The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 6, 1931
Page 8
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•UiK KKiHT 'Steele Society—Personal Charley Hurlstou ot Cooler was j n visitor here Monday. | Tile local Bowers store In: | changed managers. Hob:rl Al'-x:in- ; der. local boy who has \nv\\ -'u-| ployed as manager of the Ho-.'.."--,; store al Tyronza for fcwr.iL yoir,. i took the place ol J. M. Travis u!. ij is going Into the Rrjccry Lusinr,- \ at, Haytl. ; Mr. and Mis. Ausliu Kills vcr?: Blythcville shoppris Monday. Pauline Carter, small uiaii.!- dautihlcr of Mr. and Mr.-. J. i: Morgan was taken Ic the M-t.'.i: 1 1st hospital In Memphis tv l.m:-r part of last week in a very yeibr coudition caiifjd Iroin fin an-: pneumonia. Slie niiilenvein nn «,> eration Friday which prove! siu- ccsifu! nud at last K'poils. she- I- slighlly impruTd. Mrs. Mo^an h-. been with her lire entire time n:i Sunday. J. n. Morgan, Miss Evrlyr Bigsait and ctl'.ev close i-clv.r.v- of the ciiild motored lo Mc-iirjhi to see her. Sid Bliuikcnship ol iH'ir (,'.::!;• • was a Steele visitor Monday. Fred Cop?lan:J, candidate t: i county supci"intendcnl of ?:lio3l: was a visitor here Salmsluy. R. O. Sloiie is In R!. I.juls c: 1 business this week. Mrs. Harold Stroud of Ulytlic- ville has been visiting hen 1 E!:I-.: the death of her aunt several day: ago. Mrs. Slroud was the formr Miss Lucille Laden. Charles McClnrd. teacher in t:v Cooler schools, was u Slcelc vU-- lor Tuesday. J. A. Combs of FrcileiickUmr.. Mo., is in Sleele Ihis week on business. Austin Ellis transacted businc:.: in Si. Louis over week-end. Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Lester o! Rives, Mo., were the guests of Mr and Mrs. Pele Button lasl weekend. Arch Pollard and IX'e Lawhorn of Cooler were shopping al loc.i. stores Monday. Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Hudgcus formcily of Ihis place and now cl Carulhersville. visited in Ihis city Tuesday. A. B. Rhodes made a businos Irlp to St. Louis the latter pr.r! c last week. O. M. Morgan of Blythcvlll* vcr, In Steele Tuesday. L. C. Spencer transacted business at Biythcvllle Monday. A. R. Beckliam of Cooler wns :• shopper al local stores Monday. Misses Vnllte Gassy, Marian aiv: Marjorie Wright, spout last \\rel: end In Memphis. They were "ccom- panied home by Miss Chrislm Whltfield who will visit her pai enls, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wliilllsl: for a few weeks. Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Southern motored lo Cnnithersvillc Tiierdny. Mr. and Mrs. f'tmdc H.inna o.' Fulton, Ky., are the guests of the! sister, Mrs. Sam Hnmra. Mrs. R. B. Nolen and [laughter Mrs. E. R. Mason ol Blythovill- were visitors here Tuesday. Messrs. Nick and Bill Weslofl nnc L. C. Plummer have returned t- St. Louis after a few days visi with Mr. and llrs. W. M. Plum mw. .Prank Weaver returned ins! weal- from Clearwnler, Fla., where he ha: been for some time. Parle and Lee Hey Bnlnes mo tored to Barfield, Ark.. Sunday. Hadley LumbauEJi of Hayti speii last week-end with'his parents, Mr and Mrs. C. C. Uimbaugh of Hi!' city. Mr. and Mrs. Corlie Pritcharc were dinner guesls of-Mr. and Mrr Frank Pritchard of Caruthersvill Sunday. Mr. and M^rs. Newberry JO!II:SDI and Roy Harper were Blythevlll visitors Sunday. Mrs. \v .M. Flummer an daughter, Arlha Mae, spent Wecl nesday with Mrs. B. H. Sheeby. Mrs. L. C. Spencer was Ire "ucr of Mrs. T. E. Nelson Tuesday. Gardner McClain transacted has mess in Memphis Monday. Edward Brown and Miss Rul Spencer were dinner guests ol M and Mrs. A. J. Ashcrnfi aut-hv Mrs. G. R. Ellis spent Tr,°s j i Re: as the guest of Mrs. C. G mon a I BSytheville. Sam Hamra and Andrew Cra' ferd transacted business in M"i phis Wednesday. Paris Police Onen War on All Street Noise Artists Design Toys Peasants Make niA;;niKvj!,[,K. (AUK.) common NFAVS will be powered by twin sos-horse- ixwer geared turbines driven l)y stcnm from oil burning boilers. ''.'•K ships will have :i s]if.?d of 14 miles an hour, and v.-lll be manned by crews of 17, Capacity will be 2,000 tons of boxed freight. FAIRFIF.LD. Colin., (UP)— The i pour of Fall-field profiled by a raid ; >;n Ij:,? slill of Manuel Macllt. ; .Midge Samuel Shaw ordered stale Hoopers to distribute MO pounds 1 of sugar, seized In the raids, tc the needy here. Relieve c i:;u- lut-om<>liv(; and t-ai's vs:is ili-si^iu';! Iiy Lildl.->]jv Suln;ir :ind Kind-made by pupils lit the Irid-Mri.t liucls nl <:v(i'llu-Sliiv:ll<[a. Tlic amusing anil ilrllKlilTul ;inlin:il<i MTrc ull dvjIjjHMl |iy .<linc. 1'clluijs and by pravanf nnnirn .inil ihildn-n. Tlu- call! raf dulls, uulliriiUrully dn-ssi-d as tzei-h IIIMS ants, \u-re also drslcned by. her. NLA Sen l ! Mlnka Podhaiska and, taiiRht bv vakia. the needle and thread are ' mitiht lacloi.s In family Certainly by handkralts. , ..... ___________ ...... _ ...... „... _ Czecho-Slovakia --the rural schools, are reproduced tittle i:cnrant dolls, ainuslju; in Ih? larm homes. The- -.vocdcn ancl other toys; liave' a toys, mosl modern In design and I many a family liiay hope to cstao- |-aiu!:o In biieht, modern colors,! lish economic case, not io mention aro haiul-made by thn pupils of! the arllstic rxprcEslon 'and ± jnlly in this country. Kc'. Just Iwciuisc they give . .d chiklren and ndd linmeasurc-1 work in silks nncl linens. Iy tn ll-.e family ilicomc. more than that, the im- ed uy (lie wcmen's Industrial Art Schools, institutions of advanced who do it. Msiirc" to children. Along with - lllc slnlc industrial schouJ.s. dc-1 faction this work gives the people her haiullcrnft, they keep j---' ljpnwl hv "'" "1.11.1-1.n,, r, ..i-iict , «.!,« ,>„ « i ii-e Tue.s burning on many rm lhey are made aic time by the iJcnsant wnmcn .. by (lie well-known artist, Ladlslav Sutnar. One of tne most Inkrcstln^ of the hanillcrnft is the ntlra-mortcrn Ford Building Turbine Boats for Boxed Freight! T\ 0 E S pain ruin your "•^temper, spoil your looks, interfere with your business or pleasure? Millions of sufferers from Neuralgic Pains Functional Pains Ordinary Headache Simple Neuralgia liavo found relief by using DR.MILES' iiii-ii IE.ULV ii it ut tijjii, i ML; UIL- "j-uwji.!, mo^iL u nuJtD ui ituviinuuu i DETROIT (UP)-—TIlP fire' liiv I — ~ r? tr jsss^ iiini rLSS. schco!s hl * -ID ! »* **« - «* **^ -;, Anti-Pciin PUls <lgel:i is by all; Nmllc a Social F.clm- "".,".. C ,":°. sh ," JS ~ a ^ e K ' i! 'K I rrcoyiii7.L'cl bv all j .\rrtnc a Sofii! F-icinr • *• H Is iraditlonal! Son.cil.nes" a f'T d!stant , easanl Sn ° fo-°VnL f ^ Mul ,° r r (ho women ol this connuy to-woman, starling on simple rag Greit Lnkw'nnrt h A^, "r" iow l.hi- hamlier.ifts. : toys h, her spare time. p.Wresses j£™a X! " A;l!;.tiy in Kaml-Wraviiur | lo makiiiE other kinds of handi- Tn Slavukia iinil Kuthemn they i craft iiiul, cncouragec) by the suit" Why don't you try them ? At all drug stores. 25 for 25 cents. 125 for $1.00. , har.d-Knveii runs in bril-' schools, Lecoincs skilled enougli lo —' -"• -•• •'• • .'^,iuu(.-, ^tLwim.-.-) ^^jiii.ti U-JIUUKII lu \Vr\rfc5 pit- coloiiii';!., luiiil-n-oven b!an- enter one of these Industrial aril ___'_"_ cf fonclnaling rtcsiijn and | schools and prepares to pass the "' mazing color hnrmcnlcs orrt cm-I state dressmakers' examinations ••oidertd pillows and table linens which will allow her to start her :al aru Icnvjus for their unique os-.n shop—if she pusses, icaiitv. Other provinces specialize | These little toys, therefore, sym, ... r ..;lric:i, in hand-woven m:\-' l:oliM the fact in CMcho-Slo- rials, in hanci-wrourrht furnilnrcl—-_— pliolstcred in exmiisiicly embroid-j - U -' IJU11L1J cd fabric. ^ Now, in addilion to prr^erving le trririitional handicrafts and the j cslgnr, indigenous lo Ihis province nci tli'al. Ihcre is a modern move- ^ . j v i j lent lo 1 exrill Ihc liaiultcrafts by TriCaV a!lQ oatlirdav I Udin.; modern designs, crcaltd by nuisl famous C?crho-Slovnkian riisls. i In I'residenl Mnsaryk's casllc; ome here in Prague a series of j magnificent Inpeslrles depict] dignity and imporl.ince of tlic! nndir-nifis. Designed by Prof:s-j or. Kyscla and executed by Ma- j nine Teinitzerova, lliey immor- ] alize tlw| Wesver. th'.i Wood-work-' ., the Lcather-wprliOr, the Glass-1 -crkcr. tlic Printrr and (he Graph- Arts workers. j The Stale Schools have sup:r- s,:on of introducing new, modern nd humuro^ toy dcaiens. Many i See FaiToll'g new loadinir laclv f them are crcalcrl by Madame! n.n ,, n .i i- , , •> i—tno goifsjcous continental The ships aro being constructed ' by (he Groat. Lakes -j iy%, vji i-^.t Ljiit,uo r-iSJinCDVLf.?; Work's, Hivcr Hoti?e. .Mich. They RITZ THEATER Friday and Saturday Victor McLaglcn in 'Not Exactly Gentlemen' Matinee—10 and 30e. Night—10 and 35c. Sunday anr! Monday. i star in HOME THEATRE ! Friday, and Saturday Boh Steele in 'Oklahoma Cyclone' Malinre and 10 and 25c. Sunday and Monday Your You- PARIS. (UP) - The gum squad of ih= Paris police slarletl n crusade againsl luis suing 39 decrees. Ararat; lh« crecs are: ' The suppression of ti« £C r Ing of car brakes. Stridenl horns lo be banned Motors are not to b; t cst «l within 130 yards ot any dtveHlne Locomotive whistles, through U;^ city, are lo ra blonn less frequent- Concierges and lenanf; are tor- hidden to make a noise with as h bins and milk cans. Wireless loud speakers are banned in.public, and no music in the street after li p. m. Factory whistle* and Coolers to be banned. There measures come as an answer to increasing agitation for the reduction of Paris street nolr.^s. FLEW 1,500.000 MILES TORHEON, Coahuib, (UP) —j CASH GROCERY A Blytheville Store SUGAR 10 Pounds For SOc MEAL Fancy Cream 24-Lb. Sack 46c BROOMS 4 Ply Heavy. Each 35° SYRUP I'alls, JTQC Ga!. JO PRARS No.. Z'/! Can O'rC CRACKRRS 00 Degree Syrup Can Lo '] 2-Lb. Doxi SOAP Crystal \Vliite S Bars for 25c LARD "Comixiund S-F,li. !>ail 93c BANANAS .Nice Yellow Fruit. I,b. Gold Dot Dot -nrc 2 Lbs. Ld BLYTHEVILLE Cut Hen us No. 2 Can lOc LETTUCE T^ Head. r<;c H1C Kach I. CARROTS 7 1C Hunch I 2 COFFEE BEANS Canova or Maxwell House Pound Can 31c Great Northern 2 Pounds 13c Pure Creamery. All Hrands Poum't 29 c FLOUR 1-1S !.bs. COFFEE Canova Can 80c POSTTOASTIES or KellogR's Corn Flakes. :i for 25c BACON Sliced Genuine lilackhawk Pound 25 c Evaporated. All Hrands 6 Small or 3 Tall Cans 23c ONION SICTS Gallon For 25 :c Full Head I.b. SAUSAGE 'S? ONION PLANTS H1 100 in Hunch I 2 BEANS Pinto I.b. 5 C CHEESE Full Cream 17C Lb. ll Dressed Cat or liuffalo Pound 20c News a n d Comedy — "All Quiet on tha Canine Front". Matinee—10 and 25c and -10c Night—15 and 40c. Shows in Afternoon and 2 Sliows at Night. -• ---i\i wjv^ii, VUilllUllil, I Ui I j . - V Planes or the Corpracion Aeronai;-; Coming — John Bntos and . . __! he la.".t 12 months without Injury to PORK CHOPS ,.„. 15 C HAMS VliAl, HOAST POUK LIVER UK. ID KKANKS All Meal IOC •at 10( Lb. 1J PORK ROAST Loin IT Lb. 10 L'MIDAY, MARCH 6, 1931 HAMS Ever-Good OA Lb. L\J VKAL CHOPS OYSTERS Select TJACON Swift's Sliced. 1, DC , Bargains for Saturday POTATOES ™M$? A DPI PC" Ark. Hlack or Rome All LLO Beautv. .J Us. ORANGES No. 2 Can Mixed. Quart MATCHES Swan 1 rC 6 Boxes TOMATO JUICE ! ibb £ 12 C PICKLES 55oui- or- Dill s)1 C aK LI CALUMET W- 1,1). Can Ld COFFEE Sunset Gold Lb. Can No. 2«/ 2 Can Courier TWfl Kxlrn F.nnrv Tnhlc • •"** No. Extra Fancy Table Peaches. Packed in ^ Heavy Syrup 03I1S PRUNES Fresh Stock •} Mis. PEACHES CRACKERS C C 2-Lb. Box , 25 C I LARD Pure S-I,b. Pail OJ FLOUR Dlue Sr Sa c k 79° f TOMATOES No - 2 < s 't^ 18 C Pet or Carnation 3 fall or 6 Small Can l() c I SYRUP lircr Rahhit si 1C Quart Can LL FLOUR Chief. OQC STRING KEANS Miss Lou. No 2 Vr 24-Lb. Sack 03 I Can . 3 fni . Butter GRAPE. JUICE Brookfield or Glover Bloom Ib. 33c Spring Brook _ jj= | BEANS IMnl °- Frosh Sl "l 5 C SALMON ^."Sui c,n 10 C I RICE K " nc> .""" "°p,, b , 25 C P&Gor Crystal White Pure Lard Ib.l21c Ribs "tat Ib. 9c Steak KCCI " bor Round Ib. Roast ams Cheese Wisconsin Cream Ib Ever-Good, Whole, Pound . „ 181c Country Club, Whole/Pound 161c Mixed Sliced '3lPni1 Wackhawk »dl|U|| Pound Blackhawk We Don't Substitute. Lb. 25c Kraut s « e "., Ib. 5c Shoulders K C Shoulder Clod !b 18c Baby Thick Rib ib. 13ic Beef Brisket Ib.

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