The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 19, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 19, 1947
Page 6
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PAGE, SIX BLYTHEVILL1! (ARK.)" COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, JULY 1!>, 1!M7 Wallace Blasts Marshall Plan On Foreign Aid NEW YORK, July 19'. (OTJ-Heii- ry A Wallace called yesterday for an 'immediate, emergency, non-political foreign relief program to be administered through the United Nations Writing In the New Republic, Wallace said it would be at least a year before supplies reach Europe under the projected Marshall pro- gran). "In these months it is of the greatest importance now and for the future, that immediate needs, qf Eu- jope be fr.ced, in an emergency program administered through the UN," lie said. Wallace warned that "the division of Europe may be completed this year" if relief measure are applied only to Western Europe "If we prepare an emergency program now and use it to strengthen the UN." he said, "we shall provide another means of opening the way to over-all cooperation on the Marshall' program as originally set forth and on the political and military problems that confound Uic UN today." • $ J 00,000,000 Allotted to Combat Water Pollution Former Caddy is Winner Of Missouri Tournament CAKUTHERSVILLE, Mo., July 19 —Donald Pt'ovow, former cncldy at the Caruthcrsville-Hayli Clwin Country Club which was disbanded during Uie war, w011 ni ' sl Place '" the championship division of the Poplar Bluff Invitational Tonrun- ment. held there recently. Donukl played with the Kemiett club. and shot Hie three rounds in 103, five under par. This year, Povow was inked as the No. 1 plnycr on the niverslty of Missouri golf team. In Clnss A Division. Eddie Huff, rotber-in-law of Provow. nnd also r Hayli nnd playing aS n member f the Kennctt club, won third lace with a score of 113. Caruthersvilfe Boy Sails for Big Jamboree C itl pigs were barred from Chicago * C streets in 1843. I" 1828, wlmt Is no* the business center of Chicago was fenced In as a pasture. CARUTIIERSVJLLE, Mo.. July Shields, son of Ml 1 , r. shields, formerly of this city who now resides in KcnneU. s-.iileri today by Annj •transport from New Vork tor Prance lo attend the Intel-nations Scout Jamboree. August 9-19 19.—Tommy and Mis. 'J. WASHINGTON, July 19. The Senate has passed and sen to .the House a bill authoVizIn $100,000.000 a year In federal loan to states to combat water poliutlor Under trie bl", the surgeon gen eral ; of the U. S. Public Healt Service and the Federal Securit Agency would work out- with slate 850,000 Youths Would Train Yearly With UMT WASHINGTON. July 19. (Ul 1 ) — Gen. J. Lawton Collins told a louse Subcommittee" yesterday hat the Armed Services will train 350000 teen-agers annually if Congress approves President "Truman's •cqiiested universal military trailing program. The outlook Is that 2ongress will not pass the WH this session. Collins said that approximately 1200000 young men become 18 every year." About 200,000 would be unfit for training and about 150,- OOfl would enlist in the Regular Army or Navy. Of the remaining 850.000. he «:.icl the armv would get about 011,000 and the "navy 182.000 to train. Individuals would be given an ii»".'r. to the extent possible, he' said, ot taking their six months' basic training In the Army Air or Ground Porces, Navy or Marine corns. Hoy ... Young Slilo'ds. a senior in hie" sehcol Mils 'Pall, represent the Snutlidist Missouri Jloy Scout Council. A life Scout, he is a. member of 'Hoop 8 at Kennctt. Prior lo sailing for France, he attended Camp KHmcr, N. Y., for livc clays. The Scout Jam'ocree wil last thiep weeks, -and will be he.d 40 miles from Paris at Moissons. Representatives of 5<i countries will ".ittcnd. The group from the United Slates w.lll return Aug. IN THK CHANCERV COURT CHICKASiVWBA It I S T R I C T MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AKKAN s.\s. Arlcne Flail, by her sister & next friend, Moreno Ashmorc. ..Plaintiff,I vs. No j John Plait Defendant. The clefcnctint John F'Ml is! hereby warned to appear wllhini .hirty days in the court named in] in-wr within thirty days in Ilia court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Vcrnon R. Geary. Dated this 7 iViy of July, 1917, HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk. Prr:y A. Wright. Atty. Tor Pitt. II. G. 'ParHow. Atty. ad LUein. 7il2-19-2il-8j2 WAKNINO ORI>ER In the Chancery Court. ChlcVa- suwlKi District, Mlsslssiiipi Coun- PlalnUft the caption hereof and answer Ux.'l G ™'. complaint of the plantlff Arleue- Plait. Dated this 12 (lily of July, 1947. HARV1QV MORRIS, Clerk. By Oorothy Gonley, D. C. C F. Cooper, atty. for 1'ltf. 7|12-l9-2S-8;2 solutions for water pollution prob- Final Rites Conducted For Pemiscot Farmer CARUTHERSVIl'I-K Mo., Jnl> 19.—Funeral services for James David Jones. 72. were held here Thursday at the H. S. Smith fnr-; eral chapel, with the Rev. O. Granger officiating. Interment war in Muplc cemetery. Mr. Jones, a farmer, died Wednesday at his home in the K'u>- fnlks RUIlie community. He had been in ill health for several years. Born in 'Lcavemvorth, Iiicl., he carnc to (.Ills county about OS! vears ago and emsJiged in farminK. 'He married Miss lAnna ; Bi>ll Canin 1000. Surviving arc his wife ,onc son, Joints D. Jones, Jr.; one dau B h- ter Mrs. Gertrude Durham, all of Route 1, CmilliersviHc; and one sister. Mrs. CccolH Gillian of Del- iipllane, Ark. W. Austin Defendant. The defendant GertriKlc W. 'Austin, Is hereby wimcd to appear •,1'iihln thirty (lays in the courtj (ice llmt on tlio llih duv of July, 1S41. a petition WHK 'lil«l by I mcrea 51. T. Lc-.vls in Uie protein Couri raic ' mnl for llio Ohltkasawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas for I (!,c adoption of 11 certain person mined AntoneUe riaynur. Now, unless you appear within I'o days ar- tcr tlio date of this notice and show cause against sii"l> application, Ihc petition shall be laUen t?K confessed and a tk'CTce of culop- tion entered. n.Ucd this nth day of July. 1947. ELIZABETH UliYTH'S Clerk Soon you'll be eating '-Iv.: whole egg, even the shell, relates The American Magazine. To boost the load of eggs, government food chemists arc grinding i .shells so line tliat, added to dr egg, you'll never detect them pies, cakes, or custards. 7:12-19 WAKNINCi OKllKll In the Chancery Court, Chlcka- siiwlTi District, Mississippi Couii-j ly, Arkansas. Vcrtum n. Geary PlaliUKT, vs. No. 10,131 Josephine Torla Geary, Defeiulant. '1'ne defeiutuit Josephine Tona Geiio, is hereby warned to ftp- named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plain- liff William i\V. Austin. Dated this 25 day of June, 1947. HARVEY MORRIS, Clcrl:. By 'Betty Smith, D. C. Percy Wright, Ally, for Pllf. 7:12-19-20-8,2 tlie :inie l.V T1IK CHANCERY COURT. " OIIICKASAWUA DISTRICT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. ' Clcntus Adrlen • .Plaintilf, No. 10161 Defendant. DEHTH of a DOLL Sy^tr^s' £ u yOMa <£awAsnce ~© by Hilda Lowrcnce: Disltibulcd by NEA SERVICE. INC TUB STOBYl niltfc M!lt»r, n lrsKlrl at lllnrkmnu'K «li-pnrt- rnt »<»rr. b.i. IM-.-I. lunklnic («r- . nrd to KuvlnE I"'" - tl. Ikr rvrnl i. llul r»r r »!"• lirrlv«'» »lir »trr. In (kit- lubhy <••»* "' r - htr. SKe <vn>ll» !•• l«»v« liut flltniiEled 111 a well . 'I wil <-«cnpr. nil !»<• Kl»l» drc»i. n» hoplj.p I" K* 1 * nwny «ull" ImlidUK K her. M ISS XII BRADY'S door was un • T - locked. Ruth went llirougl the/living room and bedroom t( th^- bath beyond. The iodine and bandages were in the medicin chest. She collected them liur rieclly and started back. Sh was hot and her face was we and she pushed up the cotton mosl Twin lamps burned on Mis Brady's dressing tnble, sheddiu f-eir light on gold nnd ivory, tor toise and enamel. Shedding the light on gold and ivory, tortois and an enamel powder box. He free hand went to her throat a ^gesture that repulsed and ac knowledged what she saw. SI knew the box, she knew it had bronze base, she knew the colo and shape of the importer's mar on the under side, she knew t! tune it would play it she rais the lid. Proof, proof, if she ev needed it. SUdden triumph slio her from head to foot and all ca tion fled. She raised the lid, a the room was filled with tlnkli sound. "Believe me if all Iho endearing young, charms that gaze on so fondly today." She r p«aled the words under her brca • The music drifted' out into t living room; it was entrance mu for the second doll. The scco doll moved slowly, lazily, silen across the flcor to the bedro door and leaned against it. Fo while the only sound was music. Then came a low chuck Ruth turned. The iodine tlage dropped from her stiff •cd fingers. She backed to the 1 wilh arms outstretched, her f, gloved hniuli: beseeching. Nobody know:;," she pleaded obody ever will know, ever I was going away, I wan go, let me go." Her mask slippcc the floor. She could hear the musical box t she could ses nothing bccaus thick while band covered her ce. H wasn't her own hand, mething struck the side of her ad. l lial, four, five, six, seven, t slopped at eight. eight. D For Complete Protection Against AH INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoe Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. vs. ary Adrlen Tlie defendant Mary Adrlen is rrliy warned to appear within lirty days in the court unjncd in i<- caption liercof and answer ,e complaint of the plantiff Olea- is Adrlen. Dated this 12 day of July. 1947 HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk. By 'Dorothy Conley, U. . P. Cooper, atty. for pltf. 7!12-19-2G-8'2 N Miss Small's suite, Mrs. Marshall-Gill adjusted her lial, hicl, had been knocked askew 0 often, pinned back her slray- hair, nnd washed her hands l done, she left and 1 walked to c end oC the hall where she rant the elevator. She heard the reliminary buzz nnd waited lo c nctive purr. Nothing happened ic", rang again and ncain, am ter the third ring the car cnmc npty except for the operator he got in, affronted. Tills, she lid to herself, is what comes of ettinR the masses act like other erplc. "The party is no excuse, cwel," she said. "You knew 1 >iis there anil don't tell me you idn't. I rang three limes—three, call that deliberate iiiEUbordina- on. . . . Well, say something!" The masked head turned slowly o face her. No words came from he red, buttonhole mouth, noth- ng showed behind the round, black-fringed eyes. The car sank gently downward. Mrs. Marshall-Gill discovered that her throat was dry and her Knees unstable, cold wind AYS went by, ami Dr. Kloppcl eamc too many times to Hope House. Too immy nights he went down the halls preceded by Mrs. Fister's warning voice, "Man coming, man coining." There was nn epidemic of hysteria lhat look a one time dying. In the rooms facing tlie courtyard three girls often crowded' into one bed :md tnlked all nij'hl, staring at the window. Thanksgiving came and went. Mrs. Marshall-Gill discontinued the Sunday teas. Lillian Harris asked for day work at her office, and got it. She also asked to room with April looper. There was no change in the evening routine for Miss'Brady uxl Miss Small, except that they met more often in Miss lirady's suilo. They had more privacy there, att<3 that was an advantage. Girls with stomach aches, broken hearts, nnd doubls about the value of maintaining virtue didn't come to Miss Urady when they couldn't sleep. "I don't see how yon .stand it, Anael," Miss Brady, said. > .. "It's my work," Miss Small reminded her. "Monny? Some of the girls came to iny room after dinner. They said they were Free Del/Very Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chickasawba Club 61 Blythevllle, Arkansas Highway 61 North Dine and Dance Couples and Forties Only ~Open 6 Nights Weekly ' Owned By W. A. (Red) Bickerstaff and George For Reservations Telephone S44 NOTICK Notice is hereby iriveii undersigned will within the fixed by law apply to the Coni sioncr of Revenues of Jhe Stale of Arkansas for <i pc:rmtl to wi package beer at retail at 2CC« W Main, Blytheville. Mississippi Coun- ' The undersigned states that :•.: a citizen of Arkan'us, of goad moral character. Hint he has ncv- becn convicted o fa felony nr other crime involving moral turpitude: that no license tn sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last p\st; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this stnte. or any other <;Ui1e, relating to Uie sale of alcoholic liquors. G. B. Crook Subscribed nnd sworn to before me this 19th day of July, 1817. Elizabeth Mason (SEAL! Kr.f.iry Public Mv Commission expires -1-28-5D. GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975= fth : Ark.-Mo. State Line • on the left at the Arch REC-KLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER He Knows delegation. They've been collecting for a marker for Ruth Miller's grave. I don't know what to do about it, I don't want to seem heartless. But we <lo frown on collections of any sort, don't we?" "Send them to me," Miss Brady said gruffly. "We can't have it. They're simply dragging the thing oul, and that's no good. Time it was forgotten." She rooted about in the untidy drawer ot an almost priceless desk and brought out two envelopes. "Here's something to take your mind off of it. Came today and 1 got them before anybody saw me. Passports." 'Monny!" "French line, I think, maybe the first of the. year. I'll see to it. We won't say a word until we hand in our resignations, bam;! Can you see Marshall-Gill's face?" That was on o Sunday night in CORRECT. MY'FRIEND! 5ur is IT A LIOM; DETTEP. TAKE COVER. THEN I THAT R.OARIN& / AIN'T' A rAEADOW LARK.. 1 7 Crown Calvert . : . : . .... Schenley Cream of Kentucky. . Three Feathers Hill & Hill Old Taylor Four Roses 5% Beer i GAS, reg 17.9c; Vt Pt. 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.40 Ft. 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 Mh *»,15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 .per Case $3.35 Ethyl 19.9c JAIIBrandsCigarets,ctn.$1.35| [INSURANCE' dial 2311 For Complete Protection Accident & Health Chamblin Sales Co., Inc. Slmleliaker Service First by For With a Postwar Car Modern time-saving tools arc provided for our train- 2(1 mechanics. They UKC their skill and Iho convct tool.s to give you better service. We repair all makes of cars and trucks. Guaranteed Used Cars Ford Super i-clnor Plymouth 2-door Plymouth 4-tIoor Pontiac 1916 Chevrolet \'-_ ton Picl-rup I94C CMC "• Inn I'ickup 1!H5 noAse'A Tun Pickup 1941 Chevrolet 11 ton l'ic:klll> Our Boarding House with Ma j. Hoople CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY Your Studeliakcr Dealer First by Fir With a Postwar Car —Kit & Ash St., SEP! HERE'S Ttt' BE DR.(WED FROM TH' PICTURE YOLTBG RIGHT, WV...IT& ^ PHOTO6KP>FT OF TH KEINSIE B^Bf! PKOBW ONE OLE- KOONrz TOOIC TO PMNT HE ODNE Vim BUSTER.'. EhR HE'S S'POSED TO «MIE PWNTED TH 1 KR.WGLE B^&S! 1FOLB KOOMT7- RENVHiSSERS PER IIospitaliy,a|ion • Fire • Automobile • Liability Burglary Plate ("Mass Tornado Surety Piond Aviation BUSTEE. Kit' WEI IDE SWEP »T Rl\. POSEP FEE. PICTURE cage, wrapping its fingers around her heart, emanating from Jewel. The car lurched to a stop. Mrs. Marshall-Gill got oul and went lo her chair. When she was able to Insurance Agency 108 N. 2nd \ ^'JRF GLAD VO'J GOT HERE CRC5S GRArt&l'.- BEFORE \T'S TOO raise her glazed eyes, Ihc car had By J. R. Williams / THAT'S ""K! : r- / PEOPLE •TH.VI'5 | HOL X N ' > CAM TAKf= n '( DOWM-- : . \ IT WO&KE1 ji V I HEAR MIS I MA TALKW pie-EVe. ; I'LL ALWAVS O^E VOL) A POMDtROLSS DEBT OF -»-8t)T F 1'OLS CO.\\ING TO SEE OLD RE6ER^'A,TiOM,I MI&HT BE INJ,3A!L.' MOST VOL) TM^rjA :••*(•? ...T'll ACU^ SAD FELLER CHIEF W\UST &O ELS ALMOST AS LIGHT • FLOOR TOO SOvT : To SLEEP o.-i (ClTV ALSO SOT TOO GOT YOU OUT or BE-P ALL. HOULD T^Kt CARE OF HESSELP. EVEN SHE 15 ON ALL HERSELF: SOBIN. Co wj you'-e- SELF 5-e,..8JT I HAVE TO PROTECT MY *VnKTt:«>Va J '?y FURD IIA KM AN THE LABOR SAVER BOOTS ANT> HER BUDDIES BY MICHAEI, O'MALLEY and KAM'H LANB- An Escaped Convict Ujt isn't every day that a steel millionaire confesses to me that he is a crimina' COWE NOW, MY DEAR, YOU KNOW A.J. IS NEVER TOO BUSV TO SEE HIS LEGAt ADVISER / THEY SENT IY\E TO TOE PtNITEKTIARV BUT I ESCAPED. I SMRTED L1PE OVER. ONIYONE01HER MAN XKOW5 ABOOr MY PAST AMD Ht (S Cl HOIOINS IT ^; OVER WE I'M PUTTING A tOT OF TRUST IN YOU, FLINT. I HAVE TO. FORTY YEARS AGO —^ I WAS CONVICTED ?SVV AS AN ACCESSORY TO A MURDER. I DIDN'T Wil AMY- SCENE WHEN A FRIEND OF MINE

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