The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 22, 1940
Page 3
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1940 "Thimderbolt" To Be Displayed At Seay's Saturday A radically new Chrysler convertible coupe known as the "Thunderbolt." which is creating a sensation wherever shown, will be on display Saturday at the Seay.Motor Co. showroom where it may be seen from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. Local mo-. torfcts will be interested in seeing this latest and most sensational development of advanced aerodv- namic design. In this car, Chrysler Corporation engineers see a forecast of the future motor car and a new milepost Jn the history of aerodynamics and "fashioned-by-function" design. The design is the result of a collaboration between Ralph Roberts and Chrysler engineers. Mr. Roberts' work has influenced motor car design for 20 years all over the world. Chrysler engineers predict that the new "Thimdsrbol't" is destined to have an even arveater influence on design than did the original Chrysler Airflow. In the "Thunderbolt," it is pointed out by Chrysler engineers, efficiency and beauty go hand in hand. The full-width, sleek-sided body is a radical departure In pleasure car design. The low. broad hood cuts down frontal resistance aand the smooth-swept surfaces of front and rear, the flush glass and curved, sloping one-piece windshield and the absence of running boards reduce turbulence when the car is in motion. • Chrome is used only to give emphasis to functional lines and there is an entire absence of "gimcracks" and gingerbread work. There is a notable lack of bulges, ribs, corrugations and other devices that have no part in functional design. Broadness of beam in this car means great interior roominess. A unique feature of the "Thunderbolt" is.that it has a steel top which completely disappears at the touch of a button. This is a radical advance in design since the owner has the choice of riding in an open or closed car and at the same time be provided with all of the safety of steel top construction. A single button controls the raising and lowering of the top. Automatic push buttons also control the raising and lowering of the window glasses on the "Thunderbolt." Headlamps on the "Thunderbolt" have retractable lids and a perfectly fixed mounting.. The lamp unit is the regular Sealed Beam [| unit but the lamps are mounted in p' the front fenders in. a thoroughly streamlined. fashion. Further streamlining is evidenced by the fact that:, every accessory' on the "Thunderbo;lt*kbody is- in-builfc-ij- cerise plates^We: Amounted, under glass and doors"- open at a touch of a button. '."v : ^.- : BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Luxora Society—Personal Society For Christian Service Mrs. W. E. Head was hostess to the Methodist Women's Society for Christian Service on Tuesday after- neon with Mrs. E; R. Bogan, president, presiding over a business session at which time a new treasurer was elected to take the place of the former treasurer. Mrs. T. B. Dudney, who has moved to Tvronza to make her home. Mrs. Elmer Hail was elected to fill this vacancy. A most interesting reoort was heard from Mrs. H. W. Spann of the recent North Arkansas- Methodist Conference held at Jonesboro. Mrs. A. B. RoKelle, program leader, introduced the topic, "Investing Our Heritagp in Personal Evangelism", : for the afternoon's study. Mrs. Rozrt]p. eave the early his- to-v of John Wesley of the eighteenth century, and a sketch of "An Inheritance from the Founders of »'-»p Methodist Woman's Missionary Work." Mr?.. Ro'/elle WP* assisted by Mrs. E. H. CWPTV teMine; an interesting story nf the "Floods and Famine F.riiT? Death to'.North China. Mrs. tt. W. Smmn told about "Puerto Rir-a, ?nd Qnen Dr>or of Opportunity": "A United Methodism in Africa", was presenter! by Mrs. Harvey Pevmentpv; "Fow We Are Serving' the Present Age", was reviewed bv Mrs. Lpln BranUey: Mrs. Hend told of "Methodist Women in Alaska." Closing this program was the devotional Riven by Mrs. R. E. L, Bearden on "Righteous People Mako a Righteous Nation." based en Proverbs 14:34. "Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a re- nroach to any people." Mrs. Bearden closed her remarks by reading an appropriate poem. Thf closing prayer was said by, Mrs. Bogan. ' Mrs. Head assisted by her .daughter. Martha Nell, served a refreshment salad plate. * * # The R. E. L. Beardens Honored The members of the Missionary Society for Christian Service of the Methodist church' sponsored a beautifully appointed -tea Wednesday afternoon in special compliment to Mrs. R. E. L. Bearden, Jr., who with the Rev. Bearden. Jr., were moving to Trumann, Ark., to make their home at the Methodist pastorium. the Rev. Bearden having been transferred to the pastorate of the Tru'mann church, and sharing honors with her was Mrs. R. H..Owen, a past president. The recreation room of the Methodist church was most attractively decorated with baskets of roses and chrj'sanlhTemums. Trie lace draped table had. as a center- piece, a low bowl of roses and snapdragons in autumn shades. Presiding at the tea table were Mrs. Louis Spann and Mrs. W: E. Head. In the receiving line were the past presidents of the society, Mrs. E. R. Began, past and present president; Mrs. R. E. L. Bearden, Jr., Mrs. R. W. Thomas, Mrs R H. Owen, Mrs. H. W. Spann, Mrs. Jesse Brown, and Mrs. Elliott WiK liams. A gift of silver was presented to Mrs. Bearden. and n black leather bag to Mrs. Owen. * « * Ravioia Supper On Wednesday Evening Wednesday evening at six o'clock, Mrs. Louis Spann, Mrs. Herman Spicer-'and Mrs..B. O. Wilkins entertained the Rev. and Mrs. R. E. L. Bearden, Jr., and the Boy Scouts at a ravioli supper at the- Wilkins home. There were seventeen guests, including Herman Spicer, Sr., and B.^O. Wilkins, Sr. After supper, the guests were gathered around the fireside, and a good time was had • with stunts pulled and performed by everyone present. The highlights of the evening's entertainment were the readings given by Mrs. Bearden. and the ghost stories told by the Rev. Bearden, with all lights out. After a round table discussion, with. the boys leading, of the" statement, "Why Mothers -, Turn Gray" it was voted unanimously by them that the statement should be, "Why Boys Turn Gray," "for various and sundry reasons. Group singing was enjoyed and as the Boy Scouts bade their Mas^ ter, the Rev. Bearden, and Mrs. Bearden, good-bye, ' with- many wishes of success and happiness in their new .home, they presented to them in behalf of : the Scouts, Brownies of which Mrs. Bearden' was the leader, and the Cubs, a most attractive pin-up lamp. • * * • * . . -.' Entertains At Bridge Mrs. Jesse ; Brown was hostess to five tables of bridge guests on Thursday evening at her home on Calhoun street. Autumn flowers were used in the living and sun" rooms* .where the guests enjoyed the games. Mrs. L. W. Walters of Osceola was the only out-of-town, guest, who received the high score'honor prize, Mrs. Joe Hires, second honor prize, and Mrs. Sue Brown, low score. Mrs. Brown, assisted by her daughter, Mrs. Mnxlne MoHaney,* served a salad plate. '. • * * • * Union Church Services Sunday Nijfhl The s Baptists will worship with the Methodist, congregation Sunday night, November 24, in welcoming the Rev. Martin Bierbuum, the new Metliodist pastor, and Mrs. Bierbaum as they begin their pastorate nt Luxorn. • The Rev. Bierbaum, who is assuming' .the leadership of the -Boy Scout troop as Master of Scouts, Cubs, -will introduce R. C. McNabb? Northeast district of Arkansas Scout Master, of Jonesboro, who will confer. In a short ceremony, the award of Eagle Scout-badge 10 B. O. Wilkins, Jr., son of Mr.-and Mrs. B. O. Wilkins, before going into the regular church services.':. * 0 <i • ' Baptist Missionary Society The members of the Baptist Woman's Missionary Society met 'at the home of Mrs. B/ O. Wilkins Tuesday afternoon for the November. Royal Service program on "Faithful amid Persecutions-—Europe." The society will observe the Foreign Mission Week-of-Prayer- with a morning session, nine-thirty o'clock, and an afternoon session, two o'clock nt the Church on Tuesday, December 3. A business meeting will follow the afternoon program. The program will be arranged by Mrs. Wilkins, on the designated theme 'of "The Prince of Peace, the Only Hope of the World." The. hymn, "Faith of Our Fathers" was the most appropriate - for- the opening-of the program study theme. Mrs. John Thweatt brought the devotional on "Paul's First nnd Last Messages*' found in I Thesso- lonians " and 'II Timothy.' Prayer that we; may,be faithful to Christ at all times was led by Mrs. Minnie Berry. Mrs. Charlie Evans, leader "of the program, gave the introduction to the study .of Europe—the center of - absorbing interest, followed' through newspapers and over 'the radio. In the further development of 'the study, Mrs. Evans pointed out that the people of America nrc very much like and unlike the people of Europe in that for the most part Americans are just Europeans transplanted on another continent. -She. brought !o the nt- Mon of those present, "Some 'whys' Answered"; ''Chvistlimit.v in Eu- I'ope"; and "Southern Baptists in Europe"; Mrs. C. B. Wood concluded the wopi-am by giving a resume of "European Baptists Steadfast", und telling of the "Missionaries, by name, Steadfast in Europe." Six uursts were present, Mrs. Leii.s»> Williams and daughter. Miss Mai-navel Williams. Mrs. O. D. Mitchell nnd Mrs. Allan Posey. Miss Eva Cooke nnd Mrs. Joe Ilill, the last three, who were later enrolled as new members. Announcement was made lhal; the annual pre-Thanksglvinq- market would be held at the j. r. MilT- Hn store. Wednesday, November 28. 'S * * • ' Entertains Mixor Hlyth«villi», Bridge Clnl> Mr, and Mrs. Russell Bowen were haste to the members of their Luxora - Oscnola - BlylhevHh.* bridge club, and guests, Mrs, Sam Coble, of Osccola with Mr. and Mrs. R.' C. Langston, Mr. and Mrs. Lt-in Slauford. Mr. umi Mrs. Charlie Mi film. Mrs. S. J. Smith. Mrs C B. Wood, Mrs. T. F. Hudson, Mm Maxiiit- McHauey, Miss EHxnbeth Spann. and Miss Carrie Mac Hires, all of Luxora, at their home ' on Tuesday night. Autumn (lowers enhanced the attractiveness of the rooms thrown open to the large group of play- Mr. nnd Mrs, R. C.'.Uryan, of - Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right 'to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you arc to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis Osccoln, held high dub honors, and guest honors went to Mrs. C. B. Wood, and R. C. Lnngston. A salad plate was served 'at the end of the games. * * 4 Will'Spend Winter in Florida Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Seagraves left by motor Wednesday morning for Avon Park, Flu., to'.spend thy winter with their daughter, Mrs. C. E, Crabtree and Mr. Crabtree, at their residence, the Jncarnndn hotel. Mr. and Mrs. Sengrave.s have spent the pu-st .several winters with Mr. and Mrs. Crabtree. •* * * ft'"' •> Attends Funeral Of rwmier Luxorun Mrs. J. M, Landrum was In Memphis Wednesday to attend the funeral of Tom Landrum, who with his family made his home in Luxora a number of years ago. Mr. Lan- PAGE THREE drum was a'brother of the late 1 J. M 1 . Landrum, of Luxora. * * * Attends Grand Chapter of O.E.S. Mrs. E. H. Bogan is 'expected home Thursday night/from Little Rock where .she has been'slr.ce the past Sunday in attendance of the Arkansas Grand Chapter Meeting of the Order of the Eastern Star. Mrs. Bogan is a former Grand Matron of the Arkansas chapter. One can estimate temperature* ' f roughly by timing 'a cricket's UQUD, 1AUITS. SW.VS. 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