The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 10, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 10, 1933
Page 3
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riCTOBFR 10, 1.M3 Ei ATHEVILLE, (ARK.) CODRTKR NEWS PAGE Ford of Ancient Vint ago StiM Claitois Aioug Deputies' Bui lots Hall Rush of Steel Stri'ko Pickets Henry Wrrnfr of Memphis, til-! tffpld pilot of n 1911 "Model T." , vlslu-d here today ciirmitp lo St. I Lo.iis In .his dilapidated ans but'.- • V\. His t-ar aitiistiid conslderfdik- ; aur-Mlon on Main street where H ; was parked while the driver ( i-.ii'rlieil In :\ ii(-ni-)>y faff. | Werner ha 1 , uuveled thousands! of inllfs in HIP old tar. Includiw, mps to California nnd lo scvcial p lies In [lit- rioilli mid middle. vM. It is (•qul[)|)r-d with a railin. Irclric fan, chulr and oilier omlorls. Inn nLlicrwiSi- apivnrs In- an inilliciilli: 1011 model. P.rccnlly In fJelroil Wfiner Kiid h<> drove tin' rar lo Uic Foul Miilnr Cimipnny |il:inl where lu- i -led to :illraci the :illemlon of lli'iuy l-'ord, whom lie ihoiight -inlMlil I* inleresie.d In I he old ear. Inn, receiced 11 cool reception as Mi. Ford drove riishl pasi him ur-l iliiln'l even .stop. When siskr-d liuvv last the or would run Worner replied. "torly- five." but did not explain whether he meant, 45 miles p-'i' hour, oi 1 per city. Incidentally lie travels around Hie country without a "spare." National Literature Academy Formed their nop Is iendy tor ma»lttt. They will rrcelve o large cash payment- on thel crop Irain rf- fuiffles lliL'. month. Hunl«r Finds Hit Pointer Really Point* PORTERVILLE, Cal. CUP) When "Dick," N. H. Ix-ggeU's vdl- ned jwliiter dot?. [Mints ttt birds, slays pointed. "Dick" dl-Mptwrnl iho other dny. l.ctRftt promptly offTfd Si Tli . -xl ilay, William nolfj. p.rower. bioui'.ht lt¥> do; HB found him. iit> suU n covi-y of birds ho liail lhi.<hi>cl. 'Hu- dog. he said, uw«r enlly had Iwlrt tils pci.iltlon more Hun \a hour..; while awaiting )i! Early Gambling Houses Made Little With Game nu'lTK, MOMl. (IID—rrolHs o early day Humbling houses Wfr not larpi 1 . records of KOine i>V llw fslablt-dunonts show. In (me lending; hoiiss this lot'.vl prolli for one inonlii'.s oiwfallon of • two faro tables, n vo'.iblle whci-l. • and er.ip Bames ' ivas $48S. 1-Tom I Has uinoiAit salaries ol denier.! and Dulltts n-hiiii- and clubs tlmd down in the. Pcimsylrania sl?el lov.'n or Amtild?e. as clcpmic.s inul plrteis of .striking .sti-el workers clusli j house men had to be deducted. To- liiiisl and nine v.ounded in one day's li«litiiiB. us luiihoritlcs (ought lo I tal winnings of the K»»H'* w« s $'*• aie ready for the plclcel.s 1 . chaise in the above picture. Al Ihe 1 ^'^['("^'"^^o^'om'^hiiaWisli- takins a "pot- shot" ul a brick itirower In .< nearby alley. , mrlll (otaled $1.936 In a month. lioiiletlc uave Ihe house Ihe nreat- in the German cavalry i fuses lo take any more olf of; now." he Mid. "; Great War. becnmc u Heymann's luinds. A lAviiif! Example f'd father fff a sermon Than heir one any day, I'd rattier one should walk with me, hnii merely fitiop; Ihe »»y. "he eye's a better, pupil i'' ii!oro willing limn HIP ear;. council lr, con fining, lul example's ul grays dear. rid ll:c Vxr.t ot alt the prraonrrs llu> ones who live Ihelr crrrdi to s<v good put In ncllttn •i fclnil everybody isi-eds. can won lenrn lo do H. f you'll lot n;f It done; can watch your Imnd In ucllon, Hut yoiu 1 tongue '.<M fust nay run. And the 1 leetiifi's you deliYrr May be very vl-'f -and Irui', Hill I'd rsllier uol my lesson By observing «h:U you do; for f may inlsunder.sluiid you And the (jood advlci 1 !,cm uive, Hut there's no, inUiindcrslandhi!! I How you act and live. —Bt'lct-lcd. Holland blurt Diet: JSob l^Roy Smith, Infant son of Mr. and Mrs.. Bob Smith, died at 2:30 o'clock; Sunday afternoon at thp family home near Holland; Mo. : : ' :,• Funeral wrvlcer. sill he held (hli afternoon at Sanderford reiu- elery near Holland. The L. O. Moss Undertaking company Is lit charte of fufieral arrangements. Woaei'i U«le»i Siffcrag No woman is better oK for hat-. Ing put up with phjslcal pain, amps nervousness al monthly ines If CARtUJI iould have pre- ented her suflering. OARDUI ias relieved thousands oj^womtn >y building up Ihelr IJ in streets and alleys of the beleaguered tuwn. One man was break tin- Mi ike. Deputies in buttle array, iirmed with BUIL-, and clubs. righl is shewn a deputy running tack to join Ills companions :il lei FIIESNO. Cul. (DIM—Too nine "kick" In bottled soda water sei F,'. H. True. 41. of Fresno, to ll emergency hospital (he oilier da A bottle exploded as he »ns in loading II from his truck, and tl pieces of glass Inflicted sever minor cut.',. ! Bender; Oscar Sutro, vice-prcsi-, charger SAN FRANCISCO, Cal. (OP)— ;dcnt oi Standard Oil; Dr. Carl ( during the Headed by Gertrude Athcrlon.'JHollitlay. educator: Vierllng Kcr-j prisoner of v.iir, was shipped lo ntivelisl. the Nniional Academy of rl .^, California State Superlnlen- j Canada, and about 15 years aso American Lilciaturc has been or- (i c " n t of public Instruction; Charles', started work in Montreal. Reyinatm is considering appeal- inc to rug manufacturers. dcseilinn tin e.s of skill or luck eloiH-d recently^' •, tttnueue ^avt me jivu->r MH; n«^- ti * and their parents »st, winnings, whtlu faro, a betting le card table for "'ig, ciiid craps cost Ihe tan* the Of ?tnt*r swfoifn AAtOit trfti SHAVING SATISFACTION GUARANTEED 406 West Main St. Caldwel) Dobie. ). Bariy. All memberships in the Iciiiy will be invitntionnl. writer, and. John | Acad- ganized heie with the aim of eventually spreading the movement Ihiounhout the country. The Academy will strive to sjain recognition ::t home and abroad; trican' e uteratu 1 «!"id' 1 hovws 0 to pro- '- Former German Charger i vide professional encouragement. g^ m Montreal Jobjal Park surveyed his domain , other day and opined. "I t MONTHEA-L (UP) —"Billy." a i we'll have to start plowing _ 2-year-old veteran of the Great • bears under pretty soon." lecture bureau, educational parlment. department, of National Park Ranger Sales of Games Nebraska Sugar Beet Faces Big Bear Surplus j Show Big Increase Crop Will Set Record, which have ' ' IJQ sl- I Oirsetllng -these los.;es, however, ; were receipts from the bars rim In conjunction with the saints. In one saloon the revenue as recorded was from t75 to $250 u day. U lc . i'.dults and children has been , SCOTTSBLUFF. Neb. iUI>) — . With sugiu 1 beet acrent;e lolallnB neiirly IS.MO acres more Ihnn lust tor amateur writers. It will em-' "<*»-rv «" ».«>».«». vu. »-— | ^J ^ ""jj jj"'^^"opi'iied ""i "Kiiessl iio-'ted this fall by Milwaukee mer-lyear. western Ncbniska Is on brace eight departments inelud- MONTPEAL "~77 P) _.. mUy .. a ' WL .-]i |,av« to start plowing' the i chants. , ver R c ol Us gi-ciuest su^r m B academ.c archives editorial de-j. 22 «ONT, ; EAL t ^ | Mo|i( _ ^^ ^^ |)lal , lr ., | |, ; , ivcst ,„ ycnrs . paitmcnt, and stanuarus. | ^ ^^ ^^ ^^ .. kickc(1 ., or j Rangcr Bin KeK ne nas an om _ j Mmes dunng' Uie^depression llyan; Beginning In rany ,.,, • asketl for a pension, .will be ready i productio'n problem that, mt ,ron'and"W^7tmenrof"puwlcarion,!^ «wm to his duties in the town j ,, wnl ion of Agricultural Adj exceed S100,COO; or Montrenl South sodn. i merit AdmiiU-itration experts. tin Freshens the mouth ..Soothes the throat A sum not lo v.i!l be stl. aside each year to;- Ihe ; "Billy" of awards lo aulliors. , been sick for .-tveral weeks, On the board of control, in ad-. the veterinary says that he diiion to Mrs. Atherlon. who will ! be all ri^ht soon. "Billy," .serve a s president, arc Edward F. town's only horse, has had 'iVeadwell, attorney, Albert M. eventful career. He served In cany October lhe| before and with the new NRA i harvest of ihousand's of acres of J! leisure sales lire expected to holdj.Migur brels begins In this region up and even Increase,' one mer- ; ar.d continues unabated In field norse... ana he has ! In eight years there lias been a but' 50 oer tint increase in the park's chant said. land refinery for weeks. ^" Grownups .and children have' .Sugar beet. ncrcRHe In western will C-ill'foinla blaclc bear population— been stealing each o'.lier's games. Nebiatka lia.s been Increased this the iind new "No Hunting" signs have another dealer reported. • year to 70,000 acres at; compaLed an been posted ' ! "Children, many only eight or wilh 57.000 acrc s last year. Orow- al Every California y.oo' has more nine years old, are playing bridge ers are up'.imisllc Uiis year as VICKS COUGH DROP BtEE 5c - lOc - 15c BORUM'S h THE FINEST / / TOBACCOS THE FHXESTWORKIVIANSHIP These days, smokers pay more attention to their cigarettes. Naturally they're talking about the Brimful of the choicest Turkish and Domestic tobaccos—without loose ends. That's why way Iiiickiesare nude. Ahvnysso Luckies draw easily, liurn evenly round, so lirm and fully packed, and are so mild—so smooth. "its toasted " FOR THROAT PROTECTION-IX)R BETTER TASTE Braggrn|; qi^, seedy, pul cfj^y LUCKIES PLEA! 'Imck; .11 is the' nature of Aratrican.s : to K^t as fine things as .t!:»•}• can for tliemselves and llidr families. Four years of do- int' willio'ut" ar? ovi-i; now. With liicrn went the I'.vMiion of brag- •finj; nf our poverty. Knter lilt m\v cr;t of living and (treating l;cUer in a Hart Schoffner & Maix FRO INT ROW W O R S T E D '29 .50 NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO.

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