The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 6, 1931
Page 7
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FRIDAY. MARCH G, 1931 BLY'imVTLLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a. word /or first Inwrllon and one cent a word 'or each subsequent insertion. No advertisement taken for less than 50c. Count tUe words and send the cash. Phone 30G FOU SALE FOR SALE—Baby Chicks. All varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, Ulyt^cville. 20-CK-TF FOR SALE—Alfalfa and timo'.hy hay in car load lots or less. W. H. Werner, Canalou, Mo. 27P-K13 FOR SALE—Ear and snapped yellow corn. W. T. Riley, New Madrid, MO. ' 27P-K7 SPECIAL BARGAINS USED CARS Spring: is here ;md Now isj (he time to go placon and do 1 K.S. Our prices on GUAK-j USKU CARS are ?50 to ?75 LOWER than ever before. We IIKVO USED CARS and TERMS thai will suit you BEST. It will pay you well to see our USED CARS before you buy. '28 FOnD SPORT KDSTEU SI25 "?3 WHIPPET COACH SIGS '30 C1JEVHO1.ET COACH ... 5«3 .'28 CIIRYSLE11 "«" 1-D SDX !> 03 •30 roan i;s TON TRUCK '30 CAKTEIt 4-TON TRAILEK S295 '28 FOUI) BUSINESS COUI-E S125 '2ii CHEVROLET ROADSTEU S SO '29 FORD TpDOR SEDAN .. §183 '28 CHRYSLER "C2" COACH $165 •29 FORD TOWN SEDAN .. S285 '2S CHEVROLET 4-T> SEDAN' ?I85 '30 FOHD SPOKT UDSTER f330 '29 FOK1) C-CAH I'lCK-UL 1 $183 '2S FORD STANDARD COWE S!6a See us TODAY. Every Car in Goo;l Running Condition— '' HEADY TO GO. 1'hone 811-810-777 PHILLIPS MOTOR Author.of 'W£A'PT' HUNGRY? fc '- ; LAURA''LOU BROOKMAN ur:Ri.N-iii:itn n\i'SY MrimniE, nt *vnrk uii" Hie Hrnlns wfertl alif I* In bc lionl lirliiiil CHUSIIY IiunU- triM linlf nuil>l"K "re hi rill-In. Ihp d:,v« » In II ho 111 lit <!iri al the lining chc:ii> rtinnitn^ 'i'lir ciiuiilf nrr nut t-nf;nfc'C4 '.ml iht-re linn lirrli j -riiM-* 1 !' o Crn>li>'li utrVlliiK mi- lliuli UHnO''*- Shr \tcji lilul -tvuinuu In Miu-k w illiB num. Cri»lif l; ihnl lt>l» I' nlici'iii liu niH at. G>r«I i< "But you must at," " PAGE SEVEN OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern : tliu Erecn u rt-lflirullun I juuric nrllit liru'li?! .lu\t (!* th? rilnni-r IK <!ii^li>'- ifialicii n -.11-1 Ir.-ive riiimi-cilnli-ly. M>W i;o ON \vmi TIII: siouv 111 afternoon sunlishl. - 1 - liitn.riie so|Uhwcsl windows o! j Ciilherine l-auKh-y's Eilllns sifted llnough rartalns ot in' Eaiisa anJ (ell In sleamlni; yellow ],DO!S on a carpal over which ancient I'i-rsians hail toiled. 1'art o! ( siinlinU relight In the dark: it! iej wlitrti reached I" | the Hour, I'arl ot it fell on velvel : niJhoIslery ami line carved walnut. I And bouie o! the sunbeams—a particularly favored group— ilanccil ;ihm;t :hn lillan hcail ol Caiherluc , l/.insley who, at 34. still Ionise you us cuoush and lovely enough to 'defy dancing sunhenms. She was leaning tec!; against a low. inneslry-covorcd divan. Her fiT.fl: o( sheer green crepe will! Celt- rate cmliroidereii tniteries o( sold, had IKOII eui anil titled hy a dcslsn- er ivhsisc name was «orld famous. Tlss slowing auburn hair. swirUtis with e-aroless perfection and drawn hack from the cars, was like a coronet. Mrs. i.ausley's orislocraiic face niterlv pale exccpi for the li::s which forincil a narrow crimson h-jw. Her eyes wore Ihe green of her gown, shaded wiih gray. Mrs. l.a:is!ey's expression was; thoughtful. Sl:e f note ill si low.! iMinUalto voice: .... i "B'lt-yoii must Fee." she- v:as sr>y ' at par („„ -.I/,.,, i.,,,. iri-.-it it u fnr vim • when we can he alone? limes wneii l-niw the'e nto-,lJ 'l hcv have ' ««= c;u talk losethcr Ihe way we | tulips from ;h, ainhcr hnwl. Then intiue-cc! ami Ihey'l'l help yoii." j' li(1 ln 1>ari3: T |icu ' s tllc way yo " can help RIG. You understand, doii'l tortaWo so yon c,tn do your besl work, detr. la thai so dreadful'!" Ho as:eod lhal It was noL Ho would novo within Iho uesl fu<» days. Aryway before Iho end ot Iho week. Crosby left the apartment with (he promise lo return at seven o'clock. Mcllimu; steal Ihat S.U- iirita/ evening In her Hay fourth-llcDr tcdrooin. Klio had ilciwusuilty until late alter- KUDU wfce-u Alan came In. Thcro had hcei a few words between them and !h-:n (3y|:sy luado excuses. Bmi'.elliini: In a muffled voko al'Oiil friend*. No one nollced hat afi°r thu Klrl had climbed tlio lairs I-.' her room she did nol tjo lo l-'ov llu'ce years r.ow that room vllh tlo >li)|itiis celllui; a'nd two car uiudmvs hail lieen (lyiisy'a Sliu hail moved to Mrs. }'llarc':i us soon as she had hccu iblo lo -..i\*j up.lhu flat in IkiMltlyn iftcr .l.o- father ilicd. Jerry Sin- llrlita'u ln:<nrRiico paid his burial expeiL-i-. one inoulh's real, a frw scallQic-1 [lulus, anil Icfl $:',0i) In tho bank. Tho city editor of the ucu'EBjipor mi which Jerry had hcc:i a copyrc^iier for ciRlit years gnvc Gynsjr Ihe letter ot Introduction wlilch had brought ahoul her em- uloynicnl as a typist hy tho Mac- N'amara KU-ctrlcal Supply Co. The business training sho had received in high school was inc.iger urepar.v llon with whlrh to earn a livelihood, but Jcrry'a daughter had In- herllcd some ot her lalher'f! pluck. Thr.t yr.iurilay ovenlnr,—atona In her dreary ouaricrs—was one ol the occasions when Gypsy had need to cail upoa this inherllance. Sho Eank down npou her favorite i scat—a ( IIt(le old trunk pulled be! fore the window-j anil covered v.-lth ! gay flora! cretonne. The wiutlovps | were closed anil CJynsy raised ouo ot them to Its full height. The. lo "/scse people. "" '" ies. Catherine, uul cvcnlnss | Authorized Ford Dpalers fcOK SALE—Trees and shrubbery. Reasonable. Will plant and guarantee to grow. W. S. Lanadon. Highwny-6h 21C-TF Alan CroEhy snufTcd out hla clg-. aret. iisul moveil uucasily. j "Catherine." he sslil earnestly. I "you l;:iow lhyre'3 n'lli'.ins 1 : wouldn't do for you! rut don'l I yon see the .filiation? I've g"t lo' work and n-.alsc luaney. A lol u[ It. Hijlit away". Kvery fCDt 1 lud I t.i:ou; in Kvance." !, "/ion; irsiforlanl il is /or you ! (resh, cocil air was comforting. Sho \ took a deep breath and leaned her iainis against thu window sill. Mi-. l.'.:i.1-?y n'oved toward Ih? | Dowi:slalr.5 tho Birl-kuevv Alan ussiiilel and Oixv,- D:IO of the scarlet Crusby was dressins for dlnucr. ilo hsi<l Bpokcn vaguely of spending Hie evening vviih "people lie met In Europe." .S'othliiB at all about • 3ho luratd cboul. lojing with Ihe bio^om. s^he could see her rellec- i lion in t::e mirror across Iho room. IM CORMSR i ' HAS wr A -TH/rr r OWE -trie HAUPS or dis Ase T I •REMEMBER \-f<2 CAU •RUM oar OF A • SUIT PIPM"-f VllM A WRI^kLE MS Vll-t- A CURf DEMAMP -fd PAV> OR Tuu BE AS TH 7 POST" SAV5- TaRGE.-r.i-T! } WCS CLUB -*-« BOOTS AND IIER BUDDIES THKHE AIN'T NO JUSTICE! By MartiL . v.'hen tie was to sec Not The innlty which T.T.S tha chici! She was rk.iscd wilh the reflection. | even-excuses. NothiiiE at all about force In Catherine l.aisslo's ier-! sona-ily li::d hcen stirred. She' raised Crosby's hasnl aud touched it gently to ber cheelt. ! "1 understand." she said, "that you are a dear hoy. U lhal FOR SALE—Trash soybean".hay, $10 per ton. Red Clover, $20. P. O B Maiden, Mo. William Duva. 4P-K11 FOR SALE—Frigiciaire. never bren used. Less Uian half price. E. O. Hankins, 123 Missouri Avc. 6C-K13 FOR RENT FOR RENT—Furnished room with bath and furnace heat. NO. 111G Chickasawba Ave., Phone No. 6S5. FOR RENT — Bedroom, private • bsth close in. Phone V85J. Mrs. Belle M. Wood. 16G-TF FOR RENT—In De!l, 3 rouni bungalow. S5.00 per month. 4 room bungalow, S10.00 per month. L, p'owler, Phone 450-J. 4C-TF FOR RENT—Ore of Shane Apartments and 5 room lionse. S30.0C per month, which includes yard service. Shades are furnished. Best of healing plants and fixtures Telephones 137 and 571. 4C-K3 WANTED WANTED — House-keener. Appiy Frisco Rooms, Elation. ,i u-r.s silehco for 3 nj'a^iclit, t '7\ic gr.-iy 31-^011 eyc-s' were puila ^T^RrofljV 1 ™*'" 11 ' lovereil -. lashes ices. ;4t. wza a -inrt : Sirs, i.auslej i Mrd." Liiil^loy stnilird the liny tl[.'| find played frcquenliy and she. of u sr'een kid slipper. played il v:ell. Vouns me;! in the "Von—yen incaii yun think ynn i tarly twenliys (Croshy was 21) pushn'i to sec me any more':" Her | fpunil thru clear y"'7e dcraslailr.-^ , votre u-as In^-'. rarefally r-jstiaiaed. '1'iiere wm' n vv,)rd!e33 inolant. It bronshl Crosijy lo his f-jet and : Tlicn lie caught her in his an^is. • he.side her. i Crustiy's lips were prcsiin^ kisses j "OF t-ir.irse not! Cr.tiicrine. yoi: • on Catiscrine's cheel^, upon the! rar.'t think Ihat! That isn't [lamina, painted O.iplil'a bo\v thai; I moan at all. It's— o!i. ibnui il!^ ua.s her islonth. Over aiul over , Don't you ace that's exactly »'!in.i ja:rn:n he sis'sei! her. ; 1 don't nit-an?" | "C..therhie!" he v;l:i-i crcfl a 1 . Tiie ^old holies raised lor a licet- i tn^t lu-ukunly. "Oil C:illieri::e[" ; instant. hiv,-ercil ai;aln. She diew away aligtitly. A: "I'm alraid I tloa't niii'.cisi'ind. taialty nioc!;int. ^nallly came into; Alan." said Mrs. Lan^lcy. "S;ip- u^e vMiman's siiiilo. iSIie knev/ EO exactly lio'.v io time her inocils i '- < 1'his ynnsig ; would no: on!y ! ' I t;n n linrri^-jij-.e cscnrt lint he was jitovini; rriaha^c.^ble. It would 'all when ihey were lo exchange .... youns man wailed, watclilns. and pissip as, In letters. .Man had \iw he arc=y j sr.ld lie was so eager to dn. "iVish I couiYpaint yon as you! Gy>y rested her head wearily ,' ^anilliii there!" ho exclaimed. nBainst tho casement. She nail .o-d Calhrvlnc you'ro licantiful!:! reached the Inevltahlo conclusion ! -.i-n'« no one like yon!" i and ;there waa no doulit ahoiit IL >:avs.-d asi;!t-"his wnnls. Al Ala:!'htui changed. ..'i'liat, uiifnrtniuitely. was not Iho- worst "' It. The worst of the siina- tion : was Ihat Alan had changed and she had not. Gradually (he sky darkened. . '.a -aM quickly. "Will yon do me a '. Mora lights blinked hi the opposite (;' V -:V" | IniililliiB and Ihu udor ot cooiiins "-Veil 'cr.nw that i will." I fMl1 reached Gyrsy's nostrils. Even «'.:<: rr,:d him wilL s» smile. "Very ; "«n sho did not thii:k ot eaiing. •.-.-(.';!. 'i'l.en yoiv can painl me. 1 ivi!I pn^o for yon any time you say. I'-.n fir.vr is tiiiit you are to move iron i-'.u wretched downtown roam- i'i= I-.OKSC. Hemcailjjr, you've prom- Al ua>d Ihere Mas purpose l>cnc-.ilii liic liilttcn exterior o[ Mrs. 1-nns- ley's rra'nner hut that purpose svas iiof'1" concealed. 1 .cl mo see if yon mean thr.t." | pe-sj you tell me." He hail taken hoih of licr tia:nl tu Ms. "lint I ran't [til you!' Crostiy expl.ilncd. "1'l tell ioi: luiw. It's because you're so wonder- ! l;c us easy as sii' i'll yoiirselt lliat money—al! liiese- "There will be luxuries you tako as a mutler of | reminded him. course — scesu unimrorlar.t. Hut ' will tiavc cvenin (lypsy did not know what lime it \ was when at last she arose, slipped j out ol her tlothlng and prepared for j hcrl. iN'nt until her head reached Iho j pillows did llio tears come." Then j she went hitler, ctiokins sobs. Sha | vrcirt until exertion uuietcd Her. I Cro^hy's neglect j^radnnlly lx ••V.-);i can dn liiat. There are a i less ot n tragedy, lie would explain .:.•:! iieiRlilioi-iiooiis lo choose! " a " w! 'en sue sa\T him loniorruw. ^, L; •• ' Sure euongh, the following morn- "TiicVvc -they've hcen awfully ! ln s ! 'cr hopes were Justincd. It was ire l) sue d.-wii Ihere." I 11 "'dock, (iypsy was romliis up 'jl have lo placo as| oilier liisit-s." she> "\Vl:f,m dn yon mean hy 'they'?' i lhe ' stairs after breakfast and a riiins. "Au<l we] "V.':iy-lho wolur.n wliu runs Ihe , n:llk - As she passed tlio third Iloor ja ic-wther-as In i The others who stay Ihcre." : landiDg Crosby's door opened. Tho Ihey aro Imvorlant. And they lake ! I'arU. i)nl my litilo paitj Uiis cvc S li.v. l.aniley smiled, -phnt h'™ng man appeared, smlliiis- isroiiey. That's why I've ;;ot to , nin-^—you'll couie?" pru\".i yon need mo to see you're) fiypsy!" he called. "Wait a mln bo said. "It's ; i'.-'—I want ti work. Vou'll let me come to sec j ynn jrst the same, wot:*l rou? \'oi L Cr-i.-by nudiled. "Of course I will." o;;!y ll.n; I upon." sh w:j;U yon lo be corn- to see you!" (To Me ConlimietJ) POULTRY \VAKTED—Market pri-i ccs, any quantity. Marilyn Hat-1 chery, 210 S. Fourth St. OC-'lp! KKKCKI.KS AX1) HIS FRIBNDS egv i v ',s< opposite Frisco _._ _________ 27P-K1 LOST—Two bay mules, horse ancii POULTRY WANTED — Market prices paid at C. L. Bennett Co. Feed Co. 210 N. Railroad SI., west of courthouse, J. B. Fisher, Phone 64. 24C-TF WANTED — Ftimily Washings. Washed and Ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 704 S. Lake St. 11CK-TF WANTED TO iiENT—Small furnished apartment, with private bath and garsyc, hy couple without, children. Wanted about March Write full details and price to Mills. 6GO West. Popular Street Poplar BlulT, Ho. 6P-KO ALL KINDS 01'' MACHiNK \VORK Electric and Gas Welding done OSHROX BLACKSMITH SHOP 115 X. Franklin SI. marc, lo'i and 1C hands. Notify E. O. Powers, Route 2. 4r-K7' PERSONAL Favinf HlslrLHs 2 and 3 ! The 'Tax BDDks v.-iil clobo in a 1 very short litiif. Thrreafter (lie penalties and olhcr costs will add! 40?c to your tax. You MII see ttie | advantage in paying now. j : ' C. J. EVRARD. i - . -. 27C-K13 New 'York Cotton MT^W YOKX. X!ar. G i Up)—Cotten clc*e;l Iiarely siearty. Open Hidi L-o-.v Clow 1IC8 11W 1037 1037 May 1130 IHl liil 1121 Jill 1155 II5o 1141 114) Oct 118-1 11 S3 1173 1117 Cc= 1211 1=31 1102 1193 Jan 1211 1212 1201 1201 VJC33, THE. TERIMAKIAM, ues op AMD u- SET FOR F2ECKLES To TAX LUODY V10ME, 60", PIBST CP A'_L, A PCCTC2. E!l-L CF TV-'EMTY SGVEM D-S-LARS MAS To 3£ PA'.D... '.'MY ^JSr"^ iY IT, 7-iAT S t •^ POl-l-MJS SSS'AS LWS JPAY IT, A LOT Cf M,cuev... J f-'-t-... 1U1_ VIL4AT AX6 I GO!>J5 TO DO, j S'ri>>l VoO nOy,' / EASV IT is is SET 'MSUT/ -, S^EM C»_LAI15- '/^ " ^C? ^~& .f/M> -i .(^a_ mt J& SRs PAME 7f?003LS IT OOT... K-.Y r^~® PUT ' T llJ 8£FCCS TRoOai-e VJADOLD g£ / Voo CAM TAKE IT COT.-BUT TUS -rHFJil.1. SET IS HAS/IMG rr K?. -me EASIEST WAY OF S6TriM' Accoom" COES FOR >t>O TEoosxe .. Yx) WAMT IT i.' UOOlmV TO COSTA GUAN'DK! / l TOLO H'.M LONik A&O \~ I VO FIS- HiM IF'UE E\Jtli \-j , ) TO TfilCK US M70 [/ W POllCt GOT By Crasn Spols quiet at 1105. off 20. FAY O.DAVIS Vhone 421 Co;ils Kclincil— Drosses HemodeliHl— KvcryOiiiift' Cleaned. RE-NU CI.KANKUS I'lionc IM New Orleans Coiimi NEW. ORLEAXS. Mar. G IUP)- Colton clo;:cl barely steady. Oiion HigU Luw Clo^o Mar 1104 1100 1CW 105-31) May 1129 1113 IM9 115,i 1156 11-il 1184 1112 Jul . Oct . Ui'C . Jan , Spot:, 1181 1100 1238 1075. U01 1500 IK4 1113 11S11 12CO 1C. The invention of n S,-n:!i«ii en-j Rinci'i. 11 r.r-w lutricai 1 .!, (lives V.-HT.- ; ills; <".t Iho dnngrr <n' ovrr!n\-i.::n j bearings by cmi'.ti:i; a i-p^ci odor. I'M SLW IUS EUATecllVittfriOMwfXSft, ?ooNEP-> v.oo'j; <-'.:AM COSTA &k^Dc vws faoir TO TO virtu IT- STf\OT ft WM5. WJO Trte BLW THE LIVES LCiST WOULD OF BcEN ON I WUMHER. 5TMJN& WAN ,vifv,V!e MONEY THAT WAV, BABVCAN TRAMtL ^v\^^i LUMCH (W ,\ uevl VtERE'5 CiRMlTUOE FORNOO. TviEYR SHOOTiM' ft.T US. --. •; J - : *. i r*'"" ; - "V ^<*.c .

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