Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 23, 1977 · Page 14
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 14

Tucson, Arizona
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Wednesday, February 23, 1977
Page 14
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1977 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N --^_nu l U L S U f S D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE 3B 1977 rodeo parade entries are listed La Fiesta de los Vaqueros begins its 52nd ran here tomorrow, starting at 9 a.m. with the Tucson Rodeo Pa.- rade. A lineup of 319 entries, including 1,000 horses, 32 bands and 51 pieces of parade equipment, will be competing for trophies in 26 divisions during the parade, which is billed as the world's longest non-mechanized event. Parade officials are predicting a quarter of a million spectators along the 2y 4 -mile parade route through the downtown area. Tucson Trade B u r e a u members are hoping that their second annual Downtown Rodeo Fiesta will keep many of the spectators downtown after the parade for an afternoon of food, music and dancing. ( And about 500 professional cowboys and cowgirls will vie for dollars and honors during the Fiesta de los Vaqueros Tucson Rodeo running from tomorrow afternoon through Sunday. 100. PARADE SIGN FOR \1Tt ~ Ten girls from Rincon High School carry cards spelling TUCSON and cards bearing the Parade Committee insignia. ' 10). AMERICAN FLAG -- Chief Geronlmo Kulhle ol Willcox. grandson of the famed warrior, carries the American flag In the oarade for Ihe Uth year 102. ALL AMERICAN FLAGS -- A grouping ol American flaps carried by people from many entries. 103. ARIZONA FLAG --Max Nor- rls, vice chairman of Ihe Papago Irlbal council at Sells, carries the Arizona flap lor the second time 1W. CONFEDERATE FLAG -Lewis Hall, carries Ihe Confederate flag in :;,tr garade for Ihe fist time Ifc. MEXICAN FLAG -- Efren Gooea, a member of Ihe Asociaclon de Charros, carries this flag for his eighth year. 106. SPANISH FLAG -- Leo LOnno- ria, a member of the Asoctacion de Charros. carries the Spanish Hag. 107. P A R A D E COMMITTEE FLAG -- This flag is carried by Larry Kelly, a member of the parade comltlee 108. GRAND MARSHAL -Joseph O. Nlemann, the 1977 Rodeo Parade grand marshal. 109. RODEO QUEEN -- Heidi Salher, a Pima Community College student Irom Porlland, Ore., is this year's rodeo queen. 110. RODEO PRINCESS -- Jean Jackson, a Tucsonlan attending Plma Community College, Is one of the rodeo princesses. 111. RODEO PRINCESS -- Shannon Nicholson, a University ol Arizona student, is also a rodeo princess for 1977. 112 UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA BAN . -- Directed by Jack Lee and l£ d t y rdrum m al°r Rick Gammagc. If 1 1 I5 °- mer P 1) e r group represented Arizona In Ihe Presidential inaugural Parade on Jan. 20. 113. UA QUADRILLE TEAM -The team includes 20 women riders from ffie UA who travel around Southern Arizona to participate in rodeos, horse shows and parades 114. GOVERNOR OF ARIZONA Raul H. Castro and his wife are riding in the Maximilian Coach, given to Ihe Parade Committee in 1930 by Ihe govenor of Sonora. Ill MAYOR OF TUCSON --Lewis C. Murphy and his wile are riding in the Dalton buggy. This is Murphy's sixth year (n Ihe parade. 115. MSYOTroT-tnTSTJAXTOKRA -- Culllermo Reyes Rooles, mayor of Tucson's Sisler City, visits Tucson to ride In Ihe parade. 117. PIMA COUNTY SHERIFF'S POSSE -- Sheriff's Capiain Herb Briefer leads the 30 riders of Ihe posse, attired in red and gold uniforms. 118 COCHISE COUNTY SHERIFF'S POSSE -- The 20-member posse is outfitted in Levl's and white shirts with badges and shoulder patches and is mounted on cow ponies. 119. TUCSON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE PRESIDENT -- Jack D. Davis, Chamber of Commerce president, is attired in a modern western outfit and is on horseback 1JC. CHAIRMAN OF 7HE RODEO COMMITTEE -- Bill West, Rodeo Committee member of 24 years and Parade Committee member for 18 years. m. CHAIRMAN OF THE PA RADE COMMITTEE - Mac Sebastian, longtime member of Ihe Tucson Rodeo Committee, is this year's Parade Committee Chairman 122. JAN HAGERLIN -- She wears a green western outfit and rides a sorrel mare. 123. DEBBIE SMITH -- Debbie wears a white western suit with red accessories and rides a black geld- ng whh western lack trimmed In red and while. 124. UA RODEO QUEEN AND PRINCESS -- Karen Geldmacher. UA rodeo queen, is a freshman In business from Mesa, ihe Is accompanied by her attendant, Mary Jean Kennedy of Elgin. 125. ARIZONA YAOUIS -- A group of about 10 dancers dressed in traditional Yaqul costumes with members from Tucson, Guadalupe and Marana. 126. S T U A R T A N D E R S O N ' S BLACK ANGUS RESTAURANT -Dick Sparrow drives Ihls wagon drawn by 12 Belgian horses, each weighing 2,000pounds. 127. MARGARET STEPHENS, INDIAN SQUAW -- An oul-of-stale entry, she wears Navajo garb and rides her horse, "Mr. Cue. 128. KIT CARSON MOUNTAIN MEN -- This pair from Amador County, Calif., are clad In buckskins and coonskin caps -- the authentic attire of early American mountain !»'. A5OCIACION DE CHARROS DE NAVAJOA -- Elena de Pllar Caneda Osuna is the queen ot tne group from Navaioa, Son.. Mexico. She rides with her cousin, Elpldlo Osuna Mendlvel. IX. HISTORICAL COMMISSION -- Orvllle McPherson. Ihe Bicentennial Man of the Year, rides a horse- drawn bugcv with Bicentennial 'Queen Nancy Salazar and Yndia Smalfey Moor;, "la Dona del Ola." HI. FIESTA DEL SOL RODEO QUEEN AND A T T E N D A N T Missy Macko, Fiesta del Sol queen represents the Apache Junction Jaycees. Laurel Rather Is her attendant. 132. DIEGO O-BOLGER -- O'Solg- er, a former Tucsonlan and a professional matador, rides with the Presidente-Domeqc Andalusian horse team. 133. TUCSON HIGH SCHOOL MARCH 100 -- The group directed by Charles Steele is made up of 120 high scoool students. 134. HUACHUCA WRANGLERS -A 4-H quadrille team performing mounted maneuvers. 135. BINION'S H O R S E S H O E HOTEL AND CASINO -- The Las Vegas entry includes a stagecoach and six-horse hitch. 134. W6 RODEO ROYALTY -- A four-horse hitch pulls a wagon c a r - rying last year's Tucson Rodeo Queen Barbara Swartj and her attendants 243. THE GARCIA FAMILY -They ride in a horse-drawn buggy designed by tne father and wear Mexican costumes desloned by Ihelr mother. 544. LINDA HEPHNER -- She rides wearing western attire. ·MS. JANICE HEPHNER -- She rides dressed In western clothing 246. THE SALVATION ARMY -Salvation Armv Band accompanies a wagon with a western motif, 247. MARGO ELSON -- She rides an Appalcosa and wears western clothing. - · "» . ··*·"· nt~,ri-- -- t*a'JWft_j«SfwC'TMStj 144. OUR MINING HERITAGE -A rendition of the 1877 early of frori- icrsmen and miners who started Ihe mining camp ol Tombstone. 145. HOUSE OF SILVER AND GOLD -- A wagon drawn 'by four horses carries 12 persons dressed In western outfits. 146. TUCSON MOUNTAIN MEN -I he official Arizona representatives for Ihe 1976- Bicentennial celebrations in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. The group Is outfitted m buckskin. 147. B E A R D CONTEST WINNERS -- This entry honors winners ol Ihe Fiesta de los Vaaueros Beard Contest. 148. CANYON DEL ORO HIGH SCHOOL BAND - The group of 105 students is under the direction ol F Lame Hoopes. 149. U.S. MORMON BATTALLION -- The ISO-man battallion is led by color guards bearing three flags, and includes horsemen and a horse- drawn wagon. 150. BOMAN AND CYCLE -- This gentleman wears an 1880s outfit and rides his unlcycle. 151. BIG RODEO-BIG RODEO CLOWN -- A 20-foot-hlgh rodeo clown rides on a wagon with two smaller clowns for company. 152. SUNNYSIDE JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BAND -- The 72 member band, led by drum majors Sandy Nunez and Kellcy Krebbs, Is directed by David Rudloff. 153. ROY R. V A L D O V I N -Dressed as an Aztec Indian, he wears a headdress that is six feet high and five feet wide. 175. TUCSON VIGILANTES -Frontier (ustlce from Ihe scene of the crime to the gallows is depicted on this float. 176. FLOWING WELLS HIGH SCHOOL BAND -- The 71-member group Is under the direction of Duane Miller. .177. J BAR M RANCH -- Twelve riders dressed in modern western wear. 178. T U C S O N C H R I S T I A N SCHOOLS - The float depicts a town scene with typical western characters. 179. MONTE MONTANA -- The famed trick roper is carrying his rope In case he wants fo rope "dog- ies along Ihe parade route. 180. B1SBEE C H A M B E R OF COMMERCE - A team of mini. mules pull the wagon commemorating Ihe town's new copper mine c - ' . . - MOUNTAIN STAMPEDE -- Kellie Terhune reigns as queen ol the Huachuca Mountain Stampede rodeo. Ml. RINCON HIGH SCHOOL BAND -- Three drum majors lead this group ol 164 students, under the direction of Paul Grimes. 202. RANCHO SAGUARO SCHOOL -- Six riders are dressed In ranch and western clothing. 203. MOUNTED R I D E R S -- Two "best mounted" riders wear dark chaps and hats and are mounted on sorrel stallions. 212. EMPIRE MACHINERY -.Three riders dress in western aftire 213. MALDONADO SECURITY -The Maldonado family will ride wearing western oulfils 214. DER WIENER-DOG -- The Der Wiener-Dog will ride In a wagon with nine people wearing ISSKK costumes. 215. MARIALOUISA ANDAZOLA -- She wears a handmade costume from Gyadalaiara, Mexico. Senorita Andazola has ridden in almosl every parade since 195S. 216. TONY ZAPATO -- He wears a Levl's oulfil and rides his Appaloosa Buckskin gelding. 217. SAHUARO HIGH SCHOOL BAND -- Three drum maiors lead the group of IBS students under Ihe direction of Carlvie Webb 218. ASOCIACION DE CHARROS DE TUCSON -- A group of 25 riders wearing traditional charro costumes. 219. VALLEY NATIONAL BANK TALLY HO WAGON -- A multiple team hitch wagon carries 15 em- ployes of Ihe Valley National Sank who wear western outfits 220. SUNSHINE ASSEMBLY NO. 31 OF RAINBOW FOR GIRLS -About 20 girls dressed in old-fashioned clothing and carrying a rainbow. ^S!v^i LLA "ARIA GERIATRIC CENTER -- A float with five ueoole wearing costumes that depict different eras. 248 WILD WOMEN OF THE WEST -- Two Phoenix women portray women in the 1880s who roamed the West. 249 TUCSON GREYHOUND PARK -- Former Rodeo Queen Darby Get2«iller rides a quarter horse. 250. "DR. FEELGOOD'S MEDICINE SHOW" -A comical portrayal of a medicine show. The group rides in a schooner. 251. J. ALDAMA -- Aldama, who has ridden In Ihe parade 35 years, rides cow horses with a friend 252. WHITE MOUNTAIN APACHE CROWN DlNCERS - Fourteen dancers under the direction of fcdgar Perry. 253. MAGGIE GIBSON -- She wears an old-fashioned sauaw dress and rides a chestnut horse. n ,254.SAVE THE GRAND CANYON BURROS -- Five people dressed as prospectors walk with burros 255. F. RONSTADT HARDWARE -- F ve members of the Ronstadt family ride In an 1880 mountain wagon. 256. NOGALES HIGH SCHOOL BAND -- Pompon girls and twirlers accompany w students under the direction ol Ken Tlttlebauoh 257. TUCSON COWBOY POLO AND SADDLE CLUB -- Club members carrying their flan. 258. PIMA COUNTY 4-H JUNIOR LEADERS FLOAT -- Club members ride on a f l o a t and on horseback, showing seven major program categories, 259. LIZ KRALL -- She rides wearing a western outfit. 240. DON'S HOT ROD SHOP -Two people in a horse-drawn buuov ·wear 1680s clothing. 241. BABOQUfVARI JUNIOR, SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL BAND - A drum malor leads 46 students under Ihe direction of Phil Grey 242. D. C. WARREN -- Warren, a local actor, wears a cowboy outfit and rides a golden palomino 263. MIKE ANAYA - He rides a buckskin horse with his daughter wearing western clothing. 244. ANDY ANAYA -- He wears western clothing and rides a bay marc. 565. MIRANDA RANCH -- Two girls wear western clothing and ride paint horses. 244. COMING OF AGE/OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE IN THE SOUTH WEST -- Seven people ride on this float that snows old and new methods ot treating medical emergencies. 148. ROTC RIDING CLUB -- University of Arizona ROTC rides in their color guard and Armv nurse corps uniforms. 249. VAIL COWBOY BAND -- The group of 29 students rides on a norse drawn wagon and wears cowboy outfits. Band under direction of Harrison Johnson 270. ESCAPEE FROM TUCSON -C. R. Barolta. dressed as an 1880s prisoner, depicts a man who has stolen Ihe sheriff's horse and has escaped from orison In Tucson. 315. HORSE HAVEN RANCH -Ranch entry featuring wagon and team of horses and people dressed in modern western wear. 3U. TUCSON REALTY AND TRUST CO. --Western and old-fashioned heritage featured by grow of 15 people dressed as Indian scouts and soldiers. ( 317. BURTON 'JOHN' BARNES -Rider and 3-year-old grandson mounted on Appaloosa. 318. MELISSA MARLOWE AND MELODY -- Rider mounted on prlzewinnlng western show horse. 31. MARY LOMMEN -- Rider dressed In western outfit and mounted on horse dressed In western lack. 320. KHOS H O R S E - D R A W N WAGON -- Typical cowboys riding in wagon pulled by two horses. 351. LA FUENTE RESTAURANT -- Group of 15 people and five Mexican marfachis riding In horse- drawn wagon. 322. NORTHSIDE RAIDERS -Group of 16 riders In handmade attire ride four abreast and perform Ecrtelons before judges. 373. MCDONALD'S -- Ronald McDonald and three other persons ride in horse-drawn buggy. 178. P A T R I C I A K O N S T ON FEATHER ME NEST - Modern western woman. _£»- THOM KONST SR. ON HELGAR -- Modern western man. MO. RICHARD MUNIGIA -- Typl- caI cowboy. 4« CHOLLA HIGH SCHOOL BAND -- Group of 1SJ students under the direction of Terry Betls and led by drum ma[or Jesse Lu- 401. SOUTHSIDE FATHER AND SON ROPING CLUB -- Western riding group composed of 12 lathers and tnelr sons and daughters. 402. THE LOOKALIKES ~ The Sidel Sisters are twins ana will ride their matched Palomino horses. 403. DANIEL MUNGIA -- The name of this rider's 4-year-old stallion Is "Whiskey." 4M. STAN NASON SHOEING -Matched riding pair dressed In aqua suits with gold trim. . !£;- £!* COMMUNITY COLLEGE RODEO CLUB "PIMA PIONEERS" -- Float depicts Arizona pioneers around the chuckwaoon after a hard day of travel. Boys Club of 1976 rides In a buggy accompanied by I? boys dressedas cowboys. in. CROOKED H COWBOYS -SIERRA BONITA RANCH -- Four cowboys riding horses Irom Ihe ranch. Eat, dance and be merry For the second year in a row, a downtown street festival will follow the annual rodeo parade. From 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. spectators can sample food (prepared above), drink, music and dance along three streets that will be closed to vehicle traffic. Gunfighters, dance groups, mariachis and other musicians will perform. -- Citizen Photos 154. ORACLE QUADRILLE -Each of the 10 riders wears a white cowboy hat and western suit with while lacket and green pants. 155. H. PORTERS -- Employes wear old-fashioned and western clothing; they ride an old-time Tally. Ho drawn by four horses. 154. NEW PASQUA VILLAGE -- A children's drama group wears 1680s Yaqu! "Deer Dancer" outfits. 157. ARIZONA SETTLERS -- The Tucson Mountain Rustlers 4-H Club tries to capture excitement and drama of Arizona's past, 158. OFFRET ENTERPRISES -An 1990s horse-drawn buggy carries riders wearing costumes depleting thai era. 159. MT. LEMMON SAWMILL CO. -- A snow scene complete with loggers cutting trees with two-man «;^w Anrf children on sleds. T60. R O X Y THE CLOWN AND TRAINED ANIMALS -- Roxy rides her trained "ostrich," Penelope, and is accompanied by two trained dogs_. 161. CATALINA HIGH SCHOOL BAND -- The 213-membcr band includes 15 pompon girls, a fwlrler and two drum mators, Stan Strom and Randy Brookshlre. 142. SMALLEST HORSES IN THE 204. PINECREEK MINING CO -Donald A. Shoemaker rides his velocipede, built in Cleveland in 1691 205. TUCSON EDUCATION AS5 CIATION -- A float commemorates Our Southwest Heritage in Education." 206. SENIOR CITIZENS - A con- tmgent of the downtown Senior Citizens Club No. 1 in clothing from the early days of Tucson and the South 207! SELLS RODEO ROYALTY -four young ladles represent the Sells Rodeo. 206. L. W. CROSS JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BAND - The 115 students are dressed In western-style uniforms. 209. HORSESHOE STABLES -Six riders are led by Oollie Young who Is part Cherokee Indian. She rides her pinto, "Apache " , TM. MINI STABLES - Five riders' dressed as prospectors ride Shetland ponies. 111. TRANSPORTATION S Y S TEMS OF THE OLD WEST-Children will demonstrate various modes of transportation. WEST -- Miniature horses weighing from 75 to 200 pounds pull a Western-style wagon just their size. 137. FENSTER SCHOOL -- A quadrille team of 10 students dressed in green and white Western attire. 138. OLD TUCSON -- Mannequins dressed In costumes worn In mollon pictures filmed at the location west or Tucson. 1W. LOS MEXICANITOS -- A dance group from John Spring Junior High School perform Mexican folk dances MO -- TUCSON ER BUST -- A pioneer family that has abandoned Its wagon after an Indian attack carries Its remaining belongings. Ml. CUTTIN' UP IN THE IfcCs -St. Elizabeth of Hungary Clinic performs a not-so-typical operation, complete with doctor, nurse, patient and morffclan. KL WESTWARD LOOK RIDING CLUB -- six youno ladles ride their own horses. VQ. DESERT KNIGHT DRUM AMD BUGLE CORP5 -- This group of 15 musicians Is dressed In 18th- century uniforms, «nd Is followed by » girls'color guard outfit, 143. SPANISH WOMEN OF THE 1BTH CENTURY -- Women rldino side saddle on purebred Arabian horses wear iBIn-centurv Spanish- attire. 144. FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ARIZONA -- A historical entry featuring the Arizona Bicentennial wagon Dulled by six Shetland mules. 165. TANQUE V E R D E LIVESTOCK *H CLUB -- Club royalty and project representatives dressed in 1500s cosfumes. 146. TUCSON JAYCEE-ETTES -A float commemorating the 300 years of Influence of the San Xavler del Bac Mission fn the Southwest. 167. APOLLO JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BAND -- The Eagle band has 1W members under the direction of Thomas O'Kelley. 168. THE JIM CLICK GANG -- A group of 15 mounted riders in Western wear. 169. DON EVANS -- Known as Ihe "Turquoise Kid," Dor) Is a New Mexico native. 170. SALLY BOROUEZ -- She wears Levi's and western shirt and Is rldino her Apoaloosa mare. 171. GARY CARPENTER -- C a r e y wears Levl's, western shirt, boots and hat, and rides a 5-year-old quarter horse. 177. DESERT INDIAN DANCERS -- Led by Jose Maoil, the 26 dancers are from the Tucson San Xavler Indian Dancing Group. 173. COCHISE COLLEGE -- The college's Fiesta queen and rodeo queen and atlendanl are dressed in western wear and are on hof srtack. 174. SOMEPLACE ELSE -- A floaf carrying a laroe cowboy hat and II persons dressed In modern.western clothing. | 222. TUCSON FESTIVAL'S FIES TA QUEEN AND PRINCESSES Patricia Pereyda. Martha Davlla and Monica Perez, wearing Mcxi- ca JU c °J{ u Kf J 1 r ' de '" a oonv "rl. 223. ALFRED AHUMADA -- He is wearing western dress and rides an Appaloosa. 224. MOLLY GONZALEZ -- She is dressed In western attire and rides a quarler horse 225. OLGA AHUMADA -- She wears wesfern clothing and rides a quarter horse. «6. F O U R S Q U A R E C H U R C H FORT SALVATION BAND AND C H O R A L I E R S -- A group ot 50 young people singing religious songs. 227. DEMING COWBOY POLO AND SADDLE CLUB -- Seven riders from Demino, N.M., carry their stale and club flag. They wear their club uniforms. 228. THE SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE SPREADER -- David Suffer wears a western clown outfit with a black overcoat and shoes with huge sore toes sticking out. M9. MARANA JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BAND -- A drum maior leads this group of 101 students under the direction of Don Hinlon. ,230. DESERT DUSTERS 4-H. CLUB -- A group ol 14 riders are dressed in western wear. 231. ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL AND HEALTH CENTER -- A four-horse hitch wagon showing scenes of the hospital and of seven Sisters riding across Ihe desert in a covered wagon. 237. PATRICIA MASSEY -- Patricia, from Farmington, N.M., ride^ a quarter horse. 233. CATHY Y A Z Z t -- Cathy, IB, Irom Shiprock, N.M., rides a Anglo- Arab mare. 234. MR. AND MRS. CHAUNCEY T. LEVALLEY -- They ride In a.i 1680 bugoy and are dressed In Indian outfits with Indian lewciry. 235. CHUCK SHEMWELL "RODEO CLOWN" AND BULLFIGHTER -- He entertains Ihe crowd In his clown aarb. "4 b PIONEER HABERDASHERS - " ER |/ DAVE, TED AND JEFF -- The Bloom brothers and nephew Jeff wear 1906 costumes and ride In a buoov. »7 I N T E R T R I B A L INDIAN DANCERS -- Dancing by members ?/ 'J 1 * Acorn*. Apache, Chippewa, ·Hppl, Navaio, Oneida and Washoe tribes. 238. CARLTON APARTMENTS -A horse-drawn wagon carrying a western-dressed family with one person on horseback. 23?. BILL EDMONSTON -- He wears wesfern cfofnlno and rides a sorrct mare. nl^' »5fiS l J| l T ERAS TK AN J? S O N S HAY MARKET -- The Conlreras brothers ride wearing cowboy cloth- mo. one of them pulling a lame Brahma bull. Ml- S I E R R A VISTA JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BAND -- A group of 114 students under Ihe direction of Dennis Moore. 242. MARANA CHAPTER OF FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA -- Twenty members wearing uniforms and carrying flags. 273. JOHN W. BADGER -- Two persons ride ponies and wear western ciolhlng 774. DARLA NICHOLAS, TERI AND KACHINA -- Three women ride red and while paint horses. m. LOS MEJORES 4-H CLUB ~ Two boys pull a papier-mache horse and wagon thai has small animal designs. 274. FRIENDSHIP SONGS OF THE EAGLE -- The intertribal Indian group performs Azlec dances and the women do prayer dances 277. .TYPICAL COWBOYS --Four riders dressed in western clolhlno. 278 LITTLE BRITCHES RODEO QUEEN -- Melodec Anderson Irom Sierra Vista rides an Appaloosa mare and wears a while western outfit 277. JACK J. PERSON -- Person from Bisbee rides in a bungy pulled by a mule. 260. DELTA CHI FRATERNITY -A group o! 40 members vear cowboy ouHlls. carry a banner and sing wesfern sonos and UA cheers. 300. DEPARTMENT OF ARIZONA -- Historical entry depicts typical field march of combined infantry, artillery and cavalry, circa 1885. during the Arizona Apache campaigns. 301. DEPARTMENT OF ARIZONA (continued) -- Includes a Sludebak- er surrey followed by a l}-pound howitzer, drawn by mule. 301. PUEBLO HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL -- Rodeo Queen from Pueblo High on a float decorated Indian-style. 303. PUEBLO HIGH SCHOOL WARRIOR BAND -- Group of )81 students led by Drum Malor Gus Esquivel and directed by Hector Esoublsa. 304. SAN X A V I E R WOMEN'S CLUB -- Group of Z5 to 30 Papago Indians carrvino Ifiefr baskets, ollas and other items. 305. QUADRILLE DE MUJERES -- Group of v/omen mounted on horses perform precision maneu- V 304. SALPOINTE CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL BAND -- Group of 60 students led by Director Charles H. Nagore. 307. ARIZONA CORRAL «1 OF EQUESTRIAN TRAILS -- Orga nlred riainp group of 15 riders carrying the Five Flans Over Arizona." 308. THOMAS S. PASLEY FAMILY -- Dressed lo represent a western street scene of 1680s. 309. CARRIAGE HOUSE PLAYERS -- Traveling medicine show featuring eight performers In horse- drawn buggy with doctor and dancing girls dressed In 1880s attire. '"' Ilfl. ZEBRA PLEASURE RIDERS -- Five members of Miller family dressed In modern-day western wear and riding horses with west-' ern tack. 311. TRAJES MEXICANOS -Group of six dressed In regional and modern Mexican fashion. 312. CHRIS SATORI -- Dressed as gunflohtcrofOfdWesf. , J1J. KINO (COUNTRY - Mission scene featuring 25 vaaueros, Indians and western-dressed students and "Father Kino," circa T6th century. 314. 8I5BEE HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING BAND -- Group of TV students led by Drum Malor Bin Hoeppner and under, direction of ·Tim santayan. f 324. JOE W. LAWRENCE -- Typical cowboy wearing Levl's and western stilrl and riding an Appaloosa gelding called "Rebel King.'' 3J5. THE BULLOCK CO. -- Miniature wagon drawn by two-horse registered Welsh team. 324. WALLACE'S COWBOY OUT FITTERS -- Two modern western women dressed in western equip, men! and wear. 327. SAN M A N U E L HIGH SCHOOL BAND -- Group of 67 stu dcnls led by Director Bill Janlon. 328. T.A.C. E N T E R P R I S E S -Groun of three riders In western wear, one woman In authenlic western style side-saddle. 329. SANDY WUZZY SONS -Four clowns will clown around while they walk the parade route. 330. MANZO AREA COUNCIL -Group of 12 people dressed as 1880s Mexican campesinos. 331. SILVER TIP RANCH --Group of three riders representing modern western coullallon. 337. YE OLDE TACK SHOP -Group of three riders on horses with custom-made sliver stiow tack 333. LEO'S AUTO SUPPLY -- Two people riding In horse-drawn buggy. 334. ARNOLD WHEELS - Larry Chebowskl riding tils sevcn-foot-hlgh unlcvclc and dressed as clown. 335. ST. AMBROSE CHEERLEADERS -- Group ot nine students. 334, RITA OLDHAM -- Rider attired In pink modern western outfit complete with hat and chaps 337. CAROL OLDHAM -- Rider representing modern w e s t e r n woman. 338. SOUTHERN ARIZONA MUL6 ASSOCIATION -- Group of 70 west. cm mule riders. 33S. FLOWING WELLS JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BAND -- Group of 40 studenls under direction ol John McDIvill. 340. ELVIRA B. BURRUEL -Rider dressed as typical cowolrl 34T. FERNANDO BURRUEL -Rider dressed as typical cowboy 342. CELESTE F. SARNOW -Rider dressed In modern western clothing. 343. ROB AND TANYA GILES -Six-year-old Rob and 7-vear-ofd Tanya dressed in matching riding clothes and riding while Palomino ponies. 344. SHIRLEY GILES -- Rider In western dress. 345. GUS' TRENCHING AND PIPEL NE CO. -- Family group riding in a horse-drawn buggy and dressed in old-fashioned attire 346. S A B I N O HIGH SCHOOL ROYALTY -- Four young riders in western dress. 347. SABINO SYMPHONIC HIGH SCHOOL BAND -- Group ot 90 stu dents led by director Robert V Lefevre. 344. NEW BEGINNING RANCH -Family group mounted on own horses and wearing ranch colors of purple and while. 349. SAMBO'S SPEEDWAY -- Mafched riding pair. 350. LAZY K BAR RANCH Group of six, mounted and carrylno ranch banner, and rldlno In covered wagon bearing ranch name. 351. KAREN AND BUD WAGNER -- Riding pair on matched Palomi- 152. CHUCK WAGON - Group of lour riding in ISSOs-slyle chuckwa- gon pulled by two horses. ,,?"= JOHN PKIPPS AND GRAND KIDS --Group ol four In an antique buggy made In 1880s D J54. MARANA HIGH SCHOOL BAND -- Group of 80 students under direction of Neat Gr/ssom. 355. D-M SADDLE CLUB -- Grouo of 25 riders. 3». WEAVER FAMILY -- Group people riding In miniature covered wagon. 3J7. THE CLARK SISTERS -Three sisters In western attire C A R D S ~ 404. MISS PAPAGO COMMITTEE -- This entry comes from Sells Papago Committee. 407. BAflOQUIVARI CHILDREN -- Thirty-five Indian dancers. ,«». HOPI KACHINA'S LODGE NO. 494 -- Boy Scouts dressed In Hool Kachlna costumes are affiliated with the Order ol the Arrow Lodge No. 494. PIMA TOWN AND COUNTRY N : -- The four persons on Ihe Parade equipment station w.iocn aredressed in Western clolhlnn _ 8 riding pair dressed in fringe iock- , V| GILANTES 7 I I T Wcls(1 HWIV pulls Ihls carl lull of wi-stcrn-outfllled chil- Ihcc'ir* r ' dcrs ' 1ccom iaiiv 412.' SANTA RITA HIGH SCHOOL BAND -- Musicians, ISO strong accompanied by tiompon girls cheerleaders and twirlers 413. TUBAC *H RATTLERS -This group ol 10 riders wears white shirts and Lcvi's and is mounted on quarter horses, wild five others walking alongside 414. MARY KEIM - She wears a light blue, modern Western suit and rides _ tier quarter horse, "Merito's 415. CHRIS CALLAH AN -- Chris Is dressed In Western wear and rides a Palomino. 416. "HOW THE WEST WAS WON" -- The olant four poster bed is complete with patchwork ouilf and pillows. 4177 TERRY SAVOY TRUITT -Rider Is dressed as a working cowboy and riding his Palomino. 418. GUS ALTFILLISCH -Chaps, spurs, boots and Levl's clad another typical cowboy. ,4". "THANK HEAVENS FOR WOMEN" -- Float depicts Eve In the garden. MO. ARIZONA MINER-ARIZONA HISTORICAL SOCIETY - John Watts, museum curator, Is dressed as an 1890s underground miner. 421. S A G U A R O - C H A P A R R A L SABER BAND -- Rena A. Morton directs 82 students from PhoenFx as they play "The Hustle" and the "Mickey Mouse March." «?· THE HISTORY OF CIENEGA CREEK -- The -I H members are dressed as a Mexican coople, a sheriff, Indians and a prospecfor. ,423. TUCSON GERMAN AMERICAN CLUB -- Ivy and paper flowers are used to portray a beer garden selling at Ihe turn of Ihe century 424. OLD A D O B E R I D I N G SCHOOL RANCH -- This group depicts a modern-day crew ot a working horse ranch. 425. AMPH1 RODEO ROYALTY -Five Amphitheater High School girls and their escorts ride In Ihls buggy 426 A M P H I T H E A T E R HIGH SCHOOL BAND -- Group Of 108 students under the direction ol Ron Shannon. 427. G R E E N L E E C O U N T Y CHAMBER OF COMMERCE -Contemporary Western rider bearing Ihe Greentee emblem. 418. SHAMROCK DAIRY -- Iron wheels grace this 1922 horse-drawn milk wagon. 4». EDUARDO H. GARCIA -Riders attired in Mexican charro oulflts. 431. VAQUERITOS DEL RIO -Pony pulls a small cart with two riders. Ramon Bazurlo Jr. and Rudollo Morales. 432. JAILHOUSE CHAOS -- Vaqueros, miners, dance hall pirls, delinquents and a few political types 1 are seen tumbling off this paddy wagon from Ihe Parade Museum. 433. PALO V E R D E HIGH SCHOOL BAND -- Leading tne band of 120 students Is drum malor Frances Blake along with fealtircd twirler Nancy Davis. William E. Richardson directs. 434. WESTERN RIDERS -- Three riders on two black quarter horses and a paint. 435. HELEN GREENE AND LAURIE MILTENBERGER -- Two young women In western alllre riding for the Tucson Police Decart- 434.' PALO VERDE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL -- Float features an old- fashioned schoolhouse on top ol the Bible. 437. THE CARRILLO BOYS-1977 COWBOYS -- Three modern cowboys riding Ihelr own roping horses 438. THE THOMPSON FAMILY -Father, mother and son arc mounted on Aoualoosa horses in western 439. SUNNYSIDE HIGH SCHOOL BAND -- These 130 students are directed by Glenn A. Hamblcn. 440. "WE'RE TRUCKIN' TO MAKE THE £EST BETTER" -Pacer mache animals and -I-H members in old-lime clolhes depict youths' concern for developing farm animals. 441. LIANNE WILSON AND BILLIE OAKLEY -- Western riders on registered pinto mares. 445. RAEL MOBILE HOME PARK -- Two-wheel cart drawn by a Shetland mute. 443. INDEPENDENT ORDER OF FORESTERS-COURT SANTA RITA -- Friendship through fralernalism is Ihe theme of Inis float. 444. PUEBLO HIGH SCHOOL MEXICAN DANCERS -- Twcnly- four dancers in Mexican costumes under the direction of Elizabeth L Marcoux. 445. IDA MADDASION -- She is mounted on her hlgh-stopping horse. 444. THE COPPER GIRL-LINDA MASIEWICZ -- Linda's Palomino horse is wearing a saddle with copper and turquoise trim. 447. C AND C CONSTRUCTION AND SILVERBELL REALTY -One mule pulls this Indian teepee 448! VISION QUEST BICENTENNIAL WAGON -- This wagon was Arizona's official enlry Info the Bicentennial Wagon Train arriving In Valley Forac, Pa., on July 3,1976. 449. MELODY PERRIN -- Two riders In matchlnn cream-colored oulllls astride black horses. 450. CLYDE DENNtS -- Clyde's shirt was made by his wile Fannie. He is riding a registered sorrel marc, "Lady Bugs." 451. GILBERT M. MARTINEZ -Gilbert Is riding Ills quarter horse «}. SAHUARITA HIGH SCHOOL BAND -- Sixty-eight members under the direction of Richard Hemwall. This band received a first place superior rating at Ihe annual University of Arizona Marching Festival. 453. HAROLD HADLEY RACING STABLES -- Women In western wear are riding horses bearing the sfabfe's colors of red and while. 454. CANADA DEL ORO 4H CLUB -- Four riders attired In orecn and white outfits. 455. SIGN OF PROSPERITY -- A cigar store delivery wagon advertises the Floridora five-cent cigar. 4SS. TWO RIDERS - Maria Calkins and Debbie Kolker are riding brown horses 457. PATAGONIA UNION HIGH SCHOOL BAND - This 41 member band Is directed by Loren O. Nlckle 458. BILL SANCHEZ - Bill Is walking the route dressed In modern western attire. 459. MATCHED RIDING PAIR - Hllarle K l a s s e n and Jennifer McNulty are riding bay geldings. 440. LEO TOBIAS -- Leo wears an all-black outfit and is riding an albino horse. 441. BRYON DOUGLAS -- He rides horseback, dressed In western clothing. 44J. LIND SISTERS -- The sisters are out for a morning ride, dressed In western outfits. ,,*£ PETERMAN'S APPALOOSA RANCH -- Two western riders on Appaloosas. 4M. TOHONNO A'AL -- The "desert children" are Irom Santa Rosa Boarding School in Sells 445. R.L. McPHERSuN -- He rides an Aupaloosa, "Playboy's Money." 444. MINERVA KNAEBLE -- She wears a modern western suit and rides a half-Arabian, half-quarter horse. 447. JIM KNAEBLE -- Jim wears a western suit and rides a strawberry roan quarler horse. 448. OBEDIENCE GROUP -- Efohl persons are walking their dogs. 449. TOMBSTONE HIGH SCHOOL BAND -- The 40 students are wearing black and gold uniforms and arc under Ihe direction of Hubert Bernal 470. OCOTILLO PATHFINDER -These 20 Pathfinders are on foot. Ihe boys dressed In western clothing and the Qlrls wearing long dresses and bonnets. 471. WISDOM DANCERS - This H-member Tucson group performs American Indian dances with costumes and props valued at 115,000 472. MIRANDA STABLES -- Leonard Miranda rides as a Mexican charro. He Is accompanied by Cecl Miranda, dressed as a Spanish lady 473. ARIZONA SCHOOL BUS D R I V E R S ASSOCIATION -- A group riding a wagon. 474. EL CON MUSTANGS' *H The dog club's f i r s t - and second- year members walk Ihe route with Ihelr pets. 475. HOUSE OF CARVINGS -- Six persons ride a springboard wagon, followed by a Sicilian donkey and horseback rider. 476. EJABE MORGAN FARM -- A rider dressed as a commissioned officer during the 1770s rides a Morgan stallion. 477; ROGER ABBEY -- Falher and son are riding horseback, dressed in western clolhlng 478 BENSON HIGH SCHOOL BAND -- Seventy students arc directed by Bill Morris. 47?. JIMMY CRICKET--The local chimney sweep Is on foot 480. FLOWING WELLS VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT -A horse-drawn antique fire wagon carries members of Ihe Fire Fighters' club and the Ladies' Auxiliary 359. TUCSON BOY'S CHORUS -Group of 30 boys under direction of John Davis. 3*0. KATHLEEN HOGAN -- Modern wesfern rider 341. DE'AN ORTIZ -- Modern western rfder. 362. RENE ORTIZ -- Four-year- old boy dressed In western attire and rldino black Shetland pony. 3*3 ONA GIBSON -Modern western rider riding prlzewlnnlng horse 3*4. CONFEDERATE CAVAL. A RYMAN -- Rider attired as 1862 authentic Confederate Cavalry soldier. 365. C O M A N C H E R O P A C K STRING -- Rider dressed as coman- chero of the late 1840's lo 1900's 346. COLORS OF THE SOUTHWEST -- Western riding group displaying types of modern Western dress, horses and working-class and pleasure-class riding tack *c' K S K ABB c A K R , S «R'NE TEMPLE -- Sabbar Shrine Mounted Patrol leading Shrlners Hospital for Crippled Children tloat. 3*8. SABBAR SHRINE TEMPLE DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS -- Grouo of 18 musicians led bv BUZT-- Buswell. 3*9. 5UNNYSIOE RODEO CLUB -- Group of 50 on horseback and In wagon. 370. FOUR VAOUEROS -- Four working cowboys. 371. AMPHITHEATER JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BAND -- Group of 100 students led by Olin R. Sllckcns- derfer. 177. TUCSON FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA - FouV Tucson chapters will march- wlrn banners. m BEAVER'S TUCSON CON CERT BANDi -- Group of 35 volunteers will perform. 374. VAIL ARIZONA -- Grouo of People rldlnp horse-drawn wVoon · widdressed In old-fashioned«nireT m. ANNETTE BURKE--Modern western wom»n. AND TUCSON RODEO PARADE Parade route The world's longest nonmechanlzed parade -- consisting of 480 entries -- will start marching or hoofing at 9 a.m. tomorrow. The parade will start at E. 13th St. and S. 5th Ave., ending two hours later at E. 20th St. and S. 4th Ave. Sections of three streets (upper map) will be roped off after the parade for a merchants fiesta.

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