The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1935 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 13, 1935
Page 4
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•Garbo and Oilbrrf: OF PfiDDn PllDCDT bHHuU, blLDLlil : Hollywood Thrills to Rc: ores Broken Love Match Has Been Renewed 1)V HAN THOMAS XEV St:v:c; SUIT ('crrp-siiomlcnt liCLlYWCOD. C"'lf. — Oralu Garbo nnd Jolui Gllbci'l ai'O 34 :cv^ [i'nin—ami whi! nuui ^i.ioi: f tuch Is tlu: slarlltng bit of i:ev.s Imparted to me by several extremely close friends e>[ tills •couple who once held the distinction if Icing Hollywood's foremost lovers. '}{:<P. ii ail started a few days"ago at a tennis pnrty given by Dolores Del Rio. Garbo already was |hsre. when Jack, unaware of her r.rer.cnee, strolled In. It wns their first mccltni: since they finished plnylng together In -Quc:-n Christina" more Uiaii n| year a;jo. And Gilbert at Ibalj iime siill was married lo Vir-j giiiia Bruce. | I r or snvral lenso nionienl.s after Ihe actor's entrance not a person in the entire crowd collected nbout the tennis court sjwkc n word. All held their treaths, •ojillcipallng some real fireworks. . Itslead, Jack nnd Greta greeted each other wilh genuine warmth. In fact, they spent more than an hour-laughing and talk- Ing abc-ul this and thnt. Secret nhmcry He-ported Since (hen, I urn told, they have dinitl logclher secretly on two occasions. It is on these meetings thai their very, few Intimates base Ihcir belief that Greta mill Jiick (i»nlh arc picking uj.) their romance where it was so abruptly broken oil ill 1920, Just a fcv; weeks before Gilbjrt eloped with Ina Claire. Hollywood always Old rugnrd that trip to the tUtnr as n "spile innrrlage" cir Gilbert's, part. He and onrbo had had a quarrel. Three weeks lalcr Jack, was married. Still, it was fell In the film colony that Garbo was tile only person he truly loved, jusl ns he wns the only ninn she really loved; Garbo litpf Tvu Gue's-sinp \v:i<!her that \\IAS Hi; awe [.robatly never will be kifown. However, both liava led rather active romantic lives, since their break. Garbo was -reported, to be ury ... interests! ,in . Prince Sigurd, soil ol Crowii Prtriccrdiis- liw of Sweden. L-aler. she was reported engaged lo .Wiljuhn Sosremcn, son of a Swedish financier, but nothing came of it. - :r And jiist ii year ago she; gnve reporters an awful hcadiieho when she chased all over Arizona with Roubeii Mnmoulinn, Hollywood director. .It was believed (hoy intended to be married, • but couldn't cs- cap; reporters long enough to do so. JacU Active in ..„ . Gilbert, too, has l;ecu romantically active. Even before his i!i- vorco from Iria Claire became final, lie and uipc Vclez were reported to be in Ihc throes of n healed romance. That cooled however. Then he , luriifcl his attentlor te> Virginia Bruce, whom lie mar Hollywood, thrilled b:yond words, whispers that the flame of the John GU'oert-C!r;ta Oarbo romance has been kindled anew and visions them again In a real love scene aflcr the mimncr of this one from n movtc in which they apjwared. inn nnd divorced second wife war; in 1022. Lcalrlcc Ills Joy, nnd They were married in 1D23 divorced in 1024. Whether the new Gtirco-Oilberl romancn ever will reach Ihe mar- iial singe still Is n mutter of speculation. Twice during ihcir forrn- lioalcd courtship, which cover- eel n iKrioel ot about two years, they were reported about lo be married, On neither occasion, however, rtld tli;y reach the altar. If llicj- rmally tlo, Miss Ciarbo will be the lifth Mrs. Gilbert. CJncinnatian Convinced On "Small World" Saying CINCINNATI (UP)—ft. Earl Denman, of Madisonvlllf, a suburb, really belicvrs In the old "email little world, after nil," saying. Dcninan was on a West Indian milse Dec. 28. Twenty-four tulles out of colon. Panama. Jie stuffed a business card in a bottle, tossed it out a porthole. Dcmnan knows only one man in all south or Contra! America, that man lives al Cnpo Gracing a D'.os. Nicaragua. None other (hart (his mini round Donman'.s card in the bottle on the beach Jan. 20 in the Nicaragua!! town, wrote Deimrm a letter. rollllcs Allied Students COLUMBIA, Mo. lUT'l — "• *"o ...... AJ. ti^v, »iiuiu JJL. nun- , Mo. lUT'l — Coilcso ricd in August, 1032. They scpar- students who lave had difficulty ated on Jan. 1 of last year and finding occupations in the dcprcs- cn May 25, Virginia was given .sion might follow the example of her interlocutory divorce decree, University of Missouri graduates lull custody of their daughter, ana ; who turned to politics. Of the for- SGCG a month alimony. ; mer s u ; <icnts in the Missouri House . , Gilbert first wife was Olivia six have been out of collctrc five Burwell. They were married in years or lew. lYou're Never Too Old to Earn (Continued From Pnop Onm ong as It 1ms Grade A caps o «ny Wild of milk will dc. All agreed that, the public wai citing a "raw deal" under \iris- nt conditions and, ns Joe Crats, ctaller, put it, "the ordinance Is v farce ,ns far as Hi2 public 1- oncemcd." Craig said the or- /inancc/ hnd fallen down r-nr' lc - ilarly because of uoii-snforccmetu vhlle Inflection ssrvlce Imd bcci; alrly good. We need .some teeth In It— ome real enforcement—or throw t nway," Craig said. "It's got plenty of teeth al- Ighl," Mayor Shano declared. "Well maybe so, but they linven't Itten nnyliody yet,"' Craig replied, Craig said violation ot the or- llnanco was so widespread was liractleally ignored. "One uan hauls milk In one end ol nis wagon and slop In the oilier ind ,-jells 'Grade A', milk to five :afes, most, of them on Main ilrecl," lie charged. Dairymen Not I'ollccmcn He declared lhat dairymen Jldn't mind reporting Instances o( nllk bootlegglnj to ofttccrs bul hiU they didn't ,/enl tlmt It wus heir jol> to catch bootlcggcrr ami el. np In court and prosecute hem nnd thnt they wouldn't dc c. He said that was a Job for ily officers bul that none ol hem claimed authority to do anything. Mayor Shane ngrccd that dairy»en shouldn't have lo lake up :hc role of dolcctlves. He thought .nloicemcnt of the ordinance iliould come uiidcv the city, health Jupartincnt but most of tin! dairy- lien didn't seem to thinTc so, one jvcn charging considerable favor- .Usm by the department in the past. "You're the head of the police Jfijjartmeiit, nrc you not, Mr. Shane?" one dairyman inquired. "Yes, sir," the mayor replied. "Then why don't you '"sec thin it's enforced?" Mr. Shane fhen went Into some detail about the problem of enforcement, the lack ot funds to properly do so, and personal Investigations on his port which Imd ccvculscly "mere gossip" as HIE oasis for complaints in some Ciises. He Ihoughl -the city should lino ionic way to employ a mnn on [lie ordinance enforcement job alone, for n while at least, if ii intended lo attempt enforcement .nul thought the council 'might be .lulc to work out some plan in a few days. "I have always'; 5n |(l .(hat the ordinance should • cither be enforced or repealed; 1 the mayor de- ;larcd. Dr. Marie Charlotte Davenport, 110-year-old lecturer on mental hygiene, presents •»• uow problem for tlio Travelers' Aid Society In Now York. Urolco bul still hearty, Dr. f)avounort asks not (or cliar- lly but tor n chanco to earn uor living lecturing. $17 Per Plate Dinner To Celebrate Repeal BALTIMORE (UP)-ilcniUcrs or '.he Maryland Hotel Jvfcii's Asso- tintion, who went on a "banquet strike" wliun the IBth Anieiidmeiil wns passed, will ccieiirute repeal wllh a 517-a-platt dmncr Feb. 21. The Association "struck" . 13 years ago uecausc It believed no "Ijiyoiil" of food, icvcn 'though elaborate, could be termed n banquet unless wines-were served. With repeal, however, President Harold E. Fink of Hie association snid. "a renaissance of the old days" may be expected. : Airplane Carburetors Must Be Warmed Only 161) of the 3000 known varieties nf nsh in the United Slates r.rc edible. ALUiV OOP AH'KR iMOKK \\K\.\ Hamlin /ARS VOiJ SURE THEV ARE I MAD 6MOUGH AT THE I'LL SAY.'WOW.'THEY/GOOD WORK, Ll«E T'RUM TH'LEfeSX ALLEY-NOW YOU OFF'W ME. THIMKlN'f BETTER RlOEOVER I IVAS A L6WIAW - VTO SEE IF YOU THEY'LL MAKE THIU&Sj CAM GET THE tior FOR OL- KING /^SCARDIFFS T MEM !:'\- HELP US LE.V11AMS TD CAUSE IP YOU CAM GET THEM LSS, I FEEL SURE WE'LL H\VE WE LEWIIAMS ONJ THE IM SHOBf ORDEC 6lT &OIM', OIMMV. 1 WE GOT PLACES TO GO , AN' THIW&S TVO ', ^'rULGET'EM '6E CAREFUL TH' LEMIANS fXJW'T SEE YOU WHILE I'M GCM nf^j^ * WASHINGTON (UP; - Eu B c[m Vidnl, director ot air commerce hreatens to restrict • flying ir limp, cold weather unless opcr- lors obtain "adeciuatc carburetor calinij." An investigntion showed tha e /ormlng In carburetors wns i liijor cause of aircraft engine rouble. It forced down '26 passen cr planes in 1931 the bureau re cnled. Although much has been done incc last year towiird coriecllng his situation. Vlrtal s.-ii<i, curbiire- ors as ycl have not ticcn heated dcquatcly for moisture laden air it Icmpcraturcs below freezing. Babies under 5 months ot age manufacture their own vitamin G, according to English scientists. The power to rto 11,13 decreases mill, at Ihe age ot H months, it lisnppears entirely. CLASSIFY * f C T ( 0 N SHOUSE STARTING THURSDAY. FEBRUARY ENDING SATURDAY, FEBRUARY Truck No. K 104 1930 FORD TRUCK $"71-50 !'/.• Um Truck, slake, body, dual wheels, mo-' lor nnd foody In fWt I class condition, tires only fair, repossessed. You buy for balance due. 71 Car A'o. 388 1931 FORD TUDOR SEDAN Motor in good condition, tires arc good, paint and body good, inside of car' rough, but whoever bought u 1931 model for only We have three onq half ton Panel Truck] made by Yellow Cn| Co. These trucks tnul ['(I in by niS'lhcviir Laundry. All in l, r '»'j condition, ready i fft service. Your choice i OVER 100 GOO^ Bring This Bill With You-All Cars Marked In Plai THESE CARS See Them! Drive Car No. R 98 1934 Chevrolet t Car No. 1 1927 WHIPPET COACH (I cylinder car, license Costs very litlle, tires frood, lots of lr;jns|)orta- lion left. $ 1 Town Sedan .Drigiiml black Duco linish, mohair ut>- Jbjslcry, sis ply ilres, motor like n new one, nncondi- lioiinl guarantee, our best bargain C j Black Duco Master Six C Jocks ami runs F^|| n nc\v one, a r| V U car valus at JU^iil saving—Very Spijj. Truck No. 597 Car No. 4 Chevrolet Trutk 11927 Essex 193'2 model lo "S wliew- base chassis and cab. 30x5 heavy duty tires on dual wheels, tires nearly new, extra clean. Car In fair mechanical ' condition, lots of mite 1 of -transportation .in tin's big value. Car No. R 91 Car No. 584 1931 CHEVROLET COACH I 1930 FORD TUDOR Jleposscsjcd car. jinl wnul lo sell lor bal- mice duo—Car just gone over and tn good condition. Save on this, buy it, tor $ 195 Motor is OK, liies ale Sued, body color Mack, new scat covers. You can't, yo wrong on this one! .-*™ • SELECT ONE OF THESE CARS MOV -; Car No. K»7 1927 LaSALLK SEDAN .Tires good, paint good, motor run* perfect. JUSL u W« cai' lo be sold uL Ihc very low price of $99 Car No. K8S FORD PICKUP (lepossessed value, 1030 mrxlcl In good condition, ready to use... You am buy it for the small balance due. $115 Truck No. 43!) 1933 Chevrolet ' M Ton Truck 1033 model Hi ton truck with 0 foot slnke body, new rubber, 30x5 eluitl tires, molar reconditioned, nil ready lor \\o rk $375 Car No. 57'1 . CHEVROLET COACH 1933 Slaiietarel Six Coach. Just out of our shop, completely reconditioned, ' looks like a new one. You'll like this one at $345 Car No. 550 im FOIW v 8 TUDOR •Hits car traded from th? original owner, has vrry low mileage tor 1032 inortcl. motor okay, body and tires look like new.-- Some value! $285 Car No. 512 "^ffla?....- •; '•- • ...rasa FORD PICKUP 10JO.model, black paint, tires good, -motor okay. Just, the. truck you- need for every day use A hot bargain :it $139 Car No. 501 DURANT TUDOR 1!«7 Coach in lair con<i hi:; of mile'i of ww very little crat. One IA cpccia] buys! C;ir No. 521 1033 miU) V-8 COUPK 'I'his car in perfect nicchan kal condition, body blue, up hoLster.v.lias-iuid seat co%'« and in perfect couditloi You can'I equal this for $345 Car No. 549 1931 CHEVROLET SEDAN ONLY 10 DAYSJTO TAKE A 6 wire wheel sedan, or- | igiiml gitoii Ducoiwinl, ( motor OK. has trunk ' and ssiii covers. A better buy limn you expect! CORNER R, R & WAtNUT CHEVROLET LUCKS Car No. 468 1929 FORD COUPE ,50 Nearly new tires, motor OK. Car rcndy to (jo. A real value for only Truck No, 599 1933 FORD 1-2 TON TRUCK 1933 model Ford V-U i'i ton truck, 131 Inch whcclbase, chtu-Ms nnd cab, 20-000 dual tins. This truck used very little, can't tell from new one. Some bargain at Car No. R 99 1020 model 2-ilaor, new palnl, malnr OK. cur uiiL of our .shop in beM. of irowlHjou. Z'Vr this sale only UKINC; IT WITH YOU figures Oti Windshield and Numbered to Correspond IE AS GOOD AS NEW!!! \hern! Note the Extreme Low Prices! lo. 595 |ipe Car No. 559 Chevrolet Sedan U «ire wheels, 4 door/ fcdnu, fniL'she..'. in black < Duco, raohnir upholstery, larse trunk, very low milage. Truck No. R 90 1934 Chevrolet l\ Ton Truck 1934 model long vvheeltasc, 1'i Ion truck, 12 fool slukc body, 32x(i. heavy (hity tires on 6 incli rims. Truck only used sii.ort lime. Real valu;; at Car No. 2 C! Think of buying, ;i 1!)2!) model car in running cumliliuu, ready In v,n for this jiricc Tins Coupon Good for $10.00 Cash on the purchase of any used car in,this sale priced over $100.00. Good only during this ten day sale which closes Saturday, February 23rd. ;?*, i II'' YOU'llK IN Til H MAKKHT .TOIJ A USi<:i) CAI{ OIJ THUCK WK H A V K \V 11 A T Y 0 U WANT. , Truck No. R 1G2 J2HEVROLET Ton Truck Imntlel J Vi Ion truck, st:ike 1 tires very .ifooil, rc;id.v to I ill make ;t hit; liiirgain Tor Car^No. 518 Car No. 499 1933FordV-8Tudor This car driven only :t"| few lliousand miles for * liomc use. Checks per- 4 feet in every detail. Can tell former owner for your Inspection. A • real value! Motor okay, lire's' gou:i, body on]y fair, but. a car you can drive nn- lil fall and sell for more than our price NOW. Truck No. 288 Truck Nn. 450 Dodge ii Ton Truck 1833 model Dodgci chassis and cab, 131 inch wheelbase, nearly new 30x5 tires, dunl rear, reconditioned and rcndy to BO. 1 li ton G. M. G. Truck chassis and cab, 32x0 tingle tires, motor fair. A I ruck 1 for service ill this low price. DOWN PAYMENTS - EASY ' C;ir No. K105 ' WW FOR!) TUDOR .lien: is a "M Ford Coach Xiy. above UK; uvcrngc—Yuu -.^Vivr: tr> .seu tiii:i cur lo appreciate this value. Car i\o. 5M CHKVROLKT PICKUP 1033 model, motor complotc- ly overhauled, has nearly new • tires. We guarantee it in every way. Special for this $329 Truck No. ab'4 1934 Chevrolet TRUCK Clieviulet 103'1 llfc ton Cho-s- sis ;uitl cul>, 32sO he;ivy duly (tiruH, si.x Inch wheels, tnolor just reconditioned — Au exceptional buy! $44,9 1 Car No. 590 1929 VORI) COACH faint xuuti, rubber very good, motor in good condilion, inside of car rough, but for real cheap transportation see this one. $69 Ciir No. R8S 1933 I'ONTIAC COUPE Tires ijood. paint looks as yotui ar. the day il was bought, motor [icrfccl, cur 1ms had best of care. A Genuine Bargain' $395 Car No. 557 mo DODGE 8 SEDAN IS wire, .wheels,'now paint Job. motor in good condition, car sold fof over 51,200. Some value in this one now al Truck No. 5(iO CHEVROLET Vfi TON TRUCK I!);!!! Chevrolet truck clinsls and cab. :«x'i nearly new tirco t»n diuil rear wheels, motor ovcrliaulcd, truck OK in every way. $245 Car No. 530 CHEVROLET ' COACH 1023 ninticl, tires extra good, motor fair, nothing wrong with tilts one but upholstery worn. A .special buy for SHESV Car No. 5!IO 1930 GRAHAM SEDAN Maf'ir (;on!l, tire:; vrry r.'f.f.l. car pnifikd blue, uplio[:.f:ry l«rfcct. You'd he veiy proud ol this car—Buy it for Car No. 5 aster § ?»loto; in good condition, (ires arc fair. Here is u car gcxid for .'<ivora| thousand miles of cheap transportation. A real value! Truck No. 587 fPT tnrs;! menial lorn; vhcr;]- b.i.v: chnssLs siriU c«ili. ;fj>:'i licavy duly rliiai I ires, truck only iisctl fur farm ase and In cxccjlont condition. Car No. 57 / l i. « v r o le (: lU3fl CtJiifX:, new painl /T> ^gj llic.s exlra ewil. motor Ti R okay. A car you \vanl T E| to own at this special |j Car No. 3 Whip Sedan This cm- reposscraccl 6i ' v.-itli very small bal- t-f .•nice due—It, is yotils for otily\ I t Truck No. 5781 1MO rnrd Truck with Kliiki! iKitly, 3i)x5 dual tire.';, motor fWKl, body and cub extra ficori. worth much more than 1933 FORD V-8 TUDOR EquipiJCd wllli • Radio. Jiir-l repas,sc.sscd, you C an buy ll for balance due. A car trial we won't liavc [0113 at tills pi ice. VANTAGE OF THESE USED CAR BARGAINS Car No. 579 POKIIAC SEDAN PHONE 633 BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS With new 1035 lags, this car has been checked in our chop, ready to go, drive it uliliV fall and It will trade for move Uiau our jow sale price of . Truck No. 577 Ford Track. truck, slake body, 3 j >\r : .•iinjle (irc.~, 'A true!; irady lor service in every respect ami at the tow price ol Car No. 582 Motor okay, tires arc Boorl. C wire wheels, car painted black, nothing lo do but drive it off \voul dbe cheap at $125^ Buy it now for only ??r£<s2zsssajss5ffis ' Cur No. KWl ' ~& ^ >i r~S1 a SlifSB'isra I -snirl/ni'a" ' l?cpo:--':<!.M>i;<l car you „. ("in buy for Ihi- l:,l- (£ < /uicn <luo—f;,-ir /:; j.-i >}* perfect condition i<nrl cue real valm: for [ Truck No. 565 ln:;3 tnc.-ir! IV- ton ,ln:ck, stake tc«ly. ,'«;:5 dnijic tires, ;t!( tiros nearly new, motor o:-: tiics -iloni! v.oitu what we ask fur thJ3 car. Nabobs Trailer One i)o!e type Nabor Trailer. 18 point .stake h-tly, 30x5 liiial tires tires very yiod, ucv. r axjes and bearlnjj; lu this trailer. Cjpcclal ' I'rico

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