The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 21, 1940
Page 5
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THURSDAY; NOVEMBER 21; 1940 BLYTHEVILLE * (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Luxemburg, Wis., /Keeps Close Check On Job Status LUXEMBURG, Wis. iLJP)— Inquire in couomuniUcs of all sizes and descriptions what has been the outstanding municipal problem during the last 10 year's, and the nearly, universal answer will be— relief: > But for this community of 468 population, in most respects , a typical American village, public assistance has constituted no problem at all. Luxemburg hasn't had a relief case for 26 years. The explanation of that record, according to -Charles Peters, village president, lies »in the cooperation and neighborliness of Luxemburg residents and in the vigilance and energy of its public officials. A Luxemburg man who appears to be heading for relief rolls, always can count on help in finding a new job, Peters says. He cites an example: Committee on Job Hunt "Recently a neighboring township presented-lis with a bill for relief for a Luxemburg resident who was living in that township at the time. Instead of paying the claim, the village board appointed a committee who visited the individual. They took him on a tour of the neighborhood and found him a. job "that same day. There were' ho further claims for aid in that case, and the man soon paid the original claim from his own earnings." . Persons suspected of being potential .chrbnic relief clients or "floaters 1 ' have difficulty in renting lodgings -here.. , Peters' advice in such cases generally is accented.' : > . "The. other day," he recalled, "a woman:. told me ^ she had a chance to-rent a flat to -a-family planning to move to -the village. It happened ".I knew the family to be the ••floater 1 type. On my advice the woman refused to rent her flat. .Later. I learned that the •-family .in question was receiving reaei 'in a 'nearby township." .Luxemburg's avoid-relief policj has encountered one .drawback. WPA Propcct Lost :*We have applied for a WPA crew to build a fire cistern/' Peters explains, "and. the state .director '..tells.-us thaV ; virtually impossible.^.to set up a project withotjfr" -ha^niig /labor available. 'NQw. 7 how- *can *e get certified WpA. labor.;,without ;a relief case?" : In> addition.;;'to "its relief record, Luxemburg boasts "of being one of the state's few municipalities without.-a penny of long-term indebtedness.' lt : has no outstanding V -bonds. -And only for an occasional emergency expenditure does the village'-•' board - obtain short-term credit -, -The .village board practices a policy' of careful deliberation. Seldom is •• an • Important action .taken without unanimous approval. If -a; minority opposes a proposal, 'final:, action is delayed until all members have had ample time to consider the problems involved. "All'this would be impossible," said Peters, "without the help and real cooperation of the officials and people. Anyone on the board —Leo -and Charles Seidl, Euiil Ed Jacques—is ready to perform an assigned task, at any. time. The same spirit motivates village clerk Clem Rassi and Doc Happcl, "our village treasurer. They have only one interest—the -welfare of, Luxemburg^' ....'• ,// Eavj I British Ship Saved 31 —ns irfcf for *•«/, rfrifts «fet f tiMftr imks ... 1—Gtrman surfcce roMtr if itt'rii gtx**oy . .^ Sketch map. shows how the armed British merchant cruiser Jervla Bay wrote naval history by daring action against German surface raider. Heavily out-gunned the Jervis Bay laid smoke screen and attacked the Nazi vessel, believed to have been a poCKet battleship or cruiser. Before the Jervis Bay sank, 31 Of the 36 shi Ps in convoy from Canada to ihe British isles were able to escape. • • Selective Service (Editor's Note: Below is published u list of registrants as they are sent quesllonnuires by Mississippi county's three draft, boards. Earlier groups have al- rendy been published In their order number and others will follow.) l*o*rd A m, Ustls Akins; 194, Clctis James Grace; 195, Samvwil Clifton Owens; 190. Homer Wells n; 197, Es»aw Omaker Randall n: 198. Mbrlnc Patterson n; 199, Ad Dunham; 300, Lee Andrew Hatcher n; 201, Thomas Edward Smith; 202, James Wooodrow Lawler; 203, Kenneth Burks Barker; 204, JCKSC Aubrey Chilcls. 205, Chester Riiy HoWield; 206, Rol>ert Lee Cunningham; 1?07, William Allen Pierce n; 208. Crockett Lauclerclalc; 20B, Elton L«w- tcncc Smithcrmnn; 2JO. Boone Albert Godwin; 211. James Robert Loveluce; '212. Malcolm Earl Hav-.: ris; 213, Fred Lee Hood n; 214, Carl Martin; 215, Carl Housten Lassitcr; 216, Gerald.Aiwcl Harwell. Board B 276, Tom Alvery Shnst*en; 277, J. D. Council; 278, Burlcy Bliss Bailey; 279, Charley. Pankney Barnes; 280 Jose Ramirez; 281, Gussy Bean, unknown; 282, Elbcrt Jackson Riggs; 283, Ruymond Theadolrph SUmes; 284, John D. Chlpnum; 285, Chiud Roy Schultz; 286, Robert Ace Hollinger; 287, Woodrow Kirk;- r 288,'Ernest Auston Blunkensiiip. 289, Jim-Ross n; 290, J nines Os«- Mcrritt; 291, Hiram English Austin; 292, Mmirice. Cecil Craig; 293, George Mooney; 2!H, Movie Wnde n; 285, Jacobi Woodrow Flynn; 296, Richard Edwurd Rodgers; 297. Tommls LJberu Mosbey; 298. David Whlttleld n; 2»9 P Jessec Lcc Blrk- leu; 300, James Adren Hoover. ' .. Bturd.C , 301. Ralph Purnoll RtchaiUson; 302, WlHlum n; 303, Delmus J. Clay; 304, Miles Mclntosh Jr. n; 305, Joe Mclvtn Drams n; 306, John Wesley MoAfet;; 307. Stove Miles n; 308, James Kelly n; 309, Mnrccll -'Davis .11; • 310, Julius Hurold Ralph; 311, Howard Lee Fincher; 312, Hrtrrlc Robert McMlnn; 313, Philip Applebiium. 314, George Parncll n; 315, Howard Edward Uuice; 316, Ni\sbHt Moore n; 317. James Colcinan Crews; 318, Bwing Edwin Cox; 310, James Thomas Smith; '.120, Carl Edward / Fiirmer; 321, Jack Abner rd.' 322, Earl Reccord n; 323, Rlchurd Narling McBride; 324, Robert Lee Thomas n; 325, Artie Clarence' Prince. 320, Loon Gideon Sullivan; 327, Mack Tale n; 328, Mike ElHs Kim- brcll; 320, Situs Oliver Shaw; 330, Bcnnic Ray n; 331, Loll Joseph Alexander; 332, Robert Carter n; 333, Clifford Booth Johnson; :J34, Daniel -Hendrix Beall; 335, James Dority n; 336, Bulorti Franklin 'Boyles; 337, Wilbur Wright. 338, J. Ru'fus Elton Jeffries; 339, Anon Grlce n; 340, John Homer WtlWmnks; 341. Victor Woodrow Fletcher; 343; • Bill 'Mat.tww; 343, Archie Williams n; 344, Jack CarJ Tumor; 345, Tommle Branch n; 34(5, Curtis Cureuzcll "Pulllam-n; 347. Benlto RodriciiiCis; 348, William >A<iolph Harrison; 34D, Lawerence Stevenson n; 350, John Rbmily Enochs Jr. Missouri, and also the highest quota, 789, to. supply for army training by next June. However, credit was given for 640 men, this being the number, from this county in ser-. vice in the National Guard units, leaving a remainder of 149 to send to the training camps by June 30, 1941. Charles G. Ross On State Contest Board CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Nov 21.—Chas. G. Ross, cashier of the First State Bank of this city, has been named as the banker member on the State Plant-to-Prosper Committee, 'according to an announcement here Wednesday. Members of the committee, which includes the state 'extension agent, C. C. Hearne, will hold a "preliminary examination of all records ( of various county winners in the contest 'in this state, aud will make their preliminary selections. Later, the committee will visit the 'farms of those" county contestants left after the preliminary eliminations, and after these visits will announce the' final state winners. Read Courier .News warn ads. Pemsicot Guard Units Await Dec. 23 Call CARUTHERSVTLLE, Mo. : Nov. 21.—Pemiscot, County will supply 149 men for training in the ifcniy by June 30, 1941, according to instructions received here Wednesday, members of the lotal selective service board announced. •With _a total oi' 660"} registrant. Pemiscot County had the hisUest. total of registrants in Southeast j rMOTHERS! Your Children Will Like • PRUNLAX Your pmbkm •£ Mlcctinc a (»«<} rmle**. yet effective I»«tiv«, and ui»« -wbich Twill be particularly appeal- is* to YOUR CHILDREN c«n be •olT«d today by purchaainff a bottle of F^UNLAX for only 60 cents. CMTdren everywhere like hi : t«ile and never frow tired of its deliciou* appea!. Tie combination of Pure Calif omi» Prune Syrup with Ca»car» and Senna, make it the ideal laxative for young and old alike. It dtMc n«t crtpe or n*u**ate, yet it produces prompt action, in a thorough and efficient manner. You've never tried anything just like PRUN- JLAX. and. once- you try it, you'll ^ever change. The children won't "It! you. It's very economical, 56 dote* to 1fc« -bottle. Get it today and ste how wall it really -works. Kirby Drug Company N0W Undir-arm Cream Deodorant safely *• . • Stops Perspiration 1. Docs not rot dresses, docs not irritate skin. 2. No waUiDgto dry. Can be used ri^fhi after shaving. 3. Instantly, stops perspiration •; - • for.! to 3'days. Removes"odor from perspiration. 4. Apurc,whitc,gtcasclcss,sraia- . less vanishing crcam v 5. Arrid has btcn a^rdcd.tbc ; Approval Seal of the American Institute of JUundcring for being harmless to fabrics, 25 MILLI.ON j«i» of Anid . 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Crepe soles and leather soles. Plain or cap toes. is 00 WOMEN'S DRESS SHOES Bargains galore I These include pumps, straps, and ties'•'reduced ^ OO ifrom a much higher price line. Every slioc is guaranteed 'all-leather! . . Imagine a; .16"; ; top '••{ all-leather boot at /this amazingly -low .price! These are not "seconds" l^ut top grade merchandise reduced -to clear. Not many of these, so be here early for yours. ': 2S 98 ARGH SUPPORT SHOES Women's nietatarsal arch-support slippers tliat are the last word in 'comfort—Soft, pliable Kid uppers and: welt soles. These are from, our best line of'arch shoes. • ' 198 CHILDREN'S DRESS SHOES Pumps! T "StrapsMVIonk Straps! An array qf the dressiest little .slippers you've, ever seen, at any price. Just the thing for that extra , pair for the little Miss! These are the'best'kind of patent with all- . • leather soles, insoles and counters. •••••. * .- '••*•-.'. WOMEN'S SPORT OXFORDS Smart, lookiug call-skin oxfords with, (Joodyear welt soles!—You-: must see j;hese/to. appreciate the value—Not, every size but every,one a real bargain. • •. •- - MEN'S WORK SHOES Heces valuer An : all-leather construction work shoe with guaranteed leather'insoles and, counters for this/low price. Heavy cornpo-' sition outsole—these-can "TAKE IT"! Everv size in this shoe, so' hurry for yours.: .' •••" . .;." .-' ' . r Hals "With. Sleel -'Crowns'. LONDON f'XJP) —.Hats With a .steel crown for protecUon "'against splinters In an nlr-rald are new arrivals In the fashion world here. The hnUs have an India rubber bund protecting the edge to prevent the cap cutting into the forehead. ' Read Courier News twiftfc • '•! II. 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