The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 9, 1933
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Served by the United Press ECHHEVILLE COURIER NEWS Tin? DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. 11 HiyuevlnV UWy Mfw». HiyUwvtlle Court*. IM vi llf.'Vl M I,' M«IM\!<SIQ \invn.lV nr"iv\Ki'i> MJMl*«lr>pl Valley L»«der Hlvtr*v1llf H*r»l<l. liln 11IK\ ll.l.i'., AUKAiNhAh, jMUMJA\ (KIOHKU SINGLE COPIES FIVK CENTS m COTTON ESTIMATE Robinsons Hack From Europe |[[[| Observations r^ lir O. R. B.= ;juij: ; L-t in \\hkli many 01 county TO Tnlftl j lidvui.lttgi'Oiisly cu-upci.ilr is Hull III I K I III I'' 1 "'" v; "' 1 ' 1 ' di-parliui'iit of Hie III I Mint O.-1-i'uiu Women's I>m';:v.v;Kv i-liiii I U I IIUIL.|^, , |!: |)|l(imm . 0| „.,,.,. j ol>K „„. Desperado ncl His ijoth Plead Nol Guilly to' Kidnaping Charge. OKLAHOMA CITY. Oct. 0 ilII'J 1 -Geor;i' "Miu-hiiii 1 dun" Kc-lly .placid ih:-:u'.; vdlii vio'.i-ni-i; tu- | day as he and Ills wife. Kaiher- .-.p. went, on trial as accm'ed ma- CGiisphalors in the- S-OI).iKiO Ur.-c-hi.-l kiriniipin:!. ! agents v.arr.c'd iiiru u-s ;i t:ntiilivc juiy \vi"> clwiMi that he wovild te :'hol tlie ut.xl lime hi' tu'ii'6 ab ii_- did today. Tin- men- I ndi-6 urui[^li'r fought with a k-d-, ciit! agent in Ihc- federal buililin? beaten over the head u ith I highways ol Ihe county. Wife' ^ ur Bounty i>. n:j' uu-xspd \v:ih ' tin nal'.na! -,rr-M>i' i:dv:niti<K>-s ill hilly or moi<n'.:iiii;ju.-, .-odious. Us "croiil mid le-.'el lu-hls :i:'.\i- a thai-Hi and beamy oi Iheir own and a little inexpensive cllorl 0:1 our't ucxild make a ;riv.- UH-I- <n,r lllglivxays u:. al- li:icli\e as any anywhere. Vinc.i j'lid slower* around Ihe huuses on r rom Kleigliglits to Footlights IViiM'clianls and Manuiac- liivcrs Promise Goopci'it- lion in Camp-vign. WASHINGTON. Oil. U i III') Tin- adminibii.iiion'.s buying campaign .slaiiul unlay wilii Keiuu-ry Administrator lliujh S. Jnhn'on coniklHU thiit il would servi- a-; tin- .stimulus business mviK 10 sustain f-mploymeni and puyroll sains Ihe NIJAi Apparently hah and hearty, rested alter a .sojourn in -Europe, Senator Joseph T. Honinson of Arkansas is shown with Mrs. Rob-^ in:;nn upon their auival in Nov.- Viirk nhoaid tho S. S. Manhattan.! Yes, -You're Seeing Stars! a pistol. Agent J. C. While wielded ihe pstol. 'Ihe fighl si;>.rlcd v.lun Kalh- from me NKAI (jj, and trees und shrubs codes, •nactslch would do iiuu-h A Hood of le-lc-grams and Iriu-i-s' lu Johnson fiom all pints of ilu-. tounliy over 'tin? wrek cnil pram- j ul. tilvin^ the thonsitiHLs lfls who list M; highway each yccir .> more lii\o:'ublo iinp.res.sion il Mississippi county. The Piojjri'Siivi! elub plans 10 l>!nnt redbiid. roltunv.'aods, rn'cans riul apple trow!. 1 mu>l ton less lhal in<: coltomiootls do not appeal particularly (o me, but at Utist they have the advantage ol ii)|)l(i growth. The othei.s arc a iei:eci selection. Ol, In conntc- Icrir.e Kelly slapped Wliiu- andhjon w iu, this program, sonvj pow- i Kelly,' with handailfecl hands, e r can convince the highway rie-l ' :.'.vimg al the astnl. While caught| parlmcnl that for ren.sons uf.-pub-' Kelly's hands and struck Ihe gang-1 ji- safety, as well as .to satisfy ster with hLs .'is'.. As Kelly con-, esthetic demands, ilift weeds should i linued the ligni \Vhlli- drew Ins ised coopt'iutloii llirougli advents- in;; and special mcrchandi.siriir up-1 peals. Manufacturer!; and inerchams.' and small, in every field ofi b'.isitifss. haw pledged cooperation \viib the rceoveiy administration mid ihc consuming public In a! buying pusli to break Ihe deprfs-! sion. Johnson raid. and clubbeil Kelly. Guaitis kepi back a curious crowd and ihe '.wo defendants were hurried on into the courtroom. The unirl scene was the sair.i; iriitiried, machine gun guarded ledera! b'.iildin^ where Harvey J. Bailey. Albert L. Bates. Katherine Kelly's parents, and minor defendant;; were ccnviclc-d and sentenced !n ihe most- lucrative exior- lion abduction on record. Boih were defiant. They said they would go to the chair before they would admit guilt. Botl> pleaded not guilty. Tliey surpris- 'cc 1 . their orn attorneys/ who had announced th«#--would .jj!«ad guilty ' The government had the stage ret fcr a smashing finish to the sensational cas 1 . 1 . Ic tut from ihe shoulders and : dilclieo. we will indeed have Seau-j (ilil! -highways. | oOo "Now; Is the Tlini! lo liuy" h the i s'.otiin ol a IIL-V; pliRS'j of tlip h R *>\VJ'|l litmiil recovery pronain. launched! V\ |l[ today. j f n II LS :i good slogan because it H| tine. Nol only wiil buying spee<t i recovery and thus tenefil nil. bulj Decision In Ark-Mo Co. Case Later L1TTI.K I!CX,'K Ocl 0 lUI'P- dtial Juil^e John Marliiu'ui nk under «d\ iicnu-nl uxlay ilu f.f uf Aninn K. Kendi n-r \s. Hi: kansii i-MKvKtrl l l n\\i-v Co. K'jidi-ivr ;.o.-Kl:l lo llircnv l!i> i-oinpany in -ihe liuiid.s of ; Funds F mi 1 Purchase ofj New Books. ! uying now will be of direct, nil-) ,, eop , 0 n , nlvlhevilie who like In amas.? lo Ihe one who buys.! yen(1 win |;c tivm th( , 01>oorhln ny ,„ , lnvc , on ,, 1)OnVs d nTl.w tin en- for *2 thrmi-h ih<! nnnunl Lily Pons, lamed opera singer, wasu'l the only star arriving in New York aboard the S. S. Lafayette. You'll observe lhal Ihe famed diva is sitting on celestially adorned cases of cojuac— a three-star product of ancther day. Stare and stars are here from France—lo en' tertain Americans. Lnpe Murmurs 4 Yes' to Johnny Jchn D. Matthews Figured m Encounter That Led to Lynching. John D. Matthews, of Mintcr City. Miss.. -:on of ?,lr. and Mrs. B. M. Matthews and the husbana of the former Miss Helen Little juries received in an encounter \vith a negro several weeks ago at his plantation. The negro was ii'ter lynched by a mob. Matthews' middle flnger on his ihht hand was amputated after il hod been almosl bilten off °y the negro who chewed both hands ', ' ...... lW rcvcrely in addition to clawing his jcdy. Two sliots, intended for Ihe negro when fired by Mauhews while they were struggling, struck Mallhews in hi.s stomach. The trouble started when Mat- Prices of many commodities have already risen. The trend remains upward. By buying now you will i:ol only make a contribution toward Ihe restoration of prosper- :ly but you will be able to get rore for your.'dollar.-; than If you wait. II is lo be admitted, of course, that ihe whole thing seems a little academic to most of us. For a number of years we have been doing as much buying as our pocketbooks would permit. But even so, now that money se«nis to be a little more plentiful, it is a satisfaction to know that spending it, besides being necessary, .is sound social and personal econ- o'mto. " oOo It Is typical of the changed scene at the national capital, soys a Washington commentator, lhat ""prnUl T., ic!:?s. the personifica- Ton of hoiie.siv and devotion to Ihe public inlerest. sits in ihe very c-liair which Albert Fall once oc- oupird as s"cifi!arv of l"he inier- j ioi in Ilie davs of Teapot Doins and the little black ba Ickes. as head of the public works administration, is respon rible for Ihe uroper spending o t''f S3.30fl.000.000 emergency fund I Tills smile tliat you've seen tlasli i hu; sciuhj; llic si-i'oen. now wil I llanh across tlir fnolllKlilB fn i'ola Ne>;ri. nol^d film Htar. ready to rnkc a roln on rho le niato Bta^e when, 113 ynu see lie here, ulin landed lu Scw'Vor from Europe. Ar.kcd aboat lie reported engagement lo llarol V". McCoi'nilck or ChiCiiKD. «'d thfiro win " » frioiid«liip . between ihoiu. tire membcrthi" drive of the Blvthevllle lihi-nrv which bcnins next Monday. Tim HUrr^rv. vht-^i hns \yen I'ro- f vldln? rendins niat*er for thlvcl' ^ ' the'"-pnst"12 ye*a~r?/"pWri 1 i " to i Nation's Avoracf! Production, at 205.3 Pounds ceiv.'i. He Is a s'.oek- i r. In 'JO d.iy,. cr Acre. JSP NIL PLOT in Manchuria Plan- fn Sei/e Railroad, Savs Moscow. MOSCOW, Russia, Ocl. a ilIPI —Russian-Japanese dleloinullc re- nitons, already embittered. l)e- :i"iu- inori- i'jnse today. Soviet Rur.sin formallv eharyei hat lilch officials plot ed to sr-be ihn Chinese Eastern •nUwiu 1 .. In whlcli Uussla has part published four documents importing to reveal that Japanese reinesenlallves in Manclnuia had DlnniiHd (he arrest of Russian ruil- wju- officials and had nuntloned "l-iirc of the railway as a iKissl- blllty. Three WASHINGTON, Ocl. n ail'li-. The aiirlt'iillui-o clciiinlim-nl lodav . •.'liuuitcd 10^3 collon production \* al I2,SS5.CM bales compared' with ' v 1:1.002.000 bales lasl year. The eslimale is -tll.On; tales.,'i cilmvc' Hint of last nuinlli. \ylilch ; ')| placed thi' cron a s of ScplcmbcrM' 'it at ia.<H. 0<vi bales, he i<stlma'«' Ss-:.[ of August 1 w»s 12.5U.OOH boli-s.'"-' -.j AL tlw same time tli" ronius bti- \\ reau rernrtctl that run- << nlni! bales of cotton had been -'.'; pinned from the 1S33 coUon crn»'.'•_• prior to October 1, comnared wllh'-'.-, 4Sir..r,6n m>- the coiTespondlnR per- •-• lod in 19K. ' . ' ; Cotton crop condition as of Oc- ' : lober 1 wii.-, plaieil at (M.7 w-r cent of normal, compared lo ;i 54.2 ctmdilion on October 1 htsl year. Tlw deniirtment esliuialcd the vield of llnl cotton per acre for ' harvest 2053 pounds compared with- . m." pounds In 1937. : The department estimated 19:13 i production in Arkansas nl 1.115.000 " filixl 1.K7.000 for 1932. t Estimated production' and yield i iwr acre bv Slates follows: . - of Hie documculs were aln the neee.varv funds. Commendable strlde.s have been mode since the bwtutlficjulou com- mitlce of the Chamber of Com- 'Alle •nerco. nppoinlcd by President P., Mr. and Mrs. Willis Allen and Mr. There be no praft e a logical bldde on many of the big public work ptoiecis. fckes won't even let hi TU'S lirm bid on such work. An v.liile he would like to have tin son .associated with him in MUny Here for Funeral of Mrs. Thurman Atkins Ani'ons irje mrBc ""number" o; of-town relatives and friends who Inrge number of the ncwr*' attended the funeral of Mrs. xMiks. This cnn onlv he done IflNfamie Harnish Atkins, wife of noueh members are enrolled to ob- Thurman Atkins, Sundav after- nlleeed ti bo reports of Gen. Hisli- Ikarl. Japanese ambassador lo Manchukuo, to his foreign office. and the fourth a report from the Jananc&e consul at Harbin. The railway, running through Vn. Cic. Fla. noon were: John Allen and daughter of Decrine. Mo.. Mr. and Mrs. Allen. Mr. and Mrs. Robert of Cottonwood Point, Mo., . W. Schnt?. In 1921. decltf-d lhal ; Mrs. Orvel Renfvo of Tyler, "beautify" the city in the most M O .. Mrs. Will Wrny and Alfin :ffertive wnv would be to found i Allen, of Cooler. Mo.. Mr. and n llhrarv. Th! 1 ; rnmmltteo suonsor- Mrs. Frank Rayborn. Mr. and Mrs. mass meellnc;. attended by : Ben ton Atkins of Memphis, Frank <\ a 10 citizens, and 23 of these became chatter members. librarv bnnrd made u of. M'.s. J. W. Dndcr. Mrs. K. Harnish of Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Alexander of Leachville. Mrs. George Tiell of Para?ould. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Holcaes. Mr. and Mrs V. n Wipdi. F. W.i Lester Whitencr. Mrs. R. C. Dosion ~ tremendous job he Mrs S. R. Sternberf!. Mrs. lames II. Brooks. A. C. Lanp'\ A. O. nin-ron and the Rev. J. Walter Cobb. The flrsl books were loaned and .\i".r "i"en bv the Blylhcvjfte Book club. The first home was in the Chamber of Commerce room over the ^armfrs' bank, and later was at the Olencoe Hotel before the nrfsent building was nurchased in 1923. The,-first year the sum ofj S400, made from sponsorlnK the Chicago Mill park and other projects, was spent for books. | When the building was pur-j chased Ihe citv gave Sl.OOO. Al lhati lime IS hooks were beine issued mt>K ™ each week. Now. ten years later.l Cre»s Manchuria- between \Russla of- .»nd . ; - . ance both to Russia and Jkpan. Since the seizure of Manchuria from China and Us conversion into a stale under Japanese protection. Japan has sought to buy Russia's half interest. France and Germany . Deadlocked on Arms GENEVA. Oct. 9 (UP)—War talk throughout Europe and a complete deadlock between France and Ger- 1533 38,000 Cnr. fiflO.flOO Car. 120.04K) 1,070.000 30.000 220.000 <41.000 1,010,000 1.285,000 510.000 +.100.MO Ala. Miss. l,a. Tex. Okla. Arlt. 1932 3<,COO 211 Mfi.Of.O !fll llfi.NX) ?.W' 854,000 238 i-tn 307.000 312 480.000 235 941.000 199 UBO.OCO 201 611,000 4,500.000 232 •252 711 . 3BZ ' 216'- laoi- 141 183, ITS 178 162 1,115.000 1,084.000 iaa- 157 M7&.000. 1-.3J1.0CO. 210-188 N. Vex. 73,000 82,000 196,000' Ariz: Cal. Alt others. 10,000 72,000' '416-' 307 69.000 'tt* 292 129,000 451 503 15.000 298- 393 Mrs. P. S. Pruitt Dies at Home Here Mrs. P. S. Pruitt. 01. dlecl' ! yes- lerdoy afternoon al the family residence " following an uttack" of • acute Indigestion. The remains were taken to Salem, Tenn,, where many on disarmament brought ^uhial was mode (his afternoon, strong Indications today that the 1 {01 | 0wlng slices at the home this world disarmament conference I mon)illg vvlth tne Rev. Alfred S. and son. Gray. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Holmes, of Tyler, Mo. T!ie deceased Is survived by her husband, three sons, age seven years, two years, and seven montlis. a daughter, age four, her parents. Mr. and Mrs. John C. Harnish, a sister. Miss Marie Harnlsh. all of licre. and a brother, Franl: Harnish, of Chicago. .scheduled for next Monday would be adjourned ' indefinitely after a bili-f meeting. Conferences among delegates of the disarmament steering committee as they gathered for a formal meeting this afternoon showed France firmly opixised to German demands that either France disarm or that Germany be permit- led lo rearm. When Car Slides From Highway is 'vnyered by the question, the negro ans. ur-.on his bos? and they fnuchl madly for some timi;. There was no one around and h unconscious, fell into a ditch, where they remained until found veral hours later. Matthews was tr.ken to a Green- v:ocd hospital but his condition become ivorse and lie was removed to the Memphis Baptist hoscital the finger was amputated. Rmnks and Mrs. J. D. Swift. »rc Dr. L. II. Monre. C. A. i-ie (o cassin? out iobs to members of his own fnmily. It lake* more lhan honesty and cod intentions to make a eooil nuWic official. But they arc rs- .••I'titial qualities. The Roosevelt r.dminlstrfilion mpy fail to perform i"I 1 of the miracles WP have been hopine for. but an nriininlslration in which men like Ickes hold (he kcv posiCons is at least a Ions, . Mop ahead of v;hnt we are used ID! Little Heads List 0! in public afTnirs. Cuford Jenkins sustained collarbone and a Mir,s hospital suffered render- Col. E. Ross Smith Pays Visit Here Today Col. E. Ross Smllli. world war! March commander ot the 153rd Infantry.! May •V E. F., which -included Com-1 Ji:'y Harwell officiating. The deceased, who hnd resided here for 2d years, is survived by^ a daughter, ! Miss Pauline Pruitt,. o; here, and a son. Cecil Pruitt, : of- Union City. Tenn. . -.-" c . . . ,.„,,,<„, there are .nnnroximatrty SV> books: bimies and cuts and «?•'«"*••issued wceklv by the librarian.| rd temporarily _ unconscious * en Mrs. H. A. Smith. Other librar-. the cor in which (hey were rid- havc been Mrs. James II.j ing turned over at a sharp curve Highway 18 fit the Gateway I • MJIWS (I I 111 "ilo. o . u. «j"ii i. •- j- Present members of the board More, al the western c, y imlW. Oun- Tin; accldenl occurred aboul 9.30 ninehmn. Mrs. C. W. Afflick. Mi-s. i f,'flock last niahl. Edg'ar Boruni. Miss Rosa M. Hardy.! Jenkins said he was blinded by Mifs Winic Virgil Tinner, Mar- J lights of an approaching car as cus Evrnrd. Mrs. Chester R. Bab-', r-r- started around Ihc curve and cock and Mrs. May L. Aldrirlgo. | applied brakes on the car which j caused it, to slide sideways off the I roxl and into a tlilch. Simon Charged With Robbery of Negro Frank Simon was charged with robbery in a \vKrrant issued out of municipal court today. It is understood thai he Is alleged to have held up a negro la=t night. Harry Hall ot tho Manila com- munitv was Sailed on a charge of assault- to k' Jim Eckert! today, said to be from Oklahoma, wai Jailed lor Inve.sti- ration by police and county officers last night. Susp«ct's Revels in n state-wide membership race, ty farm guard, and a charge of published in (he current Issue oflrssault and battery against Oeo- 'ipe Duncan were dismissed in miin- Bandit Clearing House CHICAGO. Oct. 0 (UP) — The underworld story of a ganc actin" as a clearing house for bank m-.d post office bandits throughout the nation snapped open by the sensational gun death of a gold coast club owner, spread to undreamed of nroDortinns today. Federal nuthorltle.s held of suspects in more than a half] members already paid up for 1931, Legion Member Getters Cases Against Duncan and Bunch Dismissed v...~.-(,^.v .—. A charge of carrying a concealed A"lisV'of"t'n'!! "individual leaders j vcapon against Shep Bunch, coun- Curtis J. Lillle of Blylhevilie; tops the list of American Legion | member-goiters in Arkansas. Lcgionnalre. shows ipt th 33 memberships :ri (he Arkansas Little ahead wl In his credit. Other local men near (he top of the list are Dr. ipal court Saturday New York Cotton- NEW YORK. Oct. 9 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high low close 923 952 920 942 942 969 !)28 955 950 974 935 963. 965 995 953 980 990 1009 858 ' 9WT 391 1020 985 1010" Oct Dec Jan >nny M. Blylhevilie national guard mil. vas a visitor here loday. As a lieutenant colonel Smith •ommandtd the 153rd infantry during ihe absence of Col. C. H. James, who was senl to another l-oliil while the infantry was encamped in this country. Later, when Ihc regiment went abroad. M. Col. Smilh was again in command for some time. Company M wns composed largely of niytheville men and Colonel -Smith renewed acquaintance with a number of men who fought under him. Spots clos;d steady at DS5. up 15. New Orleans Cotton NE<V ORLEANS. Oct. 9 (UP) — Collon closed steady. Jan March May July open 919 033 940 959 971 990 high 945 965 ; 084 989 1000' 1018 low 919 922 929 949 965 980 close 93G - 951 .959 978 993 1008 1 Ihe prosecuting witness failed to ap- prar. dozen cities. A. M. Woshburn and P. A. White.] The witness, a r.egro. his been missing for several days according lo reports. The negro is said to have been a sUr stale wlt- r.efs .-gainst Duncan when fhe latter was sent to prison on a ! each with 25 members. score; The Blythevillc post. 87 leads the entire state In number | Midget Car Demolished in Highway 18 Accident "Who? Me and Johnny? Whyce.. yes." trilled Veloz. foppery Mexican screen star. So that's settled. It all means thai Lure and Johnny Wolssmullcr. swimming slar of the films, are matrimony bound. Lupe and Johnny arc,shown above on a Hollywood beach as they emerged from a dip recently. Two occupanls escaped with minor bruises but a midget car. owned by Joe Wallace, Dell farmer and truck operator, was almost completely wrecked when It turned over near Stevens gin on High way 18 nenr Dell last night. Russell Gill and Aubrey Wallace, The trial bmn as authorities; ol members paid up for the corn- delved !he records of Edgar!'"S year. B. Lebeasberger. who died by »j bullet in hts exclusive north shore i_ apartment while a grand JurylKecover Bicycle Before indicting him in «>"-|n ' v i. ur Ci 1 with a $500,000 loop Uwner Know it Was Molen mall robbery last December, I From there It spread like wild-1 A bicycle, belonging lo James fire. Although police debated! Barnes, was recovered by police whether Lcbenfberger was slain by I last night before the owner knew 8anR associates or whether he kill-: H had been stolen from his "ome cd himself, they traced his death In the 1000 V'/est Walnut block, directly to the indictment and the! The vehicle was found In a I rcbbery charge a number ot years a?o. Duncan, police hail alleged. Mist Kittie Simpson Appointed Pastor Here The Rev. Miss Kitlie Lee Simpson, formerly of Sapulpa. Okla.. has been assigned ns pastor of the Church of Ihe Nazarene of this city. She is replacing the Rev. R. S. Rushing who was called lo tne North Little Rock church. . In a meetln? of the state assembly at North Little Rock, which closed last night the Rev. Mr. Rushlnz was elected treasurer for I lie coming year. Tile new pastor of the local church is a former evangelist. She Is one of several women prea- oceupanls of the cor, without serious injury. escaptid natlon wide activities of the with which he was linked. um g»iu,|fleld near the compress by police Intricately who received a tip that it, had Ibein cached there, had annoyed the negro for some time. One night about a week ago Duncan is said to have approached Bunch snd requested arrest of the negro, charging that the latter had attempted to rob him at pistol point. Bunch, with Duncan, approached Ihc negro and when the latter protested and at- tunpted lo grab or hold off Hunch's eun. Duncan joined i! f.r.d the negro was knocked dowi Mid also beaten about the head. chers in tho Arkansas assembly. Spots closed .steady at 137.. up- 15. Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T 121 Anaconda Copper 161-8 Chrysler ^ '•Cities service 23-8 Coca Cola W General American Tank 32 1-2 General Eleclrlc 20 I-S General Motors 30 7-3 International Harvester 38 5-3 Montgomery Ward 21 1-8 New York Central 40 1-4 Packard * Radio Corp 73-4 Simmons Beds 22 S-8 Standard of N". J <3 1-1 Texas Co 27 I" 1 U. s. Steel « 1-2 WEATHER Arkansas —l^lr,. frost In north and east portions, tonight. Tuesday fair, somewhat warmer ii west portion. Memphis and vicinity—Fair p°s sibly, Ugh I frost tonight. The• maximum temperature herej yesterday was 64, minimum 42 clear, according to Samuel F. Nor rls, official weather observer,

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