The Daily Herald from Chicago, Illinois on August 27, 1997 · Page 254
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The Daily Herald from Chicago, Illinois · Page 254

Chicago, Illinois
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Wednesday, August 27, 1997
Page 254
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Page 2/Section 5 NEIGHBOR Wednesday, August 27,1997 DailyHeiald Itasca • A red 1991 Chevy Blazer parked at a business at 225 Windsor Drive in Itasca was stolen between 12:30 and 5:45 p.m. Aug. 18, police said. The sports utility vehicle was valued at $8,000, according to reports. Bloomingdale • A Bloomingdale resident found dents in both his vehicles parked in an apartment building lot on the 200 block of Glen Ellyn Road in Bloomingdale, police said. The criminal damage occurred between 3 p.m. Aug. 17 and 7 p.m. Aug. 18, reports indicated. Repairs to the 1994 Ford Probe and 1997 GMC Safari will cost an estimated $600, according to reports. den Ellyn • A house fire in Glen Ellyn around 5:45 p.m. Monday was the result of a child putting a cloth rag in an oven broiler, Glen Ellyn firefighters said. The rag caught on fire after the child's mother turned on the oven, according to reports. No one was injured in the fire at 305 N. Kenilworth Ave., fire officials said. Flames were contained to the stove, which was destroyed by the fire, officials said. Smoke filled the rest of the home and damage was estimated at about $3,000, firefighters said. The residents were allowed back into their home once firefighters cleaned up, reports showed. Wheaton • An unlocked 1989 Chevy Caprice station wagon was stolen in Wheaton. The Caprice had been parked in the far'southwest corner of the DuPage County Fairgrounds at 2015 W. Manchester Road when it was stolen between 4 p.m. Saturday and 7:15 a.m. Sunday, according to reports. The station wagon was valued at $5,000, reports indicated. Glendale Heights • Burglars stole a purse containing cosmetics, a Social Security card and a birth certificate out of a car parked in the lot of a grocery store at 2164 Bloomingdale Road in Glendale Heights, police said. The burglary occurred at 10:30 p.m. Aug. 20, according to reports. A window was broken and the purse was snatched from behind the dn- ver's-side seat, reports.indi- cated. lisle • Someone broke a window on the rear door of a vacant building on the 4600 block of Main Street in Lisle, police said Saturday. The damage was believed to have occurred between 8 a.m. Aug. 14 and 7:40 p.m. Aug. 15, according to reports. Damage was estimated at $30, reports indicated. • Burglars stole a cellular phone out of a 1992 Plymouth Grand Voyager parked in the parking lot of a grocery store at 1227 S. Naper Blvd. in Naperville between 5 and 5:30 p.m. July 25, police said. The burglary was reported Thursday, according to police. The victim doesn't remember if the vehicle was locked but there was no damage reported, police said. The phone was valued at $200, reports indi-' cated. Lombard • A man and woman grabbed six pairs of shoes at Famous Footwear, 231 W. Roosevelt Road in Lombard, and left without paying, police said. The theft was reported at 4:32 p.m. Thursday, according to reports. • The occupants of a blue Chevrolet Caprice were spotted breaking several mailboxes with a baseball bat at around 11:40 p.m. Friday, police said. Mailboxes from 300 to 330 N, Lalonde Ave. in Lombard were damaged in the incident, according to reports. Hoffman Estates • A 20-year-old Itasca man was charged with possessing drug paraphernalia in Hoffman Estates on Tuesday, police said. Frank G. Hjelm, of 803 Walnut Lane, is scheduled to appear in court September 25. .- w,...*..:> !v: l,:.:i'\n «.-v.:-. •-<• DAILY RECORD A compilation of DuPage County Circuit Court proceedings of July 2531. • FELONIES • Georgo E. Mlllor, S3,424 Gregory, Glendale Hoights, Retail thoit: guilty; 180 days periodic im- prisonmonl, court costs/lines. $275. • Henry G. Nelson, 19. 418 N. Stovons Drive. Addison. Manufacture or delivery ol 30-500 grams of marijuana: guilty; 24 months probation, court costs/lines, $1,150. • Charles R. Nichols, 47, 1674 Ishnala, Naparvllle. Unlawful restraint: guilty: 30 days in jail. •.Gary R. Otozon, 25, 1403 N. 11th, Molrose Park. Forgory: guilty; 33 months in jail, court costs/linos, $215. Obstructing Justice: case dropped. • Michael J. Picon, 1214 King Circle. West Chicago. Driving with license rovoked: guilty; 30 months In (all, court costs/linos, $160. Obstructing justice: guilty: 30 months In jail, court costs/linos, $205. MISDEMEANORS • John M. Krage, 18, 735 S. Harvard, Addison. Possess more than 10 but not more than 30 grams ot marijuana: guilty; court costs/lines, $480. Possession of alcohol by minor in public: guilty: court costsfflnes, $75. • Kurt D. Kvalvog, 33, 1032 Sherwood, LaGrange Park. Improper use ol evidences of registration or certificate of title: guilty; court costs/fines, S90. • Joseph C. Labarre, 27, 150 Inverness Court, Elk Grove. Driving while license suspended: guilty; court costs/fines, $90. • Joseph E. Ungone, 32, 121 Hiawatha Drive, Clarendon Hills. Driving while license suspended: guilty; court costs/fines, $90. • Stefano A. Lanzl, 34, 10505 Drew Court, Mokona. Criminal trespass to land: guilty; court costs/fines, $120. • Marcos A. Lara, 22,125 48th Ave., Bellwood. Theft- guilty; 2 days in jail, court costs/fines, $320. • Klmberty A. Laurence, 38, 1011 W. 59th St., Chicago. Driving while license 1 suspended: guilty; court costs/fines, S125. • Tracy 6. Layman, 27, 441 Hugo Court, Villa Park. Domestic battery: case dropped. • Scott R. Lewnndowskl, 23, 300 S. Rosalie Road, Roselle. Driving with license revoked: case dropped. • • Michael P. Lilly, 34, 7211 Wolf Rood, Indian Head Park. Unlawful acquisition of conlrolled substance: guilty; 16 days in jail. • Curtis L. Lott, 26,4336 W. 19th, Chicago. Driving while license suspended: guilty; court costs/finos, $80. • Cale A. Lucas, 21, 1030 Elm St., St. Charles. Possession of drug paraphernalia: case dropped. Possession of 2.5-10 grams of marijuana: guilty; court costs/fines, S370. Possess fictitious or altered drivers license or permit: guilty; court costs/linos, $330. • Neal A. Lukowskl, 26, 217 Grant, Downers Grove. Retail theft: case dropped. • Antonio R. Lyke, 38, 1716 Norwood, Itasca. Violation of order of protection: guilty; court costs/fines, $130. • Darryl T. Mack, 35, 1412 Walnut Circle, Carol Stream Battery: guil'.y; court costs/'fines, $245. • Thomas J. Mack, 33,1018 N. Broadway, Melrose Park. Driving while licenso suspended: case dropped • Sean R. Manloy, 26, 21W571 Lynn Road, Lombard. Possession of 10-30 grams of marijuana: guilty 45 days periodic imprisonment, court •costs/fines, $130. Contributing to the delinquency of a minor: guilty; 45 days periodic imprisonment, court costs/finos, $130. Contributing to the delinquency of a minor case dropped. • Rick V. Maritato, 39, 530 W. Byron, Addison. Domestic battery, guilty, 1 V eaf conditional discharge; court costs/fines, $205. • Vlncenzo A. Mastrodemonlco, 27, 5241 S. Kolmar, Chicago. Domestic battery: case droppod. • Richard A. McGllllvray, 19, 1816 5th St., Winthrop Harbor. Possession of not more than 2.B nrams of marijuana: guilty; court costs/fines, S150. • Ncona L. HcNulty, 34, 229 S. Milton Ave., Glen Ellyn. Criminal damage to property: guilty: court costs/fines, $130. • Marc A. Motoyor, 30, 507 W. 61st St., West: mont. Battery: guilty; court-oosts/tlne's, $282.- Battery: case droppod. -.. ' • Christopher G. Mlllor, 18, 1162 Palmetto Court. Naperville. Possession or consumption ot alcohol by a minor: case dropped. • Glon G, Miller, 43, 417 Inland Drive, Wheel- Ing. Display or possess canceled, revoked or suspended license or permit; case dropped. Driving while license suspended: case dropped. • Timothy R. Mitchell, 28, 107 E. Washington, Oswego. Possession of 2.5-10 grams of marijuana: guilty; 14 days in jail. • Stuart S. Molr, 43,. 201 S. Roso St., Bensenvlllo. Driving while license suspended: guilty: court costs/lines, $150. • Jason B. Morgan, 21, 2841 Hobson Road, Woodridgo. Possession of 2.5-10 grams of marijuana: guilty; court costs/fines, $370. Possession or consumption of alcohol by a minor: case dropped. • Alan P. Morris, 37, 1421 Terraco Drive, Downers Grove.,Driving while licenso suspended: case dropped. • Michael K. Moaby, 40, 12050 S. Princeton, Chicago. Driving while license suspended: guilty; court costs/lines, S120. • Steven J. Mueller, 32, 920 Jackson, Napervllle. Domestic battery: case dropped. • Jeffrey A. Nelson, 35,14246 S. Napa Circle, Plainfleld. Driving while license suspended: guilty; court costs/linos, $90. • Gary L. Nottingham, 43, 29W230 Blair St., West Chicago. Domestic battery: case droppod. • Julie G. Nudd, 39, 1834 W. Augusta Blvd., Chicago. Driving while license suspended; guilty; court costs/fines, S80. • Kenneth G.-Null Jr., 38, 7309 Woodward Avo., Woodridgo. Aggravated assault of police officer: guilty: 1 year conditional discharge, court costs/fines, $145. • Patrick W. Oakes, 38, 255 N. Grant, Wost- mont. Driving while license suspended: guilty; court costs/linos, $75. ' • Peggy M. O'Hara, 46, 429 E. Wilson, Lombard. Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon: guilty; 6 days In jail. Possession of firearm or ammunition without firoarm owners ID card: guilty; 6 days In jail. Harassment by telephone: guilty; 6 days in jail. • Ryan P. O'Noll, 20, 2529 Autumn Grove Circle, Aurora. Possossion or consumption of alcohol by a minor: guilty; court costsrtinos, 5200. • Gary R. Orozen, 25, 1403 N. 11th, Molrose Park. Possossion of any fictitious or unlawfully altered ID card: case dropped. • Christopher R. Ortega, 19. 727 Schomor. Aurora. Disorderly conduct-breach of peace: guilty; court costs/fines. $150. • Miguel A. Ortiz, 34. 4252 W. Armitage, Chicago. Driving while license suspended: guilty; court costs/fines, $350. • Bernard G. Otis, 34, 11728 S. Laflin, Chicago. Driving while license suspended: guilty; court costs/fines, S90. • Edward A. Parilck, 33, 511 Racine Lane, Bolingbrook. Driving with license ravokod: guilty; 2 years condltlonafdlscharge, court costs/finos, • Eric G. Pankow, 18, 1553 C Arlington Heights, Arlington Heights. Unlawful possession or consumption of alcohol by a minor: guilty: court costs/fines, SI 20. • Gregory M, Panos, 29, 72 E. Lincoln, Glendale Heights. Domestic battery: case droppod. Weapons-possess knife or club with Intent to uso: caso dropped. • Michael J. Pape Jr., 53. 826 Valloy View Drivo. Glen Ellyn. Driving while license suspendedfguilty: court costs/lines, S12B. • James J. Pavelek, 31, 313 Black Stone. Willow Springs. Driving while license suspended: guilty; court costs/lines. $250. • Ocsota T. Payton, 21, 217 Douglas Way. Bolingbrook. Driving while licenso suspended: guilty;" 30 days in jail, court costs/lines, $300. • Arne R. Pedorson, 20, 185 College Drivo, Bloomlngdala. Driving while license suspended: guilty; court costs/fines, $75. • Carlos R. Perez, 36, 3900 Sandpiper, Hanover Park. Domestic battery: caso dropped. • Vincent T. Peyton, 39, 2731 W. Orchard Ave.. Blue Island. Driving while licenso suspended' guilty; court costs/fines, S204. • Michael J. Picon, 26, 260 Elsie, Crest Hill. Possession of not more than 2.5 grams of marijuana: caso dropped. Driving with license rovoked: guilty; court costs/fines, $110. • Michael G. Picon, 26, 260 Elsie, Crest Hill. Driving with license revoked: guilty; court costs/fines, $120. • Mark J. Plvoc, 33, 320 Garolh Lano, Schaumburg. Obstmctlng-justlce: gullty;-28 days in jail, court costs/fines','$130. TEACHER: Start of school brings flood of memories Cmtinuedfrom Page l flash across the screen, convicted of selling drugs or another felony. And other times I just dwell on the good. The rare days when we had heated discussions during class, students arguing about the personality traits of George from "Of Mice and Men." The baseball review game we played before tests and how everyone looked forward to it. Them begging me not to turn off "The Natural" because they had to see Robert Redford knock the cover off the ball before the bell rang. And I think of how I'd like to leave a message to other teachers, how I'd like to tell them that the most important thing they can do is love their job and let students see that love. Students aren't stupid and I hate it when they're treated as such. They know which teachers love their jobs. And my advice to teachers who don't love their jobs, who aren't fond of the teaching profession in general? Don't stay. The love of teaching cannot and should not be faked. Those who don't love their jobs like they should, as I didn't when I was teaching, should respect the position, themselves and their students enough to find something they do love. It's only fair. These things have been running through my mind the past few weeks. This is what August does to me. ALEXIAN BROTHERS Melanie Ann Pelczynski, July 30 to Paul and Linda Pelczynski, Arlington Heights. Grandparents: Mary and Joseph Gerten, Naperville; Stephanie and Roger Pelczynski, Des Plaines. Greatgrandparents: Agnes and Walter Pelczynski, Chicago. Kristine Elizabeth Laird and Katelynn Marie Laird, Aug. 16 to Rich and Lisa Laird, Lake in the Hills. Grandparents: Barbara and Richard Laird, Elk Grove Village; Dennis and Susan Daniels, Itasca. DELNOR-COMMUNITY Taylor Leigh Opperman, Aug. 16 to Sarah Heath Opperman and Curtis Opperman, Plainfield. EDWARD HOSPITAL Brianna Leigh Heerhold, Aug. 6 to John and Mary Heerhold, Aurora. Grandparents: Mike and Lorey O'Grady, Oak Lawn; Chuck and Sandy Heerhold, Glendale Heights. ELMHURST MEMORIAL Connor Michael McGinnis, July 18 to Robert and Dano McGinnis, Villa Park. Brother of Corey. Grandparents: Bob and Mary Ann Degrazia, Addison; Sue McGinnis, Downers Grove. Teagan Prentice Barnes, Aug. 2 to Laureen and Rich Barnes, Elmhurst. Sister of Daryl. Grandparents: Nancy and Rich Barnes, Schaumburg; Loretta Prentice, Lake Zurich. Great-grandmothers: Margaret Barnes, Chicago; Evelyn Kinsloe, Northlake. Rachel Lynne Hecka, Aug. 4 to Mark and Debbie Hecka, Geneva. Sister of Nicole. Grandparents: William Kennedy, Burr Ridge; Rosemarie Kennedy, Carol Stream; Jerry and Diane Klecka, Addison. Great-grandparents: Dorothy Michalik, Burbank; Marie Vaster, Elk Grove Village. Brianna Marie Lombardo, Aug. 5 to Paul and Laura Lombardo, Northlake, Sister of Anthony. Grandparents: Joseph and Dorothy Vulpo, Elmhurst; Anthony and Ann Lombardo, Northlake. Great-grandmother: Dorothy Zelensik, Elgin. Arianna Star Diaz, Aug. 6 to David and Tiffany Diaz, Bloomingdale. Grandparents: Vince and Paulette DePaul, Glendale Heights; Betty and Jeff Larson, Bartlett. Great-grandparents: Joe and Irean Stangone, Glendale Heights; Al Larson, Wheeling. Michael Alexander Smith, Aug. 7 to Charles and Janine .Smith, Addison. Brother of Taylor. Grandparents: Ken and Linda Wellhausen, Carol Stream; William and Mary Ann Smith, Kewanna, Ind. Great-grandparents: Bill and Margie Smith. Chicago; Paul and Patricia Schrader, Streamwood; Marjorie Josetti; Frank and Shirley Wellhausen, Arlington Heights; Jack and Gloria Moore, Glen Ellyn; Blanch Hagamann, Glen Ellyn. Louis Jeffrey Berg, Aug. 11 to Eric and Marie Berg, Elmhurst. Brother of Daniel, Erica and Joseph. Grandparents: Dominick and Vicky Amodeo, Elmwood Park; Edward and Kay Berg, Norridge. Great-grandmother: Maria Amodeo, Chicago. Lindsey Elizabeth Beymer, Aug. 11 to Susan and Joseph Beymer, Glen Ellyn. Sister of Jasen, Michael and Matthew. Grandparents: Helen Smith, Elmhurst; Carol and Robert Beymer, Midlothian. Kelly Marie Cripe, Aug. 11 to Stephen and Anne Cripe, Wheaton. Sister of Kevin. Grandparents: Emerson and Martha Lacey, Chet and Barb Cripe, all of Glen Ellyn. Great-grandparents: Emerson Lacey Sr., Oak Park; Perry Cripe; William and Pauline Coop, Park Forest. Lauren Elizabeth Szydlowski, Aug. 11 to Chris and Lori Szydlowski, Addison. Sister of Steven. Grandparents: Stan and Marilynn Jakalski, Bensenville; Tom and Marianne Szydlowski, Elmhurst. Area great-grandmother: Anne Jakalski, Joliet. GOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL Christina Nicole Schoose, Aug. 2 to Bert and Lori Schoose, Naperville. Sister of John and Michael. Grandparents: Randy and Sharon Stanley, Rock Falls. Erin Arden Sulla, Aug. 8 to Robert and Leslie Sulla, Lombard. Grandparents: Joe and Mary Arnold, Clarendon Hills; Anthony and Jo Ann Sulla, Arlington Heights. NORTHERN ILLINOIS MEDICAL CENTER Christian William Stadtman and Cody Michael Stadtman, July 26 to Carolyn and Mark Stadtman, McHenry. Grandparents: Pat and Dan Brochtrup, Reno, Nev.; Sandy and Glenn Stadtman, Fox River Grove; Barb and Rick Brown; Bloomingdale. NORTHWEST COMMUNITY Stephanie Elayne Linderman, Sept. 16, 1996 to Michael and Michelle Linderman, Roselle. Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. Michael Swerlyk, Mount Prospect; Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Lmderman, Mount Prospect. Nathaniel Robert Cokenour, Aug. 7 to Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Cokenour, Palatine. Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R. Hutzler, Glen Ellyn; Mr. Robert L. Cokenour and Ms. Janet S. Cokenour, GUlespie, III. Joshua Thomas Vanderwiel, Aug. 12 to Mr. and Mrs. John Van-.. derwiel Jr., PalatinerBrother of • Adam. Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sreniawski, Lisle; Mr. and Mrs. John Vanderwiel Sr., Palatine. Joshua Matthew Pozniak, Aug. 14 to John and Kimberly Pozniak, Schaumburg, Brother of Katelyn. Grandparents: Mr and Mrs. William Kothera, Schaumburg; Mr. and Mrs. Norman Pozniak, Roselle Nicholas Anthony Bonanno, Aug. 17 to Frank and Angela Bonanno, Glendale Heights. Grandparents: Chuck and Carolyn Quaranta, Franklin Park; Frank and Regina Bonanno, Naperville. Walter Henry Maschke Services for Walter Henry Maschke, 81, a resident of Hanover Park for 26 years, will be held at 11:30 a.m. Thursday at Countryside Funeral Home, 1640 Greenmeadows Blvd. (at Barrington Road), Streamwood/ Schaumburg. Born May 15, 1916, in Chicago, he died Monday, Aug. 25, 1997, in Vencor Hospital, Northlake. Burial will be in Lakewood Memorial Cemetery, Elgin. A World War II Army veteran, he was a butcher at Dominick's Food Store for more than 20 years. Survivors include his wife of 26 years, Lorraine Maschke (nee Zabadal); son, Walter R. Maschke; stepson, Allyn (Lucille) Schremmer; and grandchildren, Lorraine, Christina and Micheal, Visitation will be from 3 to 9 p.m. today, at the funeral home. In lieu of flowers, donations to the American Cancer Society would be appreciated. For information, call (630/847) 289-8054. Area Deaths Joyce M. Bates (nee Havican), 35, of Lombard died Friday, Aug. 22. Arrangements were made by Knollcrest Funeral Home, (630) 932-1500. John Berger Homqiist, 54, of Hanover Park, died Monday, Aug. 25. Arrangements were made by Brust Funeral Home, Carol Stream, (630) 510-0044. Stephen Hurak, 89, of Wheeling, died Monday, Aug. 25. Arrangements were made by Kolssak Funeral Home, (847) 537-6600. JoAnn Bertine Kratzer-Erwin, (nee Gartner), 46, of Longmont, Colo,, formerly of Arlington Heights, died Sunday, Aug. 24. Arrangements were made by Reager Funeral Home and Crematory, Fort Collins, Colo., (970) 482-2425. Alfred A. Kusch, 80, of Schaumburg, died Monday, Aug. 25. Arrangements were made by Countryside Funeral Home, Streamwood/ Schaumburg, (630/847) 289-8054. Lorraine M. Barnes, (nee Coen), 75, of Kankakee, died Monday, Aug. 25. Arrangements were made by Humes Funeral Home, (630) 628-8808, Jessie L. Moon, (nee Joint), 62, of Hanover Park, died Monday, Aug. 25. Arrangements were made by Countryside Funeral Home, Streamwood/Schaumburg, (630/847) 289-8054. Alexander G. Ronay, 61, of Streamwood, died Monday, Aug. 25. Arrangements were made by Countryside Funeral Home, Streamwood/Schaumburg, (630/847) 2898054. Mariea C Theobald, died Sunday, Aug. 24. Arrangements were made by O'Connor and Homeier Funeral Home, (847) 741-1400. Sumie Witaszek, (nee Imada), 69, of Hanover Park, died Monday, Aug. 25. Arrangements were made by Countryside -Funeral Home, Streamwood/Schaumburg, '(630/847) 289-8054. As a public service to our read- ers, the Daily Herald lists concise details of area deaths, including name, age and hometown and the name and phone number of the funeral home handling arrangements. Information regarding charges for detailed obituaries is available through the funeral director or by calling the Daily Herald Obituary Desk at (847) 427-4776. The fax number is (847) 427-1130. Voice mail and fax lines are available 24 hours. The obituary desk is staffed from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. The closing time for obituary information is 2 p.m. the • day preceding publication. FUNERAL DIRECTORY ABBEY HARBOR - 1 FUNERAL SERVICE '' Christopher T. May, P.O. Director/Owner 206 W. Irving Pk Rd, Itasca 630-773-8433 BLAKE-LAMB FUNERAL HOME Crematory ori Premises 229 S. Main St., Lombard 630-627-1400 Rte. 53 & Short St., Lisle 630-964-9392 BRUST FUNERAL HOME 135 S; Main St, Lombard 630-629-0094 415 N. Gary Ave., Carol Stream 630-510-0044 305 S. Princeton, Villa Park 630-834-6656 These Funeral Directors expert guidance and service CYPRESS FUNERAL HOME 1698 N. Bloomingdale Rd. Glendale Hts. 630-653-7666 DUPAGE CREMATIONS, LTD. Serving DuPage & All Surrounding Counties 1-800-588-1132 GEILS FUNERAL HOME 180 S. York Rd. Bensenville ' 630-766-3232 260 W. Irving Park Rd. Wood Dale 630-766-3232 GROVE MEMORIAL CHAPEL OF BUFFALO GROVE 195 N. Buffalo Grove. Rd. 847-215-6656 GROVE MEMORIAL CHAPEL OF ELK GROVE VILLAGE 1199 S. Arlington Heights Rd. 847-640*0566 HULTGREN FUNERAL HOME 304 N. Main St., Wheaton 630-668-0027 KNOLLCREST FUNERAL HOME 1500 S. Meyers Rd., Lombard '• 630-932-1500 t LEONARD MEMORIAL HOME Obituary Info Only , 630-469-6656 565 Duane St., Glen Ellyn , 630-469-0032 3SS32 Batavia Rd., Warrenvllto 630-393-9449 OS033 Church St., Winfield 630-682-1441 MARTIN FUNERAL HOME 333 S. RoseHe Rd., Roselle 630-529-5751 MARTIN BARTWOOD FUNERAL HOME 600 Lake St, Bartlett , 630-837-1888 NORRIS-WALEN FUNERAL HOME 132 Fremont St. West Chicago, , 630-231-0060 PEDERSEN-RYBERG MORTUARY 435 N. York Rd., Elmhurst 630-834-1133 SALERNO'S ROSEDALE CHAPELS 450 W. Lake St., Roselle 630-889-1700 STEUERLE FUNERAL HOME 350 S. Ardmore Ave. Villa Park 630-832-4161 STRANG FUNERAL CHAPEL AND CREMATORIUM, LTD. 410 E. Behridere Rd. Grayslake 847-223-8122 Funeral Directors: For more information about being included in this directory, please call Marc Balke 630-955-3592 DU

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