The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 11, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 11, 1933
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Served by the United Press VOL. X.X.N—NO. 1' EHTHEVILLE COURIER ^**^ "* ' rr,im *^/>««nT&kmt vslirftDAOeT* t\9 VDRTHEAHT ARKANSAS AWn H/MTTUI'ART MTflSnrmi THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HlyiiievuV Daily. Nr*s. utythevHle Court*. ... vTIIKVII I Mississippi Valley Lender. Hlvthetllle Herald. lilj ' ''"'' "'' ARKANSAS, WKDNKSIUY. Or.TOBKK 11, 19IW OR'S SH HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES. FIVE CENTS hildran, Locked Inside ' Her Heart's in House, Perish in Flames j. H. cum! f n 11 r\T p r n' ^ vl '^' m ulv ' |ll:ul: '- i* 11 -"-"^ ^^'^ TuIIL I L L ui * ( ' re bum(it| '° dram " j:s " !C "' n I nllrt! r r ni m K bi ' for " :!ie >' t ' cu:!i h ' L " r -'" *l IIU.U I LLUjj], ((„. ftannng .sink'tine. LAWnENCEBUnO. Tonn., Ort. II. (UP)—Two thiy children, ; in u l:um JIUI.M- w\:il? the pirents Chosen by Trust Beneficiaries lo Manage Leo Wilson and Company. Mr. :ill:j Mr.s. Co^:y Mltfjv. (ir:.. noi'.clng Hit bli'V.- !r;:u t!v fie!.! when the sky was bU::!;'": ;<1 with smoke, rushed to ll^' cni'-ix r ' in !:•.!: Hudson i"j;iiinuniiy, 10 mlli-^ from here, but th: ibnu-s h-jil -'ii- velopcd the frame building ar-J OSCKJLA, Ark.. Oc;. 11.—R. E-| !,w Wilsan jr. and J. H. Cra'.n o.: Wilson were named iru.iccs of Lea ; Wilson and Company, a trust, estate to succeed tlie late II. F- L—' i Wilson, at, a meeting of beneficiaries oi the- estate hrld at \ViNon :; fi-w day.s ago. . I The bentfidaries, or holders a: certificates of Interest in Ihe e.itcle. voted unanimously to elect, the n-.".v I trustees when investigation reveal- j e<l I'-ial no machinery hud betn .^-i [ up by the late R. E. Lee Wilson lor r ,, the naming ot a successor imslc-.-l I a"S in the event of his death to administer the twenty-one year trust estate which he created in 1519. Tne estate inc:li;dts all ihc ii'-iu- in^.s of ihe ia'.e H. E. Lee Wilson, including farm lands and farmi:i3 operations, lumber industries, real estate, manufacturing • and ulUi'.y. iri.mus. t.ifc bulk o! v.-hic.- is located j in Mississippi coiinly and ineludrSj all o- parts of seven communities,, Wilson, Bassett. Evadale. Armorcl.j Pflli ID SB lal 1.1 11 e r in Flnmes Follow- Explosion. i ex-! Air- ; CIIRSTKRTON. Tnd.. Oet. < UP)—An inquiry into the niaricn abo.nd a uiar.t Unitei lines passen^Ci- plane tliat hurtled \ .'•even persons 2.CGO feet to death J in '.h* 1 flflmhv ^ir) w:! 1 : brgui) here' today by di-partmetu of commerce aeronautical officials. . Ucciics of five of the victims of j the crash, two of them women.: Marie. Victoria ar.(! Kciscr. \ VKe removed from ilia charred' Six Beneficiaries | wreckage of the plane. They were! lured Pan While no figures are available.. ,.„.,,,.,, iK . yon d recognition. T.vo! conservative business men ei'.imate mn( ,, men w( . rc f 01 i m i. their bodies; the value of the estate lo run, well, ^^A by lhc j m pacl. more than | Uyrd, 3M feet from where the plane Will Report on Aclvisabili- ly of Blytheville Seeking R. F. C. Loan. Olisoi'vulions =r^—- bv <-. It. U Defenders uf tin Furlough and pjrulc tnni-s uinniuil.i loose From •'.ate peniu ntiaiy ulmosl a.s fust: us they r.m In- .sent then 1 , explain j thill II Is un ivsMiitllil JKII-I. of the. l rusty guard i.y.sicm. used on the I liii'On tain:'. I I Tlie tmsiy uniirds jK'rform dill-, !<•;* that ui'.lioui thi'tn would i"' 1 -; <!inii- un e>,|!i nshv Muff of paid, men. They i-i-; ilicir pay In tlie' ftfirii of riiriy purole or indi'l'inlle fnvesligation of the possibility oh ]; ;i-[, ult ,|, without this .system thej FLASHES AflRCK ON flKKMAN AIIJIS (JIIMJVA.— 'I'lir linllid Stales, (Irrjl llrlliiln and I'r.imc ii^nv:! luday thai <jrrnian.v slxinlil nol In- plTlllittcik Ilinr. . In riMinl ::l t>ir Publicalion o( Sccrel Doc-; iiinenls Increases len-| sion Bel ween Powers. . ... n _ __ | MOSCOW, Oct. 1! <UPi —UII-.-J purchase of the local wau*r plant I,.,.., ii,. h ii,,,-y. v iiirli is nov: diilm-'i flun-Jiipnin-M' rrlulloivs, ulr-.'.idy, and system and Us operation as a I n | tu bl . ' (JI1 ., v j,. ui n]|y M -ll-sus-' Minliu-il by tliu rclenlli-.-i| self-liquidating municipal pi-oi«cl| |. 1]lling bll!>iSi u - ol ,i,| \, v u c onsid- ul Japanese pum-i 1 toward Soviet was to be opened lorlay by a com- , :a lj;r: du.ln upon the public' iovderi, becunie critical loday. miuec of seven api>olnlcd by May- i : i, ;ls ury. or Cecil Shane at-last night's sos- A ll of Ihi; Is perfectly lot-!ral slon'of (lie city council. The committee was commission- . ..... . ..... cd by Mayor Shane, will) approval -;,|.. UK> 110 int. j tr.c Jointly owned Enslern of Ihe council, to study the feosi-1 v,v maintain a penitentiary l<»-lallway. provoked both olllclnl mid blllty of a proposal whereby On 1 1 protect ourselves against criminals. • i.upiilur indUjnallon. I'liblicatlim of .secret document.-, i lo liavi' been intercepli-d | am! rciiFoiwble. bin somehow II] bv Hi'.- Hovii'l sctrel MM vice ami j M-iMiij. to me lo >H' 11 liulc 1)11 lx>- ri-piii-Llnj n "coii!.plnic> v ' to M-te| plaiil, now operated by a IccU-ral | receiver for A«odnte« Ulililits, Ico'jld IK acquired through u loan , 10 be ob'.nlued from the Re con- I slrncilon Pinitnce corporation. A Ixinct issue by which the loan inighi i be obtained would have lobe votc-tljtf M-\CII Unl in the liow of oblulninK tlwlj U v.n,-. i-inpliiislxi>ti In hluli 8"v- ]::o'.tctlon at .sinnll COM or iiumtji-irimciil i:iicls.s Unit Uic Scvli-ls at nil we destroy Its effectiveness. 1 ncvrr ln,\e .inalUmud the ICBCnili ft life term in prison, tin- sriUMics| 0 | Mtiiu-hukuiHin InilepeniH'ncc niid frequently meti'il out lo murder-', tin:! ihc so-i-nllcil Independence oi raplsi.s. uinnns nil nverasc ; tin new Jiipanesc dninhmicd slnlir| ' DAVIS DI:I'I:XSI: III:STS Ni:W V4IHK. — Tlir ilrlVliM- I'lli-ll liiiluy ill (\if llliil of Srn- atnr Jiimrw J. J);ivls nf l'i-nn>>l- v:ml;i un chai'Ki-.; of ll'iliilliiK tlif It-drnl lollrry ILIUS. SAIl.OltS ltt:VOI.T I,ONI>ON.—An fiilMi-il mi-n's rrvult alMiiinl Ihc batlli- <-riil-:i-r Hulill, pliilc nf tin: British llerl Linil must iinvorful vessel In tlir world, was icpurlril in naval ami civilian I'lrrlt-s loilay, WANT 30-1KKIK WEKK WASHINGTON. —The American Federation uf l/itntr dtcitlvd tciluy Lo Ilglil For a conipnKury. :!0-hcur wrfk al the nr\l sihslun of congress If It breomcs apparent thai the £:iinc rr.siiltM rahnoL |ji> olitaliu'il Ihriiu.irli MSA Industrial fades. by ihc municipality but would only I m this slate. The lonyet.l sciiiemT i c n:ui.,| „. dlplomulic l bonil tlie. plant and system and '•. ever s crvud by n "lifer" in Ark- J:i]iur, B'.-imud would not. make other property li- ' oissas was 15 years. Mere burRlws, j ll))ilu wns | 1( ,|,i lo 1'iir.s In the iwnltMiilary, in MuiR-liurla ulways lias been re- dlplomullc tlctlon. :d I would not. make other property li-' ansas was 1Q years. Mere Diiriimrs, j ll))ilu wns hc | (l lo be directly i able if l!'e nroijosdl materializes.-arei holdup men Trcqucutly have ,- ( .. s p ons ible lor furthering an Im; :\Faytir Shane declared. '"-'" rcleasi-ii iifier a fiv.v moiHhs (!cl | aUsl i c ,,]«,, lo .^1^. the'Man- | ' Ward Heads C'nmmitlcc | iniprisoniticiil. j I/. L. Ward, property ! a lout; time foe of bond ,,.^...,.,^ .--. - --- ichiiriun Iliu-s of tin; Chinese Easi-l ty owner and 1 wonder II Ihis system of kecn-j t , |n ra | hvily . m ^ re ccnl raids and Jd issues with hiij convlcfcl criminals in chcula-1 ]ln - csls uf i^ovlel riitlwuy agcius Marvels of the Antarctic bavr> Siple. famod | subsequent, tax increases, was nam • ed to head the committee compos-1 ed of live citizens and business men] . lion does not really cost the pco- .... of Arkansas more than il would to keep the convicts behind into the millions. The benefiL-iaiies, to whom Mr. Wilson issued ce:::-. ( . ras - ntc |. Rentes of interest when he create.-l i A terrific explosion aboard the the estate in 1919. showing their respective shares in profits of the Scout of Krie. Pa., tn Ills f.ccond i am i two members of the city conn- lhe ' )nr - s voyage with Coin. Kidiard K. ! C jj other members of the commit- n" in nnnT H O I nlld iK I UUL Hu but liis heart stays Pennsylvania. 'I lie reason is Miss Ruth I. Johannesmeyer, of Meaclville. above, who Uaa Riven lee nre: Oliver L> George Jlubbard, J. M. Jonlz. Estes Lun^fo-1. third ward I- ,:-l:!cr:nau. and I,. O. Thompson,, sliiu .spun it about and snot it tO| nut tlie news of. their hptrnlhal. i f, rb i ivarl ] alderman. Of ihe aronp] - . ,, .. .tar.h iil-.e a blazin;; comet, wil-1 They w m be mnrrled when Hie lnr , chairman, Mr. Ward, and Mr. trust esiate, included himseif, lv.s- ns ^(.. s .said. The plane, one of the j • • wife, Mrs. Elizabeth A. Wilson, j lraa , -continental flcei of the line, route from Cleveland to! •iploren return.^ son, R. E. Lee Wi'.son jr., his two daughters, Mrs. Victoria Wilson Wesson of Springfield, Mass., ami Mrs. Marie ,Wilson Bowells of FScr- \vits en Chicago. It was within SO miles of its destination. United Airlines officials made an!- ida. and the latier's son by a for-1 examination before the mass of - mer marriage, Jos'lW.'Json Kelson, -wlacd-steel hart copied "but were' of Wilson. i imallc to determine the cause of Thci-e had been no re- from the The trust estate created ai thai tlie crash of what, had beer, time succeeded a former similar es- cf the most modern of their fleet tatc created in 1917 when Lee Wilson and Company, a corporalon. was dissolved and Its charter surrendered. The instrument provided for the naming of three auditors from among the beneficiaries to audit the books of the self-appointed mis- tee, R. E. Lee Wilson, at- the annual meeting In February each year, ar.d tn the event of his death, resignation, or disability, the then acting auditors were 13 assume charge of the estate and name a temporary trustee to act u;it:t in? next annual meeting when a 'successor to the trusteeship \vas to ue elected by the beneficiaries. No Auditors Named No auditors, however, were ever named, and examination of the trust- on the death of Mr. Wilson revealed no other machinery set up for the naming of ' successor so the beneficiaries, al a call meeting held October 5 at Wilson, voted unanimously on the resolution of Mrs. Wesson to name R. E. Lre Wilson iv. and J. H. Grain as trr.jlecs. 11 was specified in the resolution, Coppedge are also members of a i committee named several months ' ago by Mayor Shane to probs utll- j liy rales here. No formal report i has yet been submitted by the utilj ; ity committee of which Mr. Cop^ 'pedge is chairman. ' '~ a ' '•'The Committee of Seven will hold its first session this afternoon. It i the group decides to go further In- j to the proposal It will probably con- radio : Artinn liv Onlv TKl'eC tact B ' B ' CaldweU ot raiiio | Action by Uniy imee Mo .. federal receiver tor Associated .. More S'ales Now Needr Utilities, which operates a number i r i n i •! v I 01 ^ ralcr ' lcc and lig" 1 plants in CU 10 Ltld r rohlbltion. | Arkansas. A valuation of the local plant and system will n!so be made TALLAHASSEE. Fin.. . Oct. 11 if the committee votes to study the i UP)— The approval of only .three proposal. states «a 5 needed today to end Private Buyers Interested national prohibition. Florida, the 1 Possibility of the purchase of the 33rd slate to vote, yesterday be- local plant by the city was brousrt came Ihe 31rd slule (o repudiate | o ]-,Lq attention by a group which the 18th amendment. desires to buy the. plant as a private fncomp'ett' returns indicated the investment. Mayor Shane declared state hud voted repeal by a ma- n -^ generally known that the rf- Stflfp I inP Tn Re Sold J° ril >' ot [lhnul fom ' lo 0!le - cciver & anxious to dispose of tlie U • ^r j Seven slates vote November 7 (ll j|ity corooration's properties. A i and they are expected to seal the group, represented by Harry Ncel _ i doom of the 18lh amendment. Re- o[ searcy, Ark., and con'iposed o Thirty-llircc thousand acre- of l»al will not become effective «n- s( Louis'r,,,,,,, | S sa id lo have open ens-over lar.ti iust !)--ros5 the Mis- (il December a. when the .ibtn cd nego! i 9t | oa , i co king to purchas: nie held to bear oul this belief. Soviet olflclats 'inslsl the documents now coining to light are iiiillieiule and not manufactured fur diplomatic purposes. It was~ further Indicated that these papers arc only Ihe be- Kinnlns—merely a few of tho do;-u- nv.niK lualhiblc ai, proof of Japanese pu-|,osi'S In her "anti-Soviet j hdvenliiix-.s in Mnnclmrl.!." i Arms Pact Imperiled —~~ • , ! GENEVA, Ocl. 11 lUPJ— League Kathei'ine Kelly forced to[oJ nations members feared today 1 - ' i \ that Russian-Japanese tension s might wreck the w,orld dlsermn- rment, conference arul lead to early ! war. ..„ i Powerless (o Invoke (lie league OKLAHOMA CITY. Oct. U iUP< of I11|Uons commutr because Rus- The double lite of Kntherlne. f ^ ^ nol B mom |, M . of the league elly, that- of on innocent farm n|ld Jnpnri |las nimauncc d her rl led astray and of a calculat- wuhfimwllli H,,, icngue viewed the g gonsitcv's wife pampered by MI, uas revealed to a fc'l mrt jury today. The contrastliif; picture was por-l •ay«l as the trial -of the red- AHKKST (llltl. SI'V I'AltlS.—Su]>liJi- Druthl, lilunil (ll-nniin Rill, w:i« lillilrr jirrvst'lo- dny as lhc lirst woman s|iy ciiuKlit by France hlnue the famous Mala llari. With her lover, a hoy soldier From the Krench purrison nt SI. j Avoid, slip was .sfi/cd near tlir Cicnnan frnnller. lllddcii in tier motor ear, authorities Haiti, wnt. a Jonosboi'o i abe r u a c. 1 c Minister Chums lie Shot in Self Defense. JONKRltOllO. Ark.. Ocl. H (UPl --Tlu- llr.-:l Fmnllty in Jnnpsboi'o's llm-e.-yrar rlmrcli wur came toilny when John MrMurdo. M-ycar-nld wutehmnn n: the Joneslwro lah- ciniide,- iil:d nl B^O n. m. from uiint'hoi voimds Inflicted by the liev. Dak- Crowley. iMslor nf llu- clitirch. Rev. Crowk-.v wits held hi an unannounced Jail nfler the shooting vrster<ltiy when hi- llred three shots . Into tin- ni-i'd walrhmiin. who would not nln-y llu- pnsloi-'a ni'd- ers to leave Ihe labenwele. .Sheriff Houston Johnson left vlih his prisoner la 1 ; 1 , nluhl, ve- fnslns lo icveu! Ills destination, lie aid he feured an ultcmnl nl vlo- li nte by Crnwley's enemies In Ihe congregiillon. Claims Self Dcfcntn Itcv. Crowley Iccked himself In an office adjoining the tntieriindc after the shnotin? and awaited the m-iival of officers. At Ihe- county J'.ill here yesterday he admitted ihe shoiilni: but Insisted he shot In sclf : defense. The [ins'.or said McMurdo drew a revolver and fired nl him. bill ilirmintlal tmiehlne s"" "F n laic j offi( . cre S(licl Ln o watchmnn's Ktm model. iiri Ti'acl 'ust Above ite Line October 25. 36th wu.'i line n few" tiiti-V" northwest ^^ nol(is ils ratiiication ""- of the local plant, as a private in oi here will te offered for sale at vention. Thirty-six states rallst vestment, with an RFC loan. Tb auction October 25 at Kennett to ratify before the 21st nmendment grol|p has befn jnform( , d (l is £la , satisfy deliuonent tax ii>rlcmcnts. can become a part of the coi^u- c()| (hEl iu . appllc; i t j on [0 r an RFC The land, which is divided iir.o lution. | 0an cau |j e considered only nfte !S4 tracts .-aneino in si z = from a United Press tabula Ions from (|]p mmiicl , govcrnmDm . hJas dcf ! few acres to er.:ire fectiom. form- 883 precincts of the sates l.-a inltc , .^n.^^j^ 1( iol . clol , erly was rtwiiert by the Wisconsin precincts vtavc Ihe v»n»allst5 a lead ... .. . . T nmVier r-O'iin?mv which qiive it ir.i of about lo aid from the federal goveri A record of the voting of the \ ] c 'i s (>i a 'ii't!ic taxes mid casts, av-, connlles. benenciarles according to the: or ^^ i115 armm d $1.25 per acre. De-; ~~ taxes wpre CoUTstv Hp.S But iWO suit in winch RccruitG ior C.C.C. shares held by ll'.em in the trust j |i r .nuent drnina"! showed the shares belonging lo t.'.e. cleared up by th late H. E. rye Wilson'ns voted by [ ludenicnl wa s obtained aeairr.t the! "J. H. Crain and W. P. Wilson.;j nm l for the back taxes. i duly named trustees under the last! The land is located in a trl- 1 . O nly iwo recruits for this coun- will of R. E. Lee Wilson, deceased. 1 '; angular tract, clsht miles wide nt i. v - s nllclnient of 22 new mem- Will Not Yet Recorded i the Arkansas-Missouri line and ex-1 J.' or< . ' of ( |.p civilian Conservation It « understood that Mr. Crain, tending 12 miles north along l ne 'cor"-s h-vc met i-equiremcnL'i for who has been general farm man-1 east boundary line of D ' jnltlin ; CM |it : i n i'n' here and will be sent ager of Lee Wilson and company! county. 'Hie southeast corner ofi. 0 j] OX "| P " p r idav lor examination | for a number of years, and \y. F. the Innrt is obout three miles west-! nrmt , rtl:ri |jtins officers. ' Wilson, private secretary to the of Hich'.v.-.y 01. '• Rcnuircirents i:of rigidly enforc-] late R. E. Lee Wilson, are named; Al nresent much of the is: ' 'j nrfl svo up of re- as trustees for Mr. Wilson's indi-in wlldcrsn™. untapped by high-' 111 • • • —- ••••- ddual share of his self consliu;lcd I ways. II is predicted, however. i The local water plant is said j have been operated at a profit ov a pericd of years and the flnanci difficulties of the utility oneriHii Ihe plant are not attributable any part to the plant-"here, il claimed. Reveal Life as AVife. California Ranch Ownen of ' U1 l had not been fired. Witnesses told clflcers MeMurdo did not fire, lie lived alone ill the tabernacle, and hud been hired by Ihe faction led by Rev. Joe. Jeffers. cvar.^a.n. and rival claimant tortile pulpit. Crowley said he ordered . the watchman (o leave becauso of"-, a courl order issued. Saturday 'tn which the Jeffcrs faction wan denied' the right'to control Ihe church, . .'...- .-. ..|| MurilOiP'lik'i IMny film . jjl Hii^6'-B«ve* J t!ut -a^statement ••*-'?* ] ICail Labore rers. FRESNO. Ca!., Oct. 11 (UD— Fusllades of wlilch killed ).„ „,(, hospital savine, "Crowle? i/;lint me in cold blood. When I svoiild not leave he tried to run nic off. I was shol "without causf." °- dispute In n grave light as the as- ril j.wmbly adjourned its annual meeting this afternoon. Opinion among most league del— ...- egntes was that Russia would do llred woman and her desperado her 1]tmo5 t to mo ^ war.'But they usband. Ocor^e "Machine Gun" f cnre( ] that Japan, pursuing her elly. drew lo a close. Bolh fire : stron? natlonallsl policy, might ccussd under the Lindbergh law, ,j K iu C timt war was inevitable 'the S200.0IW abduction ot oil-1 Eooncl . or inter nnd prefer the inn Charles !•'. Urschel. 1 present rather lhan some future five workers In clashes between | The. wounded man mads a statc- slrlkliu cotton pickers and angry n cut In Drou'y Prorecutlnt; At-' ranch "owners left the central Cal-. torney Tadlock. He admitted hav- Ifoinla colton district a smolder-' inir volcano of iinvesl and halre<l today. More violence was feared. Three Mexican laborers were killed in a battle between farmer vigilantes and strikers at Plxley In Tulare county. Two men yerc In another outbreak at Ar- l'ii! n pistol but claimed ho did r.ot fire Ihe we«|ion. saving there i ire no i-mpty shdlr in it. Terms LaHov Unions Pron Apainst Tlie ntlraclivc defendnnt smiled, timc w i lon R llss i a may be better vit). Kern county. At least '20 |iev- WASHINGTON. Oct. 11 (UP) — the jury of small lown business! prepared lo challenge her. and farmers as -she calmly' ' Crpnuizeil labor constitutes the na• • • against an- Ai-!feel she must resist any proposal the fields. House. Johnson faced the conven- her. Her husband will v.ltncss stantl, his ^ , iiounced. The jury was expected, neighbors also !o recehe the case during the| no; go to the j to accept control because of con- j attorney an- ditlons, then Poland imd Her- refuse. ICfosi/lff Stock afternoon. While her husband stared ; traight ahead she told of his rourtshlp by mall, carried on with; Ver while he was serving a three-1 Mrs. Adell Bates. IB, wife ot John Young Wiie Dies at ' Home in Clear Lake year sentence in Leachville Club Will Hold Fair This Year . . , Leavomvorth Bates, died al the family home in penitentiary on a toollegging con- ; the clear Lake community at one vlcllon. o'clock this morning. Sh« admitted living a Illc with. Funeral services will be held to- Kelly of luxurious case, with fine day at Sawyers cemetery. The Coob 1-om hhoii A. T. and T Ansconda Copper .. Bethlehem Steel ... Ill 7-a . 15 1-8 . 33 3-4 . « 1--1 .. 2 5-8 . 54 1-2 Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General American Tank 32 General Electric 21 1-8 General Motors 30 1-4 International Harvester 33 20 5-8 •sponsibilily." cheered "Labor docs nol need lo .slrlkc under ihe Roosevelt plan." he said. "The plain, stark truth ir. that von cannot tolerate the strike." . fruits irust eslalc. and. are to admlnis-1 that if 't Is purchased by wns accepted from county several months ago "beiii? followed. These this l.EACHVTLLE. Ark.—The Leachville Women's Home Demonstra- i!on club will sponsor a community fair Friday and Saturday In ey o uxurous cas, ay a . 1-omes. expensive cars and jewels. , Undertaking company is in charge Montgomery Ward .... ^5-8 hoiiitli Kellv had no occupation; O f funeral arrangements. New \ork Central ...... JV "by "which he eair.ed an honest. The deceased is survived by her, Pac-rani ••••••••• ....... * . , Hvins." ' 'husband, a son, and her mother. Phillips Petroleum .... 161-2 Close RelieJ Station as Cairo Workers Strike Auto Hits Telephone Mrs. Georgia Lett. rto HiU le^pnone i School g ei Pole, Knocking It Down ^ ^ ^ ithe building formerlv occupied by ter it as a separate entity, with pro-. l:cmc owners roads will be built Radio .... St. Louis-San Francisco 3 1-2 Standard of N. J 43 1-4 Texas Co 23 3-8 U. S. Steel 46 3-4 '• ' BASSETT, Ark.—Mr. and Mrs.] : Lewis Oden and ihc tatter's fath-; A singing school is being held al | iheicr. John Rosers of Osccola. were clear Lake with Harley O. Moss.| nd driving to Memphis yesterday at- O f Boonevllle. Miss. In charge. Ilils NEW YORK New York Cot ton !. s _r-' tenioon lo sec Mrs. Rogers, dan- is u i connection with a B. Y. P. U. and gcrously 111 In Baptist hospital, training school conducted by J. P. Oct. 11. Cotton closed steady. Oct. record •me trust estate, created in i9'"-jsi ot Machines Banned by a aiot •,*•""„, ..Jf^'p ,„, .. f rom Phillips may be dissolved at any time vote of the holders of three-fourths of the certificates of interest value, and upon it.s termination in 1940 may be continued by a vote of two-' ly . 111(1 ci i y O ffj c cn; under orders thirds ot the holders in value of l-v'^ pi f k un " n n slot machines Inj certificates of Interest. i cperation either In Helena. Westj Otherwise, terms cf the trust pro- ji[ C i c . ua O r any whore eke in ttici iod will be rej?cted unless records ,U the county emergency relic! elfice show their families dependent upon them. So far but two candidates have ::iet these pre HELENA. Ark.-With both eo'.m-! '""""">' mi>»ren-a'nls Itjs ststed Files Suit for Divorce will when their car left lhc highway Friend this week, Cole-: In Joiner and crashed Inlo a lele-, The singing school will continue man will have charge of the juctg- ! phone pole. I through Friday of next week when Jan ing. Mosquito Bite Costs Mr. Oden's lips were badly cut R special concert will b? held jand several of His teeth were' i knocked loose. Mrs, Oden and her i Tnlher continued on to Memphis , ,., I with C. S. Corey of Bassctl. Tlie I Man S I"'' 6 i telephone pole S p ns knocked down. Files Divorce Action , vide that at its termination Ihc comuy tll( i a« n« nlcd «ilt of, Mrs. India Sand, -rs has n led suit h comuy tll( , i^est apiwaranco of, rs. na , trustee shall wind up the affairs, the Rambling devices' had been in chancery court seeking a divorce liquidate the assets, pay the debts 5 t 0 ppo d ^ abruptly as it had. from MoiUe Sanders Tnc pnilion clurqes hat the de- of the estate and distribute the proceeds among the then holders P P. Kitchens and Pol- ! fenrtant left the plaimm in «p- Ira Franklin Cobb. 45. of four miles south of Lake Oily, died ' Ready for Graduation at 36 nines lumn oi L.UM; vu.j, ..."• TriUTwnnn fmin (IIP) — Mondav afternoon at St. Be^ard'S'^BTPORD.^^inMUP^ hospital of tetanus caused an infected mosquito bite. Mr. Cobb had been 111 larl f ro , n . before he finished his senior year. . - -- n c*rv court to have.the estate wound there were none In operation any-, Tne action was sued up'by (he "vvr!, . UlirTf in tlie rpunlv, I M. Buck, local nttorney, r aen a-'J-Kue Do«U«. now 3 SMS back In ara lor some time. About three * ctorooms again. Dodson Is In week., ago he was bitten y a mos- ^ for gradu.alon at the end of quito and the bite became Infected, he first, ^semester. He Intends to He was brought to tho hospital take a post graduate High school here Monday morning in n critical coarse here and then cnro. at Tem- throngh c.,condition and died Monday at- pie University. Philadelphia next Mrs. Margaret S. Gallnher has established residence here and filed suit under Arkansas' 90-day divorce statute, seeking divorce from John C. GallahEr. The Geliahers were married In Frankfort, Ky., In June, 1929, and separated In June, 1933. it Is stated in the petition. Habitual drunkenness is alleged ns ground for tern oon, Mar. May July open . 340 . 93fl . 963 980 995 hlsh 920 017 S54 972 1000 Spots closed quiet changed, NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 11. <UP>Colton closed steady. stop A\OI Oct. Dec. Jan. CAIRO. III. — The Cairo "Poor 1 Rc!:rf Station." war. clcscd Tucs- Iday in on atlempl to end strikes nt'lhc Federal baree lir.e .and cotton teed oil mills here. The -Alexander County Emergency Relief Committee announced the station will be closed "as Ions as people of our community arc unwilling to work when there is an opportunity to do so." The barge line laborers, mostly N'egroes. arc striking for ?.5 cents an ho'.ir and nine hours work a o'ay. At present they receive 33 ceiils an hour, less la t* r cenl The strike spread to the oil mill workers after they found their wascs had toe nrcduced from 22K- cctils to IT.i cents. However, r-omfc of the mill workers returned to U-ork yesterday. ,. q« -n-i Owing to the barge line strike, it ,^o. | ICT . S aw bdng ta|i( , n tl , rousll to Igt Louis Instead ot beinj stopped „ , . i here. About 600 men ire employed CottOll at lhc oil mills ar.d between 50 and 150 bv the barec line, dspentl- ing on work in hand. low 923 937 343 9S1 975 950 close 929 540 949 964 980 935 divorce. The action was filed .Mar, through Msy usdo 924a ... 937 943 934 943 948 948 964 066 959 96'2 982 9(5 978 !U9b 937 94G WEATHER .. 979 Arir-'ii'Ks—Partly cloudy tonight 'nnrt Thursday. Somewhat warmer | W "«:nphls mid

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