The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 14, 1935
Page 1
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BLYTHEVILLE. <ARK.) COURIER NEWS Sodil Calendar - , .^ 1 j£r WliDAYe Cfcrden dep»Hni$n(. of cluB. meeting it club house 2 30 P *. $' SATURDAY'S, EVENTS Jjfes Siali ^fomghan jr, hiving a bridge luncheon. M fc. s. strmbNf Reafens Ac AuxV He»d ^Crc S 3 S limber g hat resign- cd,,«i president ot the American Legion auxiliary and_ £lre A M '\V»shbuin. first vice president, lias be{p)Jie head' of tee brganiiatlon lire Sternberg resigned because oirtther duties , , ' ' ' double 6iy,es Informatiop Required to Make Contract Solution to Previous Contract Probjttn Knit Class Us blriher MeetUi? Ihe Golden Rule Sunday school cjtts ol the First ChlsUsn chuifii cejjbralid Us rapid fejortlh i« metabcrship and cbrnpllmenltd. Mrs" W T\ Barney., because II n«c her 'birthday, willi a dlmifer partf Tuesdav e\enlng at Ihe Iva/x of Mi and MTs W H Slov- B)M 4 birthday cake was Ihe cettter- Pi&e ot Wife central lable around which were arranged email tables A* three cbmse menu was seized In wfflch the Valenlihe motif was emphasized as it was in Ihe dec- , orttions and place cards *jt?i (he business' meeting J Cc- cu-Lone spoke of Uie utagrhb Uie cjMs has made frofn tv.o ihetnbers irKDecember to 40 Rt the'present ttmf He paid tribute to Mrs V E.i Butler* or th foi her efforts hi class activities This gioup Is now trading in the Sunday school can>test, he announced Itatej-, game* were . ]!» « • « t lry Club to Hi\e ucrade Dante Kb. 23 rhbers of the country club ijfll 1m e a costume masquerade OKnct Friday, tfebruary K with jjtticlng froft fl "until I b'oloci 3>rizes mil be awarded for the most original costume among the fifties aifd'jnen before the nia'gkt »re, dlscardctt at IntermlssKm *Urs Juliette Colltel-, the new , JJCWM5-, IG amhgtng severs! cpk. «frl stlrtcHons whl«J> vJll Jhtsludt the Virginia reel in observance of Washington's birtnday. ..This afiaU- •nill be^givcn instead of the dMice crl&inaliy ^owied for BY Wl*I. K. ry, Amtrlcwi Bridge U*«t» bcglhiier at Coptra/jt )!, inclined to pay too nmch attention M his partner':, bid and, pot <,nougl) to his opponents' bids, Nov., true enough, you liavc lo give a \o\, t,i tri6«Ehl \o nhat 'jour partner's bids • a* an, ;*ut the oti- fxmehts' bidding ls> just as injpoV- taht lo jou It loci|ci cards so that, during Ihe Way of the h»rid yta mi> be nb!e toTnake a fine end play or tome other strategic/ rticne ihat will assist jou In making your cbiilrscl. Thomab R Bro»n of Pittsburgh feenl me today's hand The success f tl)e \\holc hand na-- founded on double rial in V* £ast, Bro\vn SaV i the South j»£ition Ihe PUj Webts opening lead \v'ai the dtuc.c J liearts, in TCtpOn>se to lili part^ ler's - liewt bid. If llje king Is ^a IMni dummy, Hit contract t» madei the declarer'made he proper plav of Ihe nine ot Watla, East covbrcd \vllh the ton, nfl South trumped "with llw ftvc.61 ilamonds. 13E\ C» tfcfcrUta* ? «ft fcUx is J^d,'*»a th* YfcUnl , Mttrtm* Btiage cu* TVeBnetdity of Mfc'uli? date ' / " ^;In 12& bridge games Mrs Doyle ,^fhe hostess strW a s»i»a platt' i IVv » » V P»*ten CNb I • Steele-Cooter _ oociety —"jKersdhdl i- ._' . •The Garden -Bepifthieht of the WoAan's cJuh iftll «om]>1ete plans Ic? its ftfcst actlvfUes m a meetlne to be rreld Fttdfty alterrioon, 2 3ft 6«ock, at the olut "house , v wreraost of the activities to be «*rned out Immediately v 111 be the WautiScallbh oY ihe entrances lo fte city fen all WgHways .^AH Ititeresled in gardefnng snfl fr-beautlncatlon program for the «ty aVe imlted to join [he groub gath tei betag orgainzea ah «. \iml otitlil! Wosaan's club ' ... . .-Mrs »w D,"'Chamblin h«t wesday fconfract club ^ls veeu Wien she used a yellow motif Scr iS^, 0 * 1 Ubl * h ' d * <*nleiT*ce ol JWlnins surrounded by la>m und W'.^!! 51 "" 6 P 11 "* t * Ms *«** W Wl*ade A Uo course menu ^-as feK°r!? y -jT 1 L S ^ If5 J Slck Thorn-is So tot Ugh score. 3*? t ^ * 9 t "RS "Cuiy&i'd jEw Bridge ciRb. irfllembers of Ihe "Weflnesdaj »Wge club PhS Mrs XV D Chahr- ahd played cards !! A t*o course lanchebn *T>S jjri - ffl at small tables arranged 1n the "™f **™ ^h'«i *M decorated with jotupliis »«a pussy OMt Baptist V. W, A .BaptStJ^-^A^^ v Jrtlch three ne» ?* «<ina -fish hostess in eh- Ads Buirton Service Sta. '^V.' " - ^Missouri h-lces "'l ' Francos' ' • 'fsr j ^ ^ -t ' J ' x . ^ , ii. 6 *|V»<-| r-l 4 -A 9 G 5 *KJ* 4 K3S 4 4 A 4 JS-7 * A Q l'0 5 S 5 4 A K "S 2 al6 N. ihcl &. Mil West Norlh f.ati Kss S 4 1 V -Tasr, 4 4 fjouble {'»S5 6 4 Con(raq( This Is itjo llrst of six liner' niiii [rom tlie ter- racfl Bridge Club o( New York, fs'orlli opeiib Uie king of fpidot agalnsL a fouv-heart coiilraci. Whjit card eliquld Koullr pley? How slwuld Norlli and South play (lie hand 'to de'Ccal the contract? 4 A K 10 0 7 l! V 108 iS 4 K 6 The. next jilay'was a smnll dla- in'oftd, which ^as von h) dummy with the jack Then a cliib was returnee! und uoii \uth Iho king The act of clubs \ias played and then a im'a'll cld'b', which was niiTcrl In dummy with ihe clglit of dla inonds, ,' A diamond was phycd from dummy and \\on u> declarer, 'l aeolarcr'i last l!ub «Jb niftcil with the king of fllarnoiid 1 ; East hs.s dpiitlea foiir spatjei, add hl!> no\ible in US'! ha\e I) eon 'based oh Ihe fact that >ie hud 'the king and queen of enartes So, -4 this point, declaier led » binnll spade from dummy which Uast won 'with the qfiech, and ho\* East '\vss help' less If he relmhed a spade/ Hie decm^ci «on!d make bol'h ihe nee and jack,: while if he !«i •Uto'acb of hearts,, decleaier wbulil ru'ft and then dbcard the losing spade on the king ol hfeutt* tlsing liic blrtdlne as a •'Bu'lrte; to locate the Ling and queen brspiides, NIC declarer made the 'end play which gave him his contract of six diamonds, doubled, Annb'inceWcfit Is triads of Uie nKtiage of Miss JJIai-garet 'ronsll, if Micola to lhatmohd Olumons, ol BljtheVilte The \\cddliie tiolt )lace on Pebruiir} 1 5 in Blyllievlllb *fprc'> Tew 4nllinaW friends. The critic 15 \\cn known hcrt, imvuig attended stcele high scliool for the past Uo jeun, rhej, will make heir home fh Blyttievtile. • * » Mr*. R«el Aslicr 'was • hoslcss to 4ie J6Uy Cliib, of CbOlcii',-with a IUHCO party Tuesday . iiftctnbbn. Muss Otillb M&e Duke was » guesl TJie Valentine rnotu w »s carried the 'decorations. Mrs. Claricb Slllland noil high score, Mrs T E Jriggancc bunco, and Mrs Hugh Mlohie Jr low score prize Re fresh- minis of sandwiches, pickles, mdi- idual cherry pics with whipped orewn, and coffee **trt wi-v«d The i«i meitwg im be nll n Mrs day nlgl ( i at a turXej din by the ladtss ot the Meth,™«, „,..,- sionary society ul the cofiimiinity (jlubhoiuc. »wW!s, Sl>A Regenold aii J". WJJson vfK guests of Mrs Charles Lane when she enlerlalif- *B the Tuesday Luncheon club this \\eej! Mrs R E Lee Wilson jr held high score . ' • . Twcnly-me members - -of Ih Bapllil Misslonarj' Union -''werf gucsls of Mrs O M Mill Tuesday allSinoon a I a boclal niceling. .ilrs Victor Mann und Mrs p.-M, Hil jr. were co-hostesses. The MetbodU! faunday ! scliob council ^ns entertained at the hoim ot Mft o H Piazier with a cftv- ercd diih supper Wednesday nlgh'i Revival at Holland toliAND, Mo-The Rev, Mrs R L ajwdien is conducUng rtvival at, ihe fenlecost cliurch Holland. . There will be regular conmiuhl cation mid \\tirl. m the feliowcrtf flcgree at \he rcgulai weekly mcel. ing bf tlie local Masonic • lodge lo titsht, 7 3o o clock Wilson Society — Personal 'Forty members attended Uie rflee'tSlig ot: Xne' Cob'pbVnltvc cliib ' at !he Wilson communilj eiifclioiise ast Thursday. X musical rcViic'lJy nembers or Ihe Jimlor Coopcraltie club provided entertainment Mmes A P Williams S A RcgenoHl Jcs«e jrcer, Charles Lane, Henr> Golci- •nah, D6n»ia nc\clier and- Eva El- cn» vl ere liostesses Mrs A R. heaten Is a nen member of the ?lub Porty- three men ^\cre gtrcsls of - Deere PloV-company Fvl Bits oj Mostly, Mrs.. W.. A.. .GrimmetV. whg hat >ecn quite ill for ftvo'wcck^ is iww mprovlng. • : Mis. S. S. 8Uri)b?>u relurn* d from a brief Visft In 'tltllc Uock. : ; Di'..W. A. Grimineit has gone to ilemphls to attend v the medlca neclliig todny uiul' 'loinoirow. He /us also down Tuesday. Mr, alict Mrs. W, S. Langclbj lad us their gueets yesterday Mi's LahgiJon's niece, Mrs. rtabel Buck cv, of Tojt Pmlth, fa Miss Holon Alice St«inbe,ig ha emie lo Chicago where t,M li> U make hoi home. Shc'li reswin Mill Mlu, ^aiy Blanche Gay, a|s. of Ihis city. ^7 Mn, nmpii ilplon mid llttl (lauelilci Peggy of Memphis ar filing Mrs Tipton's aunt, Iv!r4 3 H Orcai, and other ielal|ve J Mcll Broofc, js in iJtUe :odaj. wu and Mis T I Seay »„ son riiomas, 16, went to Boone Mile, Aik, jeslciday where Thomab will be u palient al Ihe state fianl- .uiluni Mr aiiu MH, yioyd 'V/hltc ana nay Jackson were in Momnhii, Nfonday. Mrs Chehlcr Ouldwcll and bon Don, and Mis Chandler went to Memphis Wednesday where Uan wont to |»ii, phjslclan 'ihe ftev JIKI Mri Mned fcal ^ . unta liaie returned Irani Jfan- Srum, Okla, where they uttendeS ','| C h nftmcral of ^'s Caipehtcrs i ( J. K barlaln Jins relurned lo Memphis nftct a ^li,it with her son, Elliott, and fahiily , Mr and Mrs Joe Walker, late of "nrdjV Ark, who 9 & moMttg to Os,- ceola. where Mr \yalkei is to be R<*- Hcullural agont, have been tttests 01 Mr and Mrs Sam Manatl lr a ™, Ml£ F L ^"sbana aie Memphis for Uo dajs attehaing the metiiCdl h!ectlnB Dr. Husband also went down Tuesday Mis J w BaiTon, of Memphis, was the guest of D\ and Mrs P L Husband during ihe first of the WCCK tar wd M« olKer ,W Cobhedge spent VestWday m MerhphU ** "' " " i, whb , , % " lere rnorro Chailas ' in Memphis afi cai Jr l is to- , will have ai his ton.orrou Mi ana Mr 6 J A Weinman. Mi ?1 ,d Mrs Jmi """ Mr a " d Ml * EAve O r Memplils A. v^.w^jiv,^ system tnc larger cities of the lr> try Is being planned by iraslal authorities In Qefmany. . 666 Checks COLDS ..- and FEVER Liquid - Tablets First Bay «.^ u .u - A.iui^ia •• _ _ Salve - Nose Drops Headaches IB-30 Minutes vx - i. ^W/Ea IS NOT EXPENSIVE 7 . S !atl$fics ' And«o uil it g,\« sou tnfttc »nd round K e « , ilnc Colds That Han On BUck tea. To get i 11. kXjk for.-thc let them get starte **% lujcWy 'Greomulsion c ! helps in one Power/ul but to v onthcpackjgcof le»y6u'ljuy'." CMJUMET 6U>D NO IU ONLY FREE FROM RINGS NO-SHADOW CH1FF.ON STOCKING, v^vT vely j' Nq-ShaApw Chiffons are 4]lleu-A - G cotun- bulloniohcSIBrj' perfection. New 'SprjnS [colors' ^- finished dull —and available ine,xacide- [greft" '01 "shc'crntjs i you preler. • $|OO .-.'•. A..TKE.I New Spring Shoe SlylcE - Arrlring Ually •FW A, White VefctVh', Jiilctd t. > • * hosiery, too! Al (he .-Nc«- York Slorc NRA NRA COMPARE ^LL QpR PRICES LIBERTY CASH GROCERS • SPEND V$JR 'SCRlp HERB Specials for Friday, Saturday and Monday SUGAR. ^ J'urc Cane. Paper Bag L" to Florida ' Size. GRAPEFRUIT Florida. 80's Bath 3c Extra \Vinesap. «ov TURNIPS With Tops •Bunch 7ic Fresli 1'ouitd Sc CELERY""^ 1 '- """ay LLTTDCE Large Icebergt, Each BANANAS' 0 ** ***• L gju*™" ONIONS" ~~~" ' BACON w """'' Kon ' GROUND BEE1 BEEF STEW 29c Pound 10c Good K. C. Ikcf Pound 4ft'** JLUC LA MR Genuine Spring Front Quarter, Lb. "ft" 11 * Leg, Pound - - - In Glass Cach FISH SILVER SALMON - RIVER CAT __RED SNAPPER - BUFFALO K LIVER Beef or Pork Pound Spmiibh Pound CARROTS Fresh. Large Bunches Each 5c TOMATOES Standard ^o. 2 Can SALT MEAT Sic 'j MINCEMEAT BRAINS' Slreak-O-Lean Pound Brandy Added Pound Bcek or Pork. Fresh I'ound VEAL CHOPS »?k Or Sfeak Pound WlPOTATm^S^2iciuVERCnTO T¥lr»riTA'»7 WISH i ;/ » . n ~ IH • r Nice Size Each Sc '/< Lb. Can ,'4 Lb. Can LEMONS Large Size il VEAL ROAST Pound 20c Dozen 12c GREEN BEANS Blytheville IjO. 2C87T 8c SNAP-BEANS"""' """,,,,2"" 7ic CATSUP CHEfifilS Ruby Large 14-Oz. UotUe 4 j% JLUC Red Swtr Pitted No. 2 Can CRAMERS 2-LN Box' ' Each Sc GINGER ALE 20-U. Sack $1.12 Oh Boy 24-Of. Bottle 9c R & G. 5 Giant Bars, MMlJAJiiLOURa^fS:: 49c 87c CANOVA COFFEE Lb. COODT Premium' K Lb.Box <J "f ' 1 f C ly's or Campbc]] fj^ .tan ,OC Choice Milk Fed ___ Pound POTATO^ \Vhite Cobblers Pound SALAD DRESSING II .*)' Domino^ Old Fashioned Bnwn ^1 or Confectiuner. Lb. Box Cloverbloom Process Pound ^ COCONUTS Fresh.' Full of Milk Each CABBAGE Pound RUTABAGAS-TURNIPS ,.„ SPINACH Pound 9c Fresh White Heads Pound r 1 SARWNES American ! • : 4 A^. ; ; SCans 1UC Maxwell House Coffee VITA FRESH-' i L. "GOOD TO THE LAST DROP"LD« 31c SPAGHETTI Or Macaroni 1 *%_ 3 Boxes JLUC PRUNES Evaporated Pound "Waldorf ,'i Rolls Sic 13c PEACHES ^ a PINEAPPiFlK TOMMMjffi&S^ PEARS •' •'•' !' '• :'.i ' ." 8.0z;;Caa ^ Can. FRUIT SALADS, aMflNY.:ift.gfo:'iff Stokely's Honey-I'odl rC No. 2 Can 13 MATOES /':-sartrd'c « :•.. J J;Noi;2,;'2.' LIBBYS SPECIALS SPAGHETTI No cLlfl c ;CQRNED ° EEF M -g. iff D I Lgfe, 2 ^ 1ft C tan 1U Large 'IOC 2'/ z Can 10 No. 2 Contitry Gentleman 1QC >-' No. 2 Can ft

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