The Madison Eagle from Madison, New Jersey on November 29, 1935 · Page 7
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The Madison Eagle from Madison, New Jersey · Page 7

Madison, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Friday, November 29, 1935
Page 7
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THE MADISON EAGLF:, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 193r> PAGE SEVEN Classified Advertising IIIIMIIMMIIIIMIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIilllll CLASSIFIED RATES: first Insertion, 2c per word. Minimum charge, 40c. Four insertions, 5c per word. Minimum charge, $1.00. FOR RENT—6 rooms, all Improvements at 66 Park avenue. Inquire at 64 Park avenue or telephone Mad. 6-0556J. 45tf MISCELI.ANEOUS TOR RENT—6 room house and bath. Space for one car. Vacant now. Inquire at 130 Greenwood avenue. 4514* TOR RENT—A garage located at 7 Rosedale avenue. Reasonable, Tel. Mad. 6-1878. 45M' Be sure to see the beautiful attractive "New American Home" spon- Zn for inspection at 15 Edgewood 2 clorets, 4 windows and large S Chftthkm, N. J. Many Inter- Cmies Tel Mad fi°n4« c.stlng new foatures-especlally the i Mad. 6-0445. 47t4 modern kitchen. J. Oscar Williams, 217 Main street, Chatham. Tel. Chatham 4-3709. 47t2 TAXIDERMIST — Oame mounted! reasonably. Guaranteed. E. Tenney, Troy Hills Road, Whlppany, N J. Tel. Wlilppany 8-0024 R. 4614- Many Kinds of Motor-Driven Vehicles Providing Transportation in New Jersey Thirty Young Women Helping Customers of Public Service To Improve Home Lighting SEWING MACHINES — Repaired und serviced. All makes. Phone Morrlstown 4-1006W. 47t4 AUTO LOANS up to $300. Drive your car to our office, bring your bill of sale or other Hnance papers and we will do the rest. The only charge Is 2Vi% a month on unpaid balances. Industrial Loan Society, Inc., 10 Park place, Morrlstown, N. J Tel. 4-0404. License No. 650. 3tf LOST LOST — English Setter, Female, small size, white with dark orange car. Name Queen. Reward. Notify H. J. Cook. 139 Rldgedftle ave. Madison. 48tl' LOST —Irish Setter pup. 7 months. Answers to "Tippy.'' Suitable reward. Tel. Mad, 6-0954. 48tl LOST Between Mldwood Terrace i and railroad station, a round gold wrLst watch. Reward. Tel. Mad. 6-0360. 47-tl FOR SALE TOR RErtT—Nicely furnished two-; room apartment with private bath • and kitchen privileges; congenial,! "homey" atmosphere; Phone Mad. : 8-1972 W 45t4« FOR RENT—6 room.l, bath, sun-' porch, breakfast nook, and two car gai«ge, on Brittln street. Tel, Mad, 6-0499. 45t4* FOR RENT—3 or 4 rooms, garage. All Improvements. ReHned neigh-: borhood. Inquire at 41 Keep St.,' Madison, N. J, 46t4' : FOR RENT—6 large rooms, newly ' decorated. All Improvements. Con- I venlent to schools and .station,^ Right price to right party. 671 Washington Ave., Chatham, N. J.; 46t4', FOR RENT—3. 4. 5 and 6 room! apartments. All Improvements. AI-1 so store with room and garage for j rent or sale. Good location for business, 110 Park Ave,, Madison, New Jersey, 46t4* FOR RENT—By December 15, Bungalo of 6 rooms and bath. All Im-' provements. Can be seen now. Tel. Madison 6-OOOlJ 47t4,; ; FOR RENT -3-4-6 room apartments, All Improvements, Lease all or part. Apply Mr, Granata, 125 Mahi street, Madison, N. J. FOR SALE—Scottish Terrier pup- C lc.i; line Jet black specimens; ped-i jreed, privately bred from cham-i plon stock; priced to sell. Will hold • until Christmas, R, H. Barrett, 191 Roo.sevelt Blvd., Florham Park, N. J. Madison 6-1467J. 48t4'' TOR RENT—2 single furnUhed rooms. Heat, all Improvements. Tel. Mad. 6-0843R. 4814* AUTOMOBILES TOR SALE- 1935 Studebaker sedan, 1935 Terraplane sedans $100 to $150 olf, 1935 Studebaker convertible couiw. Franklln- Rorkcfeller Motors, Inc., 63 Elm stri-ct. Mo, 4-3585, 48tl FOR RENT -Sub-let 5 room furnished apartment. Available De- Reasonable, References exchanged, Write Box 9, Eagle Office, 48tl' SHKKIFF-S SALE In I'hanrrrv of .Vrw Jf .rlHir FOR SALE PIGS. Eight to ten week.^ old. Desirable for roasting for the holidays, or raising. Cox' Brothers, Madison, N. J. Tel. Mad.: 6-0918. 47tl! FOR SALE—Minneapolis Thermo-! Stat with electric motor. Good con- ; ditlon. Madison 6-1065. 47t4i FOR SALE—Vlctrola and records. i Wicker furniture. Lauter piano, i Spinet desk. Inquire at 43 Falr-i woods road, Madison, N. J. 46t4* I NO HUNTING SIGNS TOR SALESI per dozen. Better prices on quantities. The Eagle, 41 Kings road. APPLES — Mcintosh, Delicious, Jonathan, Baldwin, Rome Beauty and Staymen's Wlnesaps, hand picked, sprayed fruit, $1.00 a bushel; seconds, 75c a bushel. L. W. Smith, Harvale Farm, tel. Madison 8-0112. 40tf FOR SALE—Cooking apples and good rich top soil and well rotted manure. J. L. Querney, Green VII- Mad. 6-0122. 39tf POSITION WANTED WORK WANTED — Dressmaking, cooking, house work or laundry. Apply at 221 Main St. 48tl' HELP WANTED WANT A GOVERNMENT JOB? Start $105-$175 month. Men—wom- Prepare now for Madison tfor II PI positions, FREE. Write today sure examinations. Experience usually unnecessary. Full particulars—list Franklin Institute, Dept. 538 H. Rochester, N. Y. 45t5' MAN WANTED for Rawlelgh route of 800 families. Write today, Raw- lelgh, Dept. NJK-182-SA, Chester, Pa. 44t5* WANTED ill.. hrfrniUnti. I'l. (] 'If Ixiiiit rl trrrii, Krlumalilr ;»n Irriii. A I) . I'l.llS. AftTlll R T. VASDERIIII.T, Soliciior Ity virtllP of (hf «hovc itjitcti writ of Kirri I'acfut In mv haiiil>. I tliall r«in,l<- for -ilc • I I'lilillr Vriiilur >1 Ibr Couil llouar in M.ntliinwn, N I . nn MONDAY. TIIK SKC DXI) DAY <1H DHCKMBKH NFXT. A, II. 19.15 OK f>N Tin; AnjOfRNKll DATK TIIHKKAHTKW. briwprii llir houn of 1.' .M ami S u'rimk M , thai ia la tar al 2 oVI<Mk in the aflcrnoun of aaid dar, prrvailing All thr righl, titir and intrrrst of H. Warner Dorrtnila in antl to the followinil tracta or nirrelt of land and prrmitrs, hrrrinaftrr parllrularly dracrihrd, aitnair, lyln( and lirinK in Ihr B'lrongh of Madison, in the County of Morria and State of New Jeraey; FtaaT T BACT: Ilar.iMHtsc at a p.iint and itake in Ihe northweaterly ai.le line of Alfx- .inder Avenue, diatant 519.8* feet from Ihe northe.ialerly aide line of Main Street: running thence (1) north 41 degreei 26 40 aecon ' utea eait fitly' feel . . ner: thence (3) aoulh .18 degreea 20 minutet. eaft 162 feel three inrhea to an iron pipe ; and the northweaterU aide line of .Mexander Avenue; thence South 48 deRreea 26 minutea 40 aeconda weal 40 feet to a atake and Ihe -iri. nf n»r.iw,iiNr- eourae and | aceordinft a> Ihe needle' nointed ai of June i4th, 1931, and atcordin« to ai.rvey made by H. O, Peckham. C. K bearing aatd dale. Being the tame premiaea conveyed to 11. Warner rioremut and Irene N. Doremua. hta. wife. h. deeil recor.led in Deed Hook V-32 pane 553. Morria County Clerk'a Office. , SecoKD TaACTs; BjctHKmo al a point in the northweaterly aide line of AIex.indcr Avenue, a-iid point being markeil with an iron pipe and being 439.87 feel from Ihe north- eaaterly aide line of Main Street and running Ihence (1) North 48 deg 26 min 40 tec e.nt along aaid aide line of Alexander .\ve. 80 feet to a ttake for a corner; thence (2) North 41 degreet 26 minutet 40 tecondt weal 162 18 feel to a stake for a corner; thence (3) South 48 ilegrcet 38 minutet weat 10 feet to an iron pipe for a .orner; thence (4) North 38 degreet weal 28.50 ft. pipe for IN Iruvulliig about Now Jorioy ono ' will flnil more lypc« f molor-ilrlvon troinportBtlon vehlclen thuii porlmp« In any othni flotation of tho country. Included in tho fl<>(>t of vnlilcloa op- oratcil by Public Servica Coorillnateil Tranaport, which luat yoar carrlod nearly 400,000,000 passeiigura, aro trolley cars, gas-incchanlcal motor buses, gas eleclric buses, motor buses capabla of running on rails as well as on highways, and Bo-calleil nll-servlco vehicles. Tkd l.-ttor — • 1 )0 run under their own power like gas-electric buses, or by electricity drawn from overhead wires a.i In an electric coach, or trolley bus. The majority of Cubllc Service vehicles aro of tho gns-ulectrlc * pe shown In tho Illustration above. The gas-electric type bus, of which Public Service Is the only largo operator In tho country, has many advantages ID clly transportation service. A gasoline engine directly connected to nn electric generator produces electricity when iho operator steps on the accel- eriitor. Electric power so generated tlrlves two electric motors each of which Is connected to a rear wheel of the bus. A gas-clectrlc bus therefore, has no gears, clutch, gear shift lever or differential and Is actually propelled by electric power. It therefore accelerates smoothly and relieves the driver of the strain of constantly shifting gears. In the lower right hand photograph Is a Public Service bus equipped with an ingenious device that enables It lo run either on tho highways or on rails like a street car. Three buses so equipped are used by the company on Its line between Elizabeth, New Brunswick and Trenton. The combination vehicle shown in tho lower left photo Is the new all. service vehicle, a recen' derelopment of Public Service's own englneeri. This new typo of vehicle was receotly put In service on the Union line between Newark and Bound Brook and oa the Clementon line between Camden and Clementon In substitution for trolley cars. It Is operated part cf the time under Its own power and part by el<=.- trlc power taken from two over bead wires. It has all the adranUges of th. electric coach such aa quirk pick-up, curb loading, silent operation and cheap electric power, yet has the flexibility of operation characteristic of any bus. Public Service has also operated, experimentally, motor bnses powered by Diesel engines. Lighting representative shwv«,na customer how to test illumination with Sight Meter, inset—the Sight Meter, a delicate instrument for measuring the proper lighting requirements for reading, sevVIng, and other household activities. H OW much lighting do your eyes require to see without any strain when reading, playing cai-ds, or doing odd Jobs aboat the house? To answer this and other quDstlons about the scientific illumination of the home Public Service has recently engaged the services of thirty young women as home lighting repro I'nta- tlTea. They will visit the homes of customers desiring information on lighting to give advice on the most efllclent arrangement of lighting equipment ns well as the correct amount of illuniina- tion to safeguard eyesight. No charge is made for the si^rvices of these lighting representatives as in the case of the Company's home economics representatives wno ali:(t visit l!ie I;ofii» to give customers assistance In cooking and other domestic scionco problems. WE DRIVERS A Series of Brief Discuuioiu on Driving, Dedicated lo the Safety, Comfort and Pleature of the Motoring Public. Prepared by General Motors K',.. 08 minutet wett 72.22 feet to an iron pipe for a corner: thence (6) toulh 41 dc ircea 36 minutet 20 tecondt eaat 190 37 fret to the aforetaid tide line nf Alexander .\ve- .-tnd the point and pUre of Btc.tsntsc. Being the aame prcmitet conveved to ir Warner Doremua hv deed reconled tn Dee.l Hook V l' p.ige 554 in the Morria Connly Clerk't Office- The aporoximale amount due on tnit exr- cution it $4.685 04. except at to $1-260 realised bv aale of pcrtnnal property, beaidet ShcnH t execution feet- D.iled November SHERIFF'S SALE WANTED—Room and board by a young business woman (teacher type). Must be very reasonable. Leave word at The Eagle Office or telephone Madison 6-1010. 48tl WANTED—2 or 3 room apartment, convenient to town. Reasonable. Ueslrable location. Write Box 10, Eagle Office. 48tl' WANTED—Used Plymouth Coupe In good shape for cash. No dealers. Write price, year, model and description to Auto. c|o Madison Eagle. tl* WILL EXCHANGE—English Setter, A-No. 1 Hunting Dog for a good Kun. Conrad Meyers, Southern Boulevard, Madison Tel. Mad. 0-0303J. 47t4* —• — WANTED—Room and board for (elderly woman. References requlr- I'u and also given. Desirable location. Tel. Madison 0-0351M, 48tl* IN CHANCKRY OI' SKW JKRSKY BuTwrnN- The Prudential Inturance t ompanv of America, Complainant, and W arrcii l\. Condit. el alt,, Defendantt. Fi fa. for the tale of mortgaged premitet. Relurnable February 19th, A. D, 1936, Vu., TaAL'TMAN. Newak, N J, Solictor. of the above ttated writ of Fieri y hatidt, I thall eximte for tale n'; "'on MO m VAV ! T;fK"23Rf. liAV rtl' DFCFMBKK, NKXT. A. 1), 1935. OR^HK ADJOCRNKh ilATF. TllKkKAF- T1!R. between the bourt of 12 M. and 5 o'clixk P. M , that it to tay at 2 o'clock in the after noon of taid day. , , , • Al.t. the following tract or parcel of land ami premitet bereinaflcr parlicularlv detcribed, tituiile, Iving ami being in the Buroiigh ol M-i.l'fc.,n,'in the County of Morria, and State "'lUorNM^G'al a point in the Kaaterl, line of I,oanlaka Wy al .1 point therein dla- tant on a courtc of South twenty-four ilcgreet Ibirly tevcn minutet Wetl live hundred and eighteen fret and f.fty-tw., one-humlrediha ol ii<l line produ Motl Preciout Fotaeation The iircsKii niomem Is the on* thing you really own, to use und loy to llie I'uil -American Miieazin* Public Service Corporation of New Jersey Dividend No. 114 on Common Stock. Dividend No. 88 on 8^ Cumulative Preferred Stock Dividend No. 52 on 7% Cumulative Preferred Stock Dividend No. 30 on $5.00 Cumulative Preferred Stock • i'u / bat 8% per annum on Ibc 8^.1, Cumulative I'n- fcrre.l Slock, bring $2-011 per .bare; .it tbe rate of 7% per annuui on tbe Cumulative Preferred Stock, being $1-75 per thare; at tbe rate of $5,00 per 31, 1935. All dividendt are payable lie ceinber 31, 1935. lo ttockholdrrt of record at Ihe cloae of liutinett, December 2, 1935. DtVtDKNDt CM CrMl't.ATIVK Pait rxaaKii S TOCK T. W. Middletworth, Treaturer. Public Service Electric and Gas Company Dividend No. 46 on 7% Cumulative Preferred Stock Dividend No. 18 on $5.00 Cumulative Preferred Stock The Board of Directort of Public Service Ulectric and flat Company hat ileclared Ihe regular (luarterly dividenil on the 7% and $5.00 Preferred Slock ol that Company. Dividendt are payable December 31, 1935, to ttockholdert ol record at tbe cloae of buainett December 'T. \V. Van Middletworth, TREATURJ^R^^^^^ tifty feet; thence degreet lbitt> tcven FOR RKNT FOR RENT — Large, comfortable furnished front room; suitable for 1 or 2 persons. Private home, resl- aentlal neighborhood. 52 Park avenue, Madison, N. J. Tel. Mad. G-1009. 45t4* FOR RENT —8-room house, bath wnd sun parlor. All improvements, on 17 Lalhrop avenue. Inquire at '5 Lathrop avenue or telephone Madison. 6-0536 45t4 FOR RENT—4 rooms, bath, garage "nd garden space on Prospect niace. Half of double house. Low "mt. Tel. Mad. 6-0661W. 48U > Ivistcrlv tide lit w>i feci and four I the p.'lilt or pUi drcil and till.v-two fet biindredlh* of fool ti of l...anl.ik.i W-i.; iht four d.-Bi... tbiitvie ;iloiiu the tame eighty biiiiiVrclthi of a foot t 'iiu.^,'."l 'n..i.ii and dr.i« :i< bi' .Ml M.ip of PiMjierts known at I.o.ini r.uc, Sl lir.r.i. C.Miiily. N. I . II C Prtkli.iTii. September. .\pprMxinialr Amount due on ihia r 18,87* .'0, be .idei Shriiir. e.eiullon • lale.l Viovrmbri 1915. FRKD S M NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT Notice it hereby given that the the aubfeTiber. A,lminiilraIor ol .Tennie Kain. ileceased, will be audited and ntatc, the Surrogate, aioi reported for iietth-meii Ihe Orphailt' C.iurt of Ibe Coiiuty of .Mo on l-"iidav. the Seveiiteeiuh day of Jan Aickiii (ireer - No. 8—CITY TRAITIC y^HEN we look down from a tall building and watch the traffic In the itreete below, we wonder how in the world ell those cars can keep movin* along . . . crossing Intersections, passing each other, turning in ind out ol parking positions . . . without getting hopelessly tangled. As a matter of fact, from away up there, we do see traffic Jams now and then, and many times the reasons for the trouble are just as plain as day. Someone will try to turn from a wrong position, and and in a lew seconds the whole line of cars is thrown out ol kilter lor blocks. Or a pedestrian will dart out tn front ol a car so the driver has to slam on his brakes, and one after another the cars behind have to do the same thing. Then there is apt to be a great blowing of horns that only adds to the confusion. But when we become part ol that traffic our whole viewpoint changes. We can't see those things going on up ahead that make us stop and start and stop again. And the worn ol it iTuTc^'t / loolt In'o Other people's minds ... the driver ^ who makes a sudden turn, or the pedestrian ^sC^^ . who decides to do something we can't lore- sec. The interesUng thing U that what pedestrians do may seem strange and illogical to us while we're driving: but we're all leading double lives . . . sometimes dn\-ers. sometimes pedestrians . . . and ji'« lunny how our psychology changes when wt change Irom one to the other. Anyhow, things can happen all-ol-a- suddcn in our crowded cities and we have to be ready for them. And so, as one drn-r has said, we have to drive along with everv Intersection, every alley, every car ... under suspicion. We all like to think it was the other fellow's fault v. hen we . t into trouble. But, as we have been reminded, if we're sufflcienUy alert w. . don't let the other lellow's mistake get us Into trouble. Expert drivers tell us there is just one thing to do ... to give ourselves a margin ol salety ... a reserve of space and a reserve of time. It's an easy matter to take a reserve of space. They point out that we don't have to drive right up almost bumper-to-biunper with the car ahead. 11 wo do, the chances are we can't stop as quickly as wo may need to ... 11 he suddenly stops, slows up, or makes a turn. But 11 we drop back a little, and take a little extra room, we won't have to worry about "stopping on a dime" or turning out at right angles to avoid bumping. And we won't pick up such a One collection of nicked lenders and bent bumpers, either. But a reasonable Interval ol space, or even clear sailing, lor that matter, won't do us much good 11 we don't keep a time margin ol salety too. In other words, we don't want to go so fast that we won t have time to do what we may have to do. Ali-ol-a-sudden a car may dash out of a side street, and we want to be sure we can keep our car and that car Irom being in the same place at the same time. And we don't want to have to stop so fast that cars behind us pile into each other lor perhaps a block back. Now just as we need a safety margin ahead, we also need to protect ourselves from behind. For instance, many drivers tell us that when they want to turn or stop, they • make It a rule to start at least two blocks beforehand, getting into the right posiUon. =.• If somebody behind sees them gradually working over to the right, lor example why, he naturally : figures that they're either going to turn or stop So i he Rives them a wide berth to ivt^pp out oi trouble. = We may all know tln;se things, but wc know them | so well we're opt to get careless about them. Because —• we can drive almost automatiraliy, and hardly have to even think about It. we're opt lo go rolling along thinkint; of Then, all at unco our eyes have on fmporlant mt*. sage for our br when they try to get tho nicssaRo IhrtiuRh. the line is busy! So it doesn't pay to let our thouRhls go wonl-gathering As . tr fnci. It makes clly driving just tine fiiierucncy after another. « hi. h • Ihe pleasure oui of It. And tlifif is pliMsure in city driving wh.Mi v. we're doing a skillful job, keeping the prnper margins of time and : THE MOVIE BUSINESS BJUST ONE PWNTX)6 AFTER ANOTHE^y NOTARY PrBLIC CO^miSSIOSER OF DEEDS Chas. Benjamin REAL ESTATE L\SUR.\NCE MORTGAGES WAVERLY PLACE TrI. S-0745 Madison implying Compliment T. meuus u comiiiiuient and la the abbreviation of the words "trntle last." These words acquired this sig- nilloance from the playful custom ol one person saying to one of the opposite sex, "I have a tniilo last for you." mi'iining that "if you will tell me something nice that you heard iibtiui ine. I will leii you of a conipliinent I licurj about .vnti." Directory PLUMBING : HEATING Jobbing a Specialty 8 Park Ave. Madison 6-0857 MACDOUGALL & DENMAN PLUMBING . HEATING Sheet Metal—Prompt Repairing Estimates Furnished Tel. 6-0754 68 CENTRAL AVE. FKEIGIIT BAGGAGE FURNITURE riANOS M O V E I) FTONITURE CRATED AND PACKED AlCKTN GREER Telephone 6-0601 (Y R. SPKIII.INi;, f 'njfr .VAenlf lid and .Mad 1 luvlt. Reasoaa for Datonrs Olvllliatlon li under canatructlon, snyi an editorial. Thai, perhapa. It why we hare lo rtelotir nronnil It (o much.—Arkanunn Dnnott^ Wo Clean (cisterns and (losspoou By DOUBI.E ACTION I'UMP REASUNARLK RATES Typical Aitifflcan Saen A L.vpliiil Aii.i'IU'im IM IMIP who ilooxn't n'.ii'iit silk linia hocMiuae he n Iiofta to wear oiii' liliiii<i*'f anmu diiy.— MinniMiiiiills Slur Try Tliit |-r<icrlplloa The bfm wii.v In iioi'ii your mind freah la to UHI' it. AmiTlcaii Maga iliia. Unci* Eben ",«!iimi> fi.lWu. - Ml ill t'noio rai^n. "prldi's liiirse'f on boin' fort^ighlwl "-i niui'h dill ilry alti' irol net rt-v-.' -.-k foh dulifs tial »n,v urar-der ,lan day after loniiim<r " Wanhlngton SIAr What M.k «t • M>a CM? Worry and cure pile on th* year* ID 1 hurry.—ciollier'i Wwkly. Guaranteed By the United States Government We can now Invest your funds at 5% Per Year In First Mortgages Insured by the Federal Housing Administration and guaranteed unconditionally by the United States Oov- ernment STARTING OCTOBER 1. 1935 Our Trust Department Is offering a new Investment plan. Under this arrangement, we will Invest your funds In First Mortgages insured by the Federal Housing Administration. If the interest, taxes and principal installment payments are not made promptly, and it should become necessary to proceed through foreclosure, the Federal Housing Administration will replace such mortgages with bonds unconditionally guaranteed by the United States Government. Such mortgage investments are available In amounts of $5,000. or more, to any one. whether a customer of this Bank or not, and are considered legal investment for Trust Funds. First National Bank MORRISTOWN. M:\V JI.HSI.Y Kir<!t National Bank -Morristown. N. J. Trust Ilrpartnient Without obligation, I would like further Infurniutlun. Name .Addrnut

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