The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 10, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 10, 1933
Page 5
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TUESDAY, OC'rOBEU10,_lM3 PAGE MVE BLYtHEVlLLE. (ARK.) COUfllER NEWS INFOllMATlOiN Daily rale per iiiK for couwc. .ne insertions: Ainu GLASS We instiill Blnss In youv car while you wall. Call us for better service. PhollC TO. .Sliouse-Lilllc tlicvrulti ('»• BRUSHING UP SPORTS , By Laufer (Five average ivords lo a Muu) Ow timn per lino 1() " Two limes ix-v line prr day .. C8c ••inc? limes i:er line per day .. We hi:: limes per '.iuc per day — OSc Mo'-Uh rate per line GOc Mlnhmnn charge 50o LAU«KST' s'tocK'TsEO PARTS Between Memphis ami Ki. Louis, Al«> Auto C5!nss — Phone <X JACKSON AUTO I'AKTS CO. ' Day ^ Nii;hl fcruce Station Coinplr-k- Line Shell Products Repair Work si Any Time Phone COS , !v5illoii Sicrnbcry ,\ds ordered tor three or six! 13c klO-13 limes and stopped _ before expira- - „ riacc'llSi: ~ Mai., i .(in \'ill be chargci for ilu- mini- ' •>" -or—Kens iiaic noi.. tcr of lime; tic ad appeared and THE BUCKEYE GRAVEDIGGE& f __-j;__ > —- — — - Price of Crude Oil Booms Fields of Montana Proven area of lire held Include.s a dl5lrlet I'i mlli'ii loilij and liHir! miles wide, wllh ruo well new be-1 | inn Mink nine miles from the moil IIKU'NA Monl. it!Pi-Nrw. oil wmllicrly producer yel oblnlncd. and nnlrleil oil ncids in Muulnii i! In tlw Kevin - Sunburst Held, are being extolled liml developnl Montana's oldc-sl mid most iamcil ns a. direct result of recent price producing district, one company Increases for crude petroleum, ih btnrlhiE Its Ilrsl new well In - (jrcalcsl activity is centered miti'rce years. Three oilier wells ure the Cul Dank ncld, loealed In I hehii? -drilled cr nrc near coinplc- , northern Montana. At least a ibz- I"'"!. More than «!>.<XX>.000 has I _ „..„ Krtin,. firin.iH iiinr* I br< n MM'iit in itcveloptni'iil ot the llnl. lit Muiilieal ll»rd 1'ul MONTREAL (UP) — Unless tiv! Jntvcjiiity of Montreal receives » Ijrunt, of SmOOO from the Quebec Government the Institution will '» lorced lo clOM; Its doors on Dec. 1. university . officials announce. The London Midland and Scottish Railway IIECI! 2200 special \iins lo earry 2.000,050 birds durum Hie nlseou-racing season tills adjustment of uill made. All Classified Advertising copy by persons residing out-': ol (he city miisl be I anied by cash. Rat™ may be' ras-lly comimied from above table N'a rcfixur.rillily will be taken lor niors than one incorrect in- .se.lion of auv classified ad. .••.dvcrlisiDK crdercd for irres>l- l:ir insertions take Die one lime rate. 1'or Aulu rainlinj Body and Fender Service Viirmerlv with Shousc-I.iltle Co. 2fk K10-2G lsl ue a,™.,- " HTIM:KI:K si:uvit-u if"; mav be Ca!1 lls wh " n vo " nc ' cd ;l w '' L ' cki!1 '' " ' Day .ind N'iBhl Service. Call 0^3. Shousi'-l.iHli 1 Crevrclel Co. 10ckll-10 Yu-isT'TuircKs IUJV NOW USED CARS HIGHEIt I Clievrulet Scdun .. Phone 306 or_307 1 19 , 0 CIlcvrulct <..„„,„ : SlNi5SSniRkCTOKY_ll«»^T« d at Nui>- :tnd Used t'urniluri; floiiiiil and Sold Slovc.s repaired—Anv make Alvin llaidy ~ ^C|) :- •'Ilapliy d:i}s are here, again." Uiiiik ril'DWKTSru, hins of bol- u,.,, t ,, or . We iuo-::u \Valer-rrnnf Tarpaulins ^:i $2.15: SxlO ;:s.50: 0:-:12 St.v5; lixia $15.00; other tsi-rs and weights r.vidc lo ordci. Carney Awning Co., 113 S. First SI. ISp kHJ-K EXI'ERT 'I'l'.'wriUnj :md Adding .Maciiiuc Rt\).Miiiu;. U. S. Blan- l:o!Khip, 116 E. Hose. (Jail 105-J.^ Hegistered Tpcuier C'orseticrc Mrs. J. J. navfs Phone -» :!1 20c klO-IU . 1031 1'oiillac C'onuc niil j'ord Rporl C'flii|ie OJS1 Chrysler G.3 Cou|le Sedan S250.UO iJM L'licvrolct Truck SMIi.OO Ml ClicvrDlel'tiurk S250.00 Tw<iily ullier good nseil ear.*; I*' se- Irrl fir.m. Neve;- Ireder values than now. Come !n, iils[:rrl IhcM' rai-s. tH :U nislil until ID D'doc New alii! Vsrd .(. .1. Doiisoll "01 •>• Mail 2DC V.iU-'A iilyllu-viltc's Cut Kale I'mlrrlake lOp-Xll-l CHEVKOLKT COMl'ANY 3l'l W. \Valnul St. FOK SALE CHEAP—1331 Chevrolet Coach. Jn- tjiiiic al lOi S. Biondway. •IP •Jlu- BKKIl wiw arc ilrinklns kirg of bottled Beer l:10-2u toil SALE—W3J Chevrolet Sedan. Good condition. X, Comiev News. 7tlh ti CI.KANi^RS. TAILORS REAL ESTATE For Quality Cle-inins riio:;c ISti llanu-s KiiWa Cleaners Com= in, list your real eslilc. See \vltat ivc have to sell L. M. Terry Licensed Dealer, Tcrry-Wortbiiijton Title Co. Dlilbeville llul-s nluckeil Loo'.; Like New H-cnc 111 Onii|i:c Cleanins Service V/ANT LAND-V/c have buyers for •W's, BO's anr. larger tracts. Can iC.i 640 tract. Sec THOMAS LAND COMPANY. li, Alt-.ri)aliO!is, Very Rea- e. Miss Louise Crane, Phone _ _ lNf; GOODS FOK KliNT UHHISHED IJccTroom. Call after 4 o'clock. \:rs. Ed Hardin, Walnut. V.'P arc tunliiiuins our flolf H" 11 ' Sale OIYer--Coinc i" and inniiirc , ^aljoul it. Huljlunl Ilarduare Cn. 12c kliJ-U 'M'.dern 'J roo'.i furnished or un- Uirniahcd apirlmeiiis, newly dec- •irateci, over K'rby Dnig Co. Also :.;c.rc builfiin? Rdjoining Roxj Theatre F. Sin-.on, 150 W. Davis C:ul 76i. WANTED TO KENT llallery & Kailialur Serviic We miarantc: you bc'-Ur liallrry or radiator uor'l: fcr !'-.'. money. Any iiiukc radiator repaired or re- coicd. Ocl our prices on new and rebuilt batteries. Call G31. Sliouw-l.itllc Chcvrolcl Ci>. 10cl-.U-\0 Fur rrvni[il Italterj' Hcriire rhoiit 8 lien Clunc [(rlllal-Kn-hareiri-Hrpairln: ,77 Ti::K .t i'ATTERY STATION •2.x hlO-25 Servant room within \valkini; distance of 1100 Chiekasawbn avenue. Mrs. Haimicl F. Norris. Call WANTED lur llrallhy Diifs frfil Jl-lli-r's lt:ilicn .V Quick I.nnrh lIAHDWARi: CO. lie 1:10-1) ; MATK1UAL \V A I, I. TAP K U Kniph- :• inn juts 51.011 I'JM MAY! I.O'.VCH hill- llli- In 20C 1'. C. IIOUINSON I.UMUEIi CO. 29<: 1:10-23 COAL .X: \V001> Hi' r o:i- you i:nv dial Yon ran PhiHi'- 11 AMI Si.--.. Corner Ttnirk's - klO-M ONE 101 UUCIIANAN " Cc-il i.^ liiart: IJnl We Tn ill You While." :u- 1:11 -li AVc ;irr eM'hishr afrnts for I'rig-j^v •( ii'il Criuimr ,Muntt-\alli> C n al ^-^ :iuil Si|i ; y. ,ltk:in-.:is Anlhraiile anil DISTHICT. \\innlcr i:. F. Fry 9i: k'll-I' Al'TOMOTlVK x Kenlmiiy Ci-aU. CoulniViital Life liisuranci' Company, a ra-poralwn. Plainliir Uosa Rownlhal. Isaac Koscnlbal el al.. Oefrndanls. The drfcud.ints. A. Cirjfccr. San .,„„ ,,, <ir.iber. louis CJr.ib:-r. Jao cirabcr MI it i,,i ,, n i M:>x OratK'i and wve tirab«r are .Ml Kn Us Insta ClI -. , „,.;., Iho MKU<ivnn& •'•'"• -^> '- "- v,- 0 .olS^^ST.^,*^ 1 ^!!?. iuc KIU-IU , r . ;([ lv | lhjn niifiy days ami an" Uali-«:iy (iarape M "'i' llln n'mi'li'i'il of the plain- IJnoiJ M<-rhaiiii-r'-Woi-k (iuarasilci'il! i-II. Conllnciildl I;'" 1 In..uraui-c 1-ii-..- ll! s !il C-MipJiiy. a cu:pov..llon I'M, i iiur't Vvilr.tSi wy '-and. « cicrk of s.ill I mil as imuiy more ure pinime.l illeld. TJOWN TMW ^AOOS£5 SOrAE WA.Y, A PUT TH WA-^P Wt (SKVt TtV STORt 5 ON hAE \A«bT SPRINfo TOR TEN, /XN* SATO I MUST GET TO TH' AM' <3 STRlNCb SOB TOR A, TW&NTV TOUCH . WAD V 4MTO A ' WWV-t HE'S. HOT j S?10.00 siso.oo ssoo.oo SZ45.00 s^in.oo • CONrePEMCET^uE. AMD BMR, 6MTei)-I6 HELp-BOR^ OTttfe^ seal thereof, on (his The fossil of a 35-foot Ion- ARI-I! ArllelioWs -Slill llfatlns -.1533. ' I'nlagoiihn snnkc, said lo be over KEDMOND, Ore. -'UI'J-A l>lol| Clerk -15 COO 000 years old, is lo be dl"i- ol arlichokls set out 27 yoais atjo . •'U-3-10-n'|)!avctl at the American Museum by E. E. WngBcner is -still bearniy. I of "Natural History in New York The artichokes make a new growth Head Courier News Want Ads,. 'City. . >eh year. CUTTING ACQUAINTED! 1 GOKVMx OO Vl\T\\ V,.— FIVE-AC1CS (JKTS AN KYKFU1, UMETlV&R T'S TrtE RtCiM OME, OlFFEREHT HERE- HOLD THIS ROPE. HOU1N. /3uRlOl)S A.S To VlttERE WKSH, &OIN& SO EX. O'BRIEN FOLIOWS/,! SAM'S WISH TO CHARLEY! SALESMAN SAM OOHP,T t SAID, PRI-USER. - liepotie we oo ELSE.. 0-0 CW IM TO OWE OF T«' TftBLGS AMD SIT OOW ..._' eftT crto opiTl SOStCK KKECIOES AND HIS FRIENDS _; VA APE.,.. MIT 'EM, STAY WELL, CO ASH., LET'S SEE YOU'CO IT! -THAT'S BETTER., . BETTER! THAT CRASH CRASHES Drink the best for the same, price, KUDWKISKC kins of bottled beer. 20cklO-30 "ANNOUNCEMENTS T"li;nr liouclil Ibc Niekle l.unch and have laken uhargr. ) haviMhc tinr ntfTer. rome, ill antl try it GI'.O. WRIGHT. POSITION WANTKI) EXI l KRlKNCKr> Sperialiy Sulrn v.ilh rar. Bond references. P. O ns SH. . UP '_^' "T.KGAL NOTICES IN THK C1IANCEUY COUIIT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. Marian 1 ! S. Cialia.hrl. PUiiiilill vs. No. 55S3 John C. flallnher. Ucfendanl. WARNING OKDER The ilokT.dnnl, John C. O U wallied to apiwar in the Chan- (ery Court for thr Cilid Di;liict o! Mlssir'ippi County. Ar- swei- the romplalnl ol IVc plalnliTl. M.ncarci. S. Gallaher. Wilneiss my hand jis Clerk ol said O;nu :ind ill'- UMl ih'-rrof. on Ibis 3 (lay of 0:li;fcr. 1933. U I.. OAlNBi. Clerk. 10-17--J-1-31 SH'I'I C1IANCE- I'lUCK ASAWliA

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