Independent from Long Beach, California on April 26, 1964 · Page 54
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 54

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 26, 1964
Page 54
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·C,lS-lN6EPiNDENT.P?.ESS.TELEGRAM ·,.Lean Mitt It Calil., SanoX. Aaril K, 1M4 ln»piitiHp«xtC»n 174 .,73 J^CARS HIGHEST PRICES PAID FREE PICKUP SERVICE ,.;\/i CAVIN,. · ···' · Junk Wrecking ' mportliSp«rr-C4y.: i74 WHAMIII nct iift . counnlor on duty for Immwiif . ·cllon. Ou1l wojrylnfr-Call . . . CREST MOTORS 1335 Long Beach Blvd. HE i-2949 WE NEED CARS . WILL.ABSOLUTeLY. PAY.TOP I 2458 L.B. BLVD. PH. 424-17l .WE NEED CARS 1 1 i Hiatus I prices paw for 1954 tnru 1963s See Norm Isaacs, : DICK BROWNING AUSTIN -HEAUEY, tvivift parly. C nan Ml In town, n«w .toe, ite« curi«InSa lonn««y covtr, carptl r Mint, brakes. Tr»niny«»n o««r- hMJrtd 4/22/Mr w;r* wh»«l, evir- drive, RS.K, KOd lire., tngfrc, tic. 11 OK. 3451 Volkj nwr Ward- tow $M«b«Ver. BEFORE YOU SELL -- B '55 OR NEWER Chev,, not Over V300, rvrnlng cond. . ME 032^5 Import Sp'rtCan 173-A (WANTED) We Want TO Buy ' CatK In minute*. Se* Lou Mlrab1« JAMESTOWN Impott ft Sport Cori 174 MISCELLANEOUS LOOKEE here, all you fortiori car W»; : l'« "P'''J: A '» P.''?" 1 JAMESTOWN AUTHORIZED ;" -NEW and USED MG-B NEW and USED MIDGET NEW and USED SPRITES JAMESTOWN ' Authortnd" Sales «. fervlca - 11SI Lorn Beach Wvi). HE 2-7*11 CLOSED SUNDAY Altos VtattM 173 CASH FOR YOUR CAR! CALL AND TELL US HOW MUCH TO (RING HE 6-5295 CORMIER Chevrolet Co. CO I LONQ IEACH BLVD. OrIN IVCS. t SUNDAYS a~ MISCELLANEOUS FOREIGN CAR TIRES Bt K» OM ?5.95 UP ^T ALFA ROMEO .'42 ALFA 2 .LITRE Soydei- ConverhWa,. I-sod: trans, RtrfTNew Plrttll C'nturato tlrts. Local car. Kara to t»)J trorn new. JAMESTOWN U» Lor.f Blvd/K»H 7-7T15 AUSTIN -HEALEY 60 A.-H»al.y Dlx. 4-P«s. Overdrlvt, rad'o, htater, wfr«. JAMESTOWN 1350 Long Beach Blvd. HE 2-7911 M AUSTIN H^aly b*tLfK* - ^ARKyTOOO^HEVR JOit Lakewood Blvd. ME ]-07«l 41 A.H. SorlH. .Very clean. Mech. «ood. Mjst sell.- R ell nance or pay. oft bal. »7S. -Call :375-l»! cr TE 1-4413. Ask for Gary. 4-3pVa: UKi-oT-eflir." 41 AUSTIN-HEALEY Serle! Xlnt. BMW CITROEN ENGLISH FORD FIAT '63 FIAT $1095 «11ft)"-- 4-dr. Low m1l«»ffe; Powrf«r blu*. Rftdk), teatcr teat beiti. 100% Ffrv on ADproved Credit IMPORT AUTO 1469 Long Biach Blyd. HE 2 1914 43 FIAT roadster. Take 'o pymls. Old car for equity. ME 4-0*70. a53 San Carlos, Parm. '51 FIAT 600 4^}00r S250. · CE B-49S3 ' · ; HILLMAN MINX '58 HILLMAN $350 Selld transportation value. -1MK fin. on approved credit. . IMPORT AUTO 1460 Long Beach-Blvtf. HE 2-I9U 40 HILLMAN, 4-dr.i ne« w-w tires. 54.000 -ml. Like new cond.' 1400. CE 1-4370 BEST BUY NEW ' HILLMAN. MINX t HUSKY! Imoort Auto.laH Long Ben Blvd. '-DetesVJ ILLMAN Minx. Xlnf. cond. Is oas. HA 50104. « HILLMAN Mln*. Good cond. R*H.-sao or best oiler. 144-1147 Si HILLMAN CONV. Best olfer lafres. TE 5-W65. Must sell. JAGUAR ART (AAYS IMPORTS" " ) L.B. BlT- IWardlowl S A 6 4 54 JAGUAR XK-1M. Excel tnape. Best »-7a5 - . KARMANNGH1A 54 KARMANN C-tila eje. New Mtnt, botti bumpers racnromed. XI nr condllon Thruout. Make offer. HE .-LANCIA '59 LANCIA · (Appfa). 4^r. A- Prtvats party. »475. CE -H43. MERCEDES 'U 'MERCEDES 'il MERCEDES 300 D as new Stick sMIl, 34400 ml. only Sac S3950. GE 3 '» MER. Beni 2»5. Am-Fm, · Htr. · Air, Ltti. Rtc. seals. HA 1-SS90. METRO '51 METRO. Good cond. Eci car? M50, 4i»3454. L.B. M. G. '59.MAGNETTE $S99 Jit black w/red leatner Interior new tires, etc. Rare Classic In BoaullM Condition. · " PHIL HALL 2401 E. PAC. CST. CE 4-W49 41 MS MAGNETTE PARKWOOD 505» Laktwood TTE 4-Soe»d CHEVROLE Blvd. · ME 3 _ HW T 3-0711 '41 M.G. Rdstr. Wire wheels-- »I ·PARKWOOD CHEVROLET ewood Blvd. ME 3-0711 ·»"MO Rdstr. Wire wnttTs. *104» full price. Written guarantee. Dlr '57 rV.GA New pamt, radto V/SV/ Must s«ll this weederxl..Les ttian BI ue book. Ph. 379-77M. '52 MG-TD -- Restored. Ilka new 12000 rnvestfi ? ic. Make offer '63 MG Wlget Rdslr. PARKWOOO CHEV1, i»i« Lakewood Blvd. ME J-071 good condition, USO 48 MG TC elastic, R.H.O. 19" ' wneels. 4300 Cenlralla, L-B.._ 51 MG'TB. Btautlful cond. 1550 o b-!l oiler. GA 2-578 '42 MG Mldaet, low ml.. S1400. RiH. Ph. Auto Ports 4 Repairs 169 Auto Ports i Repairs 1*9 Htre'i What We Do: 1 Carbon Re- 4 kttm All Uo- B»boiled 10 drat Oil 1 Valves Re- 5 Adlvil Teceets I Adluit Clrbu- 11 Clean Atflust raced I Adlusl Cor^ rator Mlvrurr Seark Fives t Ver/e Seat* ntctlng Rode I Check lonHlon Rings, Gai^ils RM^^^^wvjSoJid^^^^drustfwnjo^nc^oiad^^ NO MONEY DOWN · 24 Months ALL WORK aiMHANTEEO IN WRITINQ to Pay »eahafnefker Is Weleeme ' Aavr Crefllt MOTOR EXCHANGE ,'K? CHEV, '«·'«' *'" . '179 [HlllM FxlMR and 'H-tt «|IB IlllalMI DOD6E '**·'" ·"«*· M79 tistlUef FORD MERC. IM.^I iKite? "'O -M . ·« llsl|[U4J M mi laeerl enter make. if cam lONGBfACH^ N L £ B G -- ENGINE 6 A M l c 7 P M . REBUIIDERS ?^ V , SO! PM . .M.G., , TCfShter. Extra cle«vTi ( .OPEL 2 OPEL Stallon Wag. Good shape. --BtH Clean W». CI. HE 2-1434 atlir i PORSCHE - PORSCHE Speeds Mr. 11450. Also Lotua 11, 2 eng. Many xtras. J41I Oranaxla, SflHl PORSCHE Speedsler. 30.000 miles. VW engine..»950. NE 1-7741. RENAULT 8 N A U L T SPORTS SEDAN · $1795 P.O.E. Locsj BiacJi -ft 4-WrfWl disc brakei · 6 S»iilrfl cooling tvstem ft 5-Mafn bMrlng *n«ln* A Fr»sJv*1r he*t«r * 37 Mitt* w oalloti LOW AS $99 DN. Plus lax Iktiut O.A.C. IMPORT AUTO 140 LONG' BEACH BL. HE2-B14 '60 CARAVELLE $995 Rudy 13 to-- red-- 4 soeed. R (.11. ICOit fin. on'appproved credt, .IMPORT AUTO 1460 Long Beach Blvd. HE 28914 .'59 DAUPHINE $495 White, sunroof. (Lie. SOGE941) 100% tin. on approved credit. IMPORT AUTO 1440 Long Beach Blvd. HE 2-1914 30 MPS ·it RENAULT DAUPHINE -- G»5 SAV ngs should make payrnls. ol 2370 LONG BEACH BLVD., L.B. 57 RENAULT 4-000 r sedan. Be lull- 1940 Lakewood Blvd. GE 4-MII '59 RENAULT-- $499 DKctlVW 4-door-OCA OBI CORMIER CHEVROLET Ml Long -Beach Blvd. HE 4-5295 'A2Car«vellaConv.$l299 4-SPEEB. SHARP. C. BOB AUTREY 1570 L. B. Blvd. : HE 24441 '59 RENAULT--$499 Dauph'ne 4-door--OCA 031 CORMIER.CHEVROLET 601 Long Beach Blvd. ' HE *-5795 40 RENAULT-Davphne. RiH. .«49 full price. Dlr. Wrlllen ouaran- S15» Lakewood Elvd. 959 RENAULT DAUPHINE... S300 .344 W.'171h St. ' HE 7-3710 SIMCA : '60 SIMCA-- $495 ··' : ' ELYSEE 4-DR. SON. Clean S, ill original. 4-ipeed Irani., heater, reclining Mats. GINO MOTORS VtOt E. .ANAHEIM' KE.'MSM SPRITE a SPRITE. Xlnt. condition. All lras. LOW mileage. 4JH777 SUNBEAM ALPJNE.MARK.IV RACE TRACK PROVEN . American Auloniatlc-Trani. IMPORT AUTO 14M Low Baach Blvd. BE 2I9M 43 SUNBEAM Harrington La Mans; off-wHite, - red Interior; o'orlvi, wire wheels, low mlleaoe.__ TRIUMPH JAMESTOWN AUTHORIZED · · · - NEW and USED TRIUMPH TR-4 NEW and USED TRIUMPH HERALD . . NEW »nd USED TRIUMPH SPITFIRE JAMESTOWN e c v CLOSED SUNDAY meortltSiMrtCan 174 TRIUMPH ttitpeft * Saort Cun 174 . TRIUMPH' SALE Si!mr« 130» Jwrt «. .TR.. S«v« S» now wlft prjcw itarllns at BRINEtiSRAY IMPORTS J5IS ATLANTIC · GA 4-CH1 TRIUMPH-ALFA.VOLV6l.OTUS ^..TRIUMPH. Good coixflHoo. AH 1 *- St TRJ, black ucMhten: SMTP. Pflvil. Pvty. HA T-UU. 9 TR-3 Trtumpn Sol. Car. Perfecl cond. Must sell. GE HSrO VOLKSWAGEN 64VW Immediate Delivery . $ 99 DN. $59MO: Inc. leatherette, htr., O.S. mirror, undersea!, O.A.C. . + T *"L [S«r. 2»») CABLE CARS 3535 E. Pacific Cst.Hwy. Long Baach 439-8877 GOING'TO EUROPE?.;. VOLKSWAGEN AND SAVE Let ui thcw you hew. KEN DON MOTORS Authorized VW Dtalir 121 PAC. COAST HIWAY "DONT BE .FOOLED" BUY A BRAND NEW VolksV/agen "WITH A NEW CAR" Factory Guarante* ; $ 675 · RICKETTS MOTORS Long Beadi Harbor Ar«a' ONLY '61 VOLKSWAGEN $1199 2)r. Rad. i Mr. KGX «3.' CORMIER CHEVROLET Ml Long Beach Blvd. HE t-HSS 61 VOLKSWAGEN $1199 2-dr. RscV's k hMtcr. KGX «3 CORMIER CHEVROLE Ml Long Baach Blvd. M N Mir. Mdnn. call wick. : LR. '61 YW CONVERT. $1199 RADIO I. HEATER C..BOB AUTREY 1578 L. 8. BLVD. HE 2-444' '56 VOLKSWAGEN $699 2'Door OM-pe, radio heater CORMIER CHEVROLET Ml Lor.a Btacli Blvd.--HE -5«. : BY PR1V. PARTY. , 1K2 I Late I Volkswagen, !U ROOF=, red cclor. VVW. »I4Z5. . Ph. CT7-70J5. ·58 VOLKSWAGEN, bhie, 2-door s«- dAn, Ra\K, very clean; cxctllen mechsjilcally, MM. Private partv Phon« 434-2U4 Mtwter. 12 noon . ·USS O Well«. ml. Xlnt. ccnd . TE 2-3311 Lt To-- J.S '55 VW Hdlo.,RlH. Good cond. Bal ance S4»'full price.' No.caill needed. ME 3-7531. BELLFLOV/ER AUTrj STORAGE ·61 VW KOMBI WAGON ' GfN E lAr?RU P C r k C lAl C E sel ES GA 7-746 'S8 W/ MM fi*uc1(. Good cond Good offer. 476-3621; TO 6-4156 all. 6. VOLKSWAGENS WANTED Wa pay top dollar. Lakewood Motors, 5S15 South'St.'TO 647' SOS! Lakewood Blvd. ME UXl '49 VW Radio, W5W, Hint, cor, 1995, Ffly. PJV. CalfTE 1-J327. 'tl W/. RH. W-w. Orlg. owne Xlnl. cor.J. CE 0-1H8. '« V^V. Turo. Sunroof. Xhl. cond.- 4M.7J7?. W/ GOOD CON ·58 VOLKSWAGEN. Exctllenfcondi IIMI RHtonabK. TO 6-B4 1943 V lion. VOLKSWAGEN Inn_good cw 152X E. I ·40 VOLKSWAGEN -- Excelled 38,000 mild. '" '" Import t Sport Con 174 Import* Sport Con 17 RICKEHS MOTORS |R Aufhorlred VolkiwagBn.Por.chi N»w Car Diolir for th* Long Beach Harbor Aria USED VOLKSWAGENS SEDANS ... SUNROOFS ... OH I AS ... PORSCHES STILL LOWEST PftfCfS "«.DAY 8MUH WAMAHTY" l!55» Iknnjk IS84», Lirj. JilttdM, !«(·!» ClMckid, IB-day D«alir Wirrtntjr Better Quality--Latwer Dealer "Ouarantoear' warranty BUY A USED CAR FROM YOUR NEW CAR DEALER ·· · And Safeguard Your Invcsrmtnt Mtliy -- Hotwsty -- Integrity end Coxttsy "ARE OUR ONLY CIMMICKS" --LARGE SfLfCTION-- VW 1500 STATION WAGONS GOOD USTO CAMPERS HI IM'/e FINANCme ON APrROVED CRIDIT M MONTHS TO PAY -- eel AaorevH Cre«t WE IUr /MroHTS end Mr HIGH PRICES RICKETTS MOTORS 1500 LONG IEACH ILVD. .121 HIM424 UJIO CAR LOCATION -- Oten ·service pea*, in I. IK*'-He 5-l«M . VOLKSWAGEN SAVE UP TO 1000 NEW* USED MERCEDES BEN! : '64 220-S S«d«n..y.$4495 Full Itlllxr Intlrlor, AAVFM '62 220-SE HT ...... .$^495 Air cond. lull 'iMthtr, AM-FM Bob James personal car. Cost over JllJTO ntw. '62 190-SL Rditr. $3495 AM-FM; full ItatUr. - '61 220-SE. S»dan $2295 Full Tel leather; iKlwMtxIco r«dfD; rtcllnlng-seatt. · : '60 220-S : Se"dan....$lW5 Air cond,; lold new h*rt '59. 220-S Conv...J3495 Full leather; Bech«r-Mcxlco radio. Orw.-ot th« moil besulltul mod«li tvtr built. · · '60 DIESEL 190-D $1495 Sedan; full [ealtur. . '62 190 SEDAN.L$2!95 Fuf] lealtitr; tconomv modal. · JAMESTOWN 57 VOLKSWAGEN $799 ExcilKnt 'condition. 'trM ! new Wlrkllng Mint. IT PHP M. ED BAR8ARI Plymouth 4»0 Belltlower Blvd. TO 7-3711 Berween Soutfi-l Arteili, Lkwd. . . ~-~SWAGEN 2-door Sedan. School car.orocerY car, you name It. Only »799. 10 DAY TRIAL EXCHANGE One-vear Nationwide Guaranlee DUFFIELO LlncolivMercury .1940 Lakewood Blvd. 43J9911 e^vyv. Light green, vinyl.interior, VOLVO VOLVO'S GONE AUTOMATIC! S«» driva) if nowl · Wa'doris,' Near New ? 63 R3RD $2695 ! ' 'BOB THOMPSON'S NEW LOCATION M90 Loin Beach 5ryj. 'OA 7-7t7» THIS WEEKEND ONLY '60 DODGE StjHeh www. V-4V- . ivtemtllc, raoio · · - WIDGER .GOODWIN . ,..DODGE . 149M Lakewood Wvd. TO. ejotl Bellllower. Open Eves. I, Sundays CHEV. '44 BEL AIR WAG. $J4»5. 9 Msv.-w/fKt. air. P'lteer. t, Drky, 327 eng^r rack. Loads of ex- s t Mhr wfUt " ' CREST MOTORS tf VACATIONERS '43 ECONOLINE$I899 Automjllc, R»H. Like C. BOB 1578 L. B. BLVD.. HE ?4441 '61 -PONTIAC SAFARI Radiant V-l 4-door station wagon . with . power steering fc brekes. Kydramallc, radio, (Water, tin led : srass, seat belts, vinyl alrfoam seals. Meticulously . cared for. Flawless. Guaranteed. ' Immaculate. Weekend at $1,99$. HOLIDAY. RAMBLER 1310 Long Btach' Blvd. 43t-9«7 STATION WAGON LIKE new 1951 FORD Ranch Waoon finished m a beautiful 2-tone blue t white wltti matchlml deluxe Interior. A must to see r.-.d drive. Full price only $599 wltti trade or terms as low as »r -- - ·· BAY FUWEBOE Mercvry-Comet 17617 Bellllower Bl., Bait. T04-17H '59 PLYMOUTH Sta.· Waoon.''Auto- matic. R. H.. pwr. strg.- brakes. Private party assume for S79 dn. · 17.40 week, Call credit rngr. '42' FORO sutlon , Waaon. F)»H, wjlcmallc. power steer. B brakes. Loaded. If no cash down, pay 135 assume" contract balance I1500/ on OPC. Call Wick, 243-71 n. Dlr $17 DELIVERS '55 KamtXer Station Wa«on -dr. with I960 engine. Pnvments low as 123.93 per mo. CE 9-0994. dlr. '53 PLYMOUTH WSN. ack,. RH. 710 tires, smog d ice, solex gfasi, maxt offer. 473 Deborah HA 1-14 '55 CHEVY. NOMAD '5? CHEV. 9 pail. Klngiwood. Au- lom. trani.. pwr. str., RI.M. Pvl. owner. Prked below dealer's wnisle. 1155 stuc^oaKer Rd. ·59.. CHEVROLET 4 ..door. Station E 3-07(1 '64^ RAMBLER wagon 199 cash or trace. Pay only M3.54 per mo. OAC Clr. Call Mr. KHjn UN 1-1724 ' -- _ 'M CHEV, Irnuala f-pns. Wgn. BRINEY-GRAY IMPORTS 3515 ATLANTIC GA 4-0951 TRIUMPH-ALFA-VOLVO-LOTU5 '59 VOLVO $799 . DLX.' -SPEEO. - R, H, etc. .Clian 1 Sfiarp, - PHIL HALL «8t.E. PAC. CST. CE 4-K40 «2 VOLVO P-1KO; Gray, red Interior; clean, 1-owner- -- 53599 ART MAYS IMPORTS . .... 3*» L.B. Bl. IWardl . PORTS lowl OA 4-UM i» VOLVO. RIH. 4-spced. 1795. Can be seen at Flying A Service Sla- lion, Belldr S. Stearns. CA 2-1113 ! VOLVC 4-spd. R»H. 47,000 mil. Make otttr. 431-9191 - '41 VOLVO--Assume Bal 11044 _3434 CHERRY DLR .GA 6-7140 Antique and Classic Cars ' 174-A 23 MODEL-T Roadster' nick-US. Must see to amreclale. U9S. 4447 E. 4lh SI.. L.B. Sat. i'Sun. 10 a.m. ta 1. pjn.; weekdays 4 p.m. to a p.m. - · · · · '49 CHEV, Buslrteti couoe, ~ new paint , 4 upnotifery.-. itock, .nice condition, $4oQ firm. ' '31 CAD. V-l. Rumble seat cpe. ·U CHEV. cpe. original. · Little fix- .jr.; I, ocufce your money. 1450. 2BA5 Pacific Coast Hwv. 1130 MODEL A Ford Cpe. Original. Complete. Make cHtr. GA 4X1411. '4 FORD CouMr Buick 4 F 1325. iSi'la.: '14 FORD. 4-dr. s*. m cu. In. Hal head. Snarp. MyO. Call UN 1-M44 CAD. '41. meteor body hearse, 1295 Dlr. llfri Atlantic Aye., Lvnwood Station Wogotn 175 '6\ COMET 4 DHL w ' 'M OLDS dlx. F!5 sla. wgn. iMfl ml. Auto. full pwr. New car ouar. Call 479-1321. '51 FORD country Sedan, t pass. Factory air. Best cash offer. 14S« Lskme, Wllm. 135-1440 t R ner. (600. ·5? RAMBLER CUST. WGN. SW5 4 dr. "4". Stick shllt. L. A. Anderson, 1142 E. Anaheim ·is RAMBLER Wagon. Assume Ba 34M' CHERRY AVE. DLR new oarnt,' Inferior, oood -nres. Best cas.1 offer. See sat.-Su. _J3J- «35a Faculty. 40 STUDEBAK£R Lsrk Station Wagui. »cyl.. stick tat _!?ARKW60D CHEVROLiT .^ Blvd. ME 3-0711 , ......... PARKWOOD CHEVROLET 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0711 a CHEVROLET Station .Wagon. V-J PAR KWOO D C HEVSoCif *. _S059_Lakew_ood Blvd. «AE 34711 4 FALCON !-3r. Station. Wagon^ Very clean. Balance l7!7-t(o cash needed. ME 3-7531. BE^LLFLOy/ERAUTO STORAGE 'i5 ; RAMBLER wag." Hydra.- New rubber, ballery, smog device. heater. S200. WA 5-1055, 1052J Samora; Bel If lower.' '57 NASH Rambler Stallon wapor ·motor overhaulad, S450: 1525 LI Blvd., L.B. '42 GREENBRIAR St«. Wag. J1599 PARKWOOD CHEVROLET . 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0711 '43 CHEV. Impala won. 7500 miles RIH, autom. trans. U50 take over loan. GE 1-48O3. CHEV. l l S t a . V/ag. Wan I to rade equity tor car or pickup vlE 4-3213. . · · · · sir., oraAn -- .. oilnf. »5» cash. ": f on.- Kdn i ^b^ 1 " T. Station Wagon. Deluxe Tires miles. New tires. Price «736 weekdays after X '59 CHEV. Nomad Sla. WK. FuH pwr., factory air. Xlnf. co--* 'i\ 2104 E. 7lh. 439-B33. '45 CHEV Weoon.-Thrifty 4. stick *"**· IrCT ' '62 FALCON CI6. v;gn. Newllrei R4H. «12«. Prlv. Ptv. 4915 N HdVr. Lkwd. WA 5-3217. sume Bal mi. . - . . . cash or best. GE 9-1450 ·U FORD V I stick. - RH. 2 dr »«5. Best offer. GE 84327. '59 PONTIAC. 1 owner. Low ml. A- cond. R t. H. PJ. 8. P.B. UK 3-^35 '55 CHEV. W_gn. Standard 4. Prlv ply S»5. TO 1-3472. 'WDODGE SlaHon .V/agon S17! Looks gaod. 42MG7? '57 RAMBLER. RI.K. Ortglna onr. $42J. 7003 McMarws. 425 »8«9 J£WZ H AW}u fB rirSffi 0 P..%^- WW S-C ^ 15 SE C L ( DODCE, 9-pats. Wagon, RiH, ME 0445 , - . , power. Very good cond. ME ·55 FORD Station Wagon. Exce cond. S350. GA -IT35. ·51 BUICK slallon wagon. Transpor tation. Make oiler. GA 2-2844. S3 FORD wagon, stick, 4-cyl., 2* 2133 Raenor. CE 1-01S4. fmpoft Sport Cori 1 74 trnpett Sport Con 174 ART MATS IMPORTS Lar»aj So4ocHett af litre Ckw \mf*nt ATTEHTION HOMEOWNERS k If you hay* ejooct crttMt r l«w with oet«litt*fy no HI f small monthly ptyimut, Uneter our txlmhr* H.O.P. k. tl MDXIIIS [ Mftt*r ««di« .... L, t: miTt t M -- ~ r M RIMUIT r II CHIA ¥«, 1» VW Gray 13 DEIUUiT D«rdM --------- w» 150 '20 '38 W cM Iwy any ear l!sr»d ba OM M*. i* A-Huitr SC4 OrM«, iilm O* tt mu '21 11 MM Hick · ft TH-1 Tilkw ti n»T "far j/tc IHM riwIHif tv ·H VW M ..... SEE 00 IN, M«, Ml, COMftlTI HRVICI DIPT. ·ilM llll IIMK KYI., I.I, 4JAf) «*HIU «T WJtMMW, U I-MH MO9 vpen r pays, · i Opart 7 Dayi, I A.M. la f r.M. *.* 17S 9 PASSENGER $299 ·M FO«OAIRCAN*-.30». . 2401 E.' -PAC-. CST, .,'62 VALIANT, $1099 24»1 E. PAC. CST. GE 4-9949 '57 FORD $499 Station .Wagon, r- 9-Passenger -- rounfiy .Sedan --. V-l; AutornaIK- GORMlER'CHEVROLET o»l Long Mach ilvd.. HE a-S»5 · - r S9 FORD$499 COUNTRY SEDAN WACOM Automatic, R H 1 power sleer* CABE BROS. 2895 L. B. BLVD. GA S-7001 '57 BUICK $799 · --' '4-dr. ES _ power.'- immaculate ill ; HALL 2401 E. PAC. CST. - ·;-' CE 4-t94» Special R1V ' 4-oY. ESTATE WAGON. '-Full '60 FORD $999 4 door Station Wegon; V-l, Automatic, · Us*: », Healer, Power Steerlnt. CORMIER CHEVROLET Ml Long Beech Blvd. HE -S2» '58. RAMBLER $599 4 dr. Wagon Super. 4 cylinder, aulornatlc..aTL-7JIL ' ' CORMIER CHEVROLET 01 Lorn Baach Blvd. HE Hat '59 NOMAD-- $1095 ^P AUTO SALES 2S»9 E. PAC.-CST..HWY., L. B. '57 CHEVROLET $499 310 Station Wago« -- 4-door^-Auto- matlc-- V-S^Radio I. Heater. . CORMIER CHEVROLET «OI Long Beach Blvd. HE 4-:29S '56 FORD $299 PHIL HAU !«1 E. PAC. CST. oe 4-9949 '58 t=ORD--$499 . Country Sodan Wagon- AulomaMc, RH .power-steering. CABE BROS. MM L. B. BLV. GA t-7001 '58 RAMBLER $599 4-*or Wljon Sonar, ^cylinder, automatic. (LTL 731) ,. CORMIER CHEVROLET Ul Long Baach Blvd. HI t-5291 oMET Statmn Wagon up pvmls. $39 per mo. OAC. Ask for fMRTIH UNDERWOOD only. Parkwood Chevro el. 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME J-07SI. ' ECOKOWY SPECTAL '2? Ctevrolrt "6" Pirkwood 4-dr. waflon. RH. Stfck. Orve-own«r, £41.80 cWtvers fc J51 O*f mo OAC. ,74, Lffmi! MOT °G R | 2-3434 '58 BUICK $795. Estate Wagon -- full Power. . .DORSA USED CARS 1001 L. B. BLVD. HE 4-7204 4 FALCON Soulre Wagon, V-8. Automallc. RiH. W-s-w. 4-dr. rack, power steering. . Prfv. .*,. Can tlnaice. il CHEV. 4-dr. Stltlon Wwon. V-l, radio » heater __^1; J1SW PARKWOOO CHEVROLET S059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 34781 57 CHEVY Nomad. Candy orange. Custom upholstery. CTirome wheels Raval Masttrs.. Call Cent. HE 1-42 FALCON dekm 4-dr. lllck, GA 7-7037 Or HE 7-2703. 59 RAMBLER 6. Custom 4-dr. Cross :eas. rmr^cuae -- . elivers oac. See RAY MAC KEY nly. ME 34/tl dlr. : ' 59 GERMAN Ford W very clean, xlnt onnew molar. 25 mpg " lief JS owner. See at C Schmidt G-till Complon Blvd. TO a-1370 Station WtKjotw 175 · · · · · · · · J John Cotter's WAGON TOWN 7955 thru 1963 ComtxMi DOWN WAGON° TOWN -MMHTIM 0*llRM ' ttOUS M t-ftH. tl WMKVIUI, B4JWW, Stick, 9-oass., air . 'R CWV. \mf, l-BHf. tt KM, e«te«y rvk Powcri dr cootf. 12 MM H t-ftu, air coodltronlnfl ttrtmu w. t: cwvr it «·»*»». · t: w«Yi\ IIP CADHXAC . CADILLAC Cotter Motor Sales : . CADiLLACS COITUS· ' ·" - · Are -Synonymous!' ;Hi; ; .-' ;.30 Years of : ; F4.E-X-I.B.LE' '64-Codillcic Sedan de Viila^..:::^ ^95 SWffl IMrOSSISlt-r Leave H to COTTERS to offer ^fen- uif» 0* Vtlta it faflttitfc saWl^'s. : Tills' l-montil-oH' baa»ry Is finliHoo 1 Ifi.ejliitanino; TaniKen eanel, wltk' mahklnf ,**4fTry 4 ''leather Interior Hiat stil) kn the clear plastic t» prof»ct IN baaury. Tfc's fan hat all Da Villa eauipmant: etatttTfiwin- ctowt. 6-way se«t, olc. So few miles' [t« a snann to contlder Hill a. "USED 1 - 1 car. '- - ..., : , ,"t.X '63 Cadillac Sedan World'. Fair lfln ! New Yorl. Ut, f. really M. ii r ,. drive to Corter's to see this tnimneloin, gMujrvi'.Dia)'-Vllk Thri sleek,' sjnoorh beauty hi finished In tke" evar-Bo'p^UI' Lagoon 9Ky with matching, original Interior. Equipped trttti full pv-,-r, even FACTORY A|R COND. TMi car inisTbi iaen to , appreciate Ih newness (93436). . . - . · · ' - '62- Gadillaq Hardtop .4-Door i., $3395 F«toty *lr eondiHenio!. W» are fortunate to hay« tfii Immaculate beauty available at a price we ar* sure you would 1 thank H. Thli car ki only for the tnoit dlKripilnaHna,buyer. Of coars* It rill all the CaJlllac eih-as Includirtcj power windows, way i«at, etc., and, remember, factory li* eondl- tionod. Wn welcome yew trade and offer bank ttrmf... ,, '61 Cadijjac Coupe de Ville ....:.... $2$95 Ga«uino Do' Villa factory air conditioned wrtk -fuR -Uw»r equipt. H you would tVa this local car at rko prtca.oia ilMO yoti.imnt s»a ttiis car to appreciate Its tram»no'o«s-qDlity that thow» only the finest of care! Wltti Its fllitonlita finish, lu«urtout interior,, you would be proud to-own tfiii?Vtaficiard of the road at terrific savings! Only a) Cottars. '. ( %* '61 Cadillac Convertible ...:....':...... $2895 For tne buyer who wants everything! BEAUTY, OUAIITY, SAVINGS..Thri over-popular car' raflacrj ejitraifto-.iirMe t, caro. Finished In gleaming lendiiont bticjo witfl full VnHdued leather interior. Of. course, rhii beauty has full power for your convenience, plus all Cadillac oitras that warrant your inipaction to appreciate a real buy (FUt. OW). ,, ,,Cadillac Trade-ins·.-:-;.. '6'4- Th underbid' ..:....-...; ...1.;....;. $44.95 Air conditioned, bower steering and brakei, autematra'trfns- .minion; A beautiful, local car with o»fy 300S mile., - ' ' '64 Ford Fairlane 4-dr. Factory air Power stearins, automatic transmllllotl, V-J e*o;lno. Ntw elf Wirranty still in affect. Also .'44 Futsira, priced from . . . 1 . , · ··--'-- : ·' ! '63 Monza Spyder'Coupe 4-s6eed Radio, heater. Also l?42 prieej from ... ··?' 2165 LB; Blvd., LB. HE 6^7234 Station Woqesit (75 '58 PONTIAC $7W STARCHIEF STATION WAGON Automatic, u power steering s. orefces, RfcH. Musi drive to aon-e- cfafe. . - · . · PHIL HALL !«l E. PAC. CST. GE 4-9949 and '55 V-l, overdrive . AUTOVlLLE 321 E. Anaheim, Wllm.' TE MJ71 '57 FORD $499 Station i Wagon--9 passenger -Country Sedan--VI, Automatic -CORMIER CHEVROLET 401 Long Btach Blvd. HE 4-SKS .'60 FORD $999 4 ooo r station waeon, VI Aulo- mallc, Rad^o l Heater, Power CORMIER CHEVROLET Ml Long Beach Blvd.- HE -S7J5 5?. CUSTOM Rambler, --Tdrlve. air conrf., " " " shock:- * - w/ · mo- carb. ArtM tor Salt 17* MISCELLANEOUS . INDEPENDENT PRESS-TELEGRAM .CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING AUTOMOBILE CODE NEW CAB advemuno accepted MUfiffi. han Franchlsed Deal- s e o r h a n r Mfd for tf)i m«k« adver- , «r« assumttf ,o be u««d PAYMENTS TOO HIGH? TRADE DOWN AT JOHNNIE "0"U»d Cars 24SO L.B. Blvd. Ph. 4M-U6I W54 CI eves, m Croat BUICK A HONEY IMMACULATE 1M1 BUICK Sueda] flnllUM In a sparkling while and fufty equipped wclud'no fiulo matte Irani. Sale price onlv JIJ99 with trade or terms as low as si; clown oac. RAY FLADEBOE Mercury-Come 17417 Bellllower BI-, Befir. TO 4-178 '61 BUICK ELECTRA 23 COHVERTIBLB Full power. An unusually nice one owner cer, (We aold It new) WMte finish, genulno kather Interior . , 11 m AVALON MOTORS *» W. ANAHEIM WILMINGTON '56 BUICK--$499 *door, nlomallc. V-l. Ppwar ·teerHw. OVA 77*. CORMIER CHEVROLET 631 Lona Baacii llyj. HE «-5i9i '56 BUICK $199 . ORMIER CHEVROLET «1 LWVJ Beech Blvd. HE a-5» '58 BUICK $599 SPECIAL 4-DR. SEDAN Full oower.^Very cleam PHIL HALL 2401 E. PAC. CST. CE 4-9949 '54 BUrCK Hn., full power. Aulo- -malic, RiH. S27JO oellvers in.M per mo., WAC DTr. Cal GA 7-4322. '59 BUI ·" S03 Uk ( 2 obor hardtoo. V-8 iktofasLer* Blvd. ff£ 3-078 e-oassenoer, air corxffHonfnaj tl MUG, t*l*«T Pirk M Power, air cond, · tt am, M JUr tyina. · · W CHIV. KHWl Htu. ij rvtr, - · - ·HNrlV. · tl FMO ttiy. IW. H*M _ ·«! HDt tt !-.««. Air. · t l ! K i i V 4 J - ·MUMUI WaJiK irk* . John Cotter's WAGON TOWN ! 2223 LB.BLVD,' Long l«Kh ' GA i-7041 ' 'U BUICK 2-Dw- Hirdtop. V-J '.^todgwuj '.IvT^lTi 'tO BUECK cotw*r. Extc. cond. Full power, si*??. $500 tn. . and e«x 'M BUICK EMctra 4-dr. Mfp., fu '» BUICK HI. Perfect cwd. H Jeep t Citroen at. 4COI Cherry . -- transm. :r~. HA 1 «S] BUICK V* V-\ · BUIC! SKYLARKS I962'63i' ' ··· Some wltti automatic, ^ottian 4- *Dted rransrnlsi.'on, aomft.'wltn factory air conddfonlw^all in Irnnnaculafe cortdlHon hvoiSioul, WEEKEND SALE . . . . · ELIMINATE TMBJ FREE, our excslve IDt ft labor warrant/ poUcyTnjne, tram,, rear arid; over M Vila comoonenls. FULLY GUAP.AK- BOULEVARD. BU BUIQK »LVO _1I90 LOHG BEACH BLVO HE 7-2755 GA 7-14M ^ * '42 BUICK ELECTRA 725 HARDTOP. COUPE Factory air conditlonlne, baacflM all nattier Interior wlitifcucket seats, has aulotnatrc, rvSo, heater power steering, drakes, windows It seat, save (201 off regular crlce FULL $2799 PRICE,, ELIMINATE THE RIS«? FREE, cur exclusive 1(C%- perl labor wuranty pollcv. Enelne trans., rear erj. over. 30 vit ogrponants. FULLY GUAIMN BOULEVARD BUiCK '60 BUICK INV1CTA 4-DOOR HARDTOP Automat re, radio, heate, 'power sleerlni £ brakes, gleerrjina. while finish with beauU/uTfawiUnterlor. Siva tva off regular Drke now at .FULL $1599 PRICE . E Ll Ml HATE -TH« RISK FREE, our exclusive Tet»-oarli policy." Eiwtne, trans., rear end, over M vita con^nenfs. FuLLV GUARAN- BOULEVARD BUlC'K FACT Many · '63 Buick Rivitra ' radio, heater, newer t seat. IONING. lara rnora In accessories, beautiful bronze mist finish, uia under Tetui " booK. Now at Boulevard. "HURRY IN NOW" ON THIS ONE- TERMS! TERMS! TERMS! BOULEVARD BUIGK '63 BUICKs, · ^ . IrAatf'.i'SS!!-^ - PEArRSTBROS BUICK . , liTM Belinower Blvd. . Belmower TO- 7.1711 Open Even CREST MOTORS 1J15 Lon. Beach Jfy Lor* (a«c)i SAVEJMOO-- JOHNN|E"0 8450 LB. BLVD. rH,,Oe-17al 1WO BUICK Electra *ooor; narf- too, automatic. Rad'e. rpower steering «,'brakes. E*Hrtc..wln- *r«s f seats. Factory air. II«5. GA 4-MIO. · · · ··** * f f ·41 QUICK Riviera, full I '55 BUICK Century ri H. 7. R* ·*· ·«*· T ^ 'so BUICK Electn. 4-ar. hcV.ljwr. slro. bra(ei. wn te. v m' Hue, Interior. 1st S1SS) tal[es.:OA 7-J94* CADILLAC ,\ : 'ST CAor"?""filr7 r riood~Bte7riv: parly. IIM E. Kit*. OA A JIM.

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