The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 9, 1933
Page 3
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MONDAY, Of'TORRll y, (AUK.) COUltlKU NEWS PACK-THREE; At Her Son's Grave Rental Payments Provided For j Named Head of in 1934 Cotton Control Plan Rental iKiymrnls rouging lo Sll an aciv br ilistilhiilril (0 in 11)0 19^^ cnilon (u'liishrioiv moc'-ii'i. H !•; I" 1 'he Mnst Amazing Pilgrimage in Historv Has Been Completed. BY WIM.IS THORNTON XKA Service Stuff CurrfEiiunilent WASHINGTON. Oct. 9.--One of tin.' fii' i-xcurslons and mast uinaziiiK ijllBi'imatses the world ever IIHS fern Is now history. Tin: Quarlcrmasler-CSi'iieial's office here is winding up the affairs of the ijilyiimaigc ol World War motlif-is and widows lo the Euio- IK'an cemcu-rie.s where their dead Hi 1 buried. The .wclal offices 0]>ened in Palis and New York by the lo liniidlc the pifeiImage are elos- id. The linal reports are coining in and brrimj audited, the last ino- llic-r r.nd widow hus beim delivered 10 her hmni'. Thv pilifrinuuw of, i;i>74 women across 3000 mill* of j water to tour the Kiioiilderinv i trcm'he" and neat i;ravs Hint dot •.' siriinne land- is uvi;r. Then: never; v.'iis anything like it; perhaps there j nuvi-r will be ayain. Orixin of Move | i fiom^conllniie. It would Have been manifestly unfair lo the producers If any Improvement In price resulting from ni'M yrur's piu^nun hod come niter ilu- puvvnl etop hud '(1 out ol his hands. The 10- cont loan will lend lo prcvenl Ihls. H should woik lo the advantage of the cottcm fanners nnd we have assuranc.' th:ii they will not only ffile this uppyilunlty. but con! tin sr cooperative efforts to te s.icci-s', for the 103', to'.lon \vnv 10 | iuU'.isiinini proi'.riim." Wnr Mothers mother kneeling at at sureties. Franco, >-ymixilii'e.'i g:lli!riiii3|!f :>! 0,074 war mothers nnd widows cemeteries where their (lead lie. her hero tin- unto foreign Takes Heavy Toll of Flocks EDMONTON, Alberta iUI>> | Tens of thousands of ducks In i I AlLcrta ihi-, slimmer never will j come wiihin ranjje of hunters'; nuns diii 1 to 11 mysterious disease sOTcplm: iiuoiiKii ihi> (locks. Known :i s "duck disease," the mnlnily has killed 10,01)0 of the birds i:i the Cllekhni district filouc. 7.'i miles southwest of C'ul- Provim'inl iiulliorlllcF, nov; are vumluctlni; an mvcMleallon in llie of clicrkiny tlie epUlemli-. • "Duck clfwusi-" first mmip ll,s up- iKf In Utah In l'J02. Since } in Place Of Racr Mwtmg At Canitliersvrtle western parade .with the .entire! uoup of cowboys and cowgirls I jrarllelpntliij!, putting their nora* I through some Intricate formations I embodying ihc old fashioned square I dnnces. This Is followed by fancy-| roping, hronco busting, Meet riding, uullilogRlns nml clher western | thriller:!. Thr CariHhersvllle nuslneas Men's •••' , which for a number of years ..poiisorMl n toll inciiiK ineei, j 1.-: mukina ii indlcnl iMiniiije Ihls ycur and In Dliice of hurse lac- | In 1 ! I', lirniiilni; u real "wild wer.i", j llcdc'o 10 town for six nertorm-!'''' 1 - !ii.c«. Ihete will lx- iwnlng shows Missouri a valuable amhropolog- Cttcbcr 12. 13, 14 and 15, with ! Lif.linces un tlie two latter dates. The George V. Ailtiiiis Rodeo onp o: 175 horses and steers nnd Missouri (lets Collection COLUMBIA, Mo. (UP) -Mis. 1 ; j Piiirlii Mitchell. Uaytonn Beach, hns given the University of Ic Icnl collection. Several score Indian relics, including a quill ncck.-"| lace once owned by ceronlmo, were Included. i. ;ui \ Mr.thvi*. In V' in MI! :il liull.iu.iiuilK . ' Ml-. \Villiiiih i: Ih-hllln-i'. lit "! i "i:iy.'i-vlllf. l:nl. us iln-ir nr<v iMi'-!ileiil sl«> h:nl !>• i n IT.' nliui- M'lTilmv !"• l!i>' l-i-1 '.* o ve.u>. 11'12 Ihe U. S. UliilOtflcal Survey has conducted Invchtiunilons looking toward a cure for the : 1:> people will i.'icsenl. llie s This I. 1 : one ol ilu- outstanding icilrti troops in Anu'ricii nnd re- cintlv sliisfd ro;lro'; at lhc Trl-j ElaU•« fair. Memphis [mil at thr Arena in 91. t.ouU. I Kv.iy plmsc oi uuch life ol jllii- n!:l west will l;i- piesented in In j'l'iilu.iic ii:h]!i:tT t>y world's.'^ j rbiunpiGii IIK-II and woman rulers. lllllc h i ropTi and InilUlo^ucrs. 'I'hr .';lu>w ojiijus with a typical At oiw (hue. Mexico had more territory than the United States, STOP TAKING FOR GAS ON STOMACH Much sodn disturbs digestion. For j ir stomach Adleilka Is r. One dose rids you of bowel |X)lsons thnt cnuie gas and bad .sleep. Sold In Blythevllle by Oily Drug Slore. —Adv. J-9 ' «u AKE FOR THIISK SYMPTOMS Cor.^UpMlon m»y be RlUmled by "Ijlll- nltarVs." s'ck htailarlip, dlulnFft, lt>itiil loi'^i:o, \JKr u|>Ktllf, bnd laili In U.p tnnulli. bud btfmli. ^pir.allons lutlr.f.i* ullfr nielli, r[:;cl!.Uctu a' ci* [l.ilii!inr», ^l.^Uullcx) o! itir nlwlumeu t> % lTflC^t Xl:ll Lr.l Tnlr IIUCL!)' \tn> l; 11I1AUOHT nt Ilrsl t'.fr. o: HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP r 11 'o wav. T)r>r> n iiro^-fr' 1 Ih-^t •A'.'"- l *i<iofi 'i^rf* no^ hurie^t : n «o \v nllrtr-^'l n f re p rrin tO TpJ/^nwn Bnl'Mo-'s to^h in " ip^lrn/1. Pv-ii A. "intr. Al'- f' ^-""nrliiiccttj; thouzht ih nai<- ci'Finictinn to evcliiile v .i,o liail alrendv nind* 1 the T th°lT nwn ^viyHise. ^nd or .sendintr them again auy- Wflllain<! of Texns INTIMATE GLIMPSES AND INSIDE STUFF ON THE MOVIE COLONY BY DAN THOMAS upset Jimmy Dmin to any great extent. Nor rtirt it bother Lona Andre. But it was a different story with I I.ona's mother. For more than a |IJ | week afterword, Jimmy and Lona HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 0.-"lt isn't the men in your life that count— s the life tn your men." H probably isn't necessary to vo credit i" Mie. West fp- x>v line. Ntilyxlv clso iu Hnllv-j went mlt someix'hcre every ni s lil. r-rvi ,,-nuW thir-i: of such a iliins ; Mama iikcs j immy . but she thought Lona should have more sleep. Details of the 1934 nioarnm hi'rl I nreviouslv Iwnn nnnoiinced. hut | the amount of comoeiisai.'on which • vf.ild lx> offered to narllelnallnir n'ldiicers wns no'- Tixcd. Tlie rental navmen's will be bised npnn | ivie mo'iiic'lfii'- of the land, as in j Ji 'f f<\ Fletv-IIn I'.tvment*; Tnnni 1 ' 1 !^. Ihe Acrieulturnl Ad- liKtviiion w^e sneedintr tlie ills- | tribntlon of checks to r-rodurcrs! who pnrtlclnaied I" Ihe IMS wo- eram. A totnl of 471.1(K!.n''5^4 had . i'rcn ilistributed un until Satyr- ! iiav mornhiir. A tn'il of r.|]i nr.n oiiocic.- jiovc been mailed nnd 832.- iwi of itie i.O'D.oon ccrtincaies of nerformance that, have been f- ceived have been approved for twvmcnt. On Frlrlnv. Oe.l'ilvr G. J5.075 checks iottilhiB J4.118.fl77.- >S. were eomnlctcil. From 40.0001 o 48,000 checks per day 'are now j : ^<T Issued. I ~ ^' ihrM.oht fh 11 whole ihinw was .i-iinht nn ,tlyi-wr 11 '' fathers, nnr i iv inted lo i^-nii tticm. ton. Rut vnnhv hv (he House Militavv Af- r^fi-p n^nin^rlp". n"d were rejected. Tti^inr Icnf'er^hin of Senators T>-,,-H P"e'l of Pennsvlvania nnd Piirnifoi'l Pimmons of North Cnr- ** l; na. the bill became law. Then |i>e nrmv was niven one of the .••irnnupM of manv sti'dnRe jobs thai luiv fal'on f o ii= lot. Dentil Rate Lmv They hid to find. Mist, how many women were e!igib!e, and 1'mv nvmv wanled to go. Tlicv foinifi there were some IROOfl of Hie (nrnicr. bill bv Ihe lime pr c t cHin wn^ vmdv 10 f.i 1 ! in 1 rnlv \> nf these were left. Tlu-n IT developed thai of these onlv KG1* wanted [o eo. Tlie other 51312 rlr""ned Hie roveniment's offer. Then f^e jirohlem wns to n.i- remhlc 6674 women averacinif m 70 years of aee. and of every Ta/-.-;. color nnd nrevious condition rike them safetv lo Fi'nncc. cive tiirrp n two-week's lour of the bat- ,i^r."i t ic ^.1(1 cemeteries, and bring 1h"-» safelv home. Many expected the death rate of inn! hers to lie nnmlline. for it was Th^'oh' inanv such elderlv women '•••oiilri fail 10 survive ihe riqors of l^avel and llie emotional sire.-. 1 ; of Tint ?T enrefnl were the army's arrangements "'"' ""' v 1 died' in 1930, one in 1931, nnfl none . • nil :.i IOT;> r.- ipi.-i. nnc oW ladv on ih-* wnv to New York: i r ri -,t_ \r«rdnn. ,cnmo '(Tei nf thi.q pvoMem ,„ 1,^,| frniu U,n [act thai of tn who \vf*nt this voa!-. 471 pfl ni^^ it'cnlion vhitft ni'<rh less nut it into a nictiire. ITow^i'T That ? c one of I'T> linrs frc-iij M^'s new film "I'm No An- nf\" —n<^ ti^ii''' are lots more inst as eocw 1 . That CMrvi sn^c.iniut whether straight knows her lines, or curved. Police if vnu like TiM i h^-'en't. found who floesn't—'xef s<H A'^-ei." Ti'.s fn'l nf fun r<o'it n doubt, vill be r>n* »est bos office smnsli of IM3. Po the ot^er niQhl ^hf f ook ail- vanfop r^f her authority n = mother nnrl l/ip 1 ! ""epi in bed al[ most, with Ihe chickens. MVie West^-i anvonii VPI F-"" cl 'i» llie Stars for some real Here's snmei.inn? "'•"' - Tr «" T.T-kv i. 1 ; "innniiu! nn nitikin CT n ml nicture without s single "name" in the cast. "Evervnne el^e is makinsf pb- m r e- t; will] ali-^ eq.sts. .en I d a - rir^d rn do something different." lie ilccbrcs. (>n~ nf thr Ilwt Another Good picture—eouhj it. me the ii i i''d fihn wriiiiin n \vo"k (hnl Tve like?-.U "Footli^ht Pa- i-"rtc." the new Wnnier musicnl. .limmy Ciancy. Join Blondell. BII|\V Kecler. Dick Powell. E'-ank -\.TriinEh. and Guv Kihbec have in' l"3cK in fhi-s 010 nr^i rhev 1 '^ iTii-d. as good ss the picture it- -eif. Tt passes "Cold Di»<rer5 of l?m" •>v a con;iderahle tnareln. tn ^landi nn n P^T v;ith "42iui Rtrcet." rliici-ion chief, arrived. That r?ould any more be snid? Directed I the ?:m ^tionc. there wasn't s clout ^Vl'i'e tin- Po=s Is Away Tlie "Srrinkv" com^TPV n'l location in Ari^nna vas hivin? all snri^ of troni>te virli rain, cloudv venthcr. tmd .st.iihivnn ini:>n!s. f r wns »-iiv behind mhr-rtiil" 1 S«<-rMH p Hie nlnvcrs vistied the "bin bovs" from the studio would mv t"nc"i n visit, nnrl sec the handicaps the\ worn facing. Unexpectedly. Sol IJiirt'fl. hv ihe same man. Ltovd Bacon. •oo—which probably is the reason. • * » Mn*v Punny! r.o on nnd shrni i" l^n jkv nnd the animals bchnv eri like human heinus. Wuilznl re * ! lurned lo the ftnrilo thnt ni''ht. ' Tlie next mornin? a hor?e kicked if von want to.' clown the camera nnd at noon qfter readin" this, hut anyway, started lo rain. That's the wa here it is. Harno Marx savs that thinps happen in the movies. ^ill Caanev nnd Boots Mnllory "loped to Mexico because they had no sense o' Yumn. Had etiouch? * * • Cnke fnr Jean Unllvwoorl hns hrcome such a own of smxriatives thnt even ihe hf:fs in our local restaurants are the spirit. It's bccom- •" Pi-ni>ri>. Thn rvldrst 83 VOars oM- imp" rennired wheel chnivs. :•"-• ihe 21 ""rr»-: n?si?ned to be rr.rstpntlv with ihf various pal ties 'vrrp kent. eonstint'v l^USV. Mollifri in Matoritv Th« hiir rush came the first year: in 1!W<! th^re were 3fi^6 women "•ho rnaHe Lhc trin: 1760 in 1931: r,RO in 19": nnd 68H in ili» Inf. rnnnce n'rew near. Of the total of GS74 pilgrrims. 282 were col- p<- Musicians Form Ov/n OrcKestr; AWirs-rvT? mpi-.'niere out-of-work ore.hes'rn in Hi cil.v. li is coiiiiios<M' or uncmnlo> Tlie '.chediile of rentnl pnvreenls tliat will be effective lor the 19IVt eoiton adjustment program is as follows: rounds Per Acre Approx'ly IT to IM not over S s! InO to 2IW " " 22S to 300 " " 7 :t?.5 to WO " 400 and over" The nmonnt of Ow cnsh rentnl will be determined bv the comuv nssociat-ions subject to the aoprov-j al of the Asricultural Adiiisimen'. dininistratioii. anil will be based ion thf above schedule. Wallace Slates Purpose In nnnouncine the final mnjor ints of the 1934 program. Sectary Wnllaee mnrte tlie following atement: 'The current price of cotton is low its fair exchange vnlne. The dministration recognizes ihnl f«r- hcr efforts ;io aid the cotton irmcr in solving this problem arc uperativc. Tlie advance of 10 enU per pound on the current rop will enable the producer to larket his crop in an orderly way nd he will not be forcen to ••-ell nt. revailin? lo-.v prices hccaiisc he eeds the money now. The fsovnru- icnt ij providing the means to nrry this cotton so Hint Ihe man ,'ho produced it nnd who will co- ipernte in the production con- rol program will benefit from any ncrease In rice that may result, 'rom our efforts lo obtain fair- j ^xcluniEe prices for farm eommod- j tics. 'Meantime, we are proceeding: v.'ith plnns to adjust further the: oversupuly ol cotton by resiriclinf.! Ihe 1934 acreage. The producer who obtains a lonn from Ihe Government on this yenr's crop must iledge himself to cooperate in the 1934 program. It was evident ler Die record procluciion this year- Ihnl cotton adjustments should; nn are 53 members. wn Sir Hcnrv Wood, the famoi Derby pnstrv chef, leads the race' conductor. Is to lead the orchesl, notice nnv more. So far. .Frederick. Ihe in cake baking When Jean Har- »' a s ^ ciM1 f 0 "™ 1 ' 1 ,"' aici cf "' ow was mnn-ied recently, she was. employed, this December, orescntcd with a Inisc cnkc. On * —." ton was her likeness done in white : Grandma BOOStS F IpC And red on n red background and | framed with a wrenth of white and; yellow roses. And if she sot that for just n marriage, imagine what would be forthcoming for her divorce party —if any. .Mn Still Rules Despite ihe tact that they were seen together frenuenlly before it happened. Sally Eilers' marriage to Harry Joe Brown diiin'i seem An overwhelming mijorily wer* mothers, with :' corinklinn of wid- nw.s. n few who had stood In loci rarentis to the departed soldiers an* five common law wives. TI-» oldest 'vlcrim was Mrs Kiliabeth Jlutchiiw of Oakland '"al whn at 92 weathered the rlz constant orcscnce of nurses nnd of nr s "of the irio in snlendid slvle, j «'-my officers who had taken 5pe- Many interrfting problems arose. One nf the lost to make the trio wn 5 Mrs. Kate \fike. RO. a full- '•lon.lcd Winncbaso Indian Iroin N»ii«.-ii]p. Wl=. Mr.«. Mike siwk« no EiiBilisli with which to tell of IHT soldier ton and IS other children. She was something of a problem, but managed lo have n time anywav Against Cigaret Habit GAIiDFN. Mich. (UP) — Mrs. Elizabeth iRrniuimn) White. 81. who has smoked a pipe for 30 years. Is nn opponent of cisarct smoking by either sex. "A pipe's decent." Oiandiua White tls-tlares. "If women want to smoke, let them smoke a pi|>e like f do. Ciearels are very very to I harmful. I wonldn't be caught ~ ! smoking one.' End Serious With Creomulsion; Don't let them «et a strangle j hold. Fight s»imr. tuiickly. Creo- r.iulf:on combines trn 1 test helos know to modern science. Powerful but hnrmlers. Pleasant to take. No j narcotics. Your own druggist is at!- j thorkcd to refund your money on j jlhe spot if your fongh or cold is. .. not relieved by Creomulsion. A'.lv. Nur«s In Attendance cinl trainiiiff as guides prevented oiw great disturbance or difficulties. Now Him it is ?ll over, many of ihe women regard the War De- uiirlPicni. prnctically as a guardian < iiiRcl. Tiicv wTite. Tliev drop in j when they're ill Washington. So j ninny cnlled at the office of Lieul. Col. J. H. Laiibach. present head I of the Memorial Branch, that he | dnys IN THE CHANCERY COURT. CmCKASAWBA DISTRICT. ^T1PSISSIP1 1 I KANSAS. COUNTY, AR- I'laiiitilT. Many of the women hnd never hart to take a Inrgcr office, filled before left home, many had nev-! with more comforlable chairs than er before been on jv train. One woman wrote that "she would never have left home if she had the few £ he would have to cross water." There were quite a of . hysteria when were r«»chMi but Ihe usual army office. In which they could be entertained. Col. Lanbach is now engaged In finally winding up the books of this strangest of all pilgrimages, the like of which will probably n«v«r b« Mt Georf Cranr. Dcfjndnnl. The defendant. Gcor-ie Crane, is warned to anpenr within thirty in the court named in th» cnption hereof nnd nn=wer ihe lomplaint of the plaintiff. Ida Cinne. Dated this 9tn dav of Oct.. 1933. R Ii. GAIN'ES, Clerk. By Elizabeth Blylhe, D. C. At The Home Of The Mayo Clinic iTvOchestcr. Minn) 'he health of- !i-<r, nr. D. C. l.orkhend. recently! •w:d in n statement throueh the p;erj;, "We ill the health clepart- \f.vM arc concerned about milk m two ai's-le:,. Because it isl ihe best food obtainnblc, we want to see it consumed tn preat nuan- t nes. and^ of the pos* 11511 - lly of Us sprer.diiv; disease, we •.v'mt to know that our loi'al sup- i:!v L'. . ro'liire'l under all the re-: fiwmenis of i,-eduction eommer-i :i:.lly jiosslble r.i:d that it be na>i- (uerirert so that we can Ruinmlec it safe." Telephone No. ?•! Be nnrtt's milk i? safe — it's properly Kelll Reed. Ally. Ad Litem. Bennett's Dairy something.. what makes a cigarette taste better W HAT makes anything taste better? It's -what is in it that makes a thing taste better. CHESTERFIELDS taste better because we buy ripe tobaccos. These ripe tobaccos arc aged two and a hr.lf years—thirty months. During this time the tobaccos improve— just li':c wine improves by ageing. C! .2STERFIELDS taste better because they have the right kind of home-grown tobaccos andTurkish Tobaccos "welded together." We hope this answers your question. estertie the 8-lS-23-3ai| 9 19)), LIKITT * Mnw TO»ACC» Co. cigarette that's MILDER the cigarette that TASTES BETTER

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