The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 3, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS UL)MUvANr NEWSPAPER OP* T^nnTHToA 1 ?! 1 A r>T^AKi<_i i f. . r*~^ • " 1 ~ u " « A Ajirtfi si AKKANHAJ4 AMT\ of\Tmiiitv* <-wn . ». n , xxxiv—NO. inc. Blytticvllie- courier Blylhcvlllc Herald lilytheville Dally News Mississippi Valley lender _J^ ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUIU J.UO, ARKANSAS, WKDNKSDAY, NOVKMIWU '! SINGLE COPIES PIVI3 CENTS PLANES StudiesJ^rocessing^ Tax for FarmProaram TflY PflMCinrQrn Makp Plane FV, Ann,,*! unnnnnnn um • ,-,..,„ ~ - ~~ • "~ ^ Committee Chairman Ad- raits Tentative Plan I: Being Formulated WASHINGTON, Nov. 3 (UP)— Chairman Marvin Jones (Dem. Tex.) of the house agriculture committee, said today his committee Is considering processing taxes on wheat, cotton and rice, in seeking additional funds to finance the neiv farm program. Jones said lhat taxes of 10 to 20 cents per bushel had been discussec for wheat, three cents a pound foi cotton and 15 nnd 20 cents a bushel for rice. He refused to estimate how much revenue would be raised by these taxes but agricultural experts said that on tbe basis of Ihe amount of Mi i these coirmodities processed this ^ year the laxc should yield from $225,000,000 to $230,000,000. Added to the $450,000,000 already promised for agricultural purposes and certain tariff funds this would provide a total of more than $750,000,000 to finance the new program. Jones emphasized, however, that all discussion so far lias been len- tatfve. Jones said the committee was •-"nera'lv agreed on a plan by which the secretary of agriculture would be authorized to request freight rate adjustments of the Interstate commerce commission for farm commodities in order "to remove dls- -- criminations." _ Cotton Program Doubtful LITTLE ROCK. Nov. 3.' (UP)— Oov. Carl E. Bailey of Arkansas predicted today that cottonseed would be excluded from any federal crop control program enacted by the special session of congress. Bailey said his recent conference with President Roosevelt at > Hyde Park resulted in his belief L Ihe chief executive would not press for legislation to raise cotton seed prices. "I can't say the president was sympathetic the cottonseed j;roposal," Bailey said. "The out-. look Is dark for cottonseed to be the new farm pro- included In gram." The governor, who recently sponsored a cottonseed conference. has advocated that- the government peg (he price in the same manner it has when other farm products fell to low market levels. Pine Bluff Minister Speaks Here Tonight Tonight at 7:30 the Rev. R. G Lange of Pine Bluff will continue the series of evangelistic services heltl al the Pilgrim Lutheran church this week. He will speak on the question: "Do I Need Repentance?" The Lutheran church is located at Sixth nnd Walnut Streets. Plans For Annual Red Cross Roll Call At the directors meeting of thc Red Cross Monday night the time for the annual Red Cross roll call was set for Nov. 11 to H. Members of the board also miulo plans for street decorations lor the Armistice Day celebrations, planning to have Red Cross flags interspersing the United Slates flags on the street. They also decided lo have a float in the parade. For Die drive a committee of one person from each block in the business district is to be chosen. Each member of the committee will choose an assistant from his Work to canvass for funds. Boy Scouts will distribute materials and Girl Scouts are to solicit Individual membership. Conference Delegate Says Japanese Aggre s s i o n Must End BRUSSELS, Nov. 3 (UP)—China will continue to fight until Japan halts her a»ression Dr. Wellington Koo declared today at .the opening session of the nine power treaty conference that was called to seek s. way to end the far eastern conflict. Tlie Chinese delegate said Japan's actions might lead to a world war. "If tlie rampant forces o fJan- anese aggression in the tar cast are ;not e-!I>:lively clicked and fnith in the pledged word is not restored there is every danger these fprcft will overrun the boundaries of China, and throw the world into n general'war from which no lm- lortant power will be ab) e to keep ong," he declared. China, the delc?ate said, willonlv accept peace which conforms with :he stipulations of the nine no'ver :reaty guaranteeing China's independent and terrifroial integrity. Koo spoke after Norman H. 3avis. American dele-sate, had ap- poalecl for an "equitable adlust- ment" of the war. Davis ..cas fully supported by Anthony Eden" Brit- sh foreign secretary. Yvon Delbos of FraiKe nnd Maxim Litvlnoff of Russia. Italy alone sounded a note if opposition. Have Sincere Desire ''T',e delegates of several powers rep.-esented at this conference cx- presied a sincere desire to brin» about a cessation of hostilities now •agi".g between ipy country and Janui and to work for thc restora- lon of peace by agreement" Dr Koo said. "Chinese, whose love for pence Is radldonal, appreciate this gesture 8Y ecB BURKS __ , s >f good will. We desire ueace, but mow that we cannot obtain it In he presence of Japanese agresslon. As long as that aggression persists we are determined to continue on.- eslstence. fit is not peace at any price that fisn s impm Itinerary Not • Complete Bui Includes Tennessee And South Carolina NEW YORK, NOV. 3 (OP) i- A tentative and partial itinerary for the Duke and Duchess of Windsor's American lour was announced today by the spokesman for the former king of England, who said (he party would visit Indus trial plants in Ihe Mohawk valley and Inspect textile plants in the south. The sjjokesman was unable lo list definite cllies in which the duke and duchess would stop but said that Die rough plans for the first three weeks of the tour would be as follows: The duke and duchess will ai- rive in New. York on the Bremen Nov. 11 and probably will go to Washington by train that evening The next day they will be dinner guests at thc British embasM and during the afternoon of No\ 12 will inspect the Greenbelt re settlement jvoject outside Wash- mgton that evening. The dtike will broadcast from the capital. He anil ths duchess plan io return to New York on Nov. 13 spending two or three days liere Then they will leave for upstate to inspect industry in the Moliawk valley. Posible stops on that tour, which will consume two or three days, are Beheneclady, Amsterdam and Uticn. , Tlie duke and duebcss -then plan to return to Washington and-start for the trip soutli that probably will last 10 days. The spokesman Mid tlie duke was .particularly eager to go through textile mills in such manufacturing stales as North Carolina and Tennessee. From there (fie route will go westward but no plans have been •nade beyond Ihe southern tour Tlie spokesman said it also Is uncertain whether Ihe duke and duchess will have a special train or will travel on a private car. Name County Residents As Federal Court Jurors JONESBOnO, Ark., Nov. 3.—Tlie jury list for the federal term of court which convenes here Nov. 32 includes tivo residents of Bly- thevllle and several others hi Mississippi county. W. T. Barnett and Ira Crawford are tbe Blythevllle jurors while Silk Substitutes al Their Best Godfrey White, C. W. !lay Ayrcs and William Watson. Fletcher Osceola. C. B. Woods jr.. of xora. Prank Wheeler of Frenchman's Bayou and Wesson of Wilson are others from Mississippi county. Stock Prices NEW YORK. Nov. 3. Prices declined one to more than] Ham c of three ...jun. V.UI.IUH unu wool inlvtui ^.sr* ch -» «>»«'•««•*. «,«" .s are: straight rayon, 25 ecu!*; mercerized'lisle, W cents, cotton, 25 cents. i!! allcrrfitlves and rayon nnd HIT ON lEKEE IN Bearden Reported Elected On "Write In" Ticket; Status Uncertain The Mississippi county board of flection commissioners will ha' of Moi VpaVentry Safety Director Says All Cars Musi Be Tested By Dec. 8 li 8 ""* ol >or li i have to determine the result ties In I » . < " ol >or cou "- en ° Ited Vlctory Bryant unopposed on the "•••"'h'lJ'-'.itU Ull IMU printed ballot but according to unofficial reports from Leachplll/> and Manila, Bearden received bites and pircs Dec. od for testing atitomo- remedylng defects cx- " Mr. Henry said, in urging motorists lo have t'hei cars tested. ammnny Stripped of Last Vestige of Utter Ron I Power In NKW YORK. Nov. 3 (UP> — Mayor Ftorello H. u ijiQunnlln, first "reform" mayor lo succeed lilnwelf in the history of New York City, carried his Republican —American Labor pally—fusion ticket to an overwhelming victory yesterday that stripped Tammany Hall of thc last of the power It hint wiolded for almost 150 years. Tlie utter rout of Tunimiiiiy extended to the Important district allorneyshlp of New York county (Mnnlintlnn) — controlled by (he Tammany machine without interruption for 20, years—which was won by the youthful rackets busier Thomas E. Dmvoy. Ofllclnl nnd complete returns 'rom the city's 3,910 election Ols- Irlcls showed that LaOimrdia won i.v a plurality of 454,425 voles over Jeremiah T. Mahoncy, his Tam- ttmny New Deal Democratic op- loncnt, Thc vole: LaOUardla. 1,344,010. Mnhoney, 080.591. Dewcy, against whom Iho full force of tho Tammany machine 'lad been directed, defeated Hnrold W. Hastings the Tammany candidate by nn unofficial plurality of 108,490 votes complete'returns from I.OD5 districts gtive Dcwcy 325,420 and Hastings 218,824. The Tammany, wigwam, In con- Irnst to 1 Its happy days of "Jimmy" Walker and his spats nnd Alfred ''. Smith and his brown derby as cloaked In gloom. Acts To Halt Spread Of Venereal Diseases JON^SBOKO, Ark., Nov. 3.-Tlic Joncsboro city council this week health ordinance de- prevent the spread of passed a signed (o . „ vcncrnl discuses In Joncsboro, The ordinance requires any person convicted on a morals charge of nny kind to undergo physical examinations for venereal disposes. Anyone found to be alloclcd with any of the discuses vjlll be required to take treatment nnd to report regularly to the city health department. . Any person convicted of n morals charge nnd ordered to take treatment for disease If arrested icaln on a similar charge before icing cured will bo subject to n leavy fine. The ordinance carries heavy „,•,!„ u ,'. ".win-u .1 "Although Mississippi county has ;mc reported could n ,, ° V °' CS ™ st - ™ s >2WO a "'°>»°Mlcs aid iructe w£- c " tef ° r p °"< could not be confirmed today. | Istered only about 1,250 hid been I «n ," '' ccaved n v <>'«s at Ma- i tested through Oct. 23. A total of (UP ,_jni!a lo| four for Bryant but thei«,«6 have been testa', owr the L.Bchvllle box could not be lo- state "Including 1,600 In,. Bradley fine for violation In any form. October collections by police .... . nt S]3M90 bj , vlil pltiio r , i . .' i-uce.s ueciiucn one io more man ~"-""' c ""* muia not be a- »""« including 1600 In Bradle\ or locSuTcK-lS;™ °, CW u S ' X pnl " U ln " ««»«™t«'y «c«ve C" " thC counly Clcrk ' s olllce COU " ty ' * hlch h! " » tasmale accredit lo culliadoq he said. | session on the stock market to-1 he l c ; „ .. | number of cars than Mlsslsshiul Electee! to Guide U. S. Girl Scouts I always will .say that women v ire better students of human na-' ''lure than men. When n man is! figgerln' on takin' on a partner in his business he oughta get his! wife's opinion of the fella first because she can probably pick out some little mean streak in the fella's nature tlml thc husband i would overlook. Uncle Fotchey went (o take on a new partner in his business one time and Aunt Bercie said "Fotch- ey that ain't the man for you— he's got n mean streak i n i.un He's dishonest!" Uncle Fotchey says "Well, now, he has a pretty good reputation. Maybe you just don't understand him." And she said "Oh, yes. I do! I know hmii"^: -*-'*&*- *.->'~*t J better than you think-in fact 1 £ cw ieadcr of American Girl \ras engaged lo him one time and S 00 "! 8 ls . Mrs - . Fr . c t iel ; i * "• I walled for him at the church and he didn't show up!" Uncle! Fotchey says "Well, then, -that. I ain't gonna 150 1-4! ! day. A. T. &. T. ... Anaconda Cop. Assoc I), Q. .. Beth. Steel .. Boeing Air 213-4 Chrysler 697-8 Cities Service 21-8 Coca Cola 113 Gen. Elcc 39 7-8 Oen. Mot 39 3-4 Int. Harvest 73 1-4 Mont?onierv Ward 401-8 N. Y. Central 19 1-8 Packard 5 7.3 Phillips Pet 43 3-4 Ralio 7 3-8 Schcnly Disl 291-21 Simmons 25 1-8 Ecccny Vacuum IG Sid. Oil N. J. Texas Corp. .. >U. S. Smell. .. U. S. Steel ... „ ,, I Despite - Ills election by the' county." 'write in" method Bcnrden may The e 27 3-4! not i:c eligible for thc dheclor- 9 3-8 j SIll 'P if a contention raised in some than Mississippi ,, t of rejections requiring correcllon of defects before the Mate safely tag Ls at- av his name placed on thc ballot by . —. njv. uauut, 'JJ the filing of a petition and that a "write in" candidate hr status. It Is this point that be decided by the election com mlssioners when they certifv stills of the election. incier stale, in this county than In most of the must have, counties, Mr. Henry declared. He pointed out that the new ,. Police Hohnan Mabry. Awaits Right of Way Purchase For Overpass James R. Rhyne, Arkansas high- —. wny director, confern-d here this \:..A • r 11' I T r-""'' week with locul olllclitis, re K ar<lhv n " s '"ps LoUlde In I'QO nosslbllltv or Minshn/M.ii,, n... sim r Ai .->> j° Hurtle To Ground : ' pvonimeiil In its imllonarc'i'oLs- iCn^^nK'^ V> 3 '"f^ H.B elimlnntlon prog,-,,,,, huvc been , X if ™. ?. nn l° r ft '""T «-»- , jwsslblllty of construcliiiff t ,000 overpa.w over thc iMsco ruli- roail (racks nt Hlitlnvny 01 at Yut- bro, Dirco miles north of lilythcvlllt'. Funds provltlcd for llio fwlern! necessity of oblnlniflg right of way for the overpass: ;• The government allotment Is only for ncliml cost of thc overpass and the county is required to pay the cost of obtaining the right of way. No appropriation for expenditure of funds for thc right of way has been made by the county quorum court. Mr. Hhyno 1.5 reported us anxious lo begin work on the overpass at the crossing generally rc- gnrdcd as Hie most duniferous between ISlylhcvllle anil St. Louis but Iherc- Is Illtla Indication of optimism over prospects for such construction here. Attack On Justice's Eligibility Renewed In Florida Case WASHINGTON, Nov. 3 (UP)— Attorneys for four Florida brokers today nlcil a petition In the supreme court challenging ancvv ^ic clltflbllUy nf Justice, Hnjo L. Bluok. In a pellticn asking tlmt the court reconsider Its early decision not to review nn allnck on vallillly of the securities and exchange act, attorneys for the brokers contended that Hie court's prior action wns Invalid because Blac^c took part In rendering the decision. They contended that Black actually Is not n member of the court because no vacancy existed to which lie could be appointed rind because he was bnrred from appointment under the constitution. pursuit j)la:io (lonled safely io earth with tliclr parachutes .and landed a short distance from Uie spot where (he wreckage of the two planes landed with lerriflc Impact. The collision occurred In a thick log above the clouds. ' •" Tho dead were Uculcnnnl TWO'-' hy, Mccroddnn, nca?an, Schmidt am Hhmldy. First names of -none or Ihe victims wore revealed Imme- N m 1)r ;1>y nnvy - '""""quarters. Neither were tho ranks of four of thu dead disclosed. Thc names of the two who es-" ipod with their r.-nrachntcs weio not. ijlvwi by navy Intelligence. :: E<l Orlnlelii; passing the crnsh weno In a car, reported bothplnnea Mine hurtling through the clouds He said the ships apparently had neo n flying together in maneuvers. First, Qrlnsteln said, there was a terrific nolso. Then, he sold he glanced up to see tlw larger shin' diving toward the enrth and tho two escaping aviators floating:to cnrlh in parachutes nbove their falling plane. W. S. Brock Talks To Rotarians At Osceola OSCEOLA. Ark., Nov. 3.— W. S. Brock, vice-president nnd secrclary o[ She Production Credit corporation. St. Louis, was the principle spenkcr nt the weekly meeting of thc p -° lnr y clllb ncrc yesterday. Umls Nash of Blythevillc. Welby Young, and George Doyle were Diphtheria Is Fatal To Geneva Jackson Private funeral services were, held this afternoon for Geneva Jackson, 16 months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jackson, who died yesterday after a three days Illness from dlnhthfrla. Tho services were at tlie residence, four miles east of Holland. Burial was made o.l Stanford cemetery. Besides her parents, the baby Is survived by one brother and three sisters. Hannu Funeral Home was In charge of (uncral arrangements. Singer and Pal Take a Stroll nd that Hc Pointed out that the new Eiwsls. has no rafet y "lane" at Walnut and First i E - H. Burns is thc leader of thc at must [ "reels here is now In operation 'Armistice Day program planned for n com- f" 1 a « fn 'Hnr station Is In opera- ; ncx ' Tuesday's mcef.Ing. In obser- - on Bt Oscel v!mcc 0[ 50 5-8 42 1-8 C3 3-4 SS 1-2 ton Wew Vork Cotton NEW YORK. NOV. 3 fTJP»-Cot- - . re- on Bt Osceoln and a third at ! v!mcc 0[ National Educational vvilson and said there could be Wc< *. November 7-14. Pat Moseley no excuse for failure to comply WUI als <> speak on the life and work i with the testing law. I ol Horace Mann. Chicdf/o Wheat scouts is Mrs. Frederick H. Brooke, above, of Washington, D. C., chosen national president tt thc organization's Iwenty- third annual mooting in Savsn- "•""."•" ':; :, ";;;•; ° r ""' t ' " nah, Ga. Mrs. Brooke succeeds partner thats that much smarter MIX Hcrbort Hoover, wife of Dis- Dec. May close 917-8 9! 5-8 Dec Jan Mar May Jul steady. open high low close .... 781 783 7G4 760 770 781 7IJ3 76S 777 781 769 772 782 788 738 791 713 777 "We are making every effort to be reasonable but we must Insist Twetlhr Fivp finrfrit-c .that motorists comply with these went y » «VC JJOCtOrS |-e<i«ire nre nt,s." Mr. Henry deciar-j Hear Memphis Physicians About three minutes is required for nn automobile to go through than I ami" «, : president. Chicago Corn open high low close DM. 531-4 591-4 581-8 583-8 May- 591-4 59 7-8 59 591-2 Spot Average Is 7.C6 Tho average price ( v 7.3 t ncn middling cotton on the 10 spot markets today was 7.C6, the Blytho.- vllle- Board of Trade reported. _ • >u « I*>A 780 781 uc , 1 800 801 700 731 Spots closed quiet at 781, off 22. >\'eiv Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 3 <UP>Colton futures closed steady today, one point higher points down. to nine high low close 785 787 773 777 TO3 '783 773 717 787 732 776 782 792 79* 780 787 703 797 786' 711 ^ 802 807 79fi 801 Spots closed quiet nt 777, off a. • Va !>' •"" Ihe "safely" lane. Principal rejec- uons are for unadjusted bakes, headlight defecls and wheel misalignment. Twenty-five members of thc Mississippi County Medical Association attended the meeting at the Blythcvlll when three hospital last night Memphis doctors ST. LOUIS, III.. Nov. 3 (UP)-Hogs: receipts 6.000. Top D.75 Heavier weights 9.60-9.75 Ugllt weights 9.25-9.60 Bulk sows 8.35-8.75 Cattle: receipts 3.600 Steers 11.00-12.50 Slaughter steers 6.50-16.50 Mixed yearlings, heifers 6.00-8.75 Slaughter heifers 6.25-ia,60 Beef cows 4.75-G.OO spoke. i Dr. M. B. Hcndrlcks, Dr. Klnsey Buck and Dr. r. a. Duncan addressed the group made up of phy- stclans from Bassctt, Osceola, Lux" 8 ' Arm ° rCl ' DyCSS ° lld ' C ' wolmva aboar Stafe Jl r ('nes 1.271.622 Tons of Coal In Year LITTLE ROOK, Nov. 3 (CTP)- 'tn!'hpA,af.;»hp state commissioner of mines office's ' today announced that a total of 1,271,622 tons of.coal had been mined fJurln?. tho 'fiscal yeo.r ondinj Juno 30. 1037. This wns nn Increase of -21,558 Ions over Hint mined In the state lii 1036. The bulletin released indicated tluit 62 of (he 9Q produclni mines In the state were active diirln<* the year, emnlovlng 4,505 men upon whom 20,000 were directly dependent, Sebastian county wns first in rtro-' nucllon during the past yenr, mln- Ini; 672,348 Ions uf ccnl. employing 1,840 men In 22 mines for an average of 138 days. T5ic mine commissioner's ofuco reported lhat 13 miners had been %lllccl in coal mtno accidents dur- iiiB the past fiscal year as compared with clsht In th c preceding, period. Reports Indicated that three- fourths of tUe deaths and Injuries might have been avoided. Oficeo)- Bnv To Make Naval Academy Test MARION, AJa., Nov. 2.—Spwial — Twenty-nine Marlon Institute Indents will take comuetltlve examinations for apDolutments for -ntvnnco to tlie United states Military Academy and the United Stales Mivnl A-Bdcir.y here Sat- irday. Civil Service competitive exam- nations are given to applicants vhcn congressmen nnd senators desire lo make their appointments: ntirely by competitive merit. Among the Marlon Institute Indents competing for appointments In the United States Naval Academy Is Cadet F. A. Butler/ of Osceola, Ark. Resigns Hotel Post To Join Insurance Company JON'ESBORO. Ark.. Nov. 3.—Bill Towe. who has been manager o{ he Hotel Noble 'at Jonesboro, has resigned to accept a position "as representative of the Equitable JJfe Assurance Society, it has been announced. M4JWWS-* New Orleans Port Acllre NEW ORLEANS (UP)—Exports; ~~-~. -,™ m ~** . ^ -*^. and Imports through the New Or-, When pretty Marlon Tallcy goes loans customs district were'second! lor a walk, her favorite corn- in the United States during the panlon Is Taz, a white Rusrism first seven months of 1937, according to Hnrc!d C. Jackson, dls- trict manager of the U. S.' rean of Commerce here. Bu- , Samoyed, that was given to her by a fan. Singer pnd doR arc pictured strolling ncsr her home in Hollywood. County Examiner's Office Will Close The county examiner's office will be clcsed Thursday and Friday because Mrs. Thomas R. Ivv, county examiner, will attend the Arkansas Education Association meeting in Litt!e Rock. WEATHER Arkansas— Generally fair tonight and Thursday, colder tonight. • Meriipti-—Fair and Mirier•• tonight with Usht to hun'i> frost, lowest temperature tonlrjV.t, 32 to 3«, Thursday fair wfth sViwly rising temperature. ...

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