The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 10, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 10, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTJ1KVILLK, (AUK.) COUK1EU NEWS TUKSDAV, OCTOHRU 10, 1',)!!!) THE BLYTHEVILLE- COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHES C. R. BABCOCK, Editor II. W, HAI.NES, Adverting Manager Sole National Advertising R Arkansas Dallies, inc., Nc\v York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Little Roc!:. Published Every Atlcrnoiiii Except Sunday. Difi'ed as rccond class mutter ul His posr otllcc at Blytlwvlllc, Ar- kunsas, ur.d:r act, of Congress Oc- loter 0, 1311. Served by the United Press. SDliSCiitr-TION RATES By carrier in im> Cily ol ulytheville, loc l>cr welt or SGiu per ye;ir in advance. By mail within a radius nf 50 miles, J3.00 per year, SI.50 for six months. 85c lor three months; by mail In postal H.IUM two to six, Inclusive, fti.50 licr year, in wines seven and rtjlit, J10.00 per year, payable hi a(Jvaiue. , . , _ __ . - j : ~ Toward Recovery To Uiny.L' «'lui still iir;ilV"'s iniiltilily to soo UIMI ll'i 1 U(i:is(-vcll v.'tovi.T.v iir;i- jjiiim lias ai'voi!i|!lisln'il jinvlliiiii,' \*'>- cominuiul tho lollDwinir r:n;ls, |ircsi'itl- t'd in :m ;n!(lvc.-s by Frank K. Wilson of lliu NKA :=l:tll' In tin; liaol :mcl sltui' ti'.idu i!s-(K-i:tii(in in Now York: In re.-.pons'j to (JL'iiuriil Johnson's aji- jiual, in tv.'i! niontlis voluiHucr tilixcn." liii\o i-ompliiU'ly urRJinixcil nmn; Lliiin 7,OOU coinnnmitios so lli.-il^ioiv lliiin Op'-pur cunt ol' the cinr.liiyci's nf I In; nalioii ;iro opevatinij tiniU'r I lie l!lii(.' Kat'iii. ApproxiniiiU'ly 2,noO,OHO iim-iiii'lovcd liiivi: \iw.n put li;u-k to work. iu 1 piM'cli;isiu«; DOUXT h:is liut'ii ;ipproxiin:itt:ly two liilliou; of dollars pt-r yv;\i: More tliiin .10,0011,000 Aincrk-iius liavc co-opi'raUon tnulur \\w. l!ltn- Muiv lliiin l.olNJ.OOO nn-n iiiiil WDHK-II luivc participatod in Ulock-tu-block niul hoviso-lo-lioiisi 1 ranvassos to -stippurt Uic iniiiii ubjcclivos. Dclhttion has Ijuun ruvtT.sctl. In ^0 letidins cities, k>c;tl ;inil tli: : - phiy :iilvci'li;iii|; showed :in intriVMsu ot 1G per ('(.-ill in August, lirsl un-hrni in Ihreo years. Einpioyaiunl shmv.s ;in iiu'rciise ol' -7 per conl ovor it yp:ir ;itfo. c,s sliow an iiKr-jtisq of -I:', per | t:d to bet thiil such .<t;Uos ;is Jlainc, Virginiii. Ai'kiinsas. '['e\a^, ;uul Iniii- ana wuiild lisivt! voted for repeal of thu < it'hU'cnth amondinetit Ijofori! the eii'l of ti).'K eniili! have iibluini'd almost I'anliiiitk' odds. 'I'fie wlutle tiviid nl M'liliinuiii, as I'cvctili'tl !)>• (In 1 ])i'()}rre.--s of (lie vtitinir, is u stirprise. A yciir ago the |)l'«)llil;i- tiijn iiiiiuntliiu'iU louKi'd like a Ija-ilion tliat would lie ycftr.s in coiHjiiL'ritiK- Today it is cniinhliiiu lik(- a sand hotisi- in a rain slonn. rarmcrs Only Asked to Save . ' Ihcmsdvrs The Memphis Cnhiiiineiii! A|'ii;iil. u-hiHi is old emiuijh to kn.iv l>'0l!"r. jinblislic-. ;i lengthy editoiiiil ciilicisinu Hit- ;-.uveii.;r:'nl lor ikmand- liis ai-reucf irdiicllon |i!'-d';i s liom fiinners v.ho iin- iii-aiil-.-d IH-.III-. et 10 I'l'iils a pour.d on their pri'M-nt culKin imp. 11 larmcrs iniijtl ii[;ue lo iniihir lediiclimi in iicri-age next ye.i: 1 In o'.iler tq obtiun the loan. It is nol likely la in- acceptable to ilu- Kix'iil m-ijority. i'armer.s are. fx'^iiniln^ '.D wur.d-.-r why it is thai In return for every i::iij:^:'.'il benefit received from (in- KOVITIIU-.CIH they arc i(c|iiired lo 111:11:1- :i siiclir.e.- i(|ii;il '.o or b'l'i-aler than il'.e lienefu reeciird. In this rcs):cul the farm-.-r is a nutab'.e i-xecplton. This .stand on tin; part, oi a newhiiaper. imlilishcd in a hcitrt of thu laiton lielt and dc])i'iidmj; lurijcly on Hit- .-tUiM'i.v, of the cotton Clover for il.s rxLslence. is ;is suiinisinn as it i.s mcniiaelous :n)d inifonimate. The Southern colloii grower i-. nuly ;::,kid to : ; ave b.linsL-ll, ami In do :i-; :i |:;u-t uf a greal eonsliuctive goveriinienlnl ]in^rLiiu the things which he lias failed or reliisnl u> i!n vuliiiuaMly. The I-' t'.overimK-nt wi'i'Ui 1; • %r:y ;ool- isli lo li-ml it! cm Us ;i piiiinil ni tii:' pi\'-i:ir, eiitton MirphiK fume : :u.iii.r.tei- Ihal llu- crop fin 1 ii'.-::1 year will lj.- ivstii-.-tcd. lliil lur the Incl thai Mir ;;mTr:inv.-ni Ihi, year (inanced the (lesinietluii nl a fuiiitli nl the lirovvini; cio]i, cotton vould have been sellini; nn Ihe local markcls for four anil live cents .1 pound, and the South would have been pio:i- tiated. Yet a newspaper, publislicd In lb: IsirgeM Inland cnllon market in tin- wnrlil. \vhrrL- it. has e'.ery opi:oi;mi!iy to ii;.i-;'ii:!m the fad::. i|f-lil;i-r:ilcly ilisni-iiits llie uov. in- nientv. piii^iraiii—tui-tis Us b.iek on llie. adimu- istrntlun at Washington—and advises tin- faiiii- el.-i n[ llu: South to ItEl-'U.SK TO SICK I'LKIKI- KS HUS'rniCTlNU ACUEACiK l''OU Ni:.\T YEAU.-Wei-t f'nini CAi:i.-;.i 'I'iuie.s-lji'iuler. SIDE GLANCES By George Clack /F •^A|»"-.X¥Y • ///fym\ • V! 'Add hvti flips (if flour, one falili'snoon of lintler—" (Jgcai: Saves Football Players From Skull Injuries This r [lie l:e,t t.f "i scric.-. .1 ir.ifiuu 1 . he . i !u:ul(l bo lakei ol iiilii-lis by Dr. l-'Wiln-ln nui isvoiiijnl 1 / lo a I'.oipual lor an X •Hiiv. lit S(:iy in tin: Came" by My |.icliire aii'l suitable incdica ini-vintii::i iff iillilctie. iruirle.-:. I't'ention. _1Y Di;. .MOIllitS riSIUiriN . y.o-t serioir; of ail injuries in- Lililor, .Journal nf llie Ami-rlcan i ti.cso allcctin;'. Hie brain and 111 .tlriii-al A'O.i'ialinu. ami of :ki.l!. A concussion of the brai livRi-b. tin- IlriUh Masa/iin- , ILL-;:::- Ihal the brain lifsnn act 'lox-iiiK uu-iy your 1 ' i-.iiry I-.:-; bi-i n bniisotl. willi l hculvrai- ill the huhht of the -i'jle :ui:i!l liemnri-liaBes into 111 conlhi-; ii'.;:y in- a i!i.:gu;!ii.T i;i;-e. hi; 1 , den' 1 . d p > il- 'Ihei.- h.ivi- lir-eii f;ir !e r;-:.--> M; i'Hi: ir-iun o," !:i CHURCH EXCUSES H; <;ro. W. lUrhjro the nU'inlM'r.i of our Halur- ay NlRht Club have lemiuirarily i;s|X'iu!<;d tin: rule IMal the 1ms- laml must dance with his wife nd no other, most of our inent- *rs arc alli'mllng reuulat 1 . For a vhllc after that evangelist held his and told .so many scarcy ales rinite a tow milt, coining to our neeliiif; and many of irosc tluit till come would net dance, play cards or drink the tctreihtncnls, ind I had gone lo all the trouble .0 i-i-l a new brand. Mc*i of Uic iidiibm of the club aic nicnibi'M of my church but like myself alter iiiij'ing ni) mast of Saturday Nisi.I ii:y don't K vl n]> jn |im-j lo go to •hnreh :uid I tell them that If our j.i.-itor was not so unsympathetic ne would appreciate, oiir poMllon. I shall never roi'Kol how unsympathetic he .seemed lo be when I tUByeslcd tluit he iihmitd make s?me t-lfoi'i to help me lind n ivay to net Sister and Junior to ct-.urch and Simduy Schoof every Sunday. Of course, a person or my MKial tiain- miLSt, overlook the actions and i remarks often made by a minister and especially the travellii|> cvan- Anolher thim; that. lias '.elpcd our atlentlanee to net back o almost normal (especially. i.:c .ady members), they get togcllier one iiiylit at our business meeting when (jiiltc a few of thr husbands •ire absent and voted all (he un- I'.arried ladles out. (Copyrighted.) - THIS CURIOUS WORLD A YOUNG SWISS SCU-PTOB, OyBlNG THE F-BENCH RBVOU/TIQN HAD THE JOB Of CASTING. DEATH .MASKS OF FAMOUS PERSONS. AS THEIR. HEADS 0/EBE BROUGHT IN FROM THE GUILLOTINE/ MARIE ANTOINETTE, KING Loms, ROBESPIERRE AND /V.ANy OTHERS WEP6 AMONG HER AAOOELS. T£CAAIT£S, OU^VMITE ANTS/' ARE- AM :MOO^ 1TBM ON THE OtET CT= AFRICAN MATIV5S, AMD 8ATTUE5 OFTENTIMES AftE RXKiHT FOR POSSESSION OF THE GIANT ANT HILL'S. PLANT LIFE FUKNISHSS THE OXYGEN WHICH ALL ANIMAL LIFP IN THE OCEAN MUST HAVE, ' TO OSEATHE The plant life of the world lakes carbon elioNid- from the air and releases oxygen, and a constant circulation oJ the waters carries Trapping (o Aid Jobless | tllls "fc-gving clement lo every nook and cranny ol the ocean depths. MAUKUETITE, Mich. HJl'l - A .-ise in the market price of pelts of ill kiiids wijl meat) a revival in liniitin; mid trapplnu in Michigan this f;\|l .and- winter, the Slide Department of CoiirCi'vailon iircdicts. 'Ihc department. Hdvorates trapping as a means of livelihood for unemployed. NEXT: \VlucL jr»>v first, a tnd]i(ili.-'s fluiil U';s. nr hind ic;sv Golil Fish 15 Years OM VilU;« llnlils "WorUfs Fair" 13KCXJKTON. Mats. (UP) —Elmer TURNHRIDGK. Vt. (UP)—The L. White's goliinsh. Tiny and Juni- | fair held in this small Nr.v Ens- bo, are 14-and 15 years old, ye-j land village every year is generally s'pcclively. i known as "The World's Fair." " ni:,:i.v.11:1,1:-roiiAV j Inline ,-„,„• kimv.-h,, ,, 1!: i. A,,.!, "IVetl. I ivun't let a dress mil 11(11. ^LMII.V »„„ „! „ .,1, I,,,.,, ,„,.,, ...... I,-Mil-. 'Ihe rir.-.t .si-iii of Mich injury is V-- nS uiviin.i-y for tci-eiil events. "1 ; i>- !i-,i : iuiporiaut >i::n is u slight [rai-liire in" Ihe .-kill! ir. ui/'-'ini 1 ::.. lint i::uu-hc:i :iiul irain- fuo'l':*:: i' t-'l'- 1 - -' chance \vi!h- u. yhould no;, however, be unim- cul, ui' 1 ';ii;ite h..-.iil m-oU-'-'t.'!"'. !.-:i':scd -.V|K-H ;i |)];i;.e:- comes out Mu.-l uup-ctai:'. uf all. lifi'vi'v.T -.1:' ;i Midiini imiiiie!. -.vUli another i:. In i-i-: i i:l.i;-:. |iv<tin»:ly "11 i> I'luyiT n:m'!y slir.h'ly illiv.y . or tie':l il hi- Ijil-: Ml-i.iiill-il •:!!-. - • :vr.l Wholi'Hiili 1 iiriiTS aiv'ii.i !:J |icr rail. AirrieiiHiinil inxulucts HIT ii|i '22 |>er CL'lll. Cur lutuiillgs liiivc r.x|iiillili'il til |J(T cent. Retail ilntde is tip 10 jn-i- ci.'nt. Iliii'iiiL'ss f.iiiiii'L's (kcp.'iisud 51! |ii:r cwil. ("*> 4# ftfv n; s ry\ '/ , Jllll:! ll-.lWbil! 1 .'; il .'.•'ll-.:-: !ll|l:i> r I^IS j c- ;IM iir.'<i.- •.':• jiiiv ['il'i". 1 i'un' 'K?* 13k Kepea/'s Surprises No one nl a spin-tilativ.' Ltini ul' tem- |)L>ramv.Ml tan read Hie returns from the different states on the repeal ([iius- lion witlioiit Uiinking whi't an exeel- leut scries, of lid s a c'Hira^i'ons wet. toiiW have tnatli^ for hiti:self a year ago. It might have seemed .--ale. last year til. this lime, to l>et thai tlie proliil.i- tion law wiiM in- itiddilifd sdinehaw within a fe'.v years. '!'•) Imvi.' j;"lie any farther (.lian lhai would Lave Kuetned. to most people, very fonlisli. e. who IKK! ear- . Cuba iMi't U-'lino . l .o v.e',1 Mils niurnini.:. - I're.sidenl Housevi-ll. t * * II v a:; not .'vlviine that made i-lutliuii;, bill elolhin:: that m.itlc .--ham'--. -Ciiiveme lli'.i'- r;nv. -•* * * Yon iiiiu't- li'Ki:-l;ite i^-iiee. You only c-.ui puojile the \ioilil willi p -aii-ali!" naUui'.v - -llrniv l-'(,id. lu'ovc m&'-l Viilnabli- u-lu-n Chcd \vnii .^uund jnelgmeiit inul exercised uui\- \ilien nec- e.^m-y. —\Vilhani Circcn. I'n-.^ic!!-!!! o: the Au:- eilcan I'LMlev.itiun of l.abui". + * <= II v.i 1 . ii!->irtl on belli-- loyal tu our p.irly in- flnul of ouv ideals" then let a:i lay the blame fur bat] yovi-i'iiuvjnl '.vhen- it bclon^.s —'i; your di;oi ai:ci mine. —Rev. Thomas H. Whcl|>>y (il N tliinnlrr, ., h, In,,. , vi , h W'AHlxi:, |,ri-llv .Mr l.i, u | r i. .• IIIV Hull hilt ,-,ilnr lit ITi-.iipIti, in run- : I'tJUy (l||. i lie eveniiis for mo." JOM thought. Kbo ,=i:irtcil il'jvvu tl;c ftiiira and iulf wiiy iloTvn vvIiL-n a iloor >'!« ,.!;,,,!: II,. nr',1 .;,„ .!„:„ ^ 1 j K W A!! illlsnnl 1m: rni,. r t.| iniii::. ,'luSi-ll from tll.j oilier rille lit tllC Jin- Iniin »kri.• ,K,. ,,:.. r.-lurolrs ' ' And 111- re.ill) lil,. ,| IKT. J'.;:il np'liiirs ll:ill. l-in'tUjCh'..".'..-^''.^^^'!"!,"' h " f'-li Heiiv-r i-nn.foi le.,1 1,5 ,\ M iic<- -.\lk-il. "W:iit a iiiumi-nl lia- !i;--l linn:; to dn ill any Mich 'lln- I-MI r.'. '-I Iti sl.'.'.ili :i- '.'•'•'.''<)' '• i" :'i.L U:e player llii- in 1 di-lcii!ixe(i m-.tiirtliarc-lv. inrni.^eiy ;-.t II-M. 10 [h.-terminl ex- If th.'-ri- '.^. :inv ev;d")!ct- at .il. li'i'.t o. tin- injiny. When a player thill !l-.n la.inry r. r-crinn.-. : ; ueli ,-. l'a> hatl :, lir^iil injury, hi; Mio 1 l;e ]:u: lain ;. leclininn |KX-Lti(iii, (iui'.^'.:r,:-.?it as to headache :ind pi?..:i-.u.-- : . and I'ivrn Ihe lest as to'o! -.- Jor recent cvcnt.s. It li" cunnot lemeiulM. 1 ]- llrj names f[ his iifiiiitni'ir.. 1 -. \\hii'h .side is nn I her nflelinvr. ll-.i- : :eore. Illl- (lay I1 lite wf.-k. ur similiir matters. Th.- . -l.-:i:i -• fiiilivr, jt nirinlirT it nn nrKl.,,T.-itii- (nmllj. Mllrd >lni5.-ll ,'.-:ir^ r.i-fcir,-. f\ li-i. u .MUM; Inns'* IIT lirr ilivmtilrrv lo hn\(. Id., ^.l- Frl .i.ixlllun . lU'ninl her. .Tnni.':- Mnir^rr sf^lrr. I'm. IIIM-* 1'lcn^- nrv ;ni[l j.rfllj i-lutlirfi. Mi.. M 111- . illlr) ! Kiuldenly ifie !:iivn re^ouii \vitli r-^'v vnir.\s us iiio vid-.-rf? ^I .^leil in by I\SL»S':HII| hnir:;. i Carol anil :i s'liiairi. Mniiil hi!'! mil SI-I-M l-ct-ne rrn" •J LSI n!" H v>.:. lim. ".[iiiin." tir.. t -ai,|, -I lii-a- (lie ;;.-III"-H ^...iii:; in .1 f.i r m- !. lii.-'-. Will y Irlve jut- ullli BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS A GO KlOlll IllC rtlCS (if UlC IllStllCvlUC Daily Courier it is nol .sate to permit him In I'lay uijaiii. If. lurarver. lie mere- \Vl-lll.l-sl' IV. Oi-l. 111. !!)>:!. •ila: llurivlMin liMi-Aiiy bill h-- cani'- n la*-v' yv^xleidny liy ll'.i- :•-!:• i.aline ul (.Hivfj-ue'! Mei':ie. =r=. | ly is i!i«y. In- .should lie I ii d I" .iland .nn! move about, lo ii!clt:ritiin>- wliPtlii-r hi- has IIK.I. his Any .'-ii;]! ul .i lo.,:, nf .sense (i! .limn lif.:iiiile.l Tlii.y wtri; diiu-ii- iiii'.' s.., 1 ,' I'.Vii'i.r'i-iMii'i.'ijrr""" 01 " '"" ul 1 ' il " ' ls ''"•' i: '"" : " lir ' :f "'- '•'"'"'* ""' A '- il[ 'in- inu.'ii: ri'ioin u II.MHU'IM'ciu'itTN'rv. » »r,,.|- Ir. r ar'li'ii. ".Idiin. I've lic.-u loufcin^-rii.liti -A- : IS invueil m, .-in,) .s'evrrnl rl.r ;;irl nhnut Ititl, l;nc\v In *r\i j idl HVCI 1 fcr >OI|! ^'il-: IlliL- il Cull- j i-i.'il|»]e-: H.ll:i-in:;. Ijtlici.s Wliru Iilirtor!,* i«'i"i"ii : ..i. t "i..'"i"h», 1 ,?; j 1 -!'!'" 1 ? "' -- illl ' ;i -" Nm Wi.iliii.-; tor ' niiii in« linil-,,.. S]i./li»aiil liiwliarli I'-iiij- shcit IT i.'.«iiiii, suciii- ;a reiily Cjirnl v.i-at en. "Juan, Ilii.^ hui^ii mil |.ji.|;i-il iip-.vanl. r.ailiniii lil-iim- 1 '.,t''' : '.'.in» [ih"-^"),!"!.'" ' ' : ' ''"''' 1 '' l ' l ' tlrl1 -" i v ' :1 -' "'I'lniiiK iJijw-ii llie sU; ( i 5 ^itli .1.1:111. Thm liarliaru .'.l.i;,i,,', : 'in | "Vim i'll weren't i'i<li«5"" i|nei ieil ' 1: "''- ber ami linkcil through lii?. '•.'i! I «m"i,r' u ;i,iiirij:ir»!:s 1 K Knii1 - ' "' Ilir "'.""rT'?. 1 : - Krt " 1 l,rl,, UI= ,„ -v,,,, ^.ui.iH'i ,| Vu .. ||. , ., --"' ll< ' "' 111:1111---. Jim 1:111.1. Jour. ll'.r^" (Mlul. "Ali.l .i.iiil, «':i:. .'"'j 11 "'"'"I'lly. "I' - Kli-l U) ?.'. lire.l. ('„,„: „„. .| 1>:lll! \\v u,,--!,' : H " h >""•" sil " H K:>I bis cy.-s . •Hi" Kr-t ..( Ihr l,,.., ivjrlr. .limit Mlnj-v :,t hi lm r [>i-.-nu ? hr li/is 11. . rlillrti^ Milt. Shr . tll|.'lt:i,l> nml lrnrn« Hint We'll iir.iliiibly I)-' i ll,i::li uf li..!.--, lni-M,K licllrir lit ri In litir -ke]'l nailiiii; hy lliii-bjrn ami ilob. l' '..' ' h; hince K serious, and the player ' 1 i:o:.dav. ::l llie enimniihily lion ill Wll.Oll. :i li-rr-pl'llll v.'il- r.lVI'll 'n iiouij! 1 oi Mi": U U t-iymari. t.-ainty presiiient n! ti-..- \Viii:-.:in'.., i'cdoralcd Ullllis n! Aikans.i hi . !li:.if.d bi- leinoveil from the con- 'I'lu- Kml. i'edei-aied Clubs i.i Aikiins.!-,. anrl, _ . hei aviisiiini. MI-;., i. H. .lo'.m- Kattler rrightened uold ''""' ...... : Prospector to Death illli }l.irltnrn, MIIV en »>v Avrrir THI: ^ cil.MTKU XI IUAN l--.keil at ill'- slraus ssiiilril. "Hello." slio aiis "1 il-iii't i eniciiiber accii c E fun:iii in ti-ll iliciu \vc were ! "W'liyV si-.ikpi! laiii] rillil , tV.rr.,r : . liiush v.jr. :i lilU" eniliiH'- e'? no K-llili^ ^ li'.-!i t II'.'.-T you lluri-iiy:" Im ;;: ,i,|. ••>•„„ n^Uy iiii-iiu y.i-i'n di-iv: dvi r v-.illi me 1 ;" Uiirile lb:il she- I,;.,; ||,,. : j;,,, lln':i tiii'i-niu^." ibo young man went mi. "Was I Wolto?' 1 .ln;i.1 ileclilr.l Uli5 -.e;:c a v;irl:i- 'iim of, '^S'lierc biivo yon hci-u .ill n.v life 1 ' iirnl '.vas lulcndcii lo be will <-.>.iie ill. W,- Irnru'l we,, a j '.'•"' ,""''; At k; ' : -' •' il '= '"*<! m.l al.i.nii ]ni--pr;ihly \vali-liin^ shliilnw ,,l II,,.,,, ,1,,,-n in-i- I''!'. ,", " " '' ' V < v: '"- 1 "" : Isn't ii. i-i.Ji,-i,le,:i:i i be »•:.. 'rc'.pli- - \]'* ^ ri-b"""!',""' ',"'. lt:lrli:li: '.... ' . iliiln'r kninv (|,c l<-ii=l MiiiiL; ,-iboni In, lirsinnins L, h,- .pule In „„.,,. ,|,, w si|| , hn , , , .-•yiMI'alliy v.\u, H." .lim ai . i,i:a^iii" li.,b ,:nf\ fyr licr' N'ii'i-, .sensible «'a.- sl:nl they U",-e liic li tuci U",-e in-Mi'i- i i ).- i.\-\^ ,-uinii.- t,,-v ,r;i I.,-.«•. ;l.i.l all tbi-.. I.l ..,,...,,', „,.,.,, ..jj.^.j,.!. ,.fj.. i^ By Williams OAO 8(.A, Illl. iv A. -Ilir.M'li. A. ,1. li.i.r ...I I'anian. Oovelnii Siniih. .siulili-nly M. A. I.saar*. 'I. J. M.ihan. M..'; C.iu:e upon a ratlte.iliake while Meyvi . H. II. lie. vi--. 1-. V. U'i'!.- : '-valkiiis alons Kiiil-.:il> Creek. 00 ci-toid and lliijh K. Tiii'ki-i. ; miles unilli ol Frenonia. ! ,.,. . . The snake struck at, ihc- I'.so ' "'. ol uranil ji.nn.-i (.-|K,.M-;, :. : •• men. Sitnth said, but-mis-.r.l. As llu October I'.im ul (u 11..:' they .-.tartixl to «.ilk away C'or.l-.- !l'.ir;li I'.-iry and J. A. i!:n-!''»'"• ecllapn-il and <i:i:<i a fr-,i- min- tiiii. Di-ll: Tox Alexa:i(li-r. J. I.' ""'* later, the ccni|ianion rcpai led Henry Nipin-i. I. ni'" I'fenonia antiicrilics. v.'c-.-.icfcok. A. I.. Diijin M .mil .1 | Covirins Cochrnnc's bodv with i>. Miller. Blythevil'.r; rj. A. lia:-.- I <"ft .-.and. SrniUi wa]k-.- : i pj L BOO1 ; o OKI AT MlGMT. ' I 1 - ER co v loTe.s ' MADE o 1 L^ATt-VtR , AM' IT I-\A\UT HO IM A COUMTR^/ <5O FULL O' _MOl V.tAME. L.M O , (Ol-l Tie 'tM OM A/ov-V MtPPEO SOME. , BoT "-MiA &OT , AM ~ O V W. II. H.ikrr. f. tm:::i end J I I.iil):-!'j:d. UiNthi-viile. ' October 1O'> West, American, ter postae into ePfcct- it\ U- •• Mli;;:; liirly. |',y LIliJ ',MIV 1 I'm ,liui ln= lirr :l priie sap in sli.nv I;-: -.,,...,;...... , ; . l| .,, :irpl :(il] r ,.. My f,vli,,.^ «,,-_nl;imly. Auyuiie o.-nl-l .-,.,.„-, ,,„., .., ,„,.,,„.„- ,.,, ,,, vc ^ sec slio -)le.- ;e \Vlleli shr reillrne'l lo lb In-il |;..)i Ino!,! 0 wby I llml :\ Hire ' rii.un .die fmiml ll:irli:ir:i j.iMiiu Slii- n-ianuil naiiiiliK iiroiinil li!,.: i ''nv.::-l^i;--,l '.n llie l,i-.|. Mill in riii- -miii,,:;. illS ..Inllles. "(III. vc il ll'IKC "Tlliirll li • lini-. llai-bal.i." 1,'J linir! 'IVi.t had vim [oiiltln't. liavi: ' n.iiil. "l.,-l":, rlr.'-Ii." been willi IH," ll:ir|i:u-ii raid, "llmv . lini uin-m i] Up ,...,. ,],., jr . |n ,i iii,iiv.-.-rrr) c!ui|>ly: "1 iliiln't ,[ 0 yim frM i,.jw7'' .l.-an - ; ..i in. '-.\n i.-i?" u:- ;i ^k-'l i little lii.-t ^Mo.'t? Yuit re-jlly ga\ i: • nuile a siiirl!" j^'^iirrir^^j^f'-o 1 ?:s «C't B s:,r^ ^ ^«-* -"•"-• ™>^ ^..^^ """,;-,;'r r a ™ ^ ^ : ^^ T. 'it. Ilalfleiil. A. K. Miller. ll:,:t- i 'wrsc and Ilicn ccxle into Finlcnia. «u -o willi tbc others?" 1 h»r ei-V'ntni' ,, T ,'n ''\f'-- - m'.,' T-'"i i n ,- , .nun: Speiic,-r Ilmieh. A H r, , , U'-e nearest , :u tpcM. for aid. ' "l'li,-r merry canlirrf arc a pain ^ r j 3 ***'"™ 'J"; 1 ; 1 ' A , f '..;, „ , r I '"i i " • ,"" '""' J ' "• 1 " J '" I " n " «n hl l) (f'M^ru'-r'v'im-- i '"-nd 6^7"^T'^ W A,K ' J1 "" : ""* '" m '' ''"' """"^ i il "" "'P-'n Mi-lylns''th«'V,,l 0 r ^'^ ^n^''^ u from Mil. 1J. IT. iMlAII 1. \v I . I ..irl.l • ' -- ° " l -t-'. 1 - ...,l ,„..,..,. I,,.., I „,! ' „ „.,,.. T , _. ,. .. .1... 1. t.l ,. . - . I;!.-.-, as i In;.'!! Icll you. .Ill^f. bored j coiilcnl;:. Joan took a d;nk Uilc Mir- i-,(,; ^,, nmrii l.ncr t!i;m Iho liy .ill ilic'e prclCiif'C.i ot Inn ins a Uklrt ami .vliorl. yonlbfiil j-irkct ni I,. :•.;.' Alum.--! :ni iium-: Why l,;i.j liii-. I friini :. liiinner. It «'.is ii h-ioniing il,r-y -tayeil nbj "Tli:n why diil you CIFIHI:'."' oiiilit b'.t toiiisiil it lo"ki;il bmue- H<- Miiilcd. "Tlic iieuolrntiiiii of lY.c juiinr. tliltiK'! Well, U you iiii:.-i kuiivv. my ehiUl. I like tbc *i:,c; llu.^o lino olil niuu:--ii»!i^ af- i"i'il. Anil llio opiiorluuity lo l-i'll,:;'.- around ill ci.uiltorliiblc sur- rmiuiliims. Itul 1 was very bored aiitil y,,ii ranir. Kroin n<^v on I'm ••>' >oin- service. Whal's llie pro- ' 1 M-.-I:: nl.iimins lo sec tbc sir- Tin- ilark, frictirlly cycci met hers. all afn-rif, ^ r *.-••,<• it was. llurbara had tc- (i-,j-.\o.' Ami wliy iliil ll.e i.Ui Icelctl a liqlit Krccu wiyjlcn affair, all i,s;i,ini- tlial ll'.-b mid Ijarbi Iriminrii villi large uicliil bulloii = . « cri: j,, i.jvu? Slit; l:iid bcfide it a small, dark 'Hiey ilru'.c i:i ::ih-ii.r : f,>i-ii -'.inii.. ^rceii leather coal- ' ami II,vn .lim s-ajil .-iiiHr-.iy; "It. will l« cnul etimi = li f"r R;"Vou're Lively. .loan. I'm afiajd wnip,' 1 liarbar.i fiiiO tarcle:-jly. j I'm gi>tn;{ i<> Till liani (..r ;..-i. Dm * ' " .you t-.-n, very ti-gulikd. Air j- ou 'lOAX tljougbt nf her dart travel- j,]; • "Wiij?" "l"'l l'a I b i-i- n nl .1- ^b'jaliln'i hiivt; , unir r-j 11- "iviur. Well, eni.e'.' Her whole cy.^linnc wroni; any way. i 'I'lu-rc was a tiumoroiis slcam In I ",vu aboard, cveryboily"' Cirol pariv. fur nac iliing." Hirni. "tlrcal Kcott, she eoaica on | ta!d, entering Ilio room. "Ob, "SbcV luf-a-'r,) in wi-.;lnn," liviisi; Mrtic-i n ECO ganJcas! U I you're dressed, Juan. Would you Jim rlrriO'-.|. -.\MI| iii :i i ,;-|,,,|', "i,||nr. Miiiply jpii'i d'jiic cvecpl in mo-.m- uiiii'l running down and re-iimllns IM- :iin-n le-i n,. ~ ; ,i, [,,,. ; , s |ii. Mrhi, .K>,in. IJiil, !•> sbo'.v sou vibai. jup i] (C bunch! I nuu-l Le'ii tiii.i i-.|:;",i ciiiim-, ,„ |i ; - ; ..^py.i.-ij,.,. i ' K ..,...| HHJI-I 1 am. lead llie v»y." ' helpless Infant drc.-.'. !( I d"U'i ti",." II- iimvri! on Lejldc licr »uil nc ^ou'L reacli Kay'3 until lime- An a-ii-mui..)- n,.:i r ,| ,,-, : ( (l,c« 'Utly tbcy \*crr In Ihc : for .1,111 si-lnu'1. :', \,ff -a »rjll?. ' t drii i i-il'i I'CIK'h »tll» JlMn .lOHD !W L'rfl>l jrlnilLf-. :,'k.,.,,y. \\>||. i.-ili:,,, . | ln :iiiiu>.',l liini wiili tit-r liiiuwleil'ic nf in her ;ip|iei<r.m>:r in ouc liirWr.i i,. :1 , 111.' l!.ini-|-;l :iH'l tl'lUL'S'.' bril.f, UU|'r;j|:lllS 1'-"JX. T:!C!I <[lC Ilir lr r; | ..:. !-,,.|.Jr ( n I-J1E s.- ibo c liltlo inci) ' Ihic^j , lined Fiirbarn's fic<.k. ' fj-irijie:"!> ,,.>..: u ,,,,.. .. K ,,\i.. oli-> tlnousb arc uorek-sua! j^ae Cii-himcd "»bai * love!'' t (i u \t t tvullnucii)

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