The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 9, 1933
Page 4
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TACfc BLYTRBVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, OCTOBER it, -1933 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TKSi COCKIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS O. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINES, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertislne Representatives; Ark»ns« Dallies, InCn, New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Little ROt*. Published Every Afternoon Except aundajr. Entered b* second matter at the post oHlce at BlythcvUle, Arkansas, under act a! Congress Oc- 7.-- tober 5, 1917. Served by' Ihu United Press. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By can-let in me city or Blythevlllc, 15c per week or *3« per year In advance. By mall within a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per war, »1.60 for six months. 85c for three months; by mftll In postal zones two to six, inclusive, $8.50 per year, In zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable !n advance. The Christian Way of Government The administration's recovery, program so far is in keeping with U«: Christian teaching implying "the practicability of a more co-operative economic order, socially con! rolled Cor the common good.'' So says a pronouncement from the Foikral Council of the Churches of Christ in America; and the form Unit Die verdict lai;es helps one to uiuler- stantl the'opportunity ihf.l confronts the nation today. "A more co-ojwraiive econoink- order socially controlled :.or tue coniniDii good"; inose, wncn you ^lop to tniiiU about- it, are new words m I ho land. It is only recently that v;e linvu i-omo to sec tital the economic tinier can bi: tout rolled by anyone. Until this year we talked about "cycles" and "economic laws" and so on; we looked on ourselves as heip- Iws in Uii; grip of force?, tnut could neith'ci- be unoerstood entirely nor appreciably controlled, ana tlic most we liop'ca Wiis l;iai wo aoiiienow mignt aiiiciiorate the aortipt downswings of iiic Hues on tne cnarl. * * •* Ihis noLion thai the economic order can iic cuiiiroiiect, then, is mew; and once 'H is atcepten .we immeiiiaiely are calica upon 10 answer :« question of the very jiiyhea imi»vl:uii:u. n H CUD uc controlled, i>y whom and lor wnoin is tne control to be exercised? By and for thu prolulariut, to thu exclusion ot all othtr fiiwscii, as in Russia V 'By and for the capitalist class, with all other folk reduced to the position of mere cogs in the machine? Or, as these churcnmcn suggest, is it to be controlled "for the common good"-? . » » » A nation with democratic traditions such as America ]x>ssesses hardly can hesitate in its choice; and once the choice is made, several tilings become clear. It becomes clear, for instance, that industry does not exist solely to produce dividends, but also to provide; goods for people who need them; that agriculture's reason for being is that it furnishes food for the hungry, and not just profits for tin: fanner; that, in short,.every man who makes a liv- ing from society must render a suitable return for it, uiid"l!ml the return lie renders, rather than tlu« living lie makes, is lite real reason for his importance. \Ve come, in other '.vonls, to the necessity for a complete democratization of our society—social control for (he common good. The developments of the recovery program well may be measured by that yardstick. —Kruee Cation. A Dictator's Security The new order of the Hitler government controlling the newspapers gives you a pretty good idea uf the ways a dictatorship works to cut oil' ;dl possible public criticism of its acts. Under this order, all publications unreservedly must uphold the rifhtness of the Hitler regime.'. All pretense that they arc organs uf five opinions is dropped. They become, <iuile avowedly, propaganda mechanisms. Writers or editors who publish articles in' dUifincc of Ibis luw can be sentenced to death. To get a notion of the way such a law works, imagine it in operation in this country today. Nu newspaper would dare critici/o any aspect of the NuA program. No article intimating tli.-il there- was tile sligi!i"sl defect in the program ever could !..• printed. If 'Jlr Uuofevell inlcrvetiuu in Cuba, nu publication coidd do am-ihim: bill applaud; if Mr. Farley ovor-rcai-hcd himself in putting deserving Democrats in oll'ice, nobody could so much as peep about it. Those who say we have a dictatorship in America might ponder .about the thing.-) that go with a genuine Kuropcan-Hlylo dictatorship. As long ;is we have a frcu prus.-, we are safe. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark -. rtV' • / " ; f^v- ':*• {?-'>!* \ • ^»SL, » ••".„.,.„,«_„.,,.. Athletes Must Avoid Liquor and Tobacco; Require Rest >.. ^^fci'--'^^ W'?&m^ %k *••" > . :•. \\ V vs . .. ^' 'V U «&- :•',- "^ -•^ i "Sd v.L' !.-'(iI to UUIdit'j', each nllicr. she iiretcHdiiij; nhe'tl never henrd <ii me—'' This is tlic liflli of a scrips! of articles by Dr. Kislibfin on "How to Stay In Ilic (Jamt" uy invention of alhlelic injuries. » * • 1!V !>R. MOimtS FISIIIIKIN Kdlloi, Journal of the A .Medical Association, and of Hyudi, the Health Macazlre Modern science rcrosnixcs thai foi the average innn ten, coffee, tobacco, or alcohol, taken In mocl- e/ation, are not harnilid to health. However, Hie committee of physicians of the National Collegiate Alhlctic Association points cut that complete abstinence from Klcoliol and tobacco contributes physically and iwycholojically lo tli; hnrtrounmu of Hie general l.hysical condition. Tills is pai'llciilaily true in iporls which require long periods nf practice niv.l a lino co-ordination. The average athlete needs more than eight hours" .sleep. Ten hours I would be better, and at lessi Uvo nonr.i of tliiit ten slio-.ild i» before midnight. Het\ce. pi-accicLitly all trainers agree lint atliletcs engaged in competitive :|jori.s should ?et to bed before 10 o'clock. ! ... '' In considering proteetion of alh- i letcs from injuries, [he cuinmil- ; Ice points out llial ankles, knees. ij]::l nl-.oi]lde:5 lire nubjt'ct to more u.tury ai-j other parts and : ik-itjaiui procectioii. : In fo-jlbnll an:; b.Tiko!'.K!l JMI-- ; -.icubr'iy, I;K '.higi'.s u-prcMiit ;-J'.L- portion of :i;e i:o<iy :::rvsv likc- i jy to l)i- br;ii:<!d. Wwk ankles jal-.\ai.. rhould l; - j .s;ia[?iiLd uefore 1 |)i-iuili:e and rcrtainly before any KOinc i:i llic jilayer may be] nibject to injury. t The tvp-.- of biliKliisi; lor j weak anktos N one. of utilize or canvas wrapiicd like the n'jiif.? clslit. over the ankle and reinforced with adhe.«i\e pln.stcr. Til? L-cst type of bandage to hold a rnec wliieh lends lo slip Is one i with an X .snapping above and below tiie kneecap. The committee warns, however, osainst too much .strapping and Ico heavy p:icls. thei? tend to Interfere with tunciion. For football all sorts of .s[K'cbl pads and braces have been developed. Any a:hletc subject to injury should have tlvj lull pro- lection of these devices when pos- j;ble. ! NKXT: Whrn ar. injury occur.s. ; . T .. I October 9^ de Cervantes Saavaira author of D>on ' Quixote, born. packers in-un-"" ' Strike I0-hoar day 1933=Blae eade Strike? for s BLYTHEVILLE . 10 YEARS AGO From thr Ale5 o( Ihc ISiytiitilllr Daily Courier fli'.ance. Mrs. Josie Sndbury; pro- grara, Mrs. If. E. Monlacue; cour- Ictie.s. Mrs. C. W. Hogan; press !-(-i;oiter, Mrs. 11. E. ^fontague. 1 Tuesday, Del. 9, 102:!. I A "Greater Galloway" chit) Ins : been launched here by former j students of this institution, supplemented by (he friends of Christian education, for (he purpose of putting Gallo.vay college on the map. | Officers and cnmmiUcc chair- i men are: president, Mta Dora ;Mann: vice-president, '.Mrs. Will Pollard: secretary, Mrs. Ed Hsrcl- m; treasurer. Mrs. Josie Biidbno; l raemlK.sliii). Mrs. J. W. Blylhc: The I'arkhurst confectionery is Kccjvins a new soda fountain, de- .spile il'.e alteration that, soda fountains tio no 1 , pay for their salt. The- new mechine seems to be capable of supplying most anylliinj in the fluid line. Tiie Blytlieville hospital is about the bus-esi place we have except llif cotton factors. They had one operation Friday. OIID Saluidiiy. f(.ur Sunday, and two Monday. A huge roadside boulder at Arcilin, Scotlanci, was .split iix halves by a tree which grciv t)!!-Oi!Cll it. Who'll build Tht Homes? Unltss iirivitte buikltrs protiare lioiusing pi-ognnns iinil stiDiniL them to Washington. M'ilii applications. Cor fctl- cVitl ioiins, ihu govirniiiiont iUL'If.wil.l enter the home building lidd on its own hook. Tliis wiirilingr was firciilntctl rwcnl- ly to veal estate mrjn, tlirouglionl lliu coiuUry by a builder wno lists bucn active in midwest housing development. This builder ;tsscticd that .such a pro- Kt'iini by the government would destroy niiitiy million dollars in equities of present home owners, increase taxes, itnd result in enormous waste and corruption. Thai, it would seem, puts thing-.s squarely up; to tlic real estate men. The slums must be replaced and the money must be spent. If the government is not to do the job, private initiative must show that it is capable of handling it—and it must show it pretty tmickly. Kidnapers arc nits. Bui a in a corner will fishl. —Spoolnl A&slsluiu Attorney-General Joseph i5. Kccmu. CHURCH EXCUSES ll> Gcu. IV. Uarh;iui JJcar )ii iTr'.ii inly ri f j write iuk'resi- ; nt kttri:. l juiil told Arciiibnl I' on it;o;:!(i "n:u\ taken up ju.ivn;ii- , :!i: ni?l,;ul o; church wor* »mi liny Lir^iuinap. • Oi course, jjlii vliiire:: V.OIK and Iciilnuy tu- L-] your 'mliur :m^t Iw (Ivjr.r. ar.;l ; on IVIVL' ilic ink'm luv ijoili r>u: »onr (IcHTJpliul: of lurvfjt, st;i:-,im . —I i/an jnsl sue tne chringnii; I ol the bavtra on the trees. UK- | Jipcningt of t«ie corn'- Uic gracl- i iiiil I wiling. ol ihc cgtyr oi Uuj j .ij;ki;> on Hit "yinr, Julfof vi: :on ! Mid utmost uinie ih'w: jHimpKir. j picti yo«i. niv (tc:ir !>»n:t. Knew I well l.uv. to mi;k(j. ai;il jiiM tii:| , v lxidc ol biown they ulunild lie jrc com.rig tiUL of UK- mrii. . it is h!;c you i-ny—Uu- chinx'U ch your lal'-m. In' lure, \vith- you, thvri? iiuukl IK; no chmvh h the wondsriul \\ooncd uaek- ground you so wonderfully ti; - i-crine." Hnd you ninrricd ov .sfcouitl you let the yossiiwrs jULsLi«ro y(*;i to the uoini >v!icro ycr.t w. - yi:.'i wILlidnuv your help nnci advi.s:. L .shudder when 1 think ol ihi-.v risibilities and WUKCILT whnl would become oi ihv church '.-.<• ill i love ?o well. Of c-CiK'sr. you are right \vlicn you .^uy you ;nu'I nhi-nys consider yc;;r publir for I do tsot Mippcbc thiri-c- L ;n:<jlh'j: uoitmn on cnrih thuL conUi .sh:y \otn -solo as yo'.i do. They migin U:id one Uiat could li:nidlc ihv ilicchiinii: ul it :i« \\rll but Mn 1 could r.ol p'.it Lh-j feeling in :'. U.;U yo'.i put ir.. i;i:t.:> Eti:iu; inn.^v ; i; : .vr .^. »HU «: :i ntll- rr, i, in Jin e "llf- .JDA.V < l-Hs ulrl. ll'if) li:ii ruin;- in Hi in [ill I •, In riinnrcilon t. i', 11 !j Ml-. r:i I Ij !• r't. IHMF (exilic • |v:.-uii Mi- Urtl •,:> i% Jnrtn uti Itc ; lr;il;i t , | :i „ ,], r Mill n lumlll^ ' l:ni-ir I rum . ,,H,—r 1.i-f;niii' (it bf-r j '::>-ij;t - Ihv-.nri.,! dlJlti-ulUm. \ r'.n- \\:iruiM-» li:ivr Unit- iimnr* I :nls:,M .'^[ic iriiniEv. kill«] LiimirlJ ! : r:n « l<. Fi.rr 1UIS UAHIM: li<n^» i lur ilriiruliUTi* in b:ive ilic »o- | NJir I-. iM^MKtU'.l Ullh JIIUKY ! ;nn oi iicr cntpluy- 1 l:nni IJoti kntiT In Nf^* rlipi.ilii^ in ^v)» hint. illr.^ Muli ID n ii Ii7 c:.UUM, MIKUI- Irxi In.- n-liisc» tit KO, Dirij a«M-ii Ii \ .\ A l llr« N^IMMSS," ul | .1n:i-.- l::irl,;i- r'l-Op Jnuti | I'nh r.ill i<|i li->;, ; -^ (],;,, :i in;irtruvers In Ini i Uc iinrtr >L> l*n I JiUt- hl% nlnJ. Slie ic \v||| fir dtilllu- | lit- h-nrn* Jnnrt <lnn iJii'ir rroitd. Oklahoma Fanner Has ,\(1« (il) 0> WITH TIIE STOUT CHAPTER X "VV/KLL. here we are!" Bob eald as lie deftly swung tUo car Into a fide driveway over which arched Hie branches of enormous oak tree;. "It's a lovely old place. Isn't it. Joan'.'" "Lovely," slio agreed. Tho beauty or ItosuwoGil Manor was actually Paradise for Snakes: "reaiiMafcing. TI IO sceoe tlicm was like an exquisite setting I have worked [or ciidil year;, and have P.CM r received any salary or compcru-n'iion of any kind. —Clarence Dillon. New York broker. By WiUiams ..A UUK WAY WtATHKlU-'OHO. Ok hi. 'U J >-- M-rilHbV ^n:ikc's unradi^c uhv;i- the rcptUfs luc unino'.rs'.ctl nr.d on liiAcd:* nnti ir:ii:c iu l!ii',-i: • niidi-rbru-sh autl r-i'i-'; Ins l.:i :; c&ttibli^hccl by J. M.- Krci-kcr. L ' fin HUT living .soutlnvi si of htiv - Lhini :! yviir.s Kio:-kcr Juifc i>.-c:i: driviti:4 nil llic .siKikc.s In- nr-.t:, on; "his qiKirlcr .section (if lard :r.\u' the siuall cotlonvoud ' grove-. He kills only iii^.Ic.inukr.s. .>:. iOlow nniu- (>i this \ai :i-ly ! cnUr Iho rirlrriit. S\io;-kij- ; ,ud l: Minkt-s inu iiU'ulu<il>le fo: (i<j>li\-i mice and ui^i'd,^ or. his Ear and that this fnrt is his r.-,i- (rota a motion incline ot the o!d south, thjgc trees f rained the serious colonial home, white witb KI-CCII Eliulters. Unrgo columiia ci* icinlcd to ibo roor. Comfortable Inofctns cliaira, sivings and bcnclics , 'Ijccfj; 11 | i Uoh fruwsied. Jo;m Iiii.i r,"l .seeincd thetl. i-'!:o IKU! LO be £ny nmJ haiu>y. lie IKHI treii hiivitit; n ivoiidorfiil time and nuU suppf'Fod Flic [elt ill? Siiuic svyy. DcllLcuiU-ly |;c ! ia tl urnlnv.rjij llie Liip lfcr;utso uT liio excilfinoni of making k with her. The triji around CJar!;?i];Uo hail taken ati exlra lialf tiour. All t!io licno ho |L:II! IJCCEI li;'Ut- ID^ [lie di'oiru ti» lell liyr luiv. ik-;ir and OMij^JinonaljIt; s!io was, liuw much he loved h'jr. He UIK-W ho was -SL'titinituUit LI ml ruciiiiiMic b;.l be !J;H] nn iilcn ili=i( MIH MiU'onr,:] lUyi sluntfij be ajipi u^rlnlo v:!iv>n Jio tnhJ Joan Now ho fell. A i-uh lie bi:;li ivny wlu-ro o no niton v.;i? coti5tan!.ly (>eiir4 divortctl wasu'L ;i : snitalilu i»!;:ru. Wlmt lie Innl (.0 FLI> wa.i (on itnunrl.niL Lo risk In lev- i nipliit[i5 liy bfi^H, n hiowoul or some shniliir inii^.iT'ft. "Oh. iloii't look so iJciirc'Fi-c'M " . Ilarhaia b^iil, Lau^Eiing ii|> at li.iu. . crinkliiif: her nose upon \vliirli ftv- • .ernl trcckles were siu'inklcO ^>s, comiugly. "Thert aro others v'Lo iaplTccintc yonr pov;cr3 of ciilt-r- itainmejiL." 5 Cnb EWUIIS up tlio stairs v/iihmn. „ ! answerins. He relurncil in a lew 'minutes, weaving ridins I r 'n3. • Jcxiii heard tiie gay VOILL-S a? (liq • Iritlcrs bnttcd alon.^ tiie drive inv ; dcr her window, yiie went to llss window and looked down. liasl'OJ-.'i. :aiid liol) \vevc riOing in front. Mow !\vcll tticy looked together! Heir* ^jara wore a tan ritiins hal)ii nnd .the sun, falling on tier b;no licad, ibioniilit out tlic Mgiiis lit licr retl- '• -Sold hair. , Suddenly slio fluns back lior hcarl .and challenged, "Uoh" and I will "GeJ tn/o i'our ridfng i/ringi," said Barbara, "That's an impatient rai:c llie rcst - ot you!" She dashed bunch doiwutoirs." " a&ead - Bob Wlowins. pAHOL fitLroduced llio others: j lal1 striding lookias, witb liitclliscul mirror door and bowls o( ' I u:i !-.:ni:. iv-iii;;- [,> r rn!o F r~\ f •: _- j- / V -~^±< /<l \J APE MADE- MOT BORN. «vis.r»Torr. m , ier .: red tialr and bumoroiis blue eyes; I aiida. Truly n was a btauliful ' Jim WarficW, dark nod handsome; ; liuiiit AdUi'iis a linal touch to thcj nnd Cliarlio ItosS, a larse blond' charming sec-no were hundreds oft 5 ' 0 ""' whonl Joaa . I jonquils liraring the brisk March ,| «!:tr anil liiiiu:; Iho driveway. legate seemed even more : Fred Nelson wlio bid jcor.siiicuouj. H nus iu bliarp con- frast vvilii Barbara's small trunk and Dialching traveling accessories —a Icatlicr case Illled with toilet I cldeil could be no other than Hie all-American tackle. arfk:es, a bat bos, a large suit- j solitiou a]ol , s? J OAN ,,„,.,, C;(roVs all ,. lic( ] voko . jJ "Clever! Tlicy've ticcn dying to shake us. Haven't had a moment alone siuco 13ob came." A man's voico asked, "Oil, arc they supposed to bo that way?"' "U"cll, of course!" "Then why did he bring the toui- "It was a dalo ho couldn't «':i out of. You knov/ ho-,v such Ihics^ Tho lo-.v tones M'ero clearly .. t ..,..v.L .,„„ IUMUS LIIU umcivay. . „ ,, . . ,. IIMTM-V i> sri-n-cil w-3 slisr- arc - 'ho lo-.v tones M-ero clcail-' T:IC car was comi,, E to a stop. ' Mr; ' Sherldau, a cbanmns. eld- j^AKLAM, u sccu.c.1. «,3 star .^^ tbr h l)lo liaU . i, Pol, switched olf tbe Ignitloii and ! crl >' womaD ' w«'""'"l " lcil! at lllc 1 n >'° lili3 room Wlth JOaU ' U | window. c:iir.lic:l out door. A colored butler and a trim |adjoined Carol's bod room and n, Joan flamed with re-ciilmcnl. Ho everyone Ls? 1 ' lie the wide, front i r,i:d a ^:L::;I of colored maid appeared and gain-]dainty luili between served Iwthjtbat wa.« wbal liiey believed! Klio cred up tba lussas'o-Bob'a wo,rooms. J 1 ™"^ awa >;. rracnliucnl t.idin;. liii;iu<v)::ie Icalher bags and Joan's ' "Uc.1 into your ridius thius3 ''M and "cry ^""o^^^lnTuncl 01 '^! sisiull E:iilcaio, iiipuleintLilcd iw n iJald I'arbara. "That Is an im- itr, bunch ilownElatrs. 1 ' jl:.~l bos She lud u=vil them tor Job! i:;o'.isiit ymi'd n,:c^ y,-ar=, and lliey bad Imcn In.:<-•. V'.o've l-e^r, Je:;iy- ,_.., ; . < . i i iuo vv [ica flicy v;cri- |:ur |!() , faj]cll , )cr _ sho lia|] | . now|] b5 _ tgrc-hand that she shoiiiil not cn;:c. t,'c fur aluiusl > y:j t'.^o s!o\v- "1 i::<:B't biiiia ildius cioflicE." . Ttrhapi they had uol tcally ex- oj:i ,.:>! 6 She bad llioiight lifted sho would. Joan felt that slie didn't ,U 6 y Ca r.Ue«n le rolc,,i:v St H.« B .i^ht to need C«r lUcn,.but . ^ ^ ^ JS had 5«:»<:<i inwruiii aflcr ..x.isalcltis "is old EUII 6l.e , him . n rcspouEil)UJ u 0 - woriy- t.:c c.jr.>t.l c:;d sumllcEt lo Joaa Ihtn dccpl luc cJutaiiucai • li:u) v v . : , at UolbrooS flail, 6liei nll0ia Iives wcre -j 0 bcauUfuliy '.:LO ii,il.= ilrowlcd. Oi:[iortunlly liatote litr. ' ijai! [!-i-;'J«l a »as Wj liopc'.csslj ' otdcrcil and airaoscil fur llic:n. JD.:!! iin'jicd. v.-iii, a tuJtle.-i uils TLc yroup was slants iu o.siiabl,}. SIl ° tclt allc11 in tlli5 ro " m lil:e ' 1 s. liinl ll:cy wcie all dressed isvaclous hall with a wWo. curving J "I'crliaps «e could Bnil soiiio '^ ^j""^^ ^af'doUeu" n\* iM\r.s clothe:-. Then slie ical- Ulalrway. On the rlshl was a large nuiag i 0 .lll you. I'll a - lf yirs - s!l - r ' ijars'anrt Lollies ot ejiieiislv."co=! d ll;al Ual) svas luiioouclus litr. ilivlDE room will) : iicl), soil russ jwau." Barbara spoke duablfully. | clo t| C j and Barbara's bsndscu-a sil- "Tliia la Joau Waring.' 1 tis no. |and deep c'ualra and dlvana. A log! *\so. please uou't." Juau said. |vcr toilal arllclea. Joan hi; tu-r nounced witl a Illtlo uol« ot prlJa ! Bra slowed In tbs fireplace. Above :-i' v o bceu dri\io3 since-uiornlug. jowu cucib and brusli nntl i:, l5 c]cr In hlj roles. "Joati, Hi 13 Is Ciiol-lho uiniileV liuns a portrait Al.fil jusl rest a will's a"'J llicn 'i^", ^'he/Jh^L™ 1 ' 1 "' A lul " 1 ' Slieridsn, our lir)clC55." ; oath sltlo ol onptbor. door, oucalos J ramble abuul tlila laauUlul old J s , ie bofl a S] n|j cri fr,;,,.,, l)t Carol, iho liny, dark Rlrl slio:o , Into tho music : . room, wero txwk jp. acc iMcaso dou't l>otl:cr." i panic, a feelinq o' lmpc!:<!;us tin Jcau hail already uottctd. inailt »'|Shclves rcachla* from' If.5 celllos | "Well, it yuu'ro sura you dou'l ,ajtcr. Somotblng ivai ll;reatenliii: llllie uo'.v. "I'm so sliO j-o-j c.iii-l ti tba Boot' .. j niliiO." taid Uarbara. Slio went out, '^^oJ^^ sl '. 8 . lia ' i "ellnvc'l conic," s!ie told Joau ' Througb tlo' opeu doorway Joau ciosiu; iii« Uoor Ixblnd her. At tbe ! "g^' ^ f ^ ^' '" s :e C j"" e . el i "Barbara Courlusy. Joan." Ju:n is.iw more young isople, dressed tor r col 0 , l!ie stairway siie uisi IJob. i( j u wLsUiis to walk Iu tlio uea'.iWH uirucil slowly loses a Mcudoi tul | ildlug- Seu»ltlvo-to beauty. «ue , "Wuciu'a j'oanJ' 1 bs nskcd. ' sardeo slie bail «itb red col') lulr. tery bins ejcsjtad Iu iii»,iurioundluS3 dur anil unusual!/ full liln.iSo tlila Ins llio brlsl uiomoiit «bllo Uol was U.iidara! Till: »li|f\tljo was icuaueii wltb Sir's. Slicnd.iu. "'"Ij'J.'t'-' i;oli Slid UiuiiU}'. - " Sire's awfully i 'window, rest bctufe As sho ._i _i«'«a..doll. • i' Upilalra I" Iba Waullfui il-sd Iruvci'nilli He i r '"'f I'lHielltil. «all*, ' u,-. <iu , A lU.1 (,'wl 4 ,i ipcd licr. l inucV bail' td uul on Hie IIUK li yuuug tuan Hillj a. iMrk. ca;r-i :e arose fruiij ' in nig ami uine n.'.id liei. ' IK-MI,.- ru- >.iiij. .do lie

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