The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 15, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 15, 1935
Page 2
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Social Cajcjidar SATURDAY'S **?. K " "" brjdge Has Club Paris, Mrs. George R Oalhoui),, o| of Mrs.Jpp Isaacs. OllK'r ..,--., were: Mines B.M.McCal), Jqiljes B. p|ark and O, f?,.B»mcs. w f,*' V ' p ' AdHms ' Mre, 7 MaboJ Watts ana Mrs- Henderson Hall, now president, tire three pf i| n flve charter member* now - '" pf per daughter, Mrs JiRS, and Hfrs 14 ^ Isaacs',« giieslii of Mis E\erell p Gee when she hud the Thursriiy l,ui|r cheon club ihls week She sened <x lyo-comse at sipall lunclieon (ab)cs In 'her apartment at the country clijl), iwhich, -was decorated with red .carnations. Another remembrance of the holiday was heait shaped candles Mrs. Byron Moise won a vase for the prjza and Mrs. Calhoun was presented hosiery'. , Blrflidaj. Barbara Monaghgu WBS born on Valentine day so she celebrated the event, yesterday by having 16 boys and girls in to |)|»y with her fipni 3 until 5'o'clock yes- tejday afternoon Dpnna \Vi in der!|c|i mid c-hcslor CaldHdl won prices in cpi|!c4t$. Ice cream was .served wltli the •birthday cake, decorated with CBIIT dies, and each guest received a .Valentine cup; illled with candy Bridge ohjt), 'MI*, waller Curd oil wall : iinir KMWJLW™*** 1 ^^ O era ad P«»?r llvine cl,arle r MfP, J, • «, Burton, Mr?, . Eddie. B, Oavd.lB \\\ Nashville Tom)., on btisliiMs: He wl return !oinorroiy," ... " "! r ,,.-.,„,„,„.„ y , ,-.,„. „„„,.,, , 1W •„„„,„> pVaii* w,YiirTn1»l M' '^'r^'ty.WW^-M*, wjw Mr.; 3114 Mm. Renkort Wetenkaiijp h R hit the heaI L^i? 6 * '* v ' ??' '£*'?;''? *?•'•% wniiwtodwith 16' heir BWMs lust evening for , "as packaio nf J^ ^ Prl^i" 10 West nshp>£ coipwny?:•':"• WWf party., ' . M,:; ^f p ffi c f • Jx'f^-W^W'L ""^^--^.o^KOTpclt, Mo, 'In'* Hie bridge swneij Mrs. Mu,-. $„£, muu7 t h TJ", *',«W '",'?, -''? "">?« 'M)))*' ^afier q yS W •Smart wo,, hosiery for Ihu h M.ri e was a?Vafentinf rt ' """I'Sk ""•- ""'^W^P, ^C. Volt • ladles' nrlzc imri » MI. u-,, u M,. : „„,..._..!""* d ..»»WnHn?.. rock. : --x^.--- •-!•.•• ':.-••" ^L^'n^^n!.,!.Oklahoma Cily, """'" °»d IngtpH, p. C. Mrs, Hall prcsenlcd' tlie program lilch Included i) history of the gi'Pilp, wi'lltc)) by Mrs, , «'ho |a n niece of the" |atc '' — 1 wore- entertained bx JMWtla Jean scbiujii Thursday (iftcinoon ol her home. In Ihe fumes played prizes wprc awarded anti'Mtss Mury p( SC1 ' V(! " Wit)l |cc crei " n " nrt fo1 'pf Va|enllnc .„, number of Valentine parljct were, given last evening us b'oyb and girls . gathered lo celebrate the pvei pppulnr holiday with the exchanging of Valciillne's unit the t playing of games s'Sanders .ind Dent Bronne ueri; j,among ijie-liosli and 'hoslosses :, * i t ,Lt4ch^)l!o Club Meets. Z The Home Demonstration club of Leachville met at the comimmlly _HHc)ien Thursday for tlic regular *-n)onttyy meeting Mrj, Ne]lo Cox -duly installed these officers nresl M ocnt, Mrs Vf j piQid, viy, ' CS |. , dent, Mrs 7 A Konitett, sccretiuy -Mrs A qu(nn, apd lhc following chairmen, gardening, MIS M j ^TOorp, fopdb, j\i rl) j,j a b(,] giiJlwrl- Poultry, Mrs o L Brown, canniir jMrs w \y Cos, jard improved _inent, Mrs Audrey ^IoorillK• cloth- 'ng, Mrs E L steed, honie man'" il, Mrs Pcrmella Ridings t * * Class Gleets Members pf Mrs. Leslie Moore's unday school c|ass of the First Dapllst church elected officers in n nicotlng ,|nst evening nt the home ol ' MJ-S. Moore. Miss La- Vergnc f-'|inii was nan.ied president, Mjss Cjcvcjiger, v'lcp president; Miss AnnalKlle Slncy, secrc- Wry and Ircpsurer, nnd. Miss bmoc McFarJancI, vcpprter. CJrecn unq gp|d were decided upon for ^ttc new cojprs for 4|ic the inariBpl(l':is the power and the i)]0tlq ''Wo Slinll Carry Forth -''up Gold" taken from Job. 33:10. . It was. (iniipunccd Unit the next meeting 'wl.ll bo.'held at (lie Home of Miss Ainiabcllc B.t4";y. TIlP VtJlentliic scheine was upcc} 111 U)c refrK))nicn|s of congealed frnlt salad, cake lopped with whipped crcitni, hot cjiocolalc and :ai!(llM served by the |)bVtc«s, assisted by jtibs Mct-arland. in. ndtimdu lo ihe money lo be uwd fo e club qu|lt is nc«|y *« A»'r ,7 V *" v "^ Hy"^ ^ |J bV , to defray !tte expenses 1 of inUrior • litiprovemenl of (lie Kitchen Mrs -Joe 0«en mil take orders fo r seed' "~ an i( ,? oolnll l"t'5e «us ap)»inled to r solicit- ordeie io r tile bjui,,g «l,| c j. Hie clijb u, telling 'ili c chib will . Have an exchange of flqwer Veds •• and cuillrig!, soon MIS.S Cor+ U« "•Coleman, counlj " * wv 0" "Per n i, "Per of the flo\\e r jard, as t,o dirange- im. * - ,.«„ At the rerte Knall Jo- B a(.er and Joe ?,!™., E ? Jncd . « IfUcious plato Uko lome of jvirs Howard " a "y JY°«'eJ, preside, a t tne busniebi. meelnic «"«*d the Rev i p i.. ?av e an iiuplrational talk n i-ctary gave a report on last wrfc and tlje (olloiying officer installed president, -- Mrs - K lion--— j ....d traas- .1 Chambers ihe fol- •—•= rommunitj leaders. Yard SSSLT-S.** ^ J«C£,K Mrs Louise ( B've a demonstration less, , ii, be j at the Krt ( af|linglly. le ' < y * < ' , D. C. Honors ' " « P ,V ei " 0t V 1 ' UnitM aurs of \he-ConfMertcy honored fl w charter membere'of the groun In a meeting- TTiHfsday afternoon V Orleg, i;y Miss Toi)i|))i|ns. ^^!is Lttlle nee River," "Ql'c ] 'Massa In tie Colil, c feptwHy !lo|i)c." ' The 35 'mesfiA ikes candies unri ' n , ~**,,M|vfl »lm vv,>vy l^fll u lame decorated will) a centerpleco nf sjirlng (lowers over "»' Irish lace cover and the Valentine ino- (If was cmp|iai(zed |i> the Joe," und." Old wero served .(ln«. -. six local p, 'f. A. mils held a Joint meeting ol the lay ui, whjcti (line i and r P,- 50 ,^ q, Mrs V gfc r " Thc - w»s " nd 6WH6 p A, lues- pur- Mrfi on s Dny" 1. A. Lynch . , ,, .. the I". T. A. organization tlirougli so years, A l!'Jb,Ulc (o (he [i)i|i|clErs «us BlVvn by Mrs, c, w. Aljllrk an<J Miss Hnxe! Sainplc \vns in clmrae of the candle llgptliuj eereinany h! wlilcli (he s|x |ireslc|ents of Uic 9'ty il»lts piij-liclpiilcd, 4 tajk p|| fcgjslattvp pn>ceefi- m? ^|i Slyen | )y \v. p. SicCliir- kln aflpr which a .social horn" MIS llPld. 'I'ca iiiitl c!i)<e were served for i'ofres|ni]eni.s. Bits oj Mpstly Persona; J. A. Leech is attending: lo i)US ness in Ljlllc Ftoclfx Pain Manatt and E. B. are leav|ng''today for •%„„„,»«,„ D. 0., lo attend to business" for several days. • . nul Hargi'pvc tlaiiishter, Mrs, Rupert- Craf ton, -'ac- coiiipnnlcd her. ; • Charles Ilay ^evvconib. who 1ms been einplpycd ufpa'tpirpotigc, 'la., - '' TJi? Pog'wpotj ""nldt'c Peilioiistrotlpn . club" met at'tiie lioiiie of,,Mr" Clins, {Jute Wed? ncsriny afternoon with Mrs. Dud Lutes us hostess. " J - A, PIIVHO, liietident, dls-, .. briefly W |[h thp ijow n'jeiif- PCfs IJ5C pltl'poss; pf the' club. Bho ?a_lci, "Qitr club Is for the pi|rpos'e Pf brpBrienlng pur vim- toward our wpi'K niui nlsp foi- the niir- foae at .gelling bettor iicquiilnied °ur iwlsiibprii tiiat, nnght .„ Ipvc eac)i . ol|ier- iHPrc." "She P|it|i|(|6]il in the pHib 91)11 'said wilh cprpjieratipn of Has Club . »'IHi Jljejiibfri pf f|ie Thurs. wiicii t\rs. Cai'rpl'.BIakeniorq^was stess. She used Valcnilno lair was served wltli thp -• •- r» **i^ vvjitinnuiiiy . (Hat she knew cvoryohe be g|a<| tp Jplii the club.' Mrs. Elvie Loyo is vice president 0 t! ' - i, " '«'', tU flsh 1 ' r Qivi'ii Iliflhday p ar i v Cf'alg, W. 'i-'augiiir prpvetnent loiuicr';' Mrs Miiinie iivaiis. garden; Mrs, LU- C0||a Plqflsoo, paniilns; Mrs. Ed -....,. (ooda; Mrs. (X \j. Bcrapc, Clyde Lutes, poultry, W(s, Payne asked Mrs. O. L. ..:, Mrs. Clyde Lutes and Mrs! W Crutg to serve on n cpnmiillce '"""' )}P«se 'in i|ip iy last evening because' her" birthday fails on at. Vnlcntine's Day The 10 gucsls sUow'ered Mrs. used -. -.1.-;- ^111.^ .,,..v,f l>{'a|>v * / t «at.(l for n club house or to mnkc' n survey of the comnnmily and ob" latn they the opinion" as to whether » cominim|ty homo on which wa 15 tl)c iipciiil liour the Biiests wore givcii paucr'wltli Ilic word yalc.nliiie ivrlltc|i" on If. and ' to sec how vrltlen from '"- -. ornamenlj for having Valentino. s were heart - center. . lhc first Iwenty prize, • living wrlttcii n box of talcum '"« " thc Scrape. ))omc o/ "" w ' r - •• -y"* p"w wJf" n ^PW.^^vens pptfer. N v •'• «' ( V:-^WcH, of Rome, N. Y.^ls thc.-gueel, pf 'her 'par cuts, Dr. and Mrs. c" Mrs. Brownie story 'Wilton' is in Memphis today. ' ; ,- ' returned. -J Mary Franeijs , - plc| <lHu K h(er of Mr, and Mrs.' Marvin Nunn, who has .been -seriously ill at tlic Memphis Ba.nlist . hos- Pilul. is 'much bettqr . today: she hus aciit? fli'lfbt'^ disease, aud ! an jiifectcd ear. Mr! Niwii ,nd ^.^ u - lere, Mtsres Sani anct yirgiiila, who were with her, have returned honic but iv[rs. Niipn -remained in Mcm- plils. Richard. Jlcdel w |ll ; relurn the -fft Pf l^e week from Hot-Springs where ,1,5 hus beep visiting for'two weeks. ..--.' ' • . '-, Mr. nnd Mrs. c, o. smith have Epne lo Laurel, Miss., for -. tlie funeral of S. M. Jones, general-liiaii- ascr pj the T|iiv? States Lumber epmpsr- nlgh,(. wlio died" Wednesday wl)l relm-n Saturday ' ' her- parents Mi' a,nd\M f s. Robert'-Ciaytpn. ' ' Miss FamjV'i?pnhaii|',':Of Columbia, Tenn., arrived Saturday for a vlilt with he r uui)t, Mrs. J D McKenzie; ' . ,.-.'•• • r< Mrs. Ada Norman, of Memphis,is tlje guest thL-! week of : her u'iiiiehter, Mrs. D. N. Morris Mr. and Mj-5, Q. ij^Frazler and daiigliter, Jean Davis, were guests Sunday pf. pr. ui,d M rs. James fall, of West, Memphis. - , -,,.»l!d , Lp. u 'S, are. spending ., ' --.r-ri--- T»««"iiK|^ jj PflrClliS,' Mr. and -Mrs. :.H. B. Cannon, at Moncttp. . ...;•'. • * Mr^- 3- Ji; -.\yprthj4)gipp, of ciij- tjigp, |ias arrived, far'a.hvp jvipjis visit,with,her:tfauglikr. Mrs. Hurt,' ter Cox, and-pr.-Cpx. " " : Mrs. Biijii ; Bcannum, of Mcm- Pljis, arj|ve_d.-}ast,. Friday, to spend '"'• '-Jlr?. p.'E.'tcc nlgh,(. They win relum Saturday i " ;;•"•'• ,-',„'•' upon. ',. " | J'Jik- J. 'Vf,' JyI(jCpI'lfy hqs n Fred Plecmnn is visiting in ; Hoi, AV'- .V 'W r -^'P c al '-Sheffield. Springs. . AI *- »Hqr SRendhig two in'onlh .Miss Lorine Pollard, of Sleek is Brahdoiri'"^ U ' g W eh Ml ' 5 ' p ' C the aiiMi. nf Mr .,,<,i »»„•,«,__.;...- Wandou. jr.. :. Trumps <?!« from '.)iands jilayed gf'the race Bridge C|ub in New York. r players aVtlnVclu'b hkve,' ijee'n 'u Wially successful during ' [he last ««r. In addition (o- many local Wd section*! wreKwo^by fob f roup of players', two national troi iil I believe there are (norc olubs der voted delusively to bridge in New York Uian there are in $|j the rest or the ebuniry. At these clubs, i mn ; 4AK10M* *H>s« . «K6 drerts of players will be found nightly enjoying-rubber'Bridie or a. duplicate -tournirneiU. " '* "I"'our first Jun<J, praham Mc- Namce, a local hotel man»ger, sat m Ijii; North, and;hi$ partwr was Charles Sanders. They wefe'pJaylnB m one of the Monday ]iignt-dun]l" CflfA irampc ' ', ' • • ' " * the : PUy Against' a the guest of Mr. and Mrs/Clareiice Pollard. . . ,..- . Miss Winnie virgll Turner -Ims relumed from a brief visit'' !h Ncw- l»c/ni,.Tenn. (, -.;-. ,, . ; .,: :i j pat O'Bryant and Ernest, Halsell attended to business "in Memplits '" ' yesterday. . BtyvA iMiuile III at ' e Biythevllle jiosp((a|. -Mrs. H. L. Reynolds attended 'the automobile shoyv In Memphis Wednesday. " ' air. and Mrs. Rlley, B . Jones have as their guests- Mrs. Jon es' mother, Card ' of -' WUso i.' She return home Sunday. '"r J, Erncsl Hiissbn", wlio is ill from mfluiwza, is better lotluy. : . Mr. ami i\Ire.-E..M. Hunfniiin and sou. Elbcrlj at[end?d th? bile i]\ow (n Jleiit Mr. and Mra.o yesle r djy. cl Belter of . . , eter. o Hot Springs, are gucils or Mr aiid Mrs. J. H. Humphrey, Gi cm , and Oliver Humphrey and Mrs c. i, Oliver. . • , Mr um | We tlie Y. Mj-b. CAUI) OF 'i'HANKS ^s'lsh to..;thank- our many In our bircave'rnent o\-cr loss of our beloved fatiiar, ValGiulnp-luiichcpn inciiti when she Had the Mld-Wcck Bridge club "-onaet'w"' 1 ' r di "" 1B ' t8b S '^ f:i ii'lr.1., V,^ i .. , •., - -J^^ ove apple'cake fo r the "ridge games Mrs, Cecil members' tlie ..- r -.. ( Muv,n^, ult; rjuijj. A two-course luncheon' was icrv- "•;'«"'*• Mrs. 'BHey B. Jonco had mbers of .'the - Y oun g : itatron . ,.„-.- ,-.-..,• tor iwiiig ,,..^v., slxteep • \vortls a«4 Uer prize was a valentine novelty. A contest 'of firchery nttempling to hit a tiny heart within a heart placed on a , M. Yarbro, and the many iipw- :r. Mrs. Carl Green won the •- - —«, ..»;vi u.i; ninny now- written C1 ' s vv hicli were so graciously sent. Pleas Yarbro and 'Olhev Members of tho 1 Family' CREOMULSrON C 0 U (, H S Brandpji' jr.. Mattliew - flu'tledgc, of inks Mis*,,- 1 lias accepted ?u upsltion 'as stenographer, at-' tjic Leo Wiiso .- , . Mr, j and Sirs,-, Walter ' Can} cele braced, tliejr -,25Ui-:wc[idi|i g ann - with a '•diiiner at Hbf, ' ... were accoini>a(, !? d |jy, their t«,' Mrs. .Rlley .13. J.pnes, and Mr JqnW, 1 of Blytljpyliie;: f ' - ™ :P.r. N. B. B;)jis, atitndeij a medi .meeting - at; Memphis Wcdne* t'd . KcrJ»ug|j, ; pf ^ . am! :Mrs. . , tliei.r Eucsis Sunday Miss Nell Boston, and' Mr.:'. Guy' 'Aiblu No,,, •Miv.anij .Mre." " Mrs. 6.-L. Jenkins, o'[ Oran, MO t last. week end here with M • " • • ilr. im .Mrs. Fred.Carlock an ^lighter,, of •Blytheville, we're 'din nciv guests -Suiidlaro'f- Mr. : . Oarlock 1 brother,'.Pjoyd.' ' ' ' ' * Blue Sta. Kills The Itch GerrtiS -. 7° f el r "^ of ''"-'hi f° sll i tetter,fopt itch, rlngn-orm or eczema, cover with sop huifi iijuc 'Star Ointment ^hiclj contains tested medicine dial rrcjls so^P In qu =kly>,,d kills tl,c ilcli Mpocy b»ck tf • (trt jar falls. FAWJERSBANK & TRUST CO. AM ?riicj«i bpu "tlsr^lpr} In e>ery wjthoat qijtsllon, pro' Fomytton'M mehrt tlnir, T^^^'^^^^^^^^^^ NOTICE iRht ;f BUKKt HARDV BURKt HARD\\\K^ CO, nol ?»> we irjii rpfuiid } our monc) ^ JM rtluni ,1 !» t!, e same sra-jSvSr^Hr*- Burke Hardware Co. -2i?-*- M »"< _Btythcville, Ark. rvS n(yC U', T ' uvci i' t>»es'; have been laid,' lo "*t in dignity ar ,d .beauty,, the! - sat|?fk$, Iqi or hfvlnj dp!ie-^pili,;pa r t,t 0 ma^c " nUIy - 5 «w^'-?rpi«';»'i; «'«"«! If tiie T,«,- . - . inMinng protection, against,' water niitl- all torefgn elements these VMctal% oiler « Pired Au<?T«y Roney, of "union -City, Tc(!n., is' (lie: house gue'sl, 1 of 'Mr aRd.JVfrs. J. A, -rovls" aju} f Paul C.poper, QUS Cooper, Sniiili, i.-U,Fisher,:a '' and' NIrs. T. A. Ha • . . spent\Saturday f in -were - apcoJYinanleg horru; - by ' Miss Emma: ^arpwjn,.. of Jfenipliis,' w hq - ' ' aigird : They ' . e ••.. Mr. «iJ4^frs;-.Fred;-fors>-thc J .«-ii« . scrtpu^ • illness •• « : M rs -,,f/ -J. 1 - Stiles. }r, aiid A'lcc - Mcpsntel ' and. Grace Dm\i- vant shopped 'in SfcmpJiis Tuesday. They returned- by way'-^f' Wilsgii Wd w?K gjicits of Miss Mary Lou McDanicl." ."_ •',"• : : •">; •.'Jewell, Hermpn, and Orey'Hpp- PCr, received" a nptice of tha death of- their graiKlniother, at Paris, Tcna., Tuefcday : afternoon. Wf? : 5pp\ -'W«J!¥t« F is uiiuiiproveit, Dr. L. 'E.-; copper ii attenain'g [lie ra-Stato . -medical convention r'to Memphis. '.-'.: -Mrs. SUsie. Brooks is eg n lined to her -Ijonie m'th mumps. • '"' ' oiHv -",? N ^' Gl3 rence Pollard, of Blythevilic,- spent : Suim'a/h'erc . with 1 Thl« *ec?nil baud Jrom t|ia ypflc'f cpniblnei •'•. two 'pretty P)ayV If ;.South plays tbb toqlract "at, (our heart? gud Wes^ opens .'ai tliib, when £a,4 jets (a y,-lth the ace o( trump and lpimed|itely" returns * dfatnon.ll, ihe contract s|(l| can be made. B|»t in most caBee £oi)th played the hand a't five dlamoada doubled. Op ypu. roske itT • 4Q9S 109 Q8 V a 2 + 92 •M 1 Solution in next !wue. M?Naniee opened tl>'e king of spades d Sanders plsyep; l|ie jac|c. Tile was continued and Soutl «c)!Pfd put, playinj tlie dence. ' ilW play of tlie ]»c|( and deuce by South was a strong demand for his Pftrlner to continue the spade suit. Bo North played. the ten of spades, which was high. The aver- aty:-- player would discard a snial p!«b, but If he d.pes, the conflict will >e.m*4e.. .the play that' south made to defeat the contract 'was to trump his partner's good ten of spades with the. Jack of hearts, forcing West lo pyer-ruf with the queen 'pf hearls tliereby establishing a heart for North. . t, pf cpurse,- .also lias to lose a trick and t|ie contract is , ,:.. Pollard's parents, Mr. and Mrs Charles .Pollard.'. TJiey were he, cpnipanjed home by Miss Lpreiie Ppjlard, yho I? their guets (his week, - ./The Roman's, Missionary society **f-'WlftrteUied by'Mrs.' R. : -C'.' 8sw c • Sf • - Monday 'afternoon. The W-PTM Pltflwk, program, led by Mrs »Sl?l ; H^nki w no was assisted by Mr?, Qera^cl Brooks, Mrs', H. A. SP*!K?,'MTS: B. C. Steele jr. Mrs «.'C.-specie'sr,,. Mrs. ; L. street, Mrs. 8«n :S«rns,'an<i Airs. J. H. Work- •"Mi^ww-given in pi>y)cinform and by- i'VfiWBl'S'rg atid^jirs, Ben '•.'Mtrt'-JfTSs.A.' P. ABematHy Two was In charge of thi ,.., moling : PJ the w..M. u tfle Baptist:church Monday af- """" wh,en.• •f3i;niembers were .Wfs'i ,-QJ\V.: Cook'led the •"C£n$Uan .^merjca." New lx^at*4 at 1»1 North' „ ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU : DON EDWARDS, Proprietor 111 TO*tt(orrehnfltJyp(jriter», iddJot MichtoeiaiidrjticBUtor, '-*^j. 7T p ar ^ T .|j(ljj M ji l g. PURATONEl CERTAINLY HAS HELPED ME [pACKTOHEAm NO WORE Indigestion Coiur'p«Hon Loisef Weight THIS NEW METHOD SVSTKM ••« MrouiiU ' Sufferers of indigestion, eonsti. pation, headaches, loss of appetite and weight, stomach pains and liver and eall bladder trouble, are often victims pf CLOGGED SYSTEMS, The system must be free of harmful poisons and waste matter and PURATONE, the ideal TONIC and LIQUID LAXATIVE lielp" sweep these from the enlirp system, #h'- inp back new energy, relief from! constipation and stomach distress new weight and appetite, and waking up the liver and gall bladder. PURATONE is praised by thou- panda, as the "world's greatest e ." Use pur SPECIAL - -•-- °«er and put yourself back »H the road to health. PURATONE Tonic & Liquid Laxative ' price $1.25) and get one full s i7C bottle ABSOLUTELY FREE. Your money will be refunded upon return of the Free empty bottle and the full bottle if you arc not completely satisfied. IMIIIIMIIIIIIIIMIIIIta •VALUABLECOUPON " S For a limited time (Mi COUPON entitles the holder to receive ONE iFULL SIZE 11.25 DOTTLE PURA- TONE FKEE with cacti purclwsc of ONE Full Site Bottle PURATONK I (Resulur Price J1.26J it the Special | Low Price pf 11.00. Act today— I bring this coupon—2 full ll.JS bottles I far nil* *( tin Illkllllllllliiiiiiniil T1IIS OFFER EXPIRES MARCH Z FOR SALE BY Blytheville, Ark. Bell Pharmacy' •'.Corner Main & Division Bo rum's Drug Store ' 205 West Main ',-.--: Fowler Drug Store ' ,' '. Corner ilain & First ,. 1(1 Kirby Bros, Drug Store : '' Ooljier Main & Broadway • Kirby Drug Store Corner Alain ic Second Robinson Drug Store Corner Main & Railroad Robinson Pharmacy ' ' 310 E. Main KI-. francls Drug Store 417 W. Ash Luxora, Ark. Wilkins Drug store . Bogan's Prug Slpro Qifceoia, fcfe. Pity i?rue gtprc Massenglll Drujr Store Welbor'n Drug" Store • Davis Drug'Store ' Bell, Ark. Ncel Drug store Man.ila, ,\ft, People's Drug Store Icaclivillc, Ark. EWin's Drug Slorc Armorel, Ark. Armor?! Drug sipic S(cele, Mo. Highway Drug store City Drug Store ' Cooler, Mo. Copper's Pharmacy Holland, Mo. Cooper's Pharmacy JACK F. ROBINSON WKSTINGHOUSE DISTRIBUTOR ouse Refrigerators and Stoves \ 5 years Guaranteed service free Latest ruling under National Housing Act gives you 3 yea.l'£'to pay with lower rate of interest, for pa

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