Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 18, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 18, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's . . Celebrated Hats OUR CITY Put Business Through Rush Last Night. Silk, Stiff and Soft. •ing Styles.^— -Spri DEWENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. WORK AND NOT TALK Was the Rule With the Cotiwcil —Proceedings in Brief., ', NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS. •ii i $15- WE WILL $18. Dissolve Partnership July i. And must have Cash for retiring partner, for that reason we make suits to order for $15, $18, $20 and choice of our Summer Suitings for $35. This Is no fake, but actual facts. Tucker &*Sharpe Co., Tailors. $20. 3.5 Pear, Street. I "THE APPAREL OFT PROCLAIMS THE MAN" Is the wise -maxim handed down to us by the Immortal bard. The well dressed man, the man that procures his stylish, exquisitely fitting well-made suit of clothing from Herz carries with him n mark of distinction anil com- nnands respect wherever he goes. Tliq bicycler, golfer or sportsman fitted here even looks a Iii'gher type of man than the genera! run of sportsmen. Remember the nu-miber 409 Market Street. DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY, JUNE IS, 3SOC. Subscribe for The Journal. Ghorce «Jd pota,toe,s 2Sc bu.—Tvaut. WateJies fi-ee wHib .suits at Otto's nntil Saturday. Tan shoes nit your own price.—Stoveu- son & Klfasick. Geo^ Harrison has tlie finest line of hammocks In toe city. Except finest patent leather,.Otto of- Icrs ctiolco af any slioes In liis store for $2.08. •••'.' Another- choice liwc o-f neck wear re- coiv«l by Dcrvveatcr, -the hatter, suitable for eithOT ladies or geii-tleincn. At the meeting of the I. O .O. F. last night Supreme Recorder T. B, Lynn and Grand Councillor Campbell were present. TViiflt you want when yon are ailing Is a, medicine that will cure you. Try Hood's Sarsaparlilln and be convinced of Its merit. Five stray horses wore taken up by I. K. Cash, the Hveryman, inst night. At a late hour no owners had been found for tlic animals. Scc-tbc "jO-eent orgnndlcs now nt 2'ie a yard a tlie Trade I'alace. All wasl goods go ait tomibly euit prices. — Klg Store Inrtirodottoiy SaJe. T3ic reseller price for Cologne Bouquet soap is 23c a cake. For the next three weeks I will sell three cakes for the price of one.—Ben Flslier, druggist. Wabnsh Tribune: Pat Campion lias. put-feed his household goods arid will remove to Logansport some time during the week. Pat has shown no signs of .insanity since he was -liberated from Jail. The Elkhart driving association will hold a meeting July 7 to II. Seventeen races arc booked with a total of ?1C, 000 in cash priKCs. Coleridge will enter the free-for-all pace, the purse being '$3,000. HOOSIERS "FIXED." Few Visitors From Indiana Failed to Secure Tickets. ludh'i.ti.'iipalis Jo-uni-al: The way tlic HowiCBS stood by each oitlici- today in breaking ilnito tlie coaivcntion was a w:holc<s!oiino ICSSOLI i-u Irti.rmony, "Art- you tixc"d.V" was tlie lirst greeting: an riHffiiniian received on jippeniring in a li'olfcl )oW»3 p . "Xo," and the questioner would lake hais nciglilwr by the arm a™l sumt ou a hiurt for a ticket. At 11 o'clock most o-f tlw Indiana crowd left the Planters' TTok-1 for tlie Jiall, and every Hoosier ilnvt couUl be'found was given QUO 01' lilio valuable pasteboards or :i m-jistci'i»ns 'lii-Utle carte de visile, tlut'e initials scratched" on il. -sc Inirttjil e.ards wou-ld omible tlie .-- In the absemce .of .^Mayor" M'cKo*,' CaunrtUiuin Hiidloy presided and eaile'd the body to order. All .the inember's wc-re present and. tine minmes of' the previous linking were read, and ^np- pi-oved. Mr.- Riugleben, for tihe.Finance con'i- mittlteo, reported thunt Ilie^eoni.mii.iUee'liad i-XiuiiIncid -tlie n?]»rtis of tin? Oli.V. Treasurer ami Clerk for the monlli of April,' and afeo tlio aunnaJ rftpoi'is of these officers, ami found tbe.nl correct.''' 'Ma-. Gmif, for the Claimis committee; read the fallowing claims, which were allowed: STREET DEPARTMENT.' . PayKoii $, issss Chas. million ceninrt corner 7 48 Robert Cromer, tiruvel 3d Ou WelcKn Wnbecor 7320 Michael Ellison, street crossing. 89 l* MlkeNnvln bouldcrlnn KJ.ter 12 8» Klinoie Clil csrnpnt w»lfe< •'!! W SEWEll DEPARTMENT. , John F. Johnson, sewer pipe 7 !C 3 t' Miirtln «ewcr pipe -*J 1? FIRE DEPARTMENT. Catherine W&lto, washing - (>-lj> Jolin Mcliaffle, repair.* H 60 City Treasurer f«x' ^ 8o POLICE DEPAHTMENT. Payroll 39459 WATER WORKS DEPARTMENT. Payroll .«,'..';:..-."l« 58 KLECTOl'c 'LIGIIT ' b.EI V AR : T.ME"NT. A W 'woodward, supplies ....,« 2« Wenem! Kleetrlc Co Lag i Wai) Vnl Gass Co,, IMS., ,IosTiiylor<tS'ns mpjilles.... Sctiurler Powell, tauor City Trcitsnref, treiKhtelc '. Ju <J Fiiyroll Cb 00 MISCELLANEOUS CLAIMS. Ch-'is Kendall liibor lit Spen"pr park- 15 DO. iNt'lla Hiinson uleBrliiK driftwood from bridges Central Union T«l Ca' teJephujit-s. Mai Ilcbeo nsst Civil Engineer Win Hckee , Log 4 Wub AM WHS Co yns JicksoD i Son riven City Treasurer postngo Jolin ¥. Hnntor, pain IHE at Mt Hope City TieiiMirsr, mt on W W ln.pvt oonds. CfiyTrwisorer Hit nn Refund JOS. Q. GRACE WILL 5ELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY EOR LESS MONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN JLOGANSPORT. LINE COftPLETE. 12J--00. 3U5 C (XI Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. DR, CREAM BAKING mm MOST .PERFECT MADE. » p-we Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Fret I i Ammonia, Alum ot any other adulterant 40 Years the Standard, bciircr to i>a.ss th-rongii :i ccrtaiu door by giving -the doorkeeper ,t wink. Of courec, t : lio doorkeeper or tlio assistant scrgcamit-ait-.onns just belii.nd him was :i Hoosiiw, too. Not an ImUuuiaii t-hat im the momiiiig wan ttirnod away. Tomowow 1st will 'b'c more di'f- ileiiHt'lo soenro Divtmncc to.iihe hall, but •i'f will oniy be a. few, iaulecd, that fii.il to pet In ]»roYS»lod they eonuo from Judia-na. Sma.ll -factkxn.nl feeling Iws been lulid iisldo in tli.i« -niivtitor, "Lord, wouldn't it be lovcJy i-f these fellow.? stuck togolili'er M«s way ail tlie time in wilto .lind ,1nst arrived on a morning train aaul 'had a ticket shoved i'n bis hand by .a man who had always fongliit lii||i a-I county coniveulJoiis, THEY ARE STILL WINNING. Cleveland Has an Off Day bu Plays—Games Yesterday. Cleveland was .not scheduled to play a game yesterday, but the garoo Monday luiving boon prevented by ralu, thej- pliiycd it oft yosteixlay, Cuppy was in Hit 1 box and won the game. Following are tlic scores of yesterday's games: At Louisville—Cleveland 14, Louisville 7. ' ' At: Wfislwngton-— Ph-i-ladcLphbi T, Washington 3. At rittsbnrg—Chicago 4, • IMbtsburg 2. At Boston—Now York 4, Boston 0. • At Cincinnati—St. Louis 1, Cincinnati 0. Rain prevented tlie Baltimore-Brooklyn game at Brooklyn, 7 (12 .76 is Oo ' 1650 I'OO 4 50 1 12 - ISO 2,fJ 50 w. .. .,»«.,-. '2UO Oli city Treiisarer W W imiivt bonds rt dindi.. 2503 00 Dr. Huttcry, for tlic Ordinance com- mii.tcc, rcpnricd Ihe .•iincnfli'd Peddler's which was iidoptwl by .nn s vote. \ Mr. Ilnigb, for the Street committee, submit; i*l n resolution, wliicli was. adopled, reQii;in-iig the contractors lo itiiniotl'iiitdy comjii'e-te flic i:n-pYovcnn;nt of Wj-iglrt street, 'fro-m Seventeenth street 'to Xinetwntili street. Mr. Hnigb pi-cseutcd the wniver of propii-iy ow.ners on Fi-l.'t!i street, a.s reel uJ red wlien property owners wi.«li- to tike advantage of the provisions of tlic 1'arretf law, im paying fliH-Jr improve- niCMits! a-n.d i-n'trodiw-ed a resolution, w.liirh was adopted, ordering tlio Clerk to place I'.he property on (lie liix dujill- cuto, and Lssiie bond.* for ilie payment of (.-ire co-irliractor. -. •-.... .M-r. Bfiyer, for tihe Klecitrif: Light committee, vecanimK'Mded that ilie Cleric be orden-d to draw t.lii- -wan-tints of tlie city to 'Hio BncKeye Engine Co.. i'n .the sum oi:$0.13..U -puyable in cash; .?C'l3.33, pa-yaWe Ociob^r 3, 1^0:. ;md ?013.3.", jwyablc Apnil 3, 3807. To the Werting- lioaisc Electnic Co., .fl,ST,"i, to bear dnte of! May 1, ISO'!, and payable one year after date; to tlie Exet-li-'.to-r- Electric 00.^*1,205.2.', 10 bear dntc -M;iv 1, '-1S9G, niKl pnyaWc oue year after date. Tlie warrants are in payment ,fo^. .the now electric appliances . purchased, by l lie cifcy. Tlie rccomToendation Avas^no- ccpted aud.tbc warrant? ordered issued. William Dol.in ;iskt-d pi.-nplssion of •tlie. council to build n four-foot'iron sfcvlrwny nt 'tihe opera lioiisc,.' 6ii"-'t.lic; Broadwn.y street wide, to gi-ve,nn o-nt-| Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 416 Broadway. P. S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing. Engineer ou the Erie avenue improvement was read and referred. CITY CLERK'S REPORT. To fix.' Honorable Mayor and Common Council of l;hc Ci.ly of Log.msport, "ge-irtleiiicn. . I 'licxe/n-ith snbmi-t my rc- • port of city ordei-s issued cl urine the •mo'U!'h of May, as follows: street dept. ............................................. $2121 7-1 Flredent ................................. ; Pollen liBfit .................... . Water Warns Uept Elccirte Llgbt d«iit Cenicturj 84 17 Sewer-dept , Health dept , , - ........ City o!Tl:er.i City attorney .'. Board ot'Heallli ' Janitor .'. Specific fias Prlnilnr St-tlomiry Elsctlon ReiundliiK lutereston orders tnterest on bjnOs flnt fnuU BomJ.s Hecleemed, slnklnt; lunil Tuition 1 rund .- ; Electric Uulit t'niiil Tax sn:e redemption AFTER THE SEINERS. Logansport Fishing Club Watch- for Law Breakers. The Logansport Fishing chili, which uiwvljers among ife iiicnrbers some of tlie lies: business men i.ii the city, di-vo- fees of the rod, has been coguixant for some i.i.me of violations of the fish laws of the Suite and lias been Quietly iu- vesti-gatlup Uio matter. The investigation cutaJuatcO yoste'day evening m Uie r;u<] of a fisbtog camp below the . 57-1 16 , 2391 10 . 0« 40 . 'JO J2 . 16 10 . 12*74 . 972 05 _ i 32 city, near Georgetown, and the destrnc- * KQ ;•'{ tloui o-f a- forry-foot seine, lln: property 13 92 10 CO -101 l 31 SO 60 2« 3J 63830 12 TO 100 «0 200000 3300.00 1080 '00 05 3' Total ......................................... II6C74 70 REPORT OF CITY TKEASDREK. TbCiisb on hnnd M y 1. JS98 ................... $2fl3M 61 To bomlHon band May 1, 1SDG: ............... SOOO 00 Receipts for month ......................... ....... 1IOS67 35 Total on him* ................................. *4008i cc By dlsl ursment .................................... $12-127 S3 By refunding bonds on band Jf;u 30 ........ 1000 00 Balance ifiiy 30, JS3B ................. fZlVal'S:) ^ide e.n-trnnce to Ihe gallc'ry . of tlie' house a:ud increase tlio facilities -for getliiiK people to ft<? street in case of lire. Mr. Boy or moved to grant 'the request; Mr. Hatteo 1 moved to amend. to refer tlie petition to the Coniiiti'lttiw 0,11 rublic I'lir^rovemeut. - The. subject: wa? discussed n-nd tin a way out of the IMPORTANT HEETING. Humane Society This Afternoon . at the Miirdock. tho was granted, pro- JUDGE WILL PRESIDE, .Tti-dgc L. .T. Kirkpata-Ick 'of Kokowo who is State president of the Christian Endeavor society lias been selected by the inter-national committee to act as chairman of the meeting of the State a.ud provincial officers wlilcn' wHl be bolil in Washington, D. C., Mr" S to 33. . . New peas.—Rotliennel. vided the c.iily ntTxirncy finds no legal objection to gramUng fclie rcijuest.; : .A msi-ttor of Illegal assessment of taxi's, brougiht up by Robert .Heed. . was referred 'to Him Finance CQjn.mlrt.tfe. ... Tlie matter of fl.><? .ilJ-owancc of a bO] for denning a vault, on the premise? oi' Mary Fa.lvj', wh-icli vns ordered. by the Board of Hi.-nitli, was liroiighf' up 'iiy Mr. Boj-ea- and a. bilJ'iVf .SS.-20 ''was. allowed, 'ITiie iiiniOTint ,waj! ; ordered dlmrgcd a.gaJnst Hie projiert-y. on the tax duplicate. . : . ..... .-^ .--• On motion of Mr. Reiser. tlieT. C. C. &. St. L. Railway company was orilerud to clean tlie gutters on .Canal" street, from Tolwlo .s-ta-ert to Beckett street. ; TJie Street c-oounifitt.ee was ordered to look rip the matter c-f water. standing AH men and voniwi who desire, lieticr prouttiou for dumb n.nluinJs .'iutl (M women and ch'iildn.'ii are instil to attend flit' ineeliiiK f>f the Hnanaine sociciy this .aftKmouii at 4:30 o'clock at, tlic pn.vlors of- the. Miwdock hotel. 'Pliose \vlio are now in Ihe work hope lo Imvo a special oflice.r at their coni- ni;i.ml wil.'Mii, two weeks, on dnijjfroii) 0 a.-.ui. to 0 p B), each day. There are otlmr departments of Uie society's work tli,-vt.should IIP aeHve. All are given nn •opportnni'ly to .jiid t!io excelleut movement-. In oilier cities active 'societies are in opoi'atlon, and Hie ivorlt should not bo neglected here. The fiuanco cwn- inH.tX'O, Messi's Rice and DeWolfe and the Itfiv. Dr. rut.na.m-, respectfully' ns'.i A. Keiicrous response, to the appesiT for i n.id for. tlie cansu. • ••',• of the poachers. For three weelw past a party of lisJ'.er- iiien liave been camped on the river ucflr Georgetown, amd reports have been made 1o Ihe officers of the fishhis ciuib that seining was being' doile. It was decided to send for the State Fish Commissioner and make a raid on Uie fellmvs. Accordingly yestcrdny .i-fier- noojj P. II. Kiirst-li, roi,ii'esi;nt.ing the cominiissioner. Deputy Sheritt Showman and tlu'oo Diombors o-C the Cshin; club drove to Georgetown and visitct' the camp of tlic Ushers. There were tlireo tenfs pirolied on the bank of the river. Two of (.hem wore sea relict wit-bout resulr, but the third yielded a, forty-foot seine, whk%. the officers carried to Ihe ciinip fire where two women w«re ensapred in prejiariug .supper, and tlie soiue w;)s cas-t. in Hie fla-mes. Two niftii. who beJonged to the teiit in wliicli the seine was found, wJien they saw the oflioors searching (.lie lii-st two teuis. took tiie hint and lumped inlo t1i« river, swlunnijig to tlie avicc bank wlwro they sat do\vn and wa relied their -seine so vip in smoke and down in ashes. The women declared that the seine was used for the purpose of catching minnows for bait. but. forty feet, of so;ue is Juwlly needed for minnow netting. Tlie members of the club are to be congratulated on- Uie light they are ou the poachers. :iud i.f thi-ir clToris sh!ill v be seconded by all true fishermen, Ihe black bass, the gamiest fish -ih.-it swim Americ-.in waters, will' miulfiply and fifford sjiorr and good cat- ing for years to come. / For $2.98 Otto Offers Choice of Men's Tan Shoes worth up to $6.00 including the Wide Toe Ox Blocrfi R. S. Shoe and Smith & Stoughton's best. Choice of all $2.pS Ladies' New Shade Tans Worth $3 for $i.$£ The Celebrated "Otto" $2.50 Button and Lace $!,.$£ The Free Distribution of WATCHES WITH SUITS Closes this Week. 0tto Kraus "Of Course" WIXONA ASSEMBLY. nsscmUly at Eagle IJ&&, will oi*si ,lwie 20i)i; A ,il<juble-d«-U steamer wJ'Mi A capacity ol 5(K). i-: one of t.lic ]M? :i»W!tions to the attrac'tflons :i-t rJ)5s Jv.sovi, anil Uic bi£ hotel lias beon doubled in sixc at an ez- ,of :?l 0.000. The i-o-oT.t promises. , to;b§ rnoro popular Mian ever this year. Numerous <,-o'.l:i£t's arc added. MAY NOW rKOCKEDL awoii Cli.ronide: Judge D. P. Baldwin of Kog.-nBsporl, has amiotnicod list hi? will probably vole for McKinJey, the convention now proccxxl *ts mqko the. nomination un-.uvmious. George Harrison hpadtei Landrettftc seeds only. Subscribe for TIic Journal. at the corner o'f Tenth and streets, and Seveniteenth 'find •Hl-gli'"street9.' -.;, Ou mo'tton. of Mr. tor of rateiug.tliG 'brit-k p.'iving'an!,l_aJ- ley, 1m the Jiiley Market street, between . T3nird r ....an.<3 FoiMith- 'streets, • •wns'-rftl'wrwl-'to O^c- Strcet commiilittce; • * •' ' • • •'- "-' -- 1 ' ; Th'e report and flnnl'Cstiim'.Vt^ i; bf, ; ;Wie- PLAY BALL THE FOURTH. Logansport Printers Will Lafayette Typos. fleet A taste bnll'iii'iie has been organized by the -Logn.irsport pri-uters and a flame -wiM be played at, Liifayctto wi-th •the. typos of that.. city on the glorious the .Tuly. The following is make- up. of the Eo&uisport team: J..BlscUoff. c: W. Blsdioff. p; .T. Mader, Ib; Harvey Mnder, -2b; M. Welch, 3b; A. .T. .West, i£s: . W. Gaiiger, rf ; Eil ct;'"ClKis..- Sellers, If. They tiUelZiatoyatre printer's club otr July 4, rat .Lafayette. RECORD BROKEN. Buy those OSc twilled silk, and n.-inir- ,•),! h.-Mwlle umbrellas. Dm-brotderal ilifAt ftowiis. JOc. TSc. OSc ;ii:<l ^t.^0 onus. Convpare their.. Tihwe OSc a,n.O $1.25 w.-ilsls at COc. Tlio.se Hjrht lawn wwppcr.s ,ir O.Sc. Trade P;il;K:e. ' WEDDING ANXIVERSAKY. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rnssell celebrated the uiueteenrh aimlversai-y of thoir yestonJay affprnoou by pie- «t Mic park will) all their children. >Ir. Russell is the colored cool; al DykMjwni's cafe. NOTICE TO ELKS. Elks .Jaterested in .i,tlejidin{r,!Lc Cin- ctatnflti reuTtlon will meet at the lotlse rooms toujlijrhf at 7:30 o'clock. It Id FO because It striken at the coute *t the Clogged, Jrrltatrd. Inflamed, Slufgitk, *r Octnaorkcd PoHK. ; roughout the world. Forru DROA AXb CBMW. KPOK^r'OW, ilole Proprietor*, BotlOD., • Uow to rrareat FimUm" 64 MH, Ulitf., tt»

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