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The St. Joseph Weekly Gazette from St. Joseph, Missouri • 2

St. Joseph, Missouri
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THE ST. JOSEPH WEEKLY GAZETTE, THURSDAY, JULY 3i Horoford'i Add Pnoapbat, in Debility started with the election of Ward. An Old Oltiren Dead. Special Correepondence of the Oatte( Dr. W.

H. HoiiCOMBE, New Orleans, ho tm to include Thnrman. DEMOCRATIC DG1N5S. THE CONVENTION AT ST. LOUIS.

Pendleton and CongreMmad Warner. This plan was arrested and the "aya: "I found it an admiranie remedy for debilitated state of the system, produced by the wear and tear of tional convention tn support hit nomination for lost high office, and a a anit ta ufteall honorable means to necure his nomination. TUB NOMINATIONS. The plank endorsing McDonald was louiily cheereiL After the adoption of the platform Isaac P. Gray, M.

1). Man-son and David Turpie were placed in nomination for governor. On the first Axtkll, June 25. Died at his home three miles north ot Highland, Kansas, on Tuesday morning, June 24, 1884, Mr. Milford Gilmore; aged seventy- the nervous energies.

Before sailing for Poland Modjeska one years. Mr. Gilmore had been in Morrison Munford. John O'Baj. D.

R. Frenoli nau CUm. II. Manirnr Eleote Ilelesatf at lree-Ohlo ind Ioulana Dmocmtle State Conventions- Klitr Politics. poor health for several weeks, but was apparently much better.

He rode to Highland the day before, and seemed bet next movement was to nominate by acclamation, to which motion Thurman was attached and then McLean and Thnrman elected by one vote, after which Lieut. Gov. Mueller, a prominent German and personal friend of Payne's, was selected. The delegation is strongly for a western man for president, although unable to agree on an Ohio man, and solid against any reduction in tariff. The delegation stands 38 for either Payne or Hoadly to eight against either one of them and will probably never vote as a unit.

stated that she bad cleared svu.uuw during the past season. Skinny Men. 'Wells' Health Renewer restores health and vigor, cures Dvspep' ia, Impotence, Sexual Debility. $1. ter than for months: went to bed as ballot Oray was nominated, receiving 691) votes, Turpie 223, and Manson 181.

Man-son made a speech saying he supposed a soldier of two wars would have received more consideration in a Democratic convention, but he was satisfied, and moved that the nomination be made unanimous. usual, but about 4 o'clock in the Infants anrf Children morning his wife heard him breathing unusual, and attempted to awaken him. He breathed but a few times and died peacefully without a St. Louis, Jnne 25 The state Democratic convention assembled at 9:15 a. m.

Before it was called to order, the arrival of ex-Governor Thelps, who has been absent all winter and spring, caused a scene. He received an ovation, and responded in a short speech, declining a nomination for delegate at large. It is What gives our Children rosy cheeks, What cures their fevers, makes them sleep; nstortn. When Tinbles fret, and err by turns, What cures their colic, kills their worms. Onstorm.

Turpie seconded tue motion in a brief speech. Col. Gray responded at some length, arraigning the liepublicau party and discussing the Chicn platform. Several nominations were made for lieu struggle. He was born in Kentucky in 1813, re The Arkansas Convention.

Little Rock, June 25. The moved when a child to Buchanan county, Missouri, at Agency Ford, where he resided until 1855, when he came to Kan tenant-governor, but all withdrew in fa- Democratic state convention with full vor ot Manson, who was nominated by acclamation and accepted the race. VV. delegations from every county, met at noon, with Thomas C. McKae, of Nevada county, as temporary chairman, and ad R.

Myers, of Madison, was nominated for understood that Phelps is a candidate lor governor. The regular business of the convention was then proceeded with, and nominations for delegates at large secretary ot state; as. a. ice, ot iloyu When star route counsel fall out, if rogues don't get their dues honest people find out why they don't. "Bough on Corns." Ask for Wells' "Bough on Corns," 15o.

Quick, complete cure. Hard or soft corns, warts, bunions. The Blaine organs and speakers are shocked at the prevalence of dudeism and Phariseeism in New York and Massachusetts Bed Bugrs, Flies; lues, roaches, ants, bed-bugs, rats, mice, gophers, chipmunks, cleared out by "Rough on Rats." 15c. Tt in a litfln roncrli nn Steve Elkins. VCrmf qnicltlv cures Constipation, Sour Stomach, Colds, Indigestion Cast orln.

Farewell then to Morphine Syrups, Castor Oil and Paregoric, and Hall Cnstona. Castoria is so well adapted to Children that I recommend it as superior to any medi-tine known to me." H. A. Archer, JI.D., Ill So. Oxford Brooklyn, N.

T. journed till afternoon. The convention reassembled at 3 p. continued McKae as permanent president, adopted an order of business and began balloting for auditor, and John J. Cooper, of Marion, for treasurer, re-nominated by acclamation.

Reporter of the supreme court, John W. Kern, of Howard; judge were made. of the supreme court, iurtli district, J. A. Balloting ensued, and John O'Day of Springfield, Morrison Munford of Kansas City, D.

K. Francis of St. Lonis and Charles H. Mansur of Chillieothe were S. Mitchell, of Elkhart; superintendent of nnblic instruction, John W.

Holcom. for governor. John O. Fletcher, H. Hughes and Jacob Fralichs were placed in nomination.

Fourteen ballots showed little change, the closing ballot being, Fletcher 98, Hughes 88, and Fralichs 20; necessary to nominate, 108. Mention in speeches of the names of Tilden and Hendricks and Cleveland and McDonald elected delegates at large. Governor of Marion. The convention adjourned Crittenden, who was an active candidate at 1:30. THE STATE COMMITTEE.

for the position, was beaten. THE PLATFORM. nf pt nl 1 tlifl ennd work he did for Blaine The state central committee held a meeting and organized by the election of The committee on resolutions reported at Chicago, that some one else is to go as follows: at the head or the national committee. Henderson chairman, and J. L.

Riley secretary. The delegates to the national convention held a conference received great applause. Adjojirned till 9 o'clock to-morrow morning. Press Privileges at Chicago. Indianapolis, June 25.

Austin H. and determined to do everything possi The Democracy of Miasonri, in convention assembled, at the city of Ht Louis, reallirm the time honored doctrines of the Democratic party an enunciated in a series of platforms and affirmed and emphasized in positive terms in platforms adopted at the St. Louis convention in lMTiiand at t'incinnati in lb0. That we especially declare in favor of tariff for the purposeof revenue, and the taxing power Brown, of this city, chairman oi the press ble to secure the nomination of McDonald, and adjourned to meet in Chicago, sas where he has been engaged in farming. He leaves a widow and seven children, four sons and three daughters, and several brothers and sisters to mourn his loss.

Uncle Milt, as he was familiarly called, was a true type of the old-fashioned Kentucky men; honest, upright and conscious; always kind and cheerful. He was respected by all and by all will be sadly missed from our community. F. Vital Question I I Ask the most eminent physician Of any school, what is the best thing in the world for quieting and allaying all irritation of the nerves, and curing all forms of nervous complaints, giving natural, childlike refreshing sleep always? And they will tell you unhesitatingly "Some form of Hops CHAPTER I. Ask any or all of the most eminent physicians: "What is the best and only remedy that can be relied on to cure all diseases of the kidneys and urinary organs; such as Bright's disease, diabetes, retention or, inability to retain urine, and all the diseases and ailments peculiar to Women" "And they will tell you explicitly and emphatically "Buchu Ask the same physicians "What is the most reliable and surest cure for all liver diseases or dyspepsia; constipation, indigestion, biliousness, malaria, fever, ague, Arc," and they will tell you: Mandrake! or Dandelion Hence, when these remedies are combined with others equally valuable, And compounded into Hop BitterB, such a wonderful and mvsteriouB curative power is de committee or the national convention, has already received and registered several applications for press privileges.

Those from daily papers alone equal double the space allotted for or me government snnuiu oe uius iiieiimi. We are opoosed to all policies intended or cal An absolute cure for Rheumatism, Sprains, Pain in the Back, Burns, Galls, An in i culated to foster monopolies at the expense of the people. ADJOTTRNMENT. special reporting. Many who expect stantaneous Fain- reliever.

The resolutions were unanimously Ed adopted. Governor Urittenden, ex-CJov- ernor Hardin, John G. Priest and James D. Fox were elected as alternates to the Not Holes Only. Other plasters have holes, but Benson's Capcine Porous Plasters alone have genuine healing virtues.

25c. Captain Eads is opposed to the $250,000 appropriation for the purchase of the Nicaragua canal charter. The charter doesn't belong to the man of jetty fame. Emory's Little Cathartic is the best and only reliable Liver Pill known, never fails with the most obstinate cases, purely vegetable. 15 cents.

The Dean of Westminister declined to allow the remains of Sir Bartle Frere to be buried in Westminister Abbey on the ground that the abbey was not big enough. Malaria is caused by Torpid Liver; Piles by Constipation; Headache by Indigestion. Avoid them all by using the great vegetable remedy, Allen's Bilious Physic, 25 Cents. At Ml Druggists. Saturday, uly otli, for organization.

The Ohio State Convention. Coltmbus, June 25. Congressman D. R. Paige, chairman of the Central commitee, called the Democratic state convention to order at 10:30 a.

m. The house was not more than two-thirds tilled, being the smallest number present at any state convention for years. The committee on permanent organization reported G. B. Finley for chairman.

He was introduced and spoke at length on the importance of the coming contest, and predicted the Democrats would carry Ohio in October, and reviewed the history of the party in the country. The committee on resolutions, through Elmer White, reported the following plat delegates at large without balloting. The resolution instructing the delega uesK privileges must be disappointed and will have to be satisfied with seats in the auditorium. Mr. Brown reports that at a meeting of the sub-committee held in Chicago last week, it was decided that no clubs or associations would be admitted as such, and members of such organizations must look to delegates for tickets.

John Kelly's Choice. New York, June 25. John Kelly made a statement to-day in regard to the presi tion to vote as a unit and also to vote for Tilden were howled down, and the convention adjourned sine die. Indiana Democrats. WHO IS UNACQUAINTED WITH THE GEOGRAPHY OF THIS COUNTRY WILL SEE BV EXAMINING THIS MAP THAT THE Indianapolis, Juoe 25.

The Demo cratic state convention was called to order by Hon. Jos. E. McDonald, chairman form: dential nominees. "I am opposed to Governor Cleveland, but only because I believe there are other men better fitted to receive the nomination.

I have been brought into contact with many neonle. of ttie state central committee. juouon-Bid was received with much applause. Hon. Dan N.

Yoorhees was elected per THE PLATFORM. Resolved. That the Democrats of Ohio re allirm its platform of 1NS3, as follows: It endorses the principles of the party expressed in manent president. He made a few brief previous state and national platforms, in regard to personal liberty, the true function of gov veloped, which is so varied in its operations that no disease or ill health can possibly exist or resist its power, and yet it is Harmless for the most, frail woman, weakest invalid or smallest child to use. Mr.

Charles Godfrey Lelend, the au remarks. The platform was read by Hon. W. H. English as follows: THE PLATFORM.

The Democratic party of Indiana in conven both Republicans and Democrats, throughout the city, and all express the wish that Bayard should receive the nomination. I hope so myself, and believe that if nominated he will be elected. ernment as embraced in the political creed expounded by the founder of the Democratic party. Thos. Jefferson, the application of thete thor, in a letter to a friend in England, announces his intention to leave Philadelphia and take' up his residence in principles to the present, condition, demand a purification of the public service, the punishment of robbers of the public treasury, the CHAPTER II.

"Patients "Almost dead or nearly dying" Women gone nearly crazy From agony of neuralgia, nervousness, tion assembled renew the pledge of fidelity to the constitution and to the doctrines taught by the illustrious men who were its fonners and Fngland. The opposition to Bayard because of his so-called record is absurd; in fact, I equalization of all public burdens, the arrest of illustrated their administration of govern. think this 'bloody shirt' business is A Fair Offer. The "Voltaic Belt Marshall, Mich. wakefulness, and various diseases pecu promgracy, extravagance and the corrupt administration of public affairs, and a total change in the policy that has so long been pursued by the Republican party, favoring individual and played out." liar to women, ment, and insists upon honest and economical adminstration of public affairs, federal, state and municipal.

It A-ill resist all efforts to deprive the federal government of any of its powers as delegated in the constitution and will maintain for states and peoplo respectively the offer to send Dr. Dye's Voltaic Belt and Appliances on trial, for thirty days, to People drawn out of Fhape from excruciating class legislation, the expense of the laboringand panes or rheumatism, mnammatorv anu chronic. Almost L'nanimous for Cleveland. St. Louis, June 25.

The Globe-Demo or suffering from scrofula. men, young or old, afflicted with nervous debility, lost vitality and kindred wealth-pn. dicing people or the country, we renew our j. vious declarations for stable money, the gradual extinction of the public -trvsipelas! "fcialtrheum. blood poisoning, dyspepsia, intli- rights and powers preserved to them in the constitution, ft condemns corrupt and extravagant expenditures of public money that have ore- gesron, ana, tsct, almost au diseases trail troubles.

See advertisement in this paper. JNature is heir to Have been cured bv Hop Bitters, proof of Tailed at Washington during the rule of the Republican party. Second. That such expenditures as may be which. can be found in every neighborhood in the debt, and the payment of pensions to all disable soldiers, their widows and orphans.

Second We favor a tariff for revenue, limited tot lie necessities of the government, economically administered and so adjusted in its application as to prevene unequal burdens, encourage the productive indust ries at home, and afford just compensation to labor, but not to The Cleveland boom is growing, Known wona, sNone genuine without a bunch of green Now that the reform governor is sure of discontinued and cru-1 burdens removed from tax payers We insist that federal taxes be reduced to the lowest point consistent with efficiency in public service, and we demand a re Hops on the white label. Shun all the vile, pois JNew York, the other states are being presented to him on a platter as fast as onous stun with nop" or Hops in their crat this morning prints over 500 five to ten-line interviews with members of the Democratic state convention now in session here, a summary of which shows that about 100 delegates favor Tilden for president, 400 declare for Cleveland, and the remainder are divided between Bayard and Thurman. The Tilden men are all for Cleveland as second choice. It can be said that the delegates to the convention are almost unanimously for Cleveland. The convention stands over two to one in favor of Gen.

J. D. Marma-duke for governor. name. conventions can be held.

A brave and faithful irnardian of our create or foster monopolies. TimtD That the just demands of the wool growers of Ohio, and the country, or an equitable readjustment of duties on wool, unjutly reduced by a Republican congress, so that this indusl ry Bhall be fully and equally favored with other industries, ought to be complied with, and we endorse the action of the Democratic members in Ohio in their efforts to accomplish this result. At certain seasons of fjhe yearneariy every person suffers to a greater or lees vision and reformation of the present unjust tariff constitution of the United States, which is the only service of the taking power conferred npon congress; the right to establish a tariff on revenue and a just exercise of that power. We favor such an adjustment of the provisions within the revenue standard as will relieve, as far as possible, the necsssities of life from the burdens of taxation, and derive the principal amount of revenue for the support of the govern homes and property rescued from imminent peril. A popular and well-known member of extent from impurity of the blood, bil our police force, who lias performed duty twelve iousness, etc.

This should be reme years at the Union U.K. IJepot, on Exchange Place, in Providence, K. gives his unsolicited died as soon as discovered, otherwise serious results may follow. Sherman's "Pkicklt Ash Bittees" will effectually remove all taint of disease and restore ment, to be economically administered, from luxuries, and such tariff shall be adiusted without favoritism, so as to Fourth The Democratic party is and always has been opposed to sumptuary laws, and equal taxation, in any form, and is in favor of the largest liberty of private conduct, consistent with the public welfare and rights of others, and of regulating the liunor traffic and providing prevent monopolies, and thus in effect promote labor and the interests of the laboring neonle of the United States. We insist that the you to health.

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Burplus revenue shall bo faithfully applied to the payment of the public debt. When these against the evils resulting therefrom by a judicious and properly graded license system. Fifth. That we commend the action of the Democratic legislature in its abolition of the contract labor system and its reform of prison management, and we indorse the legislature and revenue reforms shall tiave been accomplished the people may hope for economical and honest Dr. Evans, the American dentist, resident in Paris, has published in London a translation of the memoirs of Heine, preceded by an essay on the life and works of the distinguished arthur.

expenditures. Tihbd The Democratic party being of the executive in their economical and wise aununis tration of the state. people and for the people, favor such legislation as will guarantee the broadest protection to the mtnrefit. and welfare of the) industrial masses. Sixth.

The protection of the government is due to all American citizens, native and foreign born, abroad ond at home. Seventh That we reaffirm The resolution of the state convention of Ohio in lKSO-'Sl and and of the Democratic national convention of and '80. demanding a thorough reform it is a recognized fact that labor is the producer of the wealth of the nation and that laws should be 6o formed as to encourage and promote tho interests of progress and prosperity of each and The Keimbllcan National Committee. New York, June 25. The members of the Republican national committee have nearly all arrived in this city.

It was said to-night that F. B. Jones, of Pittsburg, would preside at the meeting of the committee to-morrow, and that S. B. Elkins, of New Mexico, would be secretary.

Permanent headquarters of the committee have been engaged at 242 Fifth avenue. Several members of the executive committee of the Democratic national committee are also in town. Second Amendment Advocates. Columbus, June 25. The second amendment advocates held a state convention to-day, and adopted a constitution for permanent organization.

The object is to hold together the second amendment voters of Ohio. The constitution provides a regular list of officers to be elected on the last Wednesday of June of each year, with a committeeman from each congressional district. Hon. Willis Gardner was made president till every branch ot industry, it ravors the enforce, ment of ft national eight hour labor law and purification of tho civil service, ami charge is also a reduction of the number of hours in a clay's labor upon ail public works, state and mu tiiat the republican party lias violated every pledge it has heretofore given for the reform thereof, and has failed during its long adminis nicipal. It tavors the establishment a bureau of labor statistics, slate and national.

It favors. tration of the government to correct even the most potent abuses, and we demand, therefore, a change of the executive administration of the asfar as practicable, the use of prison and reformatory labor, so as not to compete with the labor of honest citizens on the outside. It irovernment itself as a reform nrst of all neces favors the enactment of laws as will pro sary, was mado manifest by the star route trials and other iniquities, thereby ousting corrupt rings confederated to protect crime and prevent the punishment of criminals, and by so doing make it possible to punish fraud and theft in the Nervousness, Nervous Debility, Neuralgia, Nervous Shock, St. Vitus Dance, Prostration, and all diseases of Nerve Generative Organs, are all permanently and radically cured by Allen's Brain Food, the great botanical remedy. $1 6 for S5.

At druggists, or by mail from J. H. Allen, 315 First New York City. President Arthur is looking around for a nice place to spend the summer. Perhaps he would find it delightful aboard a government vessel away from the noise and clatter of a presidential campaign.

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troubles me no more, and I sleep splendidly nights, and surely have very excellent and forcible reasons for speaking in praiseof Hunt's liemedy, for it has inane a new man of me. 1 don't know what 1 should have done without Hunt's Remedy it is tin best medicine that I ever took, and 1 very triadly recommend it to all who are arllieted with Kidney or Liver disease, or diseases of the Urinary organs. llespoctf'uilv, ISAAC V. hibit the employment! or children under fourteen years of age, in manufactories, mines and workshops. It favors tho passsgo of laws for payment for labor performed in lawful currency, instead of private and depreciated scrip, and that the mechanic shall be secured by the first lien npon work done for wages thereon, performed.

We demand a strict enforcement of the law aeain6t Chinese immigration and such public service. A YfiAK (OB MORE) AND A PERMANENT M. J. Ryan, of Cincinnati, offered an additional plank to the platform: the next regular convention. Florida Democrats.

Rezolved, That this convention instruct the SITUATIO delegates at large and request district delegates legislation by congress as shall effectually prevent the importation of persons under passage of the contract system, who are brought here at Chicago to cast the vote ot uuio as a unit. Pensacola, June 25. The Florida with no purpose ot permanent settlement or res Democratic state convention organized A call of counties was demanded on the motion to lay on the table, which was idence, a Bystem which reduces wages ana dete-riontes the character of our home industries. i tit J. T.

McUielland permanent chair- i an. Lvery county is represented and Are hereby offered to at least one person in each towa to act as our local agent and correspondent. First come, first served, othr things being equal. References required. Full particulars given on receipt of return postage.

Address at once, mentioning this paper. agreed to, yeas dho, nays zoo. The report of the committee on resolutions was then adopted. perfect harmony prevails. The first bal That we recognize the right of all men to organize for social or material advancement, the right of wage workers to use lawful means to protect themselves against ths encroachments of the monietl monopolists, and the right to fix the price on their labor commensurate with the lot for governor stood: E.

A. Perry, 95 Gen. Wm. Miller, 10; Samuel Pasco, A call of districts was next ordered for reports of members of the state central ATIONAL GRAIN and STOCK EXCHANGE, effect a cure; and when I got a bottle of 85 b-5; W. D.

Barnes, 78 2-5; Blank, 1. The second ballot was: Perry, 100; Pas worK. ForjRTn. The Republican party stands ar- committee on delegates and alternate electors from districts as selected at raigned at the bar of public opinion for a long Exchange Building. Chtoaoo Iia.

co, lJS 4-0; JJarnes, so l-b; Blank, Ad journed until to-morrow. meetings held last evening. and continued course ursurparion and misrule. It has disregarded the right of the neoole your UK. WM.

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and states; it has held on to its ill-gotten power delegates the convention proceeded to Notice. St. Louis, June 17, 1681. the election of delegates at large, and Tha Great Turkish Kheumatio Cure. John R.

McLean, Allen G. ThurmaD in denance or popular win oy me corrupt use ot money in elections especially in Indiana in lHd; it has corrupted public morals by elevating to high places men who are known to be dishonest; it has continued during the period of peace a system of high taxation, justified only by the conditions of war, of which it had its better than she been for twenty A rare nnd positive cure for Ehen. mutism any of iis various forms Deab Sir Unscrupulous agents, who fear the Dennett as a competitor, know Gen. Durbin Ward and. Jacob Mueller were elected by acclamation.

The name ing from its past record they have to re- suo will be given for any cae of of Thurman was received with applause. origin, auu to iui iiisu pieLBii. iui jincouuuu-ancehas favored every extravagant appropriation uu8 ireuimeiu will noc cure or help. A cure guaranteed or money refunded. This treatment Ifl nnpnfllia of public money as a burden on the sort to some low mean tricts to prevent farmers from purchasing it, are circulating the report that the Dennett Company has failed and are not now manufactur years.

Foety-eight New York boss plumbers have blocked out 600 workmen on account of the workmen demanding the reinstatement of a man who was discharged No member of the plumber's union will be employed by the bosses until the lockout has ended. people, and which is a beneht only to those who The state ticket was named as follows: Secretary of state, James W. Newman of Portsmouth, was nominated; supreme judge, C. D. Martin of Lancaster; mem uiawverjesill the annate or medicine- One dose Will aiva raliar nn.l .1 snare uie piuiiuei.

xuk lemenj lor meoo evus ia an immediate change of ad-ninistration. Let -vi ouu iKYf uuseS Will ing machines. This we pronounce a bare taxation be reduced to the end that money shall remain in the rockets of the people instead of ber of the board of public works, John ueciilea rciK will re eve the fever and patn In the Joints. It will suhdue the swelling of the joints two to three days, and movement will become ey in three or tour days. A complete cure iu three to five days.

Tins is no humbug. It is not i arare faced falsehood. To give you a Bample: One G. W. Summers, agent for the Champion, near Winfield, has pub The Old Grandmother Visiting the mother of her little grandchild so gradually and pitifully vasting away by the drainage upon its system from the effects of teething, sends the nurse at once to the druggist, procures a bottle of Dr.

Biggers' Southern Remedy, administering it, soon restores rest to the mother and health to the little one. It will cure cramp, colic, diarrhoea, dvs- accumulating in the treasury to tempt the ca- pidity of a venal and corrupt continuance of the name party or set of men in power, conseriuentiv H. iseufer of Tuscarawas. The Delegates Xot I'nited. for a great many years is naturally corrupting lished a circular stating, "parties want ViS." 't prepared especially for the cure of EheuBMtism.

TFhy suffer longer State Tyour case ind Mlrf frtr Tot-ma. Konri stomn fn. Al 1 and not in accordance with the genius of our republican institutions. The long continuance of Columbus, June 25. Developments after the convention show that it was intended to make a etiff tight against Mc ing to purchase the Dennett or any other defunct machine, not now peing manu the Republican party in power, now nearly a quarter of a century, has led to the 6tar route and other frauds and corruption Auu il ceuus ror postage, 1 II t.

and receive free, a costly boTof factured, etc. We have ordered this man's arrest for slander, And propose to prosecute him to the full extent of the law; also will bring civif action for damages, and we intend to1 treat others that frightful to contemplate, the lull extent of whicn will never be known, till that party is driven from powerwhich is now demanded by the best interests of the country, and we favor the holding of all public officers to Lean. The opposition candidate against him is Payne's friend and the man who opposed Pendleton, Thurman and Ward's interests in the recent senatorial contest. Before going east Governor Hoadly left a list of men for delegates, including SSi money right away than rtunes await the entery, and all bowel affections. This, with a bottle of Dr.

Taylor's Cherokee Remedy of Sweet Gum and Mullein, combining the stimulating expectorant principle of the sweet gum with the demulcent healing one of the mullein, for the cure of croup, whooping cough, colds and consumption, presents a little medi i rn 1 Vr once aaarees Tecb Aneneta, Maine. frfiji. are lyme about us theSame way. We have received car loads of these em (jfeneral Morgan, Adjutant inley and strict accountability and theirprompt and severe punishment for all thefts of public money and all corrupt maladministration of office. Fifth Our confidence in and esteem for Hon.

Daniel W. Voorhees, our great representative in T. E. Powell, and agreed to accept McLean as a compromise on the fourth machines, and are reeiving every day. Yours very respectfully, Hamilton BttowN Machine The SafeBt and Best Internal Eemedy.

It is safe to take Bbandreth's Pills at any time, but to get the best results they should be taken on an empty stomach, going to bed. It is well on the night you take them to eat little or no supper. As no two people are affected precisely the same by a like quantity of the same medicine, it is difficult to determine the dose; and it is something which must be left to the discretion of the patients. We will say, though, the average dose for an adult is from four to ten, according to effect. For Constipation or Dyspepsia, one or two taken every night will, in a short time, perform an absolute cure.

It is well to take a purgative at least once or twice a month as a preventive of diseases, and as these Pills are entirely vegetable, and are made with the greatest care, we know them to bi the safest and most ef the United states senate, continues unabated, and we cheerf ally greet him and his Democratic Gen'l Agt's. associate from Indiana in the house of represent cine chest no household should be without for the speedy relief of sudden and dangerous attacks of the lungs and bowels. Ask your druggist for them. Manufactured by Walter A. Taylor, proprietor place in the district.

Hoadly controlled a large majority of the whole delegation. The success of McLean is attributed to the unswerving support of Hamilton SRHOSCS THE BEST. 6.20dlt2tw Jer Jj. A. Bbown, V.

atives with the well dune, good and faithful public servants." Sixth It will be the mission of the Democratic party to foster and build up all the great -'f" Public and (miokers cener. county, which gave him all its 63 votes, choicest grides Vi thoSaghly curfd lh Taylor's Premium Cologne, Atlanta, never before voting solid a state (ia. TB6e Notice. St.oseph, Jnne 16th, 1884. To Whom a Mip Concern: W.

N. Wincott is no longer in my em business ana material interests or the country, and restore the government to the pnr.ty of earlier days. To successfully accomplish this a roan should be placed in whom the business men PERI5UE ARD TURKISH bSSV. ds and smokine to- of Th our stock a lare shipment Detective Wood, who discovered the convention. The election of McLean is causing a sensation.

Many older politicians are amazed and some disgusted at the success of McLean, who has been of the country and in whom the people have implicit confidence, a man fully endowed with all the qualities desirable at the head of the great navy department frauds, has declared his intention of having no further deal denounced all over the state for his audacity and outlawry in politics. Mo- ings with the navy department, but will press an investigation by congress. He has submitted his correspondence with ploy. All ifersons are hereby warned against doiag any business with him on my account, as I shall not stand responsible for aflythinghe may do after this date. Previous transactions will be properly af ended to by me, or by parties having Written authority from me.

17dtwlm A. M. Chesmobb. Lean says he is for Hoadly. and this is American republic a man or pure ana spotless personal and political record, and always sound open all the great questions of the times.

We know Joseph McDonald, of Indiaaa, to be each a man. We respectfully present his name to the people of the United States as worthy to be their president, and we hereby infract all delegates from Indiana to the Democratic na STANDARD BRANDS. TOBACCO regarded as a plain indication that there will be a bitter fight in the Ohio delega Chandler to Representative Abraham S. Hewitt, of the house committee on ex fective purgativt ver introduced to the public. They have been sold in this conn-try for over fifty years, and have in that time attained an unprecedented populaity.

tion at Chicago. The stampede penditures of the navy department..

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