The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 17, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 17, 1950
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, WAT CT, •LTTHWTTLLE (ARK.) COUTHER HTCCWS OUT OUR WAY By J.R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople YOUR BREAD FELL JTAfA DOWN? WELL. VO 1OLJ HAVE TO GET OUT A LOT OF 6RADIM' TOOLS JUST TO PICK UP A PIECE OF JELLY BREAD? PIP-/OU EVER TR.V TO PICK UP A GRAPE WITH TH' SKIM OFF ? WELL, 1 PULLED TH' CRUST OFF THIS: ABDlMS A TRIM. PAOTI 1 HIM EM FRECKLES AND HIS FK1ENDS BY MERRILL BLOMkN Could H« WMCT Television on Wednesday 1:30 p.m.—News Rnundup 1:45—Movie Malinre 1:55—News Summary 2:00—MiiiSoutli News 2:13—Household Hints 2:30—Faslilnii Parade 3:00—Jr. Disc. Jnckeys 4:00—Cactus Jim 4:30—Hello, l.arlics 5:00—Kukla, Fran * OHia 5:30—Roberta 5:45—News Caravan 8:00— Film Fealurclte AfO— Steps to Stardom ^•rdO—Television Theater 8:00—Break the Hank 8:30—Arthur Gnilfrey 9:30—Holiday Hotel 1»:00—News We offer complete Television service., supplying and installing General Electric, Motorola And Capehari models. (Oft f REE ESTIMATES IElEVISIONS RADIO / SALES AND SERVICE \ BinHEVUlE$AU=s£oS I'SEMAINST BIYTHEVIUE. ARK Stfvi kl NEA SEtvlCL MC Rent A Car.,. Drive It Yourself A Fresh Crappie Chicken Dinner Package Delivery Anywhert Simpson's Cafe STATE LINE Phones 49.18 - 937 KIDS Pony Rides Are Fun! Open Daily 3-9 P.M. ^Shetland Ranch Just South of Slarvue Drive-In South Hi way 61 TliR STORYI l^alllHK lld nnt tttrm Ctrmrj*c.y deK rrhrn >hr brraior overnejiji 1« llaha. BMia herl«7. JUD'B brolbrr. ar **he*« luxurlouM AlKcrUn homr Car AM- li«T]c]r ttve. Nyrfc. o>B»lnlBlt kc< tvrnk hD«haM« « n d |» love Mltji I'lerk herHrlf. nalir* 'icly !••!•••(Inn* whev ihr Irarn* they hmve con« Tor • MOnBlJiEbl Hdr !•ember.« r Pirn ••«• (:!«•••- cncy In tbr rar4«» ••• •••* krr t» brcom« bl. wlf*. HMPBllT Clcmi-noy Mrc«-pt«. Thr Hrzt MiirH- Injc IhrT trll JnM. knd Srrlf. »1N|«4- ff«K nt ihr c»p »r lh« •(airway. •rerbeara IMP a«w«. XXIV EXDR a moment Syrie Ambcrlcy remained al the lop ol the stairs looking down at Piers, her husband's brother, and Clemency Norton. One ol Syrie's hands gripped the banister beside her, Then she began to descend. When she reached the bottom step, Syrie was smiling at Piers. "What?" she repeated, and this time, although there was something brittle hi her voice, the word had an almost playful sound. "Did 1 hear rightT Is the apparently incurable bachelor thinking of changing his state?" "Determined to," said Piers coolly. "Well—w o n d e r i will never ctase! 1 certainly congratulate you —Clemency!" As Syrie looked deliberately at her, Clemency (elt a little shock of dismay; she had known the other woman was angry with her last night, but she bad never tn all he» life met such open hatred in anyone 1 * eyes, though Syrie's lips were smiling. Pien said: "It Is I who should b« congratulated." "Of course—conventionally. But 1 am sure Clemency will accept my tribute to her—cleverness." "Thank you. 1 think I am very much to be congratulated," said Clemency quietly, "1 shall certainly dnnce at your wedding, Piers." said Syrie lightly "That is—if I am asked to. And poor Baba will have to get an- other governess Does youi en- 3agcmenl to me terminate from this moment. Clemency—1 really can't call you Miss Norton any longer." 'No. or course not," replied Clemency quickly 'We can discuss trial later." Piers lone was curt. "Meanwhile, 1 shall want Clemency this morning. I am driving into Biskra, and 1 should like her to go with me." "That's all right." Syrie glanced at Clemency again. "Perhaps youTJ tell LoQllie to cope 1 only came down to find some cigarels. I've a splitting bead, and I'm going back to my room." But If the cigarets had seemed important, she had (orgotten that. She turned and went quickly upstairs again without appearing lo even notice that her husband was present. Jon was leaning against the bottom of the banisters and perhaps Clemency was the only person who remained aware of his presence. Beside her. Piers said: "Lxit's go out into the garden for a few minutes." And as she followed him she carried with her the strangely uncomfortable memory o[ Jon watching his wife, his face contorted with an almost frightening grin of sardonic amusement. was determined that Clemency should dine downstairs that evenme. When they bad returned from their drive she had insisted on going up to the nursery and carrying on exactly as usual until Baba was in bed- Justine's delight at the "so good news" had been spontaneous and sincere- Obviously everyone ir the house knew it now—there was an air of "fete" about the servants Abdul sent an outsize basket of roses to the nursery where Clemency found it after her drive Quite plainly the chei would spread himself at dinner, which would be a celebration. As Clemency changed ner Crock she was dreading thai dinner—try as she would, ihe could not the memory of that first one oui oi ici inma and somebo* «1* nated :he idea ot Jon and Syrie oein{ here—w. tchUv her romance with their unhappy cynicism Besides, it was clear that now- ever she tried to behave. Syrie hao taken a violent ilslike «o her. and thai she bitterly recented the engagement But why? Sitting Before net dressing table. Clemency asked herself that question for the 20th time. VpHAT • wonderful day tt bad beenl [r Ulskra Piers bad had let anger measured and ordered aer engagement ring to b*. specially made for her. It would be really lovely—a big square sapphire, scl around with narrow oblong emeralds, and the loveliest thing about it, the most valuable would be that if was her beloved's gift- Meanwhile, because h would not be ready yet. he had insisted upon buying her a diamond "eter- iiity" ring. "Can't let you go about without some sign that trespassers will be prosecuted," he had told her laughingly. Thej bad hinched In Biskra, and gone to see the Sandersons befor* driving back lo Red Aloes. Piers was very fond or Mrs- Sanderson, and as Clemency bad already gathered, the older woman returned dis affection. She ceived their news with delight. Hamish and his sister were both out for the day with a picnic party. "You are not going to rush the girl into any kind of hole-ln-the- corner wedrling. Piers." Mrs. Sanderson had announced rlrmly. "She is only expecting one wedding day in her life, and it must be a real one. She will come and stay here, and from here you will bo married—with white satin and tulle and all the accessories." "What 1 have let myself in tori" groaned Piers. That dinner was not, after all, the uncomfortable thing she had feared—ft was. in fact, lusl another slice of her particular earthly paradise. 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THERE'S A LOAP O' STUFP T' COME OUTA HERE I CLEANED UP EVERYTHING BUT THIS SMALL PIECE HAWS Worries Pile on Worries I!Y V. T. HAMI, IN rr UX/KS WEVE ARRIVE!} ALLEY... NICE ,\ HOV/ TM SONNA. GET . ISN'T ITfA TH' GRAND WIZEE'S VEH. r Guess so... ONLY WHATCTA MEAN. Tl.-f^V. LITTLE ' '" A I HAVE A LITTLE rco. THESE i HCW AEKUT BOOTS AMI HER RUDDIES

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