The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 16, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 16, 1935
Page 1
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TWO""" BL.YTHEVf.LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CrCL Social Calendar MONDAY'S EVENTS jWoman's Council ' First Christian church meeting wllh Mrs. Gordon Evrard on-Hearn SI., 2:30 p. in. Circles \V. M. S.'First MelhodW church: !., Mrs. K. p.. Fewon; 2, Mrs. Don Summons In Ward apartments 011 Walnut strejt; 3. Mis. IS, A. Lynch; 4, Mrs, A. M. : Butt, 2:30 p.m. •Circles Vi'cnlan's Auxiliary First Prcstyierliui church mostlng 2:30 pm with 1 1, Mro T J Mahtm; VMrs,' W. R.- Salmon; 3, Mrs. \V. A. Dobyns, TUESDAY'S 1 ' EVENTS ,O. E. S. having stated meeting at hall, 1:30 p. in. Mrs: Chester B. B.-ibrock liuviixf Tuesday Bridge club. Young Matrons Bridge cluD meeting with Mrs. Murray Smsil. WEDNtSDAY'b .fc»a.,'ie Wednesday Bridge club meeting ulUi Mrs James H Bsll Mrs:- M, O.- Usrey entertaining Mld-Weck Bridge chib. : t Delphian tins ArU club meeting nt Hold Noble, 9:30 a.m. Mississippi County Federation pi 1 Women's . clubs executive board meeting nt Hotel Noble, 13:30 j>.m, THURSDAY'S EVENTS Senior High p.-T. 1 A. presenting play "Black Eyed SiismV at hrgli £chco! audilovium. > ,Holy Name' society of Inunucu- latc Conception church meeting at sccla! hnil, 7 JO pm Mrs. Hoss D: Hughes having Thursday Luncheon club. < Mrs. Edgar Borum enli'rlulnhiB Thursday Contract club. Thursday Bridge club meeting with MI,I, Fred•'•Rutherford. FRIDAY'S EVENTS Costvtmc masquerade ikinco ut country, cl'.;b, 9:30 p.m. Ssnlbr Hii'h P.-T, A. presenting play 'Black Ejed Suwn' nt high school auditorium. Woman's club meeting at. club house, 2 30 p m Buuglilcr Born. Mr and K\ f tdvraid B Akin, of Yaibro, announce'the o! a daughter, torn Tuesday The baby, who wclglis. nine and a half pounds, hiis been named Polly Anne Akin. Before her marriage Sirs. Akin wa s Miss Mary Lillian Rlggins of this city. » * • Hive Dinner Party. ' Mi and Mrs F B Joyuer en- uitalned with n Dinner- pally last evening at theli homo on West Majn street,* to which they recently movW. ;«Hi — > ,. tPink s\\eetpeai,|ri j cijslal low bonl «aa (lie centerpiece of Ihc table, laid fos eight, nnd pink and j.ellow lose buds were on tho buffet A nvc coliiic mum uaa served. * In the brldt,a gamr, vUHUi toileted Che-tei R BabcoiU ma-4c high scar" fentcrt ilns Club - Mr* L H Mcoic cnCti unud members of thr- nnucclaj Bildge Hub and Mrs Do>lc Itcnilcison Uns week she had arranged tulips in the ihlng room ;Tha prize, 'handkerchiefs, went to Mrs N B Mcnaid and similar gift ^¥ds uiesentcd Mr Henderson (Vloslly Mr. and Mrs. Ciiltlirie. Kins Have ... to now feeling better. .Mrs. W. C. 1'osey, of £H«olc, Mo., a. patient nt the.Memphis, Eye, Kar. Nose and Throat hospital Kditli ,,. „, ,, T|I i ^I,IH UCU !)«• home in Ht. Louie; rtbilay ic-r. an .esieiielgd vfsjt '.wllh By Helen Welghimer TOMORROW isn't And yeslerdnv is done. Hie ])alJi we walked logcllicr Has found no benison. fOR Heaven's not denial * \VLrtn Utitu t,,. ; »it.r.. i. built by earthly hands, And dear, we ore not licirs to 'A'house in Promised Laiids. QO let's be brave at parting: •*• Life's gay days are so few. I want you (o be happy . . . AwJmavbc i'Jtbe. too. c,,n, I . ---n." .-1 ., L m>W '" rersona. SATURDAY. FEBRUARY 10. 1935 CHIJRD-1ES I1KST BAPTIST CIIUKCH Walnut -at Eighth Alfred Carpenter, I'abfor 'J'lic pastors morning sermon topic Is "Smoking Chvisllans" hncl at tlic evening scr.vlce he will cpeak on "Meeting God In Fire." I The 'Sunday School fUarls ut! 3:W with a clnss for every mem- ' l)cr ol Ihc family, from tho cradel i to Hie (,'iuvii. | Training Unions mcvt at "Richest Giif On Bridal Day fvpm' "'Memphis'" 8 where ! )reviolls lo Preaching tprvi™. An Kins ijB[l>«iic (fciild! work '" U> LSl t ,!"l.i!!? Br P! n is returned 'to each group. Church night service racli Wcd- nct-day night beginning at seven o'clock. - • Worship with tho church where --- t . ....... n lv , MIUI^U IYIU. H wclco »^, ls *"*ay s tell but M H cr d< - , Minn Mary Ardcn Gajlowny, oi ctnphla, will iirrivo. (Ills, iiftev noon to sneiid ' the weokcjid with '' 5 ' C?l '- 01 B l»'keniovo; . of Memphis, !ay. 7 p. ni. ' CHUUCII "• J- KMndlriiif, 1'aslur Sunday school, 9'u m Mining worship, 10 «. IU Kycnlng uwslilp, 7:30 p. m. Walthcf. League social, Wcclnes- . , tlie wcekencl .with Ills I.nients. ,,. . ,,,H C . 1|lU l Sn ' lth > • o( Keiscr, .Is will Up- Oullrt meets Thursday, 2:30 p n- ' : . , f Lecture on Bible Fundament ils ?iiclay, 7 p. ni. A cordial invitation' awails you. METHODIST CHLUiCH ' SKRVIPE . Hoon, SOS, 401 Klglith Aye,, New Vork, N. V. fln " «nt, In cela lor which plca Be aeml m « new b001 "" of 1>oen '° by Nama .,,., '"•«• ••,-.•/ Street .;;..., v,.,,,,.;;');..,, .^ ' •' • ""' City .... '"'"'• '"''" 7 * Stile N»ce of Paper PJays Through Doublcr ^V-i, 49 Make Five Elianionds %' ' 1 ir. i ' f L , i* . t , ..-..i . ,•'- ., . • '.-., ^ to' Previous Contract Problem I * '< Q S 7 1 6 -t 3 Bell P. T. A. H'fll Haic I ouiulei-s I'rogum Tlie Dell P T A will have :i special program Kl tli» Mhooi !|U- ditonum Wedne-day evsnlng i 45 o'clock, in celetiatlon of Pounders J Louis Cheny is to be the special sueaker * o.C Hemters ot the oiganizntion arc \f S 3 z imitmg tl.e public tp attend |;4 Void ?• T. A. Study Courjc Hclrt. - The second meeting of Hi? study course sponsoied by the fenlor nigh, Junior high »nd Ccntm! Waid P T A's «i< held in the high school librarj lusitiay inght The subject of the msel- |ns v,as 'Parent Co-opei,Mion in the Arkansas Co-operative Program to Improve Instruction and tho course 15 being held each ruKday night from 7 to 8 o'clock. ; This \vseks tro'iam v,ts led by Mtes Hazel s-vmnlc and the snb- 'rS ly> A ""?<iran Bridge .,,.„,,„,; This Is the second of a. series of six nitcrosthiB hartits by the play- •>rs,ol the Terrace Bridge Club of New York. Todiy-'s .hum! w«Vv played by Miss Helen While, one of the \vo- nen's national pair • lihamnlb'n. ship.title holders. Miss: While INKS nadc/iui exceptionally 'line record In tournaments in the lust-- two years, biit she says she' still,plays .^ tiorc rubber bridge I linn duplicate. Here's an Interesting hand fho Played In a rubber game ut the club. Miss While's heart bid was a constructive move, West made n ject Now was "Schools—Then and *QD S t A ! P » QS 73 2 | Rubber N mid K vul. 'Smith Wc*l' "North • )ii :i A & * Pass ^ .Vay.t t I'nsJ > Uoublo' ; lead—* K 10 '-tf ...1,,^!. Today's CoplrncS ^ . llorc's- iiiiother.liiniil from Ui.o 'I'crr.ato Uridec Club in New York. South lias tlic coii- tracl at .tlirep 110 trump. West opens llio deuce of t'li'ts. l)^- cluvcr must employ two .olcty plnys to innlcn liis vnutruel. Can you ilo su agiiliiKl iiorfcct Ucfcayt:? v 4 K 7 II VA.K1 J • .A 1 fl fi ' ' s i:; v 10 en K 5 1 * K )i 7 -J W S Deiltr V Q J 0 S * Q.I A A .1 10 V 7 2 ^ 'J S 7 o 2 * A 9 C o'.i in ne.M issue. 'Hie Vlay , Aguliiu tlio five diamond contract. West opeiierl (lie king of •clubs. South won the Hick \v ' in dummy v;itl, uy' »- , C f01 ' ier feet cHI " B llea '"icnt Joi- rs H A i , i ' y " nt) C! "" ch Sch001 ' 9:45 «• 11 >. Morali) B Church ivoi-shlu, 10:55 "• '"• Piist o'' >s subject: "The Know' of God." ^ n ' 1[1 lilu! ,, " "' P«"y League services, 0:30 p. in. Evening Church worship. 7:30 p. m. Sermon by Rev. H. Lynn ; Wade, pastor of' tlic First Meth- Horum, of Osccola, odisl Church In Jonesboro. work' each nfgiit at --•-• v, \j. ouimn, pi o Tent Thursday In Ihe city. wS. '""' ° ^"^ h ™ Mr. ami Mrs. o. W. McCutclicn vent to Memphis yesterday where Mrs. Mccutchen is undersolng an -an liiatio,,.. s| lc has been lak- B Ihe rest. cure for- moro tlian monlh. Jonesboro. 7:30 from Monday to Friday. A cordial Invitation extended to desiring to attend these services and the training program. CHRISTIAN CliimCH "Love at first sight" than five years after their initial meetuig-to the marriage of Doris Duke, America's richest heiress, and James H. R. Cromwell; amateur sportsman, in a private' simple ceremony at the home of .the bride's mother in New York. Here the couple Is shown shortly a'ftcr the wedding as Ihcy prepared;to sail on a honeymoon cruise of the Mediterranean Will.! Cnldwell. of •vas in the city today Randolph Patton, who has been n Sikeston, Mo., ol'v the cultou eason, spent B short time here oday enroutc to his home in Llltle n Rock. Mines. M. G. Goodwin, Randolph Ptttton, P. c. Rothrock and w C .spent yesterday In Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. p. p. Joyner and happy' we arc. :h,ldren are in Sikeston, Mo to- any as guests of Mr. .and Mre f red Hcmiflcld. , ; ::Mr. .'nnrt. Mra-/ Ma x -rj ire in' Memphis 'today. "Y" . : ~"~ * i-iuici your Qod" (I Chronicles school at 9:45 a. m. M. T. 22'19> • • • . • il 1 . u , Mll J' lper l lUL ' I . lc ? enl - ' J 1 le 9 olcle " Among the citations which com Rule Clas; Is driving (lie bus ;it prcsciit. : Sermon at U a. ni> service: "The Challenge, of Jesus." Young People's meeting at 5 :n. .lillenium." Church-night program Wcdncs- 'iy, 0:30-8:30 p. m. Miller -T"—,' • - ( 1-JlllIUtJ.J QU1 and ilfrs. B. S. Simmons Evans, Supl. „. u. yi 111 n itui; lave gone lo Miami, Fia., for S ev- •ral weeks :;tay. Leachville .Society — Personal 'the Woman's Missionary society of the Methodist church met Wednesday afternoon in the home of Mrs. c. c. Counco. Devotional services were led by Mrs. B. F Smith. The society will meet next Wednesday \vilh Mrs. W. o. Thweatt for a social aim Work! Outlook program. * • ' Tlic Uaplisl- Woman's Missionary society met Ihls week with Mrs. Bislioff. The meeting was opened by Mrs. Fannie Lnccy. • Mre. Muble Outlaw, who formerly conducted a beauty parlor in Leachville, ims ojwned a beaiity shop In lilythevillc. The Biggs Motor 'company received a car load of Ford V-8 SECOND BAI'TIST CHUItCU Wuiii ami 18th Sts. Bible school, ,lt) a. m. Thomas Bogun. Sup'l, 'B. T. U. C:30 p. in. PreBchhig- services"ll a. m. and 7:30 p. m. by II. L. Ferguson. GOSPEL CilUIiCII S. Lilly St. U. I). Slunlgomcry, Pastor N. W. Tranlham. Sunday School Sup't. BWSElay .school, D:-I5 u. in. Prcicliing service, II a. m. Choir practice Tuesday evening, 7:30 p. m. Evangelistic service Friday cvc- InS, '.'30 p. in. btinday .--chool growing urery .coker in,d , , . f( ""»y spcnl last Sundify In Bitten of diamonds was re- coda, Mo., visiting retntlves liirncrt and East refused to cover. Ilcv. J. w. Moore attended the H held Ihc Irick nnd llic live of diamonds was played, nnd Ihc nlno spot linciscd. Now a small heart was led, Hie jack played from dummy, mut East refused lo win the trick. The jack of was played next, f ----- v » i niijo n ito 1'IUJ UU I1L A[ South di.ward'iiig the deuce o! West won the trick with u . °" .nice sacrifice bid to prevent the . ;four lieurl bid. However, you will ""> <!"ccn and returned tho jack lln(l llm1 ' lt you toy the hand out, ° r spades, which declarer won with . . Mississippi comity Union meeting ol the Kpworth League last 'fure- day nlslit at Oraoln. Lois Williams, of illylhevillc spent Thursday and Friday in Leachvlllc, witli rclnlives. C. L. smith, Francis atuith, Mr. .nifl Mre. w. V. Riggs. Mrs, ci.iltis Hall, .Jack nobly, and others attended llio nuto show in Mem- Phis Wedimdny, la wincorn gave "Autobiography review of made by f Lincoln three trui playing \V'est for only . Tlu! kii\g of hearts was return-! church in Leachville from the Mclhocltst People", and Mre Sel al)' l ec^ East winning Ihc trick ace and 'immediately rcliirn- , The ten of clubs came nest. East vefusing to trump, and Miss White enlz Morrison will be in charie i ln '°, rESt .5 (l '" Barrtcii work. 'refusing lo Gardrn n,,h vilie. president of ihi: ArVniuii :' , WUen °"0 is led, East Is forc- -- - attend the _ Standard Training school next Mctliodiil uhurch - - •-- -•-.--•-, »IIM iViiss jMnrina Blythc, of Leachville, nt- week HI Ftrsl aiylhovillc. ilrs. J. W. Moore, tendcd Woman's Gardjn Club Foirn s , Plans. . Plans foi fceautifjiiij the hieii- ways Isadlnj into Bl>thevl|le and the sponsoring of a sprles of flower shotvs (hiough the spring und . . - , pr c!a,- president, of the Forrest city \m?, ,,„,,' nt,- District Federation o 1 ' ' " "" p!cl mon »'S be the nrsl »•••* >l"i we mi; ill gi, actlvillw of the recenlly organized Garden olut, it va s annoimccd loliovmj a meeting Friday afternoon at She Woman s club house Mines a. A Bugg, oils Shepherd, Charles Cngger ji, and Edwin Robinson were appointed msuibers of a committee to plan these activities The merchants Tvjll cooperate ulth the group in _ the awarding: of piiyjs to-flower growci 5^ In b Bljrthevdle«ylio en le their fiCy/ers iu"the sfioh'B' ' . % A ccllecticn cf books.end pa'|i vilie, president of- .... of Women's chibs. otiri ; t i ,., --- lher the The automobile industry, tlirectlv cr indirectly, employs onj'of evcr- 11 workers in the United Statei o omens cis. mid iah n i- e Mrs.' John \v. Edrinston of Osce- ?' S Lf, rprn " cen ° Qf d ' amo "tls, and The earth is nt least 1.725.000,- ' ^"" ovc <'- °? J f a '' $ o!rt ' ""^"'s lu laltst other Eciculillc cou.puuttons. District Federation of Women'4 "'".bs, will te guests of honor. •: | Compllnic'nls Mollicri Mre. .B., R. Mason entertained 12 giiesla :last evening, tii compliment to her mo (her. Mr 5. R. B. "iltli, because it. u-as her. birthday. . ' _: ' •' : 'Tlie Va'ienline motif was ustd in the refreshment covers, the (allies, and Ihe heart shaped Ice cream and cakes served. 'The rook prize went to Mrs.-K. . r. •- .. trump, making fire can the J. doubled. Yarbro News Mr. Aubrey Hoixt [liroving wt tlie home ol hi enls. Mr. and Mrs. N. j Icy. Mrs. Anna Hanclley and ,,,,, . "• *• iiuwnj^ riuw \lsllcd Mr. Hiid Mrs. Burnett lost Sunday aUcmoon. Air. and Mrs. Adrian Daniels spent Sunday night v\i(h Mrs. Daniels sister, Mrs. Claude (Jod- dard, Mr. and Mis. !•;. Marllij find moved lo the. Dycss a spent bunday wilh Mis. Handlcv baby Mr. and Mrs. Lluyd Katon. formerly of Yarbro and nov uj BLv thcvlllc, arc Lhs iwicnti of a smi street born at their home un Tliuisdny, Kobruary 1. ^' r 'i.f!'. rt ^ Mr5 '.P. c ?'' se "oucrUoi. and to Rice Branch experiment station,' county group which will be car cOtn Tnpttlnpr"; nf tli» TTntirorcifif *l n A ..... v...- „,. _...L_ ,.J.. ' - .• . .;- • , , U " both members of the University ried out by >all clubs iricliided in --,-.,of. AvkaH>i(5 Extension Serviee, the federation prise the Lesson-Sermon is Ihe spoke lo a B roup of south Missis-1 Reservations may be made wilh following from the Bible: "Not sippi county farmers assembled at Mra SternberV every one that saith unlo me, the psceola court house Friday Lord, Lord, shrill enter into Ihe afternoon. Mr. Banks discussed kingdom of heaven; but ho that, business trends ant! prices for , ... : * _ SlarWi; •Faced : HaBi in Greece — The ..„»,. oull uui-uao. Of The Lesson-Sermon also includes ! ton prteeTand ^en"ni"r'immmmA- tracUon for'twm^Ti'* , l ' ew at " 1C followtnir rtassage from llin ntions for nthor r-r™« iracuon !or visitors. The dam con- the following passage from the atipiw for other cro'ps Christian Science textbook, "Sci- - • "••--••-.nJii V"-'^"V- L-t.\LUUWft. lJUl- Come uncl SEC for yomtelf how ence and Health with Key lo the Scripture," by Mary Baker Eddy; I'lKS'l' CJIimCH OK THE NAZAKENIi ,-...Eujiha U. Bcasley, I'aslor "'; 'Sunday school,' 0:-I5 11. in., iB.'i Morning worship, U a. m. N. Y. !'. S. li:30 p. m. Evening service, f:15 p. m. Rev. Morgan, who is conducting i revival, will preach ut, both Horning an,-| evening services, con- •.Inuing through the week each :vcning at 7:30 We invite you lo hear this excellent young minister. "Kingdom of Heaven. The reign of harmony in divine" Science; the realm of unerring, denial, and omnipotent Mind; the atmosphere ol SpivJt/where" Soul is supreme" I (page 501)). I A Christian Science message is [broadcast , every Wednesday 10:30 a. m. over KLCN. at Osceoia Society — Personal Mrs. J. R. Hayden of CaruthErs- ville spent Thursday here with her mbliier, Mrs. W. u Moore. Mr. and Mrs. Dwiglit Ulackwnod of Memphis will be in .Osceola Saturday and Sunday a' s guests of Mrs. W. L. Moore. Earl nssnlierg, a Litllc Hock auditor, is an Osccola guest for icv- cral days. Sam Springer of pjne BlufT sjicnt Friday and Saturday in Oscoola. Snow Wilson was a Memphis visitor Thursday. .Mrs. Frank Williams went to Memphis Friday to meet her moth- -r, Mrsfl E. D. Bozeman, wlio has State and District Club Leaders Will Be Guests • Mrs. J..W.-Vclvin.of. Lewisvillc, president or (lie Arkansas i'edcrii- tion of Wonien's clubs, and Mrs. John \V. Edrington of bsceola, president of the Forrest City District Federation of Women's clubs, wjll he guests of honor at, a hmch- con mect|ng of the executive board of. the Mississippi ••county organization ut the Holcl Hoble Wednesday. ' . • Besides officers aTid chairmen of tlie county federation, Mrs. S. S. Slernberg, vice ^president, who is now serving as president wliile Mrs. U G. ISyerlcy, of ^eachville, Is in San Dlepo.l'Cal, has announced that all interested club women are invited: Mrs. Sternherg will preside at She luncheon when 'both Mrs. Velvin and Mrs. Edrinston will speak. At this time plans will be formulated for spring, activities in the slructed on Ihc plains recently to supply water for Athens is tlic only inarble-faccd one in the world, and the stone in it is taken from the quarries which once supplied ancient Oreck.tculptors. .,: ' Blood of the porpoise is niore like human blood' than : thai XW most animals. 'nils sea-goil maiiiiual shows close affinities .wrti oxen and pigs. . -, . . ozeman, wo has Suiutay. Everyone not in Sunday been ill in Tunica, Miss., for .sev- xhool urged to atlend. CIlliKCil 01' CHRIST Court flousc Audilorliim N. S. Taylor, Miuislci aunday school, 10 a. in. Sermon, 11 a. m. "Tlie Great Invitation." Commimitm. 11:15 a. m. Evening services. 7j;!o p. m. Sermon subject, ""Things to .Mnk about." weeks. Mrs. Bozcman oxpcct^ to remain with her (laughter here for a we?!: or ten days. John Blnvkwoocl was u. Memphis visitor Thursday. A. W. Young is spending the week end with his wife nnd son, Mrs. May Young and Andy, wno are visiting Mrs. Young's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Love, in Jones- gHONE 134 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSDK&NCK PKPT, . Mr. nnd Mrs. J. c. Young sr. . Lvcryonc is extended mi invi- going to Liikc City, Are., to- alion lo attend both services. day to spenii (li» u-e'ckend will) Mr. and Miftr-J. C. Youn° jr CHRISTIAN- SC1KNCK SEilVlC-tS "BOUI.' 1 is the subject of the c.^oii-Kermwi wiitcli «-il| (, c icuil in all Churches of Christ, Rcleni- . . . W. B. Dycss of Little Rock. 'was ^n Osceoia visitor Friday. He re- • turned lo Little Rock Friday night. ' D, J. Bmleson, extension agron CROP LOANS position to loii !st, Sunday morning ;it n o'clock, cmisl from the College of Agri- Hotel Noble. culture at lh= University of Ar- Thc, Golden Text is: "get, your Kansas, and G. ir. Banks as- licart and your soul to seek Ihc '^fetaiH director in charge of Ihe Now Located • at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWAKUS, Proprietor 411 mnkex of rebuilt Typewriters,.Gilding Machlnn arrt CMcuLilon Keiialriii?—Parts—Ribbons, - Burke Hardware Hivtltcvilk SERVICE BLYTOILLE LAUNDRY Phone 327

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