The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 10, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 10, 1933
Page 6
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'Coffin Corner' Specialist .Ability lo Place Long '•- Boots Plays Important ,- n . Part on Gridiron. -'•' ' BY BtLI, SI'AULDlN'ft. University of California nt ' '•- Los Anjfles "; I.OS ANGELES, Oct. 10.--Look-"in^ back over ihi' records of l:ist •season, I find Hint about CO per , cent of liie close gamps were won .lo^'lost through errors in ^ottiiu; off punts. ••; Good punting comes from prccls- ' ion on tin 1 pan of ihn kicker as • wt-ll as n number of other things. 'Hi- must get his kicks avay clean. Tlie toe mast be extended or <te- to the proper ftnglf-—'.he- • ball has to be held and tlltod cor- ' redly. If the ball is released from Ihe hands too soon, anything might 1 happen—from a wobby slant (o on.? Side lo a' short high kick or n low one which will bo blocked. A good kicker seldom lakes more tlii>n a step and a half In gettlni; nwny •the punt. : - -Behavior of the forward wall is very important. The line should play fairly tight, with the' rntls out' according to wliat defense nilaht be. uf»U: In caa' the kicker takes more than one or- two'steps and is slow In cettlne his kicks away, the line must hold lonqer before, going down under the kick. If the kicker is a right-fooled kicker, he n«eds more protection en the right side, so thut probably about two blocks will be used on that side and the third back on the left side. These backs must be riig?ed enoueh and clever cnoueli to' withstand any charge on the part of the tackles and ends against the punter. .-Scouts sre sent out to delect weakness In the kicker and In the 'fiViUm of protection that is used for him, so that when a game Ls won by n blocked kick, it is not fihjfftvc the result of ah accident. It often- comos from n well-conceived plan of defense. -.^ » » • The' coach may have various methods of breaking up a kicking game.- He may shift his linemen lo get two. or more men against one' nnd hlock i.he kick, or he may build up',8 "run 'back," 'especially if he has; a- dependable safety man—one vhif is alert and .shifty and has tht abllitv lo take advantage of hu interference.. ' 'Iri case this run back is used, the linemen try to smother the for- w»;rt< -of the kic.kln? side—Ihus \ Keeping', them . from getting down 'imter.'the kicker until he 'gets the. balU'well under way .for n good tilpny: games' are won as the rcr sult'of'« well-plnccd quick kick,or a; Surprise: kjck.; To be' effective, a Quick ^kick: ttunifd-- come, from - a ; ckwe.-formation and .wher)' the opposing ,'safetv man' .comes: up too . cltos.; It-;pJten. Is used- against • teinis.'employuie the box- or square de/^n^e^-.espwlslly where 'there is 'no-safety man-over 15 yards back ' ..'A;B6od ^ulck kick should be hleh enough",.to clear completely the .safety.:man's head :or low and (o ""f.. 6 ^?: M.any games are won by j cs"haf"uim'out"Vor ^•restlera "as putting, the ; opponents In Uie the matmen work here and in flhatter CilJ V.-KS ind From B. H, The Clilcks look swttl rcvengn on Piggott for DIP ilniliblnir Rlvr-ii llip/n last year. .S^ftiitor.^ woridorfd wliy thn louf pass PKtuotl tornpli'lcd was cullrd'ljack. It liuppviu'd that oni' I'liiWtt man touched the bull and It was llien snored by another re- celvor. Only (tie first innn Is cll(!l- bli' for the i>.i^ In such a play. The fxlicuip of appointing a| new captain ench week rooms 'to' be workini! nicely. A caplal/i | : ; upiwlnic-d on Friday for Iho en- filing wfok. Hi- i~. In cliorge of I (In.- squad at certain times and Is' Icadi-r In Ihr tiamo. J. W. Pnill*- WHS cttirtaln In lliu Osu-ola battle and Clyde Wilson in ili,< fray, liny Hock Is the It'iider'loi- this wrc-k. 1VM On Ts Hero»..Giants Arc Champs Mllle Mel Oil, nhnse lOth Innin:; home run clinched the World Series title [or the New York Giants, is pictured (above, Ir-fl) receiving the congratulations of Manager Bill IVny uftrir tin- lidh i.n.l deckling pan,,. w j l |, [!K . tf.n Senators at Wnshlnirlcni. first run of the nnal isame, »lileh the Giants won, 4-3, was *-mecl by Travh Jattson, GlanLs' cnplaln. u'lif-n. as iho«.n belou 1 . IIP (he plate ,011 Schumacher's In the wcoiul inning. "Diamond Foe" Paglta — Sanln Clora's "coffin corner" booter. punts were responsible for the up.wt. victory of "Clipper" Smith's crew over California curly in tlie year. Coac-h Kriiiuer selected basket ball playns for t-nds and ihe suc- it-ss of ihe Chick aerial attack makes It seem to be a smart move. The ends are Did: Tiplon Clyde Wilson and Bob Ftalu-r. Wil- , son thrilled the crowd in tlwPig- volt Kame with several spectacular catclies. Tiploni look Ihe first [>as.s ot ilio gmiif for a touchdown. Ray Ccck and Basil Ixxrks are Wiielnif a ineny buttle for ihe fullback job of the Chicks, nolh have wen pk'iiiv of service In tlie two names to ilnte. Five years ago irershfl Mosley • was a small chap' following the if bi'i boys around. Now lie U the I Chick i)uarti-r back .-and hks-thei l;lfi boys on ihe other (cains following him around. Mosley and J. : Vf.\ Pintle have en paired on junior and senior anis for four years. They were am mates on v the Champion lick basket ball" team lasf'-.year nd are serving their third year on ic loolbull tenm. Both arie jun- rs. FO A, Ill 1 fill} -—L-i_J±; -LOW BALL IN FAVORITE PLAYS OF FAMOUS COACHES — - -M-J.---^— ------T^^»J^_ L—— ^^^^^ AKMV I'li'I'S 1'OWKIt INTO 1'l.AV OFI- TAOKI.K HV AHV KRKS'y. Xl:\ si'Ji-icv S|inrls Writer One of die ftvriille plays of Gar O.r.'ld- mi ;,i Aitnv ha.; been \i\ US( , in ilic tiidi-i.i lor xpvoi a] yf-nn. li !•. an oli'-liic-W,' smash which, li executed properly, puis a run- n' I L 1 in itii- r-!r-.:r \vilh lev.' men to inn- his pnih !o 1)10 jtoal. "It v.-ii:; i:->in ibis pl.iy thai Cadf-l Hay Sleeker ran Rl yards Roland Turns Down Request Of Woman Fight Promoter MLss Anna Snla of Nfemphis, fight cards at Helena during the Tenr,., prize fight promoter, was summer, believes the local coin- here yesterday looking over Ely- mlssloner is partial to the mat tlievillc a s a prospective field for sport but that several other local ' staging every other ' wrek cards. Mks'Sala. who Is a sister of Joe fltjht sports enthusiasts have expressed themselves as favorable to boxing. . Memphis woman hopes Sala arid Franklc Sain, Memphis somehow lo .win Commissioner pugilists, believes she cnn make Holand over lo approval of a a go of light promoting Iwro bul twicc a month fight program but has b«n unubje to' gnln the con- tht commissioner says "no" In ein- scnl of Jeff Roland, local boxing P hallc • wr^stlint; conmilsaloin'r, lu si use Tlie Memphis woman says with Mr. Roland as the .-drawing power ol boxjng cards here nnd if given a chance will show Blythevlllc some real fight cards. ' Commissioner .Rolajid says tlmt Hljtliuville cannot support wrestling and boxing showy at ihe same time ..and, since wrestling prornot-' er s .have' tolled through the summer to build up crowds they deserve whatever they might be able to get with the fall season's Increase in attendance. He says It would be impossible lo put on good light, cards hero before hoiis- flainis Bike Record . ' OKLAlrOMA'. CITY; Oklll. (UP) «"• —Eddie Crowe, 18, elevator boy, believes he holds a 'reiiurd uf feme sort for '.bicycling.perftinnnnceV He Hies, and-pri •18 'minutes. )n 4 h ours "tp5e" through a well-placed quick These should come in the early dojfrisHjartlcularly on the first or second down,' 'when they are lenst 'expected. - Another valunble asset lo 'a football team is n kicker who can . pUce,lus kicks, keeping them well away from the dangerous safely man or kicking them out of bounds close to the goal line. ' .'Some coaches depend on a kicking game almost entirely—coupled with a good defense. The 'late Andy Smith believed in this type of loptball and with good kickers on his squad and a great defensive line, kicked and waited for the breaks. - No matter what type of game Is played, it is necessary that a lot of time be given on getting away kicks. At least an hour or Iwo o week should be expended in prac Uclng on punts. I would say that If a coach had less material than the other" fellows,' he could do no better than to develop two or three good kickers and work up a strong defense -'•.,Tropjfai Garden in Boston BOSTON (OP) — Henry Schu macber, of Rosllndale, has a tropical garden In his wyrd. II includes fig.'orange, and camphor trees. - pineapple, datura and other exotic tropical plants. • TZ other towns for an average of nbout four nights n week while n good boxer ctin only work one nieht a week. Miss Snia or. the other hand declares right cards will not interfere with the wrestling shou-s and if she ran over from : he wrestling curds she believer. [ ihe ought to have Ihe chance to ' do so. Miss Snia. who promoted ROXY Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. MAT. & NITE—Iflc - 25c i Tuesday - Weds. MAT. l.0c-25c N1TE 10c-40i NSWERS TiPK THE SUPREME DRAM A 1 OF SUBLIME LOVE • You will experience thi great emotional .adventure ol your life when you sec th;; powerful dnma of a love that purged a mother's heart o( hate and sent two sweet- hcanssoaringtonew heights of romantic ecstasy. Irrpudtntljf dirlti(,.,t«tleMly cx- citlni;. ..the yeir's sta;e triumph, TO shed direct to you: Jo/m BARRYMORE .. S*r«h Bernhardt was 'or ••' DUTCH, FHENCH AND SPANISH origin. The BOSTON .(MASS.) NEWSLBTTER was ~lh« first newspaper published . .In the United Slates, dating , Irom 1704. CEOHOE WASH- INOTON ^|H the crUln.l c or- nrr§ton«', c«pllc!, Sept. ., lli.. 1711. - IN REUNION IN VIENNA U/rfA Diana WYNYARD FOX NEWS - ,- COMEDY A FOX Hturtttta CROSMAN HtATHIK Charley Hrogdon haa won out i his battle with malaria and Is apldly rounding Into shape. Coach Kramer kept the Manila alwort "R-we" Fendler In the' ntlre tattle with Piggott and the; g boy got a kick out of it. The Cliicks have the lightest line i years but these smaller players lake up for their lightness with a it of fight. Welch and .Firpo Knocked Out In Head On Collision. The future Chicks should tlp( ic scales at ,1 much higher point, "he Papooses have Brownlee wlio elghs over 170, and Billy Harson, Leroy Brown and W. T. urns, who nre near the ISO pound lark. All ihe letters of the alphabet xccot J nre. contained in Ezra 1:21 f the Bible. Tlie feature match of the armory wrestling card ended in :i dogfall lost night when the principals; Ktnll Firpo and Iloy Welch, were both knocked unconscious when Ihey crashed head on In mid-air. Welch had won the firs? fall:and Firpo the second. The head on crash knocked out bo'.h men to the extent, that they were not revived until some time later in their dressing rooms It, was stated. In a preliminary match Tony Alabama has nine tnckif-s av- erngim* 212 pounds . . . with the lightest 195 and the heaviest 235 ... and they say a team is as good, as i(.s tackles! . . . The rnnkUit! of Jack Crawford nt the top of the tennis heap by A. Wallace flyers, British tennis expert, must have been a diplomatic gesture . . . since he seems to have forgotim hrrglcuid has a guy :iomcd Prtd Perry using a racquej. . .. . and ihai Perry beat Crawford in Hie V. S. national singles. . . . Tlie word is out on Andy Pilnt-y at Notre Dame . . . tliey say he's going to be. itie best back the Irish have had since Marrhy Schwartz. j Alabama Guard Cromps I Feet To Be Lucky : UNIVERSITY. Ala. IUPJ-A1- though his number 12 shoes cramped ills feet. "Dogs" Freeman. Aliibama Biiard. wcn'v ask for a number 13 because he t-onsid- . crs that number unlucky. I However, despite his shoes. "Do23 is coming along fast after having btvn transferred from i-n-1 ant! probably v.111 land a regular berth ;"n the Crimson T!de rtnven. Lawo of Memphis defeated George Demetroff in straight falls. • White Ants Menace farms i LINCOLN, Neb. (Ui'J — White : ants arc playing havoc in tliis ', area a.s hordes of them invade the | farmlands, eating crops, v;agons. and even destroying houses. Ed Webster not only lost his home, but several barns and a wagon WllPlil. ; for the winning touchdown ugainst the Navy in N*e\v York during the !S:iO season." Davidson told me, , i'xi>laii!inK this play.' "It was also from this play that Cndet Stecker made the second touchdown against Notre Dame in our 1«31 yaine against the Irish. • "The ball Ls passed to No. 1 back, who fakes to the right, anti, behind the interference of back. No. 2, turns to tlie left between (he opposing guard and tackle, v,-)io have been blocked by the defensive center and ynnrd, and. tile- defensive end and No. 4 back, respectively. "Uack No. 3 cuts across to prevent defensive linemen fro:n breaking through the right side of tlie llr.e and messing up the play, while the offensive right guard cuts out of the line to block 0:11 the defensive end." - ^' licad Courier News Want Ads. STETSON-/^ HAT of no REGRETS! TT'S belter to buy a STETSON' than wish A you had I For, when you buy a STET- son you know you've bought a hat of unimpcachucl quality—a hat of impeccable style. ' And more! STETSOX offers real "overhead" economy. In plain words, you gel more lor your money! We ofier a wide selection of new STETSON styles and shades. One of them is sure to be the best look-inn Ual you' ever wore! $ 5 NEW MEAD. CLOTHING CO. IN BROWN BOTTLES IS A PREDIGESTED FOOD Because nourishing malt, tonicnl hops, health-giving, skin-clarifying yeast, pure, water — arc all brewed to a split second — under SCHLIT/ secret cn/yme control. That means lo the exact point of complete fermentation. SCHLITZ will not ferment in your sloiunch. It is exactly a predigested food— goml for OKI; mid all— even for nursing mothers, who must have the juosl nourishing and healthful of all foods. Dr. Harvey W. Wiley, famous Chief of Bureau of Chemistry of D.S.Dcpurlnicntof Agriculture, warned alt to avoid impure food— and set up many safeguards for your protection. Who, today, would knowingly eat tainted vegetables or half-cooked meat or adulterated foodofauykiuil? Wcll.vhal Dr. Wiley vas to food— SCHLITZ cngyme control is lo Ijecr— your safeguard against improperly brewed aud incompletely fermented hecr. SCHLITZ is Lrc\vcd nudcr perfect cnwinn control. It is sparkling, brilliant, full-bodied nnd of :i rich, ripe flavor. Drink it freely with complete confidence that it is healthful, nourishing— good, and good for you. Try it today. By Ihe case or in the attractive SCHLITZ Handy Six. Aik your Deoltr. DISTRIBUTOR: In Brown BI >l'«viUc, Ark. ^ ^f he Beef That Made Milwaukee Famous

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