Vallejo Times-Herald from Vallejo, California on October 19, 1974 · Page 11
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Vallejo Times-Herald from Vallejo, California · Page 11

Vallejo, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 19, 1974
Page 11
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POLITICALLY SPEAKING Peace Officers Endorse Dunlap Injunction Psychl'df f/Sf Talk · Mkb. A · * For Health Group VITAL STAT/ST/CS Assemblyman John Daa- lap ( D - N a p a , Soiaaoi. tkemocratic candidate for the staie senate, has received the endorsement of the Peace Officers' Research Association of California (PORAC). P O R A C represents approximately 17,000 members among 2SO peace officers' associatioas throughout me state. «t Dualap earh'er received eudorsemeai of the California Association of Highway Patrolmen (CAHP) which r e p r e s e n t s over 6.0W members, Dunlap, a veteran of almost eight years la ihe Siafe Assembly, said he was pleased and honored with the endorsement and feit it was in recognition of his continued sirosg sappon for professional 1 a enforce- sellers includes many of VaUejVs elected officials and prominent residents. 175e eieaing's menu is being arranged arid planned by i\\o other well knoiva VaJle- joaas, Janei Capello and Larrv Zunioo. ID addition to the locaj appeal, the event is beginning to attract an impressive list of state legislator? uho have expressed their desire to be on hand. Siegler is running as the Democratic nominee in a district which comprises all of Xapa County. Sama Rosa «nd-ihe Valiey of ihe Moon portions C: Sonoma County, and VaUejo. Ticket co-chairmen advise those iiishing to aued to contact Democratic-Siegier headquarters ar $42-4433, J3-1195. S44-8515 or 533-3630 to insure advance reservations. ~ temporary injunction to stop an 11-Kock expansion of Napa's downtown redevelopment was denied fo Citizens Against ibe Desmirtioa of Xapa (CADS) bx a f**«al dis:nci judge in San Fraa- eisco. But additional expenditure of federal funds oinside tbe nine-btock downtown core area is being held up by an agreement between CADN and the ^Tapa Community Redevelopment Agencj. Federal Judge William Or- rich set Nov. 5 as tbe hearing daie for CADS*s suit for a permanent injunction. CADK challenged ibe adequacy of a federal environmental impact staiemeni for the expansion en ihe basis it covers only three blocks o: the proposed U-bloek enlargement. Being delated by ihe sui: is expenditure of part oi ihe foanh-year renewal bua- gei of S4.8 million, already approved by ;he federal government. X A P A - Dr. Barry Grundlaed, child psychiatrist aad member of foe Napa Valley Unified School Board, aHl be the featured speaker of the upcoming Xapa County Mental Health Association annual dinner. Topic of Dr. Grundlasd's speech is '-Eleshsms are Running t'nder ihe Bed or J o k e s iba: Psychiairis^ hear " ~* The dinner, a social gaib- e r i n g 10 welcome new friends and members, will be held at the Mare Island Officers Club Thursday. Oct. 24, A no-hoss eocktai] hour a'. 6:30 p.m. iri3l precede the prime rib dinner at 7:30 pm. Tickets are available ai (he -Menial Health office, 1S27-A Lincoln Ave. Xapa PLANS PROGRESSING FOR SIEGLER DINNER Blih ibe theme of "On 10 Sacramento." Sunday. Oct. 27 at ibe Dan Foley Cultural Center will be the time and nlace for the Friends of AI Sieger for Assembly election eve dinner. Tbe dinner, which has been in the planning stages since the VaUejo couniy supervisor's June primary victory, is shaping" up to be a significant oohtical function. Its theme highlights ibe fact that Siegler's assembly candidacy marks the first ti-ne m over decade that Vaile- jo has a local candidate running for tbe Ctate Lsgisla-. ture's lower house. The last Vallejoaa to represent the North Bay in the State Assembly is the area's present congressman. Robert C. Leggett. in 1962. Leggett left the assembly after a s u c c e s s f u l bid for congress: Since tbe retirement of former State Senator Lather Gibson, long-time publisher o! the Vailejo Times-Herald, Vailejo has not had any local representation in state government. MANY PARTICIPANTS Under the local chairmanship of former Vallejo Citv Councilman Albert Lavezzo: this event has afcract- ed the involvement of naan local dignitaries. Serving as the dinner's ticket co-chairmen will be Roben Scofield. chairman of the Solano County Board of Supervisors, and prominent Vaile- jo auto dealer Don Hughes The JJST of assisting ticket Napa Thief Has $297 fn Loot XAPA -- A residential burglary involving a loss of S297 -was under police investigation here Friday. The breakin was reported 3- Frank Arrinstou of ^446 Dr.. -who said the b'Jrgiars made off wiih four tires, two elecmc drills aad a bandsaw fcxm his garage and utility shed Injury Victim Still Critical The condition of George S:Iva. 24. of Vaca-dlle. who ·^as injured critically a; 12:39 a.m. Thursday in an automoblie accident on Stais Swne 21 near Cordelia, was described Friday nignt oy a^endants at the Kaiser Me£ea! Censer in VaUejo as "unchanged " 5ilva was northbound on tbe Lather Gibson Freeway when his car, which Calif-or- nia Highway Patrol spokesmen said was traveling st an estimated 70 mHes per hour, went oat of control and rolled over three tiroes at a point about half a mile south ol Interstate 30 Silva sustained head injuries as well as an injured left arm, He was reported unconscious and in a critical condition shortly after the accident. Church To Sell Dinners Today The Evangelist Temp]e Church of God and Christ ·will sell chicken dinners at 514 Vervais Ave. today, Persons wishing to order by telephone may call 64-i- 2500 for delivery. Stolen Vehicles The following stolen vehicles have not been recovered in iiie last 30 days, according to Vallajo police. Officers hava requested anyone observing these vehicles to report the location to the polie* department at 111 Amador St., Phone W3-5M1: 2G2986 782986 3H2052 1H2935 SPY 503 699 FRP U73 i64 B!L 640 VYL 545 Triumph M/C Pinto S/W Honda Scrambler Honda M/C Ford Mustang Ptym 4 Dr. Ford Truck Olds 2 dr. Chev. 1 dr. 11932 (Ore.) - Honda M/t WTF 108 Ford Torino MOG 067 Pont. Cafalina 922 GEN Chev. Maitbu 473 BPY Chev. 2 dr. DYT 131 Chev. Belair 5G 8319 Honda M/C 215 366 (NY) Kawasaki M/C NE 04 (Ariz.) Suzuki M/C 73 74 72 73 M 66 54 56 67 69 68 65 73 62 55 73 73 73 yellow brown blue gid/blk blk/mar white y«How wht/grn blk/yel red graen blue green black greed green org. blue Reservations m u s t be made by Thursday. Oct. 17. Guesis may enter the main security gate of Mare Island a i Tennessee Street or through the north ga;e on Sears Pole! Road. Dr. Wrenshall Oliver, pasi piresldenr of jfce association, Uil! be master of' ceremonies and will introduce the speaker Dr. Grund3and has worked on many projects for the welfare of "children -and is known for bis recent grant programs for atypical infants and for his service to Aldea Groua Home for Boys and Girls. Project Hope and programs on behalf of auiis- iic children ai Xapa State Hospital and for ihe youngsters of Sonoma State Hospital. ITALIANS S'TRIKE HOME (API - An estimated 10 million Italian workers struck for four hours Thursday demanding job security and higher wages to combat skyrocketing inflation. _ 3ffl McBride is general chairman of tbe affair. His committee includes June Xasuti, Irene Ehriicb. Norm Bowers. Harris Xussuira,. Sandy Xussbaum, John ^D. Anderson. Jody Malose, Roy and Ruth Kaos, Seoic Snovr- d en. Luella Mock and Dorothy Praawk. Pardaliy f anded by United Way. tfae Mental Hea?ih As- sociatioo encourages Nippon of Unhed Way during the re- npnal months of OcEober and Xo\ ember. -Two Hurt In Collision POPE VALLEY - Aa AagVLin woman and a Xapa County official were injured at 11* a-m. Thursday in a headon collision on Chiies- Pope Valley and Pope Canyon Roads. The California Highway Pairol said Linda .Marie Hel'er, 27. of Angwin. was admitted to the SL Helena Sanitarium in serious condition wiih multiple abrasions and a concussion. The other driver, Clarence V/icker. 58. of Pope Valley, employed as a county trapper, escaped -Kith mintr hurts and "required no first aid. the CHP said. P a t r o l m e n said Mrs. Heller was headed south on Chiles-Pope V a l l e y Road and attempted a leii turn onto Pope Canyon Road. Officers said her compact car plowed headon inio Wicker's oncoming Napa county track when she said see failed to see him approach. The CHP said she will be cited for faiiare to yield ihe right of tvay 10 approaching traffic. SOLANO OF DIE -- Cans! X). Feb. IS, 11--Tm**-H*r«ld, V«ll*{*, Saturfay, Oct.*If, 5 Plane Pioneers Win 'Fame' Honor Fr-tutta F-. Son, -V«. , . -- Ixxraa* .us aa! JDos- d S««. *. »K D \afixfif. H.4CEK -- AiaJena VdTa and XSf- JJ, » BAXACESTtTS istK; is, Tb-eaas L, Xtaual daau^^s asA DAYTON. Ohio AP -- A la the first rotmdtfie- SM « tmsusv Irfs iff ·afifi 6ef»d«K tan Jaa. iS. Fid , Girt n. SLS. ^ lac. aai i. C3j=iges i«- Ocs. n. yCj ja a ia4 ness aa iBtteiir 6rff«iiv laa- dff » a toifa* a Fk2rfx£d, F2ed o«. s. Jtfca Vtera Jr aa! Ltssa VteJra i*. 3IAE* «W!» Caat*r*, lac. fi*a Crsafc MtSL* Koto* Sate, Cm* Viva Jltintx Haa* Sate?. Xzsttw and Brctsil Ketar Svs^tss Int.. CM- t-^ fiasi, Jtiry IXAr. Pad 3 9 e BMs»£U^ J!*bB* sriv-jM) pojsiin^ daau«=. lie- fraud a aw ial« *£ a aiwWS* =: JuJ}, '? aad rtseasiea of its- sssl*, FSi^l 0«- 11. Itaisi A. a-"*- is. KayaxsA G Caswr. s=A CUCE SK.SS5 £w anew an April H. !W3 occtrec: if 019 Mfi a*l S3L FfieiS Oct. Marr J. Stanedv «. Xeal C. Bet*. !t), SSJ3 is ameraJ daausti ««· at(*ar sorjiorf Oc. ta ia ajio aecxtvv at jbwa? asxl W^t Third FUrd C«L ?- FCOITC MELLO -- Geargfaa I*, FK-.iK! for 1s?£ff cf of estav m *«=» oi C. Mtt'tv bsoatd, f . riE«d OE. 1- JOVES -- Gwrst H . dtrf Aos. 3- Prfmen for ?rei£ie tt -s Oit S, Vija o! estate Eta FarESvcora sars-j P^fvmtf. F2?4 On. 16. SCUAFF -- Join J., died J=w 2*. al ftf pnAatt of wffl dal*d Ja. Value cf fstai* aaanwra. R. SeaaS. TM6c«, FanCdsi. r. FB«! Oet- '6 BOV1 -- C*nmd* E- iml Swt. 27 T.Jte t tcaie micowa. PeolHB ftf ;e=«s «? ato»n:i»irat-*a dated Of £ Hilrfi BoTd BciKria. Naps. daaai^r. jHSiiioaer. FiJed Oct. " CKITCHLET -- Ahrrf TlKXSWS, died . \ilce o£ (scat? tatoora. for pr'bale of ma and Iw teiuiaiaiiajT itecd OcL :'.. c. Cltncu i«:.i»aer FOed On. TEXACO DROPS XEW YORK (AP) - Texaco toe. said Thursday it Avas reducing the wholesale prices of all grades of gaso- jme by one cent a gallon effective Friday. ·irorld flight in 1924' and fee designer of tbe SR71 Blackbird, -Ahica flies ifcree times the speed of sound are air.osg five aviaHoo pioneers to be inducted Into tbe A-rla- iioa Hall of Fame on Dec. 14. ball officials announced. The Isdticiees i«U be re- Sred test pi'o: Maj. Gen. Leigh Wade, airline executive Qynis R. Smith and aircraft designers Clarence L. " K e l l y " Joimsoa. John. Kaudsen Nonferop and T, Claude Ryan. TTade, now of Wa?hin^on, D.C.. is being honored for his work as a lest pitor ai MeCook Field and for his participailoa as the pUot of the "Bosron" during the first roiind-ihe-ivorfd flight. Re . also served sith ~ Cossoii- dated Aircraft Corp. and the A r m y Air Corps during World War II. Smith. also of WashJnaioa. was chosen for his role to deposing American A-r- lines from a small organization into one of *e nation's leading airlines, He also Is being honored for d e v e l o p i n g die Air Transoori Command during World" War II, particularly tbe Burma Hump operation J o h n s o n , of "Burbank, Calif., is being honored for ihe more than 40 aircraft designs to emerge from ;he so-called "Kelly's Skunk Words" at Lockheed Aircraft Co. The aircraft ranse from the P5S Ugbaiing fighter of World War H io die Con- sielJatioa airliner to tbe SR7i Blackbird, wiiich recently sei a trans-Ai!antic saeed record and is capabis of fiyjng three Times the speed of sound. Korthrop, of Santa Barbara, Calif., designed the Lockheed Vega, ihe XB55 a4t XBT49 flying wing bombers, the F89 Scorpioa and tbe F5 Tiger series Hghrer planes. Ryan, of San Diego* Caili.. was chosen for his design aod maaofaciure of early commercial aircraft. His organization b u i l t Charles Lindbergh's '-SpiriE of Si. Louis." Ryan also was In- sirumentai in deretopaoeci of sport aircraft and pri; man- trainers during World War" I. Hal! officials said the awards would be presented by Lt. Gen. James H, '·Jimmy" Doo!i*i!e. coia- men;a:or Lowell Thomas, former a s t r o n a u Armsirong, Sen. Barry Gold- v.-arer, R-Ariz.. and James H dougias. former secretary of the air force. Honorary chairman for tbe ceremony -will be John H. Glenn Jr.. the first American 10 orbit the earth. Jobs Urged For Disabled ErobSoy the Handicapped :tfonth is" being observed*this month by the Vailejo office of the Sta'e Department of Rehabilitation, w h i c h acquaints employers with the availability o f fob-ready handicapped persons. Toe iiandicapped person - t n-nea placed in the ngbt job can be a valuable asset." according to Mike Mersman. local office supervisor. Employers who would like, information about hiring a disabled worker should caD the office. $#-1761. UTFITYOURHOME at Fantastic Fall Savings A public servica of ttw Times-Herald t "., ~^_ fs. ^ Tonr; /on/ ^NURSERY 388S WAPA-VALLEJO HIGttWAX'9 PH. 642-7777 (Across From Palb/*} A LOSE MONEY, MAKE FRIENDS {Prices Good Thru Oct. 25th) * BULBS FOR FALL PLANTING Narcissus, Ranunculus, Or- ditd im (Keg. 1.10 p«r pkg.) TUB. THRU SAT. 9-6 CLOSED SUNDAY ROOMS 666 SPE3: ea. CONTEMfOIARY 20-PC. OtOUP... Uvtng Itaom Includes: Hsreolon time green jofa and chatr, 2 wolnut-fmrah snd tablet, 1 coffee table, 2 lamps. 5t«sk Modern walnut finish BtdrtHSm Group inclodei- pans! deodboord, 2 niteitontls, triple dresser, mirror, thtsf of drawers. Dinette Craop Indudes- Formtic table, -i vinylovered diotrs. Umit- ed fo stock on hand. Pink Superior DcfxKls, »»d 7romp« Dcffoctili (Reg. 99c per pkg,) ,,,,.--.,,., ecr. Crocus, Hyttdnth, Tutipt, Yellow Tntmpef, Oaffadas fRsg, 95c per pko.) , CO. Swe*t Red Omen Sew, Anemones, (Reg. 90s per Freerius (Reg. Me P" P^S-l" eo. 2-1/4 77 HOUSETERRARIUMl PLANTS^) 30'?r4f-ST 1-GAL. SHRUBS Japanese Slack Pine, Ornn Hirrer Juniper, Jrwn and Bronze Fox, Patty's Pwrple Veronica ffles- t.85)-^, CO, 5-GAL. TEXAS WAXLEAF PRIVET R«s. «-95 -------- »3.77 -y -^rf^ss iv n «o- ALL 3 ROOMS HOME PUNT PARTIES Al«ANOtD 6Y JOANNE SEYKOIDS 22-PC. SPANISH STYlt GROUPING... living Room Include!: Dramatic garnet Bodied velvet sofa and toveieat, 2 end tobies, coffee table, 2 table lamps IWnwm Croup includes: Panel headboard, 2 ntteslonds, triple dresser, mirror, chest of drawers, full-sued molrreis and box springs. Dinette Group Includes- Formica loble, 6 chain, 1 extension leove, limited to Stock on Hand. Worrtn's Hue Gross Tvrf AvfllaUc 3onM§on FURNITURE 7 S 7 S S P R I N G S B V A L L E J O PH 7P 7 f t - i .

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