The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1935 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 14, 1935
Page 4
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EJC-fil IE OF IHEBBBtS; Bartell's Beefing Mny Aic Giants' Drive for Na- lionnl Pcnnanl BV JIMMY DONAHUE NKA Rprvire Sports Writer NEW YORK, Pel). H.-nark In 1008 ll wns n "holler i;iiy" W lio won (lie pennant for llio Cli Cubs. Little Johnny Rvers, second Imspinnn, was Hie , Evers was* p.rcdltcd will) Inlking Umpire Ilmik-.OTtey Into rendering tlie decision. Uinl irituta Fred Merkle, Olnnt first bar,emn|i, the Bfrii, of baseball's - inost historic Ixihpr. Merkle foiled 10 loucli second base following ci teammate's hit tlint nppafpnily had driven In ilic run llmt. gave ihe New York flub the peimmjl, Moi'decni Brown bested Christy Mathewson ID the playoff, the Ctitis won the gonfnlon, and took Detroit In the ivorld serle.5 that followed—nil because Evers hnd what It look to sin ml' out there on •second base and boiler that, Mcrklo was out. j The "holler Buys,"' ns the trade knows 'em, btlll nre winning pen- ..nonls in the nmjors. They arc the 'cocky, nillltiinl sort of players who, on the .slightest provocation, beef about umpires' decisions, pester opposing pitchers nhtl players, carry n ohlp'oji their .shoulders, nnd generally mnke themselves ounlox- ions while playing a hangup game of Imll Leading jockeys" of Major Leagues jiLYTKEVILLE, (ASK.) COURIER NEWS Couldn't B*at nioinlj- In 1933 one 01 meso icllows helped ; the Olanls' win the Na- Utam) LengiiD pennant nnd the winner's share of the world series dough He was .Jockey shortstop, whose the. the niondy "They ctin't bent'us, Bill," slnfr'nii, and everyday chatter nnd nKgrcti- sivcnt'Si, in the InHcid, was old pepper needed to cinch honors for Hill Terry's oiilfit. In 1934 another yclper, Ulso a shortstop, uns ornlorleal enough lo push the Cauls tbron^ti thai insi- ditch Hght for the National League bunting nltli Ihe Oltinls, niid vllrlollc lo such n degree that he Mickey .Cochiiihc's and gentlcmiinly halt simply very nice players. Leo Durochei was the guy'. Sometimes he's known as "Mouthy"' other times as "Lippy." • ' This season we'll have three of the "holler guys" perrorm.lng" lii the National Leoeiie, which"jirom- Iws a very Interesting and exciting campaign. Joining the ranks of Ryan and Durocher is, Dick Bnrlell, a beefer In lib own l rig'lit, whose.'llglil lias 'betn partly hidden ' under ,C bihlicl \vliitevpIayiiiK shortstop for the Fruitless r Phll- Bartell switched places wlih Blondy Hynn In the winter deal XinkliVCounly Team Vic- I or. in Tri-County : Bas- JielljalJ Tournament CARUTIiniRSVILLE, Itfo.— sen- nth high .school boy s basketball (cam swept to easy victory'.In the title game of the ninth nnmial trt- connty Invitation tourniimcni. hero last night, defeating Caruthersville •13 to n. . In the consolation game for third honors IlorncrsvUlo vjon from Brnggadoclo, 37 to 22. • s Sclrnth, carlithersville and Hov- nei-syillc teams, winners of first second anil third places, were presented trophies by Everett neeves president of the Canithersvllle school board, The poor -showing o'f the Ctirulh- ersville team .wns n surprise and n disappointment' to tournament fans Senath stopped Inlo [lie lead nl the slnrt and wns never In danger. Norman, seinith center, led his team's attack, scoring 22 points. Horncrsvltle took u W.i< lead early In the consolation game, nraz- gadoflo rallied |,, u, c flnn , mr tcr nnd'scored ll points,-bnl wns too fnr behind to threaten. Rnwls Hornersville guard and one of the outstanding players of the loiirno- mant, counted 12 points for his team. The lineups: Senath (43) R. itarrbs. 5, Brown- ins 1. Normnn 22. Hunter 11,. si-b- rey,:* \Vllson, ;D. Hnrrts, WO«IB Dpug)(iss 2. caruthersvllle (U) u Nlekens 5, J. Nlckeiis a, Robinson, K Asher 2, N. Creech 4, R. Asher Madling. Horncrsvllle (37) Brewer-10.- \VI1- " Rawls' the GSimH and Jimmy Wilson's team If he can come up to the standards set by Ryan, Terry's team is due to terrorize .(he turnip thumpou again.' ' "j J Simon LCEree—rhoocy! ••*'!' Bartell is just about the cockiest, de\il-take-the-hindniosl cuss' that f vcr .slid Into second witV his ppikes. In. battle, array.?Twice ' year he, brought on near, riots when lie'slashed Linus-Frcy ;and Joe Jullge,' Brooklyn plavers, wltli his steel A vituperative gent, - In t'liei-e kicking at cveiythlug and riding opposing players unmercifully, Dick is one of the greatest little goat Eetteis in the game, and n distinct psychological advantage to have on your side of the fence It takes a guy like Dick to pep up the infield. With the Phils he inspired Pmkey Whitney to play the best ball of His career when they played side by side, held np • the pitchers with his chatter and cockiness, and was one big reason why Curt Davis was such a success on the mound in his first vear Hp last season. Bartell will have plenty or com, petition from Durocher and Rynn tippy already is predicting the Cards will repeat, and Ryan, fig tired to DC squelched when he was shipped downstream to the- pliils, is telling Manager Wilson to buck' «P; thai •everything is all right now that he. Mister Ryan, Is .playing shoitstop. Cronin's Chin limits Trouble In the American League, the holler guys" aren't, so plentiful. Probably the outstanding one Is another shortstop—Joe Cronln Although he doesn't go out of his way to antagonize opposine players, the Mick isn't one lo be shoved around. Always ready to argue with an umpire at the drop of a hat, he also Is watchful of his men's welfare on the field, and roull always find htm slicking that antecn jaw of his into any moss his boys start. He won a pennant for Woshiii"- ton in 1933 with his never-say-dle attitude. He might have repeated last season had not everything from myopia to spaVins attacked his athletes at the capital. If Cronln can steer the banshees dear of his trail in Bean- lown—and those Boston-Irish brew , powerful potions to guard against the evil spirits—he again may v,ag that chin home In front in the American League race. i ' By Marry Graysoa Thn mnjorlty of ifw look plan, on n,,, n|lcrl u ei limn/ on crowded cliy death rate | n fifi principal <i"l«i lust year wa.s one-fim-d i( w . ''"• limn for the iwllnn'jis n W lwl,>. Nntlmti Hertford Forrcsl fun fcderalo cavalry lender, hn.l' Vi shot, from jjnder him in '"". wns n'vei tcDonnhl, nr ii,".r"Vr™ (22) p ' J ' Holmes 9, Webb 2, E. crowc, N..Crowe'2,a>ref; fer 2,;Greeh 7. C. Holmes.' ' About- 5000 voluntary observers hroughout the United. states. arc «lstine (lie' U. ; s. 'Weather-'B'H- at'inosphc'ric renu in conditions recording mid col These three National Leaguers >iuvc the; reputation of being the greatest "jockeys" in the majors. Left Is. Blondy Ryan, Phillies' shortstop; center, Dick Utirtell whose sliortstoppfng may be jusl what the Qlant.s need lo rnlse the national .-League pennant In tlio Poto Biounds; nnd right, Leo Duro- clier. Cnrdlimfs' shortstop whose cocky attitude bus earned him the nicknames "Mouthy'' and "Uppy.' Indiana Memorial Is International Shrine VINCENNES, Hid. (UP) _ Al- hoiiBh still under conslnictlon, the -i eorge Rogers Clark Memorial here ms become mi international shrine Thousands of jx> f son.s from the United Sttilcs nnd several foreipn countries have visited Ihe memorial, which wil] noi be cnmrilrtra nnlll nrltaln. Prance, Germany, Italy Norway, Sweden, Czechoslovakia' Hungary, Japan, china. ' Australia and almost every ,6116 of [he Central American countries hav'u! had representatives. Seven murals by Ezra Winter, a statue or Clark by Hcrmnn Mac- Nell and landscaping are to be completed : : this .year.- ; - ^. Tests conduclcd In_Pitt.sburyi by scIenti.sts."|ndIcatc'Vhat 'lhc*'-'avTr-' age healthy person* changes his position s?8; times in-eight hours of seep nnd. that,-if b, abnormal to sleep without,,moving. - •- . . Gcrillnn y J ;>"'-estimated to USD one-fourth of the .world's chemical Read Courlo rtews Want Ads. Spring's Favorite Lester Patrick attributes tlic New York Hang&ts' recent long winning Mreak partly to rold weather Veteran |,a]| players need hot wca- iht-r to get into real playing form. , . Veteran hot-key players re- •inli'f cold weather , . . when It's cold llic lee is last nnd the old I fads can Imvel . . . When jt's rarni, the Ice la K low and the old- timers feel it In the Ii^s . . . Rog- ir Smith, W ho tiled of pneumonia n Ottawa Hie other ilay, was one of UIL- ordinal P|tl.s)>iii(;li Vellow- j itki'ls, tin. nmateui' horkcy team which turned professlonul in a taly In 1020 and got nun the National r.eaeue playoff thi> first yoar . . . Among his teammntes on thai £<iuiul were Lionel Conacher, of thf- Montreal Maroons; nay Worters, o the Hey York Americans; anil Ha Cotton, of the Toronto Maple Leaf . . . Larry Lnjoie still jeans on Hi bull with a semblance of his olt '"', lint. It's a golf ball thai, h i now. . . . .pj, c prem-limni fhools in the low flu's ... A rticr horse lias hecn named chnrlej Ciilmin by ohlcnjo's ramoin Firs Ward aldennan, John Gmighlin . . 7,ane Orty, the Hiithnr, wns a minor lenfjue pitcher with xtinrs- vllln nnd coluiubiis in (lie 'Sfls. Roast Biff on the Differ Sldelc '(above) 1 School at ., ., aB bccl , nom , nli > ?, F ™ sWe <4 Hoosovel: to ieceed (Iio late General William *• Haso aa commnude:- of llio vmya wltbjanlc o» Mnior Oeue"a?J tTjt Thursday & Friday MAT.—2:00 - lOc & 25e - NITB-fiMr, - lOc & 35c Olstcr Sleiis—N 0ft . All I'rlnceton NVeds Is Scbcduln Frltit Orlslcr .signed n new five- year contract as Princeton footbal coach . . . NOW nil the Tiger need.* is a schedule . . . jjm plxlce is lo OL retained as head coach nt Geo Washington Notre Dame- coached teams won aa games and lost 33 imd. amasEctl 2i29 points !against 825 for opponents''in 1334 I. . . Al Dannet, of snn Pj-anoLsco twice natlfliitu cimmpion mid con-' sidcrcd by many to have been the trcntcsl handball playcr'ol all time 1 has been refused reinstatement' by the A. A. u. . . He was knocked out twice in ns many appearances as a professional pugilist nob-sled riders who risk ihe treacherous Ml. Van Hoovenberg slide ;nt Lake. placid wear foolbnil efe, knecp';i<Js, anti (joggles . . Pote-vaulling.pits'rrcqucnlly are bull of springs covered with mats ind layers ot sawdust to-insure safety and absolute lack nf mental liaK- aid . . . Basketball rules are ex- phitied in simple style to, suecia- lois at tile university of-Nebraska's home contests through nn illus- cil pamphlet . . .-Ninety mural teams play the game nt [he Lincoln institution. Draii net-tiles lo Save Ann ' Aflci- Talk With 15ol, Griive Dl7.7.y.D P aii Knys he hns decided to use his arm'more sparingly nfter<a ROXY Last Time Today MAT. & N1TE—tOc : 23c RED HOT PAUL LYLE TALBOT MARY ASTOR Ciirtonn 5JJ i.Sw-iiil_"i\|'ry Sf|ii(tilro'n" I ASAFUGITIVEFROM THE INHUMAN BONDAGE OF A WOMAN'S SOUL DEVOURING IOVEI the Pinch-Yoke Tweed Suit You'll sec it qn every campus, and .in every business office. In town, and in the country, it's Ihe ideal suit, offering ace comforf, and casual freedom. • Ymi'll also find many other appealing styles in inis first showing of new Spring suits ' $22.50 - $24.75 R. D. Hughes & Co. 3 Doors West of Ritz Theatre BORDER - TaWf|£, BETTE DAVIS • Q. M.^Jn ti,^~, - Friday & Saturday He won two races—one with death and one with love! |M C COY Paramoimf Pictorial \ 0 . 5 Ail Slnr Comedy with SUE CAROL • A COLUMBIA PICTURE fox News Comedy Heie ffllo Ihe Mauler and Mrs. Dem^ey as they-cnrve*! a Wot ta£ with Bob' Grove ... Of 1301 stabled, at Hlaleah, 317 , , or approximately qne-fourtH, are 2- year-olds ... Owners continue to hum the babies out . . . A jockey's Ife is short and exciting . or 91 who rode in the opening Hin- eah meeting in 1925, only four are sllll active ... it costs $5000 a year to satisfy the 320 flnmlngos in Ihe Hialenh Park infield with choice shrimp and boiled rice . The 17 games played by the American League All-Stars In Japan netted U0,000 yen, or $96.118 The American team was guaranteed 56,540 and expenses . . Babe luth and Connie Mack took most of the money, . . . . 1Us sald (hflt hey divided 75 |wr cent The •enmlmler of the athletes Just went along for the trip ... Don Faurot new football coach at Missouri employs selected features of the Warner system and nondescript but effective measures he learned while playing for Gwlnn Henry at the Columbia school . . . Pa urol hl « more than a few ideas of his own • - - It is understood that he vill coach the line himself. 1912-- Arizona ad« mttted to the Union. 1 VUt-NHNE I>£V1.| Mnteislhelih. Wetoveyou, dear ... reader. tnrulliiiVs Sm»fl*Rf Wail OOLDSBOIIO, M, (• ( t ,p)' Tiny" sinltli of rJoKisljoro ctaltna to be Ihe shmllesl. P e rsoli ,„ Nort ,1 Caiollnn. Tiny wfls born late ftl Jflinwry dim o ps (|, e Malcl . -„, 'I winces. j[is parehls, Mr. untl ey Siiilth, feed the light?/! with a iiiedJcine dropper, All Inliabllanls of Die Jorielil slBiid of /rrlslaii da onnha. in llfol South Atlantic, eaici, cold over'? ho.a ship dookfi there; the epl'l """lo « (jrotliicta by germs left byl , 'P S jpfl"«WlltGj i a ynt! fill nro susccEitUjlc- Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor 411 makes of tABntXypiwritenmaai,,, Mwhtoe, »nd C aiciktah RepftlrlBf—Pa rto—Bibbohi HONEST It was Lincoln, wasn't it, who gave us that epigram about/fooling some of the people all of the time and /' all of the people some of the time? Times have changed. Some people, today, can't be fooled at all. v They are the ones who buy thoughtfully and spend wisely. They are guided by the most up-to-the-minute news about products, prices, and; values. They read the advertisements in the.daily paper. Whether you're marketing.for tonight's dinner; for a refrigerator or for a home — the most reliable guides are printed right here in this paper for-you. Make it a habit to shop at home, by newspaper, before you set out... It saves time ... saves tiresome-searching- . .. and, it saves real money. Vi "2-* r t

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