The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 22, 1940
Page 5
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 22/1940 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS Dynamiters Are Easy Favorites Over Visiting Team BY J. P. FRIEND The Blythevilie Chicks will honor their Dads tonight when they open football relations with the Benton Panthers and hope to continue their march-toward the Arkansas Hight School Conference title. The opening kickoff is set for 8* ——•' •' •• - ••• • j_ o'clock at Haley Held. J Fathers of . the various players will march-with their, sons froni the dressing room just prior to the start of the game and will take their places oh a special beiich adjoining the one used by the tribe. Numbers coresponding to those worn by their sons will be pinned to the backs of the fathers. Seeking their eighth conference' victory and ninth win of the season, the Drtdy Dynamiters will take the Held with a slightly altered lineup. Alvis Harris, who has been used, only in relief roles, will be at I'ight end in place of LeRoy Ross, regular wihgman. Ross is still hob-= bling from a badly wrenched knee and likely will not be permitted to be in uniform. He has not reported for practice at; all this week but has spent the time on the trainer's table. , ; ' two Have Injuries Head Coach Jooe Dildy said he would start the remainder of the team which has been getting opening assignments, despite the fact that at least two \vere,not in the best of condition. Big Bo Cbppedge, 215-pound left tackle, has been handicapped all week with a bruised left arm but will be at his post. Mayfield (Sonny) Lloyd, brilliant fullback, still favors his twisted foot which refuses .to heal properly. However, he is due for the fullback slot. In the. event he is not really needed there is every possibility that young Carlos Deal, his chief understudy, will be inserted to carry on. The remainder of the line will consist of Elmer Stone, center; James Cobb and Everett ''Crosidw^ guards; Charles Wright, fight tackle, and Wallace Smith, left end. Supporting Lloyd in the backfieid will be Captain Norman (Monk) Mosley, left halfback; Elliott Saliba, right halfback, and Herschell Besharse, blocking back. Have Fast Team ,.Coach Jamas Alilf . is -bringing a fast; hard' charging but light .team to rr Blytlievme' a^nd Northeast'" Arkansas .rTbr^tlie" first time >m "history:Winner of only, two c games .as compared to -six defeats/'the Panthers have all to gain and nothing -to lose and will be..out .to give everything they have. They are in excellent shape for the first time in weeks and expect to make a favor-' able showing, at least. ' .Their only triumphs include a 20-19 decision over" Catholic High and .a 26-0 shellacking of Arkadel- . phia.\ and these scores compare favorably with Chick opponents. Fordyce, which gave the tribe a ran for their money, vScored exactly the same number of points against Arkadelphia and whipped the Hot Springs Trojans who were able to nose out Catholic High only by a single touchdown. Malvern, victor over Little Rock, scored only 13 points. Comparative scores indicate a decided margin in favor of the Maroon Maulers. They downed North Little Rock, 26-6, while the Cowan Cats beat the Panthers, How the Chic Blythevilie No. Smith ..... 6"> Coppedge . . Croslow .... Stone . Cobb Wright . ... Harris . .... Besharse . Moslev . Saliba . . Lloyd . . 83 80 .... 70 .... 81 .... 82 78 75 .... 77 .... 80 .... 76 ^ks a wt H5 215 . 175 145 170 200 170 150 155 135 165 ind F Vos L:E. UT. L.G. C R.G. R,T. R;E. Q.B. L.H. R-H. P.B. Outliers Beittuu Smitiiei's . Moore Holiman .. Richards . Willis Rowland . Shoppach . Nelson ... ... Patterson . ttntlSii Westbrook . Conip No. ...... 74 an 01) ir IV . . v. . . «o T«J ..... 76 ..... 69 ,..,,.,70 nn .....72 are wt. 170 168 150 165, ,150: 1«5 S 150 ,148 iso Mis -Wti INUPSEL12-G On "Fathers* i'"*,, •?'• *y pAcTe-i'ipiVE'''' IS DBS MOiNES, Iowa, Nov. 22. (UP)—Have you ever jumped/right but of your skin? I mean, have you ever jumped completely out of it so,, that it stood .right there beside ycm, looking like a Dr. Den ton's sleeping garment? I did yesterday, in the middle of the 'Register and Tribune sports department. It wasn't a .pretty sight, because after all beauty is only skin deep. • The reason for all this was the sudden and unexpected arrival of Bob Feller, not a Bob Feller but the BOB FELLER, of whom the nicest, thing I said all last baseball season was that he was!a crybaby, a sissy, and a whiner. 1'iii so broad-minded that I am capable of overlooking the fact that ne only won 27 games and is perhaps, the finest pitcher in baseball. Well, anyway, there he stood right .back , of me, fresh from a quail hunting trip and with a shotgun in.his hands. I had several nasty thoughts, one being that maybe Feller wasn't as broadminded as. I was and wouldn't overlook the things I had written about him and Trosky and Harder and Chapman and the other Cleveland Indians. I didn't dare turn around for a- moment. Under my breath I whispered "count ten, Bob, count ten." I hoped he remembered his American history, particularly that part about "don't shoot'until you see the whites of their eyes." I kept mine closed—ori purpose. Remernbering he was • an : Indian, and- being a ; ;neat person, I brushed ^my forelock : ^for : the --scalping. Secorids-'passed .and nothing happened;' ''Slowly 'I .turned 'around! Quickly 1 turned "back. ; He -.looked bigger, standing there in a hunting suit.; and with a : 12" guage in his hands, than he: ever looked on a pitcher's mound. As I turned' back., and -as my skin turned with me, I realized for the first time what a. fool I had been to ever say an unkind ind that any sportswriter who didn't write alx>ut it would have •jeen crazy. He did say, however, that there were two sides to the •rouble the. Indians had with Vitt. lie wouldn't explain, though. "That's all over," Bob said. "We all know Peckinpaugh and we all like-him. He is a man who agrees' with us that we have the best [ club in the American League and 'can win the pennant. That-sorb 61:- spirit will help us next season." I enjoyed every moment of our talk, but I kept wanting to call him governor and thank him for the reprieve. Ugh-ugh. Nice Indians. ab °" g r ? at - ihidable, 190-pound, shotgun equipped nice person—Bob Feller. It was so obvious to me, as I "looked into the sights of that- shotgun; that Bob Feller was one of the kindest,, sweetest, gentlest, .understanding, clean cut, and all-round fine men I had ever known. I simply couldn't understand howl had ever written about him in a derogatory manner. All of these serisa.tions of mine, including jumping in and out of my skin; took but a second or two. Like a drowning man, all the bad things I had said about 27-0. last week. Russellviile spoiled 2*1 •* ^ gS * had ^ about their homecoming with a 19-0 de-' fine CIevelan d In-feat. A week later the Crimson Cy-' to a 9-0 clones held the locals score. Mustangs Score Most The Forrest City Mustangs, who help the ..Chicks haul down the season -curtain next Wednesday night, ran up the biggest score on the felines, tallying 39 -points while successfully defending their own goal line. Forced to build from the.ground "P after losing almost his entire first team, including the great J. P. Moore, triple threat star and one of the most outstanding. athletes ever developed in Arkansas. Coach Ahlf has been handicapped with an inexperienced forward wall. His charges have not to generate much of a running attack .being forced to strike through the air for most of their seven touchdowns. They have not scored against three conference foes but with the exception of Forrest"'city have kept the score down to four touchdowns and less. Shoppack, a .fleet-footed 150- pounder, and Smithers, 'tall youth who packs 170-pounds. ends; and. Richards, 165-pound center, and Left Tackle Moore, 168, arc the mainstays in the.line, while Byron Nelson, and Bill West brooks, fullback, are the boys to watch in the backfield. ^ Other probable Benton starters include: Rowland (165). tackle; Willis (150) and Holiman (150), guards; Patterson (150) and Gatlin (155), backs. passed through my mind. He spoke the first word. I was past speech. "Nice to see you. Henry. What you doing out here?" "I was dying a few minutes ago, Bob, but 'I'm., feeling a lot better how. Howya, Bob, oP boy; ol' bov oP boy?" Believe it or not, we got to chattering. He understood all about the riding the Indians took last year. Said he thought it was 'a perfect set-up for a sport.swriter Teller Is Perplexed WALDEN. N. Y. (UP) — Teller Harold Janville was taken aback When a woman came into the Wai- qen Savings Bank to cash a strange bill for. "20 dubloons." After Inspecting it he patiently explained the note was valueless—it was children's play money. Meii frequently are victims of the ailment, but women seldom suffer ulcers of the digestive cracc. •UYNOWI PAY UTERI BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5ih A Walnut Rams Take Play Away From Air Minded Porkers, Win 27-7 NEW YORK. Nov. 22—The Ford - hahi Rams met fire with fire yesterday, stealing; the aerial play from an;-mmded Arkansas to turn :in a. 27-to-7 victory before 12,500 fans. Twice in tlie first period, once in the second, and again in the third the Rams rambled over the Razorbacks' goal, and three of the scores came on passes. Arkansas, liter a fine kick-on return by Bob Forte to the Fordhanv 35, scored hi the third period and the rest nf the "time sain its embryo offchs- es killed by its own futile, ium- bling attack and an alert Fordham defense. The Razorbacks were prepared for the Pordham running attack, and this preparation backfired. Drawn close to check the ground plays,'..they left .themselves•'wide open" for'"the: passing^ which was accomplished , with .neatness and dispatch by Steve Filipowicz, aided and abetted'by numerous teammates. "' '''••••''-•• • •••-•• Georgia Bullpups Roll Over Tech Freshmen greatest first-year squads in Bull;dog history. Yesterday, the current edition of the Bullpups rolled over Tech 36 to 0 in their aiiiiual battle for the benefit of the Scottish Rite Crippled Children's 'Hos- pilal here. : : •.';;•;;."...;' , Next year, with the 1939 frtsji- men as juniors and the 1940 Irishmen as sophomores, Gedrgia cx-= pects to have quite a footbnli team. ' -'•" { • . '" ; '•' Bill Godwin of Blythevilie is center on the University of Georgia freshman team. ; ; Old Car Races ToBeHeldOn Thanksgiving Day o o . \ j Old, Car race drivers of Arkansas have been challenged by the "Kentucky Club" to a race lor Thanksgiving Day, to be held in Blythevilie, when the best drivers will be awarded prizes, it has been announced. Points gained in each race will be used to compile a total for the championship of the tracks. > Drivers from Kentucky and from this section of Arkansas have long entered .the same races and the numerous local race driver enthusiasts also have a competition within their ranks. '... \. . ,. •'•;./.; Stickler was defeated by Thompson Nov. 11 of 1939: at Walker ParJi " . ATLANTA. Ga., '^Nov.' 22 ; '(UPj- Mafk down .the University of Geor- ' gia . Bulldogs in your . football .future book. '...... ,'..'.- ..•'•• •• •'Last year, the Georgia freshmen trounced their arch .rivals', ' the Georgia Tech freshmen, 33 to : 0 and r .were . hailed: as '.one;, of .the Later, Stickler. Burns and Scrape defeated these boys at the pulton, Ky., Fair and again the - following' week at B'entoh, Ky., to make -'the "Kentucky", and " Arkansas^" clUl*- tied. ". ,'..•.••; ,.•;• .-:.'."''':"r.^ ; fer*$ Of the ten cars expected to'ehl- ter the Thanksgiving, race, td> b£ staged at Walker Park, at^east si£ will be from BIythevilleY- it has been announced. ';.';.;; British Equity Expands LONDON rupy _ Equity—trade- union for actors and actresses--: has bowed to the mevltabje and! accepted, two choruk girls - W its | council- of- 38 stage -sta'rs' The girls—Honor Blair, 23, and Doreen Percheron, 22—will -demand $2.50 a week extra pay all around. •> »Ipt, Though Cold ~ At freezing, temperature, a hundred /.-; PQUhd^v of ice . contains enough •heatito''raise the temperature of. 65 "pounds of water from The freezing-point to the boiling' point. '•:/, -- ; : : : -* . •'.-• '•• Bees will fly eight miles from- the hive in"sea"fch of food. Osceolans Take To Air To Score Twice A g a i nst Favorites OSCEOLA, Ark., Nov, 22.—Flrush- jng a brilliant aerial offensive and holding firm in the pinches u&vo the Osceola, Semlnoles 11 12 to G victory over the favored Corning team Thursday night on Hale Fiold in Osceola. BarnhNl scored first for Corning near the beginning of the first quarter on a long right ehd run Near the end of the ' .first''half Osceola tied the score by a pass Amiable to Edrington, Amwble was stopped in the line on the try for conversion, in the final period Edrington scored again on a sweeping end run - from the five vard line. ••; J A 15 yard penally in the final minutes ol -the game gave the Bobcats the ball on the Qsccolu -5 yard line. Four .attempts to put the ball over failed and the game ended with Osceola in possession on the Osceola foiir. The first quarter went "to Coming. They received the kick and by a series of end runs scored in seven downs. Barnhill, fight end, took the ball oh a reverse and rail eight yards for the first score of the game. The Scinindles came back fighting, but were unable to advance the ball during:'the' first period. During the second quarter the Seminoles put on a sustained drive which carried fee ball from.their own 21 to the opponent's 22. Boweti and Annable made rims netting 18 and 12 .yards respectively for two successive first do\vi)S. From the 22 yard line Annable threw & pass to Edrington 'after receiving •A shovel from isbwen to score. Con- Version failed. .-'.-"•''.. £ Neither team -was able to score during a hard-ifought, third . period. -Most of the play t66k place in Corning ...territory. Both teams took to the air,, and three passe.-; were intercepted, two,, by Corning and one by .Osccola: The Seminoles. had a slight advantage: in ; the ,punting. ,..,.A. break ; thiit/came eaHyVlih^thc chance for^a^sSpre. Corning onV,their :owh : 27/'Hhlrd down , J5 ; to .go. JohasMvas back, : in punt formation, tlie pass from ee'n- .tcr was bad,' 'passing>p'yer his-head arid; the fumble;:;^ias.-ltecovercd; by Osccpla dh tjie::cprning 8 / " '; A-right end rtfn jetted the Semi- nolesv one. yai-tKAOh the second do$n ,a'•; left,end,,ri(ri; was stopped cold at the line. A. piss was knocked down., On the fourth down, Annable threw.a shovel' pass 'to Edrington r • i / FRIDAY BARGAIN DAY Matinee lOc A 20c N^hl lOo & 30c FUGBOAT ANNIE SAILS AGAIN with Mar jorie Rambejiu & Alan Hale SATURDAY RHYTHM STREAKED ACTION at the line of scrimmage and he, skirted right end, throwing off three tacklers and plunged across the line for the winning tally ; A left end run for conversion failed. For tho remaining four minutes of the ball game Corning outplayed OsoeoU up to the final seconds. By a series of sensfttional runs they advanced the ball to the Osccola 88. FiiKling a weak spot li\ the center o! the Oeceola line the Bobcats plunged through for an eight- yard gain. Their real break cahie when a 15-yard penalty gave them first clown on the Osceola 5. A lino plunge netted no gain. Two passes over the goal Une were knocked down by the hard-fighting Semi- nolcu. Just as the final whistle bio* the Bobcats put all they hud Into u line drive which gained them one yard. Allensworth and Oftllcgly were ouUstnndinR players for Corning, while Edrington and Annable carried off top honors for the Semi- noes. Officials were: Sanderson, referee; Thornton, umpire; Burnutt, head lineman, and Scgravcs, timekeeper, .^ Stnrttng ilnc-ups follow: ' Corning p as . Osceolft Burnhill " RE Shannon Ahrcnt R T Phillips Crcclc flG Seftton Tillow c Reid Brown - LG Little Ermort LT Mitchell Grayson LE Echlngldn Giillegly QB Bo\ven Recd RH Butler Allensworthy LU Pairley Jonas FB Annable NOTICE OF SALE Notice is hereby given that Gos-, ncll Spcciivl School District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, will offer lot sale to the highest bidder, for cash, at public sale to be hold nt 11 o'clock A. M., on the 7th day 1 of December. 1940, at the School House in Gohnell, Arkansas, $200C in refunding bonds dated June 1, 1940. This is part of a refunding Issue of $15,000 bearing Interest nt the rate of 4»|j% per annum, Wrildn may be converted into bonds bearing interest al the rate of 3)4% per hnnum and maturing on January 1 of each year as $1.000 in the year 1956 $1.000 in the year 1962. The Commercial National Bank of Little Rock, Arkansas, will be trustee and plade of payment, and the bonds will be approved by Wallace To\Vriscnd, attorney, of Little Rock, Arkansiis. Sealed bids will be received until the hour set for the sale, o(; which T limc all .bids will fao publicly opened and read. Each bidder must- 1 accompany his bid by a Cashier's Check from some bank that is a member of the Federal Reserve System in the bum of $50 payable to the district, and roust otherwise satisfy the district that it will deposit the balance of the purchase price to the crtdifc of the district, in The Commercial Nt- iional Bank of Uttle Rock, Arktri- sns, on or before December 1L I94Q. The check of the *Ucce*rfu[ bidder will I* held by the dUtrict •mcl applied on the payment of the purchase price, and in the Went thfe balance of the purchafie price shall not be paid on bec«m- ber 31, 1940, same shall be forfeited to the district as liquidated damages. The bonds will bo delivered not later than January 2, 1941, and they mcy be converted. Tho Board reserves the right to reject aiiy ftnd all btda and alsd to offer for salb all or such part of said bonds as the district sees .' Ib» | The bonds arc to be secured bV continuous ta* of seven mills! voted for the purpose of retiring this proposed issue. Tho bidder will be required td pay accnwd interest on (he netf bonds from June l, 1940, to date of delivery, The bidder will alsd be required to pay nil of the expenses of tho issue. This the 14 ctoy of November, ' neli special School Dut*ict of Mi»- s H,ro* County, Arkanw«,c hereby calls 'for payment on J^m^i 1941 it fr ajx, iecr^eTtoS^; refunding bond* i^ued by; it, utf* der dkte of January *i,. Iwe/ as foilo^: All or ,ihe outitehifinjf boncts of baid district beiM rlufc* bered from, 1 ^RB" to 40 SB,' both inclusive, The holder^ of tiki twhda are liereby tertructetl to pte*ent,ihem for payjnent at the office of< th« Commercial National Ban* of" Ut- ia L. . . - . ^"v " Ul ' WWW Rock, Arkansas, and art, further advised- that said bonds wW<-not bear interest «ft«r that dtt«. For any further inform»tioh ad- clres.s the undersifned. * GOSNELL SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT OF , MIS6IK«1PPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS.- ' By G, W, Pott€r r Ptrsidelit and M. E. Cook Be<irtt*ry. GOSNELL SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSA. By G. W. Potter, President and M. E. Cook, Secretary. 15-22-29-0 NOTICE OF CALL OF SCHOOL 1JONDS Notice Is hcieby given that Gos- Blanket of W17 VANCOUVER, B, . ufJt have been mor* thah^wobl In a blanket that was donated to tlie Red Cross here, in 1917, because that ;same blanket, much-triveled and well worn, has turned Ujf in the Vancouver Red cross headquarters again, 23 years later. Win* Heat While It hovers, in the air, .the tiny humming bird beats its wings at the rate of 40 strokes a second. A rate of 70 strokes a second "Is require'd for its flight takeoff. - > An elephant's tusks mre oniy~its CENTURY CLUB STIAI8RT lllillN •IISIET m! SEE THE CHRYSLER THUNDERBOLT TOMORROW'S AERODYNAMIC CAR! A COlUMifA PICTURE MODIl i-10 SPICIAL JUST LOOK AT THIS . Cookjng Top Lamp V Automatic T,mc Signal . All-Porcelain Finish • Thcrmtzcr Well-Cooker • Automatic Oven Heat Control • Speed- Heat cooking units with 5 speeds • B lg Twin-Unit Oveii . Migh-Sjiccd Broiler • Sliding adjustable shelves. -p/u« Fot that very inipiottant person here is your perfect gift, A beautiful Fngidairc Electric Range that gives the finest of cooking results— speedily, thriftily, A range packed with features you wouldn't expect at the price. The down payment is no more than you-would pay for an ordinary gift! Do you realty wantto thrill her this Christmas? Then come in, see this-cooking sensation. Also Cartoon & Serial "Green Archer." Continuous show from 10:15 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. • LISTEN TO KLCN 10:00;>.rti,—12:45 p.m.—4:30 Phone Jtiti 224 Ptionc Roxy 322 ROXY LAST TIMES TODAY lOc & 20c SAVING BOYS FROM THE RO AP GANG I c o i Also selected shorts SATURDAY HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. 206 W. Main J. W. .Adams, Ph«ne 2 MONOGRAM P;C7UReS CORP * GEOW with John Kin? & Ray C—...... Dick." Continuous show from 12:45 Also cartoon & serial "DeadwOoH in>tlH-'U;M p. m. "o YOU want to look into the future and sc6 the trend in car design? . Dp you want to learn what makes cars go faster on Jess power? : Woutd you like to .know -why cars grow more beautiful as they become more efficient? Come and see Chrysler's:Thunderbolt. Airflow principles developed to; the point of perfection! Sure to influence ihc future as the 1934 Airflow Chrysler has ^influ- cnccd the cars of today! . ~ " .'./ Don't miss seeing the c^r that everybody's talking about. It's here for a stort time only! ; .

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