The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 14, 1935
Page 3
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f AGE SK SLrrHByLLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Ri ought Wave of Kidnap- ing;; and Authority lo Comhal Them WASHINGTON, .-Feb. 13 10P)~ The Ltmlbereh kidnaping was H blow—and a boon—to thf ilepurt- mem of. justice. The Wow was a wave of kid- naping.. The lioon.was that congress p9E,-cil the 'Lindbergh Law" which eave the eovn-ninc-ni. broad jurisdiction in the fight, against HdnnplnPw and has lesulted lo date in the. solution: of 31 cases. Tlie child ; of liie Uii<lbf>rgli.i' was stolen March" 1, 1932, On June ii of the samo: year nn aroused congress made • kidnaping a federal offense, when It involved use of mulls, or transporlatton ol the victim across state lines. . Since then the division of ih- vesligationi deparlmenl of jusllce. ha.s participated In the solutions ol 31 kidnapings. To quolc J. Ed- Bar Hoover, chief of tlie division: "All ol the 31 ciujiis have been rxilvcd. "Seventy fo\ir persons have 1 been convicted and "22 arc now In custody awaiting trial. Seventy four pel-sons have; received sentence.? totalling 1,186 years, )l months and two days; 10 life sentences, two death sentences, 30 years huspeuded sentences and 20 years probation; two, individuals were lynched .while awaiting trial, three 1 committed suicide and two .were murdered by Ihclr companions. And . kltlnaplngs seem to lie .decreasing in number." Two Still at Large, Only two suspected kidnapers are .still at large. One is Thomas H. Robinson, jr., a young man who.masquerades as a woman and is accused of kidnaping Mrs. Berry .V. Sloll In Louisville, Ky. The olher Is Alvin Karpls, Oklahoma fugitive 'sought, as a participant in. the kidnaping of Edward O. Bremcr Minneapolis bicwcr and hanker. Allot Robinson's .associates have lA-i'n auesled Most of KarpLs' accomplices are, dead, shot by federal cgenls The lest, led by Arthur. (Doc) Barker, are behind tars, awaiting trial. The Lindbergh law provides the "death penaity in aggravated cases of--kidnaping and in others "Im- prK-omuent $01 such icini of years as the comt, In Its discretion, shall 'determine." Kidnapers who use thCs mails for transmission of., ransom notes imd (lie like )»Jiy J ,l>e prosecuted autmnatlcally .under the federa law. -Those • who transport their victims across state lines also coma under juilsdlctlon of the law. The act provides that in the absence "of the return of the person kidnaped during n. three-day peilod, the presumption arises that the victim has been trans- IKirted "in Interstate or foreign commerce." . Low Meets Ciiulknce ;Beca«se of the prominence of the •'Lindberghs,. thp. manner In which their baby was kidnaped, and the tragic,.outcome, the case presented a challenge of national Impovtonce to the forces of law and order. \Vhcn it became apparent, that no : immediate solution was forthcoming, crime seemed to boom. Kidnapings and other acts of violence ,;became legion, The department '• of Justice began to cooperate actively with the New York City police department. According lo.. Attorney General Homer/S. Ciimiuings: ' . • "The result obtained in the Lindbergh case is due (o no master detective of fiction working on an ;inltiltlon or sporadic inspiration, but- to. a practical arraugc- i nient for cooperation, in which the- trained experts, methodical, patient and attentive to the smallest details hung onlo the trail un- III the end came In sight." Thousands of lelters from all ovei the United States and from many countries were- written, bearing on .the Lindbergh case. Most of. them were penned by cranks, but the division of Investigation inquired • into every one.-~The division e\cn prepared 50,000 index- cards' as "a matter of mere routine, to organize the Lindbergh files on a chronological basis. In Hoover's office is gruesome evidence of many another kidnap-, ing Solved either by his opera- The government, including the mes or bv cooperation with stale three branches, federal stale nn agencies "—- "- • •• - - ' al ""--an Case after case Is filled with machine guns, shot guns, revolvers and knives taken from kidnapers and other criminals. There are pieces of Hangman's ropes, which : tightened around ' some necks. In one display there is a thermos jug In which kidnapers hid pait of the $200000 ransom money thsy o-rtamod from Charles P. Urschel,- Oklahoma Citv business man Within 9fj dajs after he was kidnaped, 15 men and women were arrested, tried and convicted for their part in the~ crime "We, the jury, fjnd the-defendant AY, FEBRUARY 14, I9S5 Dentli House and Chair That Awaits'Hauptmann ~~^ —~—.._. ' • < • ._...-•. _ . New .F Bf!ey is condemned to death; it is in.this ItCnllUry ^ Tl '™ t0 " ' h " L '" mu!t "»"« are ft | m «t as austere, nothing being provided that would : -' (:t " c CM " 'lectured at right) housed in a Email room at the i nil of the cull corridor. cr,st:y 'Cliinr Already- Has Claimed Lives of 110 TRENTON'. N. J.. Feb. M (UP).four years o;',o. when li was found '"• whiie-wultat reel angular t the nine uolis were Inadequate and ' N THE 01IANCERY COUKT CHICKASAWJ3A D1STR] Q T MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKAN- IbAS, P. .1. Thomas, plaintiff, vs. No. S8B1 Beulah S. Thomas. Defendant The defendant Bjulnh s. Thomas is warned, to appear within thirty under two Hood Hghls;' tli.1t l.'.iv/ mwdercis luid lo he the electric chair hy which ] housed in the large cells of the, L -auu,m nviroi ana nn<™ New JSI-M-V millets the Mipremejold south hall,, one of the oldc.M.', complaim of the plaintiff p penally for minder. . wings ,in the institution. Nine 1 -- I'mimm i. C::;iipjiii^' a ;:|-,::r:8 only 2-1 feti niore celts were added to tin; sec- f ;U. aui- eiui (if tin? nrvvly- \'.'itlli[l thf: llh'.h The cell;; themselves are roomier Male prison, th:: Ihaii those in other parts of tin: IN- has witiu'ss-.'d Ihc j Institution, ..beini; about twelve of 110 men. No wu-1 fi'i-l long by ten feet wide. They :, rvL'r |;ui:l the extreme 1 contain only a cot, sink and toilet. , in Nf.w Jersey liy electro- JlaoJIIlic.s 1 . Tlio burs of special steel, culion. There 1 are live inmates' of i impervious to hacksaw blades or death hiiiisc, three of them s-.-iK.-d- ] other lools. stretch across the en- ulod lo' die, durJiUi the week ulliire trout of each cell- allowing March 11. . I the guards a clear view of the in-' hi NITV: Jersey practice, u court [lerior. sels tin- wi">k when :i noiulcinned! The condemned man, when the , is to be executed. The j zero hour arrives, Is walked from principal keeper, who is clilc-f of--his col! to the .small door with two ' lhi> prison, sets the day'ijiiards at his side, and followed ...... -... hour. It has be-'n the closely by any clergyman he has limclfcr to hold executions between I chosen to give him spiritual guld- Ninr: Thomas. Dated'day of January 1D35 II. M. Craig, Clerk By Elizabeth noddy, n. <;, •rndloy, Ally a<l f,item. 2-1-31-7-1'! Ji and p, )i; m., and .. during the lance. regime of the late Colonel Edward 1 Elcetrocutiniis B. Suinc as principal , --e -generally u. oujiie KS pnneijiui Ktep^r, the j conducted after, B p. m.-The pris- day v.-as usually Monday or -Tu;s-.i.on<-r has a fifteen foplV'iralk to (lay. " " -'jlhe squat, oak' chair", "hie- same The prison stands in lln> midst chair that was placed in service 'of this city. When tliij nei-d r.S a Jin 1«07. ' ,r.cntral state institution was first j Already in the death chamber, Ir'caliTicrt the state set aside part of'Hubert Elliott,, official electrocu- Ihe property owned and used asjtitmer, has gone through the' p're- an arsenal. .The buildings, with I llminaries to determine that'ev- only one wing, were constructed on ! crythlng is in working order be- a half block. jt'ore the principal keeper gives the Subsequently additional wings, signal (o bring the condemned spread mil in fan ;:ha|ie. wore add- 'nan in. Before the witnesses ar- ed and when the buildings hous- rive, Elliott and on assistant open hng the arsenal were abandoned j'l'c locked steel cabinet Which land th;.> Natiotml uiinrd K'.'ir m,i- !houses the switch. They place i i trial transported to Seagirt, the j rubber, mats all around lire chair entire blocr: was taken in. Apnrox-H" Prevent a short.circuit, test the ''"'•• •"•••-«•<.-! -' "•- block is j tw-hich leather straps and then. WARNING ORDER IN THE CIIANCRRY OOUftT CIIICKASAVVBA DlfiTR] C T IWfSSISSlPPl COUNTY ARKANSAS. Claude Johnson, Plainliff, vs. No. 5800 Burton•• Hessic Johnson, Defendant. The defendant Burton licssie Johnson is warned lo appear within thirty days i,, the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Claude Johnson. ' Dated this 23 day of January, 19.15. H. M. CRAia, Clerk liy Rllznbeth noddy, D C Gene Dradlty/'Atly.' ad LItem , WARNING ORDEIl IN THE CHANCERY COURT CHfCKASAWBA DJSTR] r T MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. < Margaret Magiolo, Plaintiff, VS. No. 5888 Leo Magliolo, Defendant. The defendant Leo Magliolo Is warned (o appear within thirty days m the court named in the caption hereof and answer the coinp'lalnt imatcly one-third of the blcik ^H^hua, leather strap, An A '\^, lL^ th^M day'o^at^rfS' used as on exercise yard for the; with sponge moisten the clee-1 H i, ( .< 1Alr M '". Jl " i3 ' more tlmn 1.7M immtr.i. Ilie nr- !™'«s- By Etoteih hoddv n n stnal bulldlnt' was i.:'eon;;tructed i. As Elllnti, the .sjimr eleclroeu- | neu<- Bradley, Ally «•< ' ii..'— ...- i and .<;<•• Is in a "U" .shaped indent:)- I' 01 '*-'!' who swung Hie switch on ,.,. ., ,, ... ~ I linn niitskle Ihe walls on (he KIT- ""'h Snyder and Jnrtrt Gray, be- Ji M " 10 '.,'. S l C .! n "'.- h .. 0f , Cl '' vl -i l ' IKi K»wl..™lo, v/.in-e it, in iisr-cliBi'is Ills preparations;.linemen and . um- MID [luck. N <;., uses a motor bus tojas iiutr (in- rnnmls of !)><> lo'.ui the Slock Prices] N~ fw York Cotton -luge Sum Used in Tracking Down and Convicting Bruno Hiuiplmanii PL-EMINOTON, N. J. (UP)— From Ihe night of March 1, 1M2. until the present, day, Ihe Linl- Jergh casa has cost the government 1I °"'BO""-'i'y «'aid and the various agencies engaged In ' ew Yovk Central tracking down the parnclrutor, more than S6M.OOO. Inclucliiig the S50.000 ransom p.ild A. T. nnd T. .. Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Service .. Cola Pen. Am. Tank i General Ulcclric General Motors int. Harvester ... McKesson-Robblns —of which li» will receive back nearly $15.000 found in Bruno Richard Hauplmnmi's garage—Col Chas A. Lindbergh has spent at least. Sls'- COO. His friend. Col. Henrv c Brackinriclse. has spent another SI0,000. The efforts to run down - — »•* 111,1 nv» o false clues, such as those presented m the John Huirhe.s Curtis honx cost at least 515,000. The mageplre, or bushmastcr snake of Central and tropical South America, grows to ' -- "--i B»w,u w ^.jviigin of 12 feet and develops long fangs rapab'e of„ inflicting vvoiinds caus- --*---..- ~_ .—«^ •'UMi.byjg *\vini\i?r V&US" ing death within a few minutes' time. --------- • ««-».••-• i»i, otdii; - i\\\u :w York city, had 28 workers on the case for 30 months, at an expense estimated at $284 000 A conservative estimate of the \- s - rious costs show approximately (be following figures: Cost to Col. Lindbergh .. $15.000 t;0st to Col. Brcckinridge $10.000 Cost of police and detectives ............... S^S-J 000 Tele i* ones, telegrams and cables ....... - $20093 Trips to Europe by' officers jsloon Cost of handwriting ex- r- n «r ........ Cost of wood experts and exhibits .......... $10000 Federal expenditures .'.'.'. $15000 Cost of trial .......... $100.000 10Ial ...... ........... $629.000 Insanity is Increasing rapidly in he province of Quebec. In 1928 '""*• ln 829 __ 1810 U vvai 14 per ce i,t • cent, ami Radio Corp. ...... St. IX)uis-S. p. ... Simmons Bed Standard of N. J. Texas Co. ...10:i I-'J 3-n ... 29 ... :w 7-H .. 23 3-4 .. 3D 7-H .. 40 .. 8 .'. 26 3-B . IB 1-2 .. 45-8 .. 15 1-8 ...5 1-8 .. 11-4 NKW yOltK, Feb. |.| Cotton clo.':«l steady. Mrtrch May July |0cl". .. i Dec 1 Jan open IS33 i'i'.>y 124:! 1231 i-;t,, 1231! high low 1237 1232 121-1 12J9 12-»G 12-12 lass IIMI i"43 "!2:iS !"4'l 123(1 133S IIM'.I I1H4 123-1 iw:-: 124-1 •novf! nieans. Venus, not. Mar 1 ; k probable home ofVlilo on ,'S!XX "K Ipiancls. aeenrdlnp, to latest reports (he block, ahm!; t ;n i|n> ".. tand rlo.-X- up (i) the outer the inost. jai |j 0lll[i llu . 6e lM „ , (III Illlur .. ,, . .. . '' | from selentists and Hiitronom-rs [who haiv .-stimated that Hi,- lent- ,.„,,,. „,,,„ .„.,, , irs^s^/ 11 ' 11 "^^^ 1 '''"- are I electricians for Ihe [and Gas company aiTHvlo tes! (••HIT '" ""' °'-''"' t! ''egioi'i of Mis. 'ill H '"° 1 "' ! ""' Al ' t:i >nsas. "parts of Tcn- ' ntKiue. Kentucky, and Alabama, the Wtlc-nvecd, Tclenlum lenid- ; folium, yields plenty of golden eli..,,-, ,.11 • hon '-i' ln br-es, but it is as lilltnr IU.IILUI- ;.... ^ulnlne. 24-SI-7-H th? Kpols clojcd ;i( 12. r >5. imchnn<;(<d. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Fvlj. M Cotlon closrd steady. open high low 1230 12:18 1234 rill 12M 1241 1245 124S 124! 1235 1235 1234 1238b --- - 1238b clas-.-d steady at U'?;', March Way WARNING IN TUB CHANCERY COUHT OI1ICKASAWBA D1STRI (• '!' ATfSSlSSIPPT COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Alnin riichardsnn. Plainllir, vs. No. 5883 Mervin Richardson, Defendant, The defendant 1 Mervin Richardson is warned to appear within thirty days In: the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of Ibe pmimifr Mnn ttichardson. i,-,].,,,. ..,,,.„ .,, ,,,,.,,, ;uni,v uiMin nnii-,' as i i,-v round i ,- , itieimrason. ;," ~~~- i!:;;- c r;,:' i::;;: ^.vt^-'td"^^'?^^ 1 '^^"- D: "°" '" s S-^Ara^s- HCK E W mS^^ 1Vt;0l " Vr ''^ «"*« l "'W^ No** wimtow^'are ^J^J'^ 1 ^^"?™!"™* n'adl^v" adlSenu ^^^:z^ ;r*,^, 'j^rir- -»- «-* ^^^^_^^_ • «... NOTICE IN CHICKASAWBA ^ , MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. AKK^N- SAS. J. A. Gwaltney. Plaintitr. sight? vi'.c r.mnll door is used. ., the building, the visitor valks through an eight-foot, coral the end of which is (he through which Ihe concbjjin- etl make their last- walk. This door Bray on one side and cream colored on tlio other. To the riht U. S. SJeel " "fj.i"i \1 JUIJII || days In the court named in arc the eighteen eel!:!, nine on hie ,.,« caption hereof au : l answer the c-om- Srniind floor and nin - t of the plunmir j. ,\. Gwalt- OIK! floor. In the center of the corridors and against the wall opposite the cells are the desks used by the guards, and Hi Chicago Wheat tins 23 day or .lauiiary. 1935. H. M. CRAiO. Clerk Hardware illvfliev alarm system. la unusual (lejii.'in.'h, iho M-:il-7-U|di-alh linus? \vas reconstructed IOUGHTA BE GETTIK1 PSi CLOSE TO TH'CABOIFF «/ - J V, WELL, I'LL BE A ST£GOSAUB"5 \ T ) TDE-NWL IF THIS PLACE AINT PE5EBTED7 BY TH' LOOKS OF IT, THERE'S BEEU WOO LIUIN'^HERE FOK QUITE ;' ; ^ '---

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