The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 15, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 15, 1935
Page 1
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Bartell's Beefing May Aid Giants' Drive for Nn- lional Pennant BV: JIMMY .nONAIIIIlV. NBA Service Snorts Writer NRW YORK, Feh. M.-nack In 1008 It was h "holler Rny" who won Die pennnni for Hip Chicago Cub's. Little Johnny Kvers, ihe second batcmnn, wtis Ihe Wlow Evors WBS oredlicil with talking Um|)lre Ti.ijik O'Dny Itilo render- Ing the decision that made Fred Merkte. Giant first baseman, Ihe E«W or baseball's. most historic Iwncr. Meikle fnllcil iq loiidi jec- oiicl base following n teammate's hit that apparently had driven In Ihe run Ural gnw tho New York club the pennant, Mordecal Brown bested Christy MatViewson In the playoff, the Cubs won Ihe gonfalon, and took Detroit in the world j-eite thru fallowed—all because Evers had what it took to stand out (here on •second base and teller that Merklo was out. The "holler guys, 1 " as the trad knows 'em. still ure winning pennants in the majors. They arc the cocky, militant sort of players who on the slightest provocation, beef about umpires' 'decisions. |>eslci opposing pitchers and players, carry a chip on ihclr shoulder*, nml gencially make themselves obniox- ious while playing n hangup game of hall. * * 4 Cauliln't Deal Blondy In 1933 one 01 inesc icllows helped the Giants win the National League pennant nnd the winner's share of the world series 'lough. He was Jockey Blondy Ryan, shortstop, whose classic Leading jockeys" of Major Leagues (ABK.) COURIER NEWS Ihcy cnn't beat us. Bill." slogan, ami cvci-ydny clmtter nml ag s rcx- srtencss .In Die ' Infield. wns (ho old |K>ppcr needed lo cinch Hie honors for Bill Terry's outfit. In 1934 another yetncr, iilso n shortstop, wn.s oratorlenl cnondi to push Hie Cards through iiuti, lasl- dltcli Hglit for the Natlonnl league bunting wftli.Uic dinnls, mill vitriolic lo sucli n degree Hint, he simply blew Mickey CochrniiR's very nice urn) gentlemanly tall pinyra. "••;.. Leo Din cchoi- was the guy. Sometimes he's known ns "Mouthy"; oilier times ns "Llppy." This season we'll hnyc three of the "holler guys":' performing hi the Nalloiml League, -'which 1 'promises n very Interesting and exciting campaign. Joining the ranks of Ryan nnd Duroclier Is Dick Bartcll, n beefcr liij'hls'owir right, whosti, ligtit lias tjcpn partly hidden' under »' bushel' wliifevpliiyhiB shortstop foi the;, Fi-uilless ~ Phillies • Barfell switched places with Blondy Ryan • In the winter deal between the Giants and Jimmy Wilson's team If lie can come up to the standards set by Hyan, Terry's tenm is due to, terrorize .the turnip thumpers agnIn.' ; ^i j Simon Legree—Fhooey! '-' Bartell Is just about the cockiest, devil-taVe-the-hlndmost ciiss that fver.slid Into''second with 1 his spite) In battle, array.'Twice la,si year he brought on near riots when he slashed. Linus Prey fund Joe Judge, Brooklyn players, .\vllli hts steel. A vituperative genl. •: In (here Kicking nt everything and riding opposing players unmercifully, Dick is one of the greatest little [joai getters in the game, and n distinct psychological advantage (o have on your side of the fence. It tnkes a giiy like Dick to pep «P the infield. With the Phtls, he inspired Pinkcy Whitney-to play the best ball of his career when they played side by side, held up the pitchers with his chatter and cockiness, and was one big reason why Curt Davis was such a success on the mound In his first year ap last season. . .. Bartcll will have plenty or competition from Durocher and Ryan. Lippy already is predicting the Cards will repeat, and • Ryan, fig nrcd to be..squelched when he was shipped downstream 'to llib" Phils is telling Manager Wilson to buck up; that -everything Is all right now that he, Mister n.van, is play- Ing shortstop. • • • "» ', Cronin's Chin Ilunls Trouble In the American League, the "holler guys" aren't so plentiful. Probably the outstanding one is another shortstop—Joe Cronin. .Although he doesn't go out of his way to antagonize opposing players, the Mick isn't one to be shoved around. Always ready lo argue with an umpire at the drop of a. hat, he also Is watchful of his men's welfare on the field, and roull always find him sticking that lanlecn Jaw of his Into any mess his ,boys start. • • He won a pennant for Wash in g- . Ion in 1933 wuh his never-say-die attitude. He might have repeated last season had not everything from myopia to spavins attacked Ws athlete at the capital. If Cronin can sleer the banshees clear of his trail in Bean- to.uti—and those Boston Irish brew , powerful potions lo guard against the evil spirits-he again may «ag , thai chin librae in front in the , American League race. rCoiinty Team Vic- lor in Tri-County Bas- kclbal] Tournament CAnUTJIERSVII.LE. Mo._ Scn- nlli high school boys basketball lenni .wept to cosy victory In the Ullc Bamc of the Jiliilh annual Irl- counly Invitation tournament here lost night, defeating Cai-uthcr.svllle •13 to 14. In the consolation game for third Honors Horntriwllh! won from Hnigeadoclo. 31 to 22. Selmlh, carlilhei-svillc find Hoi-- ncrsvlllc loams, winners of first, second and third places, were presented trophies by Evernlt Reeves president of Ihc Carulhersvillo school Ijoavd. The poor showing O 'f tile CnruUi- ersvilte teiim was a surprise and n disappointment' lo tournament fans Senalli slopped into llic loud nt ilie start and wns never In (lunger Nor- imn, Senalh center, led his team's Muck, scoring 23 t) olnls. Horncrsvillc look a big lead car- gadoclo rallied in tn c mini qutxr- •cr and- scored 11 points,, but was too far behind to threaten, liawis Horncrsville guard and 'one or ilie oiilslandlng players of the tournament, counted 12 points rnr his leiini. . ' The, lineups: .Senath (43) R, Harris 5, Brownf 1. Nonimn 22. Hnntcr 11 sib-' y:A. Wilson, t>. - Harris, Woods, Douglass 2. cnrnttiewllle (H) D Nlckcns 5, J. Nlckens 3, Robinson K. Asher a. N. Creech 4. K: Asher, edlnig. Horncrsvlllc (37) Brewer 10, Wll- - I Tlie innjorlty of m:tl nci-ldpril.'. loci: place nil DIP opim hlgii\v:iy- i-allir-i- than, on crowded (ill SUTOIS. Flumes UuHrnio llmi |M>- lialflc (loath ralo In fjfi |)riiui|i:.( cUles lust year win; onn-dili-il low- IT than for Ihe naliiin us n wlmh 1 . •Nnthnii llcdford federnli' cavalry I linrses shot, from uottlc, but was v/ouiulcU. Forn'fii, r:mi- 'Bder, hnd au Dueler him m ever si'riouslj 1 three Natlonnl Leaguers have.the•_reputation of being the greatest >ckeys" In the majors. Left is- Blondy ny<u, shortstop; center, uic'k whose. shomtopDing ,, my M .", e Qln " lK weA l ° National -Leanne pennant In the Polo grounds; nnd right, Leo Durocher, CarilbinJs 1 .shortstop w |,osc cocky nttltnrte imx earned him the B "Moiilhy" and "Llppy" Phillies' Burl ell, he Just n 11-"•?""''•'" < 22 > P- J. Holmes' 9, Vobb 2, E. Crowe, N..Crowe : 2, Pfcf- r «r 3, ;Oreeh 7. c. Ifoimes.' ••' About ,5000 voluntary, observers Inoughoiit the United .Stales, nre, sslstlng Ihe' U. S. \Vcrither-'D'H- cn " , '" recording almospherlc coiitiuicms. nnd compiling records. Indiana Memorial Is International Shrine VINCENNES, ind. (UP) _ Al- oiinh sllli under construction, the corgc Rogers Clark Memorial here ion become an International shrine. Thoasand.s of pOi-sons from tlie United Slales and .several foreign countries have vislled Ihe mcm- WiiUMfls'" 1 W '" " Oi IM! c " lm)1rltcl1 Britain, Prance,' Ocnnany, rtaly -Norway, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, japan, china, Australia " ml almost cverji one of the central American countries have had rcprcscnlatlves. --Seven murals by winter, a staue of Clark by Herman M ao- Br e U> be Nelt, and completed .:thi., year.- ^. Tests •cojiHuc^cd ln..Pll.lsbur(ih by scientists '"indicate."•'thai"the" •a\ i e'r-' age healthy .person' changes his position-38; times in eight hours of sleep and-that-it- b. abnormal to sleep without, moving. Germany'/Is'^estimated to use Indiana. Read Courfn Hews Want Ads. Spring's Favorite By Harry'Gray son I-eslfi- Patrick attributes the New Y«rt: fiiuiBijt's 1 iveent long winning ••livak partly to co i ( | wc-alher Vi-tcran toll players nwd hot wea- llir-r lo get Into roai playing form. Veteran lioctey players require cold weather . . . when It's (old the ice IK fust and the old lends emi [ravel . . , when It's ft.irm, (he joe is slow and the old- timers feel it in Ui c ^ ES _ nog . n Smith, who (jlcd of pneiimonla IN Ollawft ihe oilier day, was one 01 (li« mlfjiYAl Piiisbnrpli Yellnw- I ickcl.s, tin: nmatciir hockey team which turned prole.isloiiiil in u lioily in I02tj and got into HIP Nnltnnal I.ragiie jilnyoff thr, nrst Among Ills teamnniteji' on thai -quad were Lionel conacher, of the \IontiT-al Maroons; nay Worters of Hit- Ne\v York Americans; anil ifal Cotton, of HID Toronlo Mnplc r.:-afs . . . Larry r.njole ;;lill jr-fina on Die toll wilh :i srmltlanre of lib old powf-r, but U's a eo jf | J3 i| t i, nt tK iisr-.i now. . . . TI,,, Frenchman (hRots In (lie low HO's . . . A ra:-^- horsc 1ms bec-n named Charley Urlmm l)y Chiraffo's tnmoin First Waul alderman, John Conghlin . . . ?.iine firr-y. Hie aiithar. was n minor lengiic pitcher with Xnnos- vlllc nmt Coiiunhns in iho '90..,. • * • Cilslcr Signs—Nan- All HI Needs Is Sclicduli; Crislcr signed a new five- year contract as Princeton football coach . . . Now all (he T>cr needs Is a schedule . . . Jim inxlce Is to co retained as head coach at Geo Washington Notrc Dame . coached teams won 08 «amcs and lost 33 n«ii r amassed 2329 ]ro int^ ngulnst 825 for oiiponenls' in 1934 . . . AI Banuet, of San Francisco, twice national champion nnd con-'•' ' |,y many t 0 hayc been the Roast Biff on the Biffer THURSDAY,'/FEBRUARY. ;.,i<j ']$& r £H:€r^Srt'H?jr: new rmtniirant across from Madison Square rjarden, N^"^^ fil'e Illf* Mai,1**.. 1 \i..- ,^ . ' * lc y *»JIK. : of beef. en eto .he Mai.ler and Mrs. Dem^ey M U.ey .cane<l , ^' Oolonel Harry V. stdele '(above)' ' CU n't nte, h ,,-' •>•>»-• mated by President Roosevelt to "Hcceed tbo tato Omm,, . ( villL!» J. ilnso aa commaiuler ot llio -li rank oJMalo; gg,, 0 'a; Thursday & Friday MAT.— 2:00 - 10c & 25c NITB_fi:45'-IOc& 3=ic PAUL greatest handball player o! all time', lias been refused reinstatement by the A. A. u. . . lie was knocked out twice in as many appeal-ante las a professional pugilist Bob-sled riders who ' risk' the Ircachorous Ml. Van lHjevenbsi-g slide ,.nt Lake,Placid wear football linefc, kneepails, and goggles -'built of springs covered wilh mats and layers or sawdust to .Insure safety nml nljsiiUite lack of menial imz- fi'd . . . BaskeHwIi rules are explained in simple style to, spectators, at. the Unlvei'sUy or -Neljraska's lome contests through an illus- Irated pamphlet . . .-Ninety intramural (cams play the game nt tlie Lincoln institution. Dean Ik-rides lo Save Arm : After Talk With Hob Grove •D'hay.rienn says h e has decided to USB hjsiii-jn more sparingly after a ROXY Last Time Today MAT. & NITE—lOc - 2!>c BID HOT TIRES LYLE TALBOT AAARY ASTOR Cartoon Serial—"Myslery S(|iiil(lr(>n' chat with Bob Grove . . of 1301 hoi'scs stabled at nialeah, 317 or approxltnak'ly one^fourtl!, are 2- vcar-olds . . . owners conlinue lo burn the babies o«l ... A jockey's life is short and exciting . of pi who rode in the opening Hia- Irah meeting in ifljs. only four are sill! active . . . u costs $5000 a . . . a year to satisfy the 320 flamingos in Hie Hiateuli 1'nrk infield wilh cliolce shrimp and boiled rkc The 17 games played by the American League All-Stars in Japan netted J4U,fJDO yeo, er SOS.118 The American team was ' guaranteed 556,510 nnd expenses . . Babe Ruth and Connie Mack look most of the money ... it ls said (hat Ihey divided 75 per cent The v . ,,, lJt _ t tum, , ^ f 1 Il(i remainder of the athletes just went along for the trip ... Don Paurot new football ooach at Missouri, employs selected features of the Warner system and nondescript but effective measures he learned while playing for Owlnn Henry at the Columbia school ... pa urot naji more than n f PW Ideas of his own ... 11 is understood lhat lie will coach the line himself. o ; OfWfc»i 34- mltted io Vie Union « 19l2--Arizona ad- Koses are >ned- t fr/iiteistfyetilir. hfeloveyou, dear -- Smallest- nr OOLDSBOKO, ' N. . c. ( 'jjp) •Tiny smith or Cioldsboro claim;, to be the smallest person | n N 0 rtl3 Carolina. Tiny was born late January and tips ihe .scales at ounces. His parents, Mr. and \ Dewey Smith, reed the lights! lad wilh a medicine dropper. All Inhabitants O f the lonelj' 4 n »» .v?'^" da cnnh2 ' "n the ^"'"n Atlantic, catch cold every a .ship doeks there; the epl- :ts produced by germs left by : '""'- -passengers and all 167 are susceptible. demi. Phone 644 Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE ft TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON'EDWARDS, Proprietor makes of rrfmntTypiwritm, Udlot JttwhlM. »nd CaicbUton Hepalrlii{r-p.rt»-Blbboni I ASAFUGITIVtFROM THE INHUMAN BONDAGE OF A WOMAN'S SOUt DEVOURING IOVEI the Pinch-Yoke Tweed Suit You'll see il op every campus, anil in 'every business office. In town, and in the country, i!'s the Weal suit, olTcritiK ace comfort, ami casual freedom. You'll ulso find ninny other appealing stvlos in this first showing of new vSuring suits. ' $22.50 - $24.75 R. D. Hughes & Co. s Wcst Theatre mar raj. ' BORDER TOWJT* with VK" 11 "" BETTE DAVIS , n, „.._• _••;•> I»K! j Friday & Saturday He won two races—one with death and one with \ love! Paraniounl I'Jciori.-il .\o. 5 All Star Conu-dv : wrt<l SUE CAROL ' v A COLUMPJA PJCTUHE •'•"ox Xews Coniedv HONEST AID! It was Lincoln, wasn't it, who gave us that epigram about fooling- some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time? Times have changed. Some people, today, can't be fooled at all. '• They are the ones who buy thoughtfully and spend wisely. They are guided by the most up-to-the-minute news about products, prices and values. They read the advertisements in the.daily paper. Whether you're marketing,for tonight's dinner/for a refrigerator or for a home — the most reliable guides are printed right here in this paper for-you. Make it a habit to shop at home, by newspaper, be- fore you set out.. It saves time ... saves tiresome- searching ... ana] it saves real money.

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