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Tallahassee Democrat from Tallahassee, Florida • Page 1
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Tallahassee Democrat from Tallahassee, Florida • Page 1

Tallahassee, Florida
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Cloudy And Colder Showers ended this morning and the weather will continue te be mostly cloudy and colder to-night and Sunday. The high today 60, the low tonight 34, the high Sunday 50. Vol. XLVIH, No. 6 Serving ''f THE BIG BEND in FLORIDA Since 1905 Tallahassee, Florida, Saturday Afternoon, January 6, 1962 Price: Daily, 5e Sunday, 15c ad rn BITS The Rats! jL' it i It mes sew .1 Dead; Crews Search Debris CRESTVIEW (AP) Rescue workers toiling around the clock sifted through wreckage of a tornado-stricken Bend Buffefed; Alert Still On PARMA', Italy mA woman showed up in tears at a bank Friday and reported she had been robbed bv mice. She had hidden $5,000 in lire notes in a cardboard carton. Mice got at it and ate $4,000 worth of the banknotes. Hot Wires HELL, Mich. (AP) Dr. Morris Chelsky couldn't get to an expectant mother's bedside because the road to Hell was Coated with ice Friday. But he called from his office in Howell, 15 miles away, and coached three neighbor women by telephone. They delivered Mrs. John Aid-rich of a nine-pound son. Mother and son were reported doing well. 0 WHERE BABY DIED Debris is a six-month-old baby girl was Crestview last night. 300 homes persons were left homeless. (AP tl UTS city today in a grim search Only one victim, a 6-month-old girl, was know to have perished in the twister that spun out of a squall line like a yo-yo and tore a three-mile long zig-zag path through this western Florida panhandle community. But Capt. J. W. Jourdan, directing a highway patrol emergency team, said, "There's a possibility a lot of dead people will show up" in the flattened debris of the more than 300 homes damaged by the storm. Approximately 63 persons were injured five of them serious enough for hospitalization and an estimated 1,500 were left homeless by, the deadly funnel, which apparently dipped to the ground three times. The Pensacola Journal said 50 house trailers also were destroyed. NO REFUGEES' But Jourdan said there was "no refugee problem;" that many of those whose homes were wrecked moved in with friends or relatives. A series of squall lines blowing across the lower half of the Gulf coastal stales spawned the tornado, which pounded Crestview and other cities. Slight property damage was reported at Destin and Paxton, and at Glenwood, Ala. Crestview officials estimated the property loss here alone at $1 million or more. State troopers and other officers stood guard through the night to prevent looting. Sightseers jammed the farming and livestock center in the wake of the storm, paralyzing traffic and hampering rescue work. Riot Forces Guard Paris In Red Uprising Terrorists Defy Ban On Rally; Violence Looms By DAVID MASON PARIS (AP) Special squads of tough riot police rolled into the capital today with orders to put down a Communist rally against rightist terrorism called in defiance of a government ban on all demonstrations. Big blue buses loaded with hel-meted riot forces rumbled at dawn toward strategic street corners to be on hand for the mid-afternoon demonstration. They: augment the already strong regular police units. Enraged by the shooting of a guard at the party headquarters Thursday the Communists called for a showing from all liberal and left-wing elements in defiance of a police ban against street demonstrations. Communist chieftains claim that France is in danger of a fascist putsch from the Secret Army Organization'. The secret Army, savagely determined to keep Algeria French against President Charles de Gaulle's program of independence for the North African territory, is blamed for much of the bombings and shootings in metropolitan France as well as Algeria. COMMIES WARNED Although the Communists were warned not to go ahead with the demonstration, the police order was ignored and the Communist newspaper L'Humanite called for a massive turnout. As the prospect of a day of violence loomed in France, terrorism in Algeria continued almost without letup. Just after dawn terrorists struck twice in tense Algiers. A European merchant was seriously wounded by a gunman near the Casbah. A little later, a terrorist shot another European to death. At Lille in northern France, a plastic bomb, apparently set by the secret army, heavily damaged the front of local Communist party headquarters. At crossing points on the Belgian border, police reinforcements carefully searched vehicles entering France. There were unconfirmed rumors that the secret army leader, Ex-Gen. Raoul Sal-an, had arrived in Belgium from Algeria where he has been hiding since he led last spring's abortive military putsch. A savage upsurge of terrorism in Algeria since the first of the year has left at least 8L-Euro-peans and Moslems dead and about twice that number wounded. The clashes have centered in Algiers and the territory's second largest city, Oran. SECRET ARMY CALL At the same time, the secret army has called for "general mobilization" in handbills and on broadcasts over secret transmitters. This has increased fears of a new European rising in Algeria and a similar attempt in France. Although the big French Communist party has led the cry of alarm against a possible attempt by the extreme right to overturn De Gaulle, socialists and other groups in the moderate left have also become arounsed. The official socialist party organ Le Populaire branded the secret army as fascist and called for action before it is too late. The French Human Rights League, joined by some 30 other liberal organizations, published a declaration denouncing the "criminal action of the secret army." So far there has been no sign that the Communists have succeeded in their obvious effort to swing the socialists and other more moderate leftist groups into their camp. Tornado warnings continued in the Big Bend this morning after a night of heavy rains and high winds but no reported damage. The tornado alert predicted the possibility of severe thundershow-ers and high winds in Leon, Wakulla, Madison, Dixie and the eastern edges of Gadsden and Liberty counties. Weathermen said the alert was expected to be lifted about 11 a. m. Small craft warnings were hoisted at Apalachicola. Apparently the Big Bend suffered only normal water and wind damage. There were no reports of injuries. Twister Strikes Georgia Areas; Roads Blocked JEFFERSONVILLE, Jan. 6 (AP) A tornado struck two unpopulated rural areas near here today, felling utility poles and trees. Jeffersonville is 22 miles southeast of Macon. There was no property damage or injuries, said Twiggs county sheriff Earl Hamrick. The twister cut off all electric power and telephone communications for the city. Crews went into action immediately to restore service The twister first hit three miles west of Jeffersonville, along U.S. highway 80. The highway and the Seaboard Airline Railway, parelleling the road, were blocked for a short time by trees and debrism. 1 Another remote area few miles away was hit later, causing similar damage. 3 AF Fliers Die In Crash RIVERSIDE, Calif. (AP) Three Air Force officers died Friday in the crash of a B47 jet bomber that exploded on the runway of March Air Force Base. They were Mai. Clarence W. Garrett the pilot of Waco, Lt. James E. Belt, copilot, of Wayne and Capt. Con- stino L. Segalla, navigator, of Cannon, Conn. Witnesses said a left wing of the bomber burs into flames and the plane nose-dived while it tax ied along the runway. It skidded to the end of the runway, ex ploded and burned. A Legend Lives TORNADO DAMAGE Filling station, upper, was wrecked last night when a tornado hit Crestview. A woman was trapped in car, lower, but was rescued, not seriously hurt. More than 300 homes and about 50 house trailers were damaged by the storm. (AP Wirephoto) Angry Nehru Safe As Mob Stampedes PATNA, India (AP) Prime Minister Nehru raised his fist and shouted in anger Friday at thou sands of admirers who gate crashed a convention of the Con gress party and broke up the meeting. The 72-year-old prime minister had to be restrained forcibly from jumping into the surging crowd estimated by police at up to a million in his demand for order. An Indian news agency said Nehru showered blows on security guards who held him back and literally threw two attendants from the platform. Nehru himself escaped unhurt but 25 persons were injured in the mob demonstration, two critically. Twelve persons were arrested, one man with a dagger. But police said the crowd was made up of admirers of the Indian leader who stampeded only to get a closer look at him. Nehru left in a huff after addressing the convention. He brushed aside British and American criticism of India's seizure of Portuguese Goa. For the first time he claimed the seizure of the territory was partly to prevent the enclave on India's west coast from becoming a North Atlantic Treaty Organization base. Portugal is a member of NATO. 9 Dogs Run Wild At Barks, Attack-Girl, Two Women LONDON (AP)-Nine bjg dogs ran wild and brought terror to a crowded London street Friday after being frightened by a perky Corgi. The wild Dobermann Pin- schers, which are used as guards, attacked an 8-year-old girl, two women and killed the pet Corgi before they were rounded up. The Dobermann Pinschers were being taken to guard a construction site. Witnesses said the Corgi, about the size of a chihuahua, barked and two guard dogs broke away. Seven others in a coach, heard the commotion, leaped through a window and joined in. Retired FSU Man Burned To Death Stock Mart Scandal Brings On Reforms strewn outside this house where killed when a tornado struck were damaged and about 1,500 Wirephoto) -TI -TL change, known to Wall Streeters as the Amcx, to adopt reforms more sweeping than those already in the works. The SEC told the exchange to clean house in a big way or prepare to take orders from Washington. 2. Formal proceedings by the SEC, and perhaps the Justice Department, against some of the Amex members named as wrongdoers. The SEC is known to be holding back considerable evidence against some of these men evidence which presumably would be produced in a hearing room. Asked why the report only hinted at market rigging and made no direct charges, an SEC official said, "We can't try these guys in a report 3. More vigorous policing of exchanges by the SEC. The Amex investigation, and a broader SEC study of the entire securities business, authorized by Congress and just getting started, grew out of commission proceedings against Jerry and Gerard Re, prominent Amex specialists. The Res, father and son, were expelled from the exchange last May for multiple stock rigging and illegal transactions involving more than $10 million. They have since been arrested on criminal charges. The scope of the Re case jarred the SEC because as specialists they held the most imoortant no- sitions in the market, beine re- sponsible for the conduct of fair and orderly auctions in assigned stocks. Index Bridge Comics 9 Crossword Datebook 2 Editorial, Columns 4 It Happened Here 7 Market 2 Obituaries I Sports TV-Radio Want Ads 10, II Weather 7 ilwitM The Tallahassee weather bureau reported only six-tenths of an inch of rain but said it was undoubtedly heavier in some areas. Winds in Tallahassee reached a high of 42 miles an hour during the night. City and County officials reported no major damages. Electricity remained on during the night. Sleet, Snow Slap Nation; South Soaked By The Associated Press The first major storm of the new year buffeted an area from Texas to New England with snow, sleet and freezing rain today, piling up huge drifts in Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri and glazing roads with packed snow and ice. Blasts of Canadian air that ac companied the storm spilled into the South as far as Florida, where squall lines spawned several tor nadoes. One twister hit Crestview, killing one person, injuring at least 60 others and leaving an estimated 1,500 homeless. Kansas City was nearly para lyzed with a 10-inch snowfall that caused monstrous traffic tie-ups. St. Joseph, had 7 inches and Olathe and Topeka, had 6. Six-foot drifts were common in the area, where 50-60 mile winds reduced visibility at times to a few feet. 73-MILE WINDS The snow belt extended into Texas, where Chillicothe had five inches whipped by 73 mile an hour winds. Schools and roads were closed in northwestern Oklahoma where snowfall measured up to six inches. The snow and sleet also extended into northwestern Arkansas, coating highways with ice. Snow flurries were reported as far south as Hope, which is 40 miles north of the Louisiana line. Roads in several states in the Great Lakes area had areas coat ed with ice or packed snow. Tornado warnings were up throughout the night in parts of Florida, South Carolina and Georgia. The twisters Friday night also caused damage in Dcstin and Paxton, and Glenwood, Ala. Damage in Crestview alone was expected to exceed $1 million. SOUTH SOAKED Rain, at times accompanied by lightning and thunder, soaked most of the lower South. McComb, measured 3 inches, Macon, reported 1.58 inches, Valparaiso, had 1.36 inches. Italian merchants send parades of decorated cars and trucks around Italian cities and towns, delivering presents to traffic cops. The gifts pile high at busy intersections. Traffic is jammed. But no one seems to mind. Children line the streets to see the parades. The day also brings other acts of goodwill. A nun in Rovigo in northern Italy, after hearing of the Turin auto show, wrote the show's director that farm children had a tough time getting to her school because they lacked transportation. So automakers in Turin built her an 18-seat custom school bus, complete with safety belts. A mother wrote the head of Rome's airport that her daughter had written Bcfana, asking the witch to drop flowers over the English Channel in memory of a grandfather who drowned in the channel in a shipwreck in 1936. The crew of an Italian airliner, on a regular Rome-to-London flight, agreed to make the girl's wish come true. for dead and injured. Jourdan said, "Brick home aft er brick home has been blown flat" by the terrific force of the wind. The dead child was Donna Joyce Johnson, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Johnson. A falling wall hi their brick veneer home crushed the child to death. Four of the injured were hospitalized at Crestview. They were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kee, Mrs. Ruby Brown and Lee Durell, 44, all of Crestview. A 15-year-old (Another Story on Page 2) boy, Charles William Jalbeit, was taken to a Pensacola, hospital. There was no report on the conditions of those hospitalized with injuries. Mayor George Whitehurst said a great many persons were without homes and had been taken in by their neighbors. In many cases he said, strangers had taken the homeless into their homes. Lt. J. N. Livingston of the highway patrol said his 14-year-old son, Tommy, was practicing basketball at schoo1 when the storm struck. He said the coach ordered the boys to lie flat on the floor. They escaped injury although many windows in the school were shattered. Gov. Farris Bryant at Tallahassee ordered a 95-man National Guard unit to the stricken city, other units were sent in from Panama City. Civilian volunteers and the Red Cross also joined the rescue efforts. The storm struck about 5 p.m. and continued for about six min-utes. was inventive and made some of his household appliances. Dr. Richards retired from the FSU faculty in 1956. He lived with his wife, who survives, at 1841 County Club Dr The cottage is located in the woods about one-half mile from the Carrabelle lighthouse Friends said Dr. Richards spent much of his time at the cottage reading and writing. He oftentimes stayed there alone. Dr. Richard was on the FSU faculty for 31 years. He was head of the physics department from 1925 to 1952. He was a native of Cincinnati. Franklin County Deputy Sheriff C. Messer investigated the incident. Flames Kill 4 In Family SANFORD, Maine (AP)-Threa children and their young mother died Friday in a fire that swept their small home. Patricia C. Court, 24. was killed apparently while trying to sava one of the youngsters. Her body and that of a child were found at the foot of a stairway leading to the second floor. Besides Mrs. Court, the flames claimed Vickie, Ann 34, and Belinda, 15 months. The fire was discovered by a neighbor. The husband and father, Tracey Court, as at work. UN Fund To Fight Cholera Epidemic UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. (AP) -The U.N. Children's Fund announced Friday an emergency allotment of $50,000 to help combat a cholera epidemic in the Philippines. Officials said the disease, which broke out late last year, has killed more than 1.000 persons and infected 10,000 others, many of them hildren. Witch Plays Santa Riding Broomstick Dr. Harold F. Richards, a re tired Florida State University physics professor, burned to death yesterday in a I I smau couage I near Carrabclle Beach. I 1 1 a-4ting officers Dr. Rich-lards apparently 1 fell on an elec-fjtric heater. His 4 body was part- Dr. Richards ally cremated. Dale Croy. an investigator for the State Attorney's office, said the investigation is incomplete but all indications are that it was accidental The elderly man was staying alone at the cottage. Croy said there is a possibility the accident happened Thursday night. A Negro caretaker said he talked to Dr Richards about 7:30 p. m. Thursday. He went back Friday night about the same time and found his body. Croy said witnesses told him the heater was still burning when they found the body. The heater was a home-made type. Richards Son Of President Graduates From Crawling Class TALM BEACH, Fla. (AP-John F. Kennedy the Prcsi-dent's 13-month-old son, has graduated from the crawling class and taken up toddling as a means of getting around. John Jr. walked unaided Fri day at West Palm Beach after riding to the airport to see his father off for Washington. Mrs. Kennedy, 4-year-old Caroline and John rode with the President to the edge of the airport. Then Mrs. Kennedy and the children got out of the preside-tial car and into another automobile. John Jr. walked without assistance between the two cars. The youngest Kennedy 1s seldom seen by newsmen and there was no word on when he took his i first unaided steps. WASHINGTON (AP) The biggest stock market scandal in 23 years has hit the American Stock Exchange and further revelations seem certain. The nation's second largest, fastest growing stock exchange was blistered Friday by federal investigators who cited evidence of "manifold and prolonged abuses" of market safeguards adopted after Wall Street's 1929 debacle. In a 127-page report, the staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission ripped into the American Exchange in terms reminiscent of a similar reform probe of the largci, neighboring New York Stock Exchange in 1938-39. The American Exchange had no immediate comment on the document. Three developments were expected to flow from the SEC's action: 1. Increased pressure on the ex- Hospital in Atlanta earlier this week. A ham radio operator friend said persons with leukemia often showed a liking for watermelons. He broadcast an appeal. It was heard on the radio by Air Force Sgt. Sammy Lorino Jr. of Home stead Air Force Base near Miami and arrangements were made to send Keith four watermelons. The watermelons were flown to Atlanta and delivered to Kcnne-stone Hospital at Marietta Friday night. Hawkins said doctors thought a scries of treatments might keep the youngster alive, from six months to two years. "Maybe some other drug will be discovered by then," he said. "I'm not giving up hope." The Hawkins have two other children. Dale, 7. and Alesa who will be 4 next month. Tot To Get His Watermelon ROME (AP)-An old witch rid-ing an old fashioned broomstick reigned as queer, in Italy today. Even shapely movie stars had to take a back seat to her. For this was the Feast of Epiphany and Italians young and old, and especially children and policemen looked to the witch Bcfana to bring them gifts. Bcfana is a legendary figure who delivers presents on the Epiphany holiday commemorating the bringing of gifts to the infant Jtsus bv the three wise men. Italian small fry write her letters, asking for presents, like American youngsters write Santa Claus. She is supposed to bring toys and candy to good boys and girls, hunks of coal to bad ones. But she Is really tender hearted, legend says, and the coal usually is licorice-flavored candy. Over the past few years, police have done as well on Befana the Italian name for both the witch and the holiday as the children. MARIETTA, Ga. (AP)-ParenU of a leukemia victim hoped today that a gift of Florida watermelon would start the youngster eating again. Little Keith Daniel Hawkins hasn't had any solid food in two weeks, his father said Friday night. "I'm going to make watermelon balls with an ice cream scoop and keep them handy in the hope they will entice him to break his fast," said W. B. Hawkins, a sales engineer. His mother expressed graditude for the gift and said Keith could have the watermelon as soon as he felt up to it She said he was under some medication and it might be a day or two before he sampled the melons. Hawkinb said the leukemia was diagnosed at Emory University I By The Way A businessman was interviewing a Job applicant. "Now then," he stated briskly, "for this position we need a real live wire. But at the sametime, we must be I can't overemphasize the Imp rtance of his being methodical." "Ilm'm," the applicant after some thought, "if that's the case, I guess I don't want the Job, after all." No? Why "Uell," rep'-i the applicant, "It's hat All my life I've been a good Presbyterian, and I don't that I'm iMt to change BOW."

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