The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 10, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 10, 1933
Page 2
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BLYTgEVlLLE, {AHK.) COUKiKH NEWS TUESDAY, Social Calendar ! THURSDAYS EVENTS j Thurtday Contract club, Mis. I 1 '.! li. Joyncr. hastcss. • '• Tlmrsd!!) 1 Luncheon rlub. Mrs.: Evcrc-ll 11! Gco. hostess. j V. ».-C. will meet-with Mrs. S. j 1>. Mail-in. ; Mid-Wci-k lirlilec cinb. Mr.:. W J. HOIIUT, llOi-tlVfS. Chinch uf .Christ liiijli Mi's. Newt McUod hoslesi FUIDAY'S EVENT?)!. ing wiO/'Mrs;- I*!"!'. Jacob;, ii'.j {•rid-r. ' ' ' i Mines. nmsdl !Miil!ji:s. OtH't KoehliUky. J. \V. .Ho'(4'vi B 0<V A -j Couv-ay ciiteitainli.i^jJ'VYlth briciyi-' ji.irly at, Woman's'c!uV.' 3 p. m. 'I SATURDAY'S KVENTS ' • ChiMreii of Confederacy mm-: ]r.i; \vilh Miv Marllw bobbins at; Sleile. . l.L'uicu Auxiliary \Vill Uy i KiilerntaiiicH by Mrs. .lai-ubs. : Mrs. p. P. Jncobi \\ill entertain ; till? .cjty .Friday alterncoji at .-.IT country -libiAe '.II 'Griiler'/ •' : Members net having tr.mspoita- lion fire nskcd. to call Mrs.JCbcr; Biaylcck at 304. Up A,Goldcn-Bi'o\vii Clrclfs Meet Circles of the woman's auxiliary of t!' lc ''Ivsl PriMjyicrinii cluii'cli .' inrti'yostcrday ntlt-rpoon and ln:.i evcnilis for (lie niontlily meeting".. Circle '2 was entertained by Mi>. ; \V. H. Ens'.cy and Mrs. D. C. Me- 1 Lcini at (lie Easlt-y hctnc. Tiir lenj Vrcsfnt hoard Mrs. C. M. day; give the Bible lc.s:-:on. firm Psalms. ] In the business session Mr:;. \V. A. ; Dubyns. cliairimn. tiHeitfseil v.'illi| oflicr mcmbor.s LV.o »la:ii: for the : luiiuiiasc sale Snlurdsy. ihe nruiip] coiifcrcncu to bu held at Parnsould j Tui'Etlny. the. canvas lor obtain- j inj subscriptions to llu- church Vajjei- and a donation to the Vcnu Lloyd home, which was voted. Ee- fieshments were served In the soda! liour. Mrs. Jot? P. Pride ami Mrs. James B. Clark entcrliiincd circle 3 of which Mrs. S. E. Vail .is chairman, at the Pride homo, After, the Bible lesson the members m'lllt-' cd Ihe cover to be senl to the. or- phahacc. Rcfrrrslnncnts were served I lie nine present. MaiviaRc Llcenrc 1 Issued These have obtained marriage licenses at. the Blythcvillo cmirt house within the past 'ssvcrnl days: MIM.: TruUy Martin. ,-. of Russell Aik.'c- aml^Oivrl! Hiijo. ol llald i Knob, Ark'.: Miss Colpjiis Mac Sll*- mnii -.and .William El-; Marl in. Dclrnit, Mich.; Miss Wynclte|' A ch(c streDt cosu . n , c Payne and Valid Brothers, both of Burdetic: Miss Minnie Miflin and Mere) Rice, both of Manila; Miss Vashti H. Stewart mid Will E. Coble, both of here.; Miss Rena Mclvin and Hcv.-cy Evevhart; both of here: Miss Hazel McCnllie and Haymonrl Brown, bolli of .Miss 'Olive Foster n"d Perse, both of Uixora. Wilson Society — Personal KIIMWioiw. j The marrlauc of Miss Helen Os- I borne to Mr. O. M. Hill Jr.; was Kolemnlxcd at the Baptist church of Wllscn Sunday afternoon at J 'o'clock. The line ceremony was said by the Rev. John Couglilty of Memphis In the presence of the Immediate families and close friends. The bride wore .'.cmblc of eel grey Jewel, Doris and Jean of Union j City. Tenn., were the (jiiesls of Mrs. i Counts parents. Mr. an:l Mrs. M. • L. Moiiltrle, for (lie wcc-k-end. j Miss Alice George visited !".•!• ' cousins. MlK Selma and I-Vril Sa- j liba, at Blythcvllle Sunday. ! iEfes Kmms Ulalrc. Kulrs'.on and j Octa Norman S|>pnt the wer-k end in Memphis with I'.'.e. former's .sis- ' ter. .\frs. Fred Bailey. Mr. and Mrs. Clay Hudson ~id ! Mr. and Mrs. tiu s I'ra/.ier six-lit Sunday in Jonesboro as gne.s:s cf t!:cir son. Don Hudson an-.l Hilly I'1-azlcr. AD VICE- BY HELEN WliLSHIMt: 7F a man \vcuU [cave ym Sflvc-.l him on hit uay, NCVIT, nc\cr auv hint To tii 1 nici; anil >uv. TJO n»i WITH MMII ii. 'Not r Ivi him ^vc 'I lial liU uoliiii v.-i Strangely [an, t\vi free. Trill, him iiM.H.-1'ii in To have knimi Surely lic'll li You will K-, you kuo-.v. I'uxico News Mi:-. Annie I'l ili-harc: is spui'l- in;.: two racks at Tuckoinnm. Ail: ii! lu-r .'-'.Hi. who is uniu- ill. . Vifioi-i.i Ji'iuUly w;u hiid :u :i tin- N'lmber Mini. 1 cc-iufi-.-iy is suivivcd bv i,: 1 .' 1 of I ' of heavy 'pebbly knit /nbrlc has a dark brown tkSvt i\nd a btawifully tailored goUS b'.ousa. i'iic ascot lie is golti :n o;ie siris and brown on the'other. The Mouse is bslted at the normal waistline and held In place with a large, round bixnvh button. accessories und a corsage of Ilrlar- c-HII lows anU valley llllics. Mrs. Hill is the daughter of Mrs. Jolm A. nandoluh of Atlanllu City. N. J. 3'.:e is n eraducte of Atlantic City high school and colljge of commerce and Is a member of the Sigma Delia Sigma sorority. Mr. Hill Is the son of Mr. ami Mrs. O. M. Hill el Mario. Ark. He received Ills education al T. M. I., Sweel- watcr, Tenn., and Jonesboro college. Mr. and Mrs. Hill will be at home after Oclolx'r 15 at Marie. Out of town guests at the wcd- (Hiig vmir Mrs. o. O. Patterson and tiUlUer, Ellorea, SI, Lonls, Mo.: Mrs. n. M. Decs ami daughter, Martha May, of Memphis; Mr. And Mrs. w. Crcson and daugliler, Virginia, of Jonesboro; Mr. ami Mrs. T. [,. Tyson, Heth, Ark.; Miss Alice Mni-shaH. Ulythcvillc; Miss Mary Goad.- Earlc; Mr. and Mrs. B. is". Spcnrer and ilauslilcr. Mlriaui, of Mcmplil.s; I.owerv Pace, Gilfncrc, Ark., and Walter Hill. Bassetl. T,-.e Parent-Teacher association will meet Thursday for the foilbiv- ing jiruuram: devotional. Rev. H. M. Lewis; sons;. "Rainbow," seventh Brad? pupils; national president 1 ;; message, Mrs. E. Harmon; Mothers Revue, sixmsored by Mrs. O. Barksdale, Old Fashioned Mothers. Mes- dnmcs J. A Apple, C. W. Ferguson, S. p. \Vinford and Oils Frailer; Modern Mothers. Mrsdarties (-;. n. Williamson, W. P. Wilson, V. -G. Miiiin. nnd N. O. Thompson. Tfe Woman's Sfissloiinry Union met at the Bnptisl church' Monday alterncon with Mrs. Oscar Bark=- liale presidiii". Mrs. Robert Roach. m)::lcn study leader, gave the le.s- soii In lecture form on "Stcwurd- ship.- 1 Hani: Wilson, son ol Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Wilson jr., [eft Saturday for Alken, N'. C., where !:e will attend Aikcn preparatory schoo!. Metdame.s Ix>x Nicholson. K. p. Cnllum. T. J. .Gray, Misses ( traveling en- i«iolyn deer. Dorothy Gideon. Ki'lilh with inatciiing I MilUjjaii. Margery Williams. Mary Allha Nicholson, and lli:gli Hudson, Howard Gray. Ray Mann and Lowell Grfort:! attended thr foolli.tll game at I'arauould r-vulay. SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN nv SISTKII >\,\«\ i ^!A Service. Writer " : Many mothers think cliil- • clren of .school age should have a ! hot drink lor brcnktasl—parlicii- j larly on tliu-'c mornings when a hot liuin of [lit 1 milk co.i?:i!.'.l .; by cereal is not served. Hut with cof- : Care in not avcrl-.e.cii: • l.i 1 fee considered taboo lor growing! nnd constant Miirin : . ; -.vlnli- tilr girls anil boys, and l.'t idea! hot • i-, heating do mia'h 1 1 |i:.".vnl milk sddoin provin;; popular, to serve becomes more or llo:i!-.!;- Vena . IT x-n-'->ls of lli'llii 1 anil •'.\:::: Sunday. iii-l!.ui! «.!•> Hi" ^il'lipr [.; 11:1 15-jrni'S SuiuUiy Arizona Burro Hils Hieu S;)ots in New York If yi-n arc Hc'lt come hack . r.i': vro a: 1 .;! in-. to take r. a Si-.v York inH v/cli. i'.s here. !C r event Ii! ii,t n. Pinkham's Ta'v \Yyr.ema Drolcy, div; Mrs. city. o[ a prcjjlcm. Beating with a dove;- b-ja'.or alU'i 1 Hie milk is add?il s'-.-.-n-aws ; -,' smoothness of ilie dun:-: an:l t;n;io to remove tlw -fkin" i! Ihe milk Olde: children may fin:l ( a cereal "colfec'- served with hot milk ', was allowed to scald quite to itiei-.- liking. Younj chii- ! Chocolate- aucl cocj.i may o:ier. rtren from C to 12 years of age i be used iittrrcliaiiEccabiv. bi.t coco.'. need a drink containing more ac- is less rich in fat :u;ti easier l:j di- Mr. nnd Mrs. Bryan Johnsoii and daughters, Joe Anne and Jaquellne ot Little Rock are visiting Mrs. oilmen's parents, Mr. and Mrs. inv; for the bandit of the |ii;ino Manila: I Iuiltl i Carroll'. I'tunril lias I'irsl I .Mc;lln(; »c the Tall Ilirliarur-Kamscy I T'-e Council ol the Fivst Chii5- Tlie marriage''of Miss Ron-lb M" 1 } *ii""-'h lir-hl its first uiei-liim namscy and Frc-d Richards. br.(hj !: I I!"- 1 fall Monitny afti'rnonn at of Canithcrsviiie. Mo., utcurrcil in l » ;i ilomL ' of Mrs w - W. Shavcr Ihis city Saluvdny. The Rev. P. Q.|'«!h Mrs- Pultnr. of Ynrbro. also Rorle. jwstor of ihCiFirst Method- ' Bits oj Nt .Mostly Personal 1st church, mony. performed the ccrc- Mr. unit Mrs. Rusicll C'unibrrlaiui i.c.iye Here I Mr. and Mrs. Felix Russell Cttni-i toilnnrt -will innkr their l\omc in Tipionvillc. Trim. followiiii; a lianryinooii. being ?pent in Columbia. TIMID., with Mr. Ciimberliiinls niGllicr, and Nen- Orleans. Before her 'marriage Friday Mrs. Cumberland was Miss Flossie Uft'e Mc- Kinnun. of Anr.orcl. The rcieii'.ouy was pcrfoitned at tlic homo of Rev. R. A. Kiii!brc-.; ; :h. pnsto: 1 the Uajilist church at Luxonv Tlw bride, vim is the diniHl of Mrs. K.. A. McKinnor.- of Ar-|.-| nv . morel; wore a ficck of nini'.niany sn'my crci»; witlj rcre viilu • ivimtmn;;. ^',. Her cnr>a;;r was nf parilcnia. i v ..' t ,^. ' only attendanir, we.-e Mr.j'.^,'ij •and Mrs. W. R. Iiwram and (Irmly j ^ ^ Tlic, biidegroom is :h:- s-'in of Mrs.'L. C. Thnmtiscr. aiVii Ihe laU- 1". K. Cumberland. ol.'—t"(i!mnto. Tenn. He -fr connccU-d v.-i(li Uic H. C.'Moore Coiislriirtion company nnd has bceji sSalionod nt Armor.-l. Mri. John C. Mcllr.ney led Uic Hepo:is 'Slowed that Slid was made diirin 1 ; the fiimiiii'r months. The tioslOM'S fi-rvecl refresh- -.ju-ii 1 ,.". 'fi ilv.- members and L;ucsti, Mis. Al-.lili- Hall, and Mrs t\. I) i.aluuer. ol Auiiu'-tiis. C'.a . iio-.u^^ue. 1 .; of .son. the Hcv. K. <. l.jlinicr.' |:M .Ml Jlci'l. Members of the •,v:'iiirn-, 1 :; ary r/.iclcty nf Hi 1 .- Pn<l Mrttindisl : i :( n' in a nu-Hiiv.: yj^terday al- :ru:c-jn ,.t tl 1 .. 1 t-l-.ii'.-ch. p;.i'.le plar.i ii>; ail .''.I (by m> -tin^ nvx; Mr.n- Mrs. Annie Hall and Mrs. Albtrl Lane, late of Kcnnelt. Mo., have incvi'd to this city. They are sisters of Mis. John C. McIIancy Jr. J. L. Thomusoii jr.. of ^teml>his has com 1 .: here to be associates vith N. F. Moore as reprcsenta , t-ive for the ran-Amcricnn Life 1wo ! anre company. He wp.3 rcarci In this city. Mia Irene Crowdcr spent th weekend., iu .Memphis as the guvs of Mlr.s Mary Alice Thompson. Spnrgcon PuLierson. bfl Kumhi attqruoon lor Chnltanocgn. Tenn sjirudiug the wcel:-'ond wit 'Mr;.;. PaiU-rson• and daughter. Vi\ lif-n t'.ie liii b:xjl;s \vils li •=. il.uiy Kiiii t.-e l,3ii!li;::'-. II. A. l.y:..-l: Vn-.iuna 'T'-ir; unti t.ilk-- v.,r: rilul mi ci.inuir-lvil :liy lead; .nn whieh : -. ii'ainiic ^ - " •1: olf'.-U'd p: :v> pl;iyr;i i. | i-:-.- >;ivi':i by lii-y ;iinl . Man Kl'.-n itu.ition. '1'lie he--- • Ii i-.iilTieicl I f(»i\i sixjkt- IiUhiiic.s.. Women Havp • A McmlifR-hi|) Mrcliiif; . i , Wl\s Minnie Mali lieu =5 irt'-mlji-v-1 l?y ' " I;r >' lt - ''? : ship chairman of Ih-- ll'us'i-: °- N H.iv.'kn!' 1 new aiu! ^Profe.ssioiial Wuni:'ii'.-.| • | ; lvr '' ! ri ' i: ' r - • clubs, was iu ciiar^c of *hc mre!- f-c ls in:; l.tst rvcnius at tho Gofl Hulel. :i - :n Mi.-. s Scimci Lent/, save a com-!'•'". plctc analysis of Y omrn of tod;i'-" a-s viewed bv a inemher of Ihe < hih ' ^ ri " H HII P. ••Wli:ii. an Oulsdi-r-Thinks nf Hi'-: <\ son v.a Club" was invcii by Mrs. •Snmuei! a "(l Mrs. w F. NorriE. ^Ml c s Cora l--ee Cole-[ ; IP;IU-on No man, nr-^hlcni chairman, led a div j b;iby.',uhn v.;-::;i; niussion of the emblem and Hir| P-'n:^-. has i:>i plan fnr ufclaiiiins new mcmbeis A iiiossagc from the NRA com- miilce was bioucht by Mrs. If. L. Reynold!:. li.UJV K-'li v^' ir:. . -IVY.: i! ,i'W .Ml 0.1V Mci-linsy. uuniliC'.s sprivt yr'-lcrday .'i .it ll'.e hmic of MIS. o'.i.. ot of Ho 1 , the ment.s lor III:' < iic:r. T:ic 11 prcsrul had lu:i;i Rustic. Inn. "•::raska has ir.oic mr j r-;,i ihiui any otl'.cr slak 1 . lioyal Xrisrlilwrs Have Klatc SupcniEtir Here Mrs. Marj- Barnsbnek Springs, slate supcrviso Royal- Neighbors, was the siuiv.-t of Ixjnor at a meeting last cvctiin^ at the home of Mrs. J. B. Foster. She .conferred with the women ntoul. .the state convention «to be held iii % thc early -sprin? nrd otlicri I'AHIl Or T1IAXK matters*r.f inlcreit to this orrtfr. '. We are deeply i;ra;.-Iul !.i -verv- ! •Tlie^hostcsscA. Mrs. Foster and^onc wl-.o have been SD l;vc:v i. ; us j Mrs; if- D.'BafX<dale, servo'ci re-] diirii^' tt= illnefTVtfrdvAihTTr uiir fiiahmbnls. . i beloved one. M.imk> Hainish At- '• ...--;.P_.j,, i ,? s ._ ; .'.--_< • 5 t -; ; '.h'HS. ; ; ,— To tlpStifiV'Supper 1 ' j "Thtiriran AlVla.;'and r'r.i'iinnj . " Theic will-be n box supper at ! Mr. an-j M:s J. c. \ the porsfood school Friday even-; and family. UiMlv S'.ory spent tl'.. 1 weckcnc in MrmpliN with her lather. 1.. F H'lOry of l.e:nn:l. Miss, wi'o met Ih'i (here. llimli 'riiminan Atkins, .vjvcn- ycar-nld son ol Thunmiu Atkins whe. has .iu inlcclcd l-".^'.- is iK't- ler. Uxlay. Mi.,. J. B... Klkius Ivis irtin-ncil fioin Mcmpliij:- Mien 1 lihi- underwent an rxai'liiniuion »l (.',uni>')'.'ll's Cliuii for a' fool iuji.ry. Mii. .1. C. Ihirnisli is j',1 ;l t her 1mm' 1 on Cliicka'-a-xba -.ivviuu 1 . Mi. and Mis. I'nt O'lliy.uil hhci as liieir !;ucslj tor Tic- wi-rkrnd yiK Marie -Ki'rtpatrlck. J. k. Sulli\.in ar.d tJ|l:fc',lJeiry of Memphis.. Mi and Mrs. V' \Vils:m and '- Aixlni Crpwdi'V siv.'iil Siiiulay' In ^•'cmsboio with Mis. CioVder '.vi'.c I i.i nuisiu^ her hr.-Xhrr u!io is ili ill i th:'-KI. B-'rnard l,s.,pit"! MINI IMlh nf Mi-inj)hl> •Juitl Gcor?r \Villi.iir.s ni ri'A^ivillr, ' rrnn . wcrr firsts o{ thrn-'p.ireiits. : Mr. ar.d Mrs. S. T. William:., ever • Ihr v\cck-eml. I Ml:-., Allhea K:lw;ni!. of .Jones- horu fli-nt Ihn v.iv):<-iiil -.vilh Urx Cii'rl .Hid F<in,i Nu-s. I Ml.v Hoivaril I'r-ji'.or is in Lil- ille .lit-rk lort:iy - (or I he nuluiiui renffrciice ol Ihe American 1-cg- ii-u: aiixiliaiy. She is pir-siik-nl .of \\\v. lixuil unit. R. O. lialnwater ot l.ntU: liock. auditor of llic Krncrgctu-y l?rli'-f, is iu Mis^lssiiiiii coiiuly for two days lie is iu charKc of Ihe supply distribution. A. Regenotii. Dr. am! Mrs. Oscar Barksdale ave returned from a month's visit i Colorado Mrs. Ada Jones ol Lillle Hork is ic guest, of l:er slslcr and nieoe Irs. Mary Jane Normiind ami .\irs D. N. Morris. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Howeil hijyi ct'urncd to their home at Winter laven, Fla. They were callc:! here ly the illness and deal'.: o[ Mr.s fow'cll's father. R. E. Lee Wilson Mr. and Mrs. J. p. Kelly, iir ii'.d Mrs. Frank Bninner and Ifa Junkcrsfeld cf Memphis were 111 guests Sunday cf Mr. aixl Mi's. Wil liam Ludwig. Johnny Gates of Union Citj Tenn.. was the week end guest c Miss Eunice Claude. Walton Wilson and S. A. Regt nold were in Little Hock on bus ness Saturday. Mr. mid Mrs. Walter Card visited over the week-end with tr.cir daughter. Mrs. RIley n. June.. i\n;l Mr. Jciies of Blythcvllle. Mr. and Mrs. c. Raymond ij ;lr r of Akron. O.. arc the guests al Mrs. Barr's uncle, j. D. McKcn/le. and Mrs. McKcnzic. Mclvin Grcsliam. c. R D.u-id, Howard Gray and Huqii Hudson attended the funeral of II. C. Myers al Grccnway. Ark., Momby. Mre. Jake Counts and d;iu-.;hters. Best. TSis makes it :i betler beverage for small chi-dmi. Tomorrows Mom BREAKFAST: Orau«e 'juice, c-j- rcal. cream, baktd French loa.' 1 .. brown sugar syiiiii. ceraa. eolle:-. LUNCHEON: Crt-am of c:non soup, croutons, tomato :uid cabbaje i salad, rice pwlciin-j. i;rape juieo ! DINNER: Casserole of miiltun '. tual focd value Ilinn tho cereal b;v- ernge unless it is made wholly with milk. A cup of hot milk flavored with one or two lublesjKjans of u cereal coffee infusion may appeal lo the juniors. Cocoa also makes an excellent flavoring for the cup of hot mill: suitable for the junior's breakfast. High in rnilrin FTU. slarch and protein are found i dry cocoa, and '.v.'cn whole milk s used and sugar added, the result a drink of high food value, i lung and wholesome. One, ocoa inndc entirely with lilk furnishes 217 calories of pro- tin, fai and caibxildrales.' Because cocon contiiiiv; stnrcli. are must, be tafceu in the making f the drink. Thorough cooking b leccssary for Ihe'slnrchi 'but un- cslrable for the milk.' ConoCquent- y ti:e cocoa must be well cookei! wforc the milk Is added. The ''skin" which sonicllmes member every kindness, onus on loj> of ccjcoa is the Eiibu- ; Mrs. J. C. Mr. in-.d Mis. .1. \V. Lent/, vhiial :i: Hayti Si:::'j;iv evening. Mis. Mark 'i'routinan ;ui(i s ;a ,-iiiKuie s-hopjnd In [iayti oauir- day. Miibi-rt Wi'iitie n! Hlulsi".;.;- :ii:ci'.t last v.'e-ji: i-iv.l iii I!K: i:unr: of his sister. Mr=. A. C Bltiiken- ' thip. J. K. P'w!and vi .'•inn .; leeentlv. iu Mr. ail(i Miv. . ui Wardfil were MrF. Ali-.t-il ilia T.1S a few days nutice ihe sliifci once. If yours is :'. r,t;il)horii case you may ticcil to take, ihi-m tegularly fo; :'few inontlii. Persistent use hrinyjj psjrni.iucnt relici. f\'i>! a p:ii;i killer to dull ilic aguny, but a modern scientific medicine which -icis upon ;lie CAUSii of tlic trau- bk'. New size pickage— 30c a: ail druggists. LYDIA E. PMKHfiffi'S TABLETS :c:iops a nil icsctablts, head leti'.ici with chlfjonadc tlresing, raisin 1 milk, coffee. :, ikiiir- • . : •cuiycf Hospital /Vo/c'.s- -•wliolc < ' Admitleci to tlH- Hiythe;il!e p:ial: J. L. Skinner, Manila: A. G. Brock. CanilhcrsvilSu, Famoiis Laxative Purely Vegetable Tlicdfbrd's Black-Drauehl <oii- IfllTls Juxl tlic nchvc j>'a;il 1:tf;rr-1l*nl.1 i.rrrtctl lo .'lirn-.iUlc sl-.-tcivli. rniUM 1-n^rTs lo do Ilirir roife l:i pa-'ln: non5 tlic TV.ISII. p\allci:, ot diccrUD-i. Brlnjl rrrrfMitns rcllcl. <.'"•[ n -J'-ccn 1 . iv..-.cnsc ol BL/.CK-DR,\UOUT, W liv. .1^: Iry |l. Tl-,f tnauiifncture of shoe blacking 'liiki'f care of piirt of rolau liusc moln-v-es produrinn. lli;M01!i:ll()U)S ll'iki) nir- ril ulllHHti Ihr Ki irr. Skin, \ari'.'nscd xclns. tnu- slh rfmovcil linn-surgical!)-. HISS, xirs iinii \'d;s (JITiru (ill .Main 1'liuin: M At The Home Of The Mayo Clinic i:»«lirslcr. Milm.i Ihe ht-.ilih n|- :i-<r. nr. 1). c. Liu-khcud. im-ntly fl'd In a slnMiirnl thrinith the p'.cf-s "We in Ihe health depart limit arc .mm-ivm-d ubuni milk fMiu l\\o ii'vle... He(.:tii-r M. is the bo.-,l foiKl nbliiinablr, -.\,' v,mi[ Iu fee il consumed in meat ifiinn- l i;i-s. aiul bee-ails- of tin- |>ixs<ibtl- ily ol tl.s .^pi'er.'iui-.: di^i.iM-, we wan 1 , to know Ilial our louil M l;ly L-, ,;iodurefl imclcr nil (!i- rc- fir.inirnls of ; ,-odurliou commercially ixwsible and that it lir p;is- tiiviwd ->o Ilial «e ran ;,inlcr il safe." Tvlcphniic Nn. 71 IlrriiirM's m i Ik i- *iaVe — It's ]>ru\trily Bennett's Dairy were so thoughtful during the illness and death ol my d.utijhU-r. PGMiAK RACKERS ,is i2c SPARE RIBS C7JJREMEN ARE READY at your call to fight fires, but they know it is better for you to prevail them, blurt helping today—inspect your house—moke it safe —call on us for assistance. Then obtain adequate fire insurance to protect your financial intere5t in case of accidental fire. FIRE PREVENTION WEEK October 8-1 4 For /ire or /(Yc CALL THIS OFFICE 9 Phone 134 Insurance Department THE FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. BROCHF1ED OlITTER SJUAMBXfcWW BdiS&KS>iv

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