Tallahassee Democrat from Tallahassee, Florida on February 13, 1949 · 7
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Tallahassee Democrat from Tallahassee, Florida · 7

Tallahassee, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 13, 1949
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SUNDAY NEWS-DEMOCRAT, TALLAHASSEE, FLA. Sunday Morning, February 13, 1949 Four Pros Tie For Top In Texas Open Tourney SAN ANTONIO, Tex, Feb 12, ( AP) Four professionals ' , Johnny Palmer, Dave Douglas, Sam Snead and Dick Metz wound up in a tie for first place today at the end of 54 holes in the $10,000 Texas open, Palmer, the Badln, N C, star. came into the eighteenth with a . chance to take the lead but he I ent one over on the hole and Cropped Into a deadlock with the ether three at 203. He had a one-Under-par 70 for the last round. Douglas, of Wilmington, Del. finished with a flve-under-par 66, the same as Snead, who Is from White Sulphur Springs, W Va, while Metz, who plays out of Virginia Beach, Va. had a 68. Course Takes Beatine The nar 71 fi 4r)fl-vnrr Rvnrk- I tn ridge park course took a terrific drubbing in today's third round. Not an amateur was able to break Into the top 20. The hlgh- est finisher among the simon-pures was Doug Ford of Larch-mont, N Y. who had 212. The final 18 holes will be played tomorrow with $2,000 for the one who wins the title. Rain fell this morning but a oggy course did not deter the hot shots of the POA tournament tour in the least. Exactly 30 players cracked par today three fewer than yesterday. Palmer had set out today as the leader through 36 holes by stroke, with 133. Metis was In second place with 134. The golfers picked Palmer as the most likely winner of the tournament. They said lie was hooting the steadiest of all. Hogue Agrees To Brave Offer BOSTON, Feb 12, (Right-handed Pitcher Bob Hogue telephoned Boston Braves General Manager John Qulnn from his home In Miami today and 'agreed to terms for the coming season. Hogue, who performed mostly In relief last season, presently is nerving on a jury in his home city and hopes to be released by March 1 when the Tribe reports at Bradenton to begin pre-season drills. The chunky Hogue he's 8-9 mid weighs 190 was in 40 games last year. wotueteht and lost two. He twirled 86 innings during which he struck out 43 and walked 19. He was touched for 88 hits and 34 runs and comniled an earned run average of 3.28. Snvder Wins Final TAMPA. Feb 12, m Deb Sny-do cf Kent. O. won the final fer ure at. the Florida state fair . au'o races today. Snyder prabbod a quick lead on the first turn and lengthened it as he drove tha 10 laps. Frank Luptow of Tampa was second and Red Redmond, Atlanta, third. COMPLETE BRAKE SERVICE All Makes Cars and Trucks DRUM TURNING ADJUSTING RELINING Mayo-Mingledorff MOTORS, INC. DeSoto - Plymouth 808 N. Monroe St. PHONE 2227 PHONE 1979 r hair on rV ' Your ches.tI l5N0T LK'A a Sign of H 1 , Hi GREAT j f VvJ N MUSCULAR 1 m fi l IS YOUR CAR A GAS EATER? Some car DRINK gatoline. The fault may be in a number of places ... perhaps the carburetorl Often a simple inexpensive adjustment brings the gas mileage up . . , makes the motor run smoother, too. Wa are carburetor experts. Step in for services. Our prices are reasonable . . . our service guaranteed. llliliili I fill I eDresenfafi-iomi SAMMY SNEAD Fires 66 to get In on Uur-way tie . . . Lone Star Hits Finish First In Sloop Race MIAMI BEACH, Feb 12, VP? The Lone Star, 52-foot sloop owned by George M Loekwood of Charleston. S C. was first to cross the finish line in the Sir Thomas Lipton cup sailing race today, but a winner Is to be announced later when corrected times are computed. The Caribbee, 58-foot yawl owned by Carlton Mitchell of Annapolis. Md. was second to finish in the 16th annual 28-nauti-cal mile event which is considered a warmuo for the Miami-Nassau race Feb S. A record fleet of 20 sailing yachts was buffeted by winds up to 28 miles per hour. ! Third to finish was the Mala-' bar XIII, owned by Morgan But-j ler, New Bedford, Mass. The Blit-; sen, owned by Murray Knapp, ! Detroit, was fourth to finish and the Ciclon, owned and skippered : by Alsonso Gcmez-Mena, Havana, i was fifth. I Away, sailed by Harlow W Dadock of Fort Lauderdale, was ! sixth, Katuna. winner of the re- cent Cat Cay-Fort Lauderdale j race and owned by Gilbert Ver-t ney of New York City was seventh and Tiny Teal, 39-foot sloop j owned by Peter Langdon, New York City, was eighth to finish. lii 18 Ml ilS 2 e I IT 41 I I II' ; I 4' i f t .. 7 f r JV;r ' 1' 1949 Georgia-Florida Baseball League Schedule In In tn In ! In j In In In Albany Amtricul Cordele Moultrie i Tallahassee Thomasville Valdosta Waycrosi May 8, April 16, 17 April 14, 15 May 4, 5 April 20, 21 Apr 30, May 1 April 24, 25 June 4 May 13, 14 May 11, 12 May 3 1 , June 1 ! May 1 7, 1 8 May 27, 28 May 21, 22. Albany CLIP July 1, 2, U June 9, 10 June 7, 8 June 27, 28 June 13, 14 June 23, 24 June 17, 18 Aug. 2, 3 July 6, 7 July 4, 5 July 29, 30 July 15, 16 July 25, 26 July 19, 20 Aug 31 Sept. 1 Aug. 9, 10 Aug, 5, 6 Aug 27, 28 Aug. 13, 14 Aug. 23, 24 Aug. 17, 18 : April 12, 13 A7r;n26,27 MaTcT Apr 30, May 1 April 16, 17 April 22, 23 April 20, 21 " May 10 May 23, 24 June 2, 3 May 27, 28 May 13, 14 May 19, 20 May 17, 18 Americui June 5, 6 THIS June 19, 20 June 29, 30 June 23, 24 June 9, 10 June 15, 16 June 13, 14 July 3, 12, 13 July 21, 22 JI31, Aug. 1! July 25, 26 July 6, 7 July 17, 18 July 15, 16 Aug. 4, Sept. 2 Aug. 19, 20 Aug. 29, 30 (Aug. 23, 24. Aug. 9, 10 Aug. 15, 16 Aug. 13, 14 April 28, 29 April 14, 15 May 8, 9 j April 24", 25 May 4, 5 April 20, 21 April 18, 19 May 25, 26 May 11, 12 June 4 May 21, 22 May 3 1 , Jun 1 May 1 7, 1 8 May 15, 16 Cordele June 21, 22 June 7, 8 SCHEDULE July 1, 2, 14 June 17, 18 June 27, 28 June 13, 14 June 11, 12 July 23, 24 July 4, 5 Aug. 2, 3 'July 19, 20 July 29, 30 July 15, 16 July 8, 9 Aug. 21. 22 Aug. 5, 6 Aug. 31. Sept 1 Aug, 17, 18 Aug, 27, 28 Aug. 13, 14 Aug. 1 1, 12 April 26, 27 April 24, 25 April 12, 13 " April 20, 21 Apr 30, May 1 April 16, 17 May 4, 5 May 23, 24 May 21, 22 May 10 May 17, 18 May 27, 28 May 13, 14 May 31, Jun I Moultrie June 19, 20 June 17, 18 June 5, 6 NOV June 13, 14 June 23, 24 June 9, 10 June 27, 28 July 21, 22 July 19, 20 July 3, 12, 13 July 15, 16 July 25, 26 July 6, 7 July 29, 30 Aug, 19, 20 Aug. 17, 18 Aug. 4, Sept. 2 Aug 13, 14 Aug. 23, 24 Aug. 9, 10 Aug. 27, 28 April 22, 23 April 18, 19 May 6, 7 May 2, 3 April 12, 13 April 26, 27 April 28, 29 May 19, 20 May 15, 16 June 2, 3 May 29, 30 May 10 May 23, 24 May 25, 26 . Tallahassee June 15, 16 June 11, 12 June 29, 30 June 25, 26 FOR June 4, 6 June 19, 20 June 21, 22 July 17, 18 July 8, 9 J iy 31, Aug 1 July 27, 28 July 3, 1 2, 13 July 21 , 22 July 23, 24 Aog. 15, 16 Aug. 11, 12 Aug. 29, 30 Aug. 25, 26 Aug. 4, Sept. 2 Aug. 19, 20 Aug. 21, 22 May 2, 3 April 28, 29 April 22, 23 April 18, 19 May 8, 9 May 6, 7 April 14, 15. May 29, 30 May 25, 26 May 19, 20 May 15', 16 June 5 June 2, 3 May 11,12 Thomasville June 25, 26' June 21, 22 June 15, 16 June II, 12 July I, 2, 14 REFERENCE June 29, 30 June 7, 8 Ju.y 27, 2d July 23, 24 July 17, 18 July 8, 9 Aug. 2, 3 Jul 31 , Aug. 1 July 4, 5 Aug. 25, 2b Aug. 21, 22 Aug 15, 16 Aug. II, 12 Aug. 31, Sep. 1 Aug. 29, 30 Aug. 5, 6 AprUT87l9 May 4,1 May 2, 3 April 28, 29 April 14, 15 April 24, 25 " May 8, 9 Mav 15'. 16 May 31, Jun 1 May 29, 30 May 25, 26 May 11, 12 May 21, 22 June 4 Valdosta June 11, 12' June 27, 23 June 25, 26 June 21, 22 June 7, 8 June 17, 18 DURING July 1, 2, 14 July 8, 9 July 29, 30 July 27, 28 July 23, 24 July 4, 5 July 19, 20 Aug 2 3 Aug. 1 1, 12 Aug. 27, 28 Aug. 25, 26 Aug. 21, 22 Aug. 5, 6 Aug. 1 7, 1 8 . Aug. 31, Sep. 1 May 6, 7 Mav 2, 3 Apr 30, MaVT April 22, 23 April 16, 17 April 26, 27 April 12, 13 ' June 2, 3 May 29, 30 May 27, 28 May 19, 20 May 13, 14 May 23, 24 May 1 0 We verts, June 29, 30 June 25, 26 June 23, 24 June 15, 16 June 9, 10 June 19, 20 June 5 , 6 SEASON Jly31, Aug. 1 July 27, 28 July 25, 26 July 17. 18 July 6, 7 July 21, 22 July 3, 12, 13 Aug 29,30 Aug. 25, 26 Aug. 23, 24 Aug 15, 16 Aug 9, 10 Aug. 19, 20 Aug. 4, Spt. 2 Denotes Sunday All Star Game July 10, 11 North-South Game Aug. J", 8 Dixie Ring Meet Matches Scott, Sikes LITTLE ROCK, Ark, Feb 12, m A series of fights designed to determine a southern heavyweight champion will continue here Mon cay night. The principals for the scheduled ten-rounder will be Buddy Scott, Jacksonville, ring veteran who will be seeking his fifth knockout in three weeks, and Bou Sikes of Little Rock. The "championship" eliminations are being staged by American Legion fight promoters Les Call and Jimmy Watts. They hope to have the ultimate winner recognized officially by the National Boxing association as southern heavyweight champ. Two defeats will eliminate a fighter from contention in the series, which means Sikes Is on the ropes. He dropped a decision to Ragon Kinney, Clarksville, Ark, in the first of the elimination bouts two weeks ago. Mel Hein Joins Grid Yanks Coaching Staff NEW YORK. Feb 12. fJPIMpl I Hein, former star center of the New York football Giants, has been added to the coaching staff of the New York Yankee football eleven of the All-America conference, Head Coach Norman (Red) Strader announced today. Hein. who spent 15 years with the National Football league Qiants after graduating; from Washington State college, was line coach of the Los Angeles Dons in 1947 and '48. Pittsburgh Gives Meyer MoreMoney, PITTSBURGH, Feb 12, (AP) The Pittsburgh Pirates today tore up Manager Billy Meyer's old contract and gave him a new one for the next three years with a substantial but undisclosed salary increase. The owners of the National,- league club said It was a reward for his good work in bringing the next three years with a substan-' tial but undisclosed salary in-! crease. . The owners of the National j league club said it was a reward for his good work in bringing the Bucs from last place to fourth in his first year in the managerial i post and also an expression of , their confidence. Meyer was reported to be the first pilot in Pirate history to be ' given a three-year contract. Only a few previous managers had two-j year agreements. One of them, ; Billy Herman, resigned at the end ; of one year in 1947 and the Pi- rates paid him around 28,000 for i his unused 1948 services. Comina to the Bucs from the ' Kansas City Blues of the American association. Meyer brought a repu-. tation as a star-maker for the New York Yankees. He won the i solid support of the local fans and was named manager of the year ; last season by the Baseball writers association of America and several other groups. Tomorrow night. Meyer Is sched-! uled to be the guest of honor at the annual dinner of the Pittsburgh chapter of the baseball writers. Pirale owners John Gal- breath. Tom Johnson and General Manager Pvoy Hamey als will bei i present. ' Only Eight Sunday Tilts Slated Here The Tallahassee Pirates Sunday games in Centennial I jMonda league season. This is a reduction of almost 50 per cent in comparison with the 1948 campaign which saw the Bucs appear here In 15 Sabbath tilts. In previous years this city's Sunday dates have been swelled by the fact that several Georgia towns prohibited playing on the Sabbath. But the official league schedule for the coming season was drawn up under the assumption that the two remaining holdouts asrainst Sunday ball Moultrie and Thorn as villc will play games on that day this season. In the event either or both towns do not play Sunday games tha local club will probably arrange to trade playing dates with them. The Pirates are scheduled to p'ay one Sunday game in Thomas-ville and two in Moultrie. Wednesday Popular With the numerous Sunday games drastically reduced here, Wednesday night game3 take over lhe tP spot as the most prevalent playing date. The Bucs are slated to appear here 13 times on Wednesday nights. The proverbial "Blue Monday" will hold little joy for Pirat fans this season, for the Bucs are scheduled to appear here less frequently on that day than any other days. Only six Monday games are on tap. In addition to the Sunday, Monday and Wednesday games, the Longer Term Manager Bill Meyer R (warded for goed work :v i - are scheduled to play only eight Field during the 1949 Georgia- Pirates are slated to play here 12 Saturdays, 11 Tuesdays and 10 Thursdays and Fridays. All games, save Sunday tilts, are scheduled at night. The official '49 slate calls for the Pirates to open the season with a two-game series in Thomasville April 12 and 13. They also close the schedule in the Rose City with the final tilt on Friday, Sept2. During the past two years the Pirates have opened the season at home. The 1948 opener was officially set here, while the '47 opener was slated for Thomasville, but actually played here after rain had washed out the Rose City lid-lifter. Other opening dates around the league this season send Americus to Albany, Waycross to Valdosta and Moultrie to Cordele. The 1949 schedule aolieres closely to the two-game series which proved so popular last year. Save for one four-day road trip and one four-game home stand each month, the teams will follow a pattern of two games at home and two on the road throughout the campaign. Dinner Gong Scores Upset ARCADIA, Calif. Feb 12, Dinner Gong won the 850,000 San Antonio handicap today before 48.000 fans at Santa Anita park. Dinner Gong raced the mile and one-eighth over a muddy track in 1:49 35 and won by about five lengths. i He is owned by Abe Hirschberg j of San Francisco and was the , longest shot on the board. Autocrat was second in a photo finish with War Trophy. Dinner Gong paid $23.60. t.10.10 and $5.30; Autocrat $6.60 and $4.50, War Trophy, $6.50. On Trust, the heavy favorite as an entry with Ace Admiral, ran fourth in the seven horse field, and Ace Admiral also failed to get into the money. The weather was bright but chilly. The track was muddy. BAKER - 208 N. Monroe Phone 3075 or 3076 DISTRIBUTORS & SERVICE FOR BRIGGS & STRATT0N MOTORS A COMPLETE STOCK OF PARTS - REPAIR ALL TYPES OF SPEEDOMETERS AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRICAL SERVICE irfrhdby Tourney Dinner Hour Cops Feature Hialeah Event MIAMI. Feb 12, OP) Diiuier Hour, claimed for $12,500 at Hawthorne Park last October by Helen S Reineman, won the $10,000 added Miami Beach handicap on the turf at Hialeah Park today. With Angel Rivera in the saddle, Dinner Hour swept to the front coming down the stretch and finished a length and a naif in front of Treplow stable's Friar Tuck. The Argentine-bred Piexoto, owned by. Greentree stable was third in the field of nine. Dinner Hour covered the mile and a half on the grass in 2:30 2-5 and earned $8,525. The five-year-old gelding returned $10.70, $8 and $4.30 in the $2 mutuels. Friar Tuck paid $10.90 and $5.60 and Piexoto returned $4.40 for $3. Jacques Weighted, Down Jacob Sher's Grass King, Frere Jacques, found 126 pounds too much and finished last. He went postward the favorite at $1.35 to $1. Frere Jacques won the recent Bougainvillea handicap on the Grass to equal the track record for that distance. He also won the Miami Beach handicap in 1946. R S McLaughlin's Swift Kin- garvle set the pace as usual and opened up a lead of eight lengths but tired and finished eighth. Dinner Hour carried 116 pounds and won going away. A thumping crowd of 20,169 wagered $201,505 on the featured sixth race, largest handle of a single race this season. This brought the total attendance for the first 24 days to 371,806, slightly under the 372,010 total for the same period in 1948. Today's total handle was $1,3111,-623. This pushed the season's tofal to $23,937,917 compared with $25,142,064. for the first 24 days last year. Joe Louis To Tour West Indies Rings NEW YORK, Feb 12, m Heavyweight champion Joe Louis will make a series of exhibition appearances in the West Indies starting next Friday. Harry Mendel, the champion's press representative, said the Brown Bomber will leave here tomorrow for Miami, and on Friday will box in Kingston. Jamaica. ALFORD arly Accommodation equests By f RED PETTI JOHN The third annual George Washington Birthday golf tournament here Feb 25-27 will probably draw the widest representation and best distribution of amateur playera ia the history of the rapidly-growing links event . , A i i-firmA St Augustine rMUUUJllllC; Meet Draws Large Field (Special to The Dtmocrjt) ST AUGUSTINE, Feb 12 A large field of the nation's top amateur golfers, headed by de fending titleholder Jimmy Paul, of Ormond Beach and Long Island, will tee off Monday in the 17th annual National championship of golf club champions on historic St Augustine links. The course measures 6345 yards with a par of 71. . Players from 15 states have come to St Augustine to seek this coveted championship, which thus from Florida, New York and New Jersey. The contestants will have the added incentive this year of a new trophy which has been offered by the tournament committee to replace the Walter J Travis memorial trophy, retired by Carl M Dann, Jr, in 1942. -Three and Out The new trophy, like its predecessor, must be won three times, not necessarily in succession, for permanent possession. The award, sterling silver bowl of 13 Va by 6V's inches, bears the name of Jimmy Paul, the 1948 winner, as its first inscription. In addition to Paul there Is one other former winner of the local classic in the field for the 17th renewal. He is Bill Stark, of the Tlmuquana Country club in Jacksonville, who scored his victory in 1941. Stark also reached the final on two other occasions in the ten times he has qualified for the National championship of golf club champions. Occhialini Back Including Paul and Stark, 12 of last year's qualifiers are back for another attempt at the title. Among these are Spencer Overton, of the Rolling Road Country club. Catonsville, Md, medalist and semi-finalist in ,,1948, and Bill Goodloe, of Valdosta Country club, Valdosta, Ga, another semi-finalist of a year ago, Charles Bennett of the St Augustine C C, who reached the quarter-final last year, Is another returnee. The others are Nelson Occhialini, of the Wachusett C C, Mass: Norman Copland, of the Tarn o' Shanter C C in Chicago; Stockton Rogers, of the Ponte Vedra. C C, Jacksonville: I L Mer-rell, Daytona Beach C C; J D Anderson, Country Club of York. Pa, and James Sweeny of the College Arms club, DeLand. Perron Shoemaker Rep orts to Gators GAINESVILLE, Feb 12, m Perron Shoemaker, newly-named University of Florida end coach, reported for duty with the Gators this afternoon. Shoemaker, a former all-SEC end at the University of Alabama, Joined the Florida staff after two years at the University of Idaho. 0GB ex)(DQJi) "ONE MAN'S ANOTHER'S MEAT So clltd "MIRACLE DRUGS" do wonder in healing and restoring health, but they arc not drug! with which to tamper. Outward ivmptomi arc oftrn very deceiving, and taking the ante drug a your neighbor is unsafe, and often dangeroui. Tho who adviie the uie of this, that or tht other drug-without full and complrtt medic tl knowledge of your conditionare doing yea no kindness. Good Sign Requests for hotel aceommoda tions and housing facilities dur- ing the tourney are already com I ing in steadily from golfing een-. I . i i-t ; . -J l ln bama. And with the opening of qualifying play still two weekt distant, the starting field Is already assured of entries from a triangular area encompassing Selma, Ala, Brunswick, Ga and Clearwater. Sonny Hay, pro at the local Country club course said today that Jimmy Paulk, Charlie Gilii-can and Gordon Helms of Bruns wick, Ga; Ken O'Hara. Clear water; Henry Taylor. Ocala and Gordon Bullock, Jacksonville have all contacted local golfers regard ing reservations for the tourney. Hick Estrep, Mutt Rainer, Bob Young and Louie Crisman of, Selma, Ala, have previously re quested local help in securing accommodations. Crisman in tha brother of Otey Crisman, well known Miami golf pro. Intersectlonal Flavor In addition to entries from surrounding southeastern states tht, possible addition of Intersection al competition was increased yesterday when it was learned that Nelson "Chick" Occhialini, Boston. Mass, and Norman Copeisnd of Niles, 111, are entered in tha tournament of club champion ia St Augustine which opens Feb 14. Occhialini, who was beaten in the finals here last year by Jim Lee, Jr, said at the time of his departure that he would enter the local meet again this year if it were at all possible. Copeland, who plays out of tha Tarn O'Shanter club in Niles, was also enthusiastic over the Birthday meet. He was beaten in tha first round of the championship flight last year by C R Phillips, Several members of the Tallahassee Men's Golf association, sponsors of the Washington tourney, are slated to visit the St Augustine tourney to contact Occhialini. Copeland and other entries there in regard to the local tourney. The word that Gordon Bulioclc was planning to file his entry here was a popular one with local linksmen. . ? The veteran Jacksonville links-man, who is a reigning club champion In Jacksonville and a winner of Albany's Radium Springs tourney, is well known here as a competitor. He played in the first two annual meets, and will probably gain considerable support as a title threat. He was handicapped here last year by an injury and was far below his usual form, but is reported to be near the top of his game again. " In addition to entries from distant areas, the interest evidenced in surrounding cities indicates another set of .strong delegations from Thomasville, Albany, Valdosta, Moultrie and other Georgia centers. Bob Stringer, Thomasville, filed his entry fee to Join Charlie Bel-vin, also of Thomasville, as visit ing entries definitely slated to appear. Green Allday, Thomasville, also signified he planned to compete. , Hay said today that preparation of the rolling 18-hole Coun tiy club course, is going on according to schedule. And he added that with a break in the weather the local layout should be in to 6hape for the tournament. si IsO " JLmm POISON Wbfn there ii anything the matter with your health, do aot ''elfprescribe" er ak anyone but your Doctor what to da. Experimenting with "hearaaT remedies for yourself and family may be very expensive in the long run. Seek medio! advice only from a rhytician. Don't rjif with drugs or health. The Doctor spent years learning arose to diagnose and prescribe. a 4

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