Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on January 21, 1952 · Page 15
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 15

Oakland, California
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Monday, January 21, 1952
Page 15
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5 " 'i. 1 V t i -. - CEDRTAIN dALLS Press Agents Ca n Be Just Too Cute or Vice -Versa 1 l By WOOD ; There are times when press agents can get just too awfully cute for words. I am thinking at the moment of a yarn that is being circulated to the effect tnat the three most enthusiastic backers of a new play called "Bernadine" are Michael, Colin and Jerry Chase. "j ., Michael contributed $10.00 acre: Colin, who is 15. tossed In with his brother Jerry, 13, the sum of $2. The little darlings are the sons of Mary Coyle Chase of Denver, the author of the play; and the report goes on to say that they are not unmindful, of the fact that Mumsie wrote "Harvey" which paid 40 o 1 for its investors. X hope someone has been considerate .enough to tell Michael and Colin and Jerry that their dear Mater also wrote a dilly after "Harvey" that scarcely lasted long enough for the ink to dry on the morning after reviews. Happily, I have forgotten the title of it; but elephantlike I have not forgotten the incident ON THE SAME ORDER In the musical called "Call Me Madam" there is a song entitled They Like Ike" and the press representative of that affair with Ethel Merman would have you know: (a) That the audience reaction hit a new high after Gen. Eisenhower indicated his availa bility as a Presidential candidate and, (b) That the applause was "much bigger than it was on opening night when the general himself wasj in the audience" and (c) That "even after four en-cores, there was a terrific hand." AND FINALLY The press agent for the Bush Street theater where j Robert Eley's repertory company had been holding forth, who neglected to notify this department that the padlock had been put on the place and the Straw Hat Revue scheduled to open there on January 22 would appear in the Marine Memorial Theater starting January 30 a theater he is not publicizing, as you might Well know writes apologetically, in part: 1 "All I can say about the Eley matter is I'm terribly sorry. I didn't mention anything to you about him, as you told me at the time of the opening of 'It's My Town' that you were NOT interested in Mr. Eley and his shows after the debacle of Ticket to Nowhere.' ... As I had no OFFICIAL news and did not know anything about the future fate of the Bush Street theater I did not release anything to the press." That reminds me of the legendary reporter, eye-witness to a tram wreck in which he was involved who didn't bother to notify his city editor because he had been assigned to Cover a tennis match, which he did in due course of time having been furnished with a fine excuse for his delay in arriving at his destination. THE DICKENS STORY Plans for the launching of Emlyn Williams, Who is now on the screen of the Roxie in "Another Man's Poison," as a lecturer or reader of Dickens' tales, has reminded some New York writers, and a press agent or two, of the situation in 1862 when Charles Dickens arrived in that city to read and re-create characters from his novels at Stein-way Hall. Dickens had opened his tour at the Tremont Theater in Boston and created quite a stir. . The queue for Steinway Hall started forming long before the performance and resembled the crowds in subsequent years for World Series games- Some brought mattresses on which to rest; others, who had money, sent servants to shiver in line; speculators got as much as $20 for tickets rated at $2. The affair was a great success; George Dolby the impresario made a lot of money; and Dickens returned home to make even more money by writing his considered opinions of the American barbarians he had met on his way. If Williams can duplicate Dickens' success, he is assured of a tour under the aegis of Sol Hurok.. BOLLYWOOD HIGHLIGHTS xurK uougias nas oeen cnosem as the best actor of 1951 in Mexico for "The Champion" . . . "The River" has been selected as the1 o mgmm mem m o) if I wm 7 -I SOANES Michael Is 18 years of best picture of 1951 by the motion picture division of the General Federation of Women's Clubs . . . Gilbert Roland, current in fTen Tall Men" at the T & D, has peen signed for the starring role of Hugo the disbeliever in Warners "The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatinia" . t . Work has started at that studio on "The Story of Will Rogers" with young Will playing nis latner and Jane Wyman playing Mrs. Rogers Sr. . . . Jane Rus sell's i youngest brother, Wally, is making his screen debut in fThe Korean Story" at RKO-Radil. He is 24 . . . Walt! Disney's latest "True Life Adventure" films, "Olympic Elk" is to have a na tional release on Washington's Birthday. It was filmed onj the Olympia Peninsula of western Washington. j THE BROADWAY PARADE Howard Lindsay is dropping out of "Remains to Be Seen," his owniplay, in favor of James Ren nie, Sin order to play the lead in Sigmund Miller's "One Bright Day" ... Jay Julien, husband of Julie Harris who first won fame in 'The Member Of the Wedding and ; now is starred in ' l Am a Camera," has taken an option on Sean O'Casey's "Cock-a-Doodle Dandy" . . . Claire Luce is plan ning to do "Much Ado About Nothing" in New York. She ap peared in the play about six years ago at Stratford-upon-Avon.; Jewish Center Has Theatrical Group j The addition of two new groups to Sits program has been! announced by the -Jewish Community Center of Berkeley. The JCC Players recently gave a production by several members for the Center Hanukah party. "Our aim is self-expression through dramatics," declared Betty Halpern, director of the newly organized drama group. "One does not have to be a member of the center, nor have prior stage experience to join; the players." The players are now casting fori David Pinsky's one-acter "Thie Dollar," and have parts open. The group meets at the center, 2301 Vine, corner Arch Street, Berkeley, every Tuesday at 8 p.m. The next session will be held tomorrow. Al class in rhythmics and progressive ' relaxation, led by Miss Nusi Hart, will meet tonight in the downstairs assembly hall of the center. There is a small fee in connection with this activity. 'The Curious Savage' To Open Thursday "The Curious Savage opens Thursday at Theater Arts Colony. Scheduled for a four-week run, the John Patrick comedy will be staged every Thursday, Friday and; Saturday at 1725 Washington Street, San Francisco. The cast of players, under direction of Gordon Davis, includes many of the actors who recently scored in Theater Arts' production of "Detective Story." They are Richard J. Herbine, Ray Foiirnival, Frarik Burt, Peter Sutherland, Ken Young and Fran Shaw. Others appearing in the Patrick comedy are Rita BOland, Yvonne Martin, Jackie Geary, Betsy Smith and Marian Cramer Allied Fleets Join GIBRALTAR, Jan. 21. -4 (IP) Units of the United States fleet, which have been visiting Spanish ports, assembled here today to join! in combined maneuvers with Allied fleets. EelasWe ! Shewlaitl. fTka Beat at the BENCHLEYS" "Perilaas Parmalsa" 1st Pis Arrlral Saaw Trmla Enterprtaa Gaes -Dewa Doora Oncn 0:49 .Itt. : ' 2 Frmeh Hits! ArWfty ! ' : VISITORS of ihi NIGHT" Ftrnand.l in "IGMACE" f 1 .! n ileal iu wan if Richard BasaharL who Is faaturad In "Decision B ior Dawn" now at th Orpheum Thaater. 'Decision' Moves To the Orpheum i "Decision Before Dawn" has moved' to the Orpheum Theater for a Week's engagement. The picture is a drama taken from George Howe's Christophers' povel, "Call It Treason," and was directed by Anatole Litavak who directed "Snake Pit." On the same bill the Orpheum is presenting "1952's Lafftime Re-yue," an hour of special short f ea-tures, headed by Walt Disney Cartoons, Screen Snapshots, Our Gang Comedy and other comedy subjects. 'Wixard of Oz' to Be Staged Feb. 2 "The Wizard of Oz," the second selection of the East Bay Chil- Idren's Theater, will be presented at the Berkeley High School Little Theater on February 2 at 10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. j This play has been produced by Berkeley High School stu-dents and directed by" Mrs. Florence Schwimley. Individual 'tickets will be on sale at the box office and season tickets are available for the three remaining plays. Mrs. Jack Snow acts as stage manager for this play, assisted by Mrs. Richard Bradshaw and pilrs. Allen Hart, chairmer of costumes and scenery- They, with their committees of workers, under the direction of Jan Mauser and Elliot Johnson, have made all the stage sets and costumes. Joint Club Luncheon SAN LEANDRO, Jan. 21. Members of the San Leandro Soroptimist and Kiwanis Clubs will hold a joint luncheon meet ing tomorrow noon at Onstad's Restaurant, 1812 Washington Avenue. I WW 1 I JMl.l.l I 'F.: IJ..II .Lll.l l .l.l .r.l Islililill rsWiwosea k bisney CSl ? tni Hit -SECRET FLIGHT I V 1 - "r-rr- - j-..- , .TJ,VU!L , 1 A! e i aTs r.jt-y.v.-:-: w - 1 "V ''s-' ffsxn. II . jaHnna aDAlaJ ... i jlJSw I -'Van af . XmA mm 1 CARTOON Lg Ty I I Will 1 lAV nO" 0 III I lie?' J HIGH f ST MATIwaiuKT Mr I tlnftlllll'wttv'wc) Aiiis.tdi 74cf( 1 iA tvm lLl YV (jq aaxftf IC)1 (YlF I If ; I I t. P- ; :. .: - ! 1 ; . . ' ' r . t ' 1 i ii Film Tuneful, ; Well Acted By WOOD SOANES Although the name of Gus Kahn, is probably not familiar to many theatergoers or film fans, certainly the tunes for which he wrote lyrics during a period of 30 or 35 years are songs like "Memories, ' "Fretty Baby, The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else "It Had to Be You," "Yes, Sir, That's My Baby" and "Swinging Down the Lane. i Thus it is quite fitting that be celebrated in a Kahn should romantic screen biography as he is on the screens of the Paramount and Grand Lake Theaters I'll See You in My Dreams," which has that funny nian, Danny Thomas, working in a serious role; with Doris Day to sing songs and play his understanding wife, and Frank Love-joy for chuckles as a horse-playing composer. Kahn was once callec "the Corn Belt bard," and it must be granted that his screen biogra phy is corn right off the cob. It may not even be-a factual rec itation of his life and times. But regardless of all that, it is a pleasant picture tuneful, well acted, and, thanks to Thomas, a sympathetic study of a man who graduated from a teamster's seat to a throne with the mightiest of the music men. If his biographers may be be- i : a ttu- .: i tt ai tx V7 ,1 for writing lyrics which was de veloped through a chance meeting with Miss Day, a song plug-ger. They married, he became famous; they separated, geographically and then spiritually; he lost his money and his health; she nursed him back and restored him to prestige. I'll See You in My Dreams" is a little too long for comfort 109 minutes and there are times when Michael Curtiz di rection has it proceeding at a snail's pace; but the overall results are felicitous. Thomas gives an honest, often moving interpretation of the lyricist; Miss Day is quite believable as the wife; Lovejoy is amusing, as uie ne er-do-well tunesmith; Patricia Wymore is decorative and brittle as a musical comedy queen, and Mary Wickes is delightful as an acerbic maidservant. The secondary picture is "Secret Flight," an unimportant British war picture starring Ralph Richardson but presenting him in a doltish role, and the third item on the program is a Walt Disney short, "Primitive Pluto," which provided its proper quota of chuckles. Emeryville Speaker EMERYVILLE, Jan. 21. Mrs.) Charles Greenwood of the blood procurement department of the American National Red Cross will address members of the Emeryville Industries Association tomorrow noon at Angelo's Ballroom, 4307 San Pablo Avenue. "Bullets Don't Make Appointments" will be her subject. Davis H. Brown is program chairman. NEWS SPECIAL! PARAMOUNT! CAPT. CARL8EN AND THE FLYING ENTERPRISE Ntwt Scoop! JLdsf Honrs of tbt Flying Efittrprist rOWER'DLYTH WorgetYou Closk mnd Dsgitr Jots CUT 1952 LAFFTIME REVUE HellVweed San4y Danald Deck Carteea Caadtd Mieraahaae Mr. China Craiy Over Dalav moon BASEHART BBfMMC WEfiNERNEFF The Aarfal Tratb 24 THRILUNQ i WEEK! A SUPER -THXIUERr 11 iFUkarty's I '-wad aMRAn Y - i in ii 1 1 r t r t - ' w I - jr ""IX J&S Berkeley Tennis Sponsor Blood mobile Visit BERKELEY, Jan. 2L It will be "All-Claremoit Blood Donor Day" Thursday t theserkeley Tennis Club, Tilnnel Rod and Domingo Avenue when members oi we organization sponsor a visit by the .lameda-Contra Costa ! County Medical Association Bjoodmobilf. M Through the I efforts of the College Avenue Merchants As sociation, John? Muir Mothers Club and a Berkeley Tennis Club telephone committee, every block in the Claremont district has been canvassed for potential, do nors, ; according ; to Mrs. Morton McDonald, chairman. Forty mem bers iof the tennis club have promised contributions. Goal for the day has been set at 200 pints. Donors will e received between 1:30 and 6:30 p.m. and appointments may be made by calling the Berkeley Red Cross at BErkeley 7-1430. Heading the Berkeley Tennis Club; telephone committee is Mrs, William Hoogs, who is assisted by Mrs. Carlos Arroys. Mrs. Alan Batchelder, Mrs. John, Calkins New Arrest in FBI 'Slots' Drive i LOUISVILLE. Ky.. Jan. 21. UP -4 With its campaign against slot! machines driving relent lessly toward early completion, the Federal Bureav of Investiga-'! after boldly announcing in, ad vance where it would strike. i John v. Malone, special agent in charge of the FBI here, said it makes no difference now because all efforts to conceal slot machines would be futile and the dealers know it. He announced yesterday the j arrest of Arthur Dennert, 48, part owner of the Newport Vending Ccf., on a concealment charge. The arrest brought the t6tal since Ffiday morning to 45. Rail Wreck Hurts 21 CLYDEBANK, Scotland, Jan. li. UPi A railroad crash in a fog today injured 21 persons, three seriously. A stationary i passenger train was hit from behind by an express, telescoping two cars. I nfTtcftlMrAtM... Adfeif Entertainment BETTE DAVIS Gary MERRILL Emlyn WILLIAMS mm ui mm SECOND BIG HIT! JEAN KENT in ft ss UNTIL 1:00 P.M. 'Taming of Dorothy" If TE B-23CJO DEAN MARTIN JERRY LEWIS IN "THAT'S MY BOY" Jaraea Masea 'The Desert Fox" "THE OLD TEXAS TRAIL" Bob HOPE Hedy LAMARR "mr PHVADITF JDV wasa ui sir TecbnleaUr! Macdonald Carer "CAVE OF OUTLAWS" Celer hr Teehnlealar! "SILVER CITY" Edmsnd O'Brien YTanne: DeCarla Joan Fantaine - John Laad "Darlinj Haw CouU You' M4 Blehard Baiehart "FIXED BAYONETS" Plus: Claadeitte Celbert In "LET'S MAKE IT LEGAL" -4 fkJ .1 .lili Jil lllf- iMlliiill Caler h Teehnlealar! "AIIIIE u. INDIES" Jean Peters .- Louis Jaardaa Plus: F; O'Briek to . r1 "CRIMINAL LAWYER" I . i f 1 1,1 ss a to Jr., Mrs. Nelson Chick, Mrs. Tate Coulthard, Mrs. David Carr, Mrs. Hugh Ditzler, Mrs. Morris Doyle, Mrs. Phillip Emus, Mrs. Ray Fullerton, Mrs. Cyril George, Mrs. Ted Gruhler, Mrs. Maurice Gibson, Mrs. David Harries, Mrs. Ralph Henkle, Mrs. Lester Irving, Mrs. Raymond Ickes, Mrs Chandler Ide, Mrs. Tom Mc- Manus, Mrs. Carl Mauser, Mrs. Robert Mulvany, Mrs. Frederic Novy, Mrs. J. C. Maggini, Mr3 William Price, Mrs. Richard Rail-ton, Mrs. Albert Rosenblatt, Mrs. Edward Small, Mrs. Tom Stow, Mrs. John Rhodes, Mrs. Wayne Thornton, Mrs. Arthur Twiss and Miss Phoebe Johnson. ! OrernniTotionc nrtirirntin in. ude Berkeley Clinic' Auxiliary, Mrs. Eric Cochrane, chairman; College Avenue Merchants, Mrs. Hyette Feigel and Ben Benjamin, chairmen: Exchange Club of East Berkeley, Bill Curtis and William Laney, chairmen; St. Clements Episcopal Church, Mrs Milton Farmer, chairman; St John's Presbyterian Church, Mrs. Herbert Harrington and Herbert Taylor, chairmen; John Muir Mothers Clun, Mrs. Albert Jurs chairman; Emerson School P-TA Mrs. Edward Chandler, chairman; Claremont Club, Mrs. Dun can Scott, chairman; Scout Troops No. 4 and 7, Mr. and Mrs Julian Adams, Alvin Langfield arid Mrs. Edith Placzek, chair men: Diamond Dairy, Arthur Schwatka, chairman. LAST 2 DAYS BURT LANCASTER IN "TEN TALL MEN" AND "THE FAMILY SECRET" 1 WEDNESDAY! A MAMMOTH 3-UNIT Entertainment SPECIAL! HEADLINE HOT STORY OP THE "JOLTIN' JOES' WHO BROKE THE BACK OF BREAK HILL! Richard HEART. Basehart Club ft 11 blllCIIWIIIIIISIII Jt SPECIAL! jM fan euieeidaV vows i Witt MOM IMAM J, V .-'-'ii Oakland TribuneMonday, Jan. Varied Bills at Alameda Theaters Pirate Jean Peters favorite prank is to keep the rest of the cast walking the plank in "Anne Of The Indies, at the Alameda Drive-In. "Criminal Lawyer,' with Pat O'Brien, co-shares. Divorce charges and bayonet charges bring contrasting battles to the Neptune screen in "Let's Make It Legal," with Claudette Colbert, and "Fixed Bayonets, ' starring Richard Basehart Bob ; Hope is nervous in the intelligence service as some of his best plans go awry in "My Favorite Spy,' at the Alameda "Cave Of The Outlaws," with Macdonald Carey, ' Yvonne deCarlo and a silver mine are the discoveries in the ALAMEDA ALAMEDA LA kehurat S-4433 BOB HOPE MI FAVORITE SPY HEDY LAMARR. also TECHNICOLOB "CAVE OF OUTLAWS" MACDONALD CAREY-ALEXIS SMITH MATINEE DAILY AT 1: P.M tfpnwfitfp Central at Webster II&rAUtll RICHARD BASEBART "FIXED BAYONETS" GENE EVANS - MICHAEL O'SHEA "LET'S MAKE IT LEGAL" . Claudette COLBERT-Macdonald CARET IM-0 1413 Park St. LA 2-3996 "THE BLUE VEIL" JANE WYMAN-CHARLES LAUGHTON RICHARD CARLSON; Wayne MORRIS "YELLOW TIN" TIM17C Webater-Sant Clara LA 3-3423 IU'IJ-hS "DESERT FOX" JAMES MASON - JESSICA TANDY "SUNNY SIDE f tha STREET" -color VOGUE Phone LA kehunt 2-733? Celer by TECHNICOLOR SILVER C IX EDMOND O'BRIEN-YVONNE DrCARLO "DARLING. HOW COULD YOU" JOAN FONTAINE - JOHN LUND ALBANY ALBANY Solano Ave. LA 4-S6S6 Tanirht at S:4S P.M. Only FarU! TECHNICOLOR! OCrsKWIa MSIC! "AMERICAN IN PARIS" GENE KELLY - OSCAR LEVANT Leslie Csron f Champs Elrsers Ballrt George Pal's 'WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE' TECHNICOLOR! Showing at 7 & 10:30 D BERKELEY BERKELEY Shattuck at Hast :AS.hberrv 3-4306 ANOTHER HAN B POISON" BETTE DAVIS - GARY MERRILL. "TAMING OF DOROTHY" Jean KENT and Robert BEATTY CONTINUOUS TODAY FROM 1 P.M. fMJFWBnriss&iPssst "MODEL THE MARRIAGE BROKER'! THELMA BITTER - SCOTT BRADT I'LL NEVER FORGET TOU"-Ann Blyth I n f f fltf C . Banrrolt and Telegraph WU'trUd . Richard BASEHART "DECISION BEFORE DAWN" GARY MERRILL: JOAN EVANS In "ON THE LOOSE" EU1V00D College Ave at Ashby AS l-9Sl-OBns :4S Alexander Ksrdk's Dellrhtfal Camedy - "THE GHOST GOES WEST" ROBERT DONAT - JEAN PARKER SINGLE FEATURES OF DISTINCTION A H Vtf Solano at The Alameda VaBd Phone LA ndxrane 6-1836 1ST BERKELEY SHOWING! "ANOTHER MAN'S POISON" BETTE DAVIS - GARY MERRILL "ANNE af the INDIES" - Technleelet JEAN PETERS - LOUIS JOVRDAN DOOR8 OPEN TONIGHT AT :4S niVfll t San Pablo near University IU1VU Free Parkin BE 7-1820 "WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE" Teehnlealar!; LINDA DARNELL in "THE LADY PAYS OFF" UNITED ARTISTS c JtH? "LIGHT TOUCH"-STEWART GRANGER PIER ANGELI - GEORGE SANDERS "MAN WITH A CLOAK"-Joseph Cotten u c University St Shattuck TH 3-627 Doara Oaen at :4S P.M. RICHARD BASEHART - GENE EVANS "LITTLE EGYPT" - TECHNICOLOR! CASTB0 f ALLEY PIS H DAI fi5U Castro Blvd. LU 2-2355 IrlLAUU 1 GENE KELLY "AMERICAN IN PARIS" - Teehnlealar. Also "HOME TOWN STORY" C0NC0BD PtfE H If Phone Concord 7 523 LillaAII "THE RACKET"-- ROBERT MITCHI'M-LIZABETH SCOTT "FOUR IN A JEEP" - Vjveca Lindfors E EAST OAKLAKD CAPITOL Foothill Blvd. St Seminary LO S-4XS4-Opens :45 "GOLDEN GIRL - TECHNICOLOR MITZI GAYNOR - DENNIS DAY -THE MOB" with BROD CRAWFORD ntHniin Fruitvale at MacArthur UlrlUliU KES-07-Opens8:4 2 Technicolor Hits! "CROSS WINDS" JOHN PAYNE - RHONDA FLEMING "CATTLE DRIVE" - JOEL McCREA 1? n CTMftllT MacArthur and 73rd LAdll'lUIl I Free Parking ! r) 2-1C63 "NO HIGHWAY IN THE SKY" JamesSTEW ART - Marlene DIETRICH "THE BLUE-VEIL" FXIDFIl V Foothill Blvd & Fairfax f AlltX AA KE X-477-Open 11:45 2 Technicolor Hits! "LITTLE EGYPT" RHONDA FLEMING - MARK STEVENS "LADY FROM TEX AS"-Howard DUFF FOOTHILL Foothill Blvd. at 35th KE S-ISM-Oaeas :4 T I K I " K O N Thar Heyerdahl's Best Selllnr Navel HIDDEN ROOM" - ROBERT NEWTON pntflTtf BT E E.'J4th and 37th Ave. CltUllVALL PHOVE KE 3-6728 "WILD BI.rE YONDER" WENDELL COREY - VERA RALSTON AIo "LET'S MAKE IT LEGAL GRANADA Free Parking-1 O H-M54 2 Technicolor Hits! "CATTLE DRIVE" JOEL MrCREA: also LINDA DARNELL "THE LADY PAYS OFF' f HfftDFI MacArthur at sath Ave laAUtfLi KE3-lr-Oaens:4S "PEOPLE AGAINST O HARA" SPENCER TRACY: AUDIE MURPHY In "RED BADGE OF' COURAGE" tin I H fY 23rd Ave. and E. 15th rAlaALL FREE PARKING "BROKEN ARROW". - Technicolor James STEWART - Jeff CHANDLER Alxfr "FLAME AND THE ARROW" DRDinUnV Park Blvd. and E. 19th rAlflVTTAI FREE PARKING "two tickets to broadway" technicolor: tony martin "THE MOB" with BROD CRAWFORD Pff V Ea '7th Stieet at 7th Aver . 1-A PAI L DOUGLAS "ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD" JANET LEIGH: YVONNE DeCARLO "BUCCANEER'S GIRL" DOORS OPEN TONIGHT AT (:!3 EL CEBRIT0 PPnDITn San Pablo at Fairmoiint Wfaiiiil 1 U CLOSED TONIGHT! Starts Friday ."ION TIKI" "REUNION IN BENO-Mark STEVENS EL SOBRAMTE nantr EL SOBRANTE. BE aeon 4-7741 Iriililk JOEL McCREA "CATTLE DRIVE" - TECHNICOLOR! "MILLIONAIRE FOR CHRISTY" II HAYWAED HAYWARD jSTSSi "PANCHO VILLA RETURNS" LEO CARILI-Oi also Audrey TOTTER CeiOr ROMERO In "P.B.I. GIRL" ftfBMB 331 Castro Street UI14 Phone LU rem 2-0430 "MY FAVORITE SPY" BOB HOPE St HEDY LAMARR Also "DARLING. HOW COULD YOU DOORS OPEN I.1S PJi. WEEKDAYS ! la ALPIIABETirAI Order! City Headinp and Theater Names art Afranted in Alpktbitieal Order. , A 1 N . 1 r 15 21, 1952 k! ... -. 1 - . - - .V: . life i of mining assayer Edmond 0Bfienlin "Silver City," ttthi Vogue, t "Darling, How Could . '. You!" completes the! bill. Police Want to Know . OMAHA, Neb., Jah.i 26. m Police are holding a .32 caliber.' pistol and hope the owner comes " to pick it up. They want to ask. -nun why he was waving it in an ' Omaha bar and why he was car- ' ryihg the loaded revolver in' the : first place. He rah, they said, ; when, the bartender knocked it from' his hand. j . i 1 1 ' ' - i - Betty GKABLK Kebert TOl NO ! rSheekisg Miss i Filgria" DENNIS O'KEErS la "T-IIEH" 9 $ t MOBTH OAKLAKD CHIMES P17J'6 Co"' ' Shatter "AMERICAN IN PABIsl!!rkn "Anne or the indies TECHNICOLOR! JEAN PETERS PIEDMONT EVERY SEAT 41M PteAmaat At. Phaaa PI a-l ' "ML IMPERICM" TECHNICOLOR! LAN A TURNER EZIO PINZA - MARJORIE MAIN "ANNE af the INDIES" - TerAntealat? JEAN PETERS - LOUIS JO URBAN ' POORS OPEN AT 9:3 P.M. SFMJaTfln Telegraph at S9U. rSallA 1UII rreeParklnc PI UI9 i "FIXED BAYONETS" RICHARD BASEHART - GENE EVANS "LITTLE EGYPT" - TECHNICOLOR o 0EINDA ORINOA Tunnel Highway at Orinda Crossroads Orlnda MM - "HERE COMES THE GROOM" ' RTMn finsnv . nvr tuvu.w FRANCHOT TONE - ALEXIS SMITH - "DARLING. HOW COULD YOU" JOAN FONTAINE & JOHN LUND LARGE FREE PARKING AREA R RICHMOND COSTA 7th-Mactlonald BE 3-2 1? GARY MFRRIM. "DECISION BEFORE DAWN" Also "TALES OF ROBIN HOOD" GRAND Mr Rhem BE J-C571 ' t TrrHNiroins nmi 'ANNE OF THE INniFR".Jr prrrps' ' Red SKELTON - "TEXAS CARNIVAL- - STATE 5th - Macdonald BE 4-30G3 TERRY MOflll "AFRICA SCREAMS"-Abbott St Costello UNITED ARTISTS8" "nisiINT DRUMS" - TECHNICOLOB GARY COOPER . MARI ALDON "FINDERS KEEPERS" - Julia ADAMS . UPT0WI1 Macdonald & 25th Ave. navin vivrw 2rJ " i-ovttT- - Teehnlealar VERA-ELLEN; also "SHORT GRASS" SAX LEAKDB0 DT East 14th St. at 148th Av. " ' Phone TR lnlrl.d -34 , "THREE GUYS NAMED MIKE" ' -JANE WYMAN - VAN JOHNSON " " "VENGEANCE VALLEY" TECHNICOLOR! BURT LANCASTER FREE DRESDEN CHINA TO LADIES! -DOORS OPEN :4S P.M. WEEKDAYS - DEL MAR SAN LEANDRO E. Mth-Eurlirf TR WENDELL COREY - VERA RALSTON Also "LET'S MAKE IT LEGAL" t COMPLETE SHOWS FROM 8:!W P.M. Bf f Open Wed.. Thurs.. Sat. Se Sun. IU Wednesday-RAY MIL LAND "CIRCLE OF DANGER" "WHEN I OROW UP"-Robert PRESTON SAW L0BENZ0 V1LLA6E I nRFN7fl San Lorenzo Villaa sbUn&VII&U Phone LU cerne l-fWU 'CATTLE DRIVE" - TECHNICOLOR JOEL McCREA; LINDA DARNELL in mi lui Mt OFF" SAW PABLO AVEKITET EL REY Sn Pablo Ave. near .Vtrt RT Ri rsoT'r mri tii IN PERSON - ON OUR STAGE TEMPEST STORM Alse Apprarlnr an Screen In "PARIS AFTER MIDNIGHT" 2ND RIG BIRTJIDAY SHOW! IFOR ADULTS ONLY! CONTINUOUS 1 P.M. TILL MIDNIGHT GATEWAY San Pablo and Stanford OL !.IM.Oim a-S "TEXAS CARNIVAL" - TECHNICOLOB RED SKEI.TON - ESTHER WILLIAMS ' "THE WELL" - Richard ROBER RIALT0 San Pahlo & 27th HI 4-23 3' BRODErick ritwrnin "iriE MUn , HAKaAHA PAYTON in "DRUMS IN THE DEEP SOUTH"-color ' WALKTTT CHEEK PI DFV WALNUT CREEK 44fiS J Iltal "ELOPEMENT" CLIFTON WEBB - ANN FRANCIS "HIGHWAYMAN" - WANDA HENDRHC WEST OAKLAND LINCOLN 1620 7th St. GL 1-3504 ABBOTT Jt COSTEI I.A "COMI.V ROUND THE MOUNTAIN"-. Also "LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE" PPRAf TA Phone HI 4-336f II1IIHI1IA DENNIS MORGAN "PAINTING CLOUDS with SUNSHINE" Technicolor!; "VALLEY OF FIRE" DRIVE-IN THEATERS ALAMEDA ALAMEDA DRIVE II! Webster at the Alameda Tube LA S-93A4 "ANNE OF THE INDIES" TECHNICOLOR! JEAN PETERS LOUIS JOURDAN - DFBRA PAGET "CRIMINAL LAWYER" PAT O'BRIEN - JANE WY ATT ISLAND AUTO MOVIE t BLOCKS FROM TUBE IN ALAMEDA Shaw Starts :45 P.M.: Cantlnaaaa "THE LAW AND THE LADY" GREER G ARSON . MICHAEL WILDING "LET EM HAVE IT" BRUCE CABOT - RICHARD ARI.EN THE ALL-SEASON THEATER In-CAR HEATERS! In-CAB HEATERS! LAUNDROMAT OPEN 9 A.M. - It P.M. C0WC0RD r-iOTon-m By the Monument . -Ooen DallT P .ML. "STAR LIFT" DORTS DAY - GORDON MarRAE ' ', 'SON OF DR. JFKYLL"-Lnuis Hayward PAYWABD MOTOR MOVIES Ntles Hlghwav 2 Mtles South ot Haywsrd -: "THE RACKET" t ROBERT MITCH UM-LIZA BETH SCOTT . "HIGHLY DANGEROUS" 1 Dane CI-AKK - Margaret LDCKWOOD' . . - OAKLAKD AIRPORT AUTO MOVIE 98th Aw nr OaV!anl Airort LO -Q2S Gates Open 6:15 Shaw Starts :4 "GOLDEN GIRL" - TECHNICOLOR! , MITZI GAYNOR - DENNIS DAY "LOVE NEST" with JUNE HAVER 1 William LUNDIGAN - Marilyn MONROE EL CERRIT0 San Pah'o ant FaHr. Tunt MOTORv MOVIES LA 6-7834 - CI.OSED TONIGHT! Starta Friday IXED BAY ON ET8 -Richard Basel) Alw "I IT'I liAKK IT lir.il1 OAKLAND wxtZrr- OPEN FRIDAY. SATURDAY SUNDAY SEE STADIUM PROGRAM! , STADIUM AUTO MOVIE 155th Ave St B. 14th St. LO S-RSM L 1ST DISTRICT SHOWING! - "LITTLE EGYPT" - TECHNICOLOR! , MARK STEVENS - RHONDA FLEMING "LADY FROM TEXAS" - Technicolor . HOWARD DUFF - MONA FREEMAN AH PABLO ftANCHO DRIVE Ui i 14th Broadway Ran P bM: J-. SUrta Thursday! "SILVER CTTT" ' l -DARLING, HOW COULD YOC" '

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