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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, July 21, 1947
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VOL. XI-IV—NO. 100 BlyUwvUl* Dallj Newr Blyihevllle Herald Kythevll> Omrmr Mississippi Valley Leader TH« DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP COURIER NEWS b0T ARKANflAJt AND M4"lTT*TtZ*.ft Am ••vaun.vrrK* AIJKANBAJB AND BOUTHBAlTr MISSOURI Marshall Meets House Leaders In Secret Parley Secretary of State,' Disturbed by World Affairs, Gives Report WASHINGTON, July 21. (UPI -Secretary of StiUe George (J. Marshall today gave (lie House Foreign Affairs CommlUcc and a select Group of house members a 90-min- ule "inside story" of the Intcrna- lional situation. Those present at the closed session took a pledge of secrecy. But cue of Marshall's listeners — Rep Clarence Lea, D-, Calif. — s aid afterward thai he was "very impressed" wllh what the secretary lian to say. Lea, ranking Democrat on the House interstate Commerce Committee said that nil he coulrt report, was that the international situation is "grave." Marshall appeared before tho house group on the day he completed his first six months In office. He was faced with' the fact thai tin- Marshall plan for rehabilitatmi- Europe was in trouble at home and abroad, and that the rival "Mblo- tov 1'lan" for Eastern Europe was off to a head start. Chairman Charles A. Eaton ut the House Foreign Affairs Committee said he had invited Marshall to appear "for the reason that newspapers announced that the State Department had created -. liason with only on e committee of another body, the Senate. "There is a House of Representatives, Eaton said, "and thought the state Department might want to create liason with another branch." But Eaton would not comment on Marshall's statement, saying he was "under a pledge of silence." Favors Junkets for Lawmakers Asked whether there would be another meeting with Marshall for further exploration or foreign affairs, Eaton re-plied: "Prom now on, ihc less meetings, the belter. I am strongly of the opinion that as many members of the, House as can should spend as mucti I time [.broad as possible to learn I Cool Weather Lingers With Maximum* in 80s And Minimum* in the 60s Little change in (emiwrnlur; was recorded here over the week-end as highest, readings remained i'i the low 80's. according to Uoborl E. Blaylock, official w'.-alhcr observer. Highest temperature yesterday was 84 degrees and Ihc low during last night was 01 degrees. Saturday's high was «:) degrees and low during that night, CO degrees. 1,1.10, AKKANSAS, MONDAY, JUI,V 21, I'.MV Truman in Mid-year Report Urges Americans To Keep Production Up and Pri&s, Wages Down M»- HT1.-LF t> r *• * KT L<kB • >••«. S1NGI,E COPIES FIVE CRNT8 Anti-Poll Tax Bill Gets House Okay Republican Leaders Run Rough Shod Over Southern Protests whnfs going on." Eaton was asked to comment on a statement by Sen. Tom. Cormally Tex., ranking Democrat' on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, that he though the presen tlB- nation meeting jn Paris on' the Marshall Plan was domed to failure. "I haven't the information that Ecu. Connally has," Eaton said tartly, "in my opinion this Is one of the most hopeful things that ha a happened since the end of the shooting war. I am hopeful that, a real workable policy will be established." Others present at the executive .session -,vith Marshall included the chairmen and ranking Democrats of the Interstate Commerce Appropriations. Agriculture, banking nnd Currency and Armed Services committees. Marshall is disturbed by the trend of events, but he Is not discourag- WAJIIINGTON. July 21. <UP>House Republican leader; today rode ircugluhod over a fiRlilinK Southern filibuster and passed the anti-poll tax bill by a vote of "90 to 112. The Wl, which would ban" payment of a -tax 11 s a condition for voting, now goes lo the Scnat?. "It is conceded 110 chance of passing at this session. Thc measure was put through the House as the first item on the proKr?-m of what leaders hoped would be l.he lasl week of this session of Congress. ,'phe Senate meantime resumed debate on the Republican plan for -- invc.-ieatkm of alleged Justice Department tardiness in studying Kansas City vote frauds. Some Republicans accrued Democrats of filibustering against the investigation resolution and a, nig-hl (session on the issue was in prospect. Southern Democrats invoked every tactic In Ihe parliamentary hnofc lo delav Ulio fiiuft Ilcirse vote on Ihc null-poll tax bill. Hint their filibu-iter \vas broken by an eousllv determined Republiran •majority House Speaker Joseph W. M-n-.lin Jr.. iR., M?ss.. uss;i voters that hadn't been used for years. •Martin refused 4o rcc.csnw.o r-ot:- Ihcrn demands for roll cat's and insertion of speeches in .the record. He tnuided- these motions us "di- latoR'" nnd' said 'he would not entertain them "until after .the bill Iras passed." Only 40 M'nulcs Dcbalc . Tlie bill was broiii'lit un on a suspension of Ihe i-u!es W.iic'i permits ci-fy 40 .minutes of debate. But the Southerners managed to hold off final passage for two licurs and 40 minutes. IIy MKKKIMAN' SMITH Unllfd Vwnn Staff While House Reporter WASHINGTON July 21, <U.I>.)-President Truman warned loduv nltlunirl, Urn eel Stale, now is enjoying •'unpromLoiU cd prosperity,"! «m,ll, Pr ' Kl ^ 'of mS nation would bring on an cconomicnlly disn.slrous and sharp iTco«sion Keep production up and pi-ices and wages down, Mr. Trumini m w <l He cautioned industry and labor not to u.-c the recent Vonl pay im-ro-'isps «s -in nrml, •'' 'I?;"" 11 " 1 '"* " ric f, s '""' wi * CK ' ^.sertin K that tho mil ion's eL-onom c wolfaw pcnds in "large measure" on whether this occurs "ui.ut. •The President's views were out-* . Hie Hesse Jewels Held for Proof Of Ownership WASHINGTON. July 21. (IIP).- The Arinv today deposited the stolen S1.5CO.o:o Hesse crown Jewels m .1 Treasury Department vault wlirre they will be kept unlil for- proof of ownership is submit/led to this goveninicnl by thc Hesse family. /The collection of gems, sto'en in German.v last year by an Army rohnel and his WAC captain wife were transferred from Ihe Arni"'<i Pentagon Builclinff to the Treasury trurk^ " cavil y-8 UJr <led armored Thc treasury said the first step in returning the jewels lo Ih.-i, nclitfiil cwners will be for the Hrjse royal fnmi'y to establish that the jewels were stolen. They cvetiiually will be returned tit U £. soveinmcnt expense. Tiic fabulous .hoard of Jewels .-.tolcn fro-n the cellar of the Kron- b=i'S C.i.5Mc in Germany has been used ty the Army as evidence in tryine the two army officers. Thc povrrniront is not sure whether all Ihe .stolen jewels have been re- rcvricd. Those in possession of the army were valued at Sl^OO.OOO by a))|iraisrrs. Ccl. Jack W. Durant is serving a 15-year Icrm at hard labor for his p..rl in the theft. His wife Capl. Kathleen Na-h Durant is .•.ervinsr a five-year term. They were sirtioncd at Kronbcrg cas- He. which the army took over after Germany's sirrrcnder. ... «..*._. +o defeat the'' bill fcy a mirgin of 23 votes: As it \vas brought up under a .susuon.s'ion of the rules, lined in a mid-year economic re- liDi'l which |hc Eent to -the Congress lodav. Ills report, of more than 29,000 words wis based on an sna- of Ihc first half of 1947 by his council of Economic -Advist-rs. Mr. Truman submitted no new legislative recommendations, but he c;,i led agiMii for maintenance of present lax rates. Increasing the minimum wage to 65 cents '.in hour, expansion of social security berofits and adoption of a comprehensive housing program. He regarded ithe' 1 -possible nllcr- elfe^ts of the coal wage increase :is the key to Ihe mtion's immediate economic future.- He asked repeatedly that the increased pay for 'the miners be absorbed by irore efficient operations and lower profils, lest higher roal prices lead -to hie/her prices for steel. Higher steel prices, he feared, would le-.ul .to hiplicr prices throughout basic, industry, and ill- Commando-Like Raid Near Haifa British Radar Station Reported Silenced By Jewish Attackers JERSUALEM, July 21. (UP) —A comniando-llko raid by the Jewish underground on a British -radar stalion at Haifa today cbit tHe life of one member of the band and was reported to : have put out of operation the apparatus used to spot approaching refugee ships I The attack on the station atop Mount Carmel Rlctgc In Haifa followed a Tveek-cnd of widely scattered violence In Palestine, in the 48 hours since ,fhe United N»- bons inquiry committee < la't Palestine, casualties W ere ; ,one killed-and 29 wounded. .-.'.-. • Haifa, also the,scene of the trans- . J ?r_.<2f_. 4^ntt..rpfj!(jKci! 1 ?rom the President Wnrfield' last Friday, was put under a strict dusk to dawn '* o>>> «ut, iiuaiv L curfew, in effect imposing at night on some House 100.000 arrest Jews. rJn'n 0 CUrfcW Was ""^set 1 as the result over the British seizure of 4.500 ves- timntely ancl'her general SUI-RC of price inflation" whioh would plunge the nallon into a depression. "In no case'should the lar WVIRC 'ii'.crcases In Ihc ininlns industry |« imdc the basis for wage dcmaii'ls In other fields BOV- crncd by different circumstances." he snld. Hiy 1 . he sidded wiVmnL-l identlly- iiv^ the raves, that in sc.;uc instances WUBC Increases si in are needed "to attain workible relations in the wage mid snfarv structure." lie cc'.iplccl his v.'iirnini' n;;alnst bro.irt vnf-s <lfiiK'.:id.s .with l-he advice lo huMiics> t.h'it |,', follow the "wise siniiicgy" ol "charKfiiR less thiin Ihe -traffic will bear." N'eeil tbance In Atlilmlrs Analjuing the ]»ssib'? cifee's of the coal wage selUcm^n', on tlie entire nnticiral ccoiioiivy, Mr. Trn- miin recommendctl a eli'inRc of atUlurie ,by some employers, as Traffic Fatalities Soar Over Naton; 176 Deaths Listed By United Press At least 1711 persons died In accidents on the highways ,,,-d elsewhere during Ihc typical Summer weekend which ended lust night, a survey showed today. Of the total, 85 persons died in traffic accidents, <o were drowned and 51 were killed In into mishaps. The last figure Included II 'persons killed in private airplane crashes. •The deaths occurred in the period fro mmidiilehl. Friday until midnight Sunday. Tlie death lolal for the ordinary week-end compared with a total of 638 deaths for the four- day Independence Holiday this wonlh. During lhal period - 275 died in liaffic ncclderu-V; .* 187 .drowned, seven were killed .fireworks explosions, and iftowJi .In miscellaneous accidents. New .York State" had vtie est number or dentils for me .weekend, 25, including nine (raffle fatalities, five drownings nn:l u in miscellaneous accidents. men "M- wrt'l ns workers. He s-iid "certain" bin ''irmld discard tlie. belief i Jodie depressions arc unavoidable "Hit lliil Ihulieil production mid i a conridcrnbli; volinr.: of unemployment" arc helpful to efficient production. , Then he turned lo labor de- nnindlm; thr,l -unions "root <nil" the loDK-hdd h^'icf "(,hul Hie vol- im". ol \\erk avn<llablc is strictly } United, nnd lhat If they do it r.i- pldly. they will soon be oil of u Jcb berause the work is Ilnlslied," •He advocated un lininiMliate end to "make-work operations. I-"ea- rher-biititiu;. and soUiierhiK on thc jcb." piiiliiE these pr.ictlrcs us (lons on pnxtucllnn. Iccliniqucs on . capacity und t| lo . j. JU -(, o f Argentine Army Transport Plane Crashes And Burns; With Heavy Loss of Lives Big Ship Was Taking Part m m^. » m * i "Production nnd more production is mir i;ron.t need." he snld. Mr. Tnun.iirs lengthy discussion Siu; TH11M,\\' on l'a s c 4 bulchWageWar On Indonesians American-Made Air Equipment Used in Launching Attack . ,. , v wen: uiowuen BATAVIA, Julv 21 (UP) - The mlslm /Tl, k ",' Ct i tan n)tella ™°«« D "^' Army announced lo nl"i nnsiiaps. The Ust fiimr*' i*irin r i ar i i.hnt u i,.,,i ..... * two-thirds majority was required for passage. The measure, whb'.i would af- feol seven poll tax slates, inclnd- . iu . ing has passed the House "the illegal three times in previous secsion. But' refugees were it has always been kiVed by the sek r r , m V™ ... threat «f a Sou',hern filibuster in I The v Tef T, ] Pme ' U ' the Senate. |, , ey . lcft Saturday, presumably or detention camps In Cyprus,'but«hen they were overdue 24 hours '• Ci In !• ^tinT^dt r Sc!| 5tee/ Policy Thc losing Southern battle today iwas led by Reps. Tom Picket!.. D.. Tex., and John E. Rankin. D.. M'ss. iBolh charged t!;at it wis CIO Leader Critical of that II had opened warfare n- gninsl thc Indonesian Republic with destructive sweeps by Amcrlcnn- maric Mustang fighters, and other sources reported lhal heavy ground lighting was going on. President Sukarno of the Indonesia Republic appealed In n radio broadcast to his people for United Nations Intervention lo halt tin Dutch •flltnck. convinced thai Justice Is of "unccnstilnMona!" and a politiral Kcslure" on 'the Republicans. The 'Agriculture Department ap- proprip;tion measure upponred to be the greatest potential threa.t. to Mie -idjoiiiTi'iient sihed'^c with the House nnd Scne.'e Sim 011.003 ar-irt en a final fisjure. Neither • sid-> showed any willinmie.^s to retro it but Republican Inulcrs be'rteved •the deadlock would be broken by Saturday. 'Both iiouses kcjit their s-'ietMilcs flexible to make room for compromise bib's ?s thev emerged from conference cotnmiltces. •chcin 1Whero the >' pp't -rlWarfield. A AAF Plans to Drop 21-Ton Bomb from B-29 in Test Run WASHINGTON. July 21. (UP) — Thc Army Air Forces said today that within the ncxl few months II will test a 42,0on-pin:nd super- bomb by dropping it from a modified version of the n-29 bomber The AAF said Ihis is the heaviest bomb ever built, but il is developing bombs as heavy ns IOO.COO pounds. Bombs of 25.1)00 pounds were used during Ihe lasl war. The much lighter atomic bomb is stated to be equal to 40,WO 000 pounds of TNT. 'The AAF said Ihrec B-20's soon will also test new types of deep penetration bombs of American and Aerial 'Peeping Toms' Annoy Nudists in Camp NEWFOUNDLAND. N. J.. July 21 <UP>—Officials of Rock Lodge, n large nudist camp ncnr here, reported lo state police today that the third "aerial peeping Tom" in Iwo weeks annoyed some 400 sun- lovers yeslcrday. A two-engined plane wliich cruised hack and forlh over the Min-bathers at less than 500 feet menaced camp buildings and camp members, the directors charged. The same tiling happened July they added. __ the President A late dispatch from Cyprus, however, said British Iroops there had received orders to receive ihc refugees. -, A Ihrce-hour general strike of Palestine Jews was carried out yesterday without incident A rapid-breaking series of violent incidents, however, gave Jerusalem a record number of alarms in a B< shooting fr .,y wh|ch f , ed the Haifa radar raid, 20 persons wore reported hurt. Casualties Included one British officer accidently shot and seriously wounded by his own men. eight other Britons, one Arab policeman and a number of civilians. County Agents Return From Texas Meeting County Agents Keith Bilbrcy of niylhcvillc and D. V. Maloch of Osccola returned yesterday from Ihe Southern Region Farm Bureau Training School held at San Antonio, Texas. Representatives from ih c 13 slate; "i the southern region attended the school, which was held to promote leadership In farm aclivillcs and organizations. Mr. Bilbrcy and Nfr. Maloch wcrc the onlv county agents from Ark- ildc," Sukarno pared to put United Natiot TF^iT-vTr 1 bullli security and poare to -ttto whole world. I tippenl <o those who love peace and order l.j solve these difficulties before the N." The Dutch Issued their first com- .mimlmie of I he newly opened cam- [palgn against, the Indonesians In I Ihe steaming .jungles of Javn 11 '.reported that Dutch airmen flying the p-51's of World War II lame had shot up.nnd blasted strong J Points and langlcd wllh enemy I fighters. One Japnnese-type Republican WASHINGTON, July •>! (U pi KnlMl^ S '' Ot <iOW ' n '" " n " ll ' S at 3TSSJ AT'wirSir «•"""«" K !K .'^- d ^&^|^^J7"~ nnd w,l, lose the peace unless the! .nstalla^'at VnTt'ikmalaya Wallace's Boom To Hurt Truman 1948 Presidential Scries Takes Form Out in California lly I.YI.K t). WILSON (Hulled I'rrss Hl;vlT <'orrespiindi'iil) WASHINGTON. July 21.--Thc Wnll.u'e-foi'-rre.sldcnl llooin now soundtiiR fiilntly Irnni Uallfornln may ruin President Truman's reelection pri>!,peris beymid rrpnlr. A left wing movement lo drufl Henry A. Wallace for the Democratic presidential nomination next > '' Wlls loiniiilly begun Salimhy at ii iiii'i'tlnn In Fi'Mino, Gill. Unb- ert W. Kenny, oo-chalrnmn of thc 'JimnnunlKl-Innn ruled Progrcsstvo ?lllv,ens nf /imerlca Ornanly.atlon. wus ilnn ma.sli'r. Kluney and his nssiiclnles undcr- look lo win California's Democratic nation;;! convention delegates for Wiilliu-e. If they can sew up the Ciillforniu (lelnf-allon the cinnpnl K n will be extended lo other slates. If Ihe renular Dcmocuillc oiganlnu- tlon stands [>(I the Icul wing ailnek und holds Ihe delei-nUon for Mr. 'I'rmnan, (he Wallace bourn probnljly will dlsapiiciir with a litlle hiss of I'.senplug ulr. Tluil puts It MMLirol.v ii|i (» n Kumnwhat ninutuur iiollllcinn lo liiiinllv » (llflhiilt sltiiatlan. The amateur Is .lamc.s Ktioscvrll, eldest sun iif the Into prc.slili'nl. l.asl year .lamc.s cut lilmsnlf cli-clcil rliiiirman of the Cnlirnrnla l>i-m- iirnillc Slain Cnmmjltre. If Chiiirmiin lioosevell. Is uniihle to niiilntuln control of the; stiile (lelcKntlon for Mr. Tnimnii nr,, shOMld he play iimtle with' his former lefl wlni; ussoclales nipong Kcnncy's oullll, thc Demo- crnls arc In for serious ID-III trouble. The very IciisL lo be expected would bc a Iroiible-maklnK scallcrlnn of \VaJliH-e delegates and a bitter show ' convention. At Ihe e forces might up- pcnr In substanllul KtrciiRtli and boll Ihe nominating convention If their mnn lost.. A bolt Is not. unlikely If the con- 'enllon is. composed next year of subslanliiilly (he same elements which made up the 1Q44 convention where the laic FDR was nominated for 11 fourIh term. That convention had n little of everything from the extreme Left to the extreme Right. Only the powerful political personality of thc lute President could hold It togelher "'III Not ,S >rl Truman Given a convention of the .-mine I complexions next year. II Is more' likely I luii the exlrenie Left wing I element will boll Hum that Counsel of NLRB||« In Display of Aerial Might •M1KNOUS A1RKS, July 21. (U.P.)-A four-motora in.-'i Ai'Kentinc Army transport crashed into a crowd ol spec-tutors while trying lo l;ike off for an Air Korco show at tho nearl).v Paloinar Base today, and more than 30 crewmen, nasHCMiKoi-H and hystandi-rs were helieved killed. ''he big ship, straining lo clea the rim of thc field, WHS report*' lo have lipped an automobile 01 highway, plunged Into the crowd and burst into flames. ! The 'Aviation Department an noimccd lhal mam crewmen, pas :;eni;crs and spectators were killed How many were aboard was no known, and precise casualty fig lues wvrc nol forlhcomlng at once Tim ulr Inrce planned to sonic 2HO jihincii as part o! Ill ileiiKinslratlnn of Arj;«nll« aerl* mlKlit. The shiiw wa? culleil ul aflcr Hie crash. . Hxccpt for the brief announce incut ol the AVIation Dep.nlinen i ofllclals withheld details until thc 'could make- a closer checkj Ihe said the cause c.f the crash \vi< not known, r.nd might never be. 'Hie trnnsporl roared down tl: runway »t I'alomiir; 20 mites oul side iiucnos Aires, und showe slKnii of being hi trouble even "b: fore II plunged to earth, witness: said the pilot apparently tried I make tin emergency landing afu IL rose from the runway. As customary at ulr dctnonstrr lions, a considerable .crowd hn Kidhcrcd around thc field to watc Ihe takeoff of Ihc. planes, to tat part in Hie ulr parade. The demonstration was to ha* Included 201) planes unable to la] part In a military parade last SB Hobcrt N. Dcnlmni Mnr.vland l?e- "1^' h ™'* mc .'" »« w«i««r. pulillmn, has been nppnlnlcd lo „. w l " l " !s< |« so " • >o P'anc .lit Ihe new post of oonJr.,1 Counsel '\'."''« f ltl " 8 . 0 ." lllc 8 fm -'» ti ' ftf of the N-I.R1). Dcnhnm. who '-- •' n "l lc " ml been In w,. S hl«, B to n since ,„.,,..„.,«„- ,.,. -.,..-_ thm craslv o said, "nnd "IUHH-P ueiegales a this tiueslion " f r °, clillB ln Ulc ™ ns which wus w " rsl - Ul< ' Wnllnce j government forces Ihe slcel Indus- I try lo IncrciLSc produclion. I He said the steel Industrialists must be "told forcefully" bv llv Bovcrnment to abandon V 'hpt he called their program of "pliinnc'l scarcity." If Ihcy refuse. Rciith-jr told a Scnalc Small nusiness Subrominii,- tec. Ihe government "will have to step in." ," C ". t . 1 '° r ,.. ! : 1 ,'' <li th ? stccl industry charged. •"•i-n-aaiuii, /,e He said thousands of jiulo workers In Retroil and Flin',. Mich.. ................ om r- Dnlish design on the German sub- i ansiw at ll 'e school. They were ac- marine assembly factory at Fargc l cn}n l">nicd by their wives ' Brinklcy.' who is ory a argc near Bremen. Germany.' These test bombs used will nol contain high explosives because the targets are close to villages. N. Y. Stocks FINAl, STOCK 1-ltlCKS A T and T i An:er Tobacco Anaconda Crpper Beth Slccl Chrysler Gen IT'cclric Geii Moljr.s •Montgcmerv (Ward .. N Y central In I H.irvtster North A irAviation .. Republic Steel Radio '. Socony Vacuum Stndebakcr Slandard of N J ... 76 3-1 37 1-8 88 1-2 fil 1-4 38 GO 1-3 president of both the Arkansas anci •Southern RcRion Farm Bureau Federations, presided at the meetings A meeting of the Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation will be held at Ihe University of Arkansas at Fay- eltcville. Aug. 12-14 as a follow-up lo the Texas training school. Purpose of the Paycttcvillc meeting Is to "help understand Extension air lield were disabled, headqimrleis s a| t | ],i reporting 'preventative measures aenlnsf air- crafi and grodlul c<|iilpmcnt" of the Republican Army. Rockets, light bombs and machine guns were used in Hie air at- 'iicks. the Dutch command rc]K>rl- Milchell bombers carried out. scouting fllghls over Sumalra well as Java. Dlrly weather held streets wounded ' ' already were walking the because of steel shortage-.. President Truman's exhortations folio for "core production" unless tlie'casl Rovcrmncnt takes action to ..,cl "T there is more Rcuther said. dang. wa s killed when Indonesian forces fired on a car In which he was riding with Iwo Dutch officers. The Dutch officers were . °" l " u bn ' :l<| - U.S. .Accepts Soviet Plan For Doling Out of Atoms LAKE SUCCESS, N. y July 21 'UP) -The United States agreed today to a Soviet-endorsed plan for a system of quotas doling out to ca:h nation its share of the word's atomic imlcrials and facilities Frederick II. Osborn of thc United Slales told members of t'.ic United Nations .Atomic Encrqy 1 Isnfd. "Lot us show thai.'we 'really love liberty mid con rule and covern our own stale. Answer every Dulc'i ntlack with one of our own attacks." The Dutch announced Ihij be- Kan military operations only after prolonged nrgotlnllons for' peaceful settlement of differences failed lo strike tin aiilomobi a highway Just cutslde ti has served ns NI.RB trial uxnmlu"-! I"!' 80 ',,, Th ? , '] l|! slllp . . , , or, and chnlrnian of thc f |" mcs hll;hw<l y nnd ..bunt In Military authorities rook over' lire scene. They refused lo gi nny details pending' further e amlnallon of the wrn-'tface. Trial Examiners Conferiincc. Tclcphoto.) 'NB\ 50 Missourions To Make Cotton Tour This Week Snyder's Party Off on Flight To S. America . . WASHINGTON. July 21. IU.I hands will be able to agree on satisfactory llckct and platform. Wallace already has barred any compromise which would give him the vice presidential nomination lo run wllh Mr. Truman. He Inlil a Denver, Colo,, audience on Mny 28 thiil he "would not be willing lo .sell nut for the vice presidency." Last. June [> Wallace told <i Raleigh, N. C.. audience that he would not. support Mr. Truman for im- other term and that he could not imagine, himself supporting a Republican. All of Dial seems to add up to taking a long shnl chance al kidnaping the Democratic presidential nomination and. falling In lhat. perhaps selling up a liiir-l parly. Wallace and all prnclicnl politicians know II would be Just short of impossible lo set up a third parly which would have anylhlng but nulsnnce significance In in in. nut a sunstanlial bnlt with or wllh- onl a third party movement would be n crushing blow In Mr. Truman's prospects for rc-clcdion. CARUTIIERSVILLE, Mo.. Ill'y 21.-Approximately SO collon -jln-I neis. groweis r.n,-| landowner;' .in\ expected to jr.cke -the annual two-' duy lour to Sloncvillc, Miss ' ""~"•••~- • "•-. «"-j «i. •> Thursday and Friday, July 34-231 — Scc relary of Treasury. John recording .to announcement Icd'ty'l Sllytlcr luft for Brazil tod by M. D. >A.iiihi:rRcy, county cxten-1 " br)llr(1 President .slo nagcnt ,\vho is ari.mging Hie- lour-cngino [.lane, lour for this county. , Mr. Amburgcy said rcprcscnin- iill | liven would bc present In the tour from the seven or elghl cotton growing counties of Southeast Mi',- F.oiu-1. nnd that nil would go in private transportation. "The two-clay lour this year. Mr. Amburgey said. "Is placing .s|)ec.iai| eniphasls on .the latest machinery and ircthocls used In idn- nin? rot.'.on, iiiid in mcclrani7.?d liirming. Roth Items will be of Stamp Sales Show 18 Per Cent Gain In Three Months Gross receipts from stamn sales here during Ihe past quarter showed an 18 per ccnl Increase over Ihose of the first three months of Hie rifle-nut Interest to Missouri cat-1 Carlos Martins', !on growers. since mechanized sador to Ihe ^Untied antes; Tniman''i ni the Indepcn once. Snydcr will be guest,, .of. t! Brazilian government for 10 da; Kc described his trip as a "soci visit." but said he would look in .industrial developments whli i nilghl help Ihc United Stales ..'the fulurc. Making Ihc Irip with (he tren ury head was his broti'.er-iti-li B. S. Simmons of Blylhevlll.i. Ar a planter and slockman. •-Others accompanying Snyde'rWe ........ Brazilian nmbo . , farming is definitely th,- answer to the cotlnn grower's need for lower pmdncl.ioii casl.i." The grcup from the several counties Is to assemble at the SLntio nat inler.neclion.s of Highways 84 'ind (il near Hayli, itntl proceed in u body from lime to stoneville. The assembly u--ll take plncc nl six o'clock Thursday ninnving, nnd leave immediately. H:)tel reservations liavn been mUttc for the over-night lour. ;ind tile lirTt. ilom on Ihe two-day tour and piocram gel,s aindcrwiiy Thursday :il 1:30 p.m. Ham puwlcy. U. S. ambassador Brazil; Stanley Woodward, "St< Department chief of proloo Maj. Gen. Harry K. Vr.usl liresidenUal military aide, nnd C vis Schmidt, head of Monetf Research division of the trcasur The party will return July E va Peron Visits Paris PARIS, July 21. . --- (UP)—Scnora- 62 3-B| Eva Peron. wife of th c Argentine 16 1-2, president, arrived by plane today for a semi-official visit. Foreign Minister Georges Bldault fD 1-1 8 Texas Coip 4. Packard , I U S Stcd 27 1-4 n 16 7-3 33 i-3 78 1-3 67 S 5-R 74 1-2 met her at Orly Airfield. Weathei AUKANSAB-Falr tonay. lonlaht and Tuesday. Not ouile so warm m West portion. Commission that such a quc-la system written into thc proposed world atontir, energy control trca'.y wciiiri 'help -make atomic control more acceptable to all nslions. Soviet Uelcgate Andrei Gromvko proposed the ciiiola system last week, but he advocated a separate trealy which would list cacli country's shire of atomic fuel and plants ns well as quotas on the speed with which nalions may mine I heir deposits of uranium and thorium, the atomic ores. N, Y. Cotton NEW YORK. July 21, Cotton close scady. 3470 3400 3330 3195 3452 colse 33C3 down 3. U.P.1-- Mar. May July Oct. Die. S470 3445 3P16 2510 3498 3430 3399 3324 3495 34f)2 3451 3420 3348 3518 347> ^.WrTS^K ^^V-^7^ ^ > cclpts of sa.nsn.67' for April. May and June ns compared to $10,414.38 for that period in l!)4ii. 'Ihe semi-annual report, also as of July I, Indicated a 9.5 per cent increase In gross stamp sales receipts. Snle-s for the first six moulhs of 1947 loin led $21.129.75 compared lo $20.580.98 for the first half of 194G. the report showed. ; -.... --**,...., ,mr ,-M EIIEI^I'.- Artillery, mortars and machlncBiii were reported in actlo". Laney Returns to Desk After 10-Day Absence LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. July 21. 'UPI—Gov. Ben Lancy was ' back in his office today followinp '.» 10-day nbsencc while afxndins thc National Governors' Conference at Sail Lake City. Utah. The governor had no comment on mailers of importance In Arkansas parting a study of <iccu- imvatcd bnslnto;. He expressed hiinself. however, as being surprised that so llllle business had accumulated during his absence. He .said -he had a plcasar', trii> Oliver Infant Dies Funeral services for the Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Oliver of Clear Lake will be held this afternoon at 3:30 ul Cobb Funeral Home, by the Re/. Roy VVootcn. pastor of Clear Lake" !3i>)'- tisl Church, The child died shortly after birth this morning. Bc and, thH he declined d Pacific' sltlc s his parents, he Is surivcd by OC'CAII mils: with Ihe Navy because . twin brolheis, Wayne and Ulayne. of the length of time il would have who are .five years old. nmi'U will be at Dogwood Riclgu ccincU.ry. kepi him out of Arkansas. U.S. Treasury Again in Red, Report Shows WASHINGTON. July 21. (U. — Heavy withdrawls under Ihe Brilish loan agreement and hlfih- er spending in some categories have combined to crc.U a treasury deficit some three times greater Ihan for the corrcsiwudir.? period a year ago. In Ihc first 17 days of the 191! fiscal yer.r which began July 1 l.'ie treasury's accumulated deficit aggregated $516.000 000 compared with lhat of $175.000.000 the first 17 days of thc 1047 period. Since July 1, Ihe British have drawn S400.0C0.090 of Ihelr $3,- 7SO.CCto.000 loan approved by Congress about a year ago. The other in the ti (.usury was an aggregate Flica From Memphis Mr. Simmons drove to Metnp] yesterday nnd from there flew nshlnstoti where he joined S' relary Snydcr. Mr. simmoru v accompanied to Memphis by 1 wife ami Mr. and Mrs. Will ljuvshc of lilylheville. principal financial faclor plclurc oullay of $432,OCO.O",0 in the first 17 days by the Veterans Administration. In Ihe like period. Inst year. VA spent only $239,000.000. During thc same period, the gov- Keck Re-Elected Game and Fish Commission Hea LITTLE ROCK, Ark., July JP)-Judge G. E. Keck of B u'villt today wns re-cferted c'.in man of the Arkansas Gj:nc e Pish Com-nission and Roy Per man of Calico Rock was nan vice-chairman. Meeting in the office of Exe; live Director T. A. McAmis.' i commission competed pkins for warden's school to skirt Thurox at thc University of Arkansas. \ Amis raid thc first class will composed of 25 \vardens. JKCS new put on the payroll the department's increased appi priation. In other action, thc Coinmissi heard a delegation headed by Si Ohmer Bunislcie of Ijake VII; exalnin revised figures on a rest' atlon program on the upper se^ nviles of Lake Chicol. Burns said that Chlcot County had nu; SI0.003 for the project which erttnvMed to cost between t67, and $70 CO). This afternoon the Carrtr.rss •heard a deregation headed James Rcbinson of Wynne en resiOi~j'J<vi nroieot on thc ernment's income showed a decline. Since July 1. lh<! treasury has collected ^I,4S7,cm,OCO -com- vxu'ed with t).592,KO.CCO In tlie also reviewed some' (tame and corresponding period, last year. (regulations f

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