The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 10, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 10, 1933
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Served by the United Press BEYEHEVILLE COCKIER J TTTE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOKTHIA8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XNX-NO. l?(i 'ulyiiieville' JJUly. News. UlytlwTllle Ooarfct. !.ll«l.sslppl Valley Letder. Uiytlittllle Htrtlfl. UIATIIRVII.I.K, AIIKANSAS. Tl'KSDAY, OCTOHKU 10, I'm SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS 1 CE KELLY TO HELP WIFE One-Foil nd Baby Husky Now Birmingham Votes Down iPTflTr Municipal Light Plant; J I Hi L Loss Almost F.qii;i!lv Divider! Belwrai Real aiul' Personal Property. ; Valuation of Mi.sxisslijpi cciiii-'.y . real aud personal piopjrt, 1 i!-jL-ln.'-o almost half a million cloll.iri 'i»ring lhe past year according lo fix- ures based on an alwlrnci of W". tax assessments filed with I .? cnim- • ly clerk today by Jcc Dil!ahu:Hy. i county assessor. A loss of $453.024 is reveals:! with . lhe total almost equally rtiviiM between reaF anil personal p:-3per:y , Tlie abstract shows t:iat lhe valu- ; of fc-a- proptrtv fell ell 022U.677. and personal property S232.G47. T e , lo'.al decline, however, is smaller; than has been no'.c;! in the p'i:<t. fev.' years. | All of the loss _on real prnpeiiv ' assessments was snsioiiv.'d on city | and town proix-ny as rural tt~- , sebSments remain the same as lh? j preceding year. Rural and city j property arc a»!e-sed in alternate years. Heal properly was assessed al: S10.7G0.194 and personal property •at SI.984.890 this year for a total, of $12.745,58-1. The total assess-' mr-nt, in 1932 v;as $13.199.308. 510.- j "•' 7ii belli" real properly and $-'.- i 211537 being personal property. Hural property or acreage was val-' ued al 8.339.202 in 1932 and lhe: Mime valuation held over for this year while city and town property valued at S2.421.S92 thi.s year' Yim . (1 und J2.0425C9 lasi year. - , lllls] ,. Utilities Not Im-luciccl •. .[lioili: val- : BIRMINGHAM. AH- O< t. l f '-' CUlM-Milllk-iiwl OiMrilliitJill il | lion n[ iin'XpiMViv. 1 'IVA r-M*: :('•', Muscle Shiials toilay had bi'i:ii rt-- j \ hMlL-U by llu 1 iuppii 1 'i': HiHiiiii:;- j ' jiaiu. of lb- s:nnli\ liiruc'i <:!'.- I k-s lo lake dc-llnili- sl'.-p.-, io\\yr:l • !sharin<; In ll'.e pnv.vr plniM 1 of 111.-! new deal. Ai,:j di'i'-al-.-d v, i-rt- nreij:*^ ij-i u,' unniin; ;u:u opor.iU- liie street railway ny.stem, a walej- works, und a | s' healing plans. i Advocates of mimi' iv.-iT 1 !'- . .•-hi]) planned to pim-liuM- t.-.i- Itlr _ iiiineliuni Eleclric Coiiipany'.-; hf.!:l- : ol - -i lcav i or alcoholic b-jvcraijss" In ss ;,ud bring power lain the eiiy |>ac i5 a|!1 . on | y v .. ;ls ndvocalcd today Rockefeller Roporl Outlines Proposal (or Alcohol Authority." NEW YORK. Oc:t 10. IUI')—A '.•mil! liquor monopoly for thr sal Observations Kollys Drop n Court from Muscle Slr:als. • in U:P third inslalliiienl of lhe re- it production , IKJII on ll'iuor control s|)"tisorcd liy i John n. Rockefeller jr. 1 Such a of coniro!. em- IxulyJn^ literal provision for lhe public sale and consumption of !«.".• and ligia wines, "makes i! n-'-s'b!- j On mi- cdHorial pum' Iheri- up,1-111.1 loiUy .1 im-c-ij from the Wwi •".in, Mis^. •[.iiii-.s-li'iider. pnsum- ''jly Irom tin- pi-n m KcUiii 1 O. Harris, mil- iiinr i-cliior and :>! Llu- Couui-r Nl-ivs. ll MTIII.S in me lo tjlvi! a MIIIII: iiissucr In iniu-ii ol ini' trl'.u-i ixliun reiu : ] ]iru;;r,iiu. cji-ilaml.., U-a.<i, il- is [uiKlaiiit-irial liia. u \.v are to have p:i« control v,i- imi.,1 iil.^o iiave p:r;.iu<j.mi coniro.. T:IJA«. wnn cliunvr <m liic oiw naml ior a nuYi-nutu'tii jiuuntiiined price for toiion atui on 1111- other proiesl ,;iiusl uoviTiimeiuai ellorl.s lo llni- ly make ilieni- rUlkulous. 'ini-ic is. liiMvvviT, unollu-i and Ibw ireo.i;c j nlly r.eaixl line of t-ritl- cLsm oi t!iv governments pro^jani i.'.a. b not .-in easily unswenM. i.lose wiio ask wheie ^iforls lo demand wiihin the limits of conj ditions established in the interests . . . ,y7.,j . i M or sccic| V." trie report added. \ir2llll3n Will Attack iva-i Deiniling broad powers for a 'state alcohol control authority." , - . a i lo meet an uiistimnlateiH incieaje lhe pike ol ii world ... - lioiml Recovery Act Uncoiistilutional. incdlty thruut;!! rcsli-icLion., np-n Aiuerican ]>rwlii?iion of trial coai- modUy y\-i). i;]iuualety lead tru- n;- du.stry in uiis country ;ue look- ini; to ihi- i,,t;n-e rnlncr man i- rast CENTERS FIGHT Relatives Testify lo Katli- erine's Part in Urscliel Abduction. OKLAHOMA CITY, On. 10 i UP*—A desperate riVfenfie. con- • U'litriled ius entire effort loduy lo save Ktithciine Kelly from 0.011' viclion In Hie Urschr.| kldnapln'j. | ulnl as the government, used lier cwn rp-laltvi'.s to draw n cluinaginu : «•<•'> of evidence. I Ocorne "Mncliliif Gun" Kelly, the luiburn-lmircd woman's -cle- ler.'imit lULSbaiul. appnrenlly was ciiciinccd In thr flRht to kcep-licr | fiom lliu 99-yeur prison lerm the Kovernmeiu Indicated it would seek for liolli. irt canllon?(l that liquor jilic presfnt -. mcrucncy, but lliey ^1,^11- brugeiulocio none, (Jvoriie "MiK'lilir.- Gnu" Kelly and his wife ...-1.1..1 „,.. _, ... , ,... . ^ pictuicd here In i-uiirl in Okliihomii Clly, Hsi supply stores be established "to j |K)si- ; \ pioliei.i ilial will be \viui i'or:n<il demands withonl vio-1 u.s aller the dilliciilllcs of the pres- j IIH-L'KV .MlUlliU Wf tlfmtJU *w> ll • \Jl (1C] U . ,, - ., „ ,,-"': .••p'eial branch nf the state govein- market. But statistics show bicrcai-:- preparini; to challcnso the cor.sti- , . . . . ._„, . ., ,,,,, . ,,„,,. „,,,.,...„„ lo Hie v.hlspeiccl ccumsi'l ol James Mullim. llu-li atloiiic) eek Vessel Sinks in Atlantic , Ocean ' Roosevelt's secretary of treasury tutionality of the national recov- j cry acl when congress meets:. .^J.'Lllll UI^J.^II 111 Lilt ^lllvv tw.w... . I.IU1.-WV. Ulll. ALULlaLlLA nllU^ UH-LL.l..- vtCvtll TJ/-1THT r\ I ID fllPI Thl. ir.rat. 11 should, however, like n t-d foreign acreage and production NEW YORK, Ort. 1U. ul) "' public :orom-atlon. be free- from this year, and tojnnion soase die- R^' 0 , ^ Iarlllc ^P".™ 1 ' 0 , 11 M "' t -• -• • --' ..---... . . ccpted a mc.ssage today uoni I no k .,„,.,... u> , |U( t,n- y,j,i almve ^ snm} pj]e u Utility assfssmcnts inc!i:clm s val- 1 ( .|, arlo .. n,,,....,.., , st John ot nation of railroad, tclep :one. tele-] KaB!!aH f:ily nl;n h ., UI llonol . s 18 aTKl power company proper- . mtl , jlhs „,,„ ,, s ,|, e lvo ,- urij £lua ||_ Tr.e caustic banking enp<.-ri of th? .-Uiclions which govern purchases, policies Itali steamer Montello, asking Senator Robert P. Wagner, one.,, scons n,iut,|,. 3 established by law. !of the authors of the rei-overy :ic'..! n)0 rowcr of n , p Authority would '• who said that the NRA program - ^ p1cnaiy , Althouah. as a mattev t\,* m "trip'rnimtv a'e made bv a! —-——•-=•••; -..«.... = <...»..- had lo be made stronger to brini; ' nf ' fovm ^ e Authorll.v should-bo "me board and are n« inclid-d °£ *#?. wh "" '"' l ";n e ' 1 ,"' e real recovery. He said that wages df c iq net! o.s V.ins within the ox? l "?. to ?.fi. an !..!^_."°^ I v.-oi:!d have to be made higher and „„„„ rtonnriment of the stale the Cov- only -to ap- Ao- VfllE TOUT 1 ships to watch for survivors of the Greek .slcnmer Annoula. Tlie Annoula ivas en route fro:n Norfolk to \a Plala when It sank Saturday. Coast guard stallon.i; along lhe Atlamlc coast rcrehetl • i the message. , i Philippines Reject 1 Offer of Independence niv-ln* information tp federal ot :; ' 111 Sliannon, KatlitTliir's 13- year-old Elep-Klster, was one- of a loim list of the accii-scd woman's relntlvo.s whom the Kovrrnmrnt offered as witnesses In Its drive to brand her as n major conspirator in tlii; plot to kidnap Charles V. Ui.schel for J'200.000 ransom She leslificd Mrs. Kelly took her and Pauline Fry, the accused' woman's H-year-old daughter, to Fart Worth to have them away from the hideout where Urschcl was held. Other strands In .the I.story against the Kellys were siip- plied by J. Klahr, a Fort Worth {-* i j i p ' pawn broker, and E. E. Klrkoatrlck, Ul'derea by Vjang O n man, who testified Kelly was ~~ ' " i the man lo whom he liandetl a ; traveling 1 bag conlalninc $MO.OtV) cers Believe |ln l) "' s ' ncar tnc ^ Sal '° bow in '__ jKnasas City. rmoAno Oct in HIP) -'A R«ds Death Threats • CinCAGO. Oct. 10 (UP) A u s D , slrlct Altomey Herbert in the eounly.pEsessDT's figures. As-J sessrjwhli'"by the state V<a.;i -on < utilitv properties in the cr/nmy lasi: " . I v;oi:!d have to be made higher and fl:nl ^ e department of ; hours shorter than they are under government, the' rioiver'of year "totaled S719.C37 but it, is nr. nTniljr Tfl clerstood that it »ill be slightly!**! Kit- til Sorer iriis year. j U I till L I U State and county taxr-s payah'.e 1 Jiexl year will be based on valu-j- ] lions made thi.s year by Assrssnr | Dlllahunty. j Tlie number of Mississippi roun-1 ty taxpayers assessed for ;)«-rso:ial • . . property dropped sharply from lasi MintiSP. and U. O. UclegatCS pjori{5? Casts HeaVV year, a compurison or thf ass?s- i i n i ! ., ' ' ; ., . , J ' . . . , „ ' Wr\nn \f\ \ n'.- c ll n ri r 1 • W_L_ ll L!L?LI existing codes to absorb the idle. who still number more than 10.- <KX).OW, according to his estimates. Word of t'ne iorthconilnq o-auosl- tion of Senator Glais deir-'loped when inquiry was made concerning thu absence of ll'.e blue eagle from his i'.rc> nr.vspapers at Lynchburg, ernor u-ould extend sor's abstracts for 1932 and 1833 shows. lu 1932 12.188 white- residents were asspssrd for personal property and 1.831 iii'grop.i. for a tola! of H.019. wlillt- 9.'250 white residents weie .ISSKSA! and 1.4Sci negroes, or a total o! 10.73iJ. were assessed in t' year, an ol'-yerir as far as elections are concerned. More Automobiles An increase in the number ol ni:tc-moblles. hogs, mules ancl cal- to .Per s u a ci i France and Germany, j GENEVA, Ocl. 10. cUP)—Ainsrl- : ^; j i-:i and Engtor.;! loo;-, the Jcim le.ul Vote on Prohibition TALLAHASSEE. Pla.. Oct. 10 poinlment concurring In the senates rejection i'ridc- Coal Mines Will Rearh By a vote of as to 2 2 tr.e hcusecaute of Its members. ••ova] of lt« budset should rest; w i • c. i r 1 with the Board of Dlrettnra, as Inl Workers in oteel Lompany B private corporation. The same principle would anply alM to all matters havlnst to do ; wlth Its finances, personrcl and purchases. The onlv exception to this principle would be the right of the, state auditor or comptroller to v audit tie transactions, of the Au- se ilpmamls for complete im- land leaders contending that ihsy tliorlty on the- direction of Lhp Govcrnnr. 1 Dlspoeltion of Tlie profits ol the Authority (UP) — Las', nilnuie appeals bv -. ri]] i ( ) O r ronrse. lie very lar»r. Iffidrts of Uoth .-ides find brlijlii \viieim-cr Hminr sales monopolies of steel company owiied should be freed with no strings at- of the tached. western Pennsylvania coal strike, voted today on whether to join the thousands of commercial inln- leachville Justice icdav m an e.'lort to remove a ^cat 11 " 1 bronchi out a i-cmparii- hnve i^p,. established, or .siiBsc-sl- t l lat lively laiae vote today in Florida's n , r lhe I>r0 posal has app=are<! to tloned again concerning the i'&.-i „ _ ..,- • „ . -, COO Chicago .mail robbery last, bold Kailroad MOCKS Le°"easliereer wns found shot to! to Ay6id InCORie T0X 'icaHi in his north shore-home lastj • ' - •'—» PYlday. ' i WASHINGTON. Ocl. 10 mi')— The deaths of Wlnkler and Lob-1 Sales of huge blocks of railroad ; ensbcrger remained as .perplexing stocks in 1929 by Dillon, Read and lie over 1932 is "shown bin lhe val- Anthony Ede French-Germnn dcBdlojk ihr«iened the life of the world dis- Pfonioition repeal election. armament conference. i .'" Norman H. Davis, ci.ief U. S. del- i |. ic ' a|is cfrate' to tlie conference. an:l ' '' !en. chief British :lele-' 9 CO to | - = coordinate Brllish-American P 01 '^'!^;", uat'ion of each class of properly I ^tc. decitol at a long diminished. For instance a total of 2.854 cars were assejsed this year and valued at $117.570 while las; year 2,711 cars were valued at $208.010. New cars w'lilch havo made their appearance rapidly in , - , , - . i i the couniv since assessment-, were don llcr <icmcl " rt f f * lro >^ ;l " nl -, jc.ip of made in the early spring indicalo | meIU : and .! ra !, E(lt ;', 1 ., 11 .^ cc: l, l . n ."^'ballot. an increase in valuation of ihi- and seek agreement between France i | 10 ' ed "| ]a ; and Germany. ! , n n nor i cl l. It. was understood that Davir, nil-.' ,^ , ^wuw dertoDk to conceninUe his "'orls | J; ,^ ' ca|1 ' dLt j on [jersv.adliis Germany lo atai- ; .jjjj. °\ ' . md ov , convicted of public J a mystery a s docs the higher up company and that firm's invesl- rr?ni-':i. Hr •cicome the hand- nnt , in Vdnipelllion with other dear, otherwise, confusim; ma ,._ <ls •The profit policy of the Au- county faun. H was the first llmci, . ,.. . . the»-ba! k '' owl ' ,farmer, who died late class of property in 1934. it is Almost cvety class of iKrsona! property listed individually by tlir assessor suffered a loss, small in most instances, from lest year. Some of the valuations are tii follows: I DM 314 Kir, "3.03'j 338.0SO II .G99 France to lessen the penalties;, -- -i-.ks I'. imposi> on violator- ! during a test porio:! for inl!-:r.j-; tional armament coni:cl' ; Class Horcte Cattle Mules . Hogs .. Atilos Wagons, etc Diamonds Household goods Money Notes and Credits Bonds, stock Companies Business and Professional Fixt. 208.010 3C.2CO 6.020 •H9.113 . 8.750 15.GOO . I.750 tl'.oiity should be dcterinined as a . — Reveals •• menus of progressive liquor con- j caiuiidairs for Mississippi " - Lsvee Candidates Must •.<. magistrate in ft i n rt • *J „„«>'district of the oovmtv had Ksued rile lo Uays in Aavance,., comm i tmcnt slncc establishment ! of the mur.icl|inl coin t here In loss lo offseil coun-- January. 1932. Icha = "»«•*••' f^^" .' ,7-" uolwithont regard lo the revenue j ty's five director.ililn,s on the St. ArchaeolOZiCal Sites )WP( t of hospllals. okl-aKO Pp-iFiancis Levee District board have « . p r; Stalinn sions or temperance education.; U1HU JQ days before the^ election ^UIO raTKing OWIIOH To Replace Kv srm SI till I- 00.16; 327.855 0.6-15 177.MC 3.530 3S6.3-IO 5.050 1.950 Council Meets Tonight The city council will 1-oic! its re;, „,. „. _.. ular mcsilily session al lhe city hall tncky. according tc aiinomicemeut treasury icjP(._Ar- Ear-marking of revenues is con- November C to flic for the office nd^'mithroM'.ogical trary to sound public finance. Pro- ncccrd ine; to W. W. Shaver, mem- i located in all but ills of the Authority, therefove. (Kn . o( t he Mississippi county elcc- ''sun-! Tiacy S!>W ' d fr', ET f me"' i'Si^apf ^ .^" ^u^enator- Cou.en, efuirehanci the reinains were tak- "Thafs^ht," Tracy replied. .. en to Concord. Tenu.. today, where burial will be made. The deceased, who had resided near Manila for 2 years, is survived by a brother, J. H., of Jack- Tammany Hall Opens Fight to Hold New York <OP1- ten of lii? 120 counties of Kentucky, according tc iinno'.incemcnl . «,,,,VKI. .made bv PJOIS. W. S. Webb and any particular purpose go directly into the stale l!on C01m nipsion. williotit- dcfieiialion tor tonight al 7:30 o'clock. _ w _. .. .. Only routine business will ccme : w. D. Funkhouscr. of the Univer-- before the body, according to May- | ?ity O f Kentucky, who i-ave spent or Cecil Shane. , lhe pas'. 1!0 years in r-:.caviU!on.; of. = this characler. Of a toial of 1.2-ii site: thr state t,Sl 'represent earth Candidates must fih- with Ihc tecrelary of the county election board. Elmer Threlkeld of Manila und Browns Spur, anct must pay ^•^/.« T» > a S10 filing fee. Week CNer 8.000 Bales So far ns could be learned today no from any ":<• Receipts Last 60n _ TerJ1 lwo 5isU ,,. Si Mrs . M . Price of Kcnnett. Mo., and Mrs. for good Tenn., and Mrs. W. C. McNeely, foods and comfortable accommoda- • O f sterncs. Ky. lions for 72 years, is no more. j Howard and Thompson Under- Brick by brick a dei 13G.220 101.475 New York Cotton XEW YORK, Oct. 10. lUP)-Cot- ton closed steady. open high Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July 033 946 953 972 985 1003 330 955 962 978 991 1010 low 928 941 947 904 978 995 close 929 9-11 947 965 980 995 i modcd hostelry here, year members of the ,^,S™£^£ "M'.Preiideilt of PoUnd c-mas. 3_9 earth- v nl e 'plant of'the and the desertion of prominent leaders, loyal braves donned .silk ,ny was in charge of ^^^""'m 0 ^."^ the Tammany candidate against . Joseph V. McKce. injcpendfnt Dcmccrnt. and P. H. I/iGi:ardia. fusionlst. in lhe November campaign for mayor. Secretary Half His Age WARSAW. Poland. Oct. 10 (UPI | u _ v . , A . . j Sixly-seven-j-ear-old prcsidentjH. r. Knight ApDOUltea Ocr.ernl Motors has been divided ; vigorously litrough the University p[ nc Bluff. _ „„,„ Internalional Harvester 38 1-2 : O f Kentucky by Professors Webb Receipts for the state last tt(lcit j mlo five districts. Middlewest Utilities 1-4 | an< | Fimkhbuser during the past were 78,814, compared to 08,775 for; . Montgomery Ward — 20 5-S .j flvo years In 1930 the Smithson- the same week lasi vear. So fa r ;_ - n ,, New York Central 395-8 ! i sn institute co-op.-ratcd in the | this season 240,873 b.i!o-s have been ] Prepare tor IrOUDie OH work. ' " Moscicki today married his secre- i tar>', Maria Zagorny, just half his age. n Li- U LL... ' TU« Cardinal Archbishop of War- Uahlias as nODDy, J 5aw solemnized the ceremony at 11 Won World'* Fair Prize am - ln the auclcnt " t!le Ilbbe> ' near non norms rair rnzc „ rvr .,,i.i. nt i, 1 „,.,,,.,., T h r nr^.s- h Spots closed quiet at 955. cff 10 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Oct. 10. IUP» — Cotton closed barely steady. open high low Ocl ^25 925 923 923 Dec 34-1 95rt 937 911 Jan -951 951 9V2 917 Mar 970 975 SCO 9GG Moy 98o 985 977 ' 981 July ..... 998 1008 994 996 Spots closed, steady at Me. oB N Phillips Petroleum — 161-2 Radio ................... 75-8 Simmons Beds ........ 22 31-. Louis-San Francisco. 3 1-4 Standard o' N. J ....... 43 Texas Co ............... 33 3-8 U. S. Steel ............ 47 1--I Hiccoughs Birthday I the presidential palace. The orcs- Relief Goods Distributor N. P. Knight has been npnointed distributing agent of supplies In Mississippi county for the Federal Emergency Relief work. He will, have his headquarters In this city received at Arkansas comprrsse,' _ ", ," .-..._.,-_„ T) av ! MASSIU.ON. O. (UP>-Althou 8 h %»** ^^.^^ °^ but'the" location of the supply compared to 352.811 to ths some I Luba S Independence Uayj Hnrold shanabrook's hobby of ° f nls ° mce attended. pot has not yet been decided uc d»te last season. : raising dahlias is "strictly a tacit-! ,, . _. _.. , | These supplies are to be furntm- Rccelnts last week and for the: HAVANA, Cuba. Oct. 10. <UP>-> d a f fnlr ;. nc brought home, tamer rlgCOn With j ed by the government to the needy " "-" Siberia Band Found !n thls '~'" tu Cliicar/o Wheat inr OhlO Woman'seascn at a few leading po lnli to'.-' All troops and psltccmen were keiHi,,,.,^ hluc ri ijbons after exhibiting 101 ] OV . In barracks today, ready for emer- nls blooms at the Internationa) ' - •' " 'nency. as the capital celebrated I Flower shOT . O f t h c —•••— «' Cuba's inde>r;iKtence day._ _ [Progress. Dec. May 0]>cu high lew R5 8-5 1-2 83 £t) 3-0 SM S-4 87 3-8 /it • ChlCCtf/O open high close low ZANF.SVILLE. Ohio lUP>—Talki all you like about happy birth-j days, but Mrs. Rowena English was! mcsl. unhappy when her 24lh an-1 | niversaiy dawned. i 84 "1-2 i She awoke with the hiccoughs, 83 5.a and has had them ever since. I And Mrs. English knows what she ! for file has suffered P"riodi i from the disorder for years. close',,.! At one time she was forced to Dec. 43 1-4 43 7-8 42 5-8 43 1-4 j go without food or drink for IT [ Hayli Pine Bluff Blythevltle Little Reck ... Wesl Memphis Hope Helena Marked Tree . Forrest Cilv .. Walnut Ridge Jonesboro .... teaehville — Caruthersvillc .. 9.413 32.649 .. 8.697 29.370 . S5S5 11.927 .. 0.937 24.369 4.909 19.933 3.084 2.971 2.9 V ? 2.85G 876 1.268 S.72,1 4.427 p !•-. G.?.i7 2.951 1.471 C.694 President Ramon Orau San Martin feared the possibility of serious I trouble by opposition \vl:o might make the day the occasion for a new outbreak. Colonel Batista, chief of staff, began the formal observance of the day shortly after midnight with a visit lo tte president means of cntury of | VISALIA. Cal. (UP)—A carrier siianabrook sent only three-pigeon, bearing a leg-band mark- blooms to the exhibit, and each ed ''Siberia." 1931," was captured won a blue ribbon- In its class. ! litre the other day. The most perfect of all the The bird was believed to have blooms measured 13 inches In flown, during the pnst two years. WEATHER Arkansas-Fair, wanner in west and central portions tonight. Wednesday partly cloudy. M<vnphls and vicinity— Warmer uujviujj liitooiii t-u *«j *i.v~"™ ••- — • j ,---- . »...-. ..j width and nine Inches in depth, across the Bering Sea, over Alaska tonight and Wednesday, partly More than 25000 dahlia blossoms and Canada, »nd the United, C i 0 udj'. • were exhibited States, to Central California. I ShmSiS* h« been raising U was l.irned over to the.C»U : l The .maxliiiumjemperature here May 49 '-8 60 1-2 49 3-? days because of the hiccoughs, i Maiden . .,. rs - nc ls ai1 omcc ^^^ ris, official weather observer. 44. Nor-

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