The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1949 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1949
Page 17
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.THURSDAY,'OCTOBER 87,= IMS COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. \Yilliams Our Boarding House w^h irVdj. Hoople WELL.DONT WORRY 1 A&OUT THAT HOLE- rrlL BE A HILL FROM NOW ON' THESE SPLASHES WDICATB EGAD, WATSOtJ .' tiO USE WOULD THE -MISSUS SLOW trie WHISTLE US IF \M6 Fa-, CHORUSES Of- "POLLYVMOLLV DOODLE: ALL THE. DAY' ? DISSIPATlMG YOUR ME CREDIT FOR. TKIMKW OF THIS CROTCH — ft A SCCAT AWSCLe-SAMER Voo rOeerj STATUS HASKyT REACHED t.\6 STA&B VJH6R6 A WODEL, SOT TH/XT'S RIGHT POSITION; . . PARTV WOUND UP AT TH& OWLS CLUB- FOR SALE Someone BylRENE LONNEN ERNHARf " PAGE SEVENTEEN Concrete culverts IX Inch tg 48 inch, plain 01 reenforced Also Concrete BuHdinjl Blocks cheaper than lumbef for barns. ch'ckeD housft, pump houset, tenant houses, tool slirdl W> dcllvci Call us (or free estimate Phone 691 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO You Can Tel! the Difference in Good Shoe Repair H-fl LTCRS ! PLItY SHOC SHOP 121 W M O I M ST. WOODS Drug Store Experienced Preicription Service WOODS Drug Store . NCA SB<WCI. .INC TUB STOItVt Jenny'* l» T«M DunraB bof;» *be h<>ii*r» lu ihr- , lor * rhjinKf »vln find* m luihemeiK n|inr|rtirni In ilie clly where *hc. Tod nud iht-lr twin »<>»• <-a« live. Tod. however. !• • nal>lr ro fnrfcjei MX Ciiiinvcr. «hw lilted klm brfurt he mnrrU'U Jenny. Ue U *J«» worried ahum hl> viotkrr, T*ho dlallk«a Jcnuy it ad nho ha» tried to hrenk up the mm-i-tajce. Jenny, kejtrlnt Ibnt T«d'« ninihrr U III, drcldrM lo o,ill • • her and mtikr imiMi«Ia. Hut • he DnilK Mr*. Mr» owi*' nn nddlct l a cert in "nrr , . fall* dow» a Minlrwn; a rnkea IK • •urMtnic hitmr [hnuirh UiU will rnd tar me haljtt, Tnd'w p*ymen1» to thf mukr tkc-Ir flnancial Bil XXII TfflTH the hospitnl bill for Ma *^ piled on Lop of a budget already strained, it was ridiculous ,to think of buying anything but the barest necessities. To keep the twins both well fed and warm was the main thing. Even then, in December, they began having colds. Nina, the only person Jenny saw with the exception of the landlady and Tod and the grocer, enme often and offered advice in copious quantities. "You ought lo get the babies out of this damp apartment, Jenny," she suggested one day. "And- r why don't yon get yourself some new clothes, lion? It would pep you up. Max would still give you a discount." Jennj, worn out from all-night croup sessions, and worrying about saving pennies, and trying not to mind her own shabby appearance, struck back that day with the pent-up resentment of months. "We're lucky to have this apartment. And as for clothes -it's ridiculous to even think o( getting any lor myself." 'Tod always looks like a lash ion plate." "That's different. His Job .depends on, it" "Jenny, you owe yourself something. Look at you—your hair needs fixing, and you've got cir- les under your eyes from being up at night with the twins—" "They're worth It, Nina." "Of course! But Tod should think o! you once in a while." . "Tod's doing the bost he can. He has to take care of his mother." Nina stared at her for a moment or two. "I clon'L want,to hear, any,criticism of Tod," Jenny said. "U you don't like him, Nina, we can't be friends," .. ,.. Without another word Nina picked up her coat and hat. At the doorway she turned back and said, "U you'd rather hide your head,like an ostrich, hon, 1 guess it's not my place to spoil things for you. Let me know if you need me.'Maybe you're right. Maybe I'd better stay away,, because I can't keep my mouth shut about Tod. 1 ' * * * r POD came home half hour later to find Jenny crying as she went about getting their supper. Jenny faced him wildly, her face flushed and moisl, her eyes, puffy from crying. "Nina criticized me for not. getting new clothes and— well lots of other things. She wanted to tell me things about you too. But I wouldn't let her." "I wouldn't let' Nina upset me." Tod said. He went into the other room, where one of the twins was whimpering. He felt guilty at Jenny's words because- only this afternoon Liz had wanted him to come to a cocktail party Conover_ Advertising, Inc., was giving tor a big industrialist—a client. Liz had said. "If you think Jenny would disapprove of your go-^ ing f we'll take her along." He knew he didn't dare, go with Liz. If he went to the party with her, he might start going other places with her He'd meet her places clandestinely—well it was just no good. While Jenny got the twins ready for bed he said, "I wish 1 could find the' money. Jenny, (or you to ct some clothes, but you know how it is." Sire was !n nn awful mood lo. night, quite 'unlike herself. She \vhirle<i around, her face red and said, "I suppose you're ashamed oi me!" "No, Jenny, it isn't that at all." He turned away and went into the bedroom to gel ready ,to go. visit ' at the nursing.hom^. He went Iwice a week. Tonight lie knew it was a good thing he was going out. After Tod had gone, Jenny took up Ihe evening paper and tried to read, but she was too tired. She go! ready for bed and Iricd lo relax then; but =she .was too exhausted lo go to sleep immediately. Not having enough money was a dreadful thing..' U spoiled .one's outlook. Anil besides,thai.she was awfully tired from slaying up late nights with the babies. Yes, she was awfully tired. • - . • • • ;•. CHE lay there awake a lonR lime thinking;, trying to remember exactly how she 1 had felt that March day so lo'ng ago—no nol so. long ago either.'only two years —when she had'gohe'dowii to the Union Station to meet Tod. It was snowing, she, remembered, and the store windows were full of spring 'things. She had been so excited about seeing Tod again. He had liked her hat. That little brown velvet bonnet. She slid had il, only she never had any occasion to wear it any more. But Tod had said she looked cute in it: She crawled out of bed suddenly, throwing back the covers, and wcnl to the closet and found the box where her old hats' were. She fished out the velvet bonnet and brushed il oft. The tulle ribbons were frayed. She .went -to, the mirror and snappcd'on the dressing table light and put Ihe h;it on her head. She stared at herself for a long moment, tier.heart sinking. She looked terrible, her eyes piiiTy, no make-up, hair stringing down on either side of her face. And .then too, a velvet bonnet doesn't look too becoming atop a pair of faded cotton pajamas. She flung it on the dressing table, tears rolling : down her cheeks now Tears of'self pity. (To Be Continued) Accidents cause 42 times as many deaths among US. children as does Infantile paralysis. FOR SALE CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Costi you less 'jet last* Jonjcer than any other bridge material. Slits .8-10-IZ-1S-IS-21-J4.Z7-3J-M Inchei. CONCRETE SKIVER TILE •li«« «-«-j Inchct s. CONCRETE • SEPTIC TANKS TlBtit Prices »w> Deliver A. H. WEBB j 61 al State Line Phone 7M Soybean Sacks new 10 oz. FALL SEEDS Alfalfa, Rye, Wheat, Oats & Vetch BLYTHEV1LLE SOYBEAN CORP. 1800 W. Main St. Phone 856 - 857 RENT A CAR Drive Anywhere " Vop PJease Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 " ' •. We ."' ' wos a f f°'<* f»« engine wouldn't ' ™ e J£° min9 ' ond ' want to 3° to G £N - tCONTR ACT PURCHASE CORPORA- for o personal loan." ATTENTION KX-G.l.'s To Maintain Your Benefits, PAY YOOK LEGION DUES NOW! DUD CASON POST 24 Pickard's Gro and Market .. 1044 Chickosawbo J.WIFTS PREMIUM BRANDED BEEF { F We Specialize in We Deliver Phone 2043 Plenty of Parking Space Fancy Meats and Groceries. Painting Interior £ Exterior -Expert Paper Hanging 'Estimates Gladly Giveh Russell Price Phone 65CO ' V >•" \V /Q-Z7 COP«. m, BY ..» siBvicr. i^c. i. » . (0 . u . , ,„. or) , "We're making a survey, madam—how much- o( leisure time do you spend in the public library? your FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS B\ MERRILL BLOSSE1 Slokin K Up SUHH.' THB "fo SHOW wtJee SPORTS, we swouto EO SOMETHING PeALLY GENEROUS.'WHAT DO BOYS LIKE 1(300 WE HAVE TO PRETCUO IF* JUST TOO HWNGOSGiaiS RAY fOR DATES, ONCE A YeAR/ Two Brothers Re-United After Lapse of 47 Years •PHILADELPHIA-('TV- Two brothers iuct here the other day (or the rirst lime in 47 years. Sameul and Leopold Aiistolker parted when Leopold left Latvia /or South Africa in 1002. Later t!ie rest of the Camay including Sameul came to Philadelphia. Sarneul changed his name lo Stolker anti started an auto accessory business in Baltimore. Leopold Oianuea his name to Austoker and slarted a timber business In Jo- hanesburg. Both uere successful. STUDEBAKER f O-^5EEHHa UUDEBAKER ._. TRUCKS NOTED FOR LQWCOiT OPERATION 60 CUT DOWN TRUCK CbSTS m 114 with • 09 0 STUDEBAKER'49er > Come in and see America's most m Come in and see America's most- revolutionary car Chamblin Sales Co. Railroad and Ash , Phone 888 —S T U D EBAKER I'RISCII.LA'S PO BY AL VEHMKFR HOLD MY HAND PR15CILLA, WHILE • WE CROSS THE STREET! NO! I'M A BIS GIRL NOW!! IF YOU'RE SUCH \ A BIG eiRL, THEN MAVBE I BETTER HOLD YOUR HAND'S /SURE! THAT'S DIFFERENT SiY MICHAEL O'MALLEY «nd RALPH LANE '6RC.SOR MAMTKORP-- IAS! RESIDENCE/HAVANA, CUBA -- SUS- P£CTED 8V IMMIGRATION AUTHORIFIES FOUND ON THE HAKBOR BOIIOM IN THE IA7ARET OF YOUR BOAT- Mi/KDEKED.' WE KWOW WHO KUltD FIN ?J«q*J M£, I HIM.CH^FAiEtiY. £ WANT KM/TO HELP CAPTAIN EASY : " : .•;,;,. Invitation (o i\Iove BY LESLIE TURNER WJNMO WHY AWSOME SHOULD'Ifc 6EEU TO VBUCXOS DfcS, t CURIOUS EWOUGH ABOUT MV MISSION WHEkl EASY L' M SAM LtWJESHIS EOOU- SHE CAME FOE SOU BOWS UNTHIS THM : tHfc R0*n BUGS BIJNN? Making Arrangements i HOW RCPULSIr4'/ NONE THIS CALLO PER X ET THAT P... BRIMS HAMBURGER/ O' TH' WAITERS 'LL GIVE A TU.V.BLE/ S0METHIN' DRASTIC/) "r- - •• — """- --- He's Al! Yours HY V T. HAMUN OUT TH' BACK WAY VOJ LA,RDHEA-D. <^MOw ET5 I GOT US (SET OUTA I CUT OFF.' ^^^&SmK4c^ c^^^^j^H, W-^tl^ C»^fe^^^S5 ROOTS AND HKH lit 11)01 ICS BV EDGAR MARTIN

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