The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut on September 16, 1918 · Page 3
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The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 3

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, September 16, 1918
Page 3
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TKN. ¥HE BKJUOEPOKT TELEGRAM M O N D A Y . !SKl r | hA Itj, .1918. We Arc I'or llndKViiort first, Ij'tSjt and All (lie 'I'lnii'. The Susman, Feuer Co. Wholesale Distributors Flour, Sugar, Groceries, Hay, Grain and Produ',0. Temporary Office, 80 State Street, Bridgeport, Conn. T5 «847 INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIA1 Buy, Boom, Consume Bridgeport-Made Products "BE FOR BRIDGEPORT" Tools Special Guages Cutters THE E.W. CARPENTER MFG. CO. SIS UNION AVE. TET.. B. 7027 Bridgeport, Conn. Ji S s Special Fixtures Machinery HELP TO PRODUCE WAR ESSENTIALS It la tlxo p n t i l o t l c duty of evoji- man exempt from m-tlvo . serftlco not now onpasccl In , Bomo essential Induitry, to chjngo his job and become a praBucor o£ war osientlals). 1 , Send to" our free booklet-''Making Mechanics for tho 'War--and After." It tells you ' how you can help your country .·Win tho war and help yourself. ( BULLARO ,1; K Mechanical t Rubber Goods All Shapes nnd Designs. The H. 0. Canfield Company 191 Hoiisntonlc. Avenue. BRIDGEPORT, CONN. WHY DOES The 11. 12. Hiirrls Engineering Co. liavc the best srmlc of workmen V Six Reasons BECAUSE IllRh unses good treatment, t'onlrnl locution, overtime, lino equipment, sqmirc deal, lil«li oliis^ norlc. Di'iiUsnien, ToolmnkcrK. liiui^c milkers, Machinists, Appt'Ciitlcos. Apply at oltlce. CORNER JOHN IWOAD STS. International Textile Inc. Manufacturers of Laces, Embroidery Trimmings, Tapes. CONNECTICUT AVE. WATERMAN ST. Bridgeport, Conn,, Phono Bar- mim 4167 N. I. Office 200 Fifth Avc. Clilcngo Office 78 W. Monroe Street. Brunch factory at \'o.i'k, Pn. WHITING MFG. CO, fi 9 , MLVKRSMITHS--Bridgeport ' New York, Snn Francisco. THE BRIDGEPORT BOILER WORKS CO. Boilers. Tnnks, Smokestacks. 1 Boair.j, Cast Column and Building Bolts. 202 Iloiisutonlc Avenue. BRIDGEPORT, CONN. 11 The Electric Cable Co. 480 Bunncll Street, Bridgeport, Conn. INSULATED CABLES, WIRES I AND CONDUCTORS OF EVERY TYP1C THE HOME BREWING COMPANY 394 HALLAM STREET BRIDGEPORT TUBE WORKS Seamless Brass and , Copper Tubes. (" BrltlBt'pprt. Conn. The Siemon Hard Rubber Corporation. Manufacturers of Electrical Hard Rubber Goods Bridgeport, Connecticut. THE WEIDLICH BROS. MFG. CO. .Silver Plated Ware Novelties ' Weidlich Sterling Spoon Company. Sterling Silver-ware. ARROW TOOL CO. Manufacturer of .TIOS, DIES, TOOLS, SPECIAL MACHINERY 200 CANNON ST. Telephone Bimmm 1017-4. Genuine ARMSTRONG STOCKS DIES Water, Gas it Steuin Fitters' Tools _^ Manufactured by /"',{ Tho Armstrong Mfg, Co, Bridgeport, Conn. THE BRIDGEPORT ··» SCREW CO. Wood Screws, Iron, Brass, Bronze, I'lat, Round, Otal Ifcads. All kinds or special THE HAWTHORNE MANOI'ACl'URINd COMPANY Manufacturers ot Automohlle lilKhtlng Equipment. '"' 'S5 SPRUCE STKEKT. Connecticut. ^FRED G. BREUL Mmiufnctorer ol Metal Goods, Punch and Die Work. Experimental ? Work. Patent Moc'.els. ' ' ' 282 KOSSUTH The Stratf ield Hotel Bridgeport, Conn. H olTnmmi-- Ijth Krado Steel Ceilings and hldcuiills for Stores, Kltc'hens mid HiiHHOiini'-. I'llED K. IIOI-TMANN, 'tl)t Mnlu St. 'I't'lophone Bar. 0355 The Borg Laboratory. Consulting, Research, Analytical and Bacteriological Cliuinhts. HENRY I/. BORU, State Chemist, 121) Wall St. CHANT MFG. At M A C H I N E CO. Manufacturers of Noiseless I t h i ling Machines Kolarv Vibrating Ulvelurs 'nriiniiidr KlU'ters. P L A T E WINDOW G L A S S BRIDGEPORT GLASS COMPANY SI MIDDf.E ST. Tel. B-IM155. THE LAKE TORPEDO BOAT CO. Submarine Torpedo Boats AMERICAN BRITISH MFG. CO. Manufacturers of GUNS, AMMUNITION and Special Machinery H. R. LOGAN PATTERNS MODELS 251 MIDI)MS STREIiTl. Bi Idsoport, Conn, Phone Illinium 1)011-3. HO WTO WIN The way to win the war is for every one of us lo WORK a little harder at our present jobs. This applies to all of us, whether rich or poor, men or .women. Every idle hour helps the Kaiser in his damnable attempt to enslave the world. Wherever we are, or whatever we nre doing, kt us do our work a little better. Even if we are not on war work, or helping the Government directly, we can help release others for such work by speeding up on our own jobs. If. S. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR \V. B. WILSON, Secretary of Labor I THE LOCOMOBILE COMPANY OF AMERICA MAKERS OF FINE MOTOR CARS WHEN 1'OD WANT TO BUY OR SELL Metal, Iron, Steel and Rubber Scrap Get In touch with J. A. MERSON .»(,: Sterling St. Barniim 884-2 MANUFACTURERS NOTICE. \\ lion lii n I'nsli for deliveries, telephone Itanium 7I22-12. JAMICS J. MORAN, Motor Uvpiess Service. l,tyh; m o v i n g and trucking. 124 Bronx Avu , Hrldgoport. AMERICAN HOTnL FERRX BOULEVARD. PH(»\li; 2l)-STHATr(RD, A pood moul when you want It, nt n i l hours, n In carts. Special attention to automobile paitles. J IF IT'S UNK r to ACOB BROS. 55 KOSSUTH ST. Telephone !!.',(! "SAM" IS ALWAYS ON TIME .Siiinurl T. 'Jnlblrd Vp-to-dnte Auto Puik»g( Delivery, 55 Highland A \ e , Tel. Itariiiini I'M. 'Sam" Is Always at Your Service. T i l l , C O N N E C T I C U T W R E C K I N G CO., )!· MOW I I A V l ' N l l n i l i l l i i ! ! torn r l i n v n I n shoit nntlpp NI-M mill «u n i l h i 11) h u l l l l n / i M i l c i i n l i i i ) i ) U 4 h t n m l sold Ollice : V a i d , 8711 Connies., ,\»e. New I l a x e n , Conn. I'hono J,H)Oity 735, THE A. H. NILSON MACHINE CO. Dealgnora and Builders of Automatic Machinery Of Every Description. LEATHER BELTING A\T) LFATHER SPICCIAI/nES. N. PALMEE CO. Rstaldlshod 185». The Jackson, Stone Co. CUT STONR rONTIHCIOHS Bulldlni; Work, Moiiiiiiiciitnl Work Inlurlor Marble Work In eign "i"l Domestic Miirblcs OI'FICIC AND WORKS: IIOUSATOMC AVICNUIS THE BRIDGEPORT GUN TOOL CO. 8211 RAILROAD AVE. Specialist In the Mtg. ot Gun Tools Guages Sintill Purt Mniiiil'nctnrcrs 'I'UL. B A R N U M 27!!1, THE AUTOMATIC MACHINE CO. GENERAL MACHINISTS AND' IRON FOUNDERS Marine and Stationary Gasoline Engines. Oyster Cultivating Machinery. Automatic Screw mid Worm Threading Lathes. Special Machinery, Designing. Pattern Making and Dlack- smithing. Hit East Washington Avc, , Conn. THE CURTIS and CURTIS CO. Pipe Threading Machinery H. R. A \ p Gai'ilcn St., Bpt. BRIDGEPORT BURLAP SACK CO. Dealers and Manufacturers of New and Second llnnd Burlap Bags mill Burlap Strips 240 KNOWLTON ST. Bridgeport., Conn Telcphono Bar. 16SO-2 THE ANDERSON DIE MACHINE COMPANY IIUMSTAN AVE,, NEAR A D M I K A f j S'l. RIlllM.EI'OKT, CONN. A i u i i i M H i i)|i l o i n i H K S l u l i n c t V i ili i s o t i I i i p i t K' M i c l i n u s A n i l i -mi |)K M I I / / H I I ; M i l : i : l n o 3 P l i o u n liiu n u r n 7 2 S 7 . Ri^lit n! Bridnopoit is The G Drouve C.o, fitted to do all kinds of sheet metal work, do it quicicly and do :1 well, Experience Counts. G. DROUVE CO. Bridgeport, Conn. -Sheet Metal Work 7 Let Us Do Your Drafting Bentley Holmgren M l C I I A M C A I , I . N C I N E E l i S , '!()({ Conit lOxchunge Hldg, Plitino H a n i u m 1012, H i l d f i r p n r L , Conn AVOID DANGER! WAIT TILL THE CAR STOPS The Connecticut Company. The New England Web Co. IIIUM punned, \ \ u s|H'(jial]/c In KliiMIc l''iilii'lc.s and \\ (;l)!)iliHS. U81I CM \I{I;KS ST., l i l t M X J I I'OItT, ( O N N Park City Die and Tool Company TOOLS, mi's, GAU.i'S, rix. · l U K I ' S \ M M \t I I I M C K V . 'I'l I,, n \i; -:t(ir,,s-«. 1(1-7(1 M n i t K I I O I ' S K ST. nitiix.iopoin', CONN. The Connecticut Breweries Co. Bridgeport, Conn, BRIDGEPORT A MATTRESS CO, THE II. F. STENSTREAM CO. ·11)0 KOSSl'TII STUM, I Plumbing Heating Sheet Metal Work SOIjK AiENT8 S'l'OKM K I N ( J riJRNACI'.b Til. IHI,-. TRADE MARK REG. GAS nances, Water Heaters, Lights and Appliances. IHE GAS APPLIANCE EXCHANGE, INC. , 30J-308 FAIRFIUfjD AVE. The Bryant Electric Co. Makers of SUPERIOR WIRING DEVICES Largest Factory In tho World In this tlno of business. UI3 FOU nnd Copper Sheets, Tubes, I tods and SlnnipliiK* Plumbing Supplier. Phono-KJectrle Trolley Wire. Bridgeport Brass Co. THE Salt's Textile Manufacturing Co. Largest manufacturers of Velvets, Flushes ana Imitation Fur Fabrics In the world. Retail Store at Cor. Kossiith Howe Sts. The Bridgeport Metal Goods Mfg. Co. Specialists in Metal Goods. Metal Goods to Order. Manufacturers of The QUAMTX F FACTORY: C1IERRX STREET. BATTERY DECT?.: CAKBON STREET. WOLVERINE Motor Works Union Avenue HEAVY DUTY Marine Engines i Columbia GraphophotK Manufacturing Co. Columbia Records Columbia Gratonolas AUDITS MADE BY US STAND THE TEST OF GOVERNMENT INSPECTION Wo hav8 soni:; ot tlio host public accountants and auditor* In New Kngland, Save traveling anfl liotel cxpensos liy having your worlt done by a homo com- l)a,ny. Wo havo somo of Iho host engineers In tho country for tho liuipois of speeding up produe- tlon, obtaining factory costn, etc. THE WOODS Industrial Engineering Company FIRST-BRIDGEPORT NAT. BANK BMHi. Telephone Bnmum 7280. CLINTON E. WOODS, President, ROUKRT G. CROSSI-EV, Scc'y Troas. LIMOUSINE LININGS ELASTIC WEBS BRIDGEPORT COACH LACE CO. Esnollshrd 18.17 N. Y. Oilier 17(13 Urnnclwny, Clili'jiici), IAS Angeles, Sun Ttancl'-co. CRANE CO. CHICAGO UIEIDUKI'OKT Eyerylhing for Any Pipe Line The Garrison Co., Inc. Manufacturers rnglnccr* TOOLS, GAUGES, Sheet Mela I Tools a Specialty IS:! J o l i n St. Tol. 1013-1 Bi'ldgcport, Conn. THE ASHCROFT MANUFACTURING CO. Manufacturers of Pressure Gauges Safety Valves and Engineering Specialties Bridgeport, Connecticut, D. S. A. COE-STAPLEY MFG. CORPORATION Sheet Metal Goods 1555-65 RAILROAD AVE. BlUIHiri'OItT, CONN. HARVEY HUBBELL Inc. Makers ot Hnbbell Pull Sockets. Attachment Plugs, Receptacles, and leading slectrical specialties,. American Chain Company, Inc. nlUDGEI'Olt'I, CONN. Largest Chain Manufacturers in the Work,. The Complete Chiiln Ujie--all types, all sl/es, nil ftnlshca-- from plumbers' snlctv chains to bhlp's anclior chain. Fletcher-Thompson Inc. Engineers -- Architects-Appraisers tor Manufacturing Plants. The W. T. Smith Mfg.Co. DIES, TOOLS. JIGS FIXTURES. (..IIIKrv, S p r d i l Miicliini t j ,HI,| I \|l l l l l l IK.ll U i l l U ' 1."7 stratlord \M. I I R I I X . I P O I M . X ) \ \ . Contract Work Metal Stamping Screw Machine Products Gear Cutting W« havo complete equipment Including foundry and pattern ·jhop for manufacturing; light or medium machines or parti In quantities. TELEPHONE BAR. TITS The American Tube Stamping Co. Hot and Cold Rolled Strip Steel, Steel Stampings nnilXJKl'ORT. CONN., T7. 8. A. New York office, 120 B'way The Bridgeport Crucible Co., Bridgeport, Conn. J'lio Marli of Good XVorknmiuhlp Tools, Jigs, Fixtures Tnpi ,,* 'I,', 1 ,' 1 , J)I "' SpcclBl Cutters. 76 Third St., »ii] B oport, Conn, "Holmes Edwards" International Silver Co. Successors Silver Inlaid mid M l - h M.ito, S(x)ons, Forks and Unit CD. CONNECTICUT ELECTRIC MFG. CO. Mfg. of Electrical Specialties I Ploroncc Axes. ri', CONN. THE ACME SHEAR CO. of Solid Steel Oif-t Shears anil Scissors. KNOWI.rON, IIICKB tk AKCTIC STR1CKTS. t. Conn., C. S, A, HEPPENSTALL FORGE COMPANY Heavy Forgings EVERLASTIK Incorporated ELASTIC FABRICS AND WEBBINGS BHIIH;I:PORT, CONN. The Housatonic Machine Tool Co. I t n h h e r Tubltig, Insulating KirnlnlnB miichlnag, Rubber M o u l d s and Special Machinery. lit Sinplog St.. Near Norman St. AMERICAN PAPER BOX 0. M i i n n l i i L ' l i i r c i s ot PAPER BOXES ;! TOUT, CONN. The Crescent Die Tool Mfg. Co. M i l ill m u m s , ', T " K I l l i i . , Uniih'is, I i \ l u u i a n I ^pi'i i i l Mm l l h i u ) III Mnniiiiii lO'll 1,1 - I I Hi i l i u i n i l U I M I I I I l t m U , | i o i t , C t II U I ' u l i n i ' i I ' u i i i h n l II J On^noii, SIT V nml J II-IIB Columbia Nut and Bolt Company. l n « ) i | u i u i t u l H u l l Suli M m : i ( i i c l i n p r n o f f n l i i i i i l i i a t / { k Ni]l' l i i i x l U h i m l i l u l , t l i N i l l D . A l « i Milk.'i» nf I I h h I nlil I ' i n u l i c l I ' l i i i i i hum H i i l f l i u l a n i l M"l- toil K i l l " S A. I, I ' l i i l n blot toil I l l l l l ' I ' t l l K L t l l | ) [ K ' l l NlltH, Ulli!i;U'"U, I'nnn, THE BRIDGEPORT HOUSING COMPANY 1st Bpt. Nat'l Bank Bldg. riionc "IS* Harnnm. \ \ i : UK EXPEDITION- EFFICIENCY-INTEGRITY THE T. J. PARDY CONSTRUCTION CO. iiL'ii,DiX(i ro vj'it \croits l l i l d K e p o i l , Conn. Ollice: siiunl IliiildhiK Mill nnd Viird f. I ' l l i - I U ' l i I \MMine. «:») \\rniic The Minor Unit Mole-, For All Hinds or lltiiiis. THE RRiniiEPOliT MOTOR CO., INC. Give this high grade milk a trial And in satisfaction you will smile. Farmers Dairy Co. Telephone Harnum 4598. .NFW SPA PERI NEWSPAPER!

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