Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on August 12, 1951 · Page 51
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 51

Oakland, California
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Sunday, August 12, 1951
Page 51
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- 8i More Soanes: Shaw -vs. Bard On Broadway Continued from Part B-l version follows at least jtht spirit of the' original drama which was neither clean nor pretty. Mr, Williams Is a prophet f decadanct and is obviously not concerned with what happens to the moral fibrei of either dear Aunt Nellie or sweet little Cousin Soosie. Williams writes for adults and if he wants to sell a spade, iin-sists on calling it a spade. J ENTIRE COMPANY -j But enough of Williams,! to get back to the Olivier-Leigh engagement in New York,! it gives promise of being something on the special side. Gilbert Miller, now in London, arranging to transport the entire company of 54 persons, which includes stage managers, understudies, and the various production trappings including a 58-foot revolving table, issued a statement through his manager, Morton Gottlieb, last week, j The engagement will start jon December Id and continue for 12 weeks." The first, show Will be the show comedy. Thereafter the plays will continue to alternate. On Wednesday and Saturdays, one "Cleo" will1 be given at the matinee; the other jat night, so that serious students can make their comparison j of the texts. j Mr. Gottlieb, .who is quite a man for figure (financial tot feminine) points out that the production will probably be the most costly of next season, will have the operating expenses; of musical, and must amortize a $65,000 produion cost in just 12 weeks. Tre play-roll, ;he estimates will be twice as much as "The King and I." This last statement I seriously doubt unless there has been a considerable tilt in the acting fees paid English performers, but that's the Gottlieb story; It was this matter of costs, he said, that made it imperative to se-eure a musical comedy theater like the Ziegfeld for the show since seating capacity is necessary and stage space must be supplied. ' , DOUBLE USE While the plays will have different scenery for the most part, several sets will be used in both, a little matter of economy worked out by Michael Benthall tha director who couldn't set any reason why the Homan galley and the Sphinx aets could not be used for Shaw and Shakespeare. And why not, pray. From Miller's point of view, the futuft looks rosy. Before the first advertisement was printed his office received, by mail, 1500 requests for seats with an average of four tickets, many enclosing blank checks, many from schools asking seats for entire drama classes. This is very healthy because there are only 150,000 seats available during the 12 weeks. Although it is not the policy of this paper to do so, I think m the public interest I may brfak rule, for the benefit of thbse who may be in New York between mid-December and mid-May and who want to see the two shows. The house is scaled from $1.80 to $4.80 for matinees; from $2.40 to $7.20 for nights, tax included. The Miller offices are at 0 Rockefeller Plaza! in New York. Miller and Gottlieb do not expect to have any tickets available after October 1. After that - those who wish to attend will do better to. consult a ticket broker and pay the established premium; and after December 1, all things being equal, it Will be necessary to have a chat with a scalper who will get all? he believes the traffic will bar. In the case of "South Pacific" that ran from $25 to $80 for a single pew. t ; Skating Bear Born Of Gasoline Shortage Inky-Dinky, the comic, kat-ing bear, which is now indispensable to Shipstads and Johnson Ice Follies productions, was born of the gasoline shbrt-, age of World War II. Inside the black bearskin is Montel Phillips who started skating because she couldn't get gas to take, her . from her home in Pasadena to Hollywood to continue her ballet lessons. To keep in trim, she tried skating at the rink near j her home. In no time her ballet talent was translated into, ska t-ing figures which landed her a contract with Ice Follies, and a short period later, stardom! ' Inky Dinky is currently star ring with the Scotvold Twins in the Ice Follies of 1951 j feature "Baker's Treat," and has Winterland audiences in gales , of laughter with the cjomic antics which actually require' brilliant skating technique to perform. j The little skating bear has . become so popular that small replicas have been made of it for charms and lapel decora tions. - I One-Change Joe j HOLLYWOOD, Aug. llU-Actor Joseph Cotten mikes but one .eostumt change' for fTht Man With A Cloak." During a party sequence ha trades black tit for w&U. . ! Little Theater Personality ' V . ..t. -.'IN'..', ':'. . ' uak ander uouiDies One of the young actors in "Maya," the current San Francisco Repertory show at the Bush Street Theater,-is not only assuming four different roles in the play -he's also responsible for the production' sets. But doubling in brass is not especially new to Oaklander Ray-Ford Barnes. His experiences vary all the way from running a sports radio program back in San Antonio to sailing the Far East route on the Matson Line, with' breaks in-between for coffee growing in Mexico an 1 engaging in the import - export business in Hong Kong. This rather diverse background might give you the impression that Barnes is a devil-may-care gentleman out for adventure. Actually he's an extremely serious student of stage and- stage techniques, an actor who has devoted a considerable portion of his time to improving his knowledge of the theater and its people, and Who explains all his "adventuresome" past by saying: "I had to make a living, you know." TEXAS-BORN Barnes came to Oakland some 10 years ago from Texas. Born in Dallas, educated in both San Antonio and Dallas, he later became a journalism major at the University of Texas, but found almost immediately that his main Interest was in the theater. He joined the Little Theater at Dallas and at San Antonio, later appeared at Pasadena's Community Playhouse. At college, of course, he took part in several shows. "As I recall, productions varied from reek tragedy to items like The Maltese Falcon,' 'Claudia and David,' The Henry Aldridge Series' and then Shakespearean plays. I appeared in Taming of the Shrew' and 'Hamlet' and naturally, like the students at U.C. .all of us had to do backstage work shift scenes, paint flats, etc." All during his radio stint at KTSA and WOAI, while he alternately spun records for a platter parade and excitedly gave football scores, etc., Barnes me off RIMMER & JORDAN PONTIAC ltJ7 t 14Hi St.-OikUstl 1, C.lil. GIORQE DANIELS, PONTtAO t U9 Van Nrn Av. San FraRciic t, Calif. DI IIAUIIEN PONTIAO CO. S74 Millar A. Mill Vann Calif. V- : . J i . :; i w uh:vi. . aaa t' Equipment, actmaoru and trim ' ' ' ' ! O! J; ""'wwii'- . Uliutnuad or tubjm to chanp MttiWwl notUm. ?' '" " i . . - r- i By TH&ElA IOER was trying i gft a foothold in drama. (Hefstlf does TV work locally.) '- f TOUR OF UVtt But though :fpf a drama career were interrupted; when World War I ge in, Barnes became a Naw Vivigator, served four and. a inaif years- It was this experience which (after his bidding adieu to the Navy in 1945) served hfh so well with the Gaace Jsndf Matson Lines. Barnes wenf tbHollywood, met a friend ofdirctor John Ford who gave hm. letter of introduction; Forjd pit Barnes to work In 'extra rce. But Ford, as you know, flakes very few pictures, andajf fellow has to make a living between acting stints," explains j,Brns. Thus young Fayford ljternMed his Hollywood jobs. (Which included assignment at MGM and Universal) wit sailing or anything else that hj feJPt equipped to do while he aitld for the right break. In the laf '40s he came back to the Bayf aria, worked as a stagehand fat San Francisco's Opera Hofs'e did backstage work at the Geary and Curran, too. "I learie! to handle lights and props", Sand I got a healthy respect for; all the items actors depend upon for support from the more olless invisible workers behindthe scenes," Barnes ays. IMPORTANT YEAR It was 18J0 that proved rather Important o the then 29-year- old actor, iie met KODert tiey of the Repertory Theater, started, out as an apprentice with the! group, gothj Equity card, and became a fu$ - fledged profes-l sional stag? actor. He appeared) in the groulp-'s JE taging of "Three'4 a Family,'- in 'the "Grand Guigj nol" horror plays and as Yanl in "Hasty Heart." It was th ; latter show that won him conj- j siderable. cyi$ical acclaim and-audience approval. To demonj-j strate his versatility, : Eley asM , signed Barnes to do the scenery' and staging lor "The Captive,f': was so pla?4d with the resulljsj that he aked Barnes to do the ; fb& WdDFEd9 (Ejr(BBlt(B8t .i f. I Obviously,! I nlsicel IB WILLS CCMfANT xnirn nTrn'TT. Ur(XjK)tfr Jf . u f I CI 2120 twtf Oakland ft; Calif. j UQftT tmU PONTIAC t09 Mt. fJrjbla Il4l. ! WalRBt Crk. Calif. IUNLIXaAM:IIOTOR CO. 2C8 CalifMfia Driw :i urlint'? CaKf. LiN4 SotrHi i im Brass in "Maya" aets. too. Another; better i reason jfor 1950V importance to Barnes is that it was then he married his attractive wife, Betty. They now have a 6-month-old boy. Perhaps the first thing that anyone meeting RayFord Barnes for the first time says is: "Do you know you look and act like Richard Widmark? We, too, asked him this and found that i we were about the thousandth person to have so commented. Yes, he does . . iff just one of those curious coincidences. He's never met Wdmark; would, of course,-like to "just ee if people are right aboui the resemblance." At the i very least, Barnes would like to get a chance on film in a featured part to demonstrate that, although he may resemble Widmark, his acting technique and portrayals are his own. Fans Owe Actor Nothing, He Says HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 11. - What does the public owe a screen star? "Nothing," says movie tough guy Kirk Douglas, "except courtesy and understanding!" "People certainly don't owe us ; loyalty," he adds. "In this tusi- j ness you can fade fast. One minute you're up, the next you're down. When you stop delivering one thing a good per formance you can't expect tc be remembered." But fans should understand, Douglas says, that actors rate AND HIS ORCHESTRA IVHIUIII WED.FRL SAT. SUN. H SMMD Vt WttSITR ST. What makes a car treat? First is thorough, all-around goodnessthe kind of long-lastlni goodness for which Pontiac is famous. Then comes performance like the smooth-eager, tireless performance you always enjoy in a Pontiac. . i And, of course, .beatifylike the distinctive Silver Streak personality of a Pontiac. when you get all these things, Most Ilonuilful Thing on 'Wheels Your Choice of Silver Streak Engines-Straight Eight Body by Fisher Lowest-Priced i rr- COTEN PONTIAC , 2S56 Ttltjnph Ava. jBarkclay, Calif. . RICHMOND MOTOR CO. !H0 23r4l S. ttihmoRtf, Calif. A RATA PONTIAC MeKISSICK PONTIAC 970 E. 14th Sr. San LeaR4fr( Calif. TURMAN PONTIAC CO. 1215 Ocaa Ava. San FraiKisca 22. Calif. CRESW00D PONTIAC f 2 Alma St., Cm. Fartct ' faU Ato, CaHf. ! 4 Cniecil FranciM, Calif. f- V f I ' ' , A t I , . : r BoyFqxd Barnes courtesy as much as anyone. When a crowd gathers at a movie location site, for instance, watchers shouldn't get angry if a star doesn't sign every autograph book in sight. "If he holds up production for half an hour signing autographs it can cost the company thousands of dollars," Douglas says. "I like to sign them, jand I like people to like me.. But there's a time and place for everything." am ll!MJS is Art MORE LL DAYS! GET SEATS NOW! Choice seat for all remaining performances, but best selection Sunday nites thru Thursday. SEATS AT WINTERLAND BOX OFFICE TIL SHOWTIME! Tickets: 1.20. 1.80. 2.40. 3.00 m a.o unci. tai At Sherman la. S.F. t Oak. and at 7 WHITERLAIID Bo effW atw!" 10 a.m. alfcr W. 1-OUX i. and many, many more, in a car priced as low as Pontiac, you get the. world's greatest dollar value! Then come the bonuses the pride you take in your Pontiac; the satisfaction of just sitting behind the wheel; the knowledge that your car will be valuable for a long, long time. Why not drop in soon and talk over a deal with us we'd like to show you how easy it is to own a Pontiac. Americans lowest -Priced Car with GM Hydra-Matle Drive , RAT PONTIAC 2414 Cantral Ava, Alamtd., Calif J. A. HERZ08, lis. 17th C Valancia Sta. San Franciac tO, Calif. WELTNER PONTIAC Jl Cantinn Raat Kt4hr4Ml Gty, Calif. i i News Briefs Of Fraternal Organizations BETHEL 195, International Order of Job's Daughters, will hold ajpotluck djnner at 7:30 p.m. Friday at the new Foothill Masonic Temple, 6670 Foothill Boulevard. The group will gather at 1:30 p.m. Saturday at the temple for its first meeting of the fall term. Charmion Sorenson will preside as acting honored queen. From 7 to 9 p.m. Saturday members of the bethel will attend a joint swimming party with Fruitvale Chapter of DeMplay at Castle-mont PooL . ; CECELIA SHRINE, Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem, will hold a stated meeting at 8 p.m. Tuesday at the Madison Street Temple. Georgia Benedict, worthy high priestess, and Ira Castle, watchman of shepherds, f will preside. William Meigs is chairman for the evening. ! NOVA DIES Chapter No. 544, Order of the Eastern Star, has made final plans for the matron, patron and officers' annual OPENS FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 OAKLAND aDiTeaii Titirti on the stage "LIFE of CHRIST" I . 30 Scenes ci Magniftccnt Pagcaatry DIALOGUE FROM THE BIBLE FOR. AIX FAITHS PRODUCED BY CALARD SLONAK.ER XrurTwot, Xtccrr tnH A Momvavs Price: J Aa (u ind.) Rain 1 ttitin titrm : and ciieca: or OAKLAND AUDITORIUM THEATER TENTH FALLON STREETS OAKLAND 6, CALIFORNIA C(Bn Straight Eight or Six LOCKERIT PONTIAC 370 Cattra St. Hayward, Calif. IDAS PONTIAC 3100 Gaary IM. San Francisca IS. Calif. IIANCO'S SARA81 Fanrtb a E Sta. San Rafael Calif. Kg Oakland Tribune, Sunday, Aug. 12, 1951 luneheon party September; 8. at the Scottish Rite Temple. Mrs. Jessie Tate is chairman. fell . . : i RpSA M. SHATTUCK Ctoap-ter.pOES, will hold a runlfnage. sale sj Wednesday at 470 ' Ijinth Street. -'' ' fei WESTGATE Chapter No. 290, OE, will meet "at 8 p.m. Tuesday at the Berkeley Masonic Tefvple, Bancroft Way' anu Shs8;tuck Avenue. Billie $haw, worthy matron, and EVerett Mofire, worthy patron, wiU pre side The meetine has beh set AnitCT PKTETCT TiV. "FOLLOW THE UN" " &XKH rOBB - ANNE BAXft "TJ LAST OUTr08T"-TcbBll-r RONALD BCAGAN-RHONDA FLCMIKO m FASK BOuLEf aid - OSTltTJRV Park Blvd. and X. 18th fP" " FVe. prktn KALONO THE OEEAT DIVIDE" KM DOUGLAS - VIRGINIA MAYO fWVHK ON TELEOKAPH BILL" Riclt BAiLH AET-V.lentJixi COETE8A EAST 12la STREET f-JV East 12tii SUeet at 7thA venvr . j.' BI.OHKOMS IN THE DI IT" WIiTER flDOtON: SDi-in Bvtntnn Wtt OKUINU TO MRS. HOti.l"- ALAMEDA " ISMND AUTO MOVIE m 3 BIXJCKS FROM TUBE IN AUMrnA !.. -"SEAI.(D CAKGO'-i , D4s!9A ANDREW! & CLAUDE HAlNS fKI.Lf STAKE" - TKCHNK OfOK DOLPH StOTT-CENE TINET W-IN-CAI HEATER! 40 LNDROMAT OPEN A.M. -A r.U. "STOf THE DIKC" i-- BAI K ON FRIDAY NIGHT! R-r0 1413 Park St. tA 3-3096 "TEA FOR TWO" K15 DAT & GORDON MatRAE 'BREAKTHROUGH" with DAVID BRIAN CSfcNTINl'Ol S DAILY FROM 1 P.M. A MED A DRIVE I ll !tfl at tha Alameda Tube t.A 9-934 fftt- I U IDE KIDDIES - FREE H; ailNIATL RE TRAIN RIDES SSJGHTLY BEFORE SHOW TIME INE the WALLS at FOLSOM PRISON Sff EVE COCHRAN - DAVID BRIAN 3Ji "THE AWFUL TEUTH' ARY GRANT it IRENE DtJNNE MFPTfllfP Central at Webster alIt;A 1 Ulil Calor by TECHNICOLOR RjKDOLPH SCOTT - DAVID BRIAN PHrU-IS THAXTER-HELENA CARTER " PEKING EXPRESSi'V-jqfF.PH COTTEN - CORINNE f AlVtT LA kerHirst 2-4432 ! nnVHsMn DANA ANDREWS "THE FROGMEN" USle 8am' Underwater Comaiandas! RUJARD WIDMARK - GARY MERRILL 4f'PRINCE WHO WAS A THIEF " jyTECHNICOLOH! TONY CURTIS FTPER I Al Kit - EVERFTT RI.OANE 5 jMATINEE DAILY AT 1.00 P.M. TH1ES Webtar-Santa Clara LA 3-3422 i SPENCER TRACY i -f r.FAi THER'S LITTLE DIVIDEND" I EL0ABETH TAYLOR - JOAN BENNETT ftfHMCOtom RITA HAYWORTH i w nrnMitm f.utti illi - VtJGUE Phone LA keburst J-7.127 t Tr.rHMrni.nn wits U-: "PASSAGE WfT" iJOHN PAYNE -.DENNIS O'KEEFE J "aMCOGLER'8 ISLAND" - ' ' mt m .null ..K..ar f BUITVALE & 23rd AYENDE fTTVJl IP E. 14th and 37th Ave. 4WII nUt PHONE KI 3-776 "CtASABLANCA" - Humphrey BOG ART IpRID BERGMAN . CLAUDE RAINS i-' i'O-MeN" with James cAonf.y gONTINI'OI S TODAY FROM 1 P.M. PALACE 23rd Ave, and E. 15th 'GO FOR BROKE" AN JOHNSON - Heme of 4l?nd! "SANTA FE" - TECHNICOLOR CNDOLPH SCOTT - JANISCARTER gi LARGE FREE PARKING AREA ' FAIRFAX-SEMINARY rifflPIIV Foothill Blvd. Fairfax SilllA nAKK S-4787-Cant. frem No.b rfAKE CARE f MY LITTLE GIRL" SECHNICOLOR! JEANNE CHAIN tHE PROWLER" with VAN.HEFLIV CAPITOL, Foothill Rlvrt At Seminarv iLO -4M4-Centiai)na Udav RSiilar Prices! "SAMSON DELILAH" .TECHNICOLOR! HEDY I.AMARR IT E B E C" - JOHN BARRY.MORE Jr. OBIMDA Tunnel Highway at Orinr5 Crossroad Orinria 22M Jj B H D W B O A T" TECHNICOLOR! AVA GARDNER KTHRYN GRAYSON - HOWARD KEEL JE E. BROWN - AGNES MOTREHFAD ils SELECTED SHORT SCBJECTS! ONTINI!OUS TODAY FROM ? P.M. j LARGE FREE PARKING AREA WALWDT CBEEK-MABTINEZ IfOTOR-IH oraSTSSi fftt Train and Plane Ride lor Kiddle ii: "LITTLE BIG HORN" I ;iOHN IRELAND - LLOYD BRIDGES jkl "GROOM WORE SPIUS" I Ringer rogers & jackJcarson : RPV WALNUT CREEK 4-ifiri IJ&I I1X I R ANDOLPH SCOTT V'FORT WORTH" - TECHNICOLOR! "DER THE GUN" - RICHARD CONTE CONCORD : iffJPJl U Phone Poncord 762,1 Jfclill StXLt DONALD O'CONNOR ij-' FRANCIS GOES TO THE? RACES" "iAgtAM AND EVALYN"-Stewart Granger HAYWABD f Si 0 T 0 B MOVIES ifen HihwT M1J South? rf Hay'ard v cr v a r n A C na. U V O rv "SECRET OF CONVICT LAKE" S i GLENN FORD - GENE TlERNEY lthel BARRYMORE - Zachaiy SCOTT fflTZ TOKYO FILE Sit" - Florice Marly 131 CaUp. Hay ward Phone Ltf cerne 24420 "FRANCIS GOES TO THE RACES" RONALD O'CONNOR - PIPR LAURIE jr'fHE BIG Gl'SHER" - Wayije MORRIS ?ONTINt OL'S TODAY FRO 11:4 A.M. bavivflnn j ? street fr.aa a f l iiiw rnane LAFrrrne l-.'..4H fHE FROGMEN"-RICHARa WIDMARK "VriA rtuntna; iso nany rnrresi jj;! "HARD. FAST BEAUTIFI I." CASTBO VALLEY JTiXIJIRflT 6550 Castro Blvd. LU 2-2555 XliiOUI "GO FO BROKE" VAN JOHNSON . Heroe tif 442rtd' IT AIN'T HAY" - Abbott Costello ?AN IEANPBQ East 14th St- at 148th Ave. , Phone TR-inidad 2-9349 "TKtMr.ras n; a titiv If ROBERT WALKER; John IRELAND In M). ' "THE SCAEF'V p Mercedes MrCambrldia - Jmes Barton Rf rial-' OVERLAND WITH KIT CARSON" Uo Chanter l."GOVERNMENT AGENT" CONTINL-OL'S TODAY FROM 1:45 P.M. I A Sao Landro Summer Policy l"I"U Ooen Wed55at. and Sun "SHERIFF OF SAGE VALLEY" I'STEEL HELMET - ROBERT HUTTON- (OAKLAND DRIVE I H rn East 14th St Near 150th. : LO g-W!4 f ALT DISNEY TECHNICOLOR Pragram.- "FANTASIA" - Full-Length Fantasy! , Academy Award Winning Shorts: CarUam STADIUM AUTO MOVIE 155tb Ave. E. 14th St. Jf LO t-SM isf DISTRICT Ilt N! "BEST OF THE BAftMEN . TECHNICOLOR! ROBERT RYAN CLAIRE TREVOR: Florence Marly "TOKYO FILE fit" PEL MAR E SAN LEANDRO 6. 14th-EiHS1l TR I-25M I I. D A- - RITA HAYWORTH (GLENN FORD.CEOR04S-MACREADT "PARDON MY SAIUNO"-Abrott-Coatello & SAN IWim YjUAEE-r I nDrilTfl Bnorenio vutaac LUiaXllaU Phone AJ eema 1-M1I FARLEY GRANGER ROB.ERT WALKEj 'STRANGERS ON A TRAIN auIXaiwB Biv an tJ am Qn w,rT READ LI'L ABNER 60 15AL B-3 aside to. honor Ftand K. Ehai tuck Masonic Lodge, with At Moore in charge. ALETHE CHAPTER No. 368, OES, will meet at 8 p.m. tomorrow at 1837 Alcatrax Avenue, Berkeley. Elsie LeQuatte, worthy matron, and Morris WroobeL. worthy patron, will preside. Entertainment will be presented by the Brothers Club, of which John Lahey is president. Willis Mc-Caleb is entertainment chairman. Refreshments will be served under the direction of Arveta Brijnk, associate matron. OAELAKD AIBPOST AIRPORT AUTO MOVIE Mth Aa. kaktan Atraart. LO Mfit ce Diaacrwat t Ladle tvtry Taeaaar "APACHE DRUMS " TECHNICOLOR! STEPHEN MeNALLT CLEEN GKAT-WILLARD PARKER, "AEPOINTHENT WITH DANGER" ALAN LA l0-- PHYLLIS CALVERT JAN STERLING and JACK WEBB BERKELEY OAKS Solano at Tha Alameda Phone LA nriu-an Kl Hilt "MOUSE OS TELEGRAM HILL" Richard BASEH ART-Vaientina COETESA "TJIE EROWLEK" VAN 11 IH IN - EVELYN KEYES CONTIMOI ! TOUAY I'KOM ll:4( BERKELEY Shatluck Ac Hata A9 hbrrv 3.1-na DAVID W.YNE - LUTHER ADI.ER IiOV Al:D dkSILVA - STEVE BHODIE ' tMCKUl.NCf HlllblNO ' - I.AKKY KAEKS 4 BARBAKA HALE CNTI INI Ul ! S DAILY IKOM 1 P.M. CAMPOS! -RncTaStnJlirDaft "OS MOONLIGHT BAY" - Trraalrafar CORDON M R A e ; Richard TODD In "IXTKHK1 PTID JOURNEY" CALIFOHHIAj'n sks HE RAN ALL THE W AT" SHELLEY WINTERS; Paul DOUGLAS Debra PAGfT - "FOI'RTEEN HOl'R" RlVm f I Sn Pablo naar Unlverry UAj Fre Parkin BS T-JM BHI.,!1 IFE B ADMEN" Tefhaleiler DEAR BRAT" with MONA rREEMAW ELM WOOD. Colleae Ava. at Aahbr AS -ftMl-ConL frem 1:41 CAROL REED'S "THE FALLEN IDOL" Starring RALPH RICHARDSON MICHELF. MORGAN - BOBBY HEN RET SINGLE FEATURES OF DISTINCTION UNITED ARTISTS rl "SHOWFIOAT" - TECHNICOLOR! AVA GARDNER - HOWARD KEEL "PAINTED HILLS" color-LASSIE !U c University & Shattuck TH 3-?R7 "BEST OF THE BADMEN" . Teehnlreler ROBERT RYAN & CLAIRE TREVOR .rt ne. UKI JI5" - TECHNICOLOR! STEPHEN McN ALLY -COLEEN GRAY El CEBRTTJL MOTOR MOVIES San Pablo anid Fairmont LA H-7R24 Gates Oprjn 7 p.m. -Show Start Dok -F A B I O I. A' MICHELE MORGAN - HENRY VIDAL "ViTTLE BIG HORN" JOHN IRELAND - LI.OYD BRIDGE nnv. mb ma LLllitllLI San Pablo at Fairmont 'FOLLOW THE SUN" OLENN:FORD - ANNE BAXTER VALENTINO" - TECHNICOLOR' RICHMOHD UHI 1 E.II AKI I.N I N 8th-M'donali Br aM ON MOONLIGHT BAY" - Teebnlcalar DORIS PAT - GORDON MaRAE " DYNAMITE PASS - TIM HOLT UPTOWN Macdonald 4t 2oth Ave. DENNIS O'KEEFE "THE COMPANY SHE KEEPS" "Al. JENNINGS OP OKLAHOMA" COSTA 7th - MirdiniM nr '-ii-i ii DONAi.n nrnvvri FRANCIS GOES TO THE RACES" PIPER LAl'RIF. - CECIL KELLAWAT FI GITIVE LADY" - JANIS PAIGE LARGE' FREE PARKING AREA GRAND 2 ird - Raeem BE 2-ftH DONALD O'CONNOR ! "FRANCIS GOES TO THE RACES" j PIPER I.ACRIE - CECIL KELLAWAT i FIGITIVE LADY" ; JAN'S PAIGE and BILLIE BARNES CTflTr &th - Msedanaid BE -MCI i wlnlll RICHARD BASFH ART i ' HOtSE ON TELEGRAPH HILL" ! VHienjinii m i r..'V-vv mam Ll .MHUA.H "GOODBYE MY FANCY" JOAN CRAWFORD FRANK LOVFJOY irL. SAN PABLO RAHCHO DRIVE IH 14th. Broadway. San Pablo BE aeon 4-SK4S '"SMUGGLER'S ISLAND" TECHNICOLOR! JEFF CHANDLER EVELYN KEYES & PHILIP FRIEND ''TOKYO FILE SIS" FlorerW MARLY - Pohert PAYTON PIEDMONT PIEDMONT EVERY SEAT A LOGE 41RK Piedmont Ava Ph PI 2727 CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN" TEC HN ICO LOR! CLIFTON WEBB JEANKE CHAIN - MYRN'A LOT '(I'LL GET BY" TECHNICOLOR! JUNE HAVER HARK BTEVENS DENNIS DAT DOORS OPEN AT 1:S0 P.M. ALBANY ALBANY Solano Ave. LA 4-5666 DANNY KA YE "ON THE RIVIERA"-Terhniealar! GENE TIFRNEY & CORINNE CALVET "SANTA l t" - Color - Randolph SCOTT NORTH OAKLAND CHIMES PI 4-73,6 College at 9ha(ur FREE PARKING At Regular Prices! Ceell B. DeMille' SAMSON AND DELILAH"-Teehnlcelar HEDY 6AMARR - VICTOR M ATI RE "THE ffCARF" with John IRELAND 1 SENATOR Telegraoh at SSxH Free Farltin PI S aaia BEST f the BADMEN "-Tecbntcalor! i ROBERT RYAN - CLAIRE TREVOR "APACHE DELMS" - TECHNICOLOR! STEPHEN MeNALLT - COLEEN GRAY DOORSiOPEN TODAY AT I:4 P.M. p TWJ KV San Pablo and Stanford U A 1 L If A I ri T-ifiAi-r-..! t.a.v , R-ciar nrice! 'SAMSON AND DELILAH' i Victor M AT! RE; also "SAVAGE PRI MS" Ttr M MirOl.OR! Herlv I.AMARR SAN PABLO AYENDE TtvtF ,L lit I San Pablo Ave , near 35th BLRLESQl E THEATER! STAGEf FRENCH BLRLESQLR ON STAGE! LN PERSON 8FLVIA "Sl'GAR" KANE THE SWEETEST GAL IN TOWN! i FOR ADirLTS ONLY) CONTINCOI S 1 P.M. TILL MIDNIGHT DfHf fri San Pablo & i7th HI 4-2S7S nliiljlU "THE LAST OLTPOST" RONAliD REAGAN: KIRK DOl'GLAS "ALONG THE GREAT DIVIDE" 7th 5TBEET LINCOLN 7th and Peralta HEDY LAMAIft "COPFER CANYON" - Teehalealar! Ltiabeth SCOTT in "DARK CITY" 14TH AND PEBALTA nrn R f T R Phon hi -33i rUliiljlim JOHN BARRYMORE Jr. Q L E B E C" - TECHNICOLOR! so "J.NSIDE THE UNDERWORLD" Also D1M0ND-LAUBEL I LAUREL .-V.r, Ave. Taaar "THRE t MI SKETEERS" TECHNICOLOS! GENE KELLT "MALAYA" Hth SPENCER TRACY : nilllJIllJ Fruitvale at MacArthur KI S-M7-Caat. Taaaf HELD i OVER! MARIO LAZA la THE GREAT CAR L; SO" Teeaaieelar SECRET at CONVICT LAKE'-Glenn Ford FOOTHILL ARP35tfi rn ATlTlI I Pbona KE llot I-lslJ tUU lliiLla MICKEY ROONEY "WORDS AND Kt S K'"-T t ! lr ! TOM DRAKE-JUDY GARLAND JUNE ALLY SON At LENA BORNE "THE DOCTOR AND THE GIRL" r.i tNN roan A- JANET LEIGH CONTINUOUS TODAY FROM H 41 IWR3ML GRAIIADA Eree PTir.lX 1-1324, J--I.ITTLE BIO HORN" JOHN IRELAND fc LLOYD BRIDGES -THEROWLER" wh VAN HEFLIN CONTINUOUS TODAY FROM I VM. ON COMIC PAGE ! '- '.' if

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