative council, made up of President W. It. Harper, the deans of the various colleges and schools, and the directors of de- : partments, has adopted a resolution opposing games on that date. The council has instructed Prof. Stagg, director of the department of physical culture and athletics, to confer with other universities. Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 5. C. C. Par-lin, of Wausau. chairman of the Wisconsin Interscholastie Athletic association yesterday made public the high school football teams that are In the competition for the high school championship, and the schedule of games as far as arranged. Merrill, Toman. Kau-kauna, Eau Claire, Marinette. Janes-ville, and Fort Atkinson are the schools named whose teams are entitled to content for this honor. The games arranged for next Saturday are Toman, vs. Eau Claire, Kaukauna vs. Marinette and Janesvllle vs. either Fort Atkinson jor .Mernu. ine tour unaeieatea teams All Diseases of the kidneys, bladder, and nrinary organs. Also heart disease, rheumatism, backache, gravel, dropay, female troubles. Quire Are You Afflicted Willi TBI ITCH HBO OF THE BLOODr The prevalence of Ecjemaamnngttie young and old it due to the Introduction ol pmannmis nialter In tlie blood, Those pimples, sores and eruption upon the (are, lin k anil body are. all caused bf Impure blood. 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(.mi,, a eutopic!,, U-suoticr, (.ciieu mix tin Daailtutf snd all stall, and tkla dlsaMS. 1'rli.e asc. E. A. HORN, 65 Main Street. will meet November 14, nnd the cham-iioiit)hli will be decided November til. Chicago, 111.. Nov. 6. Iloresmen are anxiously awaitinK the uction of the American Trotting association vln acceptance or rejecting the 1:694 mile credited to t'resceus by the timekeepers at the Wichita, Kan., truck. Chargra have been openly made that the whole affair was prearranged and that the time, 1:511, was Hashed before the horse was twenty feet past the wire. " Memphis, Tenn., Nov. 5. Pan Patch, world's champion pacer, left here for Birmingham, where he will make an attempt of 2:03Mt, held by Prince. Alert, for half mile track. San Francisco, Cal Nov. 5. There appears to have been gome politics nilv.J ,n In tha i tut nr a rtusunri tit Lon AiiKeleg, which bars lighters In that town. As long as the Century club had things on a single-handed basis In the pout hern city there was no trouble. Witt, tha Inmrnirutloo s,f nonthar clllh of which Harry Stuart waa promoter, legiHiauve action was orouciieu aim paswed in a hurry. A similar action was taken at Oakland before trie lust election and rescinded with certain restric- tlnna that .lut ttillt, I.iU'lune'ii Ai'ttlP club out. It is understood that the tiout hern status or arrairs is mucn ine name. Two clubs could not live there in open competition and the result of the war between them would have the effect of killing the game. . - s New York. Nov. 5. Although Cham- j plon Jim Jeffries haa repeatedly stated that he would never fight a colored man, the sporting men of San Francisco are trying to Induce the big boilermaker to change his mind and consent to take on Jack Johnson, the colored heavyweight champion, who recently defeated Sam McVey, the California colored fighter. Realizing that the followers of the sport in California are anxious to nee Jeffries and Johnson come together, the niatehmakwof the Colima Athletic club has offered the two big fellows a purne of $0,lKi0 tobat-tle for in a twenty round "bout within four months. While lhin.ffsralIfOi)d. one, there is no doubt that Jeffries will decline it. He has already stated he would never fight a negro, and there is a slim chance of the big colored fighter ever getting the opportunity of lighting for the heavyweight title. a a , . Chicago, 111., Nr. n. Mickey Riley will meet Otto Sleltiff at Minneapolis November 18 in a fifteen-round, go, This will be one of the hardest lights the locaj man has ever had. Maurice Say-ers will meet Kid Rose at the same time in a ten-round go. VARIOUS BODIES MEET. ,lt of Scx.loim That Are lie in Ilelil In the Coinilry. (Bulletin Preos" Assoctatlin.) Richmond, Ind., Novs 5Jlmia ktiblo both for the prominence ami the large number of its participants is'tlieVon-vention of the Young Woman's Christian association of Indiana, which began here today. The convention is being entertained by the Karliiwm college branch of t-he association. A large number of Richmond women are also taking an active interest in the pro ceedings. Reports prepared for presentation to the iconventlon. w hich will be in session during the remainder of the week, show that the association Is making gratifying progress In this state, branches being organized now at many of the prominent colleges and schools. The work of the association In Ml its branches will be discussed, by the convention and plans will be formulated for further increasing the membership and activities of the organization. Several features of enfertalnment have been arranged l(i.borior . of the visitors and these will intersperse the business sessions of the programs VISIT MODEL SCHOOL. Cartersville, Ga., Nov. 5. No regular sessions were held today by the Georgia, Federation of Women's clubs, the delegates spending the greater part of the day, as previously arranged, in a visit of inspection to the Massachusetts-Georgia model school at Cass Station. Resuming the regular order of business this evening the convention will.listen to the annual address of the president. Mrs. A. O. Granger and to several papers treating of industrial education and what the women's clubs may do towards promoting it. The convention w ill come to a close tomorrow morning with a brief session for the election and installation of officers and the transaction of unfinished business. The club women are enthusiastic over the success of the gathering and pronounce it the best ever held under the auspices of the state federation. TENNKSSEK ENDKAVORERS." Jackson. Tenn., Nov. 5. Decorations of red and white flags and bunting are much In evidence today In honor, of the delegates to the West Tennessee Christian Endeavor convention, which will be in session during the remainder of the week. Scores of delegates atid other visitors have arrived and from all appearances the attendance will be unusually large. A program of exceptional interest has been arranged for the meeting. In addition to the regular business relating to the affairs of jthe organization there w ill be discussions by a number of Endeavor workers ot note, including Ira Landrith, G. W. Shel-ton and Rev. E. E. Hendrlck. The people of Jackson have thrown open their homes to the delegates and 'nothing is being left undone that would contribute to their pleasure or comfort. ILLINOIS TEACHERS. Joliet, III., Nov. 5. From every direction and on every train throngs of teachers are arriving to attend the semin-annual meeting of the Noifbern Illinois Teachers' association. Present indications are that all previous attendance records will be broken? and that the convention will be the greatest in the history of the association. Preliminary business will, occupy this afternoon and evening the regular con vention programs will be carried out Friday and Saturday. Jacob A. Rlis of New York Is one Of tne promrnSnt speakers to be heard. Teachers who have arrived praise the general arrangements very highly. They are find ing every arrangement complete for caring for them during their stay:' ILLINOIS POLICE. . Eloomlngton, 111., Nov. 6. Police rsimr sii r iirmire a ,,tiin n urina i I I0.c a 1 - FOR California -AT OSHKOSH Tel. 303. 69 Smoke an ATHEARN and forget jour MAHFACTIHED BY U1AHI,E U. K7Qg Mormon B shooat Plllt Cnartn aua u.t.r imu.Hr. rosuitcijr potency, lost Fower. NfRnt-Louci. 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ASK YOUR DEALER. chiefs of the leading? cities of the state were present today at the opening of the annual convention of the Illinois Police association.-1 The meeting will be in session two days and will be occupied with papers and discussions on subjects in which the chiefs are particularly Interested. ; The president of the association is D. F. Gahan. WEDDED BLISS SHORT. Parent Stent is Calumet Itrlile From Her Husband Story, i Calumet, Mich., Nov. 5. Married and parted from his bride after less than three hours of wedded bliss, the culmination of a partially successful elopement la the plight in which Henry Gardner a few days ago. After the weddinir ceremony the happy couple proceeded to a restaurant. There they were enjoying: a wedding dinner with a few friends when the frate mother appeared. After giving' expression to her Indignation she invited the party to her home. Arriving at the house, Gardner stepped back to allow his bride to enter first. The bride entered, but as Gardner was about to pass into the houpe the door was plammed in his face and locked. Mrs. Gardner is now detained in the house of he. parents. Her husband w ill seek the aid of the courts. PARTED BY GLASS EYE. sleaertlon Follow Quickly on Wife's Discovery. St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 5. Judge Franklin Ferrlss granted Rudolph Teich a divorce from Annie Teich by default. Teich alleges that they were married in March last year and that in August the same year his wife refused to live with him because he had a glass eye, claiming that she waa not aware of it when they were married. Disastrous Wrecks. Carelessness Is responsible for many a railway wreck and the same causes are makintj human wrecks of sufferers from Throat and Lung troubles. Hut since the advent of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Cougha and Colds, even the worst cases can be cured, and hopeless resignation is no longer necessary. Mrs. I.ois Cragg of Dorchester. 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Children under 12 years of age at half rate. Full particulars at ticket office. G. A. Comstock, Agent. Cheap Rates to the Const. The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Faul railway will sell one way second claes colonist tickets every day until November 30 to points In California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho and Utah. Half rates to children under 12 years. Low rates will also be made to points In Texas. New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and British Columbia. Rates and full particulars at ticket office. G. A. Comstock, Agent Eictirslea Tickets to ft. Panl and Minneapolis! and Itrtorn, will be- sold" by the North-Western line dally until November 30, 1303, from Oshkosh at $14.00 for the round trip, limited to return until December 15, W3. Apply to agent Chicago & North-Western railway. liicoralen Rates Via tbe Wlsceosla Central Hallway. Round trip horneseejters' ticketa on sale October 20, November i and 17. Cheap one way colonist rates to California. Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montnua points. Also to other west and southwestern points. Apply at Wisconsin Central ticket office. For Jnfornmtiou. for above call at Wisconsin Central ticket office. W. I At-wood. Agent.- - Very low one-way rates to southern, western' and northwestern points, including Pacific Coaet points. Tlcketi on sale Septembei 15 to November 30. W. L At-wood. . , . . . . RIP-MS Tabules1 Doctors find A good prescription For mankind. tPhe rVcrnt packet Is enough fof an ordinary occasion. The lamily buttle (price 60 cents) con urns a supply lur a year. Via Dubuque, Waterloo and Albert Lea. Fast Vestibule Night train with through Sleeping Car, Buffet-Library Car and Free Reclining Chair Car. Dining Car Service eo route. - Tickets of agents ol I. C. R. R. and connecting lines. A. H. HANSON, O. F. ., CHICAGO, (J si n WINTER TOURIST TICKETS now on sale via Louisville & Nashville Railroad FLORIDA and ; Gulf Coast Points Route of the Famous Florida Limited. FINEST DINING CAR SERVICE IN THE SOUTH. For Rates, Folders and Descriptive Matter, write to C. L. STONE, Gen'l Pass. Agent, Louisville, Ky. 1 ALWAYS THE BEST. .. fli AND SOUTHERN RY. DIRECT CONNECTIONS at OINOINNATZ TO ALL IMPORTANT SOUTHERN CITIES. WRITE FOR PRINTED MATTER AMD RATES. W. A. BEOKLEH. N.P.A. . Chicaio, 111 D. P. BJIOU'N N.E F A Detroit. mien W. W. DUNN AVAJTT, TJJu. ... Warren, O OKAS. ZKI.L. D.P.A. Cincinnati W. C. iiLNKAilfcON, GP.A. Cincinnati r Every Wcsnasi UinterwUrJaivl should know Mhnnt tha wonderful mm MARVEL Whirling Spray Ask rar 4raf rUt frr It. If he cannot supply th MAlll .. sr.i-nnt no mr. hiit md tiamo for 11- UtSLraUMi git tn rti.-lrt Rnd 1:rpcttfm fn- T&luablr to tvue. M iU IX CO. Room 89b Timea Bd.. New York. MEN AND WOMEN. Csb Big for unnatural di-bsral, inflammations, irritations or ulcerations tit mucous membranes. q I.. 1 ... n1 nnl aatrin. ITHlEVsHSCritMIOsLCa. gent or poisonous. 1 or tent In plain wrapper. ?y express, prepnm, SI 00. orSbottlfS2.T6. Circular sent on rouue ErifiVeOYAL FILLS k9AT r.. rriiivit.. I,UIU av.s, WBKBtj for (HICUIMtltS r ULatt Is It Kit u4 Hold ndftUli boiM. tealwl wiih bloo ribbon. Tahaaol)ici. Befu Oasfferena snbttJtwLloits an4 Iralt-tlonae Rujr ef Tour DriiggUt, r aeod 4o- m iUnii.t for PfrtiMiforSa TeatI antl 'Keltef fr,r ImAi l7 un1t.s.ll. 1 W ftltrt trttirTnlsit. BnH) r, ... s ki.i . 4 L...lal COaat IbStie Uusper. lUdlMB Square. 1U1LA SA Benedict & Morsell, Attorneys at Lasr and Solicitors ot PATENTS. Free Press Building. Milwaukee. Wis. XB2S f WW f a. g AlalUSSsjOy E-i-yS OoarssleMl I net w strlotnrs. IS K OIIICIKMTI.O.r' ' 1 V r..i. J T FOND DU LAC & OSHKOSH ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO. "Week Day Time Table No. 2. In Effect July U. 1903. Lave Correr For- Leave Corner Main est Ave. and Main and Hiph Streets. 6t., Fond du Lac. Oshkosh. 6:00 a. m 7:00 a. m. 7:00 a. m 8:00 a. m. 8:00 a. m 9:00 a. m. 8:00 a. m 10:00 a. ra. 10:00 a. m '. 11:00 a. m. 11:00 a. m 12:00 m. 12:00 m 1:00 p. ra. 1:00 p. m 2:00 p. m. 2:00 p. m 3:00 p. m. J.'OO p. m 4:00 p. m. 4:00 p. m 5:00 p. m. 6:00 p. m 6:00 p. m. :00 p. m 7:00 p. m. 7:00 p. m 8:00 p. m. :00 p. rri :O0 p. .m. p. i 10-flO p. m. W: last car 11:10 last car CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RAJLWAY. WI!I OIVSIJI DIVISION., 1 Iletween Oslikiwli I 1 Arrive" "nd I Oshkosh Oshkooh' 12:2tom ,1:0am t7:2iian tl :33pm tB :17pm t7:llpm tS:3Snrt 9:3.1p:o t7:B7pm tl0:17ant t7:t0a 2Mam tS:iam tlOTslam 12:Mpm . t4 :51pm :ir,nm t0:00pra Chlcano. Rselne, Kenosha, Mllwau. kee, Waukesha, and Fond du Lac. Milwaukee and :Kam Fond du Lac tOMrinm t6 :00pm Fond du Lac..,. tlfl-2Snm tC:00pra Madison, Janesvllle, . 12:r,0rim Jefferson and t8:30;im Watcrtown ts":51pm , , tR:30am Sheboygan tl2:,Wpm t4 :51pm Rlnon, Princeton. Orsnd Rapids and tS:lnm Wild Rose t4:Slpm t6:00pm 12:21.1m , 3:0Sam w u . . . t7:4flam eenarl, Appleton, :rSSam Kaukauna, De tlfl:l7am Pere and Green tl:33nm Bay tn:17pm t7:11pm J7 :57pm 12:21am 3:08am Mnrlnetts and Me- t7:40am nominee t9:.1Sam t1 :33pm T7:llpm Eflcanaba, Kewaunee, Ishpemlng 12:2",'im and Lake tf:Wam Superior points.... rowers, Iron Mountain, Florence J:0Sam and Hurley t7:40am Wausau. Marsh field", Rhlnelander, Bessemer, Hurley, t7:5Cnm Ironwood. Waterw- 9:33pm meet and Ashland.... Marshlield. Wau. sau, Antlgo, tt:2l!nm Shawano. Clinton- t5:17pm vllle and New London Neenah. Appleton I Jet., Clintonvllle, Wausau, Mareh- 9:33am field. Eau Claire, St. Paul. Minneapolis, Duluth " - tl0:17am Manltowoo tl:33pm Allenvllle, Larsen, Medina Junction, Medina and Hor- t7:32am tonvllle tl0:17nrrl t5:17rnt tlO:17ant to:i7pm: tlO:i:arrt tD:17pra 2:3n.irr S:30am 10:fslatr 12:RI!pm t4:Rlpmi tl0:2pni 16:00pm 2:3-airr tl0:t7nm tt'Blpnt tl0:2Spir 2:3-anf t4:51pra 5'3'arrl t4:51ptn t:15atrt t4:51pn( tl2:5pnt t4 :51pi t645aifl tl2:5pm: tiO:28pn, t-l:40pa 4 ' Dally. fDaily except Sunday. tSunday only. AH trains north leave South OshkosH five minutes earlier, and going south flv minutes later than the above. A Chicago sleeper stands on the tracks at the passenger depot during the evenJ ing dally. In which berths can be tskert any time from 10:2$ p. m. dally to 2:35 a, m., arriving In Chicago at 7:30 a. m. Through sleeper and free reclining chair car to St. Paul and Minneapolis without change on 9:33 p. m. train. AlsX through sleeper to Ashland. The 7:26 a. m. train makes connection nt New London Junction for points on the G. B.. W. St St. P. rallwav. The 6:17 p. m. train makes 'connection: at New London Junction with the G. B. W. ft St. P. railway for points as fat west as Grand Rapids. i W. B. KNISKERN, Passenger TrafflU Manager, Chicago, Til. C. A. CAIRN'S, General Passenger anfl Ticket Agent. D. B. CURTIS, Jr., Agent, Oshkosh', Wis.- .-1 WISCONSIN '(NTUmj Railway. Dally. tDally Except Sunday. Between Oshkoeh Leave Arrive I 1 Oshkosh Oshkosh" !4am 7:30am t2:45prrt t7:00pm1 U:31pni 10:10anti i ' t7:50an: t5:30pm: Chicago, Milwau- t7:S0am tl2:.5ipm Kee Waukesha. and Fond du Lac... 5:30pm Milwaukee and Intermediate points 3:35pm Manitowoc. Hilbert Jet., Collins t7:30am , f2 :43pm f 10:10am 4:34anti 7:30am 7 :50am Neenah and Menasha.. t2:45pm tl2:aripmt t7:00pm 3:3Spm' 11:31pm 5:30pro'j Chippewa Falls, Eau TtSOam 4:34anfi Claire and Inter- t2:45pm fl2:35pm! mediate points ll:31pm 5:30pra: St. Paul, Minneapolis, V Ashland and 7:30am 4:34am Iron Towns ...... ....U:31pm 5:30pn Duluth and the Su- "J perlors 11:31pm :34am Close connections at Chicago with al! eastern and southern lines. Passengers and baggage transferred without extr expense on through tickets. -j W. ti. ATWOOD, Local Agent, Osh kosh, Wis. U CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE! & ST. PAUL. 4 Oshkosh Leave Arrive nd I Oshkosh Oshkoah Rilion, Berlin, Bran don, Waupun. Portage. La Crosse, St. Paul, Milwaukee and Chicago 6:SIam 8:15pm 31:3Harrt' 7:40pnj. Waukau, Omro, Wln-neconne, Utley, Fair-water and Markesan. 8:l"prrt ll:30arrf Close connections at Chicago for all points east, west and south. , f All trains dallv except Sunday. y O. A. COMSTOCK, Agent. F. A. MILLER, General rossenjef Agent. Chicago, I1L i WINNEBAGO TRACTION CO. i OSHKOSII-NEEXAH INTER-URBAN j LINE. r' I,eave Oshkosh. Leave Necnaru ' 6.00 a. m 7:00 a. m, 7:00 a. m 8:00 a. m, 8:00 a. m 9:00 a. m. 9:00 a. m 10:00 a. m, 10:00 a. m 11:00 a. m 11:00 a. m 12:00 m. 12:00 m 1:00 p. m, 1:00 p. m 2:00 p. m 2:00 p. m 8:00 V- m, 8:00 p. m 4:00 p. m 4:00 p. m 5:00 p. m 5:O0 p. m 8:00 p. m. 6:00 p. m 7:00 p. m 7:00 p. m 8-00 p. m, 8:00 p. m 9:00 n. m 9:00 p. m 10:00 p. m. 10:00 p. m 11:00 p. m., First car Sundnjrlea7rs Oshkosh at 7 09 a. m.. and Neenah at 8:00 a. m. Balance of schedule same as week Jay. OSHKOSH-OMRO INTER-URBAN Ltlti. Leave Oshkosh. 6:45 a. m 7:15 a. m 9:15 a. m 11:15 a. m Leave Omro. 6:25 a. m. 8:10 a. m. 10:10 a. m.; 12:10 p. m. 2:10 p. m. 4:10 p. m. ..... 6:10 p. m. ..... 8:10 p. m. 10:10 p. m. 1:15 p 3:15 p B:15 p ni.... m.... m.... m.... 7:15 p 9:15 p. m . Last car Sunday nights will leave Osh- koeb at 11:00 p. m., leaving umro at ii: E:. 2L-

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