The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 9, 1933
Page 5
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1933 • (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PACK WVt SECTION CLASSIFIED ADVEKl'SlLNG INFORMATION Dally rate per line for i-onsecu- iFive average words to a line) One tune IK.-I line Joc 'iv.o times per line per day .. Uoc •;.i;r<* Imies j;cr line per day .. (We b>x times per .me per aay .... Uoc Montn ram pel line ' Wu nd^ / uiclurcu lor lurec uf a"> LiUlta auu ii^piXU uctul'c CA^na- imn tt'ui at: ciiuige>.. lor in.: number 01 iiuuat a e au npiKUieu aiiu uajiUaLitiem ol onl niuue. mini amice lien will also be retained, upon the property therefor. Dated this 7th day of Ociober, 1833. R. L. OAINB8, ! commissioner In Chancery. 1 Reid. Evrard to Henderson, | Attorneys for plaintiff. 10-9-16 «nd a lien will also to ret»iixed! Hill, et-»l, the updenlintd, within upon the property Ihertlqr. I lawful hours on October Jl. 1W, Dated (his 1th day of October,! will sell, at tho front door rt Ui« I'OK SALE (.'HEAP—1931 Chevrolet Coach, lu- COMMISSIONER'S SALE 1933. Held, Evrfud 11. L. OAINE8, 1 court bouse st sas, to the Artwi W*J*», upon » in oiiiwouy- v..i»u ol ihree wontbl, U* Joilow- Attorneys for IMuinlUf.. 10-0-ltf COMMISSIONER'S SALE Puroutnl to a dw;e« of i>roperly, to-wlt: 1.01 Hve (5), lu Black •»." a the Morris Addition lo the cily of lilyiheviile, Arktnaw, The purchaser will bf upon th« property therefor. C«l«d this fth <tty of October, 03 R. L. OAINW. CotnoilMtatttr to Wwncm 1 . Reid, Eviwrd * Henderson, AUornw for HalnUH. »-»-W Dews MONTBKAI, (UP) - Quebec's 1KJ apple crop will amount to OETTYBBURO. Pt. tysburi Oo!l*f», sUrtlng IU term this year, U without a co-ed o)i tlw cunpus (or the Driv tl'w* In 45 years. Director* roicd four years ago to accept DO more |lt) students and the last rf the coeds were vradualed In June. - TH/S CURIOUS WORLD - All classified s^niiiilieu ay tv S10'; 01 U1U U'Hj' iniiicu uy (.'ata eULK, rcolajllb Uut- uluSl LX uli-um- ntiu-s may ll'Ulll UlX>*U 13 ., ttlll L/U Ul HL>C Ul , Hu:s i«c<.l. Pursuant to n dccice of ihe iCnanc «ry court, rendered, la the to give bond with approved *eeur-. «0,000 b»rrel», ft decrease of 5.000 Chancery' Court, rendered In the; ( . a5e0 f union Savings Building 4; It) 1 to scenic payment o( his Wd, M compared with last ye»r, ac- case of JVdcra! Intermediate L 0ail Association vs. Lavefn* May and a lien »H| olso be reUlned .cording, lo government statistics. Credit Bank of St. Louis vs. Mrs. ... t&'ttRX&SiffZ "I HBOAKMM, tober 31, 1J33, will sell, at the front door ot the court house at *"""' Blytiieville, Arkansas, to the high- rOH SALE—19^3 Chevrolet Sedan. jlAKl lOihlu.Oil. A, bburicr iitwa. 7dn ii REAL ESTATE C'ouie lu list yo»r real eitite S« what we bave lo sell E. M. l«ry Utcnud Dealer, l\rr)-U'orthin u wu Title Co. ! 1 Ili t vllle fhone lilV i tlOliC J\j\j Oi' U'AKT LAND -We have buyers for «,o, 80's anc-. larger tracts. Ca .-'I Gil) tract. ?co THOMAS LAuj ..iI-A» if. 2'Jc si est bidder, upon a credit ol three months, the following property, to-wif. Lots Nine i9>. Ten 110), Eleven 111), and Twelve (12>, in Block Two <2>, of the Ruddle Grove Addition to the cily of Blythcvllle. Arkansas. The purchaser will be required to give bond with approved security to secure payment of his bid. und n Hen will also be retained upon the property therefor. Daied this 1th day of October, 1S33. R. L. GALNES. Commissloier In Chancery. Reid. Evrard A- Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintiff. 10-9-16 ONE. SPECIES OF ANT, £.AS/US NIGER. 6UH-OS COVERED I'OU RENT ii:,jy<l't;u— Ally TV.''., ;iui'u.n.. i '-' Main across S'..*v»:: llOI^i Lai.;.. :. ,.iOOl Suit- . able n)r rco-Jcr.i'v w uuiiiA-o.-.-. >\'.- . rr.v; of St. j to sun rciiivr. Ait/; r,o.. ; Company vs. toie ouilauig Oil S. Fianifiiil Foulei, call «il-J. Ueie Waler-rroof Tarpaulins o. nr»: ol. 10^ tm T Typi-wMing and .iduni b iiie Ktpau-iiiB- U. b. isia , Ho K. n.osc. Cail IUD-J. Registereil Fpcnccr Cotsctlere Mrs. J. J. Uavis I'hone 4-J1 F'JKKITURE Se\i AnJ Usud J. 1> dsjn Sol ii. M.i 2iic K.O-i. \l-.d.i.. - nxra furnished or u.. .Linioi:.u apLrtmenis, newly oe. 1-an.o, u ier Krcy Onig Co. <.^> ouadin? adjoining Ko.\. ticulre, t. biinon, UU W. IJav^ .ail ib-i. JIO Kiv-- CKivoom. Ca;l • .nracilve Becroom, 618 W. Ma.i Jlrs McMull:ns I'houe u.i-\V 21c i-0 WANTED TO KENT COMMISSIONEE'S SALE pursuant lo a decree . . of the nhancerv Court, rendered Louis Union Trust J. M. JonU, el-al, Ihe nntl^rsi - ned. within lawful hours, on October 31, 1933, will -c-ll, at the front do'pr ol tUc -orrt house at Blythcville,. Ark--, imas, to tlw highest-bidder, upon, a credit of three months, the; fol-.j icwing property, lo-wit: Lots One ii) and Tv:o '(2). and the South Hail of' the Northeast Quarter of Section Thhtv-six (36); and Lot One (1), in Section TTVcrity-flve (25)-, all in Township Sixteen (16) North, Range Eleven (11) East. The purchaser will be required to give bond with approved secur- iiy to secure payment, of-his-bid, I L. G. Moss Wythevtlc':: cut rate UnderUker lup klU-n LI.EANEHS, TAILORS Servant room within walking distance of 1100 Chlcka^awba avenue. Mrs. Snrauel F. Norris. Call 306 or 374-J 5xtf. ELEEP(NG HOOM. 2 mm. 2 bed; -\pply 118 ?outh Railroad St. 2p H AA i.JUL> For Qua.lit> Barnt-s Cltining ItJU Mi\Va C.eancti hat.'. Blocied Loo'i Like New Hi cue 171 -. •'•c\i-.- Ui-anln Reryice DREf.SMAKINO Ui.llA llic iur (ue aaiae v K0l£ Ul SiWINQ, Al'/ rnalions, Very Rey- Fo..abk. XiiE Louise oranu, fno.. eg. 22t .•iiu--. SPOUTING GOODS V,'c arc continuing our Golf nil Sale Oner—Conic in and inquire about it- llubbard Hardware Co. 12c klO-U BATTERIES I have bought the Nickle iitt uuve uiKun ci»arijd. i &ivc ic cuitct, cuiue in auu try UtO. WKkGHl. ..n.AYED—Black mare mule, 9IXi ^L.S., •.; mt.e east ot Sanbj ..o n L-. i.i-WAUD. R. W. Bevil ..oute 2. 6p klU POSITION WANTED EXPERIENCED Specialty Salcsmar. with car, good references. P. O Box 543. 6p kll MALE HELP WANTED For Prompt Battery Service Thonc 8 Ben Clunc 2cklI-2 New Ford Batteries R-ntal-Rc.-hargh B-Repairin-z 777 TI:;E & PATTERY STATIC 25c klQ-..- IH)GS, L'ETS "'•^N "WANTED. Supply customers with famous Watkins Product.' i BlytheviHe. Business established arniugs average S25 weekly, pav '!-rts immediately. Write J. R. "'"tVin'' Company, 70-90 W- Iowa e. Memphis. Tonn. 9p klf T.F.OAI. NOT1CKS For Health j Dogs feed M'licr's h>iii,n & > t uii-lt Luntli Ill;HlsAhI> HAKUWAKE UU. lie klu-i BUILDING JIATKRIAL W ALL P A PER Single V-om lot.s Sl.M ->o old patterns at 6c MA'i i . • ... i... line )0j to 2i- COAL t t \\OOU Bufore yui buy Coal—You cm. t,ive money. Phone 119, coir.i: Railroad znA Ash Sts. Barlnut.- Coal Yard. 29c kiO-^? PIIONE 107 "(t-r Coil is Black But Wo Treat You White." »c kll-9 COMMISSIONER'S SALE Pursuant lo a decree of the Chancery Court, rendered in .th6 case of St. Louis Union Trust Company vs. R. E. L. Bearden, cl- al, the undersigned, within lawlul hours on Ociober 31, lOSX will sell, at the front door of the court house at Blytiieville. Arkansas, to the liighsct bidder. U|»n a credit of three months, the following property, to-uil: The West Half ot the North- cast Quarter, and n strip 15 f?«i wide off of tlic South iide •:f 'h a Southeast Quarter of ••••• K M-: 1 .'" 1 -! Quarter of Hec- fr-n TA, ;•' .---iqhl (28), in Tov.nshu KIM',>-I-:: C.B) North, PIMUC EiclTt voi lia?t. The purchatu vill be required to give bond with app:wed ty to secure payment of his bid, i and a lien will also be retained upon the properly I here For. Dated this 1th day ot October, We are exclusive agents for orit:- Genuine Montevallo Coal and Sipsy, Arkansa Ai Ifcracitc and Kentucky Coal?. I'lione m E. F. Fry Wonder City Coal Company 3c kll-9 Gnod AUTOMOTIVE Gateway Gtrarc PrictJ Bight G«arantwi t 18p klO-19 LARGEST STOCK USED PARTli Be'ween Memphis and W. Also Auto Glass — Phone 66 JACKSON AUTO I'AKTS CO. ac kIl-2 1033. L. GA.INES. Commissioner in Chancery. Reid. Evrard & Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintiff. Auto Gliss All Kirds Instilled The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. .-„.._ .. lOc klU-10.iiy lo secure payment of his bid, TtFTV -BUCKS? 1 NEVER TUM MUCH SU6AR OJE LUMP, iM 26 VtARS OF UKV 5NUFFY, , KALJSE Of- SCttNCfe BECKONS >AV HETUW4 TO TH6 THE VARIOUS ANT . COMMUNITIES. TOR , AMD I OVERTUVS STORE TO \OU, LOCK .STOCK VOUR'TIWST SM.&, tt\! "«iw' COUVL& OF CANARIES NO\W, I CAN VNW.K IN TW' HOUSE WITHOUT ANAS STORE ,TOO TOO MUCH WHEN ROUGHLY HANDLED, M.AV DEAD 60 THOWU&HLV 1HAT TH6IR BREATHING AV3VEMENTS ENTHS6C/ SUSPENDED. A SIANT bIRO THAT ONCE LIVED IN NEW ZEALAND, RBACHSP A HEI&HT OF fflEETT natives of fjpw Zealand, n'ooiil three cenliiricc ujo. Tli?sc birdz (elnlcd to Ihc klu'ls nnd cjssottarlEd, which sllll inhabit that country, rhty were 'unable 'Id fly, having only rudimentary wir.25. •BUSINESS ; GI'TS A 1'RESENT! ( ROOM — COLLECT, HOl'ES ARE HIGH! SOU tOlOf !^\ Now/reLLAU-i IT'S w MIME-i SOU KMOW, WITHOUT SHOUTING. _ . I'VE TOUMO TH 1 LOST WITH 010 PtJTTBW UOCS WASTING NO TIME! hALESMAK SAM -'VJZ. 60(J1*s ROW TM» CHT OOWM To eyifjess! CRAisH ADMITS , tj; "STAR LAST /EAR'S GLe TEAM, HAS . . JUST THREW/CRASH? )S<OUL.O Plcli ii. ••' P-Usr*Sfioo O H 1 HSLPS SHADY ON.I.Y1SOFER IS MY LONG SUIT-... DO I SWASH IT! I . i-i «s!™> footls'l. KJS w.ltai ^ 1: Ckin fooibifl" (»:Frc;k!« itai-ii. It FOOTBAUL SQUAD-HE'S ,JUT FOR FIRST Pursuant to a decree of . the Chancery Court, rendered In the of Arkansas Grocer Com- r<anv, ct-al vs. V. H. Harrington, et-al, the undersigned, within law-, lul hours on October 31. 1933, will; ANp MAS sell, at the front door of thr — court house in Blythevillc, Arkan sas, to the highest bidder, upon < credit of three months, the following properly, toiivit: Lot Eighteen (18), In Block Twenty-Jour <1H>, ol the Blytlic Second Addition lo the cily ol Blytiieville, Arkansas. The purchaser will be required to give bond will) approved sccur (icing the tt*3a b< r'J^«! h<.«pl tg klwecn tlic Icp c( hi evpcimj Is* M.-I wd u li-Uaj h's ipponjpl'i Ic? »,ni«' Ms » i; n- UisVKKliowliaBt.iniam.Mn-ujlcfe jbyci who is r.'U, v «r.y icliw 01 ik !nt xJi Km cfl hlaix

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