The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 9, 1933
Page 6
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PACK MX R. (AUK.) OOIJRTKK NEWS A Double "Killing'' Giants Avenged •frit Southern Football Al :•':• Least Par With Rest of '• '• Country. i . BY HAKKV MKIIIIK • Football Cci(h, l'imrr>.ily of Gpuriia , "' ATHENS, na.—Invasion of foul- Tall coaches from prom In em schools {i'li. oilier sections probably Is ;lor;mor,t reason for the mrlconc •ivf o!'football in/Dixie. Fiom east and iiiidwest came .grid piotessors well versed in foot- '"rall tactics and soon thereafter • 'llic teams begun to perk up null Uiciu- real clash. , , ^. \^anderbiU nnd Georgia Tech are Die two schools that lonp have been known for power fu' 'Icoiball teams, nnd about tlic only. mo southern . teams llml Vidvcn'i imported coache.-j ' wilhlr . (he- last decode. .Dan McGnsln ha: tten el Vanderfcili almosi since . thc'turn of the century aflcr l?uv- • Ins- Michigan as u player, liil 'Alexander started tils fourteenth year at Georgia Tech tills fall. -••Tulahe brought in Bmile Hlcr frail, who since has gone to Minnesota, after developing many line learns.' Tennessee ended the victory famine In 1925 by bringing •jnphasis On Smart Fool- ball Instead of Do or Die Spirit. I»Y JO<!K SUTHERLAND i[ the school nthleilt 1 dcp.irlment and thp coach lo co-operate by nKniis nf efTlrlenl medical care for tlif' iiihlHrs. The train physician nnd trainer are trained specialists now. We nov: know and recognize that fooiball injuries ai.* in most casps d'Herem Irom otlu-:- injuries. As a result, trained :nul elllcient mccl- inpii are on tin' lookout lo: 1 iiijiiri'.'s, instead of svaiiin:; for ilu-in to be reported 10 ilu-m. i Put'due ib bc-:n^ mi-iHioni'd as a In Ihe lust rrw years, ihe Cl'-iirni!) thai may beat out Michigan foits mndi' lo handle dip Individ-j for the bis; Ten thaiiiploiiiJilp ihi; ual have bmi safe :in<l sane. HP; fall.'If It should turn out that >•; treated as an individual, no 1 .i way, a lol of the credit v.'ould fall as pan of a flioup. upon tlie shoulder; of one of ihe Wiih the niiiiifctr of ijoys tak- c»l "Mule:." of Notre Dame—and Football Coarlt, University of Pills-1 in 1 ; part In Ijnlh inUrcolle-jiaU 1 ! an cxmaiuu' M llial—Noble Kiz: i r. burgh ! ard fco'.ball increasing i Nobody ever stepped inlo a; (Copyright. 1033. KKA Reiviee. IriC.) 1 cncli year—at Pi'i '.u> have sec-n ' lowlier coaehisiK assignment ih::ii | Officials rule-1 "it- number In ip.leicollrKia'.c.- loot- Ki/cr ion;: ovi-r three years :IKI>, ! ' when Jimmy I'helan. after v.inniim j a championship, Icfv llie Indiana ..Mile l-'nini (In- AI.KXANHEH HAMILTON v.-as Hie first U. H. treasurer. The UNIVKKSITY 01-' MICH- IfiAN was ilio first to admit, \vomc'ii, Philadelphia was tlm capital of' the United from 17SO to lf-00. makers, school athletic an'.horliles. I ball triple in four years—the IUHH- coael;es, physicians and trainer.': her of Injuries is uoiti2 lo de- have been uorkliii; for a lon a linn- lo make football ^ifer for llrj player, and tills regardless of lii- 1 number of casualties and Injmlss. civa;;e. I am it-el, .suni'rvi.sion, of course. cor- institution lo BO wesi. Ifeer was lefi with a handhil cjl iT'.ciuns of Unn-.oiiiable accidents will hap-;the Bruit learn pen, but, the pcrcentatju of injuv- j UuHilinK a Limit seem.-! even-tiling p-jvilblc hr.-iiifs will grow less anil le:,.s us onel Al Notre .Dame he had been a been '.lone. ; :i:Milnlinn after anolliei-. bom I guard on ih<- Four Horsemen iTcondnry and collceial.?, roines im-| learn. He and Rip Miller, now der Hie safclv code. The trend! coaching at S'avy, '.i''.:e regarded •lov.'d of 28,000 barely had llmo to wttle In their seals at Griffith Stadium, -Washington, for Ihe fonrlh yarne of Ihe World .Series when the breain-tiiklnn double play pictured here \va.s executed by the Washington Senatots. Mcoic, lead-off man for ihi- New York Cilani.s, who hail reached Ihst. base on a walk, is shown heie tmppiHl belweon first and second nftcr Crlt/, i.seen runniny to flrstl had lined out to Myev. The CHants won Ihe linnie in Ihe llth inning, 2-1. i Lutes TVnin Behind Pitr.hiiir o' Marcus Games, Sunday, 8 to 4. Sandv the [ll|rrt Co&ch Bob Neyl.ind... .who brought Ihe-Army's style of football lo the ' Ilnlvertity of Tennessee in -Bob Neyiand froni the Army. •The "next year he was inade hend roach and proceeded to complete his staff ' with Bill Britton and Pcul Parker, also Army men. '• North Carolina drew on Notre Daine. for "Chuck" Collins. "Clipper"'Smith, from the same ccliool we'h't- jo North Carolina State and-.I y am froni Notre Dame, too. Wallace -Wade didn't come directly 1 from Brown to Alabama, tut that'.is where .he played. Now he's at Duke, and Alabama has Frank. Thomas, another pupil of Knute Rocknc! Kentucky got Harry Carriage from Illinois. L. 3.-.U. only-"recently brought Bin Jones -'and Bert Ingsverse'n from the Army and Iowa, respectively. defeated T,nl« io of n Inlo ^^n= es \-r«;lorilav. ^Torr.^"; flnl' lffl tor Om PM^prc anrl I" T'li^c f^fini in olKrk ivli nintrs him? up an 8 to 4 vlc- Tin until MIA so\'^«*H i'"ilnQ thn nnme vvns clfx^". Witii thn sco-'* tied 3-2 th" ' Hi'l»<rs fcnm* jlv "ins .in lii"lr ,lnH of II"? T.,nn. s rnll[nrl in Dip nltlHi lint th' '«IH. fell .el.nrt. Bpt;l,| n , |]ip nnrji Inntnir nllchnrs' duel IIDIWPPH Onlu''.'; and Pncl:T.nt^« the puni? »"<•! featured bv the lleltling of O. Whittle, 1 Lules shortjloi), nud SUmnc, Snnrtv Hirttre outlieldrr. who tnrnrrl nn in nil .«nit<: of nlac- e.1 lo rntch Imvd driven balls. - By winning the ^ rt r1"^ twn nmnoK nut of Uii'cp Snndv Rltlirc claims whalcver chnmnlon'hin hnnors michl follow tlio winner. Yarbro hns chnllnnE'-d the wlnuor to one "nine ami the Ridicrs will clash with Yarbro at Sunrlv. Flidn^ n<-\t The following Sunday All-S'nrs of ^fm]Mlc piny 1)11) VOX) KNOW THAT— One of the bcsi punters on the Marmiellc football squad never has kicked a ball duriiiK u game . . . and it's all because he lArL Knieyer) is :i stur center . . . and he couldn't, very well pass the ball to himself and then run^.hack to catch and kick It. . . . That Army backJlcld of Travis Bvown, Jac'n Buckler, Joe Mlimock nnd Paul Joluison Is said lo be one of the speediest in the connlry . . . but that speed docsn'i mean much un- Oar Davlson builds up that Cadet line. . . . Johnny Pentiro, sensational Cornell Bridder two .seasons afio, who diopped out because of Illness, is back again . . . and Coach "Oloomlc Gil" Doblc is smiling for a change. and coach of llic basketball loan 1 . . . Then came his sticcessfu vriirs wilh the Jesuit team . and finally he's back at Loyola again ... He teaches primarily Ihe Warner system, but he has a freak shift ho figured oul with a basketball learn that works on tin gridiron . He walked into 111. new job and found a fast set o uacks and a 200-pound line await Ing him . . . which was just ivhu he asked Simla Clnus lor. he Ridteis at Sandy Ricigc. Tlie box score: Rnndv Rtdgc nivnn. ss R. Gntnes, Ib Hniirv. c .Tenklns. 2b Rnrker. If silinoc. if Bramictt, cf Crouch. 3b Pr.nkev. 3b "Totals Ab 3 5 5 S 4 4 4 2 I 4 R H 2 1 2 2 1 2 1 2 1. 0 1 0 n o Head Courier News Want Ads, ILCH ID •leadline Armory Wrestling Card; Lawo and Demctroff in Prelim. We have all lK*n concerned in eliminating inluries by changing the rules. In fad. practically every imiKjriaiit. cnange In the cotie | for the last f.vo seasons has been i ' made with thai end in view. In the ; last few years we have seen all j . lurd-snrfaced protection - in play-| crs' uniforms covered with soft padding; tl:e outlnwlnB of the IK- • ing block and the (lying tackle,: with stricter penalties for violation , of this rule; disappearance of ihe flying \mlee on the klckoff; mor-.' ligkl enforcement or (lie rule preventing clipping; curbing use of hands on defense—the lineman's punch—to protect blockers from taking a beating around the head. Coaches are growing more and more conceited, year after year, with Ihe Individual. The emphasis Ls being placed on Instructing the- player in tackling hard, yet with the leasl possible danger to himself and to the ball carrier. The ball carrier himself is taught Ire same thing. There is no longer any blind charging and block- j ing. Tlie player Ls not. instructed to go in "ami die for dear old Rutgers." We piefer to have him play Emnrt. safe football. Muscle control and balance have been added to a keen knowledge of what to do in different situations as prime requisites of a good football player. He must, be able i? in Ihe right direction. Branclier Goes One Up In Grid Gam<:s Forecast by Uockne as ihe ever had. So at txpec'.ed lhat he rtronn lines. As a I Purdue has had : hackflelds bcsi guards he Pnru'iie ii was v.'ould produce mailer of fact, some splendid Klwr's three Emll Firpo of South America nd. Roy Welch, billed as ;anadlan Wildcat clafh In feature match of the wrestling card tonight. Bill Braucher. NBA spoils c<li- 101. went one up nn the Courier News sports editor in lasl week's Icolball picks. Forecnstint' ihe results of 24 iromrs Brancher .picked 16 \rin-, got losers insiead in Ihrce Raines, three others rcsulmd in lies and two (ire unaccounted for today. The Courier picker had 15 winners and four loseis with three lies and the two missing ?ames. in w^ich boili miesscrs iiad predicted I'M- same winner. Predictions will tx; listed again •his week with a column included for the reader to make hi-; choices last week. to perform his task in the effective and easiest way. Tr.e the! mechanics of the game have under t),,, I gone radical changes while under armory , u '- c coach's microscope. More fun and less danger is th« Tony Lnwo of Memphls'and Pole ' ™' cll «'0rd. No lo'Wr can one hear - cur i a i u the pulley on the tackling dummy ' Demelroff raiser meel the program. Both "P " ncl mornliiB ......... ........... e . matches ;\rc for two out of three, 01 "! afternoon, as used to be the fnils • | case. Live tacklig is preferable— Rend Courier NC.WS Want Ads. nnd nol too much of it. . There is more etlort on the part Frog Buried Alive , ' years, including the 1033 outfit, I and Kizcr's mum worry has hren 1 lo build thai line. | With, all but '.wo of his regular linemen of last year lost by graduation. Ihe young coach from Plymouth. Ind., I'uuls himself again with a Job on liLs hands, Kixer happens to be one of the men who went to Notre Dame tc stwdv. After returning from p stretch in Iho marines, he finished high school course at Plymouth. He slarred at basketball, and though he received many invitations from schools where the cage game was strong, he chose Notre Dame, because ii wa s near his home. His mother was In ill health. !tnw lie Ilecame Coach Rocknc noticed Kizer as a freshman, and placed him al rcgniai guard on the varsity in 1922, 1923. and 1924. In '24, the year of the Four Horsemen, Kl^er was pick- ed on every icam as All-Western (iimid anil made many All-Amorlra i-levtMis. ll was incidental that he became line coach at Purdue with Phelan. After firadnalion he tcol: A job with the Ktndebakcr Corporation at Sumh Bend. :ind. Proxy Krskine sranled him leave lo help tint Mine power in that 'Purdue line. Thai's how he became a coach. When Iyer's nioihcr died ]n L&24. ihe entire student bo<iy at Notre Dame visited the litllc Melhwlisi church in Plymouth for she funeral services. Centenarian Gives Three RuVs for Long Life ALTUS, Okla. (UP) — Three "clon'ts" lliat are conductive of ong and happy life were expounded by Mrs. E. H. Curry, of Elmer, on Hie occasion of her lOflih birthday. "Don't worry; don't, bother obout other people's business and don't wear a giouch," was the advice the centenarian gave for anyone vho wishes to grow old. Argument Revived HAriKISBURG. (UP)—Thn nuesliou of wether or not a fro;; can be buried for n long period of time :\nd still live hn s been revived here with the discovery of a live frog buried under rock several feet below the ground. The frog was uneurlhcd when •a well was being dug in the back yard of a home here. U wns found lying in a small crevice under a vein of rock more than a fool thick. Its long captivity had affected its development, its body being long and flat. For Greyhound Lines Hates and Time Schedules Transcontinental and Western Air, Inc. Postal Telegraph Fast Package E\prcss Service Call ono LAST TIME TODAY MAT. lOc-.'Uk' NITR 15c-40« BIG STAGE SHOW MITZI SHELTON AND HER ALL GIRL 39 8 121 Lvtes Short. 3b Whittle. s s Vnnce. 5b R. Lutes, cf-rf Barnes. If B. Lutes. Payne, rf H. Lutes, c Rexton c. Lutes. Ib VI. Lilies, p-cf Thompson, p Totals 3 4 4 3 I 3 3 1 4 4 I 35 R 1 1 0 t 0 0 0 0 a o o i ROXY Last Time Today MAT. and N1TE—Ilk - 25r GINGER ROGERS, NORMAN FOSTER, ZASII I'lTTS and FRANK McIIUGH in 'Professional Sweetheart' Novelty Reel - - Comedy Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. MAT. & NITE—lOc - 25c Happy Days Are Here Again Carutheirsville's BIG FALL FESTIVAL Featuring George V. Adams' Worlds Greatest U_l>E01>LE—14 SINGING AND DANCING SPECIALTIES ON THE SCHEEN- . RONAIJ) COI,EMAN and ETJSSA LANDI in 'The Masquerader' COMEDY - - NEWS Tuesday - Weds. .MAT. lOc-Ziic NITE 10c-40c Frank .Thomas vlia introduced Ihe Notre Dune brand of foot-' bill to the University of Alabama. to. bring them football fame Notre Dame furnished • Che'. Wynne to Auburn. :.And so on down the line. It wasn't long before the htgh-pow- ^red principles of football taught .by these men brought results, and T.ith them came bigger squads ^nd bigger crowds and bigger gates. . • With the increased prestige, many scintillating prep school 4tars came south, and southern toys who had been going north and east for expert instruction stayed at home. Hence, ,-bettcv records and reputations. - About all needed for a successful'.football season is a coach who Knows his stuff and a squao o sufficient size and ability to scam per through a tough schedule Southern schools have both nou and therein lies the reasons the: can play the topnotchcrs in othe aectlons with assurance of a nip and-tuck .battle. 'it Is my sincere belief that yoi can 1 pick the five outstandin toamsMn Ihe south and the flv outstanding. teams In any othe . section and the Isds below th< Muon-Olzon boundary will tak th« majority «( decision*, ./WHO'S %WCOACH? fly JIMMY DONAHUE^ fellow \\lio never played a e of football in his life is tarting out to teach the Wolves f Loyola of the South. New Or- eans. just how the fame should be ilayed . . . He's Robert H. "Doc" Ersklne. 28 years old. who hns cd by the school ntter Clark ShaUghnossy was grabbed by ihe University of Chicago . . . Already he's a successful coach . a s his Jesuit High School team of New Orleans won 14 oul of a possible 18 championships In foot- oall, (basketball, and track in the last six years . . . He's a native of Illinois, and went to high school at Waukegan . . . winding up at Roswell, N. M., attending the New- Mexico Mining Institute . . . wilh the intention of ^becoming a mining engineer ... Tie found him-1 self at Louisiana State as Tad i Oormley's assistant trainer and.' when "Moon" Ducole, assistant; mentor at L. 8. U, TSS offered. the head pott at Loyola In 1924, | he took Ercklrw along »s trainer 175 Horses and Steers 75 People Direct from Arena in St. Louis. Also the Tri-States Fair in Memphis ir.pudentlj- dirlnit...recklessly exciting...^ year's staje triumph, hcd direct lo you! Jo/m BARRYMOR m E REUNION IN VIENNA iwWi Diana WYNYARD FOX NEWS - - COMEDY Daring Cowboys and Cowgirls, Bulldogging, Broncho Busting, Fancy Riding, with plenty of thrills throughout OCT. 12-13-14-15 Fairgrounds, Caruthersville Night Performances Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Afternoon Performances Saturday and Sunday Only Big Carnival and Concessions On Grounds ADMISSION 25 CENTS < HE SUPREME DRAM A 1 OF SUBLIME LOVE You will experience tht •rcat emotional adventum of your life when you see thirpoweriuldramaofalov* that purged a mother's heart oi hate and sent two sweethearts soaring icmew heights of romantic ecstasy. Henrietta CROSMAN HEATHER AMCEL P1CTURI HORMAK FOSTER MARIAM Dirtcttd by Jotin Ford. NEWS - - COMEDY

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