The Madison Eagle from Madison, New Jersey on September 5, 1930 · Page 6
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The Madison Eagle from Madison, New Jersey · Page 6

Madison, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Friday, September 5, 1930
Page 6
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THE MADISON EAGLE. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 5. 1930 •i.ii uiiMiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiniiiMiiiiiu Williams Barber Shop = 43 KINGS ROAD MADISON = ANNOUNCE S THE REUIM OF WILLIAM KPPLK. WHO IS AN EXPERT ON LATLIEX' HAIR EIITTING. FITTING AND SHAPING. HE WILL HAVE CHARGE OF THE SHOP. ALSO THE SERVICES OF J. K. KKRHY OF HOLLYWOOD. CAL., A SPLENILID WORKMAN THOROUGHLY EXPERIENCED. D. L. & W. ELECTRIC TRAIN HOBOKEN TO MONTCLAIR I Regular Service Oj )ened Wednesday By S|)ecial Train In Fast Run: Covers Distance in 20 Minutes Carrying the white Hag of a spe-' , clal, the first regular electric train Hoboken Terminal. August the Lackawanna raUroad left 22, 1930 ; 21.441 persona visited it. Hoboken at 11:02 Wednesday mom- First paasencer carrying train op- ing and arrived at Montclalr at erated on Mor.tclair Branch. Sep= =,11:22. One stop was made—at tember 3 IW ^IIIIIIIIMIIIinillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllMIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIi: Bloomfleld—and the train sped Electrined t^ ser«ce between through Newark on the express Hoboken and South Orange is ex- = LATEST STYLES Gil E I S .4 TRIAL = First electrified train displayed in igust 21 and ... The Best Investment Have... Keej) Your HOME III Good Re})air OUR MADISON CONTRACTORS ARE THE BEST, RIIVC THEM A CALL. THEY WILL GIVE YOU THE HENE- FIT OF THEIR EXPERIENCE. SAFE? Green & Pierson, Inc. HUILDIN(; MATKRIALS AND COAL MADISON, N. J. PHONE KHM). 10(11 pected to be in operation by the latter part of September, to be ex- track at 11:15 The train was viewed by about . ^ , 100 at Montclalr. where it stayed i? Morristown by the Utter I about 15 minutes and then return- PJft of November Md cotnpleted to I ed to Hoboken. BeraardsvlUe and Gladstone . Electric service between South . i Orange and Hoboken wiU start the the lattrTA'^of'"" Overt*^ ^wer transmission is stone in December. Power for elec- "L'l^ny^* , triflcaUon as far west as Millbum f^lJ*"'^ is furnished by PubUc Ser>ice Elec- trie & Oas Co That between MIU- i?^ , bum and Dover will be fumlshed * thickly- I by the Jersey Central Power 4 „» . liffht rr. anri thp New Jpwv Pnw Originally, the construction of » ir * I ^ plant 'or "le manufacture of power TK. contemplated, but the conclu- J^^r'i^H; ""ion our clientele would *rved to better advanUge if the management devoted Its energies ^^^ raUroad to conducting -.ransportaUon. Ac- ^h.'^.Hna^av . ^ cordingljr. contTacu Were made with The train Wednesday was a spe- pubbi: aerTlce compjmies lerv- clal of ten cars bearing railroad of- , j^g regkan "jayo" of toj^s in the sub-staUons were constructed by electrified zone, members of the uie railroad at Bergen JuncUon ti"" o' tunnel.. RosevtUe ed electrification in 1928. members .Nrwarki. 8u.T.mll. Dennlle and of chambers of commerce, repre- BemardrviUe. where alternating sentatlves of electric power and current of Tarvuig voltages wiU be manufacturing companies, newspa- received, traiulormed and rectified per representatives, port authority, u) the required J 000 volt direct cur- • North Jersey Transit Commission,, rent and flow out over the trans- . ^ mission lysteir. for use by the trains The guest of honor was Thomas « needed ^ine hundred and three mUe» of copper ""1 "ble. Davis and former President Trues- jjjj, g^ nounds. and Sdale of the Lackawanna MorrU- town representaUves were William fSr the^^-^ nSi^ O. Hurtzig. secreur>- of the com- '^'hS^ aSdfSty-one new mittee of ."seventeen of 1928. Super- mo^rTlr. ^iin. aT^Ji^ intendent Clark and Charless F V«- ^ W ^ cJSi^ ^ uSS^ ler of the Jersey Central Pbwer models • steam luburbar. coacbet, seating 78 and the publisher of The Eagle to 83 passengers each, according to The train crew, specia ly sel«;^ model, were contervd for electrical from old employees, included Fred operation as tnllen. This equlD- Cooper of Washington, at the con- ment is of the mulUp»e-unit type— trols. 27 years of service; Conduc- one motor car and ooe trailer cto- tor Martin Breltsprecher. of New- lUtuting a and can be oper- ark. 24 years' service: Collector at«i u, tnUns of i 4 « 8. tO or 12 Joseph McNamara of Newark. 36 cars "Th'l^'^^iaft^Srwas soon fol- ^-'^'Sr^ler'^s.^d^JS lowed by a train on resuUr sched- fjvir'^^ is^a^lo^ ule. Yesterday two trains were op- „ ^^ iT stein tSlni^ ^^H^J*""?? under way II an engln«7^ liy and today Montcto branch com- reason, ioulc lemSve hu hand muters can look for at least one ,rom the pow-eontrol wSe train during the rush hours. It is ^ inSS tT^T^otto? ihTi^r estimated by Special RepresenUUve would^ imm^-e^cut off^^ weeks before the Montclalr Branch a stop ^^ Is fuUy electrified then the South A four-toned, poeuphonic hom- Orange secUon will be taken up. equally penetrattog and less shrlU Returning to Hoboken the train than the steam whlsvle. is used for was held up at the Passaic draw so a warning signal, deflects tu sound that the trip required 23 minutes both fore and aft. and can be beard with stops at Bloomfleld and New- when a train Is backir.g up the ark. Road Foreman of Engines same as when moving forward. Joseph Cole handled the controls The electric heat is themostatic- on the return trip. aUy controUed. Electrie globes en- The new service U marked by the rapid acceleraUon. brlghtnea of f.ufgf" of b.-ilUant and ctmstant the cars and their easy riding qual- „, , ities, with the baU bearing axles. extra springs, etc., and the steadi- ^ ne^ Of the electric Ughts. oT^S'^m^.^^Telec'SSi^ Retum to Madison on one of the uon Is not uncommon ^ rSSi Older trains, with its gas Ughtlng. of the hlgh^lt^^ed. howev^ especially with single track opera- the^^frtm^^^^^T- tlon between Millbum and Summit, gen Junction and RosevUle are the g "I Min.nitii^ mxli^ oflh^'el^t^c'Sr.-l'^^^^ ^ ^orlf^""voU = = The New System direct current in railroad serrice. = ^ ^. / ^.y, = Authorized, March, 1928. Seventy miles of road, carrying = v; ^ V' = Contracts for materials and 180 miles of track, are included in = equipment made. August, 1929. the electrification project. ^IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIU I Public Library Notes | ^.iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir, Tastes in books may change and j the best seller of yesterday may be forgotten today. But the library I has a different tale to tell. Many i books that entered Its doors 25 i years ago In a flash of popularity i are still quietly making friends i among the readers who browse | through its shelves. It Isn't be-' cause they have literary merit. 1 Probably none of them Is Immortal. I But the calm and leisured manner! In which most of them were written U restful beside the breathless I staccato of most modern literary i Jazz. There follows a list of books | now in the library which were new books 25 years t.go: i Fiction — Peter's Mother, De la Pasture; Rebecca Mary. Donnell; Retum of Sherlock Holmes, Doyle; Wood Fire in No. 3. Smith; Con-I quest of Cannaan, Tarkington; i Marriage of William Ashe, Ward; . House of Mirth, Wharton. | Non-fiction — Ways of Nature • Burroughs; Dr. Orenfell's Parish, Duncan; Harvest of the Sea, Oren-i fell: In and Out of the Old Missions 1 of California, James: Wanderer In HoUand. Lucas; Italian Letters of' a Diplomat s Wife. Waddlngton; i Lure of the Labrador Wild, Wallace. I Children's books —The Boy Craftsman, Hall; Fairy Tales Eve-1 rv Child Should Know, Mable Myths That Every Children Should Know. Mable; Kristys Surprise Party. Miller: Story of the Champions of the Round Table. Pyle. Miss Katharine Beall. graduate in I library science from Oeorgc Wash -! ington University. Is now assistant librarian of the Madison public library. 1 MADISON SWEET SHOPPE CHANGES OWNERS AGAIN The Madison Sweet Shoppe at 67 Main street was In the hands of a new owner again today for the second time In less than two weeks. Mrs. Leo Sammon, wife of the former owner who sold the business to James Shea of Chatham last week. Is the new owner following the sale made by Mr. Shea, who had owned the business less than a week. Alleged to have numerous obligations upon which creditors are demanding settlement, Sammon has already been brought Into court by one*of his creditors, Harry Strunk of Newark. Strunk had Sammon arrested last Monday on a charge of paying him with two worthless checks. Sammon was arrested by Officers Atchison and Clark and brought before Recorder Nels where prosecution was dropped when Sammon made restitution. At present the borough Is holding a bill of $234 against Sammon for electric current furnished. Elmer Koen of New York City, owner of the building, was In Madison last Saturday morning Investigating the matter ond Induccd Summon to begin payment on his electric light bill. A portion of this has already been paid and It Is expected that more will be paid this week. Under the law. the owner of the building U liable for electric light bills in the event that the party renting the building refuses to make settlement. In the meanwhile, the store Is open and doing business. SHUBERf Week Beginning This !M„n,ia, x,, 1 FRED 8TONK |„ """" I " R I P P L I , S with DOROTHY STO.NF PAULA STONt: "" . » cast of 50 ln( :„d|„, , Andrew Tombes - . im : 1' Maude Eburn" Mats, Wed, & Sat. 50c i„ Nights 75c to $!, '' WEEK SEPT. l.ith JOE COOK in "FINEanuV^,,^ BROAD ST. Week Beginning This M.„„|„ x,,., Prior to New York,v v.lti PresenU "BLIND MICI;- ' with CLAIBORNK FOSTFR and an all woman cast of::( pj. Bargain Mats. Wed. i .s,t 50c to »1,50 WEEK SEPT. I5th "The Greeks Had A Word tor if Morris Counly's Lnrfirst Finamial Inxlitiitioii RESOURCES SI3.0()().()(M) CIIKCKLM; ACCOUNTS 2 ^^ ON BALANCES $.">()(). TO SIO.IMH) ^ ^ ON HALANCO OVER S1(),(MM) SPKCIAL INTKRKST ACCOUNTS ON BALANCES S.'J. TO S2O.()(L(» INTERE»T PAID FOR EACH FULL CALENDAR MONTH Administrator ACTS AS Executor SAFE DCPOI.IT AND STORAGE VI BOXES S.>. TO SUM). - Trustff lult^ CO.NSULT US FOR Travch'rs ('.hrvks - Eoroifti Drafts - Li'ttcrs of Credit Morristown Trust Co. PARK PLACK AND MARKKT STREET Mr*. .Samurl Willlainsun Mrs tUrah Williamson, nee Ross, who for the past 15 years has been living at the home of her daughter. Mrs Edith W Unnlng of Florham Park, died there yesterday afternoon from heart trouble after an Illness of only one week She was about 72 or 73 years old She was bom in Ireland and after coming to America 35 years ago. made her home In East Orange She leaves her husband. Samuel Williamson, two sons, S B M Williamson of Oermantown, Pa., and W H Williamson of East Orange, and tliree daughters, Mrs R n Barradale of Grand l*dge. Mli h . Mrs Oeorge B Sven8«m of Cleveland. O. and Mrs Lannlng Services will be held at the Lan- nlng home Sunday afternoon at 3 30 with Rev Robert Lawson of Hanover Church omdatlng. followed by burul In Hanover Cemetery She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church here. MUuion Xe»t Sunday Rev Allan H Swift of Elizabeth, twice missionary In China, will preach the sermon. "Can You Read the Signs of the Times?" at the full gospel meeting in the mission at 10 Central avenue next Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Aleck Krogvold win be m charge. The mission Is holding meetings each Sunday afternoon and Mr. Krogvold has extended an invitation to all to attend. Hold Srhofll Danre A ringing school bell will summon the young people of Madl.non to a "Bark to Schtml Dance," which will be held in the Grace Church parish house at 8 o'clock next Krl- dav evening. The only Instructions will be given by Mi-lvllle Co\irsen and his orchestra. The atudenti will follow their own Ideas under the supervision of the fai-ultv, made up of Rev and Mr,i. Mori. Mrs 11 Cheraman, Mr und Mrs. 11 H Hitler, MI, H ! I V Ilamlllon. Mrs E W Cook and Mrs. II O Schundler For the privilege of dancing at schiM)! an admission fee of SO cents a couple will be rhargeil with re- freslunrnta »«Tved SEPTEMBER IS I.OKVV'S BIG SHOW MU,\TII' LOE W'S Broad & New St«. Nrwark Week Starting Sat. Scpi sth ,Marnaucall At Kulary Dougald MucD<iugall, Madison plumbing contractor, gave an Interesting description of his recent trip to Euro|)e to members of the Rotary Club meeting yesterday In the Y M C A He Uild In detail many amusing Incidents aboard ship, while spending a night on a train and In France ond while touring the cork country of Siuiln. St. Vincent's .School Opens Classes In St. Vincent's School will begin next Monday momlng. Although several new teachers have been added to the faculty this year, no announcement was made this week because of the death of Sister Helen Glrard. principal. Miss Beth Baker, of Madison avenue, a graduate In the June class at the High School, will leave Tuesday to enter Ohio Wesleyan University at Delaware, Ohio. Big "Ace" Vaudcxillr \,i, EMPIRE^ NUrtlng Hun. Mat. Hrpl 7lh M. n. A. Onrr« Silk Stockin]{ Revue Ural Hurlr>qur with 0>l Newark's Owii Jt ^Cfi Beauty ('huru« NEWARK Market St, Just Brlo» Broad. WEEK STARTINti T()1>.\V ?^CHATflC¥ORI I""** BROOK cl HHYBOOfS FIVE BIG \'UUDCVILLC .\cl- = WO.MA.N BROLGHT TO COI RT = ON NEIGHBOR'S CO.MPL.\I.\T Felie Crettello Mass will be oflered for Felic Crestello. 7 Elm street, at St Vin= On complaint of Joseph Bocchl- cent's Church tomorrow momlng at = no. 44 Myrtle avenue. Mrs. Louise 9. followed by burial in St Vin= Gero of 46 Myrtle avenue was cent's Cemetery. He died Wednes= brought Into police court before day afternoon from tuberculosis in = Recorder Walter C. Nels Friday t^e Shonghum Sanitarium after an = night because of trouble between Uness of several mooths, = the woman and the Bocchino chll- He leaves four children. Vincent = dren Michael. Joseph and Virginia, the E Bocchino, whose home is next to yo™8est. who U twelve. = the Gero house, charged Mrs. Oero . = with taking a cap from Salvatore. „ Frances E Penhale of 204 = his son, and burning it. He also Park avenue returned on Wednes= accused her of calUng the children aav '""om Asbury Park = Indecent names and quarreling ————— = with them on various occasions. = Recorder Nels reprimanded the = woman and dismissed the case. Rather be Coaled Now than Cold Later IT WONT be long before the really cold weather sets in, accompanied by snow storms and other inclement conditions. If your coal bins arc filled your concern over weather circumstances will be so much lessened. For a quick delivery of good coal at a reasonable price CALL MADISON 339 or 485. You'll sundy hi' satisfied I MORRIS COAL and LUMBER CO. I = W. C. T. U. .Meeting = The Madison Woman's Christian = Temperance Union held its first fall = meeting at the home of Mrs. J. M = Willetts of Green Avenue, Thurs= day afternoon at three o'clock, at = which meeting Mrs M. H. Apgar, = the President, presided, with devo- E tlons by Mrs MacDougall. E Plans were started for the Cov- E ered Dish Luncheon to be held In = October to raise funds for the State = W. C. T. U. Budget. I Mrs. Apgar, the delegate to the = Interstate Conference held at E Ocean Grove In July, gave a very E Interesting and splendid report. = It was announced that the Fall E Convention of the Morris County = W. C. T. U. will be held Tuesday, September 30th, at the Baptist = Church In Morristown, with Mrs = Leigh Colvln, President of the New = York State Woman's Christian E Temperance Union as the speaker = of the afternoon. : I Thirteen Disease Cases E Thirteen cases of disease were _ E reported to the health department ;]l1IIIMIIIIinilllllllllllilllililllMliMIIIIIIIMIIIIIMIIIIIinilillMllllllllllllllllllllillllillli-1 during the month of August this I year as against only two cases last , year. Chicken pox led the list with • — • - - 1 six cases reported while there were two each of whooping cough, mumps and measles and one of pneumonia. Last year August had one ca.»e each of mumps and chlckenpox. MADISON EAGLE WANT AD School Days are happy days for the Boys and Girls who buy their supplies at Dolsky Bros. SPEC!A L S 25c Looseleaf Book 1.1C 25c 100 sheeU, loose leaf filler 13c Large Assortment of Pencil Boxes At Very Reasonable Prices Dolsky Bros. The Home of Gifts and Toys 47 Main Street. .>Udison Announcement Cadillac u n d La Salle will formally display New Series Cars on September 6th Prices $300 to $900 Lower John (Twilkie Incorporated 32 Washington Street Morristown, N. J. Phone 111

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