The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 6, 1931
Page 6
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1'AGl! SIX BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWU BRUSHING UP SPORTS iVO-lAi ft'• By Laui< First Half Champs Defeated bv Merchants. Ex-Cellar Team, In Big Upset. The second halt men of the Ci;> Cave lca«uc cucivni at tha Armors last night with th? Merchant, n cellar team cf the fir*! half :ac.?. carrying awuy ho!io:.s wiili Jin unexpected victory over [ho Gas Hounds, linlf champions. The otlicr three gami's tunic;! out much ?.° expected v.-itli Hub* "jRi'd defeating Company M In the 'liltial contest. Frisco trouncing; the Dixie Flier.'- in tlic second game uid the Hi-Jackcrs walking over :l:e AI.VJS in the finnl contest. The Hubbnrd hardware boyr. •nrned In a. lopsided victory over he militia game. 42 to 14. The "Uibbard team led C to 4 ul the DIM lur.rtcr anci extended Us lead to 'B to 10 at the half. In the lust -.M however the hardware angre- •ation act riRht find rapidly added IP points as the tendered sol- .iicrs fulled to rally to the defense. Soldiers Swamped Abe Kimiing'nam, leading scorer . •>! (he league, was high point man it the gnnv! with 14 points. Nick 'Vncht led the soldiers with ciqhl •Mints. Grimes nnd J. Kuinlivs- '.iam of Hubbard counted ten joints each. Tlie Dixie Fliers turned out In '.cw uniforms last night but their -r.arkllni; attire fai'od to impress ' 'lie Frisco quintet and the Film *nded up on the u-i-on; side of a IS to 10 score. The railroad five swept i"lo the 'eat! in the first miait.:r and at the 'inlf way mark were In Ircnt, 14 to 3. The railioaders rapidly increased their lead in (lie third quarter. Holland, Frisco forward, with 15 points led the scorers. B. F. Bros' den plavcd in a Frisco uniform last night. The Oas Hounds, first half charges, showed n decided reversal of form in losing to the Merchants last night. The titHsts failed to register a point in the first half and lost, 13 to 5. Iti-Jarkcrs Win The Merchants grocery five like .. the Fliers blossomed out in new uniforms but the new attire seemed to have a rejuvenating effect on the Merchants who'put up a stubborn defense and succeeded in . counting enough points to Keep in front of the Hounds all the way. E ^Isaacs and Hutton of the Merchant j each scored two field coals whll ? Elkins counted three of the Hounds 1 five points. Minns the services of- their high .'.coring forward. Worvlry, tho were easy prey for the Hi-Jnckcrs and lost 23 to 3. Warrington, speedy forward of . (he Hi-Jackers was hleh point player of the game with nine i . points- Medlin and Stewart Go 1 -! six apiece. The Apes failed to i;nr- i!i?r a single .field goal \vlth three foul throws accounting for their points. First Game Company M<14) Pos. Hubbard (42) • Wright 8 F Tntuni 8 Newscm • F J. K'incham 10 Wiggins 4 C A. K'ingimm •!•! McCarty G Grimes 10 Craig G Henry Substitutions-Johnson, Bone 2, McHenry. E FIRST fWEK5N e To AMERlCf* SEEING •••IN <<33!>HIS FiRSl" Fl&fl" HERE EfWED IN A Riot ••••AFTeR HJtoUMDS- HE WOM rlrS SECOND (N A BuT THE Pop<e U>A& so SMALL, nt- SOJRRlED (3ACK.T6 6 WORDS, BEGINNING uufdiTue t-tTreR.' J S" SPELL SUCCESS IM ' PEED TABILITV KILL • TAMINA. PIRIT SHAKEN HANDS Wffil TtlE BAT f3oy ••• EVER?/ TIMS HE GOES, To THE PtATe •» FBIDAY, .MARCH 0, 1931 Lives in Macktown I - ^wi^ Mickey Proves He's Contender Fritco <281 Holland 15 Secoy 8 Carmen 1 Osborna 4 Brcgdon Second Game F F C 'G G Dlyle Pliers 1G Bible 1 Barnes '2 Ganske 2 Lewis 3 Chapin, Manage)' of Phils Looks to Newcomers to Stand Op-| pcsilion on E?r This Year : Jli' 1IKIJCK E. S1IOTTON Manaser, l'lilludel|ihia J'iiilllM .Spoils followers l!ie world over may worship at Hie feet of the iiiun nr tain with Ibr? "punchJ 1 but 1 happen to know batting iilone won't win a major league base-bull championship. Take a look nt the National League avciu-jes for !S3(/ and you v.ill see what I iK'.n. 'Hie Phlllib last year were c<iui))- i:et! wl:h an ensemble: cf heavy hitters which' should have canied j cverytlilug before them. But the ; rc.tord.1 show that w.-: didn't, get ' anywhere, simply ljecau=e we lost f.n- tco many yamcs by cucli stores •is IS to 12 and 13 to 11. I have brought in for trial this i-cnson the best crop of yuung ball plaveis since I became .associated with t!ie club If they ilve up to thfir reputations made In the minor leagues, the Phillies are dm to start climbing up the ladder. It is doubtful if anybody ever ; hcoid of a baseball team trading n • Dlaycr who led his league in batting ' o'i? year with an average of .398 ! and who finished In the runner - j HP'S position the next yesr with • 3E3. I mean I don't suppose they •vcr tieard of it until we traded I I.cfty OTJonl to Brooklyn. • But the Phillies needed pitchers, ' as the 1930 statistics will show, so " vve sacrificed O'Doul. However, we | still retain n huge proportion of | that baiting pimeh. as long as : Klein, Hurst, Whitney, Friberg. - | Davis and McCurdy hit in stride. ' We have signed Jack Onslow, a ; L-elernii catcher who did coaching t : duly wilii l)>£ Cards aijd the Pir-I, ; a es. Lo tutor oi:r pitchers. I have I nfidsnce in Jack's ability to! \\SONTSrAV-TUERH MOTHER SEAS i.uxora ,'icats I.eachville and Blytlir.villc E!im,.:- ates Harris'.};::?, T(.'?.rn. TRUViANN. Ark. (Special to IV Courier News)—L-usora High '!:- fealtd Leachvillo in '.!>? lir:,i ri>. n ! and Blylheville High swamped Ha.-- iLsburg'ln the seecud round o; tin animal fourth dislri-.-t toi.riia:neiii in progress here, leaving Mississippi county two contenders for t':e district title. Jcnesboro and 'Iru- inann. however, are overwhelming favorites to clash In His fln-.ils Saturday night. Luxcra and Leachvillc. botii M'~- slcsippi county teams, clastic:! IV. night, with the Luxorare. co:;:i'./ champions, trimming the L^acbv; 1 .!: boys, 28 to 15. The Luy.oraiis scheduled to play Tyronza in the second round this aftcrnocn. . Tlie Blylheville Chicks drew a „ I bye In the first round and as a result were idle- yesterday. This rnr>::<.- iug they meet HarrUburg in one of the first games of the second round and won a decisive 37 to 12 victcry. Tr.c Chicles pl^y Marion tonight. 1 Wilson and Osceolc, olher teams from Mississippi county, were elisr.- inatfd in the first rouiul of play. ,The Wilson Bulldcgs lost to Eirb. .34 to 21, while Osceola was beaten ' by Bono. 30 to 16. Tmmann, ranked with Jonesb^;:) as tourney favorite,. will play til; winner of the Blythevlllc-Mir'.r.i game tonight, when play is resumed tcmon-ow morning. Jonesboro is slated to play Bano tcday. Close and hard fought;:s featured the first rounc! of pi-./. The favoriles, Jor.csbe-ro and 1.:.- mann, came through. The Hurri- 'cane beat. Rector 10 to 32, and T.-J- mann waltzed over Corning, 36 f. 7. I don't figure to lose any sleep derjtudies. and Roct 2 , a pair of newcomers, as un- (lingers around into' over Infield 'worries. Don Hurst on : i,!.-i r- n< j „ r, fllrt b9sc wm give ' u 8°°d batting [ PLANS MADE FOR OZARK PAKK Phil Collins and Ray Benge were i - - - ' return the Pittsburgh" Plriu'e.-: Wi " s " "" :1 C" 1 ™- Although Ston- j If past records menn anything.! created somewhere in the Ozarks, amons his holdings since the deatii! ?r s l )cllt six seasons with the Tig- we did not sacrifice any of our a range which' attracts thousands of his son, who served as pres-l ITS - '"- ls only SO and far from baltinj strength when we traded of tourists each year because of its' iiiei:!- anil tre:'.n:rer of the club, or' tnrolI 6 n ns a major Jeagutr. He! 5 cccnd bar.eman Thompson to caves and beautiful scenery. will he sell Jits interests and go took a new interest ln the game. Brooklyn and shortstop Thevcnow: • . into reliii-.ment? This question is 1 ''•-<• summer at l-'orl Worth, where to Pittsburgh. Fribcrg hardly' Owls' eyes are fixed. As compen- the bails c.f frequent discussions!" 0 pKehcd them -to a pennant, i measures un to the Thompson sation, however, they can turn I'aeir I Wilson 27, Lake City 10. amsnf the basPbnll irm7nates,mai'.- j Throe of his performances were slnndard of hitting, but Bartell heads almost in a complete circle I Rector 74, Osceola 15 players and writers asscm- C P |CS ' resulting in a no-hit no-run. makes it up in his advantage ever, - ' Earlc 31, Cash 17 game, a IS-innins shutoul and nn-1 Thevenow.' Anyhow, Friherg and Head Courier New, Want Scores of Ihe and this morning, i ber of consolation series' gain::. '. w: Trumann 37, Corning 7. Cash 28, Lake City 13. Earle 34. Wilson 21. Caiaway 24, Marked Tree 15. Luxora 28, I^achville 15. Tyronza 25. Weiner 2D. Monette 29, Marmaduke '!:>. Crawfordsville 39. Turrel! 31. Joncsboro 40. Elector 32. Bono 36, Osccola 16. Whit tan G, Trumann 66. Leachville 23, Weinsr 21. Pi-cot that Mickey \Vr.lkcr. overgrow > bulldog of the middleweights, can c-avel the same rouic as the henvyweiKlils. Jurnblicd recently at Miami wlirn the Rinnson battler grabbed Ills fibers l?l"'l n these parts. It Is generally known tliuf Sam rt:oyfi:ss, Barney's only Fun. was, to have iissumcd co:niiian;l of the! Frates In the near future. More and more each year, Barney had| been turning over the club's affairs 1 to Sam. TlY! son was prepared toi siep In any time the lather cared j to relinquish his at the head cf the organization. Ilr.\vfnss could have sold the Pirateo on more than cne occasion! in i'?ceiit. years; th'jy were a good! ball club and v/erc making msneyj for him. Because he passrd up i these oportnnltes to cell, the Ira-j pression became gen.M-nl that he' was hnltling on to turn it over to Ra::i an;', thus keep it in the !am- ily. ; Vatlirr, Son Loved Game y luiB bten thr- hsad man Blytheville 37, Harristurg 12. TOai •• -tW sccord decision from Johnny Hl-ko, rubbciy !ria! horse from Clove-' at Piltsburgh stnw 19CO. "ills Coth land. They foujlit on practicr.lly even terms for eight "Waikcr's closing; rally easily c.Krl:d the nod of phclo shows Rlsko. right, blcckluc refere one of the many hard rounds but blitlitlay was to have been futiug- . . i ly cbrcrvcd Feb. 23. However, the ! tragedy of Ills son's death just the wallops. \ * nv before enshrouded tlu oc:a- Substitutions — Frisco, Carlock. Third Game Merchants (13) Pos. Gas Hounds 5 Harris 3 F Taylor 2 "Wilson F Von /Mm an Van San C Christian! Isaacs, F. 2 G Parker | Isaacs, E. 4 G Raydcr! - Substitutions — Merchants, Hut*on 4, Baker; Gas Hounds, Elkins 3. man in (he ring. Apes (3) Boatwri?ht Stevens 2 King Adams Westbrcok I Fcurth Game [ Pos. Hi-Jackers 23 j F Warrlngton 0 F Bogss C Medlin 8J G Stewart 6 G Wilson 1 Hi- Substitutions—Apes, Wahl; Jackers, Ca^tt. Ixjgan 1. Rf f ere es—Thomas I\7. games one, two and four; Charles T. Kramer. .game three. Timekeeper Scorer—Sudbury. Kyle Standings Hl-Jackcrs 1 Hubbard ....'. 1 Merchants 1 0 Frisco 1 0 Gas Houndr, 0 1 Company M 0 1 Apes 0 1 Dale Fliers 0 1 W. L. Pet. 0 1000 0 1000 0 1.000 0 1.000 .coo .coo .coo .000 1)11) VOU KNOW TJIAT- Bsisicetball is 40 years old his winter...Dr. Xahm;!!i. the Kansas professor, invcntrd it r.t Sprli:gflc!d. Mats., in 1891...The first intercollegiate g.ime was played a year later in oM Mcr- gan Gym on the campus of Union CoHeBC. Alliance-. O...The Mounts seem to know v.hnt it's all about, for they've wen 12 straight this season... :an's sym in N'civ York ftlmcst dally :-ces a young man who seems to be work-in; o;i a comtback. and at- 23...His name li Al Singer...Al Intended his ret'.tcment to be permanent but after a long motor lour and a rest he still thinks he mk-hl fight a little... Thh department's advice to Singer would b; lo route his comeback en '.lie streets that won't cro.vs Cazoned. Siiarcz. Ben-. Kir.u Tut cr B:lly Petrolic. I ' Walker ti'.rew at hime, wi'.h EC! DickcrEon of Grand Rapids the third j sicn. A baseball environment was his j sen's from early youth. He be| came a fan before, starting to .vhool. The father often honst.?d that Sam In ills youth kn?w more '."inside baseball".thati many :nan- j ajers and players. ! Hrcvliisf. Sr., de^ 1 elopcd a love i for the national pastime shortly j of(.:r he arrived in this country as i a yo'.ith from Germany. He work- i ert his way into the Louisville club's Loose Clothing Aids Women Fight Flu! : Threo-l«ntlis of the »-f.rni::gs of LOXDOX, (UP)—Women arc far a Belgian convict are phw. to him eis susccntibl? to ::ifli--?nj K than on the expiration of his ierni o'. """ '•—•iiisi of their S3:is : .b!c-. love imprisonment. c:s.ini?.alion. By shrewd buying of ; talent, he maneuvered I.ouir-villc I out of the rut and onto a winning 1 nack. Then came an opportunity to bnv into the Notional Ljague. He <iid. establishing his Loulsvill? c'.nb \ in Pittsburgh. Won Sk I'cnnanls ! That first year of the Pirates In I the National League, it was 1300, | saw them finish in second place ! behind Brooklyn The great Fr-3d i Clarke uas Barncy'.« manager. In j the next three reasons the Bucs j captured pennants. Pittsburgh has, enjoyed a first ! division compV?x under tl-.e Drey', fuss irginie. In 31 seasons, Ihe | Ph it-'s have fallen into the rear : half but five times. They came 10 j the top again In 1EOO, 1S25 and 11)27. and won world's clmmptrn- ! ?h!n-> in 1903 and 1925 from De ' troll ar.d Washington. National Lcasra history rccr-rds the name of Barney nrcyfuss with Rreat frctiuency. For many yenrs he uas entrusted with the ma:c- sc'r.edulc. the Monk Wright Trying Out With Chickasaws Paul "Monk" Wright. -»-ell known Manila semi-pro cent member basketball team City Cage league Memphis Chlckasaws ern baseball '. Wright pitched flne ball last: | tor anylhlng ml , st r.ot cx;xict lo pitcher Marly OToo'n in year and his work was pleasing to /it the- end of the <evmtfrith' hold m<« rc'-onslb'" pitciicr Marti o roo'.e in .... Memphis scouts who siened him up' century tncin°da a baunt • «•«• DvM thi"- 3rd dav cf MimV, l"S S ''T h!sh mnrk in taje- fora tryout wich the Southern' offeredI toall me«fwta? married un-^ 10?1 ' ba » lTO "' "*" league champions. I d cr the age of 20, , R. M. MOODY. Makeshift Methods Can Produce Only Makeshift Results A Violin is not The rarest Stradivarius violin, vibrant with melody, would yield only discord if played with a yardstick, all the efforts of the musician notwithstanding. Similarly, the advertiser who uses slip-shod methods and a "fair" medium can never hope to bring the happy tune of increased business out of his market. There is only one method... one medium . . . deserving of such an important job: the best, In the Blytheville trading area, with a ,daily coverage of 4,500 buying families, the Courier News has been accepted as the proven best medium by over 87 successful advertisers. Let Courier News space sell your market! COURIER NEW: Head Courier News Want Ads.

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