The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 6, 1931
Page 4
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"PAGE FOUR THE BLYTHEVII/LB COURIER NEWS TliE COUH1EK NEWS CO., POHLJSHSKS .'C.'.R. BABCOCK, rdlior B. W. RAINES, Advertising Managir Ijoie NaUoual Advertising The TJiouss v. Olart- Co. Inc., Nuw York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Sail Ainonio, Ban ?rarjcisco. CMcago, St. Ixmls. PutUshcd Every AlKsrooon Except Sunday. Eitcrcd as second class matter nl the post oUici- at Blylhevillc, Arkansas, uuder act ol Congress October 0, 1911. ' Emcd by me United Press Sl'HsCKIPTlON HATES By carrier In the city ol Blvlhevllle, Ibc per week or $6.50 per year In advance. By mall within a radius ol 5C nUlea, $3.00 per year, $1.50 lor six months, t>5c for three monltu; uy mail in pcstal rones two to six, Inclusive, 55.50 pi-r year, In sojies ceveo t:3 tight, J10.W per year, payable In culvance. Sir Janic.s Piirvos-Slcv.'art anil Kathcr- ine Clicvassut of \Vcstminslor Hospital, London. Tlisit is an imposing list of (K't-om- plislnnsnls. H may Ijc lhat souse of you who rci'.il Hi is \vil! live longer, bc.- tanse of thus* discoveries, lliiin you \votiltl liavt otherwise. Al any rate, it indicates clearly that 1!)30 \va:i m.'t quite tlis year of disiislev tluil some of us have suppose'.!. —iinicc Cittton. BLYTHEyiLLE, (A«K.X COURIER NEWS Unsung Achievements Business depressions, political struggles and international complications may come and go, monopolizing the r.cp.tiiii'.cs and posinj; briefly as II: j important news of the day; but al! the •while medical .science ROCS nnobstrti- sively alontf its path, and without any Ijlaro of trumpets accompli.sltcs thing.-; tliat will be cunsid:ral the iiiirhlit/lil:; of U;e age when historians (jet busy half a; century hence. A brief article in a recent issue oi' the Journal of the 'American M.'Jical Association points to some of the accomplishments of medicine during: . 1D30—a year noteworthy, to most of us, merely for the misfortune it inflicted on us. It wasn't all misfortune. A great many lives will hs saved, through many centuries to come, because of things that were 'done in 11)30. To bcifin with, the artificial Innj,', or respirator, was perfected by Drs. Philip Drinker and L. A. Shaw. This has already saved the lives of a number of people whose breathing apparatuses, were paralyzed by infantib paralysis or gas poisoning. Dr. J. Shega of Seoul, Korea, found that .feeding vitamins in sufficient quantity to animals prevented leprosy; and it is hoped that this will point the way to the prevention of leprosy in human beings. Investigator!-: at Columbia University and Johns Hopkins Medical School believe thsylvave found the virus causing the common cold. ]t was discovered that Vitamin D shortens the time that it 1ak;s blood to dot—a matter of vital importance- in surgical operations. An instrument whereby heart disease can be disclosed in its early .singes, b:- fore t]ic ordinarily noticeable symptoms are apparent, was demonstrated by UV. P. V. Wells of Newark, N, J. ' Drs. Szymanowski and Hicks of the We-:t:-rn Pennsylvania Hospital Institute of Pathology found that.extremely short'radio waves can be of value in killing the poison of diphtheria. Similarly, Dr. W. T. Richards of Princeton University found thai fever produced by radio waves is h:lpt'ul in treating paralysis; nnd the germ that causes creeping paralysis was discovered by Schjol Lunches Gooil !ic:v.'s I'oi' ii lot of Ulythcviiif ftiitl Jli:isi::.-',iiipi i.-iiiiiily boys and (jirh;, itiui also for the cuiiKiuiiiily in KciKi'iil, is conUiincd in UH- iiiiiiuiiccmciit thai a niiinlje) 1 of pai'tiiit-k'iU'tiL'r nssneiiitioiis avo ;ii'i':iii!ciM|; (o conliniK!'tlm sahunl liincli Unit \'.-.'.-- inslitult'd some '.vu.lw at r o Ijy Ihu AiiR-i'iijLtM Kcd Cros.T a.s p;ii'l <iT lluil orjiHi'iziilion's droulh ix 1 - liuf i-ui'vico. 'Jin; iii'i'iviil of siii'inx isnd crup pru- ductirjn attiviiy i.-i not .QoiiiK lu put ;m citd (o hunfrur in /\ii: ; -;i.;:ilpi>i i:;iiiiiiy. For months In come a !;<io:l niP.ny families are froinj; to h;:v- nil cxcecdiii|:!.v (lid'icull timu obtaininir a tlcccnt iiif- licioncy of food. And iiii1'oi'ti!n;ilc!y in hundred.-; of othui' ffiiniikv: cliiliiri'ii an- up imdiir a haiidiciip Ijccaiisu pisrsnts'-, t.'vcii l!'.utit;h tlicy htivu stiflieiont money to buy food, lar.k Ihu knowlcdji'c of what i.'. necessary in a nourishing and properly balanced diet. Ignorance and improvidence are ;il- rnos'.t invni'iiibly factors whcra'or extreme povorty is found. Perhaps we can expuct .some moa.stire of J'orgive- ncs:; for unconccni al the suH'crini; \vhicli m:n utid women undergo ;\s the result of their own sliortcamingJi. Children, however, ought not. to lie compelled to share the results of their parent; 1 , failures, nor is it a goad lliitif; for the community at huge lo hav- ita future citizens grow up without a fair chance at a normal and useful existence. An ideal society cannot be crealfi! by law or iniposcd from above i;: any other way, ns \vc are beginning to learn, Jml its development can be helped by giving boys and girla thc right kind of a start. The food cssenlia! to uuvnua physical v.'ell being is fuiulamental/ ai:-:I v.-hcrc it is not obtainable in the- home it is a proper function of the community to supply it. FRIDAY, MARCH G, 1931 10. Mobl authorities believe that! babies should wear stockings loj keep Ihe feet from getting cold. 11. A fat baby Is not necessarily a healthful baby. Sometimes It has merely been getting too much carbohydrate. 12. The sun bath may be overdone. Five minutes a day at the end ol the first month with n gradual Increase to one-half to au hour a day after four months which Is probably sufficient under modern conditions of diet awl care. MOTHER NATURE'S CURiQ_SyOP "We've decided to give you this territory, Mr. Fidgelt. Now we expect you (o convince each and every family that they need a pipe organ." WASHINGTON LETTER BY UODXKY HUI'CliiiK NlIA Scrv'u-c IVritcr * WASHINGTON.— 'Ihe ambaE.ii- •Jn- who tcllf- this story would.,be 1 1 ry :,=;-o if ills r.imo were nlen- ..oucd. Ai!:b.':i. ; a!liirs, above :il! nth- :c.r.jn= htrc, feel that, tluy .list preserve tir;lr dignity In ti'.c c eye. liul i'.'s a BOOL! story. :st the raine- He v;n5 entertaining the finance :i.:!.':!':r ti iiis country. His family E. is. intowMNR's niirni On March 0, 18CC: Ellznbcth Barrett Browning, English poet, coin near Durham. She .?arly displayed great literary precocity, composing when about 11 an epic pcem en the tle of Marathon. When she was 20 her family moved to London wheie Miss Harrett established her reputation by the -Seraphim" and other poemv In 1845 she met Robert Brown- Ing, whose writings she had pre- vloiuly prated. A year later they were married aga'nsl her father's wlr.hcs. Proceeding to Italy they made Florence clieir hcme. and tlicra In 1349 a son w'as torn, Robert, who became known as an arl- j 1st and poet. The married life of Ihese brll- l!;nt poets was singularly happy, and their mutual influence is clearly t.^en in their verse. Mrs. I3rov. : n ing's "Sonnets From thc Portuguese," which were in reality original compositions, written aftsr lier engagement to Broinlng, "are unrivaled, of th.?ir kind, in the English language. r,s an exquisite expression of pure yet passionate love." 1HIS LlTfLE CRZtfURE IS A f!.VST £-AVAG£ . It\. WAIT OMTli. A V(C/?M CO,<*£S CLOSE. REACH, \<1HM POUNCSS A VICIOUS, PMCER-1IKE CALLED Tt-K " VHICA RARELY MISSUS (TS /JEW RiANfS GRCttf PI/?5C TLY OUT OF ^«.yj"«i^'"— -j The common English blackberry, carelessly imported into New Zealand, spread so fast there, covering thousands of acres of fine dairy The Civil Service Commission, it '.land, Uiat thousands of dollars had may be noted, is holding fewer ex-jto be'spenl in an attempt lo dc- aminations than eii?r, and the ex- stroy it. pianalicn given Is that resignations from the federal payroll are down minimum- That's natural One ol Japan's most interesting muniments of antiquity is the High-toned v.-;iiim-s who look a^kf.ncc al EMC dime yun leave liieni should rrailze thi'.t that's all Johi> D. cVL-r gives. * A member of IMrlianient has suggestcii thai a knlnhihocd be conffrrc;! en Cliarlie Chaplin. In that event will U:cy cill him uMrl of Derby? Ncv, thiiL twin Hnei:; brc-n named after Ccolidije and Hoover, it v;:!l l:c in'.rreslin;; to obsorv-. 1 \vliich Mill make the lo'/.^ runs. Epeaklng oi tousli break*, ronsuier thr.l St. Paul boy v.ho recently suifcic-.l hi.s 22nd fr.ic- turc. ' Sophomores nt the Un'.vcrsHy r>[ CaliforniA snga-p^d in a \vhiskf>r-gro-.viii^ conU'S*. which pr^mirec- lo be rj'.iile a liair-raising event. 'iicu?h. e! course, because ordinal'-; Bridge of the Brocade Girdle ily when employes leave trw eov-j built in the 1600's, a mass of pegs rrmv.c-nl service—except on retire- nnd crude joints—not a nail o: ment—they are .'caving to take! metal in the entire length of 150 HICVO lucrative jots in private bus-|[ C et, and as good today as when inrss. Just now, • private business ] built. time in liie hom.-laiui. hasn't very many posls to fill. j . 'nilinssy, but the nisn And there are many persons who CHURCH EXCUSES ^;iy George IV. liarham little lady scmething that w:fs Sometime ayo, thc little lady scmething that was wronsj with v.-hu wurnen me 10 s'.ay out of the' each one. She said lhat practical- Church as there w:re hypocrit-i-s | i v CT;ri . Minister that had heen 111 that particular Church, canrj' back to see me and when I told her I had bscn gcing to Church tent to ihis Church had a bad record. 1 asked her how she would „... said her heart was full ol Ihe | «-l>-->-« (llc S™« h of the Church love lor Christ and she wanted - lf j- ll <* conditions existed She to see m: ii, a Church that had sald that sne u '°" ld , come tack , m real Christians like her in it and **™ da ^ and te!1 me a Iew thnic.s that would open my cye^; tin-/she didn't have tiir.o to tell roc nil ns she was on her way to that Ihls particular Church was full of people that did not have the ho op:ns the door and also drlvt-j Ub:i ] ( O v.-or:; for Uncle Sam who tip to the amhassadnr. in ;->it him but sllh retained their elevator was havinj n night tdvtl service status, who are try- !f. The ambassador and the fiti- !n g to get back after falling vic- ;icc i)!:nlster haO a ;oiiH dini::f • tims to the depression and joining •-.'..-. 'l'h(; :i:nbat:-.idov iimlcrtdi.:-: • ih c ranks of the unemployed. :, (.fe-riitc tlic elevator as llii-y j • » • -.a-.tcii, _ln stovepipe lints, la' the Tllo (leMl of tilc wif!ow ot A(1 . vound floor. _ I niiral Dewny of Spanish-American. TJ:tv,:en 1!=ors the clcvain;- sum*, i w ., r fnine rK . Mfa thc tacl timl :'hst was at about 7:30 p. ;;;.. Ilu-y ! ror , norc . llan _,, ycars |l|s nnme •r! in thai elevator mtil alter [ 1 ;•,. in. Tli.'ro were no scats. • t:i earth did you talk ".bout?" nritort your correspondent-. TJvcrylliiHg in tl'O world i.nln' : The Cathedral of the Holy Savior in Moscow took 50 years to build and cost about 5150.000.000, it is estlmaled. One (on of coal yields nearly 10.000 feet of gas. slightest notion of the meaning o*, .. , , ^ the «-ou\ Christianity; that J tey ', P"-yer Mectmj. and that there was J • lo be a busiacsi mcelnij 01 the would find it •"•- -"-.": Bioup she '-'•" working with and so bad that she got out ami that 1 would find it the seme someday and rcmemter what she had io!d me end rcjr;t lhal I did not Like her advice. Courier News ~mil Ads. group she v. as working she wan'.qd to lake a hand in the meeting, thai there was always someone at these n-.retings Ihm . would put. something over if she I told h:r that I lira be;n gomg plKas llol thcre w l(;Qfc aUer things. every Sunday for quite a while; and that 1 had not especially looked to;- hypo:rit;r, and people who! white ant:; are driven from hcin- ••vcre lacking hi Christimi Spirit. ;es in Ino'ia. where Ihey cause m;::'::( There was no doubi FOHIC of thai damage to woodwork, and nic^. by | kind th-:rc. She seemed'to know . hunting out airl destroying the every niembsr by name ana knee ; queen ants of each'coiohy: 1 '"' WLIS carried in the Washington! telephone directory by Mrs. Dewey' for ciithncntnl icasons. Last year, before she died, the telephone com- psny porEuaded her to tlrcp it, and the listins became that ol Mrs. Th? ' idiosyncrasy was not con- returned," : J aid lhe tris-Tirr. "Of cn:ir.-,o, h:fure M.-..> , Dcwcv Ion-.; we were sitting rn the !. p i:r.. Tin: nno thin? I rtmc-intor is lhat; 1 I'M him thai our riip!oinnt:c as- i la jlir-hiiioius a ro.u •'- „,...,.', whose husband!; were not. so fa- nru^ S.TL-CI of more l-b-o al ..„« 1^ ft . h , , omchm . ,. n]1not n(nncl S r!'p-,l?. Frr ta"lnn«^ I! ^ '^^ ot *™#"S l " C ™~ clcvatcv. Since the;; we have ', a'o'.c to ilford a new rlevn- don't you ever pii'jiish I will kill you with my ovn hand." Oy.c C--1U JiUvnys uTii:e i!-.* 1 nver- ivcrlie;l eirls of the U. 3 tliiif 1 — inn'.; R:rvi:'.-> happy by Thc American Aiitomcbile elation, after an "o.xhaustivc sur- thi- word thai Wnfluiv:li".i Is i'.}>( n^ bad a plarn us any <ii;:-.i to wl-iich to ccrec Icckis-.g lo.v ;•. job. , vey," boasts Unit the tx\jeudituve for Invcl by Americans in 1030 was about five billion dollars am , that thc annual vacation bill ioi .'i ! Americans is now practically equal to Hie value of our foreign trade. Th-3 A A. A. estimate'; thai vacation motor tours in '.he United v.j'.'ii peeple who ITC- preventing th: FCJ--.S eat cf town apjiear lo be j States cost some S3.2CO.OSO.OCO with •iljin'rilrlal every- time Con-.: ess nbo;il S750.COO.CCO fci -vacation rail-1 "ii'ii-o-jiiu'.p- -I'fjv: hundred million! road travel, about $503.COO.CCO for iclin™ iov ':jn:^l!iins o:' other. 'Jill! Amriican vacation navel : " *"""" ;hc-' !:.t. i, liv.n there is les-. than ! cpo and '.he oifiiuiry opp-iitr.n'Lty :ni'.v.r:"t ;obs. in Eur- Ihe. Oricin and about iy. :'ov-1 S32J.OOC.CM by American moloiisls in Canada. Here Are 12 Practical Points Al)o«t Cai-c of Small Babies : V !>I! MOI-JII-i nsiir.l-l.V are coltl. If "verylhing is normal, .loiiin !l of thi- Aiv.i rii-an • the baby may lie p:i! back to lx?d :\n:l i.f Hy- j ai'- d left alone. 7iJ:ii;;i/!iir ! C>. After the cord 5epar:ites abaut i one week after birth, thc bab\ sYio-.ild hav> a Uib br.Ui at least once each day. The most ccnvcn- irsit liir.e is about one hour before prints al.ant Uibios:! c;ir.r Iromi no: dis- itr. scccnd inovnin^ 1. ' tci'ir:r,i'i:r.? for tied the baby's hath is brt-..ccn t>8 and 2 Sun!'. '.\bi-,'- may he I L-V.Ol- C.-VH 1C!" MHHt tVipS ,1 :m;:h r->rc i-r ih.- !••!- I ICO degrees. As it sen o'.dcr. bath thermometer is nci avail- ^ e. the mother pernture by putting 1 8. If the baby t! 'e l:er jlbow n cold. in i.i^i,,, nf ,-mil worm sponge ta^.h .>!„';::„ ,' W1V o 9. The cWlrt sHouli; not be pul - iA'"'o, c'"»hs; ! i]1 Kat " i( " lws a rcvrr - :xcc!>t . hniurn7a.'"and;"""cr a physician's crdrra. ~ _ frioncis | Announcement}*, Suppose for ;i moment that advertising didn't exist -"-that there were no trade-marked goods—"that everything you bought had to be judged solely by its looks or feel or taste. Imagine yourself setting out to do the morning's shopping under such conditions.You'd drive down the street, looking in windows for the articles you needed - -the blouses for Johnny, the half-dozen bath towels, the toilet soap, the ginger ale for tomorrow's picnic. You'd stop, ask questions, examine the towels, smel! the soap, wonder if here was your money's worth or if you might find something better farther on. And though you followed this procedure mile after weary mile, you could never be sure. Computed simply in terms of gasoline and tires and shoe-leather, advertising saves you a startling' sum every year. And if you add the value of your time, the amount is vastly increased. When you buy a product that is advertised you know in advance what you will get, how much it costs and where you can obtain it. That is why, in millions of modern homes, the newspaper advertising col- ' umns are a daily guide to purchases. Read the advertisements, decide what you need, then buy with assurance. I:;, The Courier KC-.VS has thorizcd lo make Ihe an-: fcr.owin?! . , .. u.-.Kis pr.i-.v.V-tly • anncunccnicntF, r.ubject lo the will} ' I of the people at Ihe municipal frequently cry j election to be hcM April i'.r.l i'.r : n. t-.iv mere II: to, n a- in.-naliy vor;v. r, jiiay • r ;>:o inath-l -'.V --:-i' v .vvi p.Mlcd on. n bvir..: v-,: <iv IMF. Then ! ho r-x.ii-.nii'.'ii to : •? if it' '.o <.\.v.Mi ;r.".1 -,f -.he Icct I Vor JUyor A. n. FA1RFIELD NKU.L KEED (Rc-F.lection, '2nd Term) Tor rilv Trr:isurcr HORS BKAVEliS (rc-clccticn, Slid term) Let advcflising save you I line and money

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