The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 12, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE RIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS } 1BEES' i'hey Should Bear Proper Some His>li School Students Unable (o Identify * Franklin Roosevelt COLUMBUS. O. i.Ul'1—Youn.7 America, adept at plaein-' :he hit- i est shng in its vocabulary and I mastering all n?w dance sleos. i:n PS proficient In Ihe matter »f keeping pace with nati:;:i;il amUiiil r I national n Hairs. Harrison M Savr 1 ?, edi'or uf un educational journnl, renc'rl Ih i conclusion aftt;r I" 1 s-'ni'.i'yj th", •papers of 300,000 students in. cur vent: event t?sls pivcn iL^uiitlv in 303 cltlss In Ihe Unlto-J -Stalss Students fro'iitbo seventh urt I to high school seniors wer; ah examlnallyn th" 1 '. ron'-'lnc:! 1 questions on current topics. A few of the'high school sturlints were unab'e to icbniiCy Fr?.n' 'i i D, • Roosevelt. As to the supreme court airl the central figures in the controversy with the president over Jii- ciicial reform, many were hi it, nornnce. ,Tlie tests showed the stiidenls placing the number of supreme] court justices from 5 to 48. The chief Jtisllra of the hi:!" w" ')•"'!• 'ed variously as Albert Einstein, Hermann CiOerin^, stnnlcy Dal-.l- \0n, I.illinni Lcmke. J E'tar Hoover nnd William E. Borah. .Gocrlng Greatest Enigma * Oosring provided <ha i'lrhnLs with the gicatest' diftlciilty of nny ] jjcrfoiiiillly mjnlloncd In. Ihe e\-1 "PUK ever popular princess (rock (No. "(1900) still holds full'swa'y. 1 '••-s to beautify Hard uriifection is i; the sailoiis con- y liomc owner, hs- !>.«• of the' irunv fuctoi's that, •.•n- int!j Hi'.- dsi'iilon. Each kliWl ll\T an:l eich Ir-r < v 1937 Steele-Cootcr Society — Personal Mrs. Hoy Weaver has returned from :i visit with her daughter, Mrs. Ci'dl Earls' and Mr. Earls, at Chai leMon. ' Mrs. Lowis Tiiompson and chll- ilrcn of Hypell. Ark., spent Sun- tiny here as fiiicsls of Mrs. Tollle Holmes and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. John Frame, MJ>:. Conrad Frame and Mrs. Munier Smith have returned from at I'alnlon, Mo. Clara Nunnery from a visit with lias re relativob . 'ninlimtlon. Besides bclifj l-lenli- fled as a sunremc court justice, he isns j\l<l to be, Socialist pri'inler of France, Italy's (ori-lgn minister, Hie U. S. ambassador to Prance, <llc- tator o[ Rii.ssln.niid winner of tlu Nobel peace prize. ' Other '"boners" indud* 1 l.v "P'*- nieo and Jiiljet" wtts ' written by t Eugene O'Neill: Jos?ph Stalin Is t president of l|ic American Fedciy Cation of Labor; A < irrcd i Uii'iuun recently was awarded n incdnl by President Roos-jvi-lt for oulstancl- 1 Ing achievement; Frances .Perkins h .dictator of Russia; Albert Einstein was named', us secretary of " state nnd head of the GrMen; .7. Edgar Hoover was listed .us the Republican 'candidate for president in 19i!i: Helen Keller as Socialist premier., of Franc:;' Joseph Stalin as head of -the Federal Bureau of Investigation; William Green as president .of Ins Irish Free State, mnl Gen. Francisco ns a senator from Idaho. One answer In the test said; "Profit"! earner! by n company hnti paid out lo stockholders aro called shaie-cropuers." Zcrg Grade For 1!IS Out of -the small army (hat took the test. SH made grades or between 90 and 100. A total of '338 j \ Note it buttons lo the waist in back; (he liccominu collar, now flil sleeves, and slehderizing linos. All in all, a prand model. Make it in printed silk, ilollcd swiss, ortjaiutic or lallcta. Pallcrns a"o sized 12 lo 20; 30 to 40. Si/.f 1-1 requires -I 3-11 yards of;5f).inch fabric. The collar in contrast lakes 3-8 yard of 35 inch fabric, ami the bows 1 3-4 yards. ' ' • • • . To secure a PATTERN ami STEP-BY-STEP SEWING INSTRUCTIONS, fill out the coupon below, beinii sure to MENTION THE .NAME OF THIS NEWSPAPER. The SPRING AND SUMMER PATTERN BOOK, w'ljh a com- , plete selection of late dress designs, now is ready. It's 15 cents when purchased separately. Or, if you wfnl to order it with the put tern above, send in just an additional 10 cents with the coupon. TODAY'S PATTERN BUREAU, 11 STERLING PLACE, BROOKLYN^ N. Y. Enclosed is 15 cents in coin for L Pattern No Size .Name ; Address City ; Slate .' Name .oC-lhis newspaper ,.. Ailtlress your envelope to ni.vLlici>ill» Courier NC.VS Today's Pattern ' Bureau, 11 Sterling Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. Tree Sfninscly Hcri'niTt! jcnyed, but the roil kept Kiwviim ^ RE .5° N '^..?' ^.-. 1( "S ! Un ; lltata, is crcatc«l whercta >ii 01 and Jolin fitokes have nnd-n-liitlf" , erowliiB • on 'tree- their fnnn. More than 30 years n|!o n illUE '"* crea seems lo Rrow .out o the- cround in an arch and of tills number were high school black .hickory was blown down by j i;tlier .sprouts from the tor seniors. Grades ,of from zero to - . ,. . .five were given 198 students and j of this group 133 were seventh grade pupils. The national nverasn for hMi school sonlors was 73 per cent. Averages for other grades Were: eleventh grade, GG; tenth grade. 57, ninth grade. 51; eighth grnilc. 43; and seventh grade, 34. In commenting on the results of the examination, sayre snid: themselves, but reflect a serious "Tlie 'boners' are humorous in fault'in. our school system. Many schools arc failin<; to prepare their .students for. good citiberisliip. llis;h school pupils without" a good 'knowledge of current social trends. issues and personalities cannot be expected to contribute strength to our democracy." ">' tii" '. Archie Richards, Misses Nina l'!,?".^''!!!.^; 1 "'"' 11 ! 1 '.'.''.' l!ll;I)ks ' Vir 8lc Travis and Lorune " ' "' i(u:0:inv, spent Friday In Memphis Mis:;i.-.s llC'ttU 1 Cleninions and ^ in i lie !tu::hint$ ^pl!^lt last weekend in Jojii'sboro as quests o! ... •. C'amele lielford. Mr. nnd Mrs. L. W. Turner and H n liillie accompanied Mrs. Tur- iii-i's inolhcr, Mrs. J. w. Johnson io her home in Marion, III., for j differ in mois'iirc? ) Hint annual prt; ImpDrlaiit: nnd "oinn will he kill- in Wi»l -r In frei'^lnr cllini't"s •Ih- kind, yi'/n, „„,[ |;, t .., tioli ~ 0 f haill- IIT.-S ill;;.) miKl | W r; ,i sil . •ri'd with r^f?ri'iicfi to sintM.'..*•,,.,_ 111,'arhv, t'V I'lli-l at< i 'i\'if <i' "-' y.trfls huve :i • to obtain t)i-. c'l'vi";! i-'itin-!-: nnd npi.hbn- l)l(Vi'r;'iii kin 1:; of iris's rb/'iir" iimcr.-nl r.oils (or Ir-si 7iv)wtiv'lhcv iy in ihrtlr .ifiiiand for siiiy'istlit; '"'" riiiuire- El'.vfcod Erov.'n. r:ho was very sick over the weekend, Is very much Improved. Frank Jones has accepted a position in Memphis and will move liis family there In • the near future. r. ant] Mrs. J. R. Chapman and "Mrs. H. E. noerner arc vacationing at the Doerncr home at Lindenlure, near Kogorsvllle, Ark. Misses C'leo and Frances Vauehn of Memphis spent last weekend with their parents at Cooler. Miss DeLsic Stewart of lilythc- ville Is eonlined at the home of her sister. Mrs, Paul Frame, .suffering with neuritis. Ucwcy YaroroiiBh was taken to a hospital in Memphis Monday anii Is in a very serious condition. [ Mrs. M, A. Massey nnd daugli- jter Mary Julia and" Mrs. Wm. Owens visited in Blythevllle Tues• day. Mrs. Mnssey had just relurn- :ed Monday night from a visit with \ another daughter, Mrs. Lester ; McBride. of Laurel], Miss. 'Hie W. M. U. met at the Steele Baptist church Monday afternoon when the Hoyal Service rogrnm was given, Mrs. J. y. I Patterson was leader nnd was j assisted by Mrs. Sims Michic, Mrs Mussel] Ki tikes and Mrs. Carl Popples. Read Courier News Want Ads The average whale has a commercial value of approximately S1GOO. . . . . WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- I Wilboul Cjlurctl-And You'll Jump Out ef Bri in Ihe Mcrnint Rarin' Ig Go The Hv«r should pour out two pounds of Uould bite inlo your bowels daily. It this bile [A not no wlnir t rv*;)y, you r food doesn't dizett, II Just demys In diu bowels, (j'fls bloat* up your BUimaeh. You uet constii'HI^d. Your whole kjyKtcm ia ixilsoned nnd you feelftour, uunk and th« world loo^spunk. , IjiXativt* are only inaVeshlfte, A Inere towel movement doesn't act at tlie cause. It lakes those krood, old Carter'* J.ittl* J.'.vi? Pills 10 K«l Utetie two pounds of bite flowing and jnakcyoufeel"ui)Br,dup". Hunn. , ueritle, yt't ain&zlr.i{ In niakinK tjile treely. Alk for'n Little Liver IMU |iy iiBine. Stubbornly ulusv any tliiny eUe. E£c. iii'iital trees, shrubs, bed<:js. hivvcr .'cds, (jrass. driveway;; wir[]r;. "•<- i'a;:c>. :.'l<H!u"ilii>?s. pbols. gardens, pardons uf the house, such ns en' ranee;, window;, putters, b.-.ssiiicnt i v.'tcki'iid _visit with relatives Mr.-;, .lohnso'n had spent the past K. here. Mis. L. c. Spencer arrived lit im- Sunday niyht after a week's ijsit \viih her mother Mrs. C. N. b'jmk'rs of Memphis, Tenn., Mrs Kundors who has been very sick I'm- about six months is now able to sit up. Mis. Amos Huffman is visiting in Kennett. Mrs. Is, \V. McCann, Mrs. I,. W Dora thy i Bishop Sunday. liuss Rinchart of Memphis spent Ihe hitter part, of last week here. .Mr. Hinehart ami family moved lim"™'" 1 , Ini " a ilium here to Memphis during the evnlrllm, iu "- lh c IrciMl orjimjh waic,.. He s!ivs (lu . v ,„„„ to c\olulloti appears -to indlcale—the ! ' ' levplonmonl or n luskless. elephant nearby Inilldlnus"; kinds of unit ollu'r iiiformallon on the discussed In this article. BOMBAY n India, ik-c-larcd C. a Morris in r paper rend lo the Bombay Na- Inral History Society. Already such a condition had been esUib- 1 'led in Ceylon. A similar tendency aiiioni; Indian elephants was "evealdl in (lie number of males which fulled tn develop tusks. Gloss in sateens can be restore:] by washing in borax-waler. move back here In the near future. Mi 1 , and Mrs. E .E. Benton have moved into one of the new houses built by Baxter Southern on Highway 01. Mrs, Jess Collins has returned in her home in Sicele over the weekend from the Memphis Methodist hospital where she underwent treatment. She is very much :m proved. Gene, .small son of Mr. and, Mrs. Whether you prefer your whiskey neat or "in mixed drinks, you'll appreciate the rich slraiglii- whiskey goodness of WINDSOR. And if, like many men, you want your whiskey mild ... there, again, WINDSOR will score/Try WIN DSOR! STRAIGHT BOURBON W H I S K E V „ YOUR GUIDE TO KNiTTlNf! YA1INS FREE INSTRUCTIONS : New spring and summer ynrns Idlest Styles Classes. Friday, 2:30 P. it. MKS. 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