The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 15, 1935 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 15, 1935
Page 4
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E SIX (ARK.) COURT5B NEWS FBIPAY, lo, 1935 Play Here Tomorrow Minor League Slars, Average Bui 23 Years o! Age, Acquired U1V H.AIUtY OHAYSON N):A Service Sports Ptlllnr, CINCINNATI, O.— Starling nt Ihs .bottom' In Cincinnati. Charley Di'sssen apparently mode up Ills mind to let Ihe .players ijrow with I'M club. .The inllcldprs nrcssM) inlands lo ' Marl: ayora^c 23 years of BRC. Johnny Mi/o, Httly Myers, and l^JW.Hlg^s c\rc fugitives from the 81: I,mi!s Cardinal chain s»"B- Kfliniiouris. whom ftcncra) Mn f.iiry MacPhall hopes will In Hie ttiol of the coffee pals, Li n product of MiKc, Myers, nnd Kumiiourli conic with fancy price The Heds jxild the C.wliimls' Rochester subsidiary $55,000 foi Misie, .whose average of 330 prompted keen' ]iulp r i>s lo cull him tin (jmiUst hiUcr in the- minors U' !834. It Is .mid lluil only a l<m({- rango.' • litUIng ; first baseman like Hipper Collins could keep Mine, n C-foot 3-Inch Ocai-Klnn 195 jwunds. out of the Cardinal 'lineup. MIzc hits left and throws 'right. ' ' ' Myers anil nlggs rtlrt their part • -in winning Ihe American Assocln- tion pennant nnd gaining victory for Columbus In tlic little world scries. flew York paid Ihe Double A Itcrt Birds $30,000 for Myers, who was slrslcd to perform 'nt shortstop for the Glnnls until the experiencx'il Dick BtirtcH .ivfts obtained from the Phillies. With the acttuisWon of BartoH, Bill Terry shipped Myers to the Reds In'exchange for I'itchp.r Allyn Stout and Mark Kocnlg, whom the Giant strategist figures will come fn handy us n Jai'k-ur-nll- Iradex. Always An All-Slar Myers lias imutc n imlill'ot lavul- .lug on the nil-slur team In every league in which he hns exhibited his wares. Drcssen hopes he will continue the practice In the majors. Myers merited nil-star selection in Ihe Thrce-Eye'iind New York-Pennsylvania loops as wet! as the Association. Myers hit .3)3 ]tist season, nnrt •vvas feared in tlie clutches, lie can go to cither side lo gel n ball and n shotgun arm dangles from his shoulder. Dicssen, a third baseman during his playing days, believes Rlgns possesses qualities which may remind the customers of Heinle Groh's third basing tor the Tlcds ycara ago. Higgs is bigger .than Oroh. '. He Is built, jiiove' along the limy n( fife Traynfor. A lcti-linutl'hUter r -!-,c hns" more than average speed, ft good arm, mid likes to play ball. itiggs' record in the minors is anything Jjnt; flashy. Djily once has hLs average been above .300, ; bii't his hilling has been vslngu- larty consistent nt n .point, not far below 300. Like Myers, he is reputed to be most dangerous when baserunners are knocking, nt the door. RIggs' complete minor league is .2?9. He hit .277 in'lQIH. Grpal On Finncial Pago Cincinnati paid Sacramento $23,000 for Second Baseman Kampou- ris,;oije'0f,lbe few prefks to crash the'tig time. The coast youth took sick" niter reporting last season. Of the quartet, Drcssen speaks most enthusiastically about Riggs .mentioning the fact that chaps with 'batting averages sueh'-as. the ALLEY OOP PROCEEDING WITHOUT ORDERS! By Hamlin wflrfTA TOU6H BOOK .' tfEfi >WE nOURfiO ON HAVlN' TH' WE DON'T REALLY NEED ; ANYWAY! WE'LL JUS' BUST WOLEM ALONE, KNOCK TH'GUARPS IN TH' HEAO,AN' TURN OUR FRIENDS LOOSE -MJ THEH, WITH OL' FOOZY AW TH' GAM&, WE'LL RUM KIUG TUNK TUNK AN' HIS MEN OUTA MOO-AM' NOW THEY'RE Gone! fbooLA WOULD PAISE A pussT? IP 6HE KNEW \ WAS GONMA ] DO THIS ALONE -BUTTHtH / 6HUX, ( KNOW WHAT / I CAN OO.BETTER'M , - 6HE DOES.' r ExWirt . Rudolph Free billiard lessons by^a former world's pocket hi ilia rd champion will be available at Pastime' Billiard Pnrlor, 201 W. Main St., .at 6:30 Salurclay night when Erwln •nudolpli appears here In connection willi the National "Better .Billiards" pronrani, sponsored by the National Billiard Assorfallon of America. Rudolph, also v.'ill give an exhibition at iracket billiards ns'.sfel) as n .series of fancy shots. By Harry Grayson When the Davb Cup Is •'returned to America, Parker, Budge and Mnko will bring it back, Tliat -Is (he opinion or the touring professionals, TIKIen. Vines. Lett am) Stcefsn. That is why George M. Loll, Jr., urges that Sidney B. Wood, Jr., nml Wlbncr Allison ba dropped from UHs year's team, txitl would Pai'kcr. Budge and Makn a full blast of baptismal fire. TJic Clilcagoan would lake a lesson fvopi the 1 French, who sent Lacosle Coclicl. riorotru and linigiion to this rlfllinlry tor several years b«- fore the trl-'color v, f ns hoisted ovei the world's tennis courts. "If America rcnchcK the cl round against Great Brllalix, WcO( might beat Bunny Austin, 'bn neither lie 1 nor Allison could be conceded niucli ''of a '.show opposet iuTy,; sjli'5 Jl-oi!,. _ " • " • -' irccLslon In volleying, but his liicklmixl, and ground strokes are xccpttonally sound, and his fool- vork perfect. • a • .'gotltni Nt) Hamllrap Mnko, ti .student ul the Univcv- ily of Southern California, is u landsomc chap, standing siK feet. •:ne, who scarcely can be tllstln- f.oiu U'.i Sloefen fit n clls- game, I,ocal Juniors AnA Girls'Will Facd Opponents Blylhcvillf-'s .senior Wish school oys will he Idle lonfp.lit but tho unlor lioyr, will the Jone.s- oro. juniors and ilin senloi- girls '1)1 play the Armnre] girls at (lie rmnry. Cancellation hy .loiiestmro's Hnr- iciiiic of a dnlo hero tonight left hn senicr hoys without a game. The Uorrlrane also refused to! )l;iy o nauoihev date propased hy ocnl .scluyil aiifltoiittos nfiei- they md iilrontly Informed officials itrc of Inability to jilay here to- light, becaiLW nf a coiuily 'xmnia- mcnt. uiKlmvay In Cralghpad county. The Hlytheville t'h'ls j'ccciUly nil a whining stride. Fans who Inrii out tonight will we vvhni ninny helieve is the future state championship junior quintal'in action when the, Whivl- winds take Ihe door against, the Pnjioose sqimd. The ..Whirlwinds nrc 1 heavy favorites to win. Nelson on "Suzikl Loolcs at Mrs J. V/. Roll nnd daugSttKl' Miss Lucille, have moved Into the house formerly occupied by Mrs Warren Lesmelsier. Mr. and Mrs TJoj'il Rldner will room with them Joe Reeves has opened a gio w y store in the new toulktlng just, cnjn- pleted by A. O. Corlcy. Mr. nnd Mrs. .Jfty Pltdiinii nn- nmrp 1 tlic'n baliy lar.C I week. . : MLM Juno Slierrlck, of Illinois.; will (ill the place of kites Barbara ' Ilalre, nflli grade tcachery-wlio recently resigned because of. illneffl.j Mrs. Horace Tucker, who hns teen i ill with influenza,' nnd Miss vir-; Ml?.c, who has been ill \vilh loiwliULs, arc liblh mttch i Improved. Mr. and Mr.s. J. W. Omsham, of ' Wilson, were hails of H. D. Diinl-}'. vain anil family Sunday. ';} Keiser News'' Notes Til Lnxora, Shawnco Likely To Clash In Soni-Fintils OSCEOLA, Ark.—Basketball predictions will fonn the favorite in- Stee!e Teams Divide Two Tilts With Hayti STEELE, Mo.—The Stcele Bulldogs divided honors with the Hayti teams on the ilayti court We<l- ncsday evening in Uvo fast, games. The girls score \yns 31-32 in favor of the local team aud the boys score wns 18-1C In favor of Hayti. ilonr sporl for athletic fans In the ),,„], was hfeh point player for the county for several days now; nnd i , f;>yti hby . s ant , Fra ,, k A ] esiu] der mil of it all comes at least o»c| nn( , Pft cicrsoh tied for hlch hon-' guess thai, sounds sensible. It is ors among the'local boys. Foster entire sscond team and played part of them the entire game. The final score wns 4G- 1 ?. The boys game wiis a close'race throughout. The score was 10-15. The Woman's Missionary society! met with Mrs. J. T. Polk Monday | afternoon and heard an interesting lesson given by fiev.• A mi : Mrs. J. R. i ROXY Friday & Saturday ance. His Is a mt he has abandoned Mils type of ilay when occasion demanded, for i soft mixture ol chops and drives iom the ' baseline. When drawn to He net by drop shots. Mako vol- eys, and usually fur clean, placc- ncuts. Each of the inrec young stars ias progressed steadily. Parker was Ihe national junior champion of 1932, Budge took thus crown that, Luxora will send to the lour-' wo ' s Wgh : >0 i, lt lavcr fol . tll( , . Hllv . ncy lit Osceoln, Peteiinry 22 mui;,; g , rls nild M norc wns high pnliil 23. n (cnrti of boys KO expert In the j 0l . [iiiulamentals of the game that it will offer someone some serious! opposition. Beginning the season listlessly, Coach Schwartz's Panthers have recently bounced back lo ti real fiehtlng and shooting combination. They will probably exhibit one of the most dazzling 'passing nttacfes iti the whole meet. Much of the, offensive drive is built around big "Shot" Scott, one "Couldn't Support Him And His Family, Too" CINCINNATI (UP)—Mrs. Helen Parks, ?2, came into Judge Churte, W. Hoffman's domestic relations court asking a divorce from Thomas Parks, 30, Young.slown, O., cab In IBM. and Mako hist/ycar. Mako | 0 f [he county's maslers of the acquired his without dropping nJEamc. Scott dribbles and passes set, and with only one set being expertly, and consistently .rings up deuced. .'•••• . high scores. Wumlerllcli shows The professionals' -most- pro- some classy passing and dribbling, uouuced criticism of Mnko is tlmt The whnle Icnm Is well balnnci'd. Hut !«.•!• Angeles lad Is too ego-- Luxora has defeated Osccola. ILstlcal. ' ' (Cooler Wildcats Trim New Madrid Basketeers If! COOTEB, .Mo.—The local Wildcats basketball team. 1 ; won n {fou- blclieadei- over the New Madrid teams on the local court Wednesday nl«ht. ..Suyjsrinteiiuent liters, coach of the Ccoter girls team, which 1ms lost only one gmue hi the past 21, started the game with his "Why couldn't "yon gel along?" Judse Hoffman asked the young woman, I "Well, I couldn't support both j , him nnd his family," she replied.', E MAT. & NITE—Iflc - 25c He woh"lwb" races—one with death and one with love! Last Time Today MAT,—2:00'- 10c & 2flc NlTC-(i:45 - 10c & .'Joe BORDER TOWN BETTE" Davis I'aramourH Pktnri;il No. 5 All Slur Comedy Saturday Only MAT. & KITE—10r - 25e FIGHTING! SHOOTING! (UDIKGt! decree was granted. They., .feel, positive that .\yilsoii, nifd'. fteiseV: t'rolitibly iheiv <xnic«ll will be. knocked, out,-of best feal ; of the season was in .lliiu-JJQMver,-: _1_ _'._, ijlipldiiig tlic "strong Blylhcvlllc ''After Jess . Mlllnian. had 'ellin-'ciiicknsnws to. n ' close score early »uii»f?s Fulmtt Krlglit • . inalcd Allison, the .-No. -1 i ranking in the season. While Frankle I'ni'Wev,'-— - real player, B-0. 1 0-0, in the Pncirjej Luxorn nnd Sh.iu'nce will pro- Pujkowtki '-^'.; .povh'hps is' Southwest chnmpioiishi]B nt- the bably meet in the tonmey'h .*mi the most tormtdnble of tl\e Amcr- \ Los' A'ntieles Teini|K- club' last fnll , ftnnLs SaUivdny contcsUus Ihe. .can prospects -now, -the- traveling professionals believe, Donald. Budse, red-headed and freckled, wllltitui out to be the more nccomplisliett' of the three. Budge and Gend.\Ma);6. C.illfoniinns, are almost/ cirtaln 'to carry America's banner ' in doubles this summer. /' ' • • The money players, viesv Pai-kcr', how 19, as a^ plugger, b|it ^( methodical ,-lhat tha Z M1I- ivnukce product'hn. 1 ;"It In.'dim id go as far as eiluer uiidge oV'Mako. Parker, black-hairc^d., protege of Ihe renowned ' instructor, Mercer .Bcasley,: possesses a- sohd basis- of strokes.' He : makes nil shotsV the. proper way. "with, a low backhand dr'ivc his best, He never, smiles, or talks, makes no unnecessary steps —never. diverts • him-sclf''wiicn in action, i E.\-|>ericnce shoiiUI covreel his Inability to handle siiaed anj too skillfully. Bndge, 30 Ihis year, bears a ilriking resemblance lo Mnurlcc E McUmghlin, the old CnlKoviiln Comet, who first illustrated lo U nis what box office meant. Budge, a resident of Oakland lacks McLoughlin's blaring person nllty, but is a Inrgc young man. wilh a well-romidcd game. Budge has the ideal temperament, nnd trains willingly and wel\. He hns ----- •-- ••,- — grace nnd speed thai belies nn tnem to look good somewhere be- : awkward appearance. He must <to* the financial page." |velop n change'of pace and more North Carolina collegian's frequently maintain the mark or prove it in faster .company. The little leader recalls nininj Brief, prank Brazil!, Paul strand.! Bevo l/>Bourvea\i, Nick Cullop, Whatta Mnn. Shirts, and Joe Hutchison, vaunted minor league iriacemcn' who found major league pitching'sonieOiiiij clss again. Dressen "nx 1 ; Jim Bottomlcy, Gordon sinde, and Toiiy Plot In reserve, but plans to give each of )ilj (reshmen every opportunity to make «' go of it. ''The young follows cost enough.'' concludes Dressen, "Now It's 'up to fnko -lost-6iily 'eight! points ; in I right to fight in tlie big show of eDolllnjr'. Mllh'nnh' In straight sets.'ISaturday night's finals. Should "That's (lie. finest Icnnls ever this occur, the semi-final sessions layed on these courts," remarked I win be no Inme affairs, them- 'oinig ATnko, lo 'ciders,_ preening|selves' • dmself, as' he 'Walked lo 'thc-club- lonse. Personally, I cnn'l sco : wliero NEW PHILXDELPHIA, O. (OP) -The cabin In-.which John Connor, first while child bom In Ohio, lived will be restored at 'Schocn- briiiin, near here. cockiness Is a handicap to t ari athlete, esjicclally where the combatant has (he goods nnd is ' In condittoii. Certainly, It didn't exactly hob:le Btj Bill Tilden in tennis. \rn.vle Btier In boxing, Joie Ray the ' distances, Dizzy Dean in nnd mnny others In all lines of competition. On the other hand, it was something ot an rifset. They bora down a tail harder to make good on good- natured toasts. Who knows? Mako may somi afternoon be in that frame o mind in a match with the great] Perry, with Ms',chances lessened not the least as a result. i At no Western star,' not even Buck Jonol himielf, hat ever done b«for*l M C COY Bnrlon Service AITK. SIO. STATE r. Svipev Sl^cll Gas at Missouri Prices Frances' Sandwich Shop Read Courlci News Want Ads. 1 in connection BILLIARD EXHIBITION* FREEJ.ESSONS ERWIN RUDOLPH Former World's V<wkct Billiarrt Cliainiiion Ncrer before-probably never agato—will joa Have an opportunity like [his. Everybody in,itcd — beginners, young and old, men and women. Boys, bnog jour father or a friend. Don't p«s ,,p this great opportunity. No Entry Fee—No Table •Charge—No Obligation. FEBRUARY 16th Pastime Billiard Parlor 207 W.,Main Instruclton At — 9:30 Exhibition — 8:XO - 10:30 P. M. 9:M P. M. NOTICE TO MOTORISTS "STKAIGHTOm SUE CAROL y«u Relieve U IR po4*i- l)lp to ilo jttsl ibut, ioJny? You run paint rooms nnd use iheai jigftin iho same <lny — wiilt llicse PilLsbnrgK Paint Prod- uetfs Qnit at a big saving tool Four paints ilo the whole job. Wutlhidc, L'lorhiUt: Enamel, Waterspar Quirk- Dr^'tngi Onc-O>nt Ennincl und ^JTaleTapar 0\iick-Dr>-ing Var- nisHes. And ihe room is yours tbalnishL "What a relief frnm the protongcd mess of o!J*fash- ionerl pniat jobs. Lt:l us ti:Lt you more ultout (His nmazinc new Onc-I>ay Psml Plan* % 8-in, Calcimine Brush Famous Gold'Stripe quality. S Pure brisnes, set tu rubber, CALCIMINE In all colon?. Just mix \vitli •'12' ..- Smaller Blythcvillc city car 'tags ;haVP Please return your large 19315'- tags 'for roplaco- meiit with Iho new smr.llcr typo; "Motorists who have already secured tags miisl return lai-^c lags • to secure smalt tags, NOTICE Taxes, Licenses Due City car license fees, dog' tax ,f cos''nnd street taxes arc duo nml payable Ht oiicc nt the nffife of the city clerk iti the city hall/All privilege licenses for tfic first half of 1S1SS are now due nnd payable nt the office nf (ho i-ily clerk in the eity hall. Signcrt G.R. Beavers ' " ' "'" ' Cify Clerk. Beaukitul high gloss PLASCO PAINT Suitable for interior or cMcrior surfaces. Brushes *vcn1y;kis exceptional cnvrnogquality.24 colors. J2.50 Gallon 4-lnch WALL BRUSH | Barn and Roof Paint Famous Gold Strips qualityf Pure bristles, set in rubber.-' Pure Pittsburgh Paint nt low S11 cost. Extra durable. Gal, -'• Quick-drying clear WATERSPAR VARNISH V.xtra durable. For interior or exterior use, \Vill ttM mm tt^iir. Diifs fasl. WALLHIDE brings One - day Painting Emlsitiysofmcssl your curtains aid l«c- lures can lie himg the Mine day walls .ind rtilin^s arc painted with Willtiiilcl One ront is imialli- rnnueh. 15 tra«hab!e colors. 85c QUART COLUMBIA PICTURE Fox New? ; Cnmedv BUCK JONES \\ POUT ANN YOU CHAHfS STOCKDAU-IUDOS* A.tUCX lOHii HoDUCnO L ' -"ri* UNIVI » J *' nerour Cartoon New Serial - - With .John Mack Brown— "Rustlers of Red Dog" Sunday-.Monday ADM.—iMATINEE and NIGHT—lOc- 25c ' [^..**T mfi. ir.»: r» :<m < -^?s YTney'ye got.ooales 'of, troublesvrv r dnd;, '— ' ii r • ^X***?. 1 ^" 1 ^. J.aJ! of them are, Qukk-Drying WATERSPAR ENAMEL Brings new beiuiy to furniture and wood noik. Dries in 4 hours. 2H tfch colnis. 45c l/2-pt. . Hubbard Hardware Co. MOTORIZED PITTSBURGH PAINT PRODUCTS AGENCY BEST MAN WINS ,\ ,rJfh BELA tUGOW ' I r aoRiMCt mce \ . . t\ from thtttorytrBinG.Ketu, \ t, t Olr«cl*d V^tri«Kvnt«n A Simday-Monday MAT. & NITE—Iflc •" 35c ^t DftHCf OF LOVt If matJt Sim th« Idol «f Havana . . . rfrav* her Into t>i» armc of thi man »h» ttltd 1o hal»V Wo'rld of Sporl^-j '"SporfJt flashed 1 ..>{,'... The Spice of life 1 , ' •••- J COMEDY I'arnmounl News Musical Short COMING TO THE) Sunday & Monday, Fe!>. 24- Shirley Temple and Lwn Ifeirryroore in "LITCLK "COtONEL"

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