The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1940 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 21, 1940
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS' Many Types Of Toys Martial Playthings Vie With "Home"' Toys; Santa Claus Neutral BY MARIAN YOUN'G NEA Service Staff Con-espoiulent NEW YORK.—it seems as if Toy- land, like the world itself, is divided on-the question of "peace or uar?" For in this year's Christnus displays, martial to>s compete foi attention Nvjih ones that lepresent, America's peaceful way of life- its arts, sciences and homes. You can make n possible for the children in your home to play at farming. • homeraaking, bridge- buildmg, magazine piinting and Lhe like. Or you can provide them with evcfting; toys with which to '-tuge battles acioss the mnseiy rug;, to build forts,"battleships' and airplanes, and to carry on naval .maneuvers 1 as well. America's interest in national cle- •fense is interestingly reflected in the toy departments by the increased number of battleships and airplane miniatures. There's a submarine that dives and rises again to the surface. There are airplane carriers .with 5 planes that actually rhe child holds'It awhile, becomes warm. 'Teen-age dolls have pompadour hair-do's and fashion-right costumes for every social occasion. Stuffed animals are excellent replicas of . real'ones'. The growling bear really growls like a bear instead of .squeaking like a mouse, and lie can stand on all four feet. Tiie happy pup is a gay little dog with open, laughing mouth, and rolling eyes that will fascinate children. A mohair monkey has flexible arms and legs which can be bent in all directions to depict him indulging in all sorts of "monkev- THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1940 HARRISON IN HOLLYWQQft ^^^^^^^^^^^^*^^^^* >H " l "*MM»IIMM>MB^a^a!^^^^^^^^^^^_^____ Love and Lupe Velez Have Tamed Down Movies' Big Boy Williams RY PAUL HARRISON HOLLYWOOD, Nov. 21. — Love has wrought some amazing changes in the life of Big Boy Williams. His old haunts and henchmen see little of him these days. The lunch- It takes 10 tons of black coal turned into steam to make one horsepower, according to estimates of steam engineers. The question.of "war or peace? in Toyland may be fought' out on the living room floor on Christmas morning. There may be ,a peaceful, quietly domestic scene, as shown, or the -youngsters 'may create a veritable war zone, like that also shown. Peaceful, American-way^ot- life toys include all kinds of homemaking equipment from tiny but practical, washing machines to telephones and well-designed furniture. There are also building sets, and equipment for budding scientists, to pursue their hobbies. Among the war toys are realistic dive bombers, pursuit ships, Held artillery, battleships, forts and. of course, the ever-popular lead soldiers: Brand new are sets of six-sided blocks which go together to make amusing: animals as well as interesting geometric designs. They were designed by Anne Parrel], creator of educational wood toys for small 'children. take Qfft Workable gas' airplane engines are features, and so are realistic models of const defense forts and anti-aircraft guns. The patriotic motif -is featured on such traditional favorites as paper hits, balls, balloons, • drums and box kites. r The American scene is reproduced for youngsters in play sets of farms, school houses, stores, city streets, beaches and railway stations with miniature figures* to be : moved about to create different shines." ' eon crowd in the Universal cafe SOAP TOYS TO sits open-rnouthed and silent al- HEU' BABY 'BATHE ('most aghast, to Hear the s'enti- •Newest development in the stuff- j inental effusions which the huge ed animal kingdom is a long-pile, i actor POWS into the telephone delu.siemec; rayon ft.brIc which wlie " kupe Vele z calls him during can be sponged off with a damp tno noon nour - : cloth to remove surface dust and There's, a great improvement in Big Boy's appearance. He' wears a coat and tie, and he keeps his great mop of curly hair combed if not cut. When I saw him last he confessed he was going to take Lupe to the opera next evening. ' It's Lily Pon.s in—ah—somep'rj/-' he said, "I ain't ever been' to any : opera. "I ain't ever been loi,s of places —such as east of the Mississippi river. Or on the ocean. Lupe and ine'll go to New York, but just to see the town; I don't think she wants to go into any show. There's- three more pictures on her contract at RKO." Miss Velez' Beverly Hills house is for sale, and'out at Williams: 15- acre ranch there's a great bustle of remodeling and enlarging for the coming of a bride. "It's all western," said the shaggy actor proudly. "Navajo rugs and everything. I'm buildin' her a bedroom that's 40 by 10 Jeet. Well, it had to be big— the one in her house is 32 by 1C. so I thought I'd top it." Lupe Velez de Villalobos goes ! out to the ranch almost ex r ery day. There are horses, cows, sheep and Shetland ponies—the latter kept for the amusement of the kids of Big Boy's, friends. Williams'is one of the best riders and polo players in Hollywood, though pretty wild. Lupe' likes to ride, and he" has a black thoroughbred named Boogeyman for her. I asked if it would .seem a little restraining and company-manner- effects. EVERY PHASE OF AMERICAN LIFE PRESENTED • . ' '...*• Every phase of the American way of life — domesticity, progress in science, .art and literature, business, agriculture and the professions —is more prevalent than ever before in toy departments. There's real news in the doll de- partments, You'll find here a doll with a . magnetic hand that holds a flag or purse securely. Another is made of flexible plastic which wrinkles like real skin and, after A mohair monkey with flexible arms and legs which can be bent in all directions is sure to make any small child happy on Christmas morning. He can be twisted into innumerable ludicrous poses; dirt. It looks and feels like real hair, does not shed easily and comes with curly as well as straight, long-haired surface. Also new is the use of hard rubber for noses and soft rubber for tongues. For very young .children, there's a new line of hard, satin-smooth wood toys. These include sets'with which three different kinds of ye r nicies can be built -by simple manipulation of'parts. Also fine for pre-school age tots are play-roora fleets of trucks and cars of knotty pine and new construction toys with which tiny fingers can build, convoy trailers, airplanes, sedans and other vehicles. i' A spouting whale is a new rub-, ber bath toy. And some of the soap toys are sure to make any youngster love bath time a great deal more than he does now. Soap rabbits, mice, puppies and kittens are covered with terry cloth. Three white soap bears with brown soap neckties are lined up on a toboggan. Soap ducks cavort on an imitation pond. And. for a nine-year-old boy whose chief interest is football, there's a ball of .brown soap >with a rougli surface which, simulates pigskin. •'' HARRISON'S AUTO PARTS & GARAGE SERVICE STATION General Repai?in s> Welding A<TO«« from Rtd Ton Gin Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES'EM SEE* O*«r *•• ISMO* 6tor» Phone 540 Corn Dog America'! Newest Sandwich TRY ONE TODAY Ole Hickory Inri Aero* From High School — PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe ... Accurate Tour Prescription Druggiit Fowler Drug Co. Main * Flrrt Ph«a« 141 FOR SALE New 1941 Chevrolet Vi Ton Pickup Driven only 80 miles. A-l condition. Will "sacrifice for quick sale. Hardaway Appliance Co. 2C6 W. Main Phone . . . he's building Lupe a bedroom that's 40 by 16 feei. of the Tempestuous Tamale. His bulk is a little more than twice her :U5 pounds, and he's almost 15 inches taller than her 5 feet He's 40 years old, which is 10 more than his-fiancee. It was Will Rogers who gave Guinn Williams the name of Big Boy. Lupe just calls him "Beeg." Big Boy, who came out of Decatur, Texas, in 1919 to become an extra, a western star and ^ then a character actor in scores of movies, has hundreds of friends in Hollywood ranging from $550-a- day cowboys to Star Errol Flynn, who's a particular pal. Flynn knows all about Latin temper and temperament, having married Lili Damita. He has been giving Wil- ; Dr. Satiba's Clinic RYE, EAR, NOSE and THROAT 128 E. Kentucky Ave., Corner Franklin & Kentucky GLASSES FITTED A. Saliba, M.D., M.E, Ph.G. office Phone 418, Hes. 411) ish to have a woman around the | Iiams a lot of advice, mostly nega- place. He said goodness gracious tive no. Why only the other day he bought 100 baby chickens and a brooder for her, and when -.'he drove out after finishing at the studio there was Lupe with all the chickens .in the house, running around on the Navajo rugs. He had an awful time coaxing her to put 'em in the brooder. I 'asked whether they'd had any fights yet, and he said a couple. Then he added: "She won 'em both." WILL ROGERS TAGGED HIM Williams is even bigger than Johnny Weismuller, first 'husband Big Boy himself has a fierce temper, and he is afraid of nothing except his own tremendous strength. When he gets mad, especially after a few highballs, tears ' flow clown the furrows of his face I as if from faucets. When that happens, he always leaves so that he . won't have a chance to commit mayhem. During Warner Brothers' premiere expedition to Dodge City, he spent a night in Boot Hill Cemetery while the train went back without him. On the Virginia City trip he left the special train only a few steps out of Hollywood. CALL FOR » BEST FLOUR FOR FINEST RESULTS OIL HEATER VALUE EVER! T/iberal Trade Easy Terms TTERE'S a rare bargain in 7 - 1 kaufy, economy and heating comfort! Thisbig.ntw 1940 Duo-Therm ha« the famous Duo-Therm bia*^baffle burner—the patented burner that bums cleanly, srfently, efficiently from Pilot light to full flame! You get more heat from every drop of cheap fuel oil! keeps heat from rushing up the chimney— sends more heat out intoVhe house-saves oil! Radiant Door gives instant flood of extra heat when you need it! Rich Duo-tone Brown enamel finish makes the Duo- Ihcrm a handsome piece of furniture. Here's your chance to get oil heaton.wy terms-i tn and out/ nou)l -'••..,. .•• r~..»-.•. 11 win w ana out/ noiai HUDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. GOOD FROM THE FIRST TASTE TAKE HOME A BOTTLE TODAY °N WHISKEY W for General Motors' latest and greatest style success! Streamliner Six Sedan Coupe $923* (white sidewall tires optima) at extra cost) YfS, PONTIAC HAS t>OKt tf OF we 'Originated by General Motors, it's offered by Pontiac i n the Streamliner "Torpedo" at its lowest price. Here isa long, low, sleekly modern car withdistinctive Silver Streak front end and richly appointed, spacious body by Pisher. Here is a car with performance as outstanding as its appearance ~fast oa getaway . : . smooth on cruising . . .- dependable through the years... aod it's as economical as many smaller cars. \Vhy not stop in at your Pontiac dealer's today and inspect the style sensation of 1941 ? It is available either as a six or an eight for only twenty-five dollars difference. +Delivered at Pontiac, Michigan. State tax, optional equipment and accessories —- extra. Prices subject to change without notice. Only $25 more for an Eighs ia aoy model! TbriKac 7M FINE CA* WITH TM LOW Phone 1004-5 Langstpn-WrotenCo. Walnut and Broadway Blylhcville

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